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Monday's C.H.R. will be rescheduled......

Due to the fact that I have strep throat and bronchitis (yet I'm still having to work) I will not be able to do Monday's show, we will reschedule Kevin White A.S.A.P., I've shot him a date and I'll post it here as soon I hear back from him. Check back soon for an update.

The Thompson Perspective 02.02.08 By Brian Thompson

There seems to be one question, in various forms, that is asked more often than any other in independent wrestling locker rooms. “How was my match?” or “Did you watch my match and what did you think?”

Variations of those two questions are asked nightly. Young wrestlers will typically ask the veterans for their opinions. Sometimes people who aren’t even in our business are asked this question.

Well, I have a question for wrestlers. In situations where you don’t have a truly organized booker who knows what is going on start to finish with the whole show, which is far too frequent these days, do you at least pay attention to the matches before yours?

Why is this so important? Let me tell you why.

Last spring I was doing play-by-play commentary for Rodney Grimes’ CWA Championship Wrestling promotion. I believe this was a card in Selmer, TN. Al Hall, of Kick A** Wrestling and Memphis Championship Wrestling fame, was my color commentary partner. We had a decent house and the card featured a good mix of talent that included a few veterans like Buff Bagwell, Tracey Smothers, Ken Wayne, Don Bass and a few more.

I’ll admit that the first half of the show was a little lackluster. The second half, however, was fun.

Anyway, back to my point.

The first match wasn’t anything to write home to momma about. It wasn’t a complete stinker, but it was just there. I think I saw 4,000 knife edge chops delivered during the bout. Whoooooooo!

The second match comes out. It’s a singles bout and guess what we had? Another 4,000 chops!

I am sick of chops!

We sometimes wonder why people may show up one week and then are never seen in the crowd in the same town again. Could it be because they don’t want to see the same freakin’ match five times in one night? Just might be.

You can chop the crap out of your opponent and get a reaction. It’s a natural feeling to go “ooooh” or “ahhh” to something intense. You can’t avoid it.

But after saying “ooooh” and “ahhh” to things like that so many times IN ONE NIGHT, people have nothing left to want to “ooooh” and “ahhh” about.

My point is, many times local workers are going to be on a card that is not planned out. It was either booked on the fly earlier in the day, maybe even an hour before bell time.

In those cases, while you should focus on your match, try to find out what the rest of the boys are going to do. Don’t “accidentally” end up doing the same finish, hot tag scenario, etc.

If you can, without being blatantly seen by the audience, watch the matches before yours. That way if you see a “chop-fest” you won’t allow your match to become déjà vu.

For one, it will make the show more entertaining for our fans. They may have a real emotional investment in the card, thus they’ll buy a ticket to see us again. And finally, the announcers will have something worth calling. My job is to make a match exciting, just like a wrestler’s job is to do the same thing. The only difference is our location. Wrestlers do it in the ring. I do it from an announce table. If your match is lackluster, it will translate to my performance. I can’t call something crappy and make the people believe it is a Shawn Michaels classic. It just doesn’t work that way.

So find out what the rest of the card is up to. Watch when you need to and let’s all make the show a complete dish for our viewers to devour. After so many burgers, you kinda want a steak now and then. Know what I mean?

Finally, when I mentioned doing commentary with Al Hall at the Selmer show, we were doing it live-to-tape to an audio source. It was NOT live over the house mic. I hate that. It comes off so bush league. “But people like to hear what JR is saying?” True. That’s why they watch the TV show for that. Just like when you go to an NBA, NFL or Major League Baseball. Those who want to hear the announcers bring a radio or watch the game on tape. Plus, it is easy for the guys to get lazy and rely on the commentators to get points over instead of having to work to get things over. Also if a guy is cheating, I can’t look stupid and not call it. Our referees will look even dumber for missing the cheating if a live mic is TELLING him there is cheating. They are already seen as blind by the fans, let’s not go out of our way to make them deaf too!

(Brian Thompson may be reached by e-mail at

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A Piece of my Mind Feb 1st 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I have had many memorable moments along the way in my career. Of course my first match is something I will never forget. It wasn’t memorable in the greatest of ways but it was the starting point for everything else that has happened in the squared circle. The match had two guys in it that couldn’t speak English, they blew up quickly, only getting in eight minutes of the anticipated twenty minutes. There was the time at WWF TV in Hamburg, PA that The Masked Superstar let me see him without his mask. In those days the masked wrestlers that were on top went out of their way to protect their gimmick. It was a monumental moment for me at the time. I thought wow I am one of the boys now. There was my first really big house show in the New Haven Memorial Coliseum. It sure makes you feel old when buildings that you worked in have been demolished never to be seen again. That was a big night for me before that my largest crowd was two hundred people. This was the night I realized that people didn’t count it was dollars and the dollars were about $50,000.
I ended up in the ring strictly by accident I was there only to hangout with Afa and Sika "The Wild Samoans". It was Afa who had spoken with promoter Gary Juster who promised I could referee on the show the following month. Well, as the night progressed I realized that long time referee Dick Kroll was the referee at the arena. This was a big card and nine matches is a lot for anyone especially if there are ref bumps that need to take place. The Tonga Kid (Sam Fatu) nephew of Afa and Sika and former tag team partner of Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka was on the card that night. Also hanging out that night was Solafa Fatu Jr he is the brother of The Tonga Kid and was still just in training. I heard Gary Juster saying that they were short two guys for the Battle Royal. I went to Afa since I was sure that Junior was ready. It was decided that they would give it a try and at the time The Tonga Kid #2 was born. I got the chance to referee my first match with top guys it’s was The Wild Samoans vs. Mark and Jay Youngblood. I was supposed to call for a double DQ and I was so green that when Sika hit me I didn’t go down until I realized that the punch was actually supposed to hurt. In the end it all worked out ok.

There was the two nights that I got to actually wrestle in my hometown of Yonkers, NY. I had refereed there some other times but on these nights I actually got to wrestle. The first time I got to team up with Samu, Rosey and L.A.Smooth these guys are the sons of Afa and Sika, Samu and L.A.Smooth are the sons of Afa and Rosey is the son of Sika. It was a good night for me; they left me in the ring for a long time. I’m sure they were pulling a half a rib on me but at the same time I think I was doing ok or they would have tagged me out. The other time was against “Gorgeous” Gary Royal managed by Jimmy “The Geek” in my corner I had WWE Diva Terri Runnels.

