Saturday, March 29, 2008

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 3.28.08

Chris Rocker over "Playboy" Paul Rose

Rockin' Randy over Adrian Stratton

“The Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho] over Rich Rogers & Lacey Jordan to keep LAW Tag Titles

Idol Bane over Tommy Redneck to Win Jeff O'Dell's Money back.

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Seth Knight to retain LAW Championship

----The crowd was up with 70-80…Jeff O'Dell and TGB announced that Flash is not welcome back until he publicly apologizes for his actions last week. Seth Knight came out to challenge Greg Anthony for LAW Championship. TGB said that with Seth's baggy pants, tattoos and piercing that he was the anti-wrestler,the anti-champion and that he would never give Seth a title shot because he doesn't deserve to be a LAW Champion. Seth accused TGB of being afraid but TGB wasn't falling for it. TGB still said he wouldn't give Seth a title shot. As TGB and Jeff left the ring Seth said "I’d be scarred also if I was a midget!" Jeff O'Dell tried to calm down TGB but with no avail, he agreed to give Seth his title match…Rector gave a big Welcome Home Tommy Redneck. Redneck said that he used Jeff O'Dell's money from the $10,000 Royale Challenge to take a little vacation. Jeff O'Dell came out and informed everyone that the stipulation for Tommy Redneck coming back was that he would give Jeff O'Dell a chance to win his money back. So tonight it will be Tommy Redneck vs Idol Bane. Jeff handed Idol some kind of foreign object and Idol won with left handed haymaker. After the match when they opened the money bag, all that there were, was $3 and a camouflage t shirt. Idol attacked Tommy Redneck and gave him two Ghost of Andy Kaufmans…Not sure who came up with the Redneck $3 idea, but that was funny...No Arnez and no St. Louis guys this week.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 3.28.08

"The Ace" Nick/Dick White and Mark Owen are the officials for tonight

White Tiger & Steven Green b Shane Smalls & Lee Cross (w/Lisa Fayzon) when Green pinned Smalls

Damien Payne (w/Fetish) b Petey Wright
This is a #1 contenders match for the USWO Jr. Championship held by LT Falk

Anthony Cervantes b LT Falk
This was a non-title match as LT had offered AC this match last week. AC is legit leaving town and AM Vision is out in street clothes filming this.

Michael Jablonski b Tim Renesto-DQ after Renesto shoved ref Mark Owen

Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b Steve O when Phoenix pinned Steve O, who decided to go it alone after scheduled partner Jamie Dundee was absent. Later, Slade ran out and offered a tag but later turned on Steve O.

Chris Michaels b Mitch Ryder-DQ
Finish here was Michaels ducking Ryder's lariat and ref Owen getting hit. Michaels superkicked Ryder for a long cover that saw ref Nick White run out and count the three. Owen awakens to reverse NW's decision and DQ Ryder!

----86 in attendance...Jimmie Daniel ran the music


Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Piece of my Mind March 28th,2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I suppose that we should talk about Wrestlemania. Is anything else really on the minds of wrestling fans? I, for one, have to say that I am looking forward to it but not like I have in previous years. If nothing else, the Ric Flair situation and how it will be handled, is on my mind. I am one who is not looking for Flair to retire. So I hope that somehow they figure a way to put him over. It wouldn’t hurt Shawn Michaels at all if they put someone like me in a match with him and I went over. So why should a guy who has achieved so much in the business be “forced” out by a “loss”?

Does it feel to anyone like Wrestlemania is the event that will set the tone for the rest of the year for the WWE? It was the event that did that for WWE for many years. I don’t feel like that will happen this year. As human beings we bore very easily and things become mundane and routine to us. I think Vince may be going through that with Wrestlemania this year. It appears that the he has lost his edge and the event is just another glorified PPV. In comparison to the Super Bowl and the World Series, Wrestlemania is in its infancy. But the difference is those events, and others like it, haven’t been guided by the same man for the life of the event. I hope that Vince realizes that this Wrestlemania on paper is coming up real short. Everyone is entitled to an off year Vince. So next year how about going for the Comeback Player of the Year award?

I wrote a few weeks ago about the pay off that was due to Floyd Mayweather. I am sure it could all be a work, but I am not sure how a publicly traded company gets away with such things. What’s even worse is no matter what the WWE say’s or does the stock continues to perform well. It must really be a safe bet and as long as Vince and family are the majority stock holders you can at least count on dividends.

I am very much looking forward to the Hall of Fame inductions. I support all the inductee’s to this year’s hall. They are all deserving of some accolades and appreciation. I don’t know if being inducted to a non-existent hall of fame that is governed by the whim of one man is what they deserve but it is something. When you think of the people not inducted, and I don’t mean people who don’t want to participate, how many former WWWF and WWF and WWE people that have held titles alone aren’t in the Hall of Fame? How about “The Russian Bear” Ivan Koloff as a classic example? How can you ignore what this man has done in the WWWF and NWA? He is a former world champion. You could give a lot more dignity to the Hall of Fame by inducting some people who have actually held the GOLD rather than some who were inducted who barely won a match.

The picture from this article is from WrestleReunion 2 in Valley Forge, PA. It was to be Domenic Denucci vs. Ivan Koloff in a Russian Chain Match. It was great having my long time friend on the show with us. I had known Ivan since I had been in the business and seen many chain matches and been involved in many. The memories always stay strong.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: DCW McGehee, AR 3.15.08

----Here’s some results that I actually forgot to post and it drew a really good show. Sorry to contributor and promotion.

