Monday, October 20, 2008

Arena Report: NBW Legacy II Dyersburg, TN 10.18.08


----“Wi-Fi” edition of NBW Legacy II. Nothing major going on backstage. Place is pretty full around ringside. I will have a head count by the end of the show.


----Richard Marx and Allen Walker in the ring going over the show. The first match is a battle royal. Why does everyone have to have music?? Last two in the match will wrestle later on for a title match. Pimpwheat, Sicilian Kid, Juicy J, Big Red, Dirty Sanchez [Tim Alfonzo for tonight], Shannon Lee and Chris Rocker. Buckwheat went first, Kid, J,– Rocker, Lee and Red left. - Rocker vs Red later tonight. Match was just about 4 minutes. I love battle royals like this!! [*] – just because it was quick.

----Tasha Simone vs Su Yung is next. Tasha comes out with the snake. Sanctioned by the PGWA. Both girls were getting a good response with each going to the corners. They shook hands before the tie up. Arm lock – counter to counter. Su on Tasha’s arm – they are working good and stiff. Tasha has sort arm scissors on Su. Su comes out of it with an eye poke and then goes right to the armbar. Tasha counters with head scissors – Su rolls out of it. Tasha throws Yung to outside of ring. Tasha uses restraining ropes. Tasha puts the bow & arrow on her. Nice head scissors off the turnbuckle. Good build for the finish with near falls. Split legged face buster from Tasha on Yung. Tasha piledrives her for the win. Yung carried out on a stretcher.[ **3/4]

----Maverick vs Tim Edwards is next. Maverick got a hell of a reaction!! Good shine from Maverick and the crowd was loud. Edwards started heat with a rake of the eyes. Then a big stiff chop!! Crowd was real hot for this match. Cut off for hope spot over the top rope looked sloppy. Edwards continue the beating outside on the floor. Maverick trying for comeback – slams Edwards into the ringpost. Flying closeline out of nowhere. Maverick is green. Edwards with chain. Edwards hit him with chain for the win. Ref Murphy finds the chain – but how?? He should never have seen it under his shirt? Re-start of match – big boot – Maverick pins Edwards – big pop. [**]

----Chris Rocker vs Big Red. Rocker got a good reaction. Red starts heat. Rocker get a couple of hope spots which includes a dive out the ring on Red. Red cuts him back off with a big boot. Big Red jumped off of second rope and Rocker hit him with a dropkick in the middle. Double knockout. Match ends with Red running into the turnbuckle and Rocker rolling him up. [**1/2]

----“The Posse” [Lil Chris/Shawn Reed/Simon Reed] come out. I have to admit that Shawn will be able to turn these guys heels with just his mic work. Jeremy Moore got a big time babyface pop. Very surprising. Jimmy Tidwell walks out as a surprise walking around the ring. [Says something about having a “big” surprise, so everyone is guessing he is “Mr. Big”] Lee did a double flying closeline on Chris/Shawn – not believable, but crowd popped. Lee worked hard here and did a good job. “Posse sucks” chants – can not believe that. Heat on Lee. Shawn says, “Most devasting move in wrestling” and then he runs the ropes about 6 times and then goes for a chinlock. Funny. Hot tag to Moore. Hot tag was real flat. No reaction. No one feeding him. Simon has ref with skateboard, then Chris hits Lee with board. Total Fustercluck here. Simon sprays Lee with a P and drapes a bandana on him. [**}Simon says on the mic they GOT PAID.

----Fans Bring Weapons: Motley Cruz vs Danny B Goode. Ok they start this out wrestling. They are pushing it as a KAW bout. Goode whips Cruz and Money with a leg cast. Cruz is juicing. Street signs are in the ring. Fans were into it. Cruz sends Goode into a ladder set up in the corner – good bump from Goode. Danny juices. Another real hard bump into the ladder. Cruz has a barbwire baseball bat. Goode bleeding good. Cruz breaks a board over Goode’s back. Goode starts comeback. Big dropkick and double knockout. Goode takes him thru the crowd to the back. Back to the ring. Double knockout again. Goode to the top – Mike comes into the ring for no reason. Time to go home. Goode hits him with a board real hard twice. Goode goes to the top again. Mike in the ring again – this looked bad. Goode hits the Revolution on Mike. Cruz hits “Motley” driver for win. Motley leaves Goode lying with a piledriver and he is carried to the back. [***1/2]

