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CHEAP HEAT - 1/12/08 by Gene Jackson

I'll have another entry in my 'why I love wrestling' series next week but there's several things that's come up this week that I wanna address in this week's 'Cheap Heat'. Let's get to it....


Well hopefully things will get better but right of the chute 2008 has started out with a terrible tragedy. A 28 year old man who was training to be a professional wrestler with Brian Steele and Motley Cruz at the New Blood Arena was rushed to the hospital in Dyersburg and later had to be moved to Memphis where he later passed away. This is a very sad story, not many details are known beyond what I just mentioned, but I'm sure it will all come out eventually. Knowing Brian and Motley, both are good guys and have trained a ton of guys and I'm sure it wasn't their fault but I know this has to be weighing on them and I feel bad for them. I also feel bad for the guy's family, it's just a bad, bad situation for everyone and yet more bad light to shine on the wrestling business. There's already rumors of lawsuits and such, I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more of this tragic story in the months to come.


For those looking to see some old school rasslers in action, Herb Abrams' UWF wrestling from around 1990 is airing from 12am-1am weeknights on ESPN Classic. While the show isn't great, and the booking and commentary leave a LOT to be desired it's still interesting to watch with a lot of great stars from the 80's in their twilight years (Ivan Kolloff, Ken Patera, Don Muraco, Bob Orton etc.) as well as guys on their way up (Cactus Jack, The Blackhearts w/Luna,etc.) and it's fun to watch just for a change of pace from the current WWE and TNA shows. Check it out one night if you get a chance and tell what you think on the message board.


Personally, I think unless Maclin had an agreement with McMahon when he scheduled the event, he has no case. Unless Vince told him it was ok, then turned around and told Lawler not to work the show, then Maclin's beef is with Lawler, not WWE. If Vince tells his employee, Lawler that he can't do something that's between him and Lawler. If I book Derrick King to come work a show in Alabama, then Corey tells him, "no you can't go work for Gene Jackson" and Derrick chooses not to work the show, can I then sue Corey for telling him no?? Of course not, that's Derrick's decision. Just like it was Lawler who agreed to work with Hogan and Maclin, and it was Lawler who chose to listen to his employer and not work a show that he didn't want him to work. Case closed. IMHO


Mid Southern Wrestling Message Board's Trent Van Drisse will debut his new blog talk radio show this Monday night at 10pm called "Jerkin' the Curtain". Should be interesting as Trent (like myself) is very opinionated and doesn't mind saying what he thinks, looking forward to checking out the show.


This Monday at 10am be sure to listen for my interview with Izzy Rotten, or you may know him better as Special Ed. Whatever you know him as it promises to be very interesting interview as I talked to Izzy on the phone recently and he has a LOT on his mind and doesn't plan to hold anything back, should be good. Then next Monday January 21rst, I'll be joined by J.C. Ice himself, Jamie Dundee who also has a lot to say about Memphis Wrestling and who knows what else. It promises to be a wild show. Then on January 28th at 10am, my guest will be "Nightmare" Ken Wayne. Ken is gonna be on talking to us about his wrestling school, his training methods. We'll get his take on the Dyersburg situation as well as talk about his career and a host of other topics. All this and more already lined up for the coming weeks on Cheap Heat Radio!


Well after hyping the event on Cheap Heat Radio in the weeks leading up to the show back in December I finally got a chance to see the Carnage Cup today. A good show if your into the Death Matches, it's not really my thing but wow what a brutal show. A lot of injuries came out of the show but the fans seem to love it, and the dvds do really well. I thought the Southern Saints were good in their 6 way match with Amasis, Chrisjen Hayme, Tim Donst, and Hydra. The match came off much better than the 4 way in Tupelo, everything was smooth, and Chris Styles took a wicked looking reverse frankensteiner from Hayme that looked like it killed him. If you get a chance check this show out, but be warned it's very bloody and brutal, if your not into Deathmatches you may wanna pass on it, aside from the six way.


It seemed there was a great response to the awards with a bunch of people voting. I haven't heard the results yet as I'll find out with everyone else on Sunday but I do wanna thank everyone who voted for me for 'Columnist of the Year.' As much of an asshole as I come off in this column and as much heat as I get from nameless pricks on message boards, it does mean a lot to me to know that their are some folks out there who do enjoy reading my columns and I appreciate it greatly. Even if you didn't vote for me, hell even if you don't like me and you just read my stuff so you can bitch about it, I still appreciate you reading. It's why I do it.


A Piece of my Mind Jan 11th, 2007 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Well well well it was very interesting to read today that Corey Maclin is suing Vince McMahon. Let me start off by saying that I believe that Corey has a case and should win this one very easily. This entire Fed-Ex Forum incident was handled about as poorly as it could be handled by WWE. This could easily be Corey’s most profitable venture in the wrestling business. The big match was supposed to be Hulk Hogan vs. Jerry Lawler which I believe would have made Corey and Lawler a lot of money. Now almost a year later its Corey vs. Vince and the King may just lose his crown in this one.

I do have some questions, based on my own experiences with Memphis Wrestling that I want to expound on. I can tell you without a doubt that when I took Jerry Lawler to court in Tunica County, he swore under oath that he was a partner in Memphis Wrestling with Corey Maclin. He stood right there, with his Superman watch on and testified to that fact. I did find it strange at the time that his "partner" didn’t show up for a criminal case that could have had such a huge impact on a potential civil case involving a partner in Memphis Wrestling. I wondered if the thought of being called as a witness and having to support Jerry Lawler’s statements kept him out of court?

So if Jerry Lawler is a partner in Memphis Wrestling and Memphis Wrestling is suing WWE, why would Jerry Lawler, a partner in the company, not be a part of that lawsuit? I can not say for a fact that Jerry Lawler is not a part of the lawsuit but I sure have seen no indication that he is. I do wonder if Jerry's alleged ownership in the company is some sort of a handshake deal? That would mean, for all this time, Maclin has given Jerry a portion of the profits but none of the liability.

It's possible that Jerry actually does own a portion of the company on paper. A true partner would have some documentation showing that he was a partner in the company. If that's the case how do you sue a guy like Vince McMahon and keep your gravy position with the company? If he does not own the company, and is not part of the lawsuit, it is then obvious that Corey has had enough of being led around by the nose by Jerry Lawler. He has made a decision here that will have to damage his relationship with Jerry Lawler permanently. I would love to be at Monday Night Raw this week and see the reactions to this issue backstage. I think that finally Jerry Lawler has painted himself into a corner. No matter which way he goes on this one, he comes out of this one a loser. I think that Vince McMahon is a guaranteed loser on this one. It’s just a matter of how much he and or WWE will have to pay out. The only winner in this one is Corey Maclin. He should get a big pay off and get rid of Jerry Lawler in one big swoop.

