Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rant, Memphis Wrestling TV Report and Watch and Vote 10.18.08!!!

----Ok I started to watch the Memphis show...and I got this far with the report -

Memphis Wrestling TV Report
----Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin open the show as usual with Corey just laughing at everything Lawler says.

and then thought about taking a look to see if D-Rock had posted it at www.wrestlingnewscenter.com yet?? And low and behold - it was posted. Guess what?? I am sooooooooooooooo glad I did not take the time to watch this horseshit!! They had aired this earlier this year on CW 30!!! It was from August of 2004!! Why do you continue to produce a show with such crap?? Until they can produce and show some new matches, I am boycotting the show. I am not going to waste a hour of my life every week watching that bumbling idiot goof Corey Maclin laughing and acting as if he wants to make love to Lawler for money. I have been as professional as I can be with Maclin and his efforts to continue to the tradition of Memphis Wrestling, but please just do us all a favor and take that horseshit off TV and go back to selling ads or whatever you do in real life. I think maybe you might be a nice guy - Lance Russell seems to like you - but you are putting a HUGE BLACK EYE on the history of Memphis Wrestling. And guess what?? Lawler is not doing ANYTHING to help either. Hey, D-Rock - shoot me an e-mail and ask Jimmy - I will let you post the damn thing here every week also. I just can't watch unless they TRY to present some original programming.

MEMPHIS WRESTLING TV Report 10.18.08 by D-Rock

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are back with another big day of wrestling. Jerry talked about the upcoming election and mentioned that the "Powers That Be" at My50 are wanting to take a look back at how good The Jerry & Jimmy Show was because they are wanting to conduct a special poll to possibly replace Corey as host of Memphis Wrestling. Jerry added that at the end of the show they will tell everybody where they can go to vote.

They show the opening of The Jerry & Jimmy Show that originally aired on August 21, 2004, which was simply Memphis Wrestling scribbled out and The Jerry & Jimmy Show placed over it. "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart introduced Christina(Christi Ricci) because Jerry wanted to add a beautiful woman to the show. Jerry and Jimmy announced that Koko B. Ware was going to be singing his multi-platinum million selling album, "The Bird Bird Bird" later on in the show. Jerry also said that Spider-Man was going to be in action and that they would be hearing from "The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant.

To contact "The King" visit his website, www.KingLawler.com, where you can find old pictures, videos, shirts, and much more.

To advertise with Memphis Wrestling or find out more information about personal appearances, live events, and fund raisers, Call 901-794-7771

Corey and Jerry are back in the studio. Corey said that the ratings peaked, during the commercials, while The Jerry & Jimmy Show was going on. Jerry said, today you are seeing The Jerry & Jimmy Show and the orders from up above may want you to vote Corey off the show like American Idol. You will have the opportunity to vote whether to keep Corey Maclin as host, later, in the show.

More highlights from The Jerry & Jimmy Show with Jerry & Jimmy conducting an interview with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. "Superstar" Bill Dundee walked out and said there isn't going to be any singing. Dundee goes after Hart, but Koko attacked "The Superstar" from behind. Koko had Dundee held down, but Jimmy couldn't lift the ring bell. Jerry helped Jimmy lift the bell, but Kevin White made the save by hitting Koko with a chair.

Koko B. Ware interfered during the Kevin White/Johnny Dotson match, by striking White with a chair. Dundee made the save. During the match, Lawler referred to the match as a "Who cares match." Lawler kept saying how boring the match was and even stated how they could take the tape of this match and show it for yawn research." That was a good one.

The Sexy Assassins, Tim and Flex, walked out for an interview. Jerry got Christina to sit on his lap. Mac Daddy!

They air a video clip of Brian Christopher's preparation for the stinkface match. This video included Brian eating beans and passing gas. Funny interview.

Followed by a video of "The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant.

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Back in the studio, Corey said you could find better girls than Christi Ricci at Cafe Toscana. Jerry said that Corey is just bias like the media is against John McCain. Corey asked what about Obama? Jerry said everyone loves Obama and Biden. Corey asked Jerry about Sarah Palin. Jerry answered that he loved her. Corey said, "You better watch it. She'll shoot you." Jerry, jokingly, responded, "I got a lot of mousse in my hair, but I don't look like a moose, do I? They go back to more footage from The Jerry & Jimmy Show.