----NBW Tag Team Titles: SOBs [Mark Justice/Kilo] vs BLS [Void/Robbie Douglas]– SOB family still chearing for them and getting SOB chant. Void says on the mic “We might suck, but not as good as you,” BLS get out of ring to give autographs. Robbie does a survey. [even put over the fact that everyone steals] They survey whether the fans came to see SOB [got a good pop] or BLS [better pop] Void says something to the effect that the ones that cheer SOBs are their family members. LOL [for shoot] Void with mat work for submission. Douglas in with sweet left hands to a big right punch. Low blow to start heat on Douglas. Douglas gets tag as a hope spot. Void in – cut off by monster closeline from Kilo. Heat with Void. Pretty dropkick from Justice. “Poetry in Motion” from SOB. Kilo put Void to the top turnbuckle – suplex from Kilo – double knockout. Robbie tried to bump my laptop, but it would not sell for him. Pretty elbow from top rope from Justice. Kilo jumps from top rope – Void blocks it with an overhead suplex. Double knockout. Hot tag to Robbie. Kilo ends up pinning Void using the ropes after Robbie tagged him in. [which he shouldn’t have done] [***]

----Seth Knight vs Eugene. Nick is in complete gimmick. Eugene checks Miles the ref [you know the guy that doesn’t like my site]– going to the front of him and then check his ass.. Eugene has a stinky thumb now. Eugene ends up grabbing Miles butt again. Eugene does running ropes bit and then puts thumb in the Seth’s ass. Eugene ends up putting thump in Seth’s mouth. He plays patty cake and then bites Seth’s ass. Eugene’s character has turned into a perverted ass man. This really reminds me of an old Jimmy Valiant match when I would wonder – why don’t they just wrestle and not play?? And this was before the “smart” days. Knight starts heat. Knight puts him in sleeper to put him away. Side suplex from Eugene – double knockout. Eugene comes out of heat with Hogan comeback. Big boot and leg drop. Cena finish, but Seth slides behind him while he is trying FU – RKO – ref bump. Eugene hits FU. Shawn Reed tries to help – rock bottom – Seth with powder. No ref. New ref – false finish. Seth punches him. Seth gets belt and tried to hit him. Tim Edwards tries to interfere, but Eugene does Andre slam. Seth DDTs him on title belt for pin and win. [**3/4]


-----There was probably close to 200 in the crowd…Two gentlemen backstage helped Su Yung hide from the rest of dressing room by holding up a curtain for her…Ref Miles Murphy was backstage putting over how much he liked RRO. Or was he?? Did he say the “shit” or it was “shits”? Some people are just so rude…TLCW’s Tim Cummins and Derrick King were backstage for a bit…Yung was working even the staff about her neck until she got backstage and then she jumped off the stretcher…They were messing with Maverick and he said people have told him he looks like “Randy Orton, Dustin Runnells and John Cena had a child”…New team of the “Oddities” is here - Shannon Lee – Dirty Sanchez –Chad Heart [security guard trainee]– Sicilian Kid – Pimpwheat – Money Mike – A LOT of ugly in that group LOL…All kidding aside, Heart, if he turns into a good wrestler - has good size and an unique look …Shawn Reed is so good on the mic. He still owes me money. LOL No kidding – for shoot…Not a big fan of Money Mike. He is “money”, but was wearing Rustler jeans…A motley crew of folks from the wrestling community in the crowd – “Big” Dave, “Inhumane Society” members Krusher and Rod Dent II, Anita Paige and Auburn Thunder…I took a huge bump in the parking lot – cut both hands and both knees – Lil Chris was the only one that seen it and put it over big time. LOL…Ok Robbie Douglas has the looks, the talent and can even talk on the mic – give this kid a contract!!! After seeing Void backstage and after the show – I really know I would not want to spend a day in the head of that man. It would be like a fast moving train – but hell I would jump off!! BLS = gates = Tag Team of The Year…NBW has a good crew of workers – Rocker, Red, Cruz, Goode, BLS, SOB and Knight – are some of the best in this area.