Another time before I had started working in the business I got to promote a B town for WWE. I had a main event of Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas and S.D. Jones vs. Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, and Dr. D David Schultz. It was one of those nights that Steve Lombardi got to fill in for someone who didn’t show up. In this case it was Israel Matia who got a flat tire. In those days Lombardi showed up everywhere just hoping a spot would open up. We sold out and turned a lot of people away it was a mad house.

I have been very lucky in the business for many many years. It’s hard to believe but this entire story really covers only about four days of being in the business. There are so many more to tell and sooner or later I will.

The picture for this article is of former referee Danny Davis before he joined the Hart Foundation. It was taken one night at the Westchester County Center.He was actually a very good wrestler and on this night when I took this picture I didn’t even know who he was.

This has been a piece of my mind

Lesnar makes his UFC debut Saturday Night!

After all the hype and months of speculation Brock Lesnar makes his UFC debut this Saturday night Feb 2nd on pay-per-view vs. Frank Mir. Personally I haven't watched much UFC in recent years I watched it during the early years but haven't really watched it much lately since it's become so popular. I'm not convinced that it's not worked to some degree these days, I don't know but I will be interested in seeing how Lesnar fairs in the UFC as will a lot of wrestling fans. While we aren't an MMA site I do plan to cover some of the highspots of Lesnar's MMA career here on RRO. Below is a video of Lesnar's actual MMA debut back in June. Check it out.

Shows..I forgot...and mistakes I made...

----All Pro Productions has two shows this weekend with one in Batesville, MS tonight and one in Carthage, MS tomorrow night. I do know that Psycho will be on the shows and expect Kenny’s usually crew.

----Saturday night in Millersville, TN at the SAW Arena will be VOW – “Visionaries of Wrestling” with Omar Akbar, Brandon Kaplan, TJ Harley, RRO Best Damn Tag Team of the Year 2007 – “Naughty by Nature” [Pokerface/Rude], “Totally Awesome” [Kamikaze Kid/El Sucio], Richard Cranium, Michael Ward and more.

----Also TIWF is NOT in Jackson this weekend!! "The Posse" also will not be in RWA this weekend - they will be in TLCW on Saturday night. The RWA lineup is a bit different, but some of the same guys will be appearing.

Flashback: Wrestling Observer Newsletter 12.22.03

----I found a bundle of just over 4 year old Observers and wanted to use some of the Memphis news in my weekly Flashback. Does anyone that was there the night that Larry died remember this?? I don't remember even reading it afterwards?? You may hit the image and it will get larger. Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Shows for the Weekend 2.01 to 2.02.08

---Doug Gilbert and Tommy Rich are on the road this weekend. Friday night they are in SAW, which should be fun TV. They also have a training session in HPW on Saturday afternoon, before a big card in Indiana. There is also a big show in Biloxi, MS for ICW, which is a group that has been running Air Force bases and such for years. Ali Stevens is working for them.


----TONIGHT for ICW @ the Keesler Air Force in Biloxi, MS with Rick Steiner vs Kip James, Orlando Jordan vs Vito, Ali Stevens vs Clair Reece, Danielle vs Passion, Steve Anthony vs John Saxton and more.

----TONIGHT!!! for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… Kid Kash, LT Falk, Mark Anthony, Chris Michaels, Michael Jablonski, Anthony Cevantes, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge, Tim Renesto, New York Gangster, Damien Payne, Kevin Dunn, Petey Wright, JC Crowe, and more.

----TONIGHT!!! for SAW in Millersville, TN Tommy Rich. Doug Gilbert, Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie],Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Big Rig Bully, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Indian Outlaw, Mason Raige, Nore Havoc, Hammerjack, Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and more.

----TONIGHT!!! in Osceola, AR for MCW with MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Suicidal Youth, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----TONIGHT!!! for LAW Rector, AR Derrick King, Flash Flanagan, Slim Pickens, Tommy Redneck, Stan Lee, Psycho, Arnez, Dell Tucker,Idol Bane, Jeff O’Dell, “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and many more.

----TONIGHT!!! for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with Max Steele,Nick Grymes, Josh Matthews, Neil Taylor, Shawn Reed, Chris Styles, Anita Page, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, T-Byrd, The New Age Cowboys ("Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Son of the South Josh Holly), Devon Raynes, Crazy-n-Sexy (J-Kid & Curly Moe), Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, Hunter Montgomery Jackson, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night in Columbus, Indiana with Hoosier Pro Wrestling featuring a training seminar with Doug Gilbert & Tommy Rich will be from 2pm-4pm and is open to the first 30 people at the 4-H Fairgrounds Arena in Columbus, IN. The cost is $50 for 2 hours or $35 for one hour. For information contact Jerry at or 812-552-4477. Reserve your spot now. The show that night features Gilbert, Rich, Tank Toland, Ox Harley, Diceman, Ronnie Vegas, Pastor Pain, Flash Flanagan, Donny Idol, TVZ, Bobby Black, Tark The Great, Mr. Big and more.

----Saturday night for USWO/ATL in Nashville, TN at the Stadium Inn with Kid Dynamite, Dyronic, Chris Norte, Kevin Dunn, JD Fluffy, The Nazi Terror, Damien Payne, Lee Cross, New York Gangster, Tommy Capone, Boy, Richard Lowe, Homo Hillbilly Quincy, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge and more.

----Saturday night for RWA in Jonesboro, AR at the King’s Sportatorium with Main Event: “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon Reed] vs Reno Diamond/Bishop…Ali Stevens vs Cameron Cage…Rodney Mack VS Gary Diamond…Jazz VS The Prince…Jamie Jay VS The San Francisco Treat…Deadly Dale/Abs VS The Loose Cannon/Medieval with Rotten Randy.
----Saturday night for National Wrestling Federation – NWF Marmaduke, AR…Marmaduke Community Center with The Hambones, Tank, Ryan Lee, BoneCrusher, Farmer Billy Hills, Leonard Dome, 2 Ton Tommy and more.

----Saturday night for JWS in Booneville, MS with David Cox, Damion Rage, Dustin Burcham, Robert Rose, AC Styles, Dalton Storm, Chris Stevens, Izzy Rotten, Fusion, Brett Michaels, Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, Casanova Kid, Dirty Sanchez, Neil Taylor, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, TGB Greg Anthony, Flash Flanagan, Derrick King, Tatt2, Tim Grind, Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Brian Steele, Shannon Lee, Allan Steele,. “Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley], “Naughty By Nature” [Pokerface/Rude],Sue Young and much more!!!