This case if allowed to go to court will drag Hulk Hogan and many others into it. The idea that Jerry didn’t appear at the Fed Ex Forum seems to be laughable. I was a part of the Fed Ex Forum show. I can tell you that Hulk Hogan went on record stating that Lawler did not need to be show on his VH-1 program. The funny thing is that I was told that I would be on the program having my head shaved by Brutus Beefcake and as of now to my knowledge none of the footage has been on Hogan Knows Best. I don’t know Corey’s attorney but he must be sitting back and thinking “Give me a dozen of these cases a month and I can retire in a year”.

I for one want to see what happens when Jerry Lawler walks into that court room places his hand on the bible again. Hopefully he will be wearing that Superman watch representing Truth, Justice and the American Way. In this case there are way too many people who know the facts for him to not tell the truth

It appears imminent that Chris Harris of TNA will be signing with WWE. I strongly suggest WWE signing James Storm and giving those guys a run with the belts. I could really see these guys running with Cade and Murdoch and many other WWE teams.

It appears that my buddy Mick Foley is back for another run with WWE. This is a case of someone just having the business in his blood. I have known Mick since I was about twenty years old and I can tell you he is good with his money. He isn’t back for the money. He is back because he is a performer through and through and he loves to entertain people. I only hope he performs with some consideration for the long term effects that his style could have on his body.

In the last several weeks TNA has run several house shows. In the reports I have seen all but one show has had an attendance of less than two thousand and most had less than one thousand. I do not know what it costs to break even on a TNA house show but I don’t think that the type of crowds they are drawing can be profitable. It is obvious that the TV has not yet made its mark on the wrestling audience. If I was running TNA I would run strictly B towns with the talent that I could afford to use. I would help non-profit organizations around the country to raise money. It would cost very little to run shows like this and the chances or profit should be much better. Why take such large risk’s that so far are not paying off for them? In business it’s not just about making money. It’s also about being diligent with the money that you have. At this point TNA is not going to do well in most markets. If they have a chance at all they will have to spend money wisely. They will need drastic changes in the production end of the company. They will have to have people direct the company who put the company before themselves. I don’t know if that’s possible but it sure would be a great start.

The picture for this article was taken at The Fieldcrest Cannon Stadium in Kannapolis, NC in nineteen ninety seven. The stadium at the time was the home of the Philadelphia Phillies Single A affiliate. A couple of guys on the team at that time were Ricky Williams the Miami Dolphins running back and Jimmy Rollins the Philadelphia Phillies star shortstop. You see from left to right Gorgeous Gary Royal, Nikolai Volkoff and The Masked Superstar. I don’t remember all the details but it was probably Carolina’s Own David Isley, Gene Ligon and I against these guys. I was always a mark for The Superstar and as the promoter I used the time to have cobra hold put on me and going to sleep. It was a big night for us.

This has been a piece of my mind

by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente


This story is from today's Memphis Daily News, this should be interesting to see how this plays out. More on it later.

Memphis Promoter Files Suit Against WWE

It's the back story that counts in professional wrestling. The matches and interviews advance story lines and rivalries that lead to more matches with more hype and thus more fans in the seats and watching on pay-per-view television.

As a result, it's sometimes hard to determine what is real and what is being done to advance the story line.

That was the case in April when Memphis wrestling legend Jerry "The King" Lawler was a no-show for a FedExForum press conference to announce a match between him and Hulk Hogan.

Hogan fumed on cue several times over for the cameras about Lawler trying to dodge the showdown in the ring.

Lawler sent word that his contract as an announcer for World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. prevented him from going through with the match.

Paul Wight, a mammoth-sized wrestler with the moniker Big Show, was drafted as Lawler's replacement. Wight renounced what he termed his WWE "slave name" and was billed as Paul "Great" Wight.

It appears, however, the contract dispute was real. The promoter, Corey Maclin, recently filed a claim for damages in Shelby County Circuit Court against the WWE and Vince McMahon, its president and CEO, according to The Daily News Online, Maclin claims the WWE violated section two of the federal Sherman Anti-Trust Act.

Rivals at odds?

Maclin, who is a dominant local promoter in a city with a rich heritage in the world of wrestling, is alleging a very real rivalry between Hogan and McMahon led to the cancellation.

Lawler, who is not a defendant or plaintiff in the lawsuit, said in a written statement at the time of the cancellation that the problem was Hogan's VH1 reality television series. Producers of the show would have followed Hogan with their cameras to the Memphis showdown. Lawler would have been on VH1, a business rival of NBC-Universal, the media conglomerate that airs and markets WWE matches, pay-per-view events and other television programs.

Maclin claims in the suit that McMahon pressured other WWE-connected wrestlers to avoid Maclin-promoted matches in the Memphis area. The result, according to the lawsuit, was that Maclin lost a contract to do weekly wrestling promotions at Sam's Town casino in Tunica.

Maclin declined comment on the lawsuit on the advice of his attorney.

The lawsuit alleges the WWE and McMahon "took these actions because of a long-running feud with Hogan and in an effort to continue its extensive market control of the wrestling market by not allowing Maclin, a competing promoter, to have a successful and popular promotion."

The lawsuit does not specify a set dollar amount in damages being sought. It seeks "punitive damages and all additional damages allowed" under common law.

Credit: Memphis Daily News

Thursday, January 10, 2008

NWA Main Event Announces Expansion Plans

Mike Porter issued a press release announcing ambitious expansion plans for his Middle Tennessee-based NWA Main Event promotion.

Porter stated that NWA Main Event was planning on signing a contract with a network affiliate in the Nashville market for a 60 minute wrestling show. In addition, the show would air on new, high power independent station that hopes to be on the air by March 2008. The station will be carried on 30 cable systems in southern Tennessee and northern Alabama according to Porter.

The release indicated that "The Crippler" Jeff Daniels is returning to the company in the capacity of matchmaker and co-producer of the new television show.

Porter also stated that NWA Main Event would be co-promoting shows with Bert Prentice (NWA Southereastern Championship Wrestling) in Kentucky and Middle Tennessee and with Linda Marx (NWA Wrestle Birmingham) in northern Alabama.

Prentice had already announced plans to run weekly Tuesday night shows at the Nashville Fairgrounds starting January 15. Those shows will be promoted as USA/NWA presents Southeastern Championship Wrestling.

NWA Main Event recently discontinued their weekly venues in both Pulaski and Columbia, Tennessee.

NWA Main Event is involved in a a promotional war with Southern Allstar Wrestling. The conflict started when Freddie Morton, the owner of NWA Main Event's venue in Columbia, announced plans to run shows in his building under the SAW banner. With Memphis wrestling in reruns, SAW currently has the only 60 minute wrestling show in Tennessee airing new material.

Have You Read This??

----OMG this had me laughing!! I think Dustin Starr is actually talking about the TFW locker room; right?? I can just see it blowing up.

"I have wrestled an independent wrestling show that had a school bus for a locker room. I swear I'm telling the truth. A SCHOOL BUS! The bus had the seats turned sideways so the guys could sit on them like benches. Then, to keep it warm inside the bus, they had a propane tank with a burning device attached to it. Talk about a fire hazard? I thought it was going to blow up! The guys would get dressed in there and then walk inside to wrestle. "

CLICK HERE to read rest of the post.

