Sunday, September 28, 2008

RassleResults: RWL Newbern, TN 9.26.08

RWL Results:
Show opened with Biscuit and Gaylon Ray (w/ Erik "Foxxy" Hayes & The Royal Executioner), Gaylon said he wants to be "Brother, Brother and Brother" with him, Foxxy and Biscuit; Biscuit finally agrees and invites them to stay and watch him wrestle.

Biscuit vs. Big Tim Alfonzo
Best opening match in 2 months, both guys are small but always give 100%, they have worked many times and had a tremendous match, Big Tim Alfonzo hits a version of Carlito's Backstabber to Biscuit's face that looked nice then out went the lights, it was pitch black in the arena, when the lights came on Big Tim was in the ref's arms scared, standing in front of him was "Jason"(for the second week), ref threw Big Tim down and hide with Biscuit as "Jason" tombstoned Big Tim, Biscuit rolls in for the 1,2,3....Winner:Biscuit

Gaylon says he and Foxxy have a party to go to and sends the Royal Executioner to the ring. "Boy Toy" Tommy Lee(Tommy Boy)

The Royal Executioner vs. Tommy Lee
Big size mismatch, nice try by Tommy but almost no offense, sunset flip by Tommy but Executioner easily kicks out, Tomy gets beat up some more then out of nowhere gets a quick rollup for the win. Out comes the Party Boys, Gaylon looks mad as ever and starts pushing on the Executioner, Foxxy sticks his nose in then Executioner trys to attack them but gets knocked out of the ring( Aftermath was better than the match)

“Party Boys” [Gaylon/Foxxy] vs. Simon Reed & Gunner Thompson
Big right hands by Simon on both Party Boys, body slam on Gaylon when Foxxy tried to save him but Reed moved as Foxxy elbows Gaylon, heat on Reed, Party Boys looked good together, Reed escapes and made tag to fresh Gunner who cleaned house and hit Foxxy with the diving headbutt, Gunner was shaken up from the move himself, Reed tried to help him up but Gaylon charged with a spear and Reed moved as Gaylon hit Gunner, Reed snatched Gaylon up but Foxxy made the easy pin. Party Boys get away with a quick victory and leave Gunner and Reed in the ring. Big misunderstanding lead to a Gunner-Reed match with Gunner sliding out before anything happened. Gunner Thompson vs. Simon Reed next week

"Real Deal" Tim Edwards [pictured] vs. The "Dirty Sanchez"
Sanchez has a great entrance, most agree this match was the most entertaining of the night, Sanchez hid in the crowd and was up to his usual unusual tricks, once Edwards got his hands on Sanchez it looked as if the match was over, Edwards missed a big move and got hit with a moonsault from the top rope...Winner: "Dirty Sanchez"-(Edwards is better than most people give hi credit for, at one point Sanchez did a top rope frog splash but landed on his feet and did a jumping frog splash, Sanchez is hilarious)

Violent One Jodie Allen vs. Shawn Reed
Allen told Shawn if he won he could have his wife back. Allen using alot of cheating but Shawn looked determined to get his wife back and fought tooth and nail, Allen didn't care about winning just hurting Shawn, Allen placed Shawn on the turnbuckle as the ref tried to get Shawn down, Allen threw the ref aside and kicked Shawn in the midsection leaving Shawn unable to walk. Winner by DQ: Shawn Reed

50-60 in attendance

Credit: Johnny Grimm

----The Dirty Sanchez guy is a masked wrestler that is over big time, comes out to we will rock you, its ridiculous to hear people chanting for a "Dirty Sanchez" and they don’t even know what it is...Funny to see Gunner and Simon tagging – are they the new Posse? Ok, guys I am just ribbing. LOL…Who is Sanchez for shoot??