Jazz beat "The Prince" Travion with Irresistible Danielle

El Chupacabra beat "Blue Chipper"

Kevin Douglas beat Bizzarro Cortez

JT LaMotta beat Andy Dalton (retained Louisiana Cruiserweight Title)

Malik Avalon with "Prince" Travion beat Rhettro Thibideaux

"Latinos Locos"
Mexican Giant & Tejano Kid beat Jordan Jaa & Christian Blake
with Papito Gonzales (LL retain Louisiana Tag Team belts)

John Saxon with Irresistible Danielle [pictured] beat Blazing Star with Mini Star [Lucha Libre Match]

Rodney Mack no contest Angel of Sinn with Eve


----275 – 300 people in the crowd.

*The opening match was scheduled as a Ladies Match. Irresistible Danielle comes out to cheers. She's one hot chick. The cheers soon becames jeers as she got on the mic saying she was not going to wrestle tonight. She complained about being in that town, a broken nail, and she didn't want to mess her hair up. She began looking in a small mirror using hair spray. Then she ran down Jazz and said she had somebody for her. She talked about how Jazz no diva like she was and that her long time friend the ultimate diva is here to take Jazz out. Music hits and out comes Prince Travion. The crowd went crazy booing. It was funny seeing all those little kids following Travion all around the ring shouting insults. Jazz came out with her Louisiana Women's Title and her old WWE Title. She dared Travion to beat her for one of them. After Jazz got the pin, Irresistible Danielle jumps in and attacks Jazz from behind. It wasn't long before Jazz regain control and gave Danielle the Jazz stinger. Danielle was carried away.

*The match between JT LaMotta & Andy Dalton was a rematch for the Louisiana Cruiserweight Belt that LaMotta. I went online and found out these are no strangers to each other wrestling throughout Texas & Louisiana. It was actually a pretty good back & forth match.Andy goes on the top rope and jumps off but JT slams him down and JT puts him in the boston crab but Andy grabs the ropes. Andy hits JT with a spinebuster for a two count. JT blocks the clothesline and hits Andy with a hurricanrana and pins Andy for a three count.

*Prince Travion brought out the muscular guy he managed in RWA known as Malik Avalon. Crowd shouted all sorts of you weak, sissy, ect toward these two. Malik pretended to be injured which made the ref check on him. This allowed Prince Travion to get in the ring low blows Rhettro and gives him a DDT. Malik quickly jumps up showing us he was faking and delivers a frog splash from top rope for the pin. Good match between Avalon & Rhettro

* "Latinos Locos" are the Louisiana Tag Team Champs. They came out running down the crowd and talked about how no one likes Mexicans and that they were here to takeover Mexican Style. This team is like I guess our version of LAX gone bad. Then out comes Jordan and Christian. This was a wild match. The match got out of control for a minute allowing manager Papito to give Tejano Kid brass knucks and hits Blake. Mexican Giant, Tejano Kid, & Papito laid the Mexican Flag over their fallen victim. Then they began attacking Jordan & the referee. The crowd was hot and loud. It was almost like a riot. So security ran out and handcuffed Latino Locos and took them away. They were shouting about unfair and their rights while being taken away.

*The match between Saxon & Blazing Star was a Lucha Libre match. This was different. A nice change of pace. Blazing Star is classic masked Mexican wrestler with either a kid or midget known as Mini Star with him. It was very entertaining.

*Main event was real good between Rodney Mack & Angel of Sinn. AOS is the guy that was shown on the TLC tv show "The Bussey Bunch". This match ended in a no contest because Eve tried to give AOS a chair to interfere and tried to grab and hold Rodney's leg which brought out Jazz to even the score.

Photo by KC

Memphis Wrestling TV Report, The Ratings and Flashback!! - LOWEST QUARTER RATING EVER!!

----I have decided just to combo the show, the ratings and Flasback this week for the Memphis Wrestling show. There is very little interest in even seeing the report, but the ratings and Funk interviews have made it a bit interesting. The show overall did a 2.0 [33,074 viewers], which is still below average viewing. Now let’s take a look at the show’s first quarter…..

----Corey Maclin opened the show.

----Jimmy Hart with Christie Ricci, but he called her Christine Ricci. Hart intros Jerry for the “Jerry & Jimmy Show” this week.

----Koko Ware interview and he promises to sing later. Bill Dundee comes out and says “This boy can lip sync, if you know what I mean.” Classic Dundee!! Koko jumps Dundee and Hart helps – Kevin White makes the save.

----Kevin White beat Johnny Dotson by DQ, when Koko hit White with a chair. Commentary from Lawler was bad here – even though he is trying to get over as a heel, he was putting over the fact that this match was so boring because they were wrestling. Strange. Dotson was also trying to get cheered. LOL

1st Quarter 3.0 [50,871 viewers] – Good start, but it was the highest quarter of the show. They turned it on and seen it was still old stuff, so turn it off.

----“Sexy Assassins” [Flex/Tim Grind]. Ricci sits in Lawler’s lap.

----Brian Christopher does “stink face” promo. This was horrible.

----Old Jimmy Valiant video.

2cnd Quarter 2.8 [46,170 viewers] – Ok, they did not turn it off much for the first two quarters with a 91% retention.

----Valiant interview on the phone.

----Spiderman [Derrick King in gimmick] comes out. Lawler challenges him. Spiderman beats Lawler by DQ, when Lawler hits Rashard Devon [the ref] and then piledrives him.

----Terry Funk interview – another classic!! This interview was censored and is part of this week’s FLASHBACK!! Watch the interview below and CLICK HERE for the transcript from the original interview. When Funk mentions this in his book, he talks like the whole thing aired as he sent it. I guess he never knew that they censored it on him. Read it!! It is hilarious!!