Scott Bowden interview

----Mark James of e-mail me last night talking about this great interview he has posted. Here is the start of it and you then can click and read rest of it.

Mark: We both grew up pretty close to the same area, same high school, close in age, etc. I've mentioned in my book (as well as in interviews I've given), that my Grandparents were the ones that got me into watching Memphis Wrestling. How did your interest/obsession in wrestling start?

Bowden: My dad is to blame. The earliest memory I have of wrestling is in the mid-’70s, with my dad forcing us to abandon our Saturday morning cartoons to switch the station on our only TV set to Memphis wrestling. I wanted Foghorn Leghorn but had to settle for Lance Russell. My sister and I always protested—quite loudly—to no avail. My dad wasn’t a huge mark or anything, but at that time the show attracted so many casual fans. Slowly, my curiosity developed a little more each time my dad turned the channel to the Memphis wrestling show. I recall seeing five or six wrestlers trying to restrain the Mongolian Stomper, and he tossed them around like they were sacks of garbage. Next to the Incredible Hulk, I thought Stomper had to be the toughest man alive. Jerry Lawler was really coming into his own as a personality around that time. The earliest I can remember actually liking wrestling was the summer of 1977, during the first series of Lawler vs.Bill Dundee matches. That feud really captured my imagination. Every week, it was a different stipulation, along with the NWA Southern title hanging in the balance. Crazy stipulations like Lawler and Dundee putting up their hair, thousands of dollars, their Cadillacs…culminating with Dundee’s wife getting her head shaved. Most of those bouts drew around 10,000 fans, so the area was red hot in the summer of ’77. I was six years old. And I was hooked.
CLICK HERE for rest of the interview.

Shows for the Weekend 1.11 to 1.12.08

----Nothing big this weekend. TIWF does have a ton of talent on the Brownsville show. The bullrope match between Lawman vs Bob should be stiff, bloody and brutal. Kid Kash is at USWO on Friday night and JWS run their second show in Booneville.


----Friday night in Brownsville, TN for TIWF Torture King vs Jawbreaker Jesse Dee…Bullrope Match: Lawman Williams vs Big Boy Bob…”Highrollers” [Wycked/Storm] vs “New Breed of Perfection” [WildSide/WayCool]…Gauntlet The Kingpin vs Hardknocks Hooligan vs PK Ripper vs Chico Mendoza vs Iron Jake Johnson vs J Smooth…Tim Edwards vs Crazy Train…Danny B Goode/Jennifer Justice vs Rebecca Raze/Big Boy Leroy.

----FRIDAY NIGHT Night for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… Kid Kash, LT Falk, Mark Anthony, Chris Michaels, Michael Jablonski, Anthony Cevantes, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge, Tim Renesto, New York Gangster, Damien Payne, Kevin Dunn, Petey Wright, JC Crowe, and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT Night for SAW in Millersville, TN Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie],Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Big Rig Bully, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Indian Outlaw, Mason Raige, Nore Havoc, Hammerjack, Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT Night in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Suicidal Youth, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT night for LAW Rector, AR Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Stan Lee, Psycho, Arnez, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane, Jeff O’Dell, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and many more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT night for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with Max Steele,Nick Grymes, Josh Matthews, Neil Taylor, Shawn Reed, Chris Styles, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night for USWO/ATL in Nashville, TN at the Stadium Inn with Kid Dynamite, Dyronic, Chris Norte, Kevin Dunn, JD Fluffy, The Nazi Terror, Damien Payne, Lee Cross, New York Gangster, Tommy Capone, Boy, Richard Lowe, Homo Hillbilly Quincy, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge and more.

----Saturday night for JWS in Booneville, MS with David Cox, Damion Rage, Dustin Burcham, Robert Rose, AC Styles, Dalton Storm, Chris Stevens, Izzy Rotten, Fusion, Brett Michaels, Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, Casanova Kid, Dirty Sanchez, Neil Taylor, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, TGB Greg Anthony, Flash Flanagan, Derrick King, Tatt2, Tim Grind, Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Brian Steele, Shannon Lee, Allan Steele,. “Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley], “Naughty By Nature” [Pokerface/Rude],Sue Young and much more!!!

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Kilo, Mark Justice, Tim Edwards, Tank, Dustin Starr, Jeremy Moore, Gaylon Ray, Motley Cruz, 187, Psycho, Arnez, Pappy,John "Biscuit" Roberts, and more.

----Saturday night TIWF @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:00 PM in Danny B Goode, Big Jim Business, Way Cool, PK Ripper , Steven Rampage, Big Boy BOB, Lawman Williams, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Johnny Thunder, Punisher Dre Black.....All tickets only $5.00

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Brian Edwards, “Prime Time Playboys” [Zane Richards/Tommy Wayne], Acid,Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch, Jamie Jay, Chuck Fears, Seth Sabor, Wild Bill,”American Degenerates” [X-Kaliber/Morgan Lane], San Francisco Treat with Rottn Randy and more.

Local Tragedy Coverage

----Sources have confirmed that Nick Haplin from Kenton, TN who was training on Sunday afternoon with Motley Cruz did die. Other things are not clear at this point.

---I did talk with Brian Steele, who was not helping to train him – just doing flips and such with him, today and he stated that. “I talked with an investigator today and she said she has not even spoken to the family so I don't know how or where you heard they were planning to press charges.” So, we are back to square one when whether any charges will be filed. I am also not sure where other sites are reporting that this story has been on the news and such. If you have a news site or a newspaper article, then please forward it.

----The investigators did go up to the NBW Arena building and take photos yesterday. They also just questioned Jeremy Moore and Jeff McDonald about what had happened.

----As I reported yesterday, the negligence of this case can not be proved or blamed on NBW or trainers. This guy could have an existing condition that no one knew about. One of my fears is that the wrong person would be trying to get a case like this and twisted it around. If so, then you will find lawmakers trying to regulate wrestling in Tennessee just because of one case. And yes, things like that happen every day. This also in no way lessens the importance of human life. This is a very sad incident and my heart goes out to the Haplin family. My support for Brian Steele, who was shaken a bit over the incident, and Haplin’s trainer Motley Cruz also.

----There has also been speculation on whether they will run a show this weekend or not, and at this moment I was told there will be a show Saturday night.

CLICK HERE as NBW has posted something on their site.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Local Tragedy Coverage

----I am being told that Jeremy Moore and Jeff McDonald were called up to the NBW Arena today by the cops, so that the cops could take pictures for an investigation. Apparently Nick, as best I can figure, is dead and his mother plans to press charges against someone.

Local Wrestling Tragedy

----Details are real sketchy, but here is what I know. A 28 year old male named Nick was training on Sunday at NBW Arena with Motley Cruz and Brian Steele. After taking some bumps, he was complaining that he was tired. Motley had told him to sit down for a minute. Brian Steele was talking with him and then he is trying to get this guy to wake up. An ambulance was called and the guy was taken to the hospital. At the time that Steele left the emergency room, the guy still had not woke up.