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Kilo, Mark Justice, Tim Edwards, Tank, Dustin Starr, Jeremy Moore, Gaylon Ray, Motley Cruz, 187, Psycho, Arnez, Pappy,John "Biscuit" Roberts, and more.

----Saturday night ALL TICKETS $1!!! TIWF @ True Force Arena 256 Gill Street Jackson, TN at 7:00 PM in Dr. Doom vs Iron Jake Johnson, Dazzlin Dixie vs Kingpin, Danny B Goode vs Gaylon Ray…Steve Rampage vs Dr’ Black….TIWF Title Match: Lawman Williams vs Hardknocks Hooligan…Ravishing Randy, Jon Seymour, Hotrod, Wildside, Big Boy Bob, The Outlaw, JR Rich, Spyder and more.

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Brian Edwards, “Prime Time Playboys” [Zane Richards/Tommy Wayne], Acid,Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch, , Chuck Fears, Seth Sabor, Wild Bill,”American Degenerates” [X-Kaliber/Morgan Lane] and more.

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Tune in Friday at 10am for C.H.R. w/Izzy Rotten Part 2

Izzy Rotten returns to Cheap Heat Radio Friday morning at 10 am to continue where he left of last time. Plenty more topics to cover be sure to listen in, if you have a question you want asked email me at If you missed the first one, check it out now.

Cheap Heat Radio w/Izzy Rotten Part 1

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 1.25.08

Chazz defeated LSD.

J-Kid defeated Curly Moe by DQ due to interference by "Prime Time" Nick Grimes.

Parental Advisory (Stud & Tony) defeated The Southern Saints when a mysterious wrestler dressed in black interfered.

Charlie Brown defeated Neil "the Real Deal" Taylor by DQ due to interference by Parental Advisory, LSD, & Curly Moe.

Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, Charlie Brown, Chazz, & David Cox defeated LSD, Curly Moe, Tony Dabbs, Studd, & Neil Taylor in a wild brawl. During the match, Charlie Brown was unmasked and turned out to be "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore.

----Due to inclement weather the ladder match and the cage match that were scheduled for this show were postponed until a later date by TFW General Manager Joey Lynn...Crowd was way down due to the weather, I would say about 50.

Credit: Randall Lewis

RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS 1.26.08

LSD, J-Kid, & Cassanova Kid vs. Tysin Starr, Damion Rage, & Jay Webster ended in a no contest ruling when 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) interfered.

Danny Morris defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Slammer & AC Styles defeated Buzz Harley & Blade.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) w/Paul Rhodes defeated BJ Fuller & Dalton Storm. Special referee for the match was Diamond.

"The Perfectionist" Josh Matthews defeated "The Future Chris Styles. This was a great match!

Buzz Harley over Bonecrusher & Chris Austin w/Nathan Lee in a 3-way match.

JWS Tag Team Champions Testosterone (Brett Michaels & Fusion) defeated The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) by DQ. Another very good match.

----Crowd was about 45...I am being told that Izzy Rotten is already as booker from this promotion.

Credit: Randall Lewis

RassleResults: NBW 1.19 & 1.26.08


----Jeremy Moore beat the Sicilian Kid , after the match Kid and Buckwheat tried to collect the bounty on Moore but they were stopped short by Moore…J weezy beat Tim Edwards…Mark Justice beat K.O. Jason Matthews…”C4P” [Big Red/Motley Cruz] beat “Southern Pride” [Kilo/Tommy Redneck]…Dustin Starr/Chris Rocker beat “The Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] to retain the NBW tag titles

----Around 70 something paid and over 100 in the building and a gate of around $420.


----“5 Starr Showcase” - Chris Rocker and Dustin Starr issued an open challenge tag title match…Arnez beat K.O. Jason Matthews…Starr/Rocker beat Sicilian Kid and Sgt.Savage to retain, after the match Jimmy Tidwell came out and said he wanted to rid NBW of Starr/Rocker and said the only way is to take back the tag titles next week, they agreed only if Mark put his belt on the line the following week…Tim Edwards def. Weezy…Tidwell and Mark came out and said that no one so far could take care of Moore so tonight since Mark didn't have a match tonight he would take care of Moore. Moore and Justice match was threw out after the ref was trying to restore order and they both punched the ref, after the match Justice attacked Moore and was going to try and break his leg with a propane tank until Starr and Rocker made the save…”C4P” beat “Southern Pride” once again and left them laying in a bloody mess.

----Around 70 paid with around 90 something in the building with a gate around $420…I hearing rumors of this promotion being in turmoil backstage with a possible “takeover” from previous owners of wrestling in that building…How can you believe anyone would put a bounty on Moore?? Justice would not need a propane tank to break his leg – just break his leg…Redneck/Kilo are taking a lot of heat.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 1.26.08

The show opened with angle as Michael Ward started the run down of the night's card when Gary Diamond made his way to the ring. Gary apologized for interrupting and told the crowd that he was sorry for the performance that he gave at the previous show. "That's not how I wrestle and it was just ring rust" Gary stated. Gary then issued a challenge to Rodney Mack his opponent from last weeks show. Out of no where Rodney Mack hit the ring and beat Gary down. Owner Frank Martin had to threaten Mack with suspension to get him to stop.

----Deadly Dale defeat Medieval in a good solid match…Loose Cannon with Rottn Randy defeating Chris Steele, when Cannon hit Chris with a cane provided by Rottn…San Fransico Treat beat Jamie Jay had a return match with The San Fransisco Treat by pulling on Jamie's trunks…Jazz beat Prince Treaveon…Ali Stevens by DQ over Cameron Cage when Chazz Weason jumped in…Bishop/Reno Diamond by reversal over “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon Reed]

----There were over 100 in the building…The Women's match was not really a women's match as Prince Treaveon is too a gay gimmick and called himself “Queen of the Ring”. Do you really need two gay gimmicks on one show??...Ali hit Rottn Randy with a chair shot during the DQ finish. I am not sure if this is part of the angle or if he did need medical attention, but I was told he was taken to the hospital…Reno threw Bishop a chain, but Simon caught it in the finish of the main. Simon pinned Bishop, but then the ref noticed the chain for the reversal….RWA owner Frank Martin has informed us that they have lowered prices starting this from their $10 they were charging. The show starts every week at 7:00 PM.

