Thursday, October 02, 2008


----I use to have this little weekly bit I did called “High Five”. I have not written it in a long time, but I really think this past weekend deserved a recipient.

----In this pseudo sport of wrestling where the bookers put belts on their best friends or the owner of the company is the tag champ, it is nice to see a guy get a belt that deserves one. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, who is my pick for 2008 Best Damn Performer of the Year, had one of those weekends where he was living up to his gimmick – “The Best of The Best”.

----On Friday night, Anthony won a Battle Royal to guarantee him a TLCW Title Match. Saturday night featured a four corners match for the TLCW Title. Bishop, the champion, vs Stan Lee vs Dustin Starr [subbing for an injured Flash Flanagan] vs Anthony. Anthony was the first to be eliminated, followed by Dustin and then Lee won the TLCW Title. But…since Anthony had won the title shot [that he could use anytime], he demanded his shot right then. Anthony nailed Lee with and chair and pinned him 1..2..3 for the TLCW Title.

----Anthony’s weekend was not over as Sunday afternoon MAW presented the Memphis 10. Anthony beat Idol Bane and Chris Lexx to put himself in the finals in a “Triple Threat” vs Derrick King and Danny B Goode. Anthony pinned King to win the MAW Title and the prestige of being on top of the hill of the Memphis 10.

----HIGH FIVE to “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony for his excellent weekend.