----I am being told by some sources that they are not sure whether this guy is dead or alive. A few people have said they are not sure. Others have stated that yes, this guy died of brain trauma. I also talked with some directly involved with the NBW promotion and he knew less than I did yesterday afternoon.

----I am being told that Nick did sign waivers and such, so that is a good thing for NBW. It is a sad situation and I hate to hear news like this. Even though the courts [if charges were pressed] may find some kind of negligence in this, I can only say that this could happen to anyone whether you are a trained wrestler or a wrestler in training. If you took a bump wrong or just twisted wrong, you could end up paralyzed for life.

----I will try to keep everyone up to date on this situation as I hear more news.

Site News!!!

----There is only one more day for voting. Voting will end sometime tomorrow with all results tallied and declared. The winners of the awards will be announced on Sunday, but only the winners. No info on how much you won by and such will be released until at least one month after the Yearbook is published. That is only fair to those that plan to order the Yearbook. All winners will be e-mailed a RRO 2008 Winner Icon that I encourage for people to put on their web sites or myspace accounts!!

----I am still hard at work finishing up the Yearbook. I have started inserting the pictures and it is a much bigger task than I anticipated. I also have someone proofreading it and if all goes well, it will go to the publishers late Sunday night or early Monday morning. When it is uploaded on their server, then I will be taking advance orders for it. So, stay tuned here for the up to the date information on the Yearbook and be one of the first in the area to have one!!

Flashback - 9.16.90

----Bobby Jaggars turned 60 years old yesterday and literally been out of the business for years, but is occasionally spotted at WWE events. Ali Stevens in his interview with Gene Jackson on “Cheap Heat Radio” on Monday talked about Jaggars giving advice to him about getting down to Memphis and working with Lawler. I have posted two more pages of the Jaggers interview. CLICK HERE to read it!!!

The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling 1.05.08 - Rerun Season Episode 1

----Not sure how I will be able to judge whether these shows are doing “good” rating other than compare them to the first run shows. This past Saturday’s show did 2.3 [39,286 ] overall, which is 21% down from average. That is not too good for their first showing of the reruns. This is the highest rating the show has received in the last four weeks, so I guess the company could be happy about that. The only quarter that was just a little over average was the 2cnd quarter, which added over 24,000 viewers, but it was almost like 22,000 of them turned it off after watching it. After the 2cnd quarter, there was only a 65% retention rate of rest of the show.

----I think the The “What Was Memphis Watching” number [highest rated program in the wrestling time slot] is really interesting this week. I remember a conversation that Jerry Lawler had at the ASWF “Legends” show talking about there were more potential of viewers at the nighttime spot than the morning spot. That point is true. The highest rating quarters in the 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM hour [old time Memphis Wrestling slot] scored a 3.8 [61,616 viewers]. The Jaguars vs Steelers lead in, which actually did a 16.7 [279,873 viewers], helped the “What Was Memphis Watching” number reach a whopping 19.1 [321,006 viewers], which is a 52% increase from last week, but the Memphis Wrestling show only boosted an increase of 28% from a horrible rating. This indicates that there is so much potential of scoring high marks at the 10:00 PM hour, if the show could continue in one direction.

----The key to all of this and I have talked about this with Gene Jackson on “Cheap Heat Radio” is if these rating continue to be bad, then it is good news for the crew that tapes first run shows. I hope it is anyway. The bad thing is that if Corey Maclin was put in this position with the TV show doing 5.0 or more, and then he would have something to hold over the TV station or something to show the other TV stations. Aside from a 7 week period – 10.13.07 to 11.24.07 in 2007, this show continues to do lackluster numbers and Maclin will have nothing to show new potential clients that would make them WANT Memphis Wrestling.

-Opening with Corey
-Hart/Maclin at Universal Studios
-King vs Koko [start]
1st Quarter 1.8 [30,724 viewers]

-King vs Koko [finish]
-clips of Lawler/DK
-Maclin/Lawler interview [start]
2cnd Quarter 3.3 [54,732 viewers] [+24,008 viewers]

-Maclin/Lawler interview [finish]
-Gunn/Starr vs Groom/Dotson
-Koko Ware interview
3rd Quarter 1.9 [32,235 viewers] [-22,497 viewers]

-Ms Summer walks out
-Brian C vs Sexy Assassin
4th Quarter 2.4 [39,454 viewers] [+7219 viewers]

12 Week Average: 3.0 [49,807 viewers]
12 week low – 1.9 [31,395 viewers] 12.22.07
12 week high – 4.0 [66,484 viewers] 11.17.07
From start to finish: [+8730 viewers]

Action News 5/Saturday Night Live 19.12 [321,006 viewers]

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A Piece of my Mind Jan 8th 2007- by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Well it’s two thousand and eight and wrestling is back in full swing. The first PPV of the year was run by TNA. It appears that TNA was able to have a successful ladies match between Awesome Kong and Gail Kim. All indications are that TNA really seems to have a good woman’s division that the fans really appreciate. I’m starting to wonder what would have happened if Dixie Carter had run GLOW. I’m glad that the TNA ladies division is doing well but the chances of making any real money off of that division is very slim. If you are paying close attention to the TNA booking does it scream out Vince Russo to you? I do not believe the kind of ridiculous comedy skits that they are doing is helping anyone or anything.

It is a shame for our sport that WWE probably makes a lot more with its woman’s division that TNA does now or ever will. I blame TNA for that partially but the truth is that the fans supporting the product are a larger portion of that problem. I hope that over time the momentum can switch over to more respect for the girls that can actually work in the ring. If that happens then we will have to rely on the ability of TNA to market good talent properly. I have not seen anything up till now that tells me that they can do that. I have been surprised before. Hopefully I will be surprised again.

I really have never been a huge fan of the Undertaker. I think it comes from the fact that years ago he beat Jimmy” Superfly” Snuka at Wrestlemania. In my day Jimmy Snuka was the man who couldn’t be beat. I remember being around Mark Callaway once or twice when he was in the WCW. He was really nothing but a glorified job guy. I remember him losing one match to Lex Luger in what seemed to be a minute or less. I can remember my friend Mick Foley being used in the wrong way in WCW and really being nothing more than a mid card performer. It’s funny but both of those guys went on to a career in the WWE and with a little repackaging became major stars making millions of dollars. I bring this to your attention in this article because I believe there is a man out there who needs to make the same move that these two guys made. It is critical to the career of Abyss to move on to WWE now. I believe this could be a case of one hand washing the other. The WWE needs something fresh and new and Abyss is wasting his career in TNA with people who have no idea what to do with this guy. If history has proven anything to us it’s that a guy can flounder in one organization and flourish in another. I believe that Abyss has waited long enough for TNA to wake up. If WWE is paying attention Abyss is the talent that they should take from TNA and see if he can be repackaged into something marketable. I would even venture to say to try and bring James Mitchell with him and see if he can be the next Paul Bearer.