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The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling TV Report 1.26.08 Rerun 4

----This past Saturday’s did an overall 3.4 [57,083 viewers]. Why are the Reruns doing better or the same as the first air shows?? I think the main thing is that no matter what you think of Corey Maclin, this was a good storyline. Lawler is a classic heel here and the fans want to cheer for Corey. This was good for the first 5 months, but it just kept on over and over and over. His drawing power and Memphis Wrestling drawing power completely died last year. And guess what?? Corey Maclin was still in one of the major storylines with The Assassins & Sal Corrente.

----The show pretty much stayed the same for three quarters and then jumped in the final, which is a good thing. Lawler/Brian C vs Lifeguards was seen by over 60,000 people – that is 23% more than the average viewing audience.

----The “What Was Memphis Watching” number [highest rated program in the wrestling time slot] dropped again 6 % from last weekend, but the wrestling rating was up 5%.

-Angle replays
-Grind vs Smothers
1st Quarter – 3.3 [55,068 viewers]

-Shock/Summer angle
-classic clip
2cnd Quarter – 3.3 [54,732 viewers] [+336]

-Lawler video interview
-Tim Grind – interview
-“Hart’s Angels”
3rd Quarter – 3.3 [54,564 viewers] [+168]

-Hart/Lawler/Brian C interview
-Lawler/Brian C vs Lifeguards
4th Quarter 3.8 [63,798 viewers] [+9234 viewers]

12 Week Average: 2.9 [49,318]
12 week low – 1.9 [31,395 viewers] 12.22.07
12 week high – 4.0 [66,484 viewers] 11.17.07
From start to finish: [+8730 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
News Channel 3/CSI Miami 7.64 [128,268 viewers]

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 1.26.08

Battle Royal
10 ASWF stars in the royal, with it coming down between Bigg Rigg Cody Murdock and The 1 Cody Only. They battled back and forth but eventually Cody Only gets the win. Then out of no where out comes Mortimer Douglas with Silas and they attack Cody and leave him lying.

Nikki Lane comes out to challenge a member from the crown and then Justin Smart’s girlfriend excepts but Justin comes out and ask for 10 minutes to teach her a couple things. Match made for a later in night.

“The Irish Dragon” Scott Fury beat Seth Sabre

Nikki Lane vs. Bethany
Nikki won when Austin Lane interfered. Lil Bit also jumped in and Nikki beat her also.

Ladder match for the X-Division Title
“Mr. Pyro” Ray Ray beat “Mr. Playboy” Tommy Wayne & “Mr. Impact” Chuck Fears
to win the ASWF X-Division Title. At the end Chuck and Ray on the ladder but Ray pulls out a chain to hit Chuck then Tommy grabs the belt, but Ray throw a fireball in his face and gets it away before Tommy could fully grab it.

WFAC Reunion
California Dream and X-Kaliber vs. Morgan Lane and Big Al
The finish had them run an angle with Big Al and California Dream turn and start attacking X and Morgan take the tag belts and declare their friendship over and they are there to take the tiles from the Degenerates. They announce they are the West Coast Mafia.

Johnny Harper and Casino Kid beat Wild Bill w/ Demon X and Mac Daddy

ASWF Title Match
Title vs Hair: “The Human Highlight Reel” Austin Lane beat Justin “The Juice” Smart
to win the ASWF Title. Special Guest Ref. Dirty Little Dave

Finished had Austin went to spear Justin but he moved and he speared Dave. Justin then hit Austin with a dropkick and goes up for the frog splash elbow drop but Dave punches him and Austin hit him with a gut buster and gets the win. After the match they beat on Justin and get the clippers to cut his hair but out comes Chuck with a chair to make the save. Dirty Little Dave tell Chuck that he knows he is in line for a title shot but he would have to go through Dave to get to Austin and Chuck gladly accepts…

----There was 150 plus paid with over 180 in the building with a gate around $900…Only match promised for next week is Dirty Little Dave vs. Chuck Fears...This group ran Valley View on Friday night and only drew 30-40 people.

Book Update!!

----All advance copies were ordered today and should be shipped by Thursday of next week. The book is now available only thru the publishers web site. CLICK HERE to order yourself a copy. As I have said, this is kayfabe because I have no idea on who is buying the book after this stage. I know some of you do not want me to know you bought a copy, so here is your opportunity to buy one. I am also having some glitches on the main site that will not let me update this info, but please do not order from the main site - order from publisher!!

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A Piece of my Mind-Jan 28th 2008 by "The Big Cheese' Sal Corrente

Once or twice a year I invest in the WWE by purchasing a PPV event. I did that this year with the Royal Rumble. I want to thank the makers of TIVO for salvaging my money for me. I ended up falling asleep during the Chris Jericho and JBL match. I did make an effort to watch it on TIVO. I can say that for me personally just the fact that it was held at Madison Square Garden and Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka and Mick Foley participated in the event it was worth my money. The NY crowd is a very interesting crowd to begin with it is not the same crowd as when I attended shows at Madison Square Garden. In those days the babyfaces where cheered and the heels had real heat. I will tell anyone that asks I am not sure that anyone could ever have more heat than Capt. Lou Albano had. I am sure there are people that would bring up The Iron Sheik and for a short time period they might be right. If you really examine the whole Iron Sheik situation with Sgt. Slaughter it was really the Iran crisis that helped caused their angle to be as hot as it was. I can say that it went to an insane level I was heavily involved at that time and it could be dangerous being around The Iron Sheik. It was a matter of timing and the right players. In the case of Capt. Lou it was constant and consistent just Lou being Lou and people hating his guts. In current times people are cheering for Edge in Madison Square Garden. I have had the pleasure of meeting Adam “Edge” Copeland I found him to be a very respectful guy. He brings certain arrogance with him to the squared circle and he has become a kick ass heel. I for one don’t understand why people cheer him but perhaps you can’t go by me. I used to cheer for Bob Backlund that alone means I am not qualified to understand why people cheer for Edge. I certainly don’t see a reason to boo Rey Mysterio but people did it. It certainly does seem at times in our business that up is down.