3rd Quarter 1.9 [31,228 viewers] – Retention of only 68% for this quarter. Sad, because the Funk interview was in that quarter and even though I hated the Spiderman gimmick, it did get over and Lawler was good in that.

----Sexy Assassins beat Koko Ware/Shock by DQ. Koko used a “shock stick” and caused the DQ. Dundee/White made the save for him.

----Corey Maclin sends in VTR interview and warns Jimmy Hart and Jerry Lawler something about Lawler’s car. They go to the parking lot and Corey almost runs over them in his truck. Lawler’s car’s windshield has been busted and Corey has two bats. Corey does a real good interview with a bat in his hand. This was all done real good and the crowd was chanting “Corey..Corey” loud.

4th Quarter - .25 [4,197 viewers] – LOWEST QUARTER EVER!! Just a little over 4,000 viewers finished up the show watching the last quarter. That is horrible!! They got to do something to change this pattern!! Do it now or you will not have an audience if you ever go back to regular tapings!! It would even help draw a big “Legends” show with ratings like this!!

12 Week Average: 2.4 [40,567 viewers]
12 week low – 1.1 [25,352] 3.15.08
12 Week High 3.5 [58,762 viewers] 1.12.08
Start to finish [-46,674 viewers]

What was Memphis Watching??
Action News 5 [1]/News Channel 3 [2]/CSI Miami [3/4] 9.5 [158,740 viewers]




----Congrats to Nathan Lee!! Lee and Amber are proud new parents. They have a beautiful baby girl named Carmen Nicole. She was born March 22 at 9:45 AM. She weighed 6 lbs and 11 1/2 oz and 18 1/2 inches long.

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 3.27.08

*Jamey Gibson w/ Rebecca Lynn beat Jeff Storm with feet on the rope

*Wayne Adkins & Nick Hammonds beat Eric Steele & Eric Darkstorm

*Cody Ices beat Chance Gibson

*Misty James [pictured] beat Brittany Diamond

*Misty Then challenges Rebecca Lynn .....Lynn beat Misty with help from Jamey Gibson

*Tracy Smothers beat Cody Ices by DQ

*Beau James and CW/SSW TV Champion Brian Logan double DQ wild brawl that went all over the building.All the wrestlers and security did pull apart fight went on for several minutes. Two fans went after Logan. Nothing happened but they got in the mix of wrestlers and security.

----60 paid…Moe Jenkins missed the event due to having oral surgery got the dry sockets…Nicole Starr missed transportation problems. That's why the deal with Misty was done. …Lucky Brittany came with her husband Chance Gibson. Chris Richards missed to put over angle from Sat's Championship Wrestling event was announced he was suspend from the area for 2 weeks for his actions putting Robbie Cassidy in the casket…SSW moves to Tues Nights starting April 15 with Logan vs. James Bunkhouse no ref in the ring and Misty vs. Rebecca Ladies street fight all men are barred from ringside already signed.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shows of The Weekend 3.28 to 3.29.08


----TONIGHT!! for SSW in Kingsport, TN with Beau James vs Brian Logan, Tracy Smothers vs Chris Richards, Misty James vs Nicole Starr, Wayne Adkins/Nick Hammonds vs Eric Steele/Eric Darkstorm, Moe Jenkins vs Cody Ices, Jamie Gibsn with Rebbeca Lynn vs Jeff Storm and more!!

----FRIDAY NIGHT for Rebellion Wrestling League in Newbern, TN with “the Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris], Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Stan Lee, Bishop, Overkill, Weasel, “The Baron” Malkavain, JD Rage, Jason Reed and Chris O’Neal.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… Kid Kash, Mitch Ryder, Petey Wright, Lee Cross, Steven Green, Dyronic, Rob C, Justin Spade, Norte, Damien Payne, JC Crowe, Michael Joblonski, Mark Antony, Tim Renesto, Charming Charles, New York Gangster, Steve O, LT Falk, Cousin Jason X, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for SAW in Millersville, TN Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie],Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Big Rig Bully, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Indian Outlaw, Mason Raige, Nore Havoc, Hammerjack, Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT in Osceola, AR for MCW with “POB” Sid Vicious/Ron Rage, “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpant/C-Money], MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Tojo Yamamoto Jr, Suicidal Youth, Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for LAW in Rector, AR with Seth Knight, "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, Psycho, Pappy, Tommy Redneck, Idol Bane, Adrian Stratton and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with Izzy Rotten,DC, Brett Michaels, Josh Matthews, Neil Taylor, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, Fusion, Devon Raynes, J-Kid, Curly Mo, G-Mo Money, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, Brian & Ryan SoFine and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night for USWO/ATL in Nashville, TN at the Stadium Inn with PG 13’s Wolfie D as guest manager for LT Falk/Steven Green vs Damien Payne/Chris Norte…Kid Dynamite, Dyronic, Kevin Dunn, JD Fluffy, The Nazi Terror, Lee Cross, New York Gangster, Tommy Capone, Boy, Richard Lowe, Homo Hillbilly Quincy, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge and more.

----Saturday night for RWA in Jonesboro, AR at the King’s Sportatorium with Jazz, Rodney Mack, Deadly Dale, Medieval, San Francisco Treat, Loose Cannon, Rottn Randy, Ali Stevens, Chazz Wesson, Cameron Cage and more.

----Saturday night for JWS in Booneville, MS with David Cox, Damion Rage, Dustin Burcham, Robert Rose, AC Styles, Dalton Storm, Chris Stevens, Izzy Rotten, Fusion, Brett Michaels, Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, Casanova Kid, Dirty Sanchez, Neil Taylor, Bonecrusher, Buzz Harley and more.