The first night of American Gladiators has been called a success by NBC and I have to say that I found it to be entertaining as well. I never watched American Gladiators years ago but I felt like I should watch it now since Hulk Hogan was the host. So far so good hopefully that will continue.

The picture in this article is Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka and Ray “The Crippler” Stevens in those days they were managed by Gene Anderson and they were tag team champions. I have been lucky enough over the years referee matches with Jimmy Snuka in them. It was Ray Stevens who was booker for the AWA at the time that gave me my chance to do their TV in Las Vegas at the Showboat Hotel and Casino. It was my first TV for them and it was also the first AWA TV for another guy you might have heard of Paul E. Dangerously.

This has been a piece of my mind

by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Cheap Heat Radio Jan 2008 Schedule

Here's the schedule for Cheap Heat Radio for the remainder of the month.

Monday Jan 14th- 10am- Guest: Izzy Rotten a.k.a. Special Ed

Monday Jan 21rst- 10am- Guest: "The Iceman" Jamie Dundee

Monday Jan 28th- 10am- Guest: "Nightmare" Ken Wayne

Be sure to check out, to listen to past editions of Cheap Heat Radio. Also click the link at the top right of this page to check out the Ali Stevens interview.

RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS - Grymes Wins Second Title In Two Nights!!

"Dangerous" David Cox defeated Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham.

Robert Rose defeated AC Styles.

Dalton Storm defeated Chris Stevens.

Cassanova Kid & Dirty Sanchez defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grymes and Neil Taylor.

JWS Champion Bonecrusher vs. Buzz Harley ended in a time limit draw. Bonecrusher retained the belt. JWS General Manager Izzy Rotten came out of the back and held the title up. He said the JWS Championship would be determined in a Lethal Lottery Battle Royal in the main event.

Cyrus & Chazz defeated The Southern Saints (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews).

Testosterone (Fusion & Brett Michaels) defeated PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) to win the JWS Tag Team Championship.

Main event was a lethal lottery battle royal to crown a new JWS Champion. Every wrestler in the back was supposed to be in the battle royal. JWS General Manager Izzy Rotten drew names out of a cup to determine order of entry. A wrestler could only be eliminated by going over the top rope to the concrete floor. The last two wrestlers in the ring would have a regular match, with the winner being crowned JWS Champion. First two names called were Buzz Harley & Bonecrusher, followed by Chris Styles, Fusion, Robert Rose, Cassanova Kid, Brett Michaels, Chazz, Dalton Storm, David Cox, Danny Morris, Dirty Sanchez, J-Kid, Damion Rage, Chris Kilgore, Jay Webster, Justin Rhodes, Chris Stevens, Josh Matthews, Chris Fontaine, and LSD. One by one they were eliminated until the last two in the ring were Buzz Harley & Bonecrusher. It appeared that Bonecrusher had Harley pinned and would win the match, but Nick Grymes hit the ring, threw Harley over the top rope, and pinned Bonecrusher for the 3-count. General manager Izzy Rotten declared that, because all wrestlers were to have been in the battle royal, it was legal and therefore Nick Grymes is new JWS Champion. Bonecrusher was furious and accused Izzy Rotten of "making up the rules as we go along." Bonecrusher said it was not over by a long shot.

This was a good show over all. There are a couple of workers that I am not, nor have I ever been impressed with, but in all it was a good show. The crowd was loud and into every match. They got their money's worth and then some. If JWS continues to have shows like this show, they will do just fine and will go a long way. I counted 94 in the building, of which I am told that 68 paid. It was a good solid first show in the new building and a good foundation for JWS to build on.

Credit: Randall Lewis

Monday, January 07, 2008

Unified Champion In Indiana This Weekend!!

--1.05.08 HPW in Columbus, IN before a sellout 250 fans: Bobby Black & Troy Van Zant b Tom Van Zant & Hank Dalton, Cousin Cooter Clampett b Eddie Felson, Soul Shooters b Flash Flanagan & Tarek the Great, Jill b Josie, Donny Idol b Jerome Hadley, Ronnie Vegas b Bobo Brazil Jr., Pastor Pain b Ox Harley. Next show is 2/2 with Tommy Rich, Tank Toland and Doug Gilbert (thanks to Jerry Wilson)


Download the Ali Stevens Interview here

There were technical problems at the beginning of today's Cheap Heat Radio that caused the first 11 minutes to be without sound. Here is a link to an edited version that picks up right where the interview started.

Cheap Heat Radio w/"Atomic Dog" Ali Stevens

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 1.05.08 - The Rerun Season Begins!!

----I did get an e-mail from Pamela Bridges this week. Bridges is the program director of CW 30 and she sent the following, “There has not been a final decision on the show, but right now the plan is to air repeats.” Wrestling reruns?? That just seems so weird. LOL

----The rerun season starts. The show opens with the same theme and such. Corey Maclin opens the show explaining that during January and February they will be airing footage from the CW30 station. “Memphis Wrestling 75 years 2008” logo is in the left hand corner of the screen.

----Corey Maclin is joined by Brian Teigland to announce. They go over a Mid-South Colisuem show coming up on July 10?? They then show a clip of Jimmy Hart at Universal Studios with Maclin.

---- Koko Ware beat Derrick King using a chain.

----Clip is shown of “Last Saturday” of Jerry Lawler getting DQ’ed for beating up on DK. Maclin tries to make save. Lawler is a heel here. Lawler interview with Maclin.
Lawler is so good as a heel. This, I believe, is the start of the Lawler/Maclin feud. Maclin is really good here also. The start of this was very good, but it lasted way too long. Teigland stands in the middle of Lawler/Maclin.

---- Johnny Dotson/Brandon Groom with Ms Summer beat “Lifeguards” [Scott Starr/Tony Gunn] when Groom pinned Gunn. Whatever happened to this Groom guy?? He had a good look. What is the latest on Starr?? Didn’t he sign something with WWE at one time??

----Koko Ware interview. Ms Summer comes out. Summer was not too bad looking. Nice body. Koko tries to get her to join him, because he can call Vince McMahon for her. He wants her to get on the “Soul Train” – that was funny. Groom comes to get Summer.

----“Last Week” clip of “Lifeguards” beating Brian Christopher/Sexy Assassin. Brian C interview. Good interview. Brian C beats Sexy Assassin [I believe this was Flex] using a chain or something.


----This is pretty much what my Memphis Wrestling reports will consist of until they start airing new stuff. I am not going to go in depth with much, because truthfully it does not matter. I might ask a lot of “where are they now” and if anyone knows, then send it in. I do plan to have a ratings report, which I believe is going to be more important than the actual show…My main gripe about the way they are doing this is that they showed upcoming shows and such for July 10?? If you are casual fan and have no idea what is going on, you might turn it on and find all these guys in total different roles. I think this is going to just confuse people. If I was doing the show, I would just do matches with no interviews and try to feature the guys in the roles they are in now as either a heel or babyface….This show originally aired 6.12.04…I think I seen RRO Announcer of The Year nominee Michael Ward in the crowd?? Grady Watson was in the crowd.

