Saturday, November 22, 2008

Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings and Poll Results Report 11.15.08

Memphis Wrestling 11-15-08

Final Rating: 0.3 ( 4,862 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours:
0.4 ( 6,482 )
-Corey and doctor’s office
-TK2/Koko vs Dundee/Mable/Kevin White
-Lawler interviews kids with Bert
-More at the doctor’s office
1st Quarter

0.0 [-6482 viewers]
-Brian C vs SoulTaker
-Jerry’s Kids with the late Dennis Carluzzo
2cnd Quarter

0.3 ( 4,862 ) [+4,862 viewers]
-“Wrestling Professor”
-Lawler vs Dundee – Loser leave town
-3rd Quarter

0.3 ( 4,862 ) [unchanged]
-Corey and Lawler back at the doctor’s office
4th Quarter

From start to finish: [-1680 viewers]

----They opened the show with over 6,000 viewers and they just turned off the show. Wow!! They still have some people trying to watch the show, but after they see that it is the same crap they turn it off. They came back – some of them – for the last half of the show and ended with a .3 average. Just horrible.

Memphis Wrestling TV Poll

Thumbs Up 55%
Thumbs Down 45%


----Another week of “Thumbs Up”, but with less of a percentage of only +10%. I still think it is a rib!!

Credit: D-Rock @ with help on the quarter hours. If you would like to read his complete Memphis Wrestling TV report, CLICK HERE!!