Wednesday, October 22, 2008

RassleResults: MAW Horn Lake Fall Festival Horn Lake, MS 10.18.08

Match #1
Danny B. Good defeated M.A.W. Champion Goldenboy Greg Anthony by DQ when Derrick King interfered.

Match #2
Stan Lee defeated Derrick King by DQ when Goldenboy interfered. Danny B made the save then challenged King & Goldenboy to a tag match for the main event of the first show.

Match #3 Xander Gray defeated Cowboy Chris Frazier w/ Juicy Johnny Morton.
Before the match Morton called out the Mayor of Horn Lake, Nat Baker and M.A.W. Commissioner K.C. Gold, only to berate the Mayor and make a challenge that if Gray beat Cowboy in less than 5 minutes Morton would wrestle Gray with the Mayor as Special guest referee. Gray pinned Frazier with a roll up in 3:30.

Match #4
Danny B. Good & Stan Lee defeated Derrick King & Goldenboy Greg Anthony with a double sunset flip and double pin. At one point in the match they brought a couple of the pee wee football players in full gear into the ring and lined them up against DK & TGB who were in helmets. When they yelled "hike" DK & TGB powdered.

3:00 P.M. Show

Match #1
Special Challenge Match with Special guest Referee Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker

Xander Gray defeated Juicy Johnny Morton.
Due to being a bit under the weather The Mayor asked Commissioner K.C. Gold to substitute the Vice Mayor of Horn Lake as special ref for the match. The Mayor did stay at ringside to thwart any interference from Chris Frazier. Morton then announced that if Gray beat him he would choose a kid from ringside to let them spank him with a belt. After the match Morton picked the kid from ringside and it turned out to be Gray's son. Morton then tried to run from the ring but was pushed back in the ring by Baker and a Horn Lake Officer. After the spanking Morton & Frazier fled but only to make their way back around to the ring & attack Gray. Big Country made the save and the Commissioner made a match for Big Country against Frazier for later.

Match #2 Goldenboy Greg Anthony defeated Stan Lee by hitting him with the title belt while the referee's back was turned.

After the match Derrick King made his way out & began berating the fans, Horn Lake, and the entire state of Mississippi. He also put down Dustin Starr who was in attendance promoting & selling items from After calling Starr to the ring DK refused to answer the challenge from Starr for a singles match, so the Commissioner told them both to find a tag partner & that would be the main event for the afternoon.

Match #3
Big Country defeated Cowboy Chris Frazier

Match #4 Main Event
Dustin Star & ??? vs Derrick King & ???.
In what was a shock to the Commissioner, King brought out the commissioner's own hired henchman, Armageddon to be his partner. Star then brought out Danny B. Good as his partner.The match went back and forth till King/Armageddon got an advantage on Star. They used chain Armageddon brought to the ring along with a football helmet they stole from one of the fans at ringside.The helmet would come back to haunt them as Starr hit Armageddon with it from the second rope to gain enough time to get a tag to Good. From there it became a brawl and ended after the ref got knocked down by the brawling, Good hit the Blockbuster on DK, and the commissioner slid in to make the 3 count.

After the match King called the commissioner into the ring and began berating him for getting involved in his match. DK shoved Gold and when Gold stood up to him, DK slapped him. When Gold stood back up he shoved DK backwards causing him to back into Armageddon. When King turned around Armageddon grabbed him and hit him with a huge choke slammed.

A few notes:
Head counts from several people were 325 - 350 for the early show and around 550 for the second show.The crowds were popping during all the matches. ..Even though it was a free show to the public all the guys got paid….At one point in the first show, Danny B & Stan Lee were in the ring with probably 30 to 40 kids….During Stan, Danny B, and Dustin's entrances in the second show it looked like they were swimming thru a sea of fans…I was told by a couple of fans that the carnival people were complaining about the wrestling show drawing the crowd away from the rides.

Credit: MAW Gizzold