Do you ever wonder if WWE creative hears the crowd reaction to certain things and purposely goes in the other direction? I sometimes think that there is a certain level of arrogance that drives them to go against what the public actually wants. It reminds me of Verne Gagne insisting that The Road Warriors were going to be heels no matter how the fans were reacting to them. I hope they heard the people cheering for Tommy Dreamer and give my buddy from Yonkers, NY the well deserved push that he should get. Did they hear the reaction of the people when MVP submitted to the figure four leg lock and Ric Flair had his hand raised in victory? It was certainly the time for them to put the belt on Jeff Hardy and they didn’t do it. It could be felt in the air the people were demanding it and they were let down. It reminded me of a situation that Gorgeous Gary Royal had told me about. It was in St. Louis I believe where Bruiser Brody was a huge star. They had worked a few returns with Ric Flair and the people were basically promised a winner after a time limit draw the previous month. As I am told the story went the people didn’t get what they wanted and it practically caused a riot and hurt business at the club. It’s sometimes this kind of stupidity and arrogance that in any other normal business wouldn’t get unpunished. It would and should cost the business on the bottom line. I guess the problem with being an almost billionaire is you can support your whims and limited ideas with your pocket book. I am sure that Vince is somehow trying to make a point in all this; I am just not sure that any of us are smart enough to get it.

I can applaud the WWE for surprising everyone with the John Cena appearance at the Royal Rumble. It was obviously a well kept secret but if Cena is as important as he is supposed to be why not just announce that he will be there and perhaps sell some more PPV’S. They didn’t even announce a surprise competitor which could have easily been sold as an appearance by The Big Show. Well maybe if I keep watching I will eventually figure it out but I won’t take any deep breaths first.

The picture from this article was taken by Mike D’Avanzo in the New Haven Coliseum. That building no longer stands today but it was a regular stop for WWE and is the site of my first real show and also Rikishi’s first real show. I believe that night we had a 50,000 dollar house. It was several years prior to my first real show and even more years before Wrestlemania at the Pontiac Silverdome when Hogan slammed Andre The Giant. So here is a picture of Ken Patera slamming Andre The Giant in the New Haven Memorial Coliseum

Monday, January 28, 2008

"Coach's Corner" - The Return of The Rant!!

----Jimmy Blaylock recently fired back at Dustin Starr in his tri-yearly column. Kudos to Jimmy because he didn’t get on some board [mainly his own] and write something bad about Starr anonymously. Jimmy is closer to most of the promotions that he talked about, but I find it peculiar that all those promoters would not use Dustin?? I mean I have watched Dustin’s career since his debut match and this kid has talent. 20 years ago he would have been at the top of the roster in Memphis Wrestling. All good promoters will use guys they may not like, but could help make them money. If you act too much like an ass, then the promoters do not see it in their best interest. I can see Jimmy’s point in his rant, but I have to agree to disagree with Jimmy here – Catch 22. Both these guys have always shown me respect and if I was running a promotion – I would use both of them.

----Jamie Dundee’s interview with Gene Jackson on “Cheap Heat Radio” was not as controversial as some of his other interviews, but I enjoyed it just as much. Jamie is your typical “old school” wrestler – a big time bullshitter. But, hell, that is why he is so freakin over. A good point that he brought up was about the young guys and who they get to work. Jamie grew up learning from guys like Bill, Jerry Lawler, Ricky Morton, Robert Gibson and a slew of good workers. The major feud [brainchild of soon to be CHR guest Randy Hales] that put him on the map was him and Wolfie against Tommy Rich/Doug Gilbert. How can you not learn from these guys?? As Jamie said, the closest thing the younger guys have to someone to mimic is Derrick King. Not a bad thing, but think of this – Jamie could only name one guy that the young guys could learn from. Sad; huh?? The problem is that when you get as good as say DK, Flash Flanagan or Alan Steele, then where do you go??

----Let me say something here that everyone in the business knows, if they are honest with themselves. Every worker in this business along with every writer in the business [including myself] thinks they are more important than they are. Agree?? Izzy Rotten in his interview talked about my stab at him not being considered as “Wrestler of the Year”. Come on, guys…doesn’t everyone think the same way I do?? Wrestler of the year?? This is not a bash at Izzy, because he is one of my guilty pleasures when it comes to workers that I like to watch. He is not a great wrestler, but usually can have good matches with good workers. He does know his psychology, but sometimes gets lost in the middle of the match. Take a look at the guys that got nominated for the RRO Awards – Derrick King, Flash Flanagan and Dustin Starr – is Izzy in that category?? I think not.

----I really enjoyed Trent Van Drisse’s “Jerkin The Curtin” with “Booty Call” and Athena. They were talking about names for tag teams and they said they had also come up with “Big & Tasty” at one time. I thought that was funny and creative. Hell, I named a group of heels “Code Red” one time right after Mountain Dew came out with their “Code Red” product. The group was named for their manager – Auburn Thunder, who we all called “Red”. Not taking anything away from Turner and Morrow, but Athena comes off as one smart lady. I hate it when I listen to stuff from people like her. She needs to be in the business!! She reminds me of guys like Brandon Baxter, who have all the talent in the world, but something just happened that has left them sour to the point of either doing limited stuff or nothing.

----A worker dropped by me a copy of “The Triumph and Tragedy of World Class Championship Wrestling” this past weekend and I took a break to watch it. As Gene Jackson said in an earlier “Cheap Heat”, this was a well done DVD by the WWE. I am little fonder of “Heroes of World Class” a DVD that was done in late 2006. The thing that always stands out when looking at the history of World Class is the crowds that this promotion drew and how freakin over EVERYONE was – Von Erichs were easily #1. But, they had a crew of guys that could work their asses off and that put asses in the seat. When I was watching those interviews of David Von Erich I was just amazed at how good he really was on the mic. I remember matches I seen with him vs Flair that were real good, but this guy was easily going to be a NWA champion. Kerry Von Erich was always my favorite and I guess he actually had more success outside of WCCW than anyone – except for maybe the Japanese tours that David were doing. Two facts that are little twisted are the death of David and the “heart attack” angle with Fritz Von Erich. #1: I have always been told that David died of an exploding stomach, but the reason he died from that [and they allude to it a bit] is that he was so messed up on drugs that he did not know he was hurting. #2: The Fritz “heart attack” was just that. Don’t let Kevin bullshit you on that one. From 1985 to 1988, WCCW received the WON “Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic” – four freakin years in a row!!!

Jerry Lawler States That Memphis Wrestling Will Return!!

----“Axeman” Randall Lewis interviewed Jerry Lawler for at the RWA debut show in Jonesboro, AR last Saturday. These two things I am reprinting because they were important to the complete Memphis scene. If you want to read the full interview, which goes in and out of kayfabe at times, then go over there to Jimmy’s site and check it out. The stuff about RRO is really funny. The stuff about Joe Leduc and Tojo Yamamoto is good also. And, as you can read, it looks like we will see the return of live Memphis Wrestling.

