Tuesday, December 30, 2008

RassleResults: SWS Hernando, MS 12.27.08

Cody Melton over Agent Maxx Corbin

Albino Rhino and Gladiator beat some local guys. These guys weren’t wrestlers and after this match I don't think they will peruse a career. They got roughed up real bad.

Jerry Lawler defeated Dangerous Doug Gilbert w/ Garry White

Brian Christopher beat Kevin White. Garry White wasn't at ringside but when Christopher went for his hiphop drop, Garry came to ringside and shoved Christopher off the top rope. Christopher finally got the win with a Pat O'Connor roll.

Main Event was a battle royal. It came down to Albino Rhino and Brian Christopher. Christopher finally got the big 405lb Albino over the top. While he was celebrating the win, Garry White sent the 2 locals in and they tossed Christopher over the top for the win.

Notes: 300 in the crowd…The programs had Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Humongus and Tatt2. All these guys weren’t there, I suppose they weren’t even contacted but I don't know this for sure…It was a very well ran show, of course with Lawler there it had to be. He gave all the guys props, especially Kevins Whites’ students. Cody, Maxx, and Gladiator all got praise and he was very impressed with Rhino.

Credit: SWSStudd
----I was only told about this show Saturday night and no one really knew whether it was going to happen or not. I was told that the Whites, who provided the ring, were not even contacted until Friday night. They drew 300 with a few radio spots and 15 seconds on Memphis TV. ..I believe this was for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It proves with the right people behind you and some radio ads, you can get a crowd.