CLICK HERE to read the complete 6.12.04 report that was posted on Gregory White's Memphis Yahoo Group.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 1.05.08 - New NBW Tag Team Champions!!

"Real Deal" Tim Edwards defeated Tommy Redneck after Motley Cruz interfered and Edwards gave Redneck the "REDRUM"

Dustin "5" Starr came out for his “5 Starr Showcase” with the NBW Heavyweight title. Starr called out Mark Justice. Justice came to the ring but he was not alone. The Riot Squad came out in full force and surrounded the ring. Starr fought them off for a split second until the numbers game was too much to handle. Mark, Rob and Tank triple teamed Starr until Chris Rocker made the save and challenged for a tag match later tonight. While the Riot Squad was beating down Starr, Jimmy Tidwell took the heavyweight title back.

"Hot Boy" John Roberts defeated Jeff Jameson after a "Rude Awakening"

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated The Sicilian Kid and Buckwheat

NBW High Risk Champion Motley Cruz defeated J.Weezy to retain the title. Tommy Redneck attacked Redneck after the match and was broken up by security

"Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore came to the ring and called out "Superman" Jason Reed saying that he wanted some answers for his actions last week at Rage in the Cage. "Superman's" music hit but instead of Jason Reed coming out, it was Jimmy Tidwell. Moore wanted to know what business he had involving himself with Reed and wanted to know if he was the one who got to him. Tidwell told Moore that he would find out in due time and that he better be very thankful that "Superman" wasn’t there this evening or he would get another dose of that hard to swallow pill he got last week. Moore ran Tidwell to the locker room.

The Riot Squad came to the ring and waited on their opponents. The crowd erupted as Rocker and Starr made their way to the ring but made a quick stop at the announcers both where NBW commissioner Allen Walker was sitting. They whispered something in his ear and Walker then told the Riot Squad that even though Rob Justice was suspended, the Riot Squad was still NBW Tag-Team Champions and that the tag match tonight would be for the titles.

Dustin "5" Starr and "Fabulous" Chris Rocker defeated NBW Heavyweight Champion "Enforcer" Mark Justice and Tank after a mis-timed lead pipe shot from Justice nailed Tank and Starr and Rocker both made the pin to become the new tag team champions.

----92 paying people with a gate around $550 with way over 100 in the building…Gaylon Ray no showed again…There were a couple of fans that almost made it across the barricade on the Riot Squad before the main event…Biggest pop of the night was when Starr and Rocker won the tag straps…Crazy Train did special guest commentary during the first half of the show…I was told this week that Jason Reed broke his hand when hitting Moore on the turn last week…The new TV show has not been posted yet, but I am told some of the promos at the front are something to see. I got a chance to the Pappy interview that I hope airs – great stuff!!

RassleResults: SAW Millersville, TN 1.05.08

Southern All-Star Wrestling drew an SRO crowd of 200 ($1600 gate) to The Bakery in Millersville Friday night for “New Year’s Brawl 2000 & Hate,” billed as the biggest show in SAW’s 11 month history.

They taped two weeks of SAW television with the returning Michael St. John replacing Hot Rod Biggs on commentary with Jack Johnson.

(1) “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie) defeated Chris Cane in 3:53 with the Boogie Blaster. Crowd was hot for Boogie. Not the random screaming that was so annoying the first time I came to the Bakery. This crowd was popping strong. They did some comedy stuff. Cane is tremendous as enhancement talent because he can work and he makes the stars look like giants.

Hammerjack attacked Valiant after the match and was doing a number on his knee until Rick Santel pulled him to safety. Valiant was in agony as he was helped to the back with the fans chanting “Boogie! Boogie!”

(2) Arrick Andrews pinned Lawrence the “Sharped Dressed Man” at 6:10 with a frogsplash. Crowd even hotter for Andrews. Lawrence looks like an ex-con. He jumped Andrews to take control of the match and cut off an Andrews comeback with a mule kick to the groin. Andrews spin-around bulldog was way sloppy. The finish saw Lawrence tease a middle rope superplex and get shoved off by Andrews, who did the frogsplash ala RVD, selling the impact before making the cover.

Valiant came back out with Miss Boogie and cut a ringside promo for a Last Standing Match vs. Hammerjack when SAW returns to Columbia on 2/2. It wasn’t miked for the live crowd, but for those within hearing distance, it gave away that the feud wasn’t ending in the cage tonight.

(3) Hammerjack beat Tatsu in 3:45. The masked man shrouded in streamers showed some spunk, but Hammerjack manhandled him. Valiant came toward the ring and was restrained by Reno Riggins and Santel. Hammerjack used a power drive elbow drop to score the pin. I failed to find out what he calls it.

Fans chanted “let him go” but there was no physical contact. Hammerjack stopped by the desk to intimidate the announcers and said he wasn’t scared of Valiant.

(4) “Ugene” Nick Dinsmore beat Big Rig Bully in 10:44. Entertaining comedy. Ugene was fine but Bully made the match. His talking and facial expressions were terrific. The guy is a breath of fresh air. I was told Bully doesn’t have all that much experience, but he totally gets it, a complete natural for pro wrestling. Bully got flustrated and said he was out of there. Ugene gave him a 15 count. Ugene took a chunk out of Bully’s ass and then bit Ricky Bell’s butt as well. Bully got serious with a DDT for a near fall. Bully said Ugene was misfit for society. Ugene hulked up and hit the Hogan legdrop. St. John rang the bell at two but Bully kicked out. Ugene did the Five Knuckle Shuffle before pinning Bully with a Stone Cold Stunner.

Intermission. Mike Sircy did a plug for the NWA Top Rope show tonight in Lebanon at the Wilson County Fairgrounds. The main event has been switched to Hammerjack vs. Ugene. Kid Kash will now be Valiant’s opponent.

St. John and Johnson were at ringside for the opening of hour number two.

(5) Rick Santel beat Chris Cane in 3:24. Cane got some offense here and looked good doing so. He came across like a Middle Tennessee version of Arik Cannon. Santel hit a T-bone suplex for a near fall. I liked the finisher – starts like an exploder suplex into a TKO.

(6) Ugene beat Vic the Bruiser (with Kory Williams) in 7:41. This was listed as Homicidal Tendencies vs. Indian Nation. I’m assuming the change was made because of folks not being there (see notes). Homicidal Tendencies came out wearing Indian headdresses. When Ugene made a move for them, Williams warned him that they were sacred. Ugene put the headdress on referee Kurt Herron. But Vic jumped Ugene and set out to “punish the retard.” Ugene applied the head squeeze, but got distracted by Williams playing with his cape. Ugene’s cavalcade of famous finishers continued with a chokeslam and a People’s Elbow for the 1-2-3. Tendencies started beating on Ugene, but he had his dim wits about him and managed to escape. Vic was upset about Ugene making a fool out of him.