Axeman ask, “How does Corey Maclin's suit against the WWE affect your being on Memphis Wrestling, or will it affect it at all?”

Jerry Lawler responded, “I don't have any information on the suit. I haven't seen it or read it or anything, so I would rather not even comment on that. I don't know anything about it, other than what I have heard about it on the news. I was out of town, I was in Florida on vacation when it all happened. I saw when I got back where a couple of TV stations had tried to call me for some comments, but I haven't talked to anybody about it, I have not heard from anybody about it, so I would rather not say anything. There's really not anything I can say about it.”

Axeman ask, “OK. Speaking of Memphis Wrestling, what is the status of the organization? We have heard that it is gone for good, and we have heard that they are going to resume taping, so what is the scoop?”

Lawler responded, "The date... I can't remember the exact date, but Channel 30 was up for sale. Clear Channel was trying to sell Channel 30. We were approached by the Station Manager, more directly by the Program Director, Mr. Jim Doty, who we worked closely with at Channel 30, and he said that while the sale is hopefully going through, and at the time they were hoping it would go through, they were going to do some cost cutting measures, some cost cutting decisions, and basically it was to make the sale of the station look more attractive. In other words, to make the bottom line look a little better... Not that wrestling was costing them a great deal of money or anything like that, I think they looked at every aspect of their operation to see where they could cut back until the sale went through. One of the things they suggested was... There is quite a bit of production cost associated with doing the show, it's about $6000 per show that the station spends to produce the show... So they came to Corey and suggested that, until the sale goes through, that they put the production on hold and show re-runs and save that $6000 production cost until after the sale goes through. So we agreed. We wanted the sale to go through, too. So that's where we were. And they were expecting the sale to maybe go through some time in March. I was watching TV day before yesterday, and it was announced on Channel 30 that the sale has already gone through. It was announced on a public information spot that they are running during commercial time, saying that Clear Channel has sold their license to, and I don't even remember what the name of the new owners are, but anyway the sale has gone through, and there will be a little transition time, and then I'm looking for... We never even took the ring down, the ring is still set up in the studio, and so we'll definitely be back doing live matches in the studio, I'm figuring probably some time around the end of February.”

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis

Ken Wayne Exclusive Announcement!!

----Ken Wayne had an exclusive announcement today for RRO on "Cheap Heat Radio" today. He was happy to announce on 2.10.08 at his school will be the “Graduation Match” with Eric Wayne vs Kid Nickels. This match will be 1 hour long. It is also going to be filmed by a professional crew and released on RRO DVD. RRO staff member Brian Thompson will be announcing the match. I will also be attending the show and will have full coverage of it that day.

----The interview was real good and if you listen to a lot of what Ken Wayne says it is funny how it is sometimes “word for word” some of the stuff I say. NO, Ken did not learn a damn thing from me. LOL I sit around Ken Wayne during a stint in Malden, MO and I listened. The boys would rib me about being “Ken’s boy”. Thanks to Ken for taking the time to do the interview.

----If you have not listened, then go and listen to it!! Gene had a surprise caller – Bill Dundee!! Classic stuff!! CLICK HERE!!!

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 1.26.08 - Dell Tucker Turns Against His Father

Dynamite Seth Knight vs. Ike Tucker was ruled a draw because both men's shoulders were down during the referee's count.

“Black Label Society” (Douglas/Bradley) defeated Shannon Lee/Tim Alfonso to retain the TLCW Tag Team Titles.

“The Baron” Baron Malkavain defeated Phoenix X.

Tattoo defeated Albino Rhino.

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony/Dell Tucker defeated Slim Pickens/Cody Melton.

Flash Flanagan/Chris Lexx/Idol Bane vs. Derrick King/"Too Kool 2"(Tim Grind/Flex) was ruled a no contest after Dell Tucker and Ms. Vanna attacked the referee.

----120 in the building with a gate close to $720…The first match of the evening was interrupted repeatedly by The Golden Boy who was trying to protect his status as #1 Contender. Commissioner Mark Tipton had stated the winner would become the new #1 Contender….Prior to the Albino Rhino vs. Tattoo match, Commissioner Mark Tipton was introducing the fans to one of the students in the TLCW wrestling school, Angelina. Rhino came down the ramp, threw Tipton into the announcers stand, and proceeded to attack Angelina. Tattoo made the save….In a hot angle, after Dell Tucker began to whip the referee with a leather belt his father Tim Cummins hit the ring to stop the assault. Flash nailed Tim from behind and Tucker then began lashing his own fathers back with the belt.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 1.25.08

Idol Bane over Gary J
Evan Galistico over Lil' Tim
Slim Pickens over Pierre Abernathy
Rockin' Randy & Johnny Vinyl over Arnez to become New Tag Team Champions
LAW Champion "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Brandon Espinosa in a Non Title Match

----30-40 fans in the building with a gate close to $200…Idol Bane opened the show stating that he apologized to Jeff O'Dell for “The Ghost of Andy Kaufman” on member of security and petitioned Jeff O'Dell not to let Derrick King come back until he apologizes. So when DK is man enough to apologize, he will be waiting to end DK's career with “The Ghost of Andy Kaufman”…After winning another shot at the Tag Team Titles, Rockin' Randy chose Johnny Vinyl as his tag team partner. During the match the ref was knocked out which lead Evan Galistico to come and hit Arnez in the back with a chair and then Randy/Vinyl gave him a double kick to the nuts. Both men pinned Arnez and celebrated with Galistico to the song "We Are The Champions". When Arnez made his way up Vinyl blasted him with one of the tag titles… In the main event, TGB hit Espinosa with the LAW Title to win the match. After the match, referee, Sharina Fowler was helping Espinosa to the back as TGB sitting on a steel chair, and O'Dell were in the ring bragging about how good they are. Espinosa turned like he was coming back to the ring. TGB said that if Brandon really had "NO FEAR" like he says then he shouldn't be afraid of a little steel chair. Espinosa hit the ring and TGB took a wild swing with the chair that Brandon ducked and fired up on TGB eventually clotheslining him over the top rope. Next week will feature a rematch for the tag team titles and will DK apologize??

