Saturday, October 04, 2008

Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Weekly Poll Results 9.27.08

Memphis Wrestling 9.27.08

Final Rating: 0.8 ( 12,964 viewers )

1st Quarter
-Lawler/Corey intro
-6-man tag [start]
0.4 ( 6,482 viewers )

2cnd Quarter
-6-man tag [finish]
-Joe vs Styles [start]
0.8 ( 12,964 ) [+6,482 viewers]

3rd Quarter
-Joe vs Styles [finish]
-Wrestling Professor [start]
1.0 ( 16,205 ) [+3241 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Wrestling Professor [finish]
1.2 ( 19,446 ) [+3241]

Start to finish: +12964 viewers

----The good thing is that the show went up every quarter. The bad thing is there are still less than 20,000 people watching the show. The biggest climb was from 1st to second quarter with an exact double of the rating. Then the show had the exact climb the next two quarters of over 3000 viewers per quarter. For those that were watching the show, they liked what they were watching and kept watching.

Memphis Wrestling TV Poll

Thumbs Up 70%
Thumbs Down 30%

+ 40%

----I respect you guys that read this site, but I really have no idea what wrestling show you are watching. LOL 8 weeks of a Thumbs Up streak. How bad does it have to get??