Wednesday, December 31, 2008

RassleResults: ICW Henry, TN 12.27.08

There was a storm moving thru the area but it did not keep the fans away. There was a packed house (with even a few standing along the wall) of LOUD ICW fans waiting to see the Night of No DQ.

Brimstone and Neal called out the “Young 1's” who came out to the ring looking like they had already been beat up. Hellfire got on the mic and told the fans that while Slingshot and Phoenix was out shopping for Christmas gifts they were attacked in the Walmart parking lot by Brimstone and Neal Dream, which came to a shock to Brim and Neal. But Hellfire said the Young 1's would be in action tonight. Brimstone begged for Hellfire to drop the no contact clause so he could get his hands on him in the ring, but Hellfire refused.

Ladies Match
Jennifer Justice defeated M.O.M. when she hit the Justice Cutter for the pin. This was the ICW debut of M.O.M. After the match it was announced that next time these two meet there will be a Women's Title on the line.

The Kid came out and stated that he messed up last show he did not call out the oldest person in the dressing room so tonight that's what he wanted. So he called out White Lighting. Lighting got in the ring and within a kick to the stomach and a punch to the face the Kid was left laying in the ring once again.
Erik Ego defeated Knockout Kidd and Brian Michaels in a Triple Threat Match. This one was fast pace and hard-hitting with the use of signs and chairs these three took it to the limits. But in the end it was Ego using the ropes to get the pin on Michaels.

Bull and Iron Horse defeated White Lighting and Marcus Dice (who was taking the place for the missing Bad Boy Phillips) This one saw a lot of hardcore action and ended with Lighting walking out on his partner who felt the pain of the two big men when they delivered a Power Bomb/Neckbreaker to him for the win.

The Kid came out again and this time said he was not going to go for the oldest, he was going to go for a younger guy with less experience so he called out Erik Ego. The Kid slapped Ego he grabbed the kid and picked him up on his shoulders and delivered a devastating moving leaving the Kid having to be carried out of the ring. (the Kid was not seen for the rest of the night)

Heavyweight Title Match.
Weasel defeated Frank the Tank to become the ICW Heavyweight Champion. Ty Blade who was injured the night before was unable to compete. So Frank the Tank was brought it to take on Weasel. At times it seemed like the Tank was going to become the Champion but with the people pulling Weasel up time after time with the chants of USA. USA Weasel was able to grab Frank the Tanks chain and nail him with a punch for the 1.2.3... The place went crazy when Weasel won the belt. Weasel got on the mic and thanked the fans for supporting him. ICW fans have a true champion they can be proud of.

Young 1's (Phoenix and Chic Canyon) w/Hellfire Defeated RL Brimstone and Neal Dream w/Jennifer Justice. This one was wild, crazy and everywhere with the debut of the newest member of the Young 1's Chic Canyon it’s easy to tell there is no end in sight of these two teams. At first it was Brimstone and Neal in total control, but with the light bulb to the head from Slingshot which lead to Brimstone's face being covered in blood, and several times Neal's head was ran into the steel chair it was not long till the Young 1's showed they were to be taking serious. In the end it was Neal Dream being put thru a table that gave Chic Canyon the chance to get the pin.

Credit: Christine

----These results reminded of an old Mike Anthony/Killer show. Is that a bad thing or a good thing?? LOL