(7) Chris Bomb beat Big Rig Bully in 4:56. Bully took a sky high backdrop right out of the box. When Bully took over, he said the Bomb Squad just got defused and blew snot on Bomb. At another point, Bully said, “Oh, he dead,” and made a kneeling double biceps pose pin attempt. Finish saw Bully charge across the ring like an 18 wheeler and bash his head on the turnbuckle when Bomb stepped aside. Bomb rolled Bully up for the pin. Much to his dismay, Bully’s winless record stays in tact.

(8) Indian Nation (Indian Outlaw & Lennox Lightfoot) beat Law & Order (Jason James & Lawrence) via DQ in 8:13. Nation is improving by leaps and bounds. Lots of stiff chops in this match. Outlaw no sold Lawrence’s chops, but he had a beet red outline of Lawrence’s hand on his chest to show for it. James sold his arm like it was being ripped out of the socket. Crowd was doing the Indian war whoops. Homicidal Tendencies came out to the desk and started running their mouths. Williams said, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian, unless he’s serving me a Slurpee.” Lightfoot made it rain with a double tomahawk chop off the top rope. Nation hit the Rock & Roll double dropkick and Tendencies hit the ring for the DQ.

Indian Nation made their own ring clearing save and ended up with weapons in their hands. Outlaw was holding a push broom, not a good image for a babyface. Vic was irate. Said he was sick of the politics. He advised Nation to go back to the 7-11 or wherever before they got hurt.

(9) Gary Valiant pinned Hammerjack with an inside cradle to win the steel cage match at 23:34. It was a 6 foot cage and pretty rickety. Sircy spent a long time checking it out before the match got underway. Riggins announced that the match could end by pinfall, submission, or escape through the door. Valiant was limping and wincing in pain as he came to the ring, but the knee seemed fine once the bell rang. This was an old style cage match, a grueling brawl with a bazillion face and head shots into the fence. Valiant missed a dive off the top of the cage. Hammerjack worked him over with the cage and Boogie bled. Hammerjack choked Valiant with his own bandana. Boogie started sending Hammerjack’s head into the cage. It turned into a battle of attrition. Hammerjack tried to crawl out the door, but Valiant caught him and used the door as vice on Jack’s head. They battled standing on the middle rope. Valiant took the bump, but got his boot up when Hammerjack came off the ropes. Almost a three count for Valiant. Hammerjack used Cima’s Iconoclasm for a near fall. Hammerjack blocked the Boogie Blaster, hurled Valiant into the cage, and headed for the exit, but Valiant nailed him with a superkick. Both down in states in total exhaustion. Hammerjack got a burst of energy and bounced Boogie’s head off the cage again, but Valiant kicked out. Hammerjack was kicking and pounding but couldn’t put Valiant away. Hammerjack outmuscled Valiant to hit a suplex for another near fall. Valiant got the pin out of nowhere.

Hammerjack attacked Valiant. Santel got in the cage and picked up Hammerjack’s sledge. Hammerjack backed away in fear. Santel wheeled around and attacked Valiant. Nice. He told Hammerjack to lock the cage. They handcuffed Valiant to the ropes and continued to beat on him until Riggins, Biggs and Ugene got in the cage to restore order. Valiant was carried out. Santel got the last words. “Oh my God, it’s Rick Santel.”

NOTES: Neither Nore Havoc or Sean Casey were at the show, so two of the matches advertised on the SAW website (Casey vs. Andrews, Havoc vs, luck of the draw for the TV title) did not take place…Austin Creed from the TNA’s Bound for Glory and NWA Anarchy is booked for the Visionaries of Wrestling show at SAW Arena on 1/12. Also listed for that show are Adrian Hawkins and Kyle Matthews from NWA Anarchy, Jason Static and Arrick Andrews…Ugene cut a promo after the show in the direction that he was coming back to SAW…Mikey Dunn of ASW is doing a benefit for Gypsy Joe in Tullahoma on 1/26. Reverend Dan Wilson from NWA Anarchy will be working that show. Joe is Wilson’s uncle.

1.5 Southern All Star Wrestling TV Report

Aired on January 5, 2008
Taped on December 14, 2007 at the SAW Arena in Millersville, Tn

LAST WEEK!! A. M. Vision was the winner of the first BOD sanctioned lottery drawing for a shot at Arrick Andrews’ SAW TV Title. Paul Adams said it was rigged but he had a lucky feeling about Nore Havoc’s chances next time. Andrews defeated Vision…Homicidal Tendencies vs. Indian Nation ended in a double pin with the titles held up. Morton said they would settle in Columbia on Christmas night…Hammerjack was DQed for using the piledriver on Santel. The animosity between Hammerjack and announcer (and former tag team partner) Biggs got turned physical. Jack jumped Biggs, bloodied him bigtime, and had him set up for the piledriver when “Boogie Woogey Boy” Gary Valiant made the save. Jack vowed to end Valiant’s career in Columbia.

Adams was out with Jack Johnson to open the show as Johnson's tag team partner for the day. Johnson said Biggs wasn’t there due to the injuries he suffered at the hands of Hammerjack. “We had blood pouring everywhere.” Johnson said he was in the dark about the details, as usual. Claiming to be an unbiased individual from New York, Adams had somehow been trusted with the task of drawing the name of Arrick Andrews’ next title challenger out of a hat, a Tennessee Titans’ hat at that. Adams drew the name of his man, Nore Havoc. Johnson didn’t seem the least bit surprised. Adams said he had goose pimples running down his arm.

I think you’re full of goose something. Maybe not pimples…SAW starts NOW!”

(1) ”Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie) pinned Big Rig Bully (Brown) at 4:40 with the Boogie Blaster. Valiant was doing his best to channel Jimmy’s Boogie Woogie Boy mannerisms when he was attacked by Bully. Valiant made the comeback with a chop and Bully spilled over the top rope with a face first bump on the apron and a swan dive to the floor. Valiant won a back and forth battle of armbars to take command, but Bully capitalized on a telegraphed backdrop to reverse his fortunes. Bully worked on the bad neck. Johnson said Valiant wasn’t 100% recovered from the head injury inflicted on him by Hammerjack.

“The last original thought this Boogie Woogie Boy had, he left it swirling in a bowl. And those concussions couldn’t have helped any,” said Adams. He didn’t have nice things to say about Miss Boogie either. “When she comes around, Jack Johnson, it smells like a brothel at low tide.”

The beginning of the end was Bully’s assbusting miss on a middle rope legdrop. Bully took a flying Jim Cornette bump off of a Boogie haymaker. The Boogie Blaster is a running stunner that made for a very effective looking finisher.

Cut to a promo by Valiant. He said they beat the living hell out each other in Columbia and now they were going to be like animals locked in a cage.Two of us is walking in. And I promise you, only one of us is walking out, this Friday night in Millersville.“New Year’s 2000 & Hate” on January 4 in Millersville: Homicidal Tendencies vs. Tribal Nation for the SAW tag titles, Big Rig Bully vs. “Ugene” Nick Dinsmore, and Valiant vs. Hammerjack in a steel cage.