Spider-Man walked out. Lawler made fun of him and told him that he is going to send him packing. So there was an impromptu match between Spider-Man and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Spider-Man was taking it to "The King" until Lawler attacked Referee Rashard Devon, getting himself disqualified. He later gave Devon a piledriver.

After the match, Jimmy Hart had some words for Corey Maclin. Then, Jerry had something to say about Terry Funk. He said the name of Funk's ranch was Jurassic Park and that his horse was the original horse on Noah's Ark. Lawler added, "Now, Terry Funk, I had tried to do you a favor. When I took that stick and jammed it in your eye. I was doing you a favor! Because you see, Jimmy, I was trying to stop his suffering. I was trying to take his sight away, so that he wouldn't have to go home, everyday, and look at that ugly wife of his! Have you ever seen Terry Funk's wife? She would scare the hump off a camel's back! On that ranch of Terry Funk's, he don't have to use a scarecrow, he just makes his wife go out and stand in the fields! That's how ugly she is!" Classic!

This was followed by a great Terry Funk interview.

Back in the studio, Corey said that the people are changing the channels during The Jerry & Jimmy Show. Lawler said he had The Wrestling Professor on the phone. The Professor asked Corey if he could remember who was Lawler and Jeff Jarrett's partner, back in the day, against The Moondogs, Spot & Rex, and The Big Black Dog. Corey's answer was The Junkyard Dog. Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Corey was right.

They aired footage from this classic six-man war pitting Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, and The Junkyard Dog against The Moondogs and The Big Black Dog with Richard Lee in their corner. Corey was announcing this contest. This match included chairs, tables, sticks, wooden shutters, and the ring bell.

As they went to break, Jerry mentioned that coming up in November, it will be the four year anniversary of the passing of Moondog Spot, there in the ring at the Mid-South Coliseum. He also stated that The Junkyard Dog was killed in a car accident. Jerry said that was a great match and he loved looking back and seeing those guys, again.

After the break, they showed more footage from the classic six-man battle featuring Lawler, Jarrett, & JYD against The Moondogs & The Big Black Dog. The referee, eventually, stopped the match when The Big Black Dog was unable to continue after being on the receiving end of several vicious attacks from Lawler and Jarrett wielding sticks and chairs at his leg.

The Wood & Carlton, P.C., Attorneys at Law Slam of the week featured highlights from the classic six-man match.

Back to more of The Jerry & Jimmy Show with an interview with Koko B. Ware and Shock. Koko said he's not singing and he is going to destroy Kevin White. Shock said that Brian Christopher called him, and told him to personally take care of The Sexy Assassins, so Shock called them out. Tim & Flex accepted.

The Sexy Assassins, Tim & Flex, defeated Shock & Koko, by disqualification, after Koko brought out a shock stick and attacked the two. Bill Dundee and Kevin White made the save. Dundee shocked Koko, before they fled the scene.

An interview with Corey Maclin and his doctor followed. Corey tore off his neckbrace and told Jerry to take a look, outside, at the White Cadillac that he had won. Jerry and Jimmy ran outside to check on the car, but Corey almost mowed them down in his Denali. Corey jumped out, armed with two baseball bats. Corey ran in the studio and said, "It's going to be on like a pot of neck bone!"

Back in the studio, Corey said they're about out of time and he's seen enough of The Jerry & Jimmy Show. Jerry said it's time to vote on whether or not to keep Corey as host on Memphis Wrestling. Jerry told everyone to go to www.KingLawler.com to vote, right now. While you're at www.KingLawler.com, not only can you vote, but you can also pick up a great Jerry "The King" Lawler t-shirt, cd, or buy one of his crowns. Corey told everyone to buy some earplugs with that cd. Jerry asked Corey if he was listening to his cd, earlier, because he noticed his ears were bleeding. Jerry said it's been a great show and, next week, we may see Corey and we may not.