Tuesday, October 21, 2008

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 10.18.08


The show starts off as usual with Hotrod coming to the ring. Hotrod announces special guest host for the night Scotty C. Drew Magruder is still out from last week’s XOW beating. Hotrod begins to go through the night’s lineup and the Presidential theme music starts and Ravishing Randy enters the ring. Randy talks about how he is fed up with the XOW. Randy says that he is upset with the way the XOW took 8 men to beat his tag team last week for the belts. Randy then talks about how the XOW is taking up his valuable presidential campaign time. Randy then says that he wants to form a 5 man team to get rid of the XOW. XOW music cues and the entire XOW group come to the ring including owner Bill Russ. They circle Randy in the ring and taunt him. Finally team TIWF comes to the ring and clears it. Team TIWF appears to be Big Boy Bob, Dazzlin’ Dixie, Lawman Williams, Way Cool and Chico Mendoza.

Randy and Hotrod then get on the mic and issue a challenge for next week 5 on 5. If TIWF wins the XOW leaves and TIWF gets the Heavyweight title and Tag Team Titles back. XOW owner Bill Russ then gets on the mic and says that he agrees if the TIWF puts the company name on the line. And then XOW owner announces that if Bob wants to be part of the TIWF team that he would have to earn his way in a match later on in the night.Hotrod and Randy agree. Bob’s match vs. mystery opponent set for the night and the TIWF vs. XOW match for the company and belts set for next week. Hotrod and Bill Russ set up a match between themselves for next week.

1st match Suicide vs. Tyrant
This was a rematch from the previous week. Both workers looked much better this week. Suicide is a member of the XOW. Although Suicide is in the XOW this match doesn’t seem to bear in the overall invasion angle. Both workers have good ring skills but Tyrant needs to establish a gimmick of some sort. Fans seem confused as to who the heel and face are in the match. Neither worker worked the crowd. It was mainly just spots in the match. Not match of the night.
Winner: Suicide

2nd Match Big Boy Bob vs. Royale Executioner
Typical Big guy versus big guy match. XOW didn’t interfere in this one. Royale Executioner did a spine buster and body slammed Big Boy Bob much to everyone’s amazement. Bob hit the Hershey Highway for the victory in the end.
Winners: Big Boy Bob

3rd Match TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match Sarge O’Reilly vs. Dazzlin’ Dixie
These two have fought a lot over the years. Crowd was really into this one. Definitely one of the candidates for match of the night. Sarge kept the upper hand with the help of manager Tony Watts and valet Lil’ Bit. End of the match saw the TIWF hit the ring for a change and lay into Sarge a bit before his XOW cohorts could drag him back to the ramp to safety. TIWF was making a statement in this match. Winner: Sarge by DQ retains the title
4th Match: Chico Mendoza vs. Jon “ Biscuit” Roberts
Chico being the much large of the two dominated this match. Lil’ Bit tried to get involved but was subdued by Mamacita. JBR is what the announcers were calling Biscuit. Chico hits the barrio bomb and gets the win.
Winner: Chico Mendoza

5th Match TIWF Tag Team Title Match
S&S ( Syn & Stunner) vs. Jodi Allen & Dre’ Black
This was the first time Allen and Black have teamed together and the crowd enjoyed it. Allen and Black are heels as are the S&S but the crowd was clearly for Allen & Black. End of this one saw S&S retain the titles.
Winners: S&S

At the end of intermission Big Boy Bob was wrangled to the ring all bloody and tied up. XOW put him in the center of the ring and pummeled him. TIWF makes the save. Bob is badly injured. XOW announces that Team TIWF is now down to four.

6th Match AC Styles vs. Way Cool
AC used Lil Bit and Tony Watts to help cheat during this match as usual. Way Cool at times got a hold of both Tony and Lil’ Bit each time to be cut off by Styles. End of the match saw Styles throw Cool into the corner. Cool ducked a shot by Tony Watts on ring apron. Styles rushes in Cool sideswipes him and delivers a Chill Pill followed by the Cool Breeze for the victory. After the match every member of XOW attacks Way Cool. Then music is cued and Wildside appears on the ramp. The crowd goes ballistic. Wildside enters the ring and begins talking to the XOW which number about 8 and to the crowd. Wildside tells the XOW Bravo that they remind him of…him. He goes on talking and the crowd is thinking he’s joining the XOW. Then Wildside says BUT… deep pause… he says he’s “The Franchise” of the TIWF because he’s just that good and he delivers low blows to Neil Taylor, Suicide and a few others. Way Cool comes out of the corner and clotheslines two other members. Way Cool and Wildside clean house for a minute but then get beaten down. TIWF makes the save. Lawman asks Wildside to be the fifth member. Wildside accepts.
Winner: Way Cool

7th Match TIWF TV TITLE Lawman Williams vs. Neil Taylor
Match did not go very long. Old school style match with Lawman winning in the end. XOW hits the ring and TIWF hit the ring and clear it. Standing unified in the ring are Lawman Williams, Chico Mendoza, Dazzlin’ Dixie, Way Cool, Wildside and Randy. Crowd chanting TIWF… TIWF… to close out the night.

--148 in Attendance.
---Team TIWF will be: Wildside/WayCool/Dazzlin’ Dixie/Lawman Williams/Chico Mendoza
--- Erik Hayes in the back talking to the bookers
--- Kilo booked on card for next week.
--- Vic McNasty set to return in November

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Credit: Steven Hunter