Monday, September 15, 2008

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 9.13.08

The opening of the show saw Sarge O'Reilly come out with his manager from XOW Tony Dabbs and interrupted Drew MaGruders intro. Sarge incited the crowd saying that he would take the TIWF title from Simon Reed. Sarge let the crowd know that he wanted to be known as Sarge-o-licious from now on. Security had to walk both to the back.

Tank Turner def. Bobby “ The Butcherman” Smith
Good match between these two as Butcherman used the chain most of the match. Tank wins with a swinging neckbreaker followed by a top rope fist drop.

"Big Nasty" [Dazzlin Dixie/Big Boy Bob] def. Criss Braggs and Hostile Brian Michaels
This was the first time pairing of Michaels and Braggs and their timing seemed off. Big Nasty dominated as usual and one with the Nasty Drop for the 1..2..3

Hardknocks Hooligan def. Chico Mendoza
The crowd was behind Chico all the way in this revenge match. The previous week, Hardknocks let Chico take a beating from Big Nasty and refused to tag in. At the end of that match, Knocks hit Chico with a chair, thus setting up this revenge match. Knocks however was able to roll Chico up and hold the ropes to secure the victory.

Lawman Williams© def. The Outlaw
Lawman was able to withstand all the cheating of the Outlaw to win the match with a pedigree.

Way Cool and Shawn Reed def. PK Ripper and Buckwild Bill
This match was fast paced and exciting. Most of the time it seemed like all four were in there at the same time. Wildside came out during this match and sat in the crowd and seemed to be intently focused on Way Cool. Way Cool used a short arm reverse on PK and put him in the Cool Breeze for the 1..2..3

#1 Contenders Match for the TV Title
Royale Executioner vs. Dirty Sanchez vs. Byron Wilcott vs. Jodi Allen
This match was a four way match with loss by pinfall, submission or countout. Byron Wilcott faced off against the much smaller Sanchez while Allen and Executioner went to the floor. Byron tossed Sanchez into the stands during this match. End of the match saw Royale Executioner pin Sanchez to become the new #1 contender.

Simon Reed def. Sarge –o-Licious by DQ
This match had Sarge putting the XOW title up against the TIWF title. The match was pretty even until Tony Dabbs interfered. A DQ was the ruling in the match and Simon was left laying until Shawn Reed and Lawman Williams made the save. Sarge got on the mic and threatened to bring some of his friends.

-- Dirty Sanchez debuts in TIWF.
--Sarge vows to bring friends to TIWF to handle business
-- ---Byron Wilcott returns in Aug..
---- AC Havoc was a no show..
-- -- TIWF joins the AIWF as the Midsouth affiliate.

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Quick Results: By Steven Hunter

----Wow!! What a crowd!!...Was it Tony Watts or Dabbs??...PK Ripper did a job!!! Thank you very much. LOL