RassleResults: NWF Marmaduke, AR 1.26.08

----"Bad Street Boy" Ryan Lee defeated Hambone #1 by DQ when Hambone #2 interfered…Tank defeated Hamhock by DQ when the Hambone Express interfered. Ryan Lee made the save and Commissioner Ron Spence made the main event a 2 out of 3 falls tag match between The Hambones and Tank & Ryan Lee…BoneCrusher w/ Foxy Lady defeated Farmer Billy Hills with a heart punch.…2 OUT OF 3 FALLS MAIN EVENT: The Hambones defeated Tank & Ryan Lee in the 1st Fall when Hambone #2 pinned Lee, 2cnd Fall had Tank/Lee win and the Hambones took the 3rd and deciding fall when Hambone #1 pinned Tank after Hamhock and Hambone #2 both nailed Tank in the back and the head with the bones.

----45 paid with 60 to 70 in the building. The gate was close to $225…After the main event, the Hambone Express began using the bones on Tank and Lee. "The Mediator" Andy Smith, who was there doing special commentary for the show, had seen enough and ran in for the save. Smith, who hasn’t wrestled in 10 years, agreed to be Tank & Lees partner when NWF returns to Marmaduke on February 9th for a 6 man tag. Smith started wrestling back in the 70's with Henry Rogers in Malden, MO, but retired in the early 90's to become a minister…This was promoted by Ron Spence…The best worker on the show was by far Tank...I was told for such a small crowd it was real hot.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Krull on "Jerkin' The Curtain" radio Monday, January 28th at 10 PM CST‏

Krull, one of the most influential men currently on the Nashville wrestling scene, will be my guest on 'Jerkin' The Curtain' radio, tomorrow night, Monday January 28th at 10 PM Central time. Tommy Stewart will be my co-host. Should be a show to check out for anyone interested in the professional wrestling scene in middle Tennessee. Trent Van Drisse

Full Show Posted!!

----For those out of the Memphis Wrestling area and want to see the show from last night. I just noticed that 901 Wrestling posted it on their account. So....CLICK HERE and take a look. There is also an interview with Derrick King posted talking about the "Ultimate Pro Wrestling Challenge" coming up in March. I will have more info about that as the event comes closer. DK says he is the "Australian" champion. LOL



----I got the “proof” copy of the book yesterday. I was pleasantly surprise at the finished product. The publishers did a fantastic job and it looks like a “real” book. Well, it is, but you know what I mean. I had several people take a look at it and they were like “wow” and sold a few more advance copies yesterday. You have until Tuesday morning @ 7:00 AM to order your advance copy of the book. At that point, I can not guarantee that you will be able to buy a book thru this site unless you get it at the arena or at one of my book signings. After signings I will probably have some copies available and will then make them available. But, most of the sales after will have to go thru the book publishers. I also do not know what they will charge for the book, because none of that stuff has been agreed upon yet. If you want a copy for $15 or plan to buy a copy of the book at one of my “Book Tour” sites, PLEASE e-mail me this week!! I need to know how many books to buy!! Also, and I know this might be silly to some of you guys, but I have had a request to sign some of the books. If you have ordered a book and want me to sign your book before I mail it to you – then e-mail me!!

---Below is the "Book Tour" schedule right now. I will add more dates and sites to the “Book Tour 2008”.

--2.08.08 – “Book Tour 2008” LAW Rector, AR
--2.09.08 – “Book Tour 2008” Dyersburg, TN 3:00 PM [location announced later]
--2.09.08 – “Book Tour 2008” TLCW Ripley, TN

----For those that ask, here is more of a description of the book. This soon will be posted on the publisher’s site also when it goes up for sale there.

*229 pictures
*156 total pages
*Monthly reviews of the whole year including articles by Gene Jackson, Sal Corrente, Brian Tramel, Trent Van Drisse, Jerry Graham JR, Beau James, Brian Thompson and Brandon Braxter. This also includes titles changes, Memphis Wrestling highlights and monthly best matches.
*8 pages dedicated to the Benoit tragedy.
*2007 RRO Awards – All the complete results.
*Top 10 Gates of 2007
*Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings 2007 review
*RRO Top 10 of the Year – Singles and Tag Teams
*Wrestling school recommendations
*Shows of the Weekend – putting over all the shows in the area.

Photos include Chris O’Neal, Dustin Starr, Tatt2, Brandon Baxter, Sir Mo, Alan Steele, Jerry Weezy, Derrick King, Loose Cannon with Rotten Randy, Crazy Train, Mark Justice, Seth Knight, Austin Lane, Psycho, Brian Chrisopher, Gaylon Ray, Blackout Squad, Deadly Dale, Chris Hollywood, Allen Walker, InHumane Society, Bobby Eaton, Tim Edwards, Tank, Gunner Thompson, Buster Johnson, PK Ripper, “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Jon Michael], “Righteous Punishment”, Jeremy Moore, 187, Ali Stevens, Gladiator, Sid Vicious, Doug Gilbert, “Pure Destruction”, “Family of Pain”, Dell Tucker, Eric Wayne, Austin Lane, Brandon Baxter, Bill Dundee, Kraven Moorehead, Scott Fury Graham, Fire/Flame with Jimmy Blaylock, Sicilian Kid, Ray Ray, Matt Boyce, Trent Van Drisse, Jack Johnson, Bert Prentice, Jerry Lawler, “Genocide”, Big Show, Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, Brian Thompson, “Too Kool 2”, “Cruzin 4 Pain”, Arnez, Casino Kid, Matt Justice, X-Kaliber, Special Ed, Tony Dabbs, Grady Watson, Jimmy Tidwell, Nick Grymes, Garry White, Shannon Lee, Beau James, Jeff Jarrett, Slim Pickens, “Team Adrenaline”, “Rhythm & Blues”, Tim Grind, “TGB” Greg Anthony, Anton LeVeigh, Brandon Barbwire, Alex Krisis, “Southern Saints”, Lord Huey & Lady Vixen, “East Coast Bad Boys’, Just Joe, “The Assassins” with Sal Corrente, Devon Raynes, Byg Daddy Moose, Blaylock [in crown, prison gimmick] & Don Bass, Danny B Goode, Scott Porteau, Pappy, Chris Benoit, Kade, Tony Watts, Brody Hawk, Neil Taylor, “Naughty By Nature”, San Fransciso Treat, Way Cool, Nikki Lane, Robbie Douglas, “Sex & Violence” pics with girls, “Southern Bad Boys”, Buckwheat, Sarge O’Reilly, Chuck Fears, Tommy Redneck, Luke & Chubby Graham, Chris Rocker, “Riot Squad” [Paul & Rick Justice] with Coach BT, Chris Lexx, Idol Bane, Kamala, Sue Young, Kamala, Ali Stevens, Kevin White, Reno Diamond, Acid, Albino Rhino, Hambones, “The Posse”, Matt Riviera, Pat Patera, JR Benson, Max Steele, Kid Nickels, “The Baron” Malkavain, Anita Paige, Bishop, John Sexton & Danielle, Ron Bryson, Void, AJ Bradley, Flash Flanagan, Barry Harber, Jason Reed, Tojo Yamamoto JR, Johnny Dotson, Gene Jackson and Brian Tramel.