“Boogie Woogie Boy” Valiant video. Wow. Just like they made ‘em 25 years ago. Set to the Tractors “Boogie, Woogie Choo Choo Train,” with cheap ass visual effects and a slew of clips showing Valiant in action.

Cut to a promo by Hammerjack, who was behind a section of fence. He talked about spending most of his teenage years in a cage. Hammerjack said he had humiliated Valiant in front of thousands of people, and the Christmas Chain Match was just a taste. Johnson looked highly disturbed.

You think you’re humiliated now? Just wait until I grind your face into this cage. (as he shreds a head of lettuce on the fence). Boogie, it’s over. Two men enter. One man leaves. Two men enter. One man leaves.

Cut to Homicidal Tendencies and Tribal Nation in a heated dispute at the desk with Kory Williams on the mic.

Y’all smoking too much peace pipe and drinking too much fire water. Y’all didn’t come out with either set of tag team belts. Y’all out here lyin’ and cryin’ to the people. The better team won. The better team will always win. That’s why you out here with dead buzzards on top of your head, crying and trying to get another title match on January 4th. Ain’t happening. Read ‘em and weep boys.

(2) Tribal Nation (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw) beat Homicidal Tendencies (Kory Williams & Vic the Bruiser) via DQ in an impromptu match (5:09). They brawled their way into the ring with fans doing the Indian war whoops. The Indians were giving Tendencies a beating until Vic blinded Lightfoot with an eye rake. Tendencies pulled their usual shenanigans to keep heat on Lightfoot. Lightfoot caught Williams with the Four Winds Tomahawk Chop and made the crawling hot tag. Outlaw cleaned house. He “made it rain” with a top rope tomahawk chop, but Williams broke up the pin and tossed a chair in. Vic brained Outlaw with the chair for the DQ.

Postmatch, Tendencies drove a chair into Outlaw’s throat. Vic gave Lightfoot a shoulder mounted piledriver onto the chair. Tendencies tied Nation to the ropes with duct tape. Vic smeared chewing tobacco in their faces, while Williams doused them with cheap vodka.

…brutal, unnecessary, nonsensical, unbelievable. Look at that, Paul. It just doesn’t stop. They’re not going to quit!

Reno Riggins and Mike Sircy tried to intervene but Tendencies just went about their business with a double team chair edge to the throat of Lightfoot.

(3) Mason Raige beat Chris Cane 4:38. This was comical. Raige had a good 12 inches and at least 100 pounds in weight on Cane, who refused to shake hands and just kept running his mouth. Raige said have it your way. Adams said Cane was the runner up in the 2007 Mr. Puniverse contest. Cane’s frustrations mounted as he was unable to make the slightest dent. Raige was looking amused. Cane blinded Raige with a poke in the eyes to set up shoulder block but it was like hitting a brick wall. Raige gave Cane a brutal hiptoss. It built to a spot where Raige wiffed on a lariat because Caine was so vertically challenged, so he got on his knees and leveled him. Johnson called it dwarf bashing. “It’s humorous, but it’s just not fair. The guy’s just limited physically.” Raige pinned Cane with a press slam.

Johnson interviewed Big Rig Bully. He claimed to be SAW’s brightest star - “18 wheels of justice coming straight at you.” Bully said he was tired of losing. “I’ve been on the canvas more times than Picasso.” Bully promised his first win would come at “New Year’s 2000 & Hate” by giving WWE’s most special superstar, Ugene a very special beatdown. “I am the Big Rig Bully. And that my friend is what? A big 10-4.”

(4) Nore Havoc (with Paul Adams) beat Arrick Andrews to regain the SAW TV Title in 7:22. Johnson questioned the legitimacy of the drawing by Adams. Andrews shook his ass at the crowd. Havoc blindsided him, but Andrews made a quick comeback to drive Havoc to the outside. Andrews brought Havoc in the hard way. They traded small package attempts before Andrews got two with a DDT. But Andrews reckless charged in and posted his own shoulder. Havoc sent Andrews into the opposite post and distracted the ref so Adams could choke him with the towel. Andrews kicked out of a shoulderbreaker. The crowd got behind Andrews, but Havoc left him flat on his back with a dropkick. Havoc took his sweet time about hooking the leg, and Andrews grabbed the bottom rope. When Havoc went for another dropkick, Andrews hooked the ropes and took a back bump to Havoc’s groinular region. Andrews skinned the cat and took a flip bump over the top off of Havoc’s lariat. A blinded Sean Casey (complete with cane and dark glasses) was lead to ringside by Samantha. Johnson explained that Casey was still suffering the effects from the hairspray incident several weeks ago. Andrews tried a sunset flip back to the inside, and Havoc grabbed Adams’ towel for leverage. The ref knocked Adams off the apron but Havoc managed to kick out. Casey cracked Andrews across the back with the cane while the ref was looking the other way. Havoc hit the Chopping Block for the three count. As Samantha was leading him to the back, Casey lifted up his sunglasses and laughed into the camera. “He should be ashamed,” Johnson said before getting in one final plug for New Year’s Brawl 2000 & Hate.

Closing Thoughts: For hyping the big show, this was some terrific television, and lots of funny lines as usual. Unfortunately, it didn’t run on Nashville television last Saturday due to a screw up at Comcast, not that local television matters much for drawing fans to indie wrestling. SAW television is a labor of love. A 30 minute version of the show is up on SAW’s website at No explanation was offered as to why the BOD would allow Adams to draw the name of Andrews’ opponent. One of those wrestling things, I guess. Fast paced action in the Valiant match. Valiant is growing on me as a babyface. He’s not a great talker or worker, but he’s got a certain appeal that works for SAW’s fan base. Big Rig Bully is gold. He takes the most hilarious exaggerated heel bumps since I don’t know when, and he has the athletic talent to go with it. Johnson’s facial expressions were a sight to behold as Hammerjack was grinding the lettuce into the cage. More great mic work from Homicidal Tendencies. I’ve been a mark for Williams’ stuff since the days of New South. This was by far the best the Indians have looked – more fire, better selling, stiffer blows. Cane/Raige was perverse entertainment of the highest order. Cane was hilarious. Raige had to keep it between the lines. Too cocky and he looks heelish. But if he takes Cane seriously, then he’s got to beat the guy in 30 seconds or he looks like a complete asshole, and the entertainment value goes out the window. Impressive promo by Brown. I wasn’t big on the gimmick until I learned that the part about being a trucker is a shoot. Havoc/Andrews had good heat. It was a solid match to tell the story – Andrews could handle the underhanded tactics of Havoc and Adams, but Casey’s chicanery was just too much - although beating Andrews in only his second defense appears to devalue the title. You could see the finish with Casey coming, but that predictable is fine if it makes you care about the characters. Too bad TNA hasn’t figured that out yet.