----Saturday night for TIWF in Trenton, TN Showplex Arena with Wildside, Danny B Goode, Bobby “The Butcherman” Smith, Tank Turner, Hardknocks Hooligan, Dazzlin Dixie, Buckwild Bill, Dre Black, Steven Rampage, Oz, Samoan Raja, Iron Jake Johnson, Big Nasty Bob, The Outlaw, Dr. Doom, Boogyman Scream, Hotrod, Jon Seymour, Drew Magruder and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, “POB” Sid Vicious/Ron Rage, TGB Greg Anthony, Flash Flanagan, Tatt2, Tim Grind, Albino Rhino, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Brian Steele, Shannon Lee, Derrick King, Stan Lee, “Black Label Society” [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley], Sue Young and much more!!!

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Sarge O’Reilly, Danny B Goode, Kilo, Mark Justice, Tim Edwards,Jason Matthews, Rob Justice, Jeremy Moore, Motley Cruz, Arnez, Tommy Redneck, Jon Roberts, Phoenix X and more.

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Dirty Little Dave, “West Coast Mafia” [California Dream/Big Al], Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch, , Chuck Fears, Seth Sabor, Wild Bill,”American Degenerates” [X-Kaliber/Morgan Lane], 1 Cody Only [formerly Cody Daniels], Tommy Wayne, Casino Kid, Johnny Harper, Tim Hanson, Mac Daddy, Demon X and more.

Peggy Gilbert Arrested!!

----Here is a story that I actually seen first posted up on TVD's board. I am confused though - who does the grand daughter belong to?? It states she is an adult?? I thought Eddie and Doug were the only kids?? Somebody help me out here!!

Lexington Alderman, and former Police Commissioner Peggy Gilbert was arrested on domestic assault charges Friday night, according to an incident report filed with the Lexington Police Department. According to the report, officers responded to a domestic call at 55 Brown Street around 7:30 p.m. Friday.

An officer spoke with the victim who “said she had been assaulted by her grandmother following a verbal dispute.” The officer’s investigation determined that Gilbert, 65, of 90 Helms Street, “to be the primary aggressor.”

Gilbert was placed under arrest, charged with simple domestic assault and transported to the Henderson County Jail.

The report states that the victim, an adult, later sought treatment at Henderson County Community Hospital, but no information on the existence or extend of injury was available.

Gilbert was booked under the name Willie E. Gilbert, creating some initial confusion.
LPD Commander Jeff Middleton said he did not know whether Willie or Peggy was Gilbert’s legal name.

Once booked, Gilbert was housed in a room separate from the female inmates for the 12-hour minimum stay for the domestic charge.

Henderson County Sheriff Brian Duke said he has fielded questions about the decision and that he takes full responsibility for that decision.

“Alderman Roy Woods also asked about that decision,” Duke said, “and like I told him, I have a responsibility for the safety of everyone, inmate and officer, in the jail and I wasn’t willing to take the risk of putting an alderman and police commissioner in a cell with people who had been arrested by LPD officers. It wasn’t a decision made to show preferential treatment, but to minimize the risk of harm.”

Gilbert e-mailed a statement about the incident yesterday.
“I regret the incident that happened this weekend. I appreciate the support that I have received during this very difficult time. I want to thank the Lexington Police Dept. for their professionalism, they did what they had to do,” Gilbert said.

Gilbert was released without bond pending her court appearance.

Credit: Henderson County News


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scott Barry vs TVD on Jerkin' The Curtain Thursday March 27th at 10 PM CST‏

Scott Hudson was the most recent to suggest it, and it's going to happen tomorrow night, Thursday, March 27th at 10 PM central time. Scott Barry vs TVD on a special edition of Jerkin' The Curtain radio. Barry, of Bert Prentice' Nashville wrestling, is a long time employee/right hand man of sorts to Mr. Prentice. The Thursday night was picked to fit Mr. Barry's schedule, he can't do Monday nights. Mr. Barry says nothing is off limits, but he agreed to do the show only if it was just him and I, one on one, nobody else involved. There will be no phone calls or e-mails taken this show. It will just be myself and Scott Barry one on one, debating, arguing, whatever, just a big b!tchfest I guess, we'll see. We've had a 'feud' of sorts on my Mid-Southern Wrestling message board for quite awhile now, so if you enjoy listening to two idiots who don't know when to shut the Hell up argue for about an hour, this might be the show for you! Check it out live Thursday night, or check out the archive later. It's been booked! Trent

Monday Night Wrestling Returns!!

----The above was posted on a bulletin from Tatt2 on Funny how they spelled DK's name. Interesting to see if this group can draw?? Anybody interesting in checking it out?? Drop me a line.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


BELL TIME IS 7:30 pm
Here is an updated card for the April 12th RCW show.


"Primetime Player" Zane Richards vs Derranged vs Urban Soulja vs Suicidal Youth vs New York Gangster vs Fluffy

RCW Heavyweight Championship

(C) BoneCrusher vs Farmer Billy Hills


The Hambone Express vs "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank & "Badstreet Boy" Ryan Lee

E.Z. Ryder vs HamHock

T.W. Justice vs Rob Justice

Southside Brawler vs Mr. Pimptacular

Revolutionary Championship Wrestling also has a website. You can visit by following the link below.
And you can also visit their myspace page at...

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 3.22.08

Tommy Wayne/Mike Anthony beat Cody Only/Cody Murdock

Wild Bill/Mr.X beat “American Degenerates” [X-Kalibur/Morgan Lane]

Ray Ray beat Casino Kid -Austin Lane came in to help Casino but it backfired and he cost Casino the match.

Bethany beat Nikki Lane

Battle Royal winner get spot in the fatal four way for the heavyweight title at anniversary show winner-Casino Kid

ASWF Title match
Austin Lane beat Chuck Fears- Finish had Casino come out and hit Chuck with chair to help Austin

----130 to 150 in the building…Before main event it was announced that they had a drawing to determine the other 2 men to be in the fatal fourway at the anniversary show and first name drew was Blalok the Blazer…After the main event, commissioner Judgment came out and said that the last person in the fatal four way was Chuck Fears. Chuck reminded everyone that since he beat Lane 3 weeks ago he had a he could pick when and the match stipulations and since Judgment made the match this week he still had that in his back pocket. He said next week he will face Lane in a ladder match because he didn’t want to wait til anniversary show and he gave up his spot in the fatal fourway. ASWF Title Match: Ladder Match – Austin Lane vs Chuck Fears this coming week.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.22.08

At the beginning of the show "The Official” came out and called out "The Atomic Dog"Ali Stevens. He told Ali that last week he was humiliated by Treat and wanted to get revenge. Ali told The Official that this is professional wrestling and he is just a ref. Ali told him that he gets paid and paid well to kick butt so he thought it would be better if The Official just went back to the back. He even called him the ref in a dress. Funny stuff from Ali. Frank Martin the owner of the RWA explained to The Official that he did not intend to disrespect him but he made the match for the fans and the fans want to see Ali Stevens and The San Francisco Treat. However, Mr. Martin is very clever and gave Ali a bone if you will to chew on. How about it be the Atomic Dogg Ali Stevens and The Official in a tag team match against, The San Francisco Treat and his manager Rottn Randy. Ali answered, Hell Yea!!!!!! That was set for the main event.

Chris Steel beat Zane Richards

Deadly Dale and Sergeant Shakedown beat New to the RWA Southside Brawler and Mr. Pimptacular

Gary Diamond beat Medieval.

Chazz's 5 min White Boy Challenge: Chazz Wesson beat Big Al

Tatt2 beat The Loose Cannon

Ali and The Official beat San Francisco Treat and Rottn Randy

----150+ in the building….The angle with Chazz is sending a message to “Red Dogg” Rodney Mack by doing his White Boy Challenge. Gary Diamond hit the ring for the save to get Chazz off Big Al. Medieval hit the ring and jumped on Gary. Medieval got a chair from under the ring and they started to work Gary over. Medieval took off his belt and used the buckle to bust Gary open. Chazz used the belt to whip Gary's back. Again Chazz told the crowd and Gary to send that message back to Rodney Mack. Rest assured Mack will answer the message in the weeks to come…Cannon would not come out this week because he thought all the fans would make fun of him. His head was shaved 2 weeks ago. He finally came out after Mr. Martin asked the crowd not to make fun of him. He came out in an awful orange wig. The fans went crazy…Tatt2 for the second week in a row thrilled the crowd with his high flying abilities…In the main event, Rottn hit Ali in the back with a chair and just made Ali mad. Ali chased him out of the building. Treat took the chair and hit the Official and knocked him out. Treat then took the makeup from last week and a dress and put it on him. As Treat was parading The Official around, Ali came back and hit Treat with some good shots until Treat got out of the ring. Treat told Ali that he had a dress that would fit him too. Ali said he would like to see that. Then asked Treat if he was big enough to put it on him? Ali asked Mr. Martin to sign a match with him and Treat. He wanted no DQ and no interference from any of the Rottn Crue. That will be the main event for this weeks show.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 3.22.08 - Danny B Returns!!

Show opened w/ NBW Champ Motley Cruz coming to the ring Motley called out Big Red who said that he wanted a title match tonight, Motley responded by saying that after he beat Red last week, Red would have to work his way up the ladder, but he said Red would get a title match, but it would be his own, he was to defend againsy... Gaylon Reed! Motley then stated he would give a young deserving kid a shot, he would defend against Buckwheat. Acting Commish Rick Marx said that while he liked the idea of Red vs. Gaylon, Motley does not make the matches, and that tonight it would not be buckwheat who got the shot, it would be DANNY B. GOOD!!! After an altercation between Red and Motley Gaylon and Biscuit attacked Red, after the ref gained control the match began. Big Red def. Gaylon Reed after botched interference from Motley resulting in Red giving Gaylon a Chokeslam for the 1, 2, 3...

Mark Justice def. the Riot Squad in a handi-cap match after giving former partner Rob Justice the Hard Justice for the 3

The “Original Southern Pride” ( Kilo/Tommy Redneck ) def. "The Real Deal" Tim Edwards & John "Biscuit" Roberts by DQ. During the course of this match, The Kid got involved and basically cost his "Owner" the match.

Jeremy Moore def. Sgt. O’Reilly after Tony "The Weasel" Watts kept getting involved resulting in the returning Big Money Gripp hitting Sarge in the back w/ a cane leading to a schoolboy for the 3 by Moore. This match was Fans Strap Match, and much to the surprise of the Sarge, the fans were in no mood to hit Moore, they wanted Sarge. Sarge took a vicious beating from the crowd in this match.

NBW Title Match: Motley Cruz beat Danny B. Good

----Between 130-140 in the crowd, up this week again. Moore and B.M.G., Southern P Pride got good pops...The place went completely nuts for Danny…Heat of the night for Sarge…After Moore and Sarge's match Sarge and Tony said more of XOW would be there this week. Also NBW united to tell XOW to get out of town…The Riot Squad re-united w/ Mark Justice with Moore, B.M.G., and Southern Pride. B.M.G. will be in Southern Pride's corner this week for “Family of Pain” [Mickey Ray/Sarge O’Reilly] vs “Southern Pride”…The fans in the strap match were crazy the beat Sarge and Tony pretty bad…In his return to Dyersburg, fan favorite Danny B. Good was defeated by Motley Cruz after Motley snatched Danny's tights. After the match Motley attacked Danny and kept beating on him until Big Red made the save. After all was aid and done Danny said he would be back and he loved the fans, he also invited fans into the ring to dance!...Representing XOW will be Tony Dabbs, Josh Matthews and Chris Styles will be coming in this week.

Monday, March 24, 2008

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 3.21.08

Pre Show:

TFW General Manager "Axeman" Randall Lewis announced that all four members of Parental Advisory (Scott Porteau, Tony Dabbs, Ryan Sofine, & Izzy Rotten) are no longer licensed wrestlers. Their licenses were revoked as a result of their actions at TFW the previous week, where they beat down TFW Promoter Denise Blaylock. As a result of that suspension, the match for April 11, 2008, for control of TFW, has been cancelled, since the members of PA are no longer licensed. Axeman promised that a new main event for 4/11 will be announced soon.

Opening match
3 way match for TFW Light Heavyweight Championship
LSD over J-Kid & Gary Gonad. LSD is new Lt. Heavyweight Champ. Gary Gonad apparently lost a front tooth during the match.

Buzz Harley over Dirty Sanchez.

Next match had an unusual stipulation: It was announced that DC will face Josh Matthews in a grudge match on 4/11/08. As a stipulation of that match, Josh picks DC's opponent tonight. DC picks Josh's opponent the following week. Josh picked Bonecrusher to face DC. Bonecrusher over DC by count out.

The members of Parental Advisory made their way into the arena and found seats. They had apparently purchased tickets to the event, and were therefore in the building legally.

Next bout was Neil Taylor vs. Curly Mo. Curly was accompanied to the ring by Dirty Rell Mo & G-Mo Money. The match was won by Neil Taylor, in spite of repeated interference by Dirty Rell Mo & G-Mo Money. After the match Taylor got into a heated confrontation with the members of parental Advisory. Neil ended up hitting Scott Porteau. The members of PA left the building out the front door, only to return a few minutes later with a deputy sheriff. Porteau had Neil arrested on assault & battery charges. Taylor was taken away in handcuffs.

In the next contest Chris Stiles defeated David Cox by pin fall. After the match Stiles was attacked by Vega the Dragon, who announced that he was accepting the open challenge issued by Stiles for April 11. Stiles later said he was going to kick Vega's ass.

Lil' Devil defeated Kid J by pin fall.

P.H.A.T. Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) over Casanova Kid & Josh Matthews.

The Main event was The Freakshow (Chop the Clown & Vinny the Blade) vs. the Fusion & Bret Michaels. Match ruled a no contest when Parental Advisory ran in and attacked everybody. The beat down continued until Neil Taylor ran in to make the save. Taylor was still wearing the handcuffs. Taylor later said it had cost him $1200.00 to get out of jail, and that PA as going to have hell to pay.

It was announced during the show that "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore would soon be returning to TFW.

Buff Bagwell returns to TFW on April 11, 2008. Also that night there will be a grudge match between DC & Josh Matthews.

CREDIT: Jack Flash

Vinyl Comments About Incident!!

----Johnny Vinyl wrote the following on his blog today…


Guess which part of this story is untrue? Fuckin’ internet...

Somebody at work today asked me if I got stitches for my face. I told them the truth, which is I just used a little bit of superglue and everybody was disgusted. Is that really something people outside of wrestling don’t do? Weird.

I am more in love with pro wrestling than I ever have been. You’d think after the incident this weekend I wouldn’t be, but I feel so fucking optimistic about the future. It’s gonna be great...

----I sent Vinyl a note to comment on what happened asking what was “untrue” about my article. He responded with the following……

"I do not feel it is appropriate to discuss backstage incidents to the public. I believe what happens backstage should stay backstage. However, I will comment on what happened in front of the curtain. I never once laid my hand on this kid. I yelled at him, I did frighten him, I did get in his face, but I did not shove or push him or touch him at all. I'm not going to apologize for getting heat.

I feel some people acted very inappropriately and unprofessionally to the incident, and I'm currently discussing things with LAW management. I do not yet know if my career is going to include continuing in LAW or not. However, I do appreciate all the support I've gotten from fans and other wrestlers in the days after this unfortunate incident. "

Photo from his site.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 3.21.08

Pappy over Pierre by DQ

Gary J over The Spanish Inquisition

The Asylum over Rockin' Randy & Johnny Vinyl to win LAW Tag Titles

Idol Bane over Adrian Stratton

Seth Knight and Brandon Espinosa over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony & Flash Flanagan w/ Slim Pickens as Special Guest Ref

50-60 in the crowd…Stratton came out to “Bump & Grind” and was dancing…The winner of the Pierre/Pappy match was awarded the right to be ringside for the tag title match. During the tag title match Pierre came out anyway and hit Pappy in the back with a chair as Psycho turned his attention to him, he was rolled up and a "Quick Count" by referee Myles Murphy. Myles then went outside and celebrated with Randy and Vinyl until Sherina Fowler came out to confront Myles' obvious quick count. Pappy blasted Myles and Sherina restarted the match and The Asylum pinned Rockin' Randy for the tag team titles. After the match Vinyl said he would regain the tag titles but it wouldn't be with Rockin' Randy and he kicked him and gave him a reverse death valley driver…In the main, Flash held Seth Knight when TGB went to hit him and Seth moved and TGB nailed Flash out of the ring allowing Seth to roll up TGB for the 1,2,3. After the match TGB started beating up Slim but Flash came and pulled TGB off him. Jeff O'Dell tried to keep these two apart but finally Flash threw Jeff out of the way and Flash and TGB traded right hands. Flash knocked TGB out of the ring. Flash said that Jeff still hadn't paid him his money and that he wanted to find out if Greg Anthony was really The Best of the Best. Flash helped Slim Pickens up and shook his hand…I believe it was Arnez/Psycho that actually won the tag straps, but it doesn’t matter, because they have being doing the “Freebirds” trio tag team rules.

Photo by KC

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mike "The Punisher" Promo on Jerkin' The Curtain radio Monday March 24th at 10 PM CST

Tomorrow night, Monday night March 24th at 10 PM CST the special guest on Jerkin' The Curtain radio will be Mike "The Punisher" Promo. Promo is the promoter of Cookeville, TN based Fusion Tradition Wrestling, aka FTW, and a long time regular poster on my Mid-Southern Wrestling message board. Always a controversial and opinionated sort, Promo will discuss his promotion, his thoughts on strong style wrestling vs old school southern wrestling(his thoughts in this area probably vary somewhat from most promoters in Tennessee), the wrestling scene in Cookeville, Nashville, and whatever else comes up. Should be an interesting show to get things from Promo's perspective. We'll take live callers and ask e-mail questions on the air. Check it out live Monday night, or check out the archive later. Cya then! Trent Van Drisse

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN - SID VICIOUS RULES TLCW!!

Ike Tucker d. The Gladiator

Shannon Lee d. Tim Alfonso
The Posse (Simon Reed, Little Chris) d. Albino Rhino/Dell Tucker

Reggie B. Fine d. The Golden Boy Greg Anthony

TLCW Title Match
Flash Flanagan d. Alex Krisis

Three Way Tag Team Match
Chris O'Neal/Drew Donovan d. Bishop/Idol Bane & Mark Sterling/Cody Melton

Baron Malkavain d. Rockin' Randy

TLCW Tag Title Match
Hot Topic (Derrick King, Stan Lee) d. Black Label Society (Robbie Douglas, A.J. Bradley)

Prior to his match with Krisis, Flash Flannigan publicly fired his valet, Ms. Vanna. He stated because she had failed to show up for some recent matches she should leave. After several minutes of trying to convince Flash to change his mind, Vanna left. Then a few minutes into the match, Albino Rhino came to ringside. Krisis was clearly distracted by Rhino. At one point,Flash grabbed his trademark kendo stick and went toward Krisis. Rhino hit the ring and attacked Flash. Vanna came back to the ring and told a battered Flash that she manages Rhino now. She promised that Flash would regret firing her.

Co-commissioner Jimmy Tidwell asked that Hot Topic come to the ring because he had a "big surprise" for the Tag Team Champs. After Hot Topic arrived, two members of the P.O.B. came out. While a war of words began in the ring, Sid Vicious silently entered the arena. He assaulted Hot Topic from behind. Then, he along with the rest of the P.O.B. beat down Hot Topic. As the P.O.B made their exit, the Black Label Society came to the ring and informed Hot Topic that they would be using their automatic rematch for the Tag Titles tonight.

In the main event, Black Label Society focused their attack on Derrick King. Sid and the P.O.B. had split Derrick's head open earlier, and it did not take the BLS long to reopen the wound. Derrick was bleeding all over the place. Finally, he tagged in Stan Lee. Stan managed to get the pin, but he and Derrick wereleft laying by the BLS.

The attendance was about 115.

Photo - from MCW 3.14.08 with Sid going after Big Daddy LaFonce. Ref is SEW promoter Lammarus Brooks.

RassleResults: KAPOW Lenior City, TN 3.22.08 - Fan Gets Struck with Kendo Stick!!

----Reported as an “overzealous fan”, she grabbed Travis Sawyer [shoot son of famous Atlanta TBS wrestler Buzz Sawyer] on the shoulder at the end of show and he hit her with a KENDO Stick. She was taken to the hospital and checked out. She was fine but had a knot the size of a golf ball on the side of her head. She was released and was told just to rest a day or two. The promotion has been on the TN INDY board apologizing for the incident and from all accounts I can get – this was for shoot. It will be interesting to see if the woman presses charges. I was told SSW’s Brian Logan had a similar situation and was locked up for 2 years. As I have said in the past when situations like the happen – if it is a shoot, then the girl will not involved in any angle and the Travis Sawyer will not be wrestling in that town anymore. It also opens a big can of worms on whether she should have touched him and what “rights” wrestlers have in protecting themselves.

Platinum Kings pinned Dustin Steal and Mike Blade

Rip and Matt Mayhem went to a NO CONTEST after Trooper T hit the ring. Both guys beat on Trooper T leaving him lying.

"Millionaire" Matt Stone pinned Sigmon after a distraction from "Filthy" Rich Kavana. Pamelicious got some payback after the match.

At the end of Intermission, The Rip hit the ring on Sigmon who was doing polaroids with fans. Rip demanded that Pamelicious do what EVERYBODY should be doing and that's take a picture of the best body in KAPOW. She refused and Rip punished Sigmon more and more until finally putting him in the torture rack. Pamelicious finally took the photo.

Donovan Daniels pinned. Commander Scott E. Hanson of the Starship KAPOW

Trooper T fought through messed up ribs after the beatdown earlier in the night and returned full control back to the original KAPOW board of directors. Jaheed Al Jazeera took his own flag and was beating on Trooper with it. The ref said he was waving the flag thus awarding Trooper T the match.

The Encore defeated Death Row Inmates in the first of its kind LENOIR CITY LOCKDOWN. Tyler Sutton was bleeding heavily in this one. After the match Platinum Kings hit the ring and beat on all 4 guys.......By the end of everything it was settled, APRIL 12th KAPOW Returns to Lenoir City, TN. It will be Encore and DRI vs. Platinum Kings and ANYBODY they can find in a FANS BRING THE WEAPONS MATCH!!!!!!

----80 to 120 in the building…This was on the message board – “On behalf of KAPOW we would like to apologize to everyone for Travis Sawyer's actions at the end of the show. The fan was taken to the hospital and they are to call me and let me everything about her when they hear . I will keep everyone informed of her condition, if the girl is ok with that. Again we sincerely apologize and the matter will be taken care of QUICKLY.”


Credit: TN Indy Board


----Photo of is of me and some chick doing a rabbit gimmick. This was not the shoot Easter Bunny.

No C.H,R. this week, Randy Hales rescheduled for next Monday

Due to some issues at work, there will be no Cheap Heat Radio this week at least not from me, BT may decide to do a 'Shootin the Shiznit', but as of now this Monday's show with Randy Hales has been rescheduled for next Monday March 31rst at 10am central.

In the meantime be sure to check Trent Van Drisse's 'Jerkin the Curtain' at a special time Thursday night March 27th at 10pm as he will square off on the air with everyone's favorite Nashville shill, Scott "Hair in Progress" Barry. Should be an interesting show.

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 3.22.08 - "Funeral Services" for Tony Givens Career

Chris Richards defeated Matt Burns

Wayne Adkins defeated Adam York by DQ when York punched the referee... After the match, Wayne Smith came in and joined in on the attack on Wayne Adkins until Nick Hammonds made the save with a chair.

Before John Hawkins' Funeral Service" for Tony Givens' career, it was announced that due to the nature of his loss to Robbie Cassidy on March 1, Brian Logan has been given back the CW TV Title... After that announcement, Hawkins called out the rest of JHP, who brought a huge JHP casket to the ring to symbolize the end of Tony Givens career... Robbie Cassidy came to the ring an challenged JHP's Chris Richards to CW's 1st Ever Casket Match on Thursday, April 10 in Kingsport.

Nick Hammonds defeated Wayne Smith by DQ when Charlie Smith came into the ring and helped double team Hammonds along with his brother. Wayne Adkins came to the ring and he and Hammonds fought off the Smith Brothers, leaving their valet Barbie alone in the ring. Adkins and Hammonds then took turns spanking Barbie.

Charlie Smith defeated Matt Stevens

Chris Richards, Cody Ices & Alyx Winters defeated Ray Idol and US Tag Team Champions, Beau James & Moe Jenkins when Richards defeated Jenkins with a sleeper hold

TV Champion, Brian Logan and Adam York defeated National Heavyweight Champion, Robbie Cassidy & Thorn when Logan defeated Cassidy after using a loaded boot

Championship Wrestling's next event is on Saturday, April 5 in Johnson City, TN at the Carver Rec Center with Chris Richards taking on Moe Jenkins in a Johnson City Street Fight.

----235+ in the building...I love how these guys used the "Funeral" to set up a casket match - smart booking...Championship Wrestling returns to Kingsport, TN on a Special Thursday Night, April 10 with a special 7:00 PM Bell Time... In the Main Event, Robbie Cassidy defends his National Heavyweight Title against Chris Richards in a Casket Match...To get all the info on Championship Wrestling, visit

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 3.22.08 - 200+ In The Showplex!!

----Samoan Raja def. The Outlaw…J.R. Rich def. Mr. X…TIWF TV Title Match: Buckwild Bill Def. Danny B. Goode to become the new champion…Spyder def. Wildside by DQ…Chico Mendoza def. Wykid…TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match: Dre’ Black def. Big Boy Bob by DQ ( Title didn’t change)…Locked & Loaded ( Tank Turner/Lawman Williams) def.X-3 ( Steven Rampage/Oz).

----203 in the building…Charles “ Killer” Jines and Sam Lowe inducted into the TIWF Hall of Fame.


RassleResults: USWO 3.21.08 - 7th Anniversary Show!!

Cousin Jason X NC Shawn Hoodrich when Mark Anthony (w/Tim Renesto) hit the ring and pummelled both, saying Michael Jablonski and Dutch Mantell would get the same treatement later

JC Crowe b Steven Green by DQ when Green took Crowe's can of air freshener away from him and hit him upside the head with it

Rob C & Justin Spade & New York Gangster b Shane Smalls & Chris Norte & Lee Cross when Gangster pinned Cross

LT Falk b Petey Wright and Damien Payne in a 3-way to win the USWO Jr. Championship when Falk pinned Payne after backdropiing Wright out to the floor

Steve O b Tim Renesto in a no-DQ match

USWO Tag Team Champions Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b Bill & Jamie Dundee in a non-title match when Phoenix pinned Bill after Quarisma had hit Bill with an object hidden in his robe

Mark Anthony (w/Tim Renesto) b Michael Jablonski (w/Dutch Mantell) by DQ when Renesto slipped Anthony some powder and distracted ref Mark Owen, but Jablonski kicked the powder in Anthony's face and when Owen saw Anthony's face powdered he DQ'd Jablonski

USWO Champion Mitch Ryder b Chris Michaels

----129 paid...This is the USWO 7th Anniversary Show that was originally scheduled for 3/7 but got snowed out.Tim Renesto and Chris Michaels appeared on the first USWO card on 3/20/01 and on this one as well...Frank Morrell and Brother Ernest stopped by too.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel