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Also, on Friday I spoke on the phone to Tommy "Wildfire" Rich and Tommy has agreed to be a guest on an upcoming Cheap Heat Radio, more details coming soon! Other upcoming guests Parental Advisory, Former ECW Champion "King of Old School" Steve Corino, and more.

Another Show!!

----This show is tonight and features some local talent such as Cameron Cage, Ali Stevens, Flash Flanagan and "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony.

The Thompson Perspective 3.15.08 By Brian Thompson

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I know, I know. That’s an old saying that you have probably heard a million times before. Yet, no matter how many times you say it, the saying remains true.

Hopefully, most of you took the time to view the video that Gene Jackson placed on the page a couple of days ago featuring Verne Gagne’s AWA promotion from the mid 1980’s. Verne, like most of the promoters of the time, literally hated Vincent Kennedy McMahon and his World Wrestling Federation. Despite the hate, these same promoters would often attempt to do the EXACT SAME THING that McMahon did, only they didn’t have the same SUCCESS.

Fast forward and it’s the year 2008. Go to any number of independent promotions around this country and what will you see? Guys trying to do exactly what Vince does today. However, due to not having the same budget as Vince or the same connections or the same wit for what he does, we see these promotions drawing the small old crowds.

You may be reading this and thinking, wait Brian . . . I have never seen a show locally that is done like a McMahon show. I bet you have.

Have you noticed any promotions where someone tries to do an in-ring talk show segment like a Piper’s Pit, Brother Love Show, Cutting Edge or Highlight Reel? I bet you have.

Watch Monday Night Raw, ECW or SmackDown! this week and write down the angles. I’d put a few bucks on the line that will say somewhere you are going to see a promotion with an angle almost EXACTLY like what you saw on one of those programs. Only locally the execution won’t be the same and it won’t mean a darn thing at the box office.

Wrestling in 2008, in my opinion, is a niche business. Vince gets the overall crowd. He has the diehards, like myself, who will watch no matter how good or how bad the product is. I’m the guy who will pay an extra $5 for WrestleMania because I’ve done it since 1987’s WrestleMania III. He also has those who think “wrestling is WWE.” Anything else is just local “rasslin.” So he’s got the mix of diehards, newer fans and those who view from time to time to see what’s going on.

Then you have TNA. They’ve picked up a few diehards mixed with some newcomers. However, I think even they come across at times as WWE-lite with the roster full of former WWE stars who are no longer working for Vince for one reason or another. It’s sad, I think, to see guys like Samoa Joe, A. J. Styles and others “lost in the shuffle.”

Then, there is ROH. This is the closest thing to “old school” wrestling that we have in a national format today. There are some “high spot fests” here and there to wet that appetite too.

Basically, you have to figure out what your niche is and focus in on it. Being like WWE won’t work. I remember going to a show in Southwest Tennessee where they used the then-RAW theme to start the show. Come on guys. Be serious.

We all pick apart the AWA, NWA, WCW, ECW, USWA and Smoky Mountain, all who in a sense failed in the end. Yet, we keep doing some of the same things that CAUSED them to fail. Whether it’s emulating Vince’s show and looking like version “B” to spending too much money on the wrong things, we all should stop doing that and recognize our market and zone in on it.

With my moaning and groaning finished, I want to congratulate the Southern Saints on their trip to Philly for Chikara and Stan Lee on his nice push from the UWL promotion. Well deserved all the way around boys.

Until next time, take care all.

(Brian Thompson may be reached by e-mail at

RassleResults: Championship Wrestling Tunica, MS

----Buck Hunter(Buck as in Money not the animal) over Hard Knoxs...Johnny Dotson over "The Baron" Malkavain...Reggie B Fine over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony...The Bruise Brothers(Pork Chop Cash & Mad Dog) wrestled to a no contest with Bishop and Dell Tucker...Tatt2 over Derrick King in the Main Event.

----100 in the building at a recreation center.

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Piece of my Mind March 14th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Well, I guess I should start off with Jeff Hardy. It is a sad story but one that we should move past. There comes a time when a person has to be left on his own to sink or swim. I believe that Jeff Hardy is in denial and there is little someone can do about that. I was one of the guys that thought that Jeff should be given the world title. All thoughts of giving Hardy the belt need to be forgotten. In reality he really doesn’t need to be considered a part of the WWE family any longer unless he goes to rehab first.

In the wrestling world nothing surprises me anymore. The money being thrown around at some people. It is rare when you find someone like John Cena, who I am not a fan of as a wrestler per say. I can say that he conducts himself like a winner, a champion and a great representative of the company. Why can’t all the wrestlers be like that? Why do they waste golden opportunities and destroy their lives and hurt the people around them? It will take better minds than mine to understand it all. It’s disgusting to even write this article but it didn’t seem to make sense to me to ignore it.

ESPN Classic has started showing old AWA tapes. I believe that the ones currently running are from nineteen eighty six. I had my first TV tapings at The Showboat Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. I have a couple of people to thank for that. One of them is Sensational Sherri Martel the other is the legendary Ray “The Crippler” Stevens. I got a chance to work with Tommy “Wildfire” Rich and Kevin Kelly along with Sherri Martel. It was a fairly risqué angle that involved arm wrestling. As the brawl broke out they ripped Sherri’s clothes off. I remember thinking it was a big deal at the time. I had another angle involving Larry Zbyszko and Nick Bockwinkel along with Heavyweight Boxing contender Scott LeDoux. It was a big deal for me at the time to be involved in all of that. Here it is over twenty years later and I am in reruns. Who would have ever guessed it?

The Countdown to Wrestlemania has long started for wrestling fans it should feel like the Super Bowl. It feels more like the Pro Bowl from where I am sitting.

Vince McMahon has been given a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. If it had happened a few months ago the event would have been handled by Johnny Grant who presided over these events for many years. He has passed on in the last few months. It is a new era of stars on the Walk of Fame. I guess I am really surprised that Vince is included with Hollywood Legends but I also know they don’t give out those stars by pulling someone’s name out of a hat. So congratulations Vince for getting a star. I spend a lot of time in LA so sooner or later I will get a chance to walk on you. I might as well take the only chance that I may ever get to do it.

The picture for this article is of Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat she is Liana Catoggio the girlfriend of "Carolina’s Own" David Isley of NWA fame and (Thunderfoot#1-IWA and WrestleReunion version). They regularly get together with the Blood family for dinner or a night out on the town. David and I have both known Rick for many many years. Before he got in the business David worked for Rick at his Steamboats Mid Atlantic Gym. I thought it would be fitting at Wrestlemania to have one of the guys who participated in one of Wrestlemania's greatest matches be a part of the article. He currently works behind the scenes for WWE as a Producer.

This has been a piece of my mind

The 'Good Ol' Days' weren't always good....

I defy to you find a gayer video than this anywhere on youtube, everybody likes to say how Vince "turned wrestling into a joke" and old timers like Verne was all about "good old rasslin", well this steaming turd is evidence that even Verne Gagne was guilty of trying to emulate the "evil bastard" that "killed the business."

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Another Show for The Weekend!!

DCW Downsouth Championship Wrestling
McGeehee, AR
Saturday Night!! 7pm

Rodney Mack, Heidenriech, Jazz, "Crown Prince" Travion, Malek Avalon, Rhett Tro,"Samurai" Haniel T., Mexican Giant w/Papito Gonzales, Angel of Sinn, and more

----This group had a big crowd in December in this town, so it will be interesting to see how they show on the return.

Flashback 8.07.04 - Terry Funk Promo

“Art of a Promo” II

----Terry talks about Lawler putting out his eye. Fans of Memphis Wrestling remember the empty arena match and everyone believed that Lawler had put Funk’s eye out. I can still remember Funk with a bandage over his eye screaming on the interviews and his brother Dory Funk Jr being sent it to get Lawler. Even though Funk was a heel at the time, the fans never thought Lawler should have put the man’s eye out and Funk uses those feelings to make himself a huge babyface. Funk talks here about remembering promos…

“People remember good promos. On his radio show Rush Limbaugh mentions Terry Funk on occasion. Why?? Hell, he doesn’t ever talk about wrestling. But he listened to me in the past and remembered me cutting a promo where I was out with a gun, looking for Jose Lothario at the city dump. I ended up shooting at what I said was a rat, and claimed I’d gotten him! That brought up the questions, was I saying Jose was a rat, or did I think all Mexicans were rats?”

“For most my career, we had an assortment of people watching wrestling, from true believers to people watching for an entertaining show, and we want to open up that whole audience and grab up what we could. That was what I tried to do with cleverness of my promos, but it had to be with a grain of truth. Building up to my August 28 match with Lawler, I took our famous 1981 empty-arena match, where he took a wooden chair to my eye for the finish, added in a real-life tragedy at home and made what I think was a very solid promo.”

----This kind of stuff is missing on Memphis Wrestlng. They have an angle that ended with Lawler piledriving Kevin White on the concrete floor. It will be three months before they actually come back to do regular tapings [if they ever do]. White could do a series of interview where he talks about sitting at home for three months thinking about what Lawler had done to him. They even could go to White’s house and show how he has not even been able to do anything because his injury. They could have Garry and Sue Young running around doing everything for him. This would be a real feud with a real reason for revenge.

The Ratings: Memphis Wrestling TV 3.08.08

----Saturday nights Memphis Wrestling TV show did an overall rating of 1.7 [29,213 viewers], which is the second lowest rating of the year. [only last week beats it] The last two shows have also had two of the lowest rated quarter hours ever – last week’s 1st quarter did 1.1 [19,139 viewers] and this week’s 1st was even lower with 18,300 viewers.

----Memphis Wrestling’s Corey Maclin needs to take a long look at these numbers and try to do something different. Even though these shows are entertaining – the fans have learned that they are OLD shows and could care less. I suggest them try to bring in some the new faces like “Too Kool 2”, Derrick King, Johnny Dotson, Dustin Starr and other guys and do features on them. It is evident that a three year old angle, even as good as it was, is not going to draw good TV numbers.

----No real big highlight of the show, but it finished with more viewers than it started, but that was minimal. Memphis was watching TV though with highest rated quarters in that hour up 27% with over 170,000 total viewers

-Corey/Lawler opening
-Jerry & Jimmy Show
-Lance joins them
1st Quarter 1.1 [18,300 viewers]

-Corey in hospital
-Brian C vs Johnny Dotson
-Brian C/Assassins - int
2cnd Quarter 2.4 [39,790 viewers] [+21,490 viewers]

-Terry Funk int
-6 man tag [start]
3rd Quarter – 2.1 [34,921 viewers] [-4869 viewers]

-6 man tag [finish]
-Kash interview
-Kash vs White
-Kamala sings – Dundee hits him
4th Quarter – 1.4 [23,672 viewers] [-11,249 viewers]

12 Week Average: 2.4 [40,484 viewers]
12 week low – 1.5 [25,352] 2.23.08
12 Week High 3.5 [58,762 viewers] 1.12.08
Start to finish [+5372 viewers]

What was Memphis watching??
Action News 5/Saturday Night Live 10.5 [175,445 viewers]


Shows for The Weekend 3.14 to 3.15.08

----RWL, MCW and LAW all had canceled shows because of the weather last weekend, so it will be interesting to see how that affects their shows and attendance. Stan Lee and Derrick King return to TLCW after the UWL PPV and it should be interesting with POB in the house. POB will also be in Osceola, AR for MCW on Friday night. It also be interesting to see if RWA draws another big crowd.


----FRIDAY NIGHT for Rebellion Wrestling League in Newbern, TN with “the Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris], Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Stan Lee, Bishop, PK Ripper, Overkill, Weasel, “The Baron” Malkavain, JD Rage, Jason Reed and Chris O’Neal.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… Kid Kash, Mitch Ryder, Petey Wright, Lee Cross, Steven Green, Dyronic, Rob C, Justin Spade, Norte, Damien Payne, JC Crowe, Michael Joblonski, Mark Antony, Tim Renesto, Charming Charles, New York Gangster, Steve O, LT Falk, Cousin Jason X, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for SAW in Millersville, TN Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie],Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Big Rig Bully, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Indian Outlaw, Mason Raige, Nore Havoc, Hammerjack, Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT in Osceola, AR for MCW with “POB” Sid Vicious/Ron Rage, “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpant/Eazy Money], MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Tank, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Suicidal Youth, Kilo. Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for LAW in Rector, AR with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, Brandon Espinosa, Psycho, Pappy, Rebbeca Raze, Idol Bane, King Brothers and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with Izzy Rotten,DC, Brett Michaels, Josh Matthews, Neil Taylor, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, T-Byrd, Fusion, Anton LeVeight, Devon Raynes, J-Kid, Curly Moe, Bless, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night for USWO/ATL in Nashville, TN at the Stadium Inn with Kid Dynamite, Dyronic, Chris Norte, Kevin Dunn, JD Fluffy, The Nazi Terror, Damien Payne, Lee Cross, New York Gangster, Tommy Capone, Boy, Richard Lowe, Homo Hillbilly Quincy, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge and more.

----Saturday night for RWA in Jonesboro, AR at the King’s Sportatorium with Deadly Dale, Medieval, San Francisco Treat, Loose Cannon, Rottn Randy, Ali Stevens, Chazz Wesson, Cameron Cage and more.

----Saturday night for JWS in Booneville, MS with David Cox, Damion Rage, Dustin Burcham, Robert Rose, AC Styles, Dalton Storm, Chris Stevens, Izzy Rotten, Fusion, Brett Michaels, Psycho, Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, Casanova Kid, Pappy, Dirty Sanchez, Neil Taylor, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley and more.

----Saturday night for TIWF in Trenton, TN Showplex Arena with Wildside, Danny B Goode, Bobby “The Butcherman” Smith, Tank Turner, Hardknocks Hooligan, Dazzlin Dixie, Buckwild Bill, Dre Black, Steven Rampage, Oz, Samoan Raja, Iron Jake Johnson, Big Nasty Bob, The Outlaw, Dr. Doom, NxN – Tully, Boogyman Scream, Hotrod, Jon Seymour, Drew Magruder and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, “POB” Sid Vicious/Ron Rage, FLEX, TGB Greg Anthony, Flash Flanagan, Tatt2, Tim Grind, Albino Rhino, Tommy Redneck, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Brian Steele, Shannon Lee, Derrick King, Stan Lee, “Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley], Sue Young and much more!!!

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Sarge O’Reilly, Kilo, Mark Justice, Tim Edwards,Jason Matthews, Rob Justice, Jeremy Moore, Motley Cruz, Arnez, Tommy Redneck, Jon Roberts, Phoenix X and more.

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Traci Brooks, Dirty Little Dave, “West Coast Mafia” [California Dream/Big Al], Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch, , Chuck Fears, Seth Sabor, Wild Bill,”American Degenerates” [X-Kaliber/Morgan Lane], 1 Cody Only [formerly Cody Daniels], Tommy Wayne, Casino Kid, Johnny Harper, Tim Hanson, Mac Daddy, Demon X and more.


RassleResults: TLCW 3.08.08 - POB Debut!!

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony [pictured] over Brandon Espinosa

Stevie K, Shannon Lee and Cody Melton wrestled to No Contest when The POB interfered. POB destroyed everybody including the injured Slim Pickens who was at ringside.

Ike Tucker over Idol Bane

"The Baron" Malkavain over Tatt2

Triple Threat Tag Match. Reggie B Fine/Lil' Chris beat “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas] and Dale Tucker/Bishop - Bishop/Tucker shitcanned....BLS miss double move on Chris...Chris hit DDT on AJ..Reggie B made Will Gibson [heel ref] count the three...Babys powder and Heels argue in the ring

Flash Flanagan over Alex Krisis when William Gibson interfered.

---100 to 120 in the crowd.

I Love Being Shot at By An AK47

----Mark Sterling, who recently worked a few shows for LAW & TLCW in this area, had a fun time last night ducking bullets.

One wounded in Brookside shooting

Kansas City police responded to a shooting outside the Brookside Health and Fitness Center, 6675 Holmes Road, tonight.

The shooting happened shortly before 9 p.m. The victim was hit in the leg, and injuries were not life-threatening, a police dispatcher said.

A bullet reportedly penetrated the wall of the health club, but no one inside was hurt.

----Mark Sterling then posted the following as a bulletin.

I love being shot at by an AK47

"The story downplays it. The "wall" is glass windows. My gym has 3 bullets holes through the glass front windows. Had ak47 bullets 5 feet from me as I was in the pool area closing down. One of my gym members who was picking up her pool towel got glass in her leg. Called the cops, they were there within a minute, helicopters and all."

----Glad to hear you are ok bro. Mark reports the only causality was the pair of pants he was wearing.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 3.08.08

----Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler opened the show. They talk about Lance Russell joining them.

----Jimmy Hart opens the show with Brian Teigland. Hart shows a graphic of the “Jerry & Jimmy” show. Hart does his, “Here’s Jerry.” Lawler comes out to join them in commentary. They do a spoof of the “Tonight show” with Lawler doing old jokes and Hart laughing at everything. Lawler announces that Kamala will sing later. They also have a couch set up by the announcer’s desk.

----Lawler says that commercials got bigger ratings than the show when Corey Maclin/Brian Teigland were announcing. LOL Lawler brings out Lance Russell.

----They air a video of Corey Maclin in a hospital bed. This was not good. Not believable. The doctor talks about what could “possibly” happen. LOL

----Brian Christopher beat Johnny Dotson by DQ after the Sexy Assassins [Tim Grind/Flex] interfered. Brian promised to call one of his friends.

----Terry Funk interview. Great!! Funk is God of the promo!!

----Bill Dundee/Kevin White interview. Dundee says that Jimmy/Jerry are just ripping off the “Bill & Buddy” show. That was what I was thinking when I seen it.

----Koko Ware/Shock/Nicholas Doom beat Derrick King/Sexy Assassins – Brian C interferes and hits Grind with a chain.

----Kid Kash interview. Kid Kash beats Kevin White with chain that Koko throws to him.

----Kamala sings and Dundee hits him with a guitar.

----Maclin/Lawler wrapped up the show. They say they would have a big surprise and Renee is mentioned.

----Original show aired 8.07.04...I will have ratings and "Flashback" tomorrow.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 3.08.08 - Sarge O'Reilly Returns Home!! New Champ Crowned!!

----DJ Stunner def. Synn and S0uicide in a triple threat…Arnez by DQ over Sicilian Kid/Tim Edwards/John Roberts…”Southern Pride” [Tommy Redneck/Kilo]/Mark Justice beat “Riot Squad” [Rob Justice/Sgt. Savage/Jason Matthews]…Jeremy Moore beat Sarge O’Reilly by reversal…Motley Cruz won the NBW Title in a Battle Royal.

----80 – 120 with a gate in the $480 range…They ran a big angle at the start with Commish Allen Walker where Walker announced that Crazy Train suffered an injury and the NBW Title is held up. They then had the following guys come out: Motley Cruz, Big Red, Chris Rocker, Sarge O’Reilly, Jeremy Moore, Kilo and Tommy Redneck. Walker then made the Battle Royal for the belt later in the show…Edwards vs Arnez next week NO HOLD BARRED!! That should be good…Rob Justice returned with Matthews/Savage as “Riot Squad”. “Pride” agreed to tag with Mark because they owed him a favor…O’Reilly used a chain on Moore to win and put it in Moore’s knee pad, but ref reversed. Sarge vs Moore again this week and Sarge will be bringing his manager [Tony Watts]…Jason Reed/Gaylon Ray from RWL was ringside in a seat and had interaction with Moore…Cruz won the battle royal after dumping Rocker and Red at the same time. After the match, Cruz/Red went nose to nose – shoving – then Cruz hit him with the NBW belt and left him lying. So, they did the final turn with Red – looks like Red vs Cruz over belt…O’Reilly should be a shot in the arm for this group because he has always been SUPER OVER in Dyersburg.

Photo Credit: KC

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.08.08

----Tommy Wayne def. Mike Anthony…Morgan lane def. Johnny harper…Wild Bill def. “Malibu” Matt Boyce…Scott Fury/Ray Ray def. California Dream/Seth Sabre…Chuck fears/Nikki lane def. X-Kaliber/Tim Hanson…Austin lane/Casino kid def Cody Only/Acid

----140 - 160 in building with a gate around $840…We did not get the results from last week, but there was about the same number of people in the building. ASWF after about 8 weeks of 200+ have dropped down to “normal”…The April 19th Anniversary show will feature Jerry Lawler vs Austin Lane and Nikki Lane vs Traci Brooks.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"Shooting The Shiznit" Ready For Download!!

----You may download it on CHR's home page CLICK HERE or just listen to it here in your browser. I would like to thank Reno "Oh My God" Diamond, Shawn Reed, Anita Paige, RRO Announcer of The Year 2007: Michael Ward, Bill Dundee [for 45 minutes], Tony Givens, Ricky Morton [for 10 seconds], Brian Thompson and RRO Site of the Year 2007 Webmaster: Trent Van Drisse.



----It looks like “Shooting the Shiznit” tonight will be action packed. For the first 45 minutes I will be talking with the “Southern Saints” – Reno Diamond, Marcus O’Neil and Shawn Reed. I will then be joined to talk over the UWL PPV with Derrick King, Stan Lee and Bill Dundee. Later in the show, Tony Givens will be calling in to talk about his injury and future. Please join us live!! I will not be taking any calls until probably the last 15 minutes or so of the show due to the amount of guests I will have.

Show for Tonight!!

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.08.08

----I will be the first to admit that I am eating some crow after reading the attendance for the RWA show from Saturday night. My “Coach’s Corner” a few weeks back touched on how could this promotion continue to run with the current roster and drawing in the 125 range. It was pointed out to me after that was posted that they are drawing as good as the other promotions in the area – point well taken. But, this weekend they busted the doors wide opening with 250+ fans in the building. I was told the crowd was loud and into every match. There was also a Monster Truck show and bad weather in the area, so it is proof that Frank Martin, San Francisco Treat [the booker] and crew are doing something that the fans want to see. This could all be a combo of some good advertising and fans wanting to get out of their house on Saturday night also – but if they did come out to see this show – from all accounts they were highly entertained and the fans will return.


----Sergeant Shakedown beat the Chosen One…Hair Match: Rick Steele beat Loose Cannon…Deadly Dale/Gary Diamond beat Big Al/Medieval…Rodney Mack beat by DQ Chazz Wesson…Jazz beat San Francisco Treat…Central States Title Match: Ali Stevens retained his title.


----250+ in the building…Before the Hair match, Frank Martin came out to announce that 10 Fans would get to shave the loser’s head…Great sound and lighting system…They ran an angle early in the show where Treat said he did have an opponent tonight because he had been “rear-ended”. Ok, you got to think that is funny. LOL Jazz came out to accept his challenge…Chazz did the “Eddy Guerrero” spot with the chair – going down acting like Mack hit him. Ref didn’t see it, so Mack did the same thing to get the DQ win…Deadly Dale is over here as a babyface…Biggest pop of the night was for Jazz…Best bouts were the tag match and Mack vs Chazz. Crowd was super hot and loud during the Mack vs Chazz bout…Main event stips - Ali vs Cameron Cage with Rotten Randy with Randy handcuffed to Martin – if Ali wins 5 minutes with Randy. Match turned into a triple threat when Cage brought out 7ft monster Silas with Mortimer. He ended up turning on Cage closelining him out of the ring, and then Ali rolled up Crow up for the win. Ali got 5 minutes with Randy. Silas then jumped Ali after the bout leaving him lying in the ring. Ali got on the mic and asked for a match against Silas for next week…I like the idea of this group not declaring a RWA champion yet and recognizing the Central States Title. It makes the Title seem more important and Ali pushed as a regional champion, instead of just a Jonesboro champion...This group is having a big Wrestlemania day event with a few matches and Wrestlemania on the big screen.

Credit: John Bibbs


Arena Report: All Pro Productions Bruce, MS 3.08.08

----Anton LeVeigh with Lil’ Bit beat Chris Styles with Josh Matthews by DQ, when Josh Matthews jumped in. How can the “Southern Saints” be heels in the South?? They were wearing Confederate flag gear and were still booed. Not much of a match – just to set up main event. [*1/2]

----Brandon Barbwire with Lil’ Bit beat Josh Matthews with Styles by DQ, when Chris Styles interfered. Ditto for this one. Styles had some great heat!! Crowd hated him. [*1/2]

----Ken Wayne/Eric Wayne came out and was talking about his wrestling school and how proud he was of Eric. “Bodies of Steel” [John/Max] with “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock came out. Blaylock took the mic and went on to tell Ken how bad of a wrestler that his dad Buddy Wayne was. He then said, “As for the Nightmares, Danny Davis carried that team.” He then pointed at Eric and said, “I think he might have a little sugar in his tank.” The Waynes turned to leave and got jumped. Jerry Lawler came out and made the save to set up the next match after intermission. If I gave stars for angles, this would have been [*****]. Blaylock was so “on” with his delivery. Ken was bumping his ass off and the Lawler save was good. Kudos to all involved in this angle.

----Jerry Lawler/Eric Wayne with Ken Wayne beat “Bodies of Steel” [Max/John] with “Hollywood” Jimmy. Good match – best on the show. The psychology was a little strange and that is weird considering who was involved – double heat sort of. Some spots were blotched due to the “Bodies”, but nothing the fans noticed. They were “into” this bout. Eric’s left hand punches looked a bit weak. Eric was doing something usually done by vets – he was making the big guys look great!! All his bumps and selling was right on cue. Lawler piledrive John. Lawler then dropkicked John out of the ring. Eric hitting a flying Benoit headbutt on Max for win. [***]

----Uncle Felton beat Chris Fontaine. Not long – not horrible. Fontaine did a good job with Felton. [*]

----Little J/Matt Justice beat Little Devil/Cameron Valentine. I did not get a chance to see any of this bout.

----“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] with “Hollywood” Jimmy beat Greg King Jr/Kid Nikels. Good match. Perfect psychology. King took a good ass beating in the heat. Nikels got the hot tag and was on fire!! He looked stiff as hell too. LOL Blaylock cut him off with a kendo stick to the back and “Asylum” hit their finisher “Falling From Grace” – Pappy hits a Samoan drop and then Psycho hits a headbutt to the ribs on the other side. They then both pin their opponent. [**3/4]

----“Tables” Match: APP Tag Team Champions: Brandon Barbwire/Anton LeVeigh with Lil’ Bit beat “Southern Saints” [Chris Styles/Josh Matthews]. No psychology and pretty much a clusterfuck. Everyone juiced except for Josh – there was real no need in it. Some good spots and all four guys did work hard. Some real good dives at the start of the bout. It ended up with Lil’ Bit jumping from the top turnbuckle to the floor on all four guys – she looked good. I would have rather seen a wrestling match between these four guys. I usually see the fans sitting on their hands during a match like this, but they were eating it up. “Tables, Tables” chant all thru the bout – very hot when they finally got the table in the ring. It took them 5 tries to break the table with Anton finally breaking it. Angle at the end had Anton/Barbwire shake hands with Saints and then Saints beat them up to set up match for next time in Bruce – TLC Match with Barbwire wrapped around the ring. [Rumor has it that they will set the ring on fire and all the wrestlers will also piss on the ring. LOL Just kidding!!] [**1/2]


----210+ in the webmistress Tia Blaylock was present for the show holding a puppy. They were giving away puppies at the show. No kidding – only in Mississippi and wrestling. LOL…Kenny Valiant set my book table with his DVDs right beside Lawler’s table. Lawler made all the gimmick money for that night…Lawler was not wearing his strap??...Not sure on the Lawler/Eric finish for the match. I couldn’t read my handwriting and it has been two days!!...Anton LeVeigh was over like a bologna sandwich in Ethiopia. Barbwire/Anton were working hard at intermissions – selling autographs and such….I really like Barbwire’s “look” right now. He has changed his gear and he looks like Marilyn Manson ran into someone from the “Wizard of Oz”. This kid has an unique look and I would love to see him “work” more…Cameron Valentine has a great look and does look like Greg. His robe is over with me…There was a chair stomp spot where it looked like Anton got his head demolished. One minute later he is up doing suplex. Do you know what is wrong with the business today?? LOL…Blaylock was dressed in all black…Blaylock/Waynes/Lawler angle would have made some good TV…Would love to see them do a program with Kid/King vs Asylum – sort of the underdogs getting beat every time and then finally get the win. Or Asylum with Blaylock needs to finally elevate to matches like Lawler teaming with someone. They are better workers than “Bodies”. VOICE YOUR OPINION ON THE ALL PRO SHOW ON RRO'S KAYFABE BOARD

Ken Wayne featured in special online interview

"Nightmare" Ken Wayne a Legendary Wrestling Superstar is our special guest on William Hatfield's The Wrestling Hotseat Audio Interview Show this week! In this rare audio interview, the always entertaining Ken Wayne speaks with us about his legendary career and some of the greatest moments he's experienced wrestling all over the world. Ken Wayne has a natural comedic timing and engaging storytelling style, he is able to mix humour and a level of seriousness while covering a wide variety of subjects. If you've never heard Ken Wayne talk before, you cannot miss this great show!

In this highly entertaining 30 minute audio interview Mr. Wayne goes into great detail to discuss the current state of professional wrestling it's past, present, and what he'd like to see in the future.

Topics discussed include:
How The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart was behind the formation of the Nightmares tag team
How wearing a mask helped him to become a better performer
His thoughts and admiration for longtime partner and foe "Nightmare" Danny Davis
The importance of maintaining tradition in wrestling and also how it's important to change with the times
The growing influence of MMA
Why the American style should be incorporating more Strong Style & MMA realism into matches
Thoughts on his legendary father, promoter Buddy Wayne
Ken Wayne has performed all aspects of the wrestling business, but what would've he excelled at had he not been a wrestler
His father's feelings on him becoming a wrestler
His thoughts on his son Eric becoming a wrestler
Memories of his series of matches with Mando, Hector, & Chavo Guerrero Sr. and a GREAT Chavo Classic story!
His uncensored thoughts on Rob Van Dam and his style of wrestling
Why a history of athletics is crucial and beneficial to training in pro wrestling
His thoughts on Ring of Honor and why he believes they are doing things the right way
Ken tells us about his wrestling school and what makes training with a solid training experience
The upcoming "Graduation" DVD featuring his son Eric Wayne and how the DVD will feature a 60 minute match and the graduation ceremony

Nightmare Ken Wayne runs one of the most prestigious wrestling schools in the country, so for those wanting to expand their knowledge of the business, Ken runs several classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced level students. You can visit for all the contact information for the school and so much more!!
You can also gear up for Ken's newest DVD, research the career and see great historic pictures and videos all on

A special thank you goes out to Brian Thompson of and for facilitating this fantastic interview.
Mr. Thompson is an official booking agent to Nightmare Ken Wayne, Beautiful Bobby Eaton and many other stars of the Gulf Coast Region.

You can download the interview or listen online at and while you're there check out the other interviews with stars of the WWE, TNA, WCW, ECW, and the National Wrestling Alliance, like "Nightmare" Ken Wayne, Doug Basham, Bill DeMott, "Southern Justice" Jude Justice, "Tradition" Chris Draven, "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush, "Stone Cold" Shark Boy, "The Damaja" Danny Basham, "The ECW Zombie" Tim Arson, and more!

You can also take the show with you on Itunes at

Direct Download Link

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tony Watts Update!!

----Just to let everyone know that I just finished talking with XOW promoter Tony Watts at length. We have both agreed that our disagreement is "water under the bridge" and there will not be anything else said about it by either one of us.

Jerry "The King" Lawler Talks with RRO!!

----I did have a chance to talk with Jerry Lawler for RRO this past weekend at the All Pro show in Bruce, MS. Lawler was nice enough to sit down for a few minutes after his match tagging with Eric Wayne. We talked about various subjects and he had some interesting stuff to say.


----Lawler told us what we have reported here before that they were ask to stop taping live shows because the station was for sale. Apparently the station was sold and it looked like they were going to get to start taping shows again. But, it seems that the person buying the station backed out and then the station is involved in a lawsuit. Lawler said, “We are just back to where we were.” So, they have no idea when the live tapings will start back and will have a TV spot at CW30 doing rerun shows as long as they want.


----Lawler believes that the suit may have already been dropped. I could not confirm that. Lawler went on to tell the story of setting up the Hulk Hogan vs Jerry Lawler match. Corey and him initially did want to do it at the Mid-South Coliseum and tried their hardest. “I can’t be a part of this” Lawler said he told Maclin, when Corey decided to go to the Fed-Ex Forum. Lawler went on to say, “We could have drew 4,000 people and would have not made money in that building.” Lawler went on to say no one actually told him to not do the Hogan bout. He said he was approached by John Laurinaitis first, and then Stephanie McMahon approached him. He said, “She didn’t tell me to not do the show.” She told me that Vince/Hogan had some heat and it would be best if Maclin did not do the show. She did offer to pay Maclin’s $10,000 deposit on the Fed-Ex Forum. Maclin refused because he had some advertising and sponsors. He felt it would hurt him in his sponsors’ eyes.


----I ask Lawler about his business venture - King Lawler Furniture. He stated that a guy named Doug Hurt from Owensboro, KY approached him as a partner. His deal is that the guy is using his name and he will make some personal appearances at the stores. Lawler is then paid a percentage of profits of the store.


----I ask him about another venture that is sort of using his name with “Royal Wrestling Alliance”. His first statement was, “Are they still in business?” I ask him if I could change the name of my site to and put “read by Jerry Lawler EVERY day!” He said, “I don’t read it every day. The only site I go to every day is” Lawler then stated that they [RWA] are just like other small promotions. He then said, “The key to wrestling is advertising.”


----I ask him about his thoughts on Eric Wayne. He stated that he thought he did a good job. This was the first time that Lawler had actually seen Wayne work. I mentioned Ken Wayne’s school providing good wrestlers. Lawler stated, “Wrestling schools have been wrestlers that worked a few years and then teach guys for 6 months and put them in the ring.” Now with a real school, they will be taught to wrestle. He talked about getting some of the 6 month guys for Memphis Wrestling and that is what happens. “I am not in charge of the talent. Corey does all of that. We have some good talent, but some are too small.”

----Thanks to the “King” for his time. Lawler did pick up a copy of “Yearbook 2007” when leaving. Ken Wayne grabbed his at about the same time. Thanks for the support guys!!

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 3.08.08

----Dazzlin’ Dixie def. Hardknocks Hooligan…The Samoan Raja def. Dr. Doom…Lawman Williams and Tank Turner def. Steven Rampage and Oz…JR Rich def Wyked…The Big Boys def. Dre’ Black and The Outlaw…Danny B. Goode def. Wildside…Impromptu Match ( TV Title Match) Danny B. Goode def. Ravishing Randy to become the new TV Champion.

----141 in the crowd. Confirmed crowd and I was told they were loud and rowdy…Stipulations for Goode/Wildside match was Danny B’s $500 and big screen TV vs. a shot at Ravishing Randy’s TV title. Wildside lost and Jon Seymour set up an impromptu match right then for the title and Wildside was sent to the back!

Southern All-star Wrestling - Episode 34

Southern All Star Wrestling Episode 34
Airdate March 1, 2008 on Comcast 74 in Nashville
Taped on February 15, 2008 at the SAW Arena in Millersville, Tn

Southern All Star Wrestling is now available for internet viewing at

LAST WEEK! The Boogie Woogie Boy talked of forming a partnership with Arrick Andrews and getting revenge on the A Team, especially manager Paul Adams for slapping Miss Boogie…Paul Adams ventured into the backwoods to sign up Hammerjack’s lunatic fan and got way more than he bargained for. “I don’t need no paperwork, baby. I’m the wild man from Dixieland”…Freddie Morton announced SAW’s move to the ION Network on April 5…In the SAW TV Title match, champion Nore Havoc was dead meat after eating a the bicycle kick from Damian Adams but Paul Adams rang the bell. With mass confusion reigning at the desk, Santel clocked Damian and rolled Havoc on top to save the title.

Cut to ringside for the opening with Michael St. John and Jack Johnson. St John revealed the identity of the madman in the woods as Matt Dillinger and said the team of Dillenger and Hammerjack would be knowna as the Tennessee Violence Authority. Out came Mike Sircy representing the SAW Board of Directors. Sircy said they had problems with the television title last week. No ****. Sircy called Paul and Nore to ringside. Sircy said when the BOD reviewed the tape they saw Paul ringing the bell. Therefore: 1) Havoc was giving Damian a TV Title rematch. 2) Paul was barred from ringside. “Get to skipping buggy. And number three, that match is starting now because you know what? SAW STARTS NOW!”

(1) Nore Havoc got counted out against Damian Adams to retain the SAW Television Title in 5:58. Damian exploded on Nore and had the champ reeling. Havoc, wily veteran that he is, capitalized on telegraphed backdrop. Havoc worked on Damian’s shoulder. Nice shoulderbreaker here. Havoc ripped off Damian’s Puerto Rican flag warm up and blew snot in it. Havoc switched his focus to Damian’s back. The big move was a sweet uranage backbreaker. Damian kicked out but was in seriously bad shape. Back suplex counter by Damian to spark the comeback. Damian creamed Havoc with a missile dropkick - right on the button. Havoc was able to grab the ropes at two to save himself. Damian clotheslined Havoc over the top. Havoc got up like was OK and suddenly clutched at his knee. The A Team (Paul Adams, Hammerjack and Samtel) all came to ringside to check on Havoc. Paul signaled for a TO. Johnson questioned how Paul could be out there if he was banned. Damian took matters into his own hands, clocking Hammerjack and Santel. Damian tried to throw Havoc back in the ring, but he wouldn’t budge. Referee Ricky Bell ruled it a count out.

After the match, Havoc showed that his knee was fine. The A Team applauded. Santel said it was a miracle.

A commercial hyping SAW’s move to ION featured a little kid (T. J. Harley's son) in a grim reaper outfit saying. “Don’t you know? Don’t you know, they’re coming, huh, huh, huh, huh.”

(2) Tennessee Violence Authority (Hammerjack & Matt Dillenger with Paul Adams) beat Scott Hayes & Rex Sexton in 8:06. St. John said Paul’s ban was over after one match. Johnson pointed out that Paul even ended up at ringside during that one. Dillenger came out with a pool cue. After a hug from Dilllenger, Paul tried to wipe the BO off on his shirt. Johnson said he probably bathed out at the c-ment pond. St. John said Dillenger reminded him of the Scufflin’ Hillbillies. Johnson brought up the backwoods video.

That stuff just freaks me out. Makes me sick. You know, you go out in these rural place and you’ll be surprised what you’ll see.

It was Sexton and Hayes in complete control. At 4:00, Hayes hit a slingshot dropkick on Dillenger, who was strapped to the tree of woe. Dillenger soon caught Hayes with a middle rope lariat to start the heat. TVA beat the hell out of Hayes. Sexton kept making saves and TVA would swap places without tagging. Sexton took the hot tag and hit a full nelson slam on Dillenger. Then a weird bionic elbow on Hammer. Finish saw Hammerjack distract Bell by threatening to use the sledgehammer, allowing Dillenger to poke Sexton with the pool cue.

Next up was a match from the vault of Reno Riggins’ Main Event Championship Wrestling…

(3) Tommy Rogers beat Wolfie D in 3:53. (July 16, 1999 at the Nashville Fairgrounds) Les Thatcher and Dutch Mantell on commentary. Non stop counters and reversals at a very quick pace. Finish came without warning when Wolfie went for a back suplex and Rogers kicked off the ropes with a crossbody.

(4) T. J. Harley beat Jason James in 3:30. Harley kept spanking James. Even referee Ricky Bell got into the act. James bailed out like his ass was in flames. Harley added to his misery with atomic and reverse atomic drops. When James howled about the rude treatment, Harley poked him the eyes. “A little Curly Shuffle there. No offense, Jack.” Johnson said Harley liked to toy with opponents just so he could stay out there longer. James got untracked with a double karate thrust, a hotshot and a basement dropkick that left Harley hanging upside down from the ring apron. Back inside, Harley made the comeback and set up for his swinging backbreaker finisher. James countered with a roll up using the tights. Harley kicked out and got the three count with a rolling prawn.

(5) Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) beat Boogie Woogie Boy (with Miss Boogie) in 5:05. Boogie hit the ring with fire in his eyes, and he was all about ruthless aggression. Santel took a face first flop, begged for mercy and bailed out holding his aching head. Boogie chased him. Santel caught Boogie with an elbow drop as he slid under the ropes to take over. Johnson said turning to the dark side had made Santel more popular. Santel hit a dropkick and made the “I’m God’s gift” pose before making a lazy back cover. Johnson brought up Boogie’s injuries. “That brain has got to be swimming around in that head.” They mistimed a spinkick spot. Boogie sold it for a two count and Santel strangled him.

Medically, you could suggest a chemical imbalance. I just think some people are just worthless and no good in the first place, and that would describe Rick Santel.

Boogie went up and over Santel and hit the Boogie Blaster. Paul jumped on the apron to distract Bell, but Miss Boogie yanked him down. Paul took a face first bump of the apron. Cut to a close up of Miss Boogie pummeling Paul at ringside. Meanwhile, the TVA hit the ring on Boogie and laid him out with a stuff piledriver. Hammerjack rolled Santel on top, and Bell made the three count. “What pride have you got when 15 people come to ringside to help you?...What glory can there be in that?” Sexton, Harley, Sircy and Reno Riggins all came out the help Boogie out of the ring. Johnson said that might be one concussion too many for Boogie.

Johnson said Boogie would find a way to be there tonight in Columbia to take on Santel.

THE GOOD: The Rogers/Wolfie D was some fine wrestling. I had forgotten what great production values Main Event had. Havoc and Damian had a much better match this week. Best Havoc has looked during the three months I’ve been doing these reports. I like title quest thwarted by the evil mastermind storyline they’re using to push Damian. Tennessee Violence Authority - A fine team with a great name. I see a tag team title run in their future. Good to see Harley winning a match in dominant fashion. He needed it. Boogie didn't make the same mistake he did the first time against Havoc. He was all business here. You’ve got to hand it to Boogie. The guy is bullet proof. The SAW fans never give up on him no matter how many times he gets destroyed. That’s pure heat booking: both top babyfaces have now been incapacitated by the A Team to set up revenge matches down the road. One thing for sure, Santel is way more enjoyable as a heel. St. John and Johnson are getting comfortable as a team. Their chemistry made this show easy to listen to.

THE BAD: There’s a beyond recycled aspect to the Boogie storyline. How many career threatening injuries can the guy survive? I guess the idea is teaming him with Andrews will keep the magic going. Showing Rogers/Wolfie didn’t exactly put SAW in good light. It was better for pure wrestling than anything SAW has to offer. I don’t get debuting a top heel team and giving the jobber team half the match on offense. Trent Van Drisse made the point a few weeks back that they don’t do squash matches in SAW. This was a situation that called for one. Sexton has put on a good 25 pounds since I saw him last. No promos at all this week, and not much hype for the Columbia show which ended up drawing only 60.

THE WEIRD: The plug for the move to ION with that creepy kid.


----Here is the embeded CHR player from this morning's show. "Above Average" Mike Sanders joins Gene and they talk about his time in WCW, TNA, the indys, as well as his transition to stand up comedy for about 30 minutes. Gene is then join by me as they talk about the UWL PPV. Tony Watts no-showed the event, so I call back to talk over that incident along with Yearbook 2007 talk.


Congrats to Kevin White and family on the birth of Gavin Cruz White!! His weight was 7lbs and 13oz. He was born March 3rd, 2008 at 1:44 pm. His name came from GA-from GArry and VIN for KeVIN. Future Southern Champion is being held by Kevin in photo above.

Cheap Heat Special!!

----I just announced this on CHR and because I can not really guarantee how many people are live listeners, I want to give the readers of the site an opportunity to get in on this deal. I have copies of Yearbook 2007 at the RRO offices. Limited Supplies!! If you want to order a copy directly from me and save $3 off the publisher's price, then go to the home page - - and in the lower right hand corner is the CHR logo. Click it and it will take you to a sales page. The first three people to order the book, will get a free copy of All Pro Productions' DVD - "Night of the King". It is a DVD that RRO produced, but is only available at All Pro Productions events.

The Truth: Tony Watts Incident

----I usually do not reprint stuff from’s board or try not to put it over here, but some things have been said that need to be cleared up. If you are a regular visitor to the site and come here to read about news, then I apologize. Just skip this – but I wanted to clear a few things up said about me and the incident on Saturday night.

----When I arrived at Kenny Valiant’s All Pro show on Saturday night, the first person I saw was Tony Watts. I said, “How’s it going Tony.” And he said, “Ok I guess.” Nothing else was said. If he had something to say to me, then why was it not said then??

----I meet with Kenny Valiant and get everything set up for the book and a DVD that I made for Kenny. I then go to the dressing room. I am told at that point by Wayne Blaylock that since I do not have a wrestling license he does have to inform me that I am not suppose to be back there. I am told by a worker to don’t worry about him – he just has to tell me that.

----I later ask Kenny [after the incident] if it was ok for me to be in the dressing room. He said yes. Whether some of you believe this or not – I was part of the show – for the books and the DVD. Kenny did say that if Wayne does not want me in there, then I can not be in there because of the commission. Wayne later shook my hand and told me he just had to make sure to inform me of that in case something happened. I have never been “not welcomed” in a Kenny Valiant dressing room or any other dressing rooms in this area. I have been in and around this business for 22 years – I have not asked about going into dressing rooms for years.

----I was talking with a few of the workers, when Tony Watts came into the room I was in. He said, “I want an autograph copy of that book.” And I said, “You got fifteen dollars??” And he said, “I should get a copy of that SOB for free.” At this point, I thought Watts was actually asking to buy a copy of the book. Remember, he did see me at the car and said nothing. Then bouncing out of the dressing was some kid that started yelling at me and bowing up his chest. I was thinking “WTF” and looked over at Psycho, who looked as shocked as me. Chris Styles then grabbed the kid [who I later found out was Watts’ son] and told him to settle down. Wayne Blaylock then grabbed me and asked me to leave. I am not sure, but I believe another worker stepped in as I walked out. Watts’ son and Tony kept yelling with people standing in the middle of us and Styles telling them to settle down. Before I left, I only said, “Tony you need to settle him down” and Tony started yelling. There were people between us, but seriously if he wanted to fight me he would have moved more towards me.

----At this point I went out to the gimmicks table and sit down. I am honestly thinking “this book is not worth this shit” for a couple of minutes. Then a security guard came to me and said that Psycho ask if everything was ok and if not let him know. [In other words, if not, then we were leaving.] I told him everything was ok that Watts just acted like a fool.

----At this point, as I mentioned above, I did talk to Kenny. I also apologized for the incident and told him that I did not think heat still existed between Watts/me. Watts had talked to him and apologized. I also made it to point to talk to all the guys that were there during the incident and apologize, because I did not want anything like that to happen.

----As I am leaving the building, I am being told that Watts is suing me over the book. Watts is scheduled later this morning to appear on “Cheap Heat Radio” and I will be listening like everyone else.

----I have told this to a few people, but in reality I have no bad feelings towards Watts. I reported incidents that allegedly happened. I reported truth on other things. I also wrote my opinion, which I have the right to do. As I have said before, everyone in this business thinks they are more important than they are. The Watts story is on 3 pages of a 156 page book. It is part of the “history” of last year, but not the “biggest” story.

----I would like to thank Jimmy Blaylock for removing a post from late last night without even asking him to do so. I have reprinted it below, but the “BT must die” comment was way out of line. I do not take death threats lightly and I am assuming Jimmy does not either. So, please don’t get on that board and continue to act a fool, because I will do everything in my power to find out who you are and you will be prosecuted. I know it is silly to even think something like that would go so far as this, but you may say all you want about me just don’t threaten my life.

----This is all that will be said about this incident on the site. I do plan to give a rebuttal to Watts’ comments from CHR if time is permitted. If not, then I will talk about it on CHR on Tuesday night. After my rebuttal is said, then it will all be considered yesterday’s news.

----Thanks to all my friends that have either written or called. This site is a big part of my life and I have no plans to stop writing my opinion. If you have a disagreement with me, then do so. Just don’t put yourself in a position where you make yourself look like a fool. I am also not going to put myself in position of “bodily harm” when someone does not agree with 3 pages of my book.

Name: Breaking News Country: Date: Sun Mar 9 09:42:42 2008 Comment: Tony Watts was going to beat up Brian Tramel at last nights All Pro Wrestling show. I was there and it took several people to hold him back from beating the shit out of Brian.

Name: Rich Country: Date: Sun Mar 9 10:02:04 2008 Comment: More details at the Wrestling News Center about Tony Watts and Brian Tramel.

Story posted on Wrestling News Center

Locker Room Action

I just read on Hollywood Jimmy's message board that Tony Watts tried to jump Brian Tramel in the dressing room at the All-Pro Wrestling show in Bruce Mississippi. They said it took several workers to hold Tony Watts to keep him from jumping Brian Tramel. I called Jimmy to ask him was this true he told me he wasn't there when it happen, but it was true. It was over Brain Tramel talking about Tony Watts wife in the Yearbook 2007, Facts, Figures, & Awards of the Memphis Wrestling Area. I will give you more details later on this breaking news story.

Name: TW FAN Country: Date: Sun Mar 9 12:49:16 2008 Comment: TONY WATTS NEEDS TO BEAT HIM FOR THAT.

Name: I know Country: Date: Sun Mar 9 14:49:50 2008 Comment: I was there - Watts acted like an idiot. BT ws a professional. Watts trying to make a name for himself off of BT and he would have just got his ass whipped. My money is on BT - Watts is an idiot.

Name: John Todd Country: Date: Sun Mar 9 15:22:19 2008 Comment: It has been said more than once on this board that BT will one day get his ass kicked for stirring up shit. Sounds to me like it almost happened last night at Kenny's show. What was BT even doing there in the first place? And what was BT doing in the dressing room?

Name: Well.... Country: Date: Sun Mar 9 15:29:58 2008 Comment: How would you (or anyone) react if BT had talked trash about your family on his site and in his book? You would prolly be wanting to kick butt too! I dont blame Tony Watts!

Name: ps Country: Date: Sun Mar 9 21:59:37 2008 Comment: BT is just some freking dumb a$$ who nobody cares about but now his A$$ just wrote a check it cant cash...BT must die

Name: How I Feel Country: Ark. Date: Mon Mar 10 07:44:55 2008 Comment: BT is a loser and should be terminated from wrestling.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

UWL PPV - Stan Lee Crowned Ultimate Wrestler!!

----The United Wrestling League presented their first PPV online tonight with Bill Dundee/Michael St John doing commentary. It did not go completely perfect, but aside from some audio problems, the show didn’t have major glitches. After reading this and you would like to buy it and watch it, then go to and slap down $11.95.

----“Blindfold” Battle Royal: Bull Buchanan, Stan Lee, “Nature Boy” Kevin White, Chris Badstreet, Yaki, Derrick King, Viper, Idol, Jack Lord, Johnny Slaughter, Bulldog Raines, Orion Bishop. Bulldog Raines comes out with Slaughter/ Bull Buchanan left in the ring. Raines told Bull that Slaughter was cheating. Bull pulled the mask off a bit and then thru Slaughter out of the ring. Jack Lord comes out and tries to attack Bull and Bulldog. Babys sent them packing. [*]

Ultimate Wrestler Tournament

---- Yakki beat RRO Wrestler of the Year 2007 Derrick King. Yaki missed a flying press from the top rope for DK to start the heat. DK tried for a DDT and Yakki held on to the ropes and Yakki pinned him. DK then DDT him after the match and counted him out in Spanish. [*1/2]

----Chris Badstreet vs Viper. No psychology in this bout. I was not sure who was the baby or heel. Dundee kept saying this was a good match, but it was not. I like Badstreet. He used a submission hold to win. Should have given the hold a finisher name. [*]

----“Nature Boy” Kevin White with Jack Lord vs John Buchanan. Dundee mentions that White has a victory over Jerry Lawler in Memphis, TN. White starts heat with a poke in the eye. Buchanan had a comeback, but Lord tripped him as White used the ropes to pin him. Both guys looked good, but not very long match. [*1/2]

---- RRO Best Damn Performer of The Year 2007 Stan Lee beat Aaron Idol with a running Shooting Star press in a quick bout. [*]

----Bulldog Raines vs Orion Bishop. Good psychology. Bishop did a belly to belly on Bulldog. I like Orion. Some awkward stuff from Raines. Both guys are big. They are good solid workers. Bishop pinned Bulldog with Raines’ feet on the rope. Best bout of the night so far. Bulldog chokes the ref [**]

----Jack Lord vs Damon Taz. Taz was wearing a shirt that said, “Chubby and dangersous”LOL Taz was over here. Lord started heat with eye rake. John Buchanan tripped him – Taz used the “fat man stomp” to the face to pin Lord. [*]

----Yaki vs Chris Badstreet. Derrick King comes out to say that Yaki should not be in the ring, because DK had pinned him. Yaki hits DK and Badstreet starts heat on Yaki. Badstreet took him to the mat and worked his arm. DK chokes Yaki outside the ring to help Badstreet in the heat. Yaki for a top rope press, but DK tripped him and Yaki took a good bump. Badstreet then put the submission on him for the win. Badstreet was doing the Liddell celebration pose. [*1/2]

----After the match DK gets on the mic to tell Yaki that he is a loser. DK then announces himself as winner of the match again.

---- Stan Lee vs Kevin White with Jack Lord. Lee came out of a leg hold with a hold to hold counter that I don’t know what to call. Taz comes out to be in Lee’s corner. Not much heat with White sending Lee into the turnbuckle. White ran and Lee did the splits and White went into the turnbuckle. Lee hit the running Shooting Star press for the win. These guys should have had more time. They could have had a good match. Lee got a big pop for the win. [*1/2]

--- Taz vs Orion Bishop. Bishop starts heat with DDT. Bishop keep going for big moves but missing. No psychology. Dundee was not even doing commentary here and you could barely hear St. John. Taz goes off camera and I assume someone hit him with a chair, because they did not show it. Bishop wins by COR. Shitty finish with no psychology. [*]

----Bull Buchanan vs Slaughter with Jack Lord. I am confused here. Buchanan won the battle royal to advance to the finals?? I thought?? But, he has to wrestle Slaughter, but Slaughter has not wrestled anyone?? So how did Slaughter advance?? Michael St. John comes in very loud and clear during this bout. You can’t hear Dundee at first and he comes in later on. Bull dominates almost all the bout. St. Johns says that Bull looks like he is not “enhanced”. LOL Bull looked good here. Slaughter started heat by hitting a neckbrecker. Bull came out of heat and hit a backwards closeline out of the corner that looked nasty. Bull beat him with a chokeslam. Good match. [**1/2] After the match, Kevin White jumped in. Lord/Slaughter/White stuff piledrove on the concrete. Bulldog Raines made save. It looks like an injury angle here. Bull will probably not return.

----Stan Lee beats Chris Badstreet. They do good mat work and hold for hold. Then all of sudden they start fighting and the match was stopped. The match was restarted and they said if someone would be DQ for punching. Badstreet starts heat. Very weird stuff. Looked like a shoot. Badstreet tires to put the “Bodybreaker” [submission finisher named now], but Lee gets out of it. Trading chops outside the ring. Lee comeback with babyface fire, but cut off as Badstreet goes for armlock submission. Backstreet misses legdrop from top rope. Double down. Lee comeback with Lee using a full nelson cradle into a side slam. Lee misses running Shooting Star press. Backstreet goes for submission, but Lee rolls him up for the win. Good match. Big pop from the crowd. [***]

----Orion Bishop vs Bull Buchanan. They are putting over the fact that Bull is hurt – his shoulder. Ronnie West stops match as Bull injured. Bull is stretchered out – looked legit.

Finals of Ultimate Wrestler Tournament

----Stan Lee beat Orion Bishop. Good spots to open match. Bishop hit Lee with slingshot’ed Lee throat first on top rope. Bishop put him in a sharpshooter, but Lee got to the ropes. Ref bump. Bishop hit a nasty spear!! Bishop has chain and Bulldog Raines comes out to grab chain. Ref gets up, but Lee kicks out. Cuts him off with DDT off the ropes. Lee hits running standing moonsault for the win and Ultimate Wrestler Tournament. Lee is given a gold medal as the winner. Bulldog Raines grabs the medal and hits Lee with leaving him lying. [**1/2]


----Larry Goodman reported 400 to 500 in building…Screen was a little small watching it on the computer… Michael St John’s mic I do not think it was working – you could hear him over Bill Dundee’s mic…You could pause it, so you could go to the bathroom or whatever…Full screen on the computer looked like you were watching a third generation video tape…Badstreet is billed as an “Ultimate Fighter”…Dundee confused the hell out me one time talking about Aaron Idol. He said, “I wonder if he is Austin’s son” [Austin Idol right??] and then he says, “Stunning” Steve?? [Steve Austin??] WTF?? LOL Maybe he thought Michael St John said his name was Idol Austin. I am not sure??...Music was distorted and did not sound good…Why can’t workers just get original names Damon “Taz?? Why use Taz??...They need a ringside camera…At some point it sounded like Dundee was grunting. LOL…They need lots of work on the audio. Overall not a great card, but a fun show to watch. They established a feud for Bull and really put over Lee. Lee will also now feud with Raines and DK can also feud with Yaki. Congrats to Lee the much needed push!!


Tony Givens Injury!!

----Here is the video of the injury and the whole Championship Wrestling show. As you can see, it is just a freak accident - as I have said before - you just never know or how you can get hurt in this business. Best wishes to Tony!!

The Thompson Perspective 3.9.08 By Brian Thompson

I’ll start out by apologizing for not writing anything last weekend. It has been a busy few days, but that is no excuse. I know that both of my fans were upset, so Mom and Dad I’m sorry!

Before I get down to business, I want to thank certain parties for the free publicity as of late. I think those of you who read the website religiously know what I am referring to. I’m not going to go into details on the matter. As one person posted on the message board, “opinions are like...,” well you know the rest.

I think we all get so caught up on “what’s wrong with wrestling,” that we often lose sight of what is good these days. So this week, I’ll hit a couple of topics that I thought were good in recent weeks.

First, the WWE has drawn a couple of good houses in our general region since the start of the year. The first show saw approximately 4,000 fans attend a SmackDown!/ECW house show at the Arkansas State University Convocation Center in Jonesboro, AR on Jan. 12. The second show featured approximately 6,500 fans at the Show Me Center in Cape Girardeau, MO on Feb. 29.

Why is this good for this area? Simple. If wrestling draws better at that level, there is usually a trickle down effect. When wrestling was hot in the late 1990’s, smaller promotions were doing much better.

I remember attending an American Wrestling Federation (AWF) show in Bell City, MO sometime in 1999. They had a Doink the Clown on the card and that was it as far as any workers with a “name.” The rest was filled with local talent and I’ll use the term “talent” VERY loosely. Anyway, to get away from being negative again, this show drew 250 – 300 fans. Trust me, that was more than it deserved, but at the time WWF, WCW and ECW were all on fire and it trickled down to even small feds based in Southeast Missouri.

I truly hope another boom period is on the horizon. Some of what we see on WWE and TNA TV doesn’t really wet my wrestling appetite, but at least there are two major places (and three if you count ROH) to work in 2008. That beats the window of time between the end of WCW and ECW and the beginning of TNA and ROH, when there was only WWE.

My second focus this week is wrestling “re-runs.” For those of you who don’t know, you can now see old episodes of Verne Gagne’s AWA Wrestling on ESPN Classic. The shows air several times during the week, usually around midnight. Of course, I don’t stay up that late due to my day-to-day job, so I’ve been taping some of the shows. Thus far, it’s mostly been events from 1986 featuring familiar names such as Curt Hennig, Bruiser Brody, Larry Zbyszko, Scott Hall, Marty Jannetty and Shawn Michaels. It’s a lot of fun stuff if you’ve never seen it or a trip down memory lane for some who saw it originally. Wrestling sure has changed in 20 years that is for sure!
Also, I’ve actually enjoyed some of the re-runs of Memphis Wrestling. Seems like we always pick on MW and that can get old, as Gene Jackson recently pointed out. So let’s actually give credit where credit is due. The Terry Funk stuff from 2004 was fun. I don’t care whether you are smart or in the business, watching those promos makes you think Funk is crazy.

Last night, I enjoyed seeing Lance Russell in his guest appearance from back then. The way he talked about having wrestling matches in the ring instead of B.S. at the desk made me feel like it was a “shoot” for sure.

Well, that’s all for this edition of the “Thompson Perspective.” Until next time, take care all.

(Brian Thompson may be reached at

Southern Saints Join "Cheap Heat Radio" Tuesday Night!!

----Join a "Gene Jackson" free show as Brian Tramel is joined by "Southern Saints" [Marcus O'Neil/Shawn Reed/Reno Diamond] to discuss their trip to CHIKARA. Later in the show Derrick King/Stan Lee will join him to talk about the UWL PPV.

Cheap Heat Radio- Monday at 10am cst.

First off I apologize for Friday's technical difficulties that caused only a few minutes of the Bull Buchanan interview to actually make the air. That sucks, it was an interesting interview with Bull, hopefully we can talk to him again in the future. BlogTalkRadio has been having a LOT of issues lately. Big thanks to Trent Van Drisse for calling in and saving the second half of the show and giving me some good advice for the future.

Listen in at 10am central Monday morning as we will be talking to former WCW/TNA Superstar "Above Average" Mike Sanders. Then at 11am, I'll cover the big local story of the weekend as Tony Watts will be calling in to discuss the confrontation with RRO's own Brian Tramel in Bruce, MS at the All Pro Productions show Saturday night.

I'll also give my review of the United Wrestling League Pay Per View webcast as I plan on checking it out later tonight.

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Dan "The Reverend" Wilson on Jerkin' The Curtain radio Monday March 10th @ 10 PM CST. Larry Goodman‏ co-host

Hey everyone, Dan 'The Reverend' Wilson of NWA Anarchy will be my special guest on Jerkin' The Curtain radio tomorrow night, Monday March 10th at 10 PM CST. Larry Goodman will co-host. Should be a strong show.We'll take live callers at 347-945-5503, and e-mails questions at Check it out live, or check out the archive later. Trent Van Drisse

Site News!!

----Just to let everyone know that comes to the site, that I am tired as hell. LOL I actually arrived back from Bruce, MS around 6:30 AM this morning and I am suffering some major travel "lag". I look for just a few things to be posted today - mainly any results that came in the offices yesterday. Below is items expect to be posted in the next few days.

Stay Tuned for the following....

--Memphis Wrestling TV Report
--All Pro Productions “Night of The King” Arena Report
--Jerry Lawler chats with RRO
--Wrestling News Center runs “Locker Room Action” story
--Debut of OVW Weekly Report

Other breaking news
--Talk with Matt Justice about Justice family controversy?!?
--New tag team to debut in this area soon – “Scary Bad Dreams”!!
--RRO names three top wrestling personalties who left with a Yearbook last night!!