Monday, December 01, 2008

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR Results Wrapup 11.21.08 & 11.28.08 - NEW RWA CHAMPION!!!

New comer John Allen VS The Black Dragon from Mexico. Winner Black Dragon.

Classy Melton Massy VS Chris Steel. Winner Chris Steel.
Massy Attacked Steel after the match with the golf club he carries with him. Doing damage to Steels ankle.

Midnight Cowboy and Zane Richards VS the Asylum (Psycho and Arnez) Winner Cowboy and Richards. Cowboy used powder to blind Arnez and get the pin.

Luke Graham Jr. VS JD Kerry. Winner by pin fall, JD Kerry.

The Natural Born Playa'z [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] VS Pokerface and Mike Anthony. Winner by count out Pokerface and Mike Anthony. The Playaz took a powder be for they were pinned and then came back when Pokerface and Mike Anthony were not looking and attacked them with belts.

Lethal VS Lucky A Last Man Standing Match, Or a Last Midget Standing Match...
No Winner neither one could answer the bell. Lucky and PP3 the special guest ref had an altercation which lead to a match being made for the next week.

The Main Event The Angel of Sin VS RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney Mack. Winner by count out. Angel of Sin. They had a brutal match and while they were on the outside of the ring the Angel of Sin went under the ring and pulled Mack half way under. Mack emerged handcuffed to the support under the ring. The Angel made it back into the ring before the 10 count. Mack then broke the cuff's and climb back into the ring but the Angel took a powder. The Angel grabbed a Mic and kept telling Rodney he was not playing by the rules of the game. The Angel tried to attack a group of kids before the match started and Rodney stood in front of the kids. Things are heating up in the RWA.

125+ in the building.


Show started with Frank Martin telling the crowd that before they talked about wrestling he wanted to talk about life. Well actually Life and Death. One of the fans of the RWA Roger Veitto and Justin Love had a death in their family. Justin's mother and Rogers Aunt passed away this past week. The family has no money for her services so the RWA is taking up collections for the family.

Now the life part of the show Martin announced that Rodney Mack and Jazz are proud parents of twin baby girls. Summer and Skye are their names and the all is well in the Mack household. Congratulations to the new parents.

Martin then announced that there was a huge surprise for the fans since they came out on this Thanksgiving weekend.

1st Match. Lucky VS PP3 winner Lucky
2nd Match. Soultrain Jones VS Classy Melton Massy. Winner Soultrain Jones.
3rd Match. New comers to the RWA John Allen and Roger Allen. VS The Asylum (Psycho and Pappy) Winner The Asylum
4th Match. J.D. Kerry VS Tatt2. No winner. The Angel of Sin came to the ring and attacked both J.D. and Tatt2. J.D. Is the first student to graduate from the Dog Pound Wrestling School. Rodney Mack made the save.

At the intermission the Playaz attacked Mike Anthony and Pokerface while they were signing autographs. They concentrated their efforts on Pokerface busting open his mouth.

5th match was to be Must Be a Pin Fall match The Natural Born Playaz VS Pokerface and Mike Anthony. Only Mike Anthony came out and agreed to a handicap match. Pokerface eventually made it to the ring but it was to late as the Playaz got the pin fall. After the match while the Playaz were celebrating their victory, Martin came out from the back. He told the Playaz he was tired of their games and so they had to play one of his games. He then did the kids game ennie meannee Mininie Moe game and when he came to the and you are not it. He told Southside he was barred from the building next week. If he shows up or comes to the building he will be fined and then fired. But Mr. Pimptacular won the game and since he won Martin told him he would give him his prize. Mr Pimptacular won an all expense trip to the RWA ring next week for a handicapped match between him and Pokerface and Mike Anthony. If he does not show up he was fired. Crowd loved this game...

The big surprise of the evening was next...
Match 6. Derrick King and Johnny Dotson VS Kevin Douglas and Bull.
This was Derrick's and Johnny's debut in the RWA. This was the best tag team match that the RWA has had in a long, long, time... Derrick and Johnny did a mic spill that was a classic. As the match started is was obvious that these two teams matched up well. Kevin Douglas and Bull are from the Dallas/Fortworth area and were trained by Rodney Mack. They both have a lot of experience. It was a great match that went back and forth and had the crowd hotter than they normally are. A fan even tried to throw a chair at King! Security stepped in and calmed the fan down for the rest of the match. In the end Kevin and Bull got the victory by pin fall over Derrick and Johnny. Derrick and Johnny were both stunned and got the mic and Derrick told the crowd that it was a fast count and Kevin had a hold of his tights. So the Winners by DQ were Derrick King and Johnny Dotson. As The two were going back to the dressing rooms King pointed at Martin and told him "we are coming back" then they turned to the crowd and told them "we will be back"!!
Things are getting really interesting in the RWA...

The Main Event The Angel of Sin [pictured] VS Rodney Mack for the RWA Heavyweight Title.

The Angel came to the ring with his Disciple and then brought out his wife, Athena. He claims she is the greatest women's wrestler in the world.
The match was a great match that kept the crowd hot and very much into the match. These two know each other well and they were not holding anything back. They were very physical with every move, punch and chop. In the end as Rodney made his comeback he went for the spear and hit it. As the ref counted 1, 2, Athena pulled the ref out of the ring breaking the count. The Angel mounted a comeback but Rodney cut him off and went for the second spear and the Angel of Sin pulled the ref into the path. The Angel then hit his finisher and pulled the ref over and with the ref out the Angel took his hand and made the 3 count. knowing that would not count he did his best to get the ref back into the match and the ref did indeed make the 3 count and the New RWA Heavyweight Champion is The Angel of Sin..

Over 125 again for the show.

Credit: RWA Reporter