Memphis Wrestling TV Report - Rerun Season Episode 4

---- Corey Maclin opens alone with a black backdrop. They show clips of “last week” with Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher splitting the money. They also show Jimmy Hart trying to give Corey a watch. Corey is joined by Brian Teigland again this week.

----“Mr. Compulsive” Tim Grind vs Tracy Smothers with Jimmy Hart opens the show. Outside the ring is another Sexy Assassin that has not unmasked yet. I actually think this is Brian Bump, who is the brother of Flex. Ref was distracted and Brian Christopher came out to interfere. It backfired and ended with Grind using a belt to hit Smothers with and pin him. Match was noticeable cut.

----Shock with Hart interview. Shock calls out Ms Summer. Shock says that he liked it when she got slapped last week. Shock says to get rid of Brandon Groom and go with him. Summer says Groom is more man than Shock will ever be. They book a match with Shock vs Groom – winner gets Summer for “July 10” show. Shock beats Derrick King in an almost squash bout. Summer/Groom watched the match.

----Classic clip with “Rock N Roll Express” [Ricky Morton/Robert Gibson] vs “Bruise Brothers’ [“Dream Machine” Troy Graham/Porkchop Cash]

----Lawler video interview talking about his fireworks stand that you can buy “tomorrow”. Lawler talks about the “July 10” show.

----Tim Davidson [Grind] comes out for an interview. Grind challenges Brian C/partner vs Sexy Assassin/Grind for the “July 10” show.

----They air a vignette with “Harts Angels”. Three girls go in a room that was supposed to have Kamala in it. [You could hear him slapping his stomach. LOL] They went in there to get Kamala to sign a 15 year singing contact with Jimmy Hart. They came out with the contract signed and one of the girls said, “That Kamala is kinda cute too.” Funny stuff.

----Lawler/Hart/Brian C come out. Lawler tells Corey that they have unfinished business. Brian C says that Lawler and he need to be partners vs Grind/Assassin. Lawler says that he will tag with Brian C. Hart is upset that Lawler/Brian C are teaming. Lawler says that him and Brian C will team today managed by Hart.

----Jimmy Hart has clips from “Legends of Wrestling” video game of footage of “everyone that Hart has beaten.” LOL This was good. Hart was beating up Roddy Piper, Sting and Davey Boy Smith.

----“The Lifeguards” [Scott & Dustin Starr] beat by DQ Lawler/Brian C with Hart. Hot tag to Dustin ended up with Grind coming out pushing Brian off the top rope. Hart got in the ring and the ref called for a DQ. Brian C went after Hart. Shock came in for the save. Tim Grind jumped in and then ‘Guards starting beating up on Lawler. Corey then jumped Lawler. Hart finally pulled Corey off Lawler. Then Lawler/Shock went to beat up on Corey. Corey was choking Lawler with his tie, but it ended up with Lawler choking him.


----This was a good show. Good angles and good build up for the “July 10” show. The presence of Hart made a lot of difference in the show…It was funny how they put over The Lifeguards over more than DK…This show originally aired 7.03.04.

If you would like to read the original report on this show, then CLICK HERE.

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 1.26.08

AC Havoc def. T Bone

Iron Jake Johnson def. J. R. Rich

Dazzlin’ Dixie def. The Samoan Rajah

Danny B. Goode def. Gaylon Ray

Impromptu Match ( TV Title Match)
Ravishing Randy© def. Danny B. Goode in an impromptu match with the help of Gaylon Ray and powder to the eyes of Danny B.

X-3 def. Dre’ Black and The Outlaw

Wildside def. John “ Biscuit” Roberts

TIWF Title Match ( Lumberjack Match)
Lawman Williams © def. Hardknocks Hooligan

----This was the last Jackson, TN show. They will be in Trenton, TN next weekend and every week starting on 2.23.08...It looks like two NBW guys are gone and are working here. They are brothers; right?? I was told that Gaylon did a good job in South Carlina for Sir Mo.

RassleResults: SAW Millersville, TN 1.25.08

Chris Eckos beat Chris Cane.

Hammerjack beat Tatsu (again).

In a match up between two Derby City guys, Damian Adams beat Raul Loco.

Matt Dillinger over Arrick Andrews via countout. Paul Adams and Hammerjack did a run in. Andrews took care of Hammerjack, but Rick Santel shoved Andrews off the top rope, injuring his knee for the count out.

Tribal Nation (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw) beat Sharped Dress Man & Big Rig Brown.

Rick Santel (with Adams) beat "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant. Adams distracted after a Valiant powerslam. Hammerjack joined Adams but got superkicked by Valiant. Meahwhile, Adams gave Hammerjack's sledge to Santel, and it was lights out for Boogie.

----145 in the crowd. Not sure of their ticket prices??....The heels put the Boogie's mouth on the mic and slapped him around. Andrews and Damian Adams made the save.

Credit: Larry Goodman and

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 1.25.08 - New Tag Team Champions

Rob C vs Dyronic went to a double countout when Damien Payne ran in and attacked both
New York Gangster b Damien Payne (w/Fetish)

Tim Renesto & J-5 (w/Charming Charles) b Justin Spade & Shawn Hoodrich when J-5 pinned Hoodrich

Mark Anthony (w/Charming Charles) won a 3-man gauntlet beating Rob C, New York Gangster, and Dyronic
Steve O b Mitch Ryder

Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b LT Falk & Cousin Jason X to win the USWO Tag Team Championship when Quarisma pinned Jason

USWO Champion Kid Kash b Chris Michaels by reverse decision when Michaels was spotted pulling tights on a pinfall

----111 in the crowd with a $1,200 gate...Next Friday has Anthony vs Tracy Smothers and a Kash-Michaels rematch with a special ref.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel