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Memphis Wrestling TV Rating Report 4.19.08

----The rating for last Saturday night was 2.5 [42,308 viewers], which was just a little above average. They continued to lose viewers during the whole show as the people realized that it was an old show. Nothing new – week after week.

----I also added the ratings of Smackdown and RAW of this past week. I will have TNA ratings next weekend added to them also.

-Dotson interview
-Shock/Dotson angle
-Shock vs Dotson & Scott Starr
1st Quarter 3.0 [50,199 viewers]

-TK2/Koko – interview
-Brian Christopher – interview
-Brian C vs Nicholas Doom
2cnd Quarter 2.9 [48,688 viewers] [-1511 viewers]

-Dundee/Mabel/Kevin White – interview
-Koko/TK2 vs Dundee/Mabel/White [1st fall]
-Lawler interview [start]
3rd Quarter 2.4 [40,629 viewers] [-8059 viewers]

-Lawler interview [finish]
-Steve Keirn interview
-Koko/TK2 vs Dundee/Mabel/White [2cnd fall]
-Corey promises live wrestling and TV show soon
4th Quarter 1.8 [29,717 viewers] [-10,912 viewers]


----Shock pitched Johnny over the top rope – it looked awesome. His chair shot to his knee looked horrible though. Why would Shock have to use a chair on such a small guy??...”Union City Connection”..LOL I remember this – funny…Brian Christopher is still doing that same old tired bullshit in 2008!!...I haven’t seen Doom work in 4 years, but damn give him a spot on WWE TV!! Good match with Brian C…Steve Keirn interview was good. When Maclin had some WWE connections it made the show seem more legit. But, now, Maclin sues the WWE. LOL…Cool finish with Brian C’s head down in the 2cnd fall of the tag match. Flex and Brian C really did look-a-like…This was a pretty good show.

What was Memphis watching??
Action News 5/Saturday Night Live
8.9 [148,834 viewers]

12 Week Average: 2.1 [35,433 viewers]
12 week low – 1.1 [19,139] 3.15.08
12 Week High 3.3 [57,083 viewers] 2.09.08
Start to finish [-20482 viewers]

Smackdown 4.18.08 6.9 [115,844 viewers]

WWE Raw 4.1 [1st hour] [68,835 viewers]
WWE Raw 5.5 [2cnd hour] [92,340 viewers]
WWE Raw 6.4 [run over] [107,450 viewers]

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RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 4.25.08

Juicy JC Crowe b Shawn Hoodrich

Justin Spade b Lee Cross (w/The Diva Lisa Fayzon)

Shane Smalls b Petey Wright

USWO Jr. Champion Damien Payne b LT Falk & Steven Green by DQ when ref Mark Owen spotted Falk hitting Payne with the title belt

USWO Champion Chris Michaels b Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles)

USWO Tag Team Champions Michael Jablonski & New York Gangster b Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix by DQ after Quarisma splashed ref Mark Owen as he was making a count.

----83 in the crowd...Was Renesto Ryder's surprise??

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: Spring Breakout 2008 - New Tag Team Champions!! FIRE!!!

Chris Rocker over Steven Kennedy
Idol Bane over Brandon Espinosa
Hot & Heavy over The Asylum to Win LAW Tag Titles
Rockin' Randy over Evan Galistico
Chris O'Neal over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by DQ

--Steven Kennedy looked good in his LAW debut

--Espinosa spun out of The Ghost of Andy Kauffman went for a clothesline and Idol caught him for the Side Effect but Espy turned that into a pin.... 1...2... Idol reveres the pin into a pin of his own and gets the 1..2..3

--Announcer Tony Anderson welcomed back Dell Tucker. Tucker said that he had sustained an injury in a match with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony but now he's back, he's 100% and next time he gets an opportunity to be in the ring with TGB, TGB just might be the one that leaves injured. TGB's music hits. TGB tells Tucker that this is Professional Wrestling not Jazzercise and that injuries happen. It’s not his fault and he has enough to worry about with Chris O'Neal. Chris' music hits. TGB tells Chris that he doesn't like him making him a liar but he promised after tonight you will never see Chris O'Neal's face in LAW again. Chris tells TGB that he hasn't forgot what happen last time when it took him, Jeff O'Dell and six others to take the LAW Championship from him. Now I'm back because as a heavyweight champion you just don't measure up! TGB tries to punch Chris but Chris blocks and bumps TGB out.

--In the tag team title match, Pappy went to suplex Jade back into the ring but "Playboy" Paul Rose pulled Pappy's foot and held it down unbeknownst to the referee.

--Evan Galistico said that Jeff O'Dell had gave Johnny Viynl this week off because "He feared for his Safety". So he was sent by Vinyl as a suitable replacement. Randy won with the superkick.

--Right before the main event Chris announced that he had someone in his corner to keep Jeff O'Dell at bay, Dell Tucker. Chris O'Neal made TGB look like a fool on several exchanges. Eventually the match broke into a brawl with Chris getting backdropped through the gimmick stand window. As Chris made a comeback, he hit the ropes and Jeff O'Dell tripped him. Tucker then chased Jeff around the ring and out the front door. The referee had followed them out to try and restore order. Chris hit the Overexposure and pinned TGB. The ref slide back in 1..2.. TGB kicks out. Chris goes to the ref and when he turns back to TGB comes face to face with a FIREBALL!!! Referee calls for the bell and the wrestlers clear the dressing room.

----80 in the crowd, which wasn’t much better than average for a “super” card…FIRE!!! TGB slowly turns into “Hot Stuff” Greg Anthony. LOL

A Piece of my Mind April 26th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I broke into the business in the nineteen eighties. I had the chance to work with a lot of stars and be exposed to a lot of other guys that I still work with today. When I first started out helping in the WWF I would get the coffee and soda’s for the guys. It was coke, or coffee those were the choices. I think back to guys like Big John Studd that are gone now and Jesse Ventura who sat there so quietly. Now when I see Jesse on TV I laugh when I think back because he is just the opposite.

I would have never dreamed that Jesse would have achieved the success that he has. In the same token I find myself thinking that if he was running for President I would vote for him. I think he is just what the country is looking for someone who is ready to stand up and fight. I can’t tell you much about how Jesse was in those days because he never said much. He really only spoke to one guy he is a wrestling photographer named Bob Mulrenin. I don’t know if they are still in touch but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were.

The other thing that stands out in my mind was that Jesse wanted sixty thousand dollars to make an hour speech at WrestleReunion in Tampa. It was clear to me at that time Jesse was at a point of no return and that he was no longer "one of the boys". It wasn’t feasible to even consider that offer, but if I had, Jesse would have been a wrench sitting in a bowl of fruit. The price alone tells me that he wouldn’t have fit in.

I can remember sitting in Madison Square Garden the night that Howard Finkel announced that Jesse was in the hospital. If I remember correctly, he was scheduled to wrestle Hulk Hogan that night. It seemed to be a serious issue. In retrospect, that almost seemed like "the end" for Jesse but in reality it was really "the beginning".

The first time that I met Michael Hayes I was very excited about it. I thought The Freebirds were big time. I had been watching them wreak havoc on TBS for quite a while. I was at Afa’s house and the then WWF was running at the New Haven Memorial Coliseum. The Samoans were not booked that night but Afa was supposed to pick up “The Birds”. He asked me if I wanted to go and get them I said "sure I did".
It was a short ride to the airport in New Haven. When the plane landed I saw Buddy Roberts, Michael Hayes and a huge mountain of a man named Harley Davidson. As a side note to other stories Harley Davidson and I got along great and we became good friends when he took on his more famous persona of Hillbilly Jim. I can tell you that the small plane started to leave when Michael figured out his bag didn’t come off the plane. He tried to chase it down the runway swearing he had seen it put on the plane. The airline staff told him that yes it was but it had been taken off at the other location for weight and balance issues.

So here are the Freebird’s minus Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy whose non-appearance was disappointing to me. I believe in never checking your wrestling gear. There are too many potential issues that could go wrong. So when we got to the arena and told Strongbow ( the agent that night) what happened he put “The Birds” on last in a match against The Moondogs. I went back to the airport and met the last flight and got their luggage and made it back to the arena in time for them to change and have their match . I know Michael had no intention of not getting paid and was more than willing to go in the ring bad street style. I have always wondered what the very opinionated Jay Strongbow would have done about that. The WWF was not a territory to wing those kinds of things.

As far as I know that was the one and only appearance of Harley Davidson in the WWF. When the night was over we all went to Afa’s house for a late dinner and some laughing and joking. I bet Michael isn’t laughing as much today as he did that night.

The picture for this article is of Michael from the dinner that night at Afa’s house on Shepard Avenue in Hamden, Ct. He used to have a ring in the backyard where we would train. That is where Rikishi got his start and Virgil also. Those were really the days.

This has been a piece of my mind

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Let's play a game (Book your dream indy card)

Okay, there's been a lot of talk lately about booking. Fans and workers saying promoters don't know who to use and how to use them. Promoters saying their aren't ANY decent workers out there to book that can work or draw money.

So I thought it would be interesting to play a little game here. Let's say hypothetically someone handed you a wad of money and said book the best indy show you can. No WWE or TNA guys, but all other Indy guys in the country are fair game. The amount of money isn't important in this instance, let's just assume it's enough. I just want to see a) where would you have it? (City and Building) b) who would be on your card and what matches would book them in?

That would be interesting enough, however if your really feeling frisky you can add option c) who would go over/what would the finishes be?

I really would love to see what people come up with and what readers of this site think would make for a good show you never know maybe some promoters/bookers will see this and get some insight from it. It doesn't matter if your a fan, a worker, an actual promoter, please reply. If you want to kayfabe who you are just post under fake name, it will still be interesting to read. Who knows if people post some really good stuff maybe BT will include some of it in the 2008 Yearbook.

Click here to start booking!

RassleResults: RBFE Memphis, TN 4.21.08

----Soultaker beat Jason Richards…Rockin Randy beat Dell Tucker…Bishop w/Rashard Devon beat Chris Lexx…Baron Malkavain beat T att2,Malik,Reno Diamond,The Crime,Jason Richards in a 6 way eliminiation match for the Light weight title…Brickhouse Brown and Reggiee B. Fine w/Rehard Devon beat Sniper and Precious…Derrick King w/Rashard Devon beat Grandmaster Sexy to win the RBFE Unified title(Brian had the pin but his shoulders were counted down]

----Crowd around 40-60 people…No Kamala,Koko B. Ware or PG 13 or V-Man – I assuming they were all advertised??...Everyone said the 6 – Way Elimination was match of the night.

RassleResults: UWA Seymour, TN 4.24.08

-Brian Cassanova def. Blackjack Miller (w/ his manager Dr. Feel Good)

-Allen & Alex Shepard def. UWA Tag Team Champions Aaron Cross & Mike Ogle to win the titles!

-Jason Dalton def. Adam Armor

-UWA Champion Shawn Shultz def. Matt Boyce to keep the title

-The Naturals def. John Davis & Trip

RassleResults: EPW Alcoa, TN 4.24.08

Donovan Daniels came out and said he was taking the night off to save himself for the title tournament after "having a wild night with 4 beautiful women" but had a replacement in the form of the returning Dillinger.

Shane Andrews pinned Dillinger following a frog splash.

Sigmon beat The Rip in a Dog Collar match following a diving head butt with the dog collar chain wrapped around his head. Which resulted in Sigmon getting a nice black eyes and cut under his eye

The Platinum Kings w/Tony Lucassio defeated The Atomic Science Project of Dave Pillman and Scottie Atomic w/Kole Layton king when Travis Sawyer pinned Scottie following the Fall From Grace. (Inverted Natural Disaster is my best description). Rope broke during the match but did not stop the action

Shane Williams pinned Keith Knox when he reversed Keith's choke bomb into a modified small package. Afterwards Keith told Shane he didn't really beat him because he was still standing and challenged Shane to get back in the ring where Keith hit The King with a sit-out power bomb.

Jeff ' Wildman" Anderson beat "Handsome" Beau James in their chain match by touching all the corners consecutively.Lots of blood from both guys. They both laid in the ring after the match for a bit. James was helped out by security and the ref

Right as the main event was about to begin there was an impromptu Daly Dose where Tyson Daly w/ Sgt AWOL said that the Menace was going to be beat down tonight in his match and they would watch near ringside.

Davey Richards defeated Menace after hitting him with the DR Driver (butterfly pile driver.) Afterwards Davey thanked the crowd and Menace and following that Menace thanked Davey and the crowd and started a "Please Come Back!" chant.

----130+ in the building...Next week will be a 10-Man Tournament for the Title.

Valiant, ASWF featured in local newspaper

The Newport Independent newspaper in Newport, Arkansas ran a feature story on "Handsome" Jimmy Valiant today in its sports section.

The article talks about Valiant still living his dream today through his involvement in professional wrestling, including with the All-Star Wrestling Federation. ASWF, Rickey Rowland and Austin Lane are all put over in the article.

Coming off the heels of a tough situation that was well documented for the ASWF this past weekend, it is nice to see this piece. Hopefully, it will help them maintain the momemtum they have established recently.

Check the article out online at this address:

On a side note, look for a new "Thompson Perspective" this weekend, as early as later today.

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"Shooting The Shiznit" is Ready!

----“TGB” Greg Anthony joined the show and talked about “Spring Breakout 2008” going over the main matches. Idol Bane called in to talk for a bit. Anthony also talked about working in CCW and the Johnny Vinyl angle they shot this past Friday night. The show then goes totally crazy as “Picture Perfect” are on the show. We talk about Jon Michael’s current new gimmick, the day I walked in on CJ “shaving” and just a bunch of other meaningless stuff. I tell an “Awesome Kong” story from this past weekend and CJ ends the show talking about meeting Garth Brooks. PP also goes thru the RRO Top 10 of 2008 workers from last year and gives their opinions. It was a fun show. Thanks to all!!

Shows of the Weekend 4.24 to 4.28.08

----Show of the weekend is easily the Championship Wrestling show in Kingsport, TN with AJ Styles. That show has the potential to have some real good matches. The UWA show tonight has lots of good talent on it. It should be good. The other big show is LAW’s Spring Breakout 2008, which really is just a bit above average card unless they plan some big angles. I am actually going to stay home this weekend, because I can not afford the gas prices – if a show is NEAR you – support indy wrestling!


----TONIGHT in Alcoa, TN for EWP with ROH’s Davey Richards, Menace, Shane Williams, Keith Knox, Jeff Anderson, Beau James, Rip, Sigmon, Dave Pillman, Scotty Atomic, Platinum King, Shane Andrews, Donovan Daniels and more.

----TONIGHT in Seymour, TN for UWA with Steve O, John Davis, Kassie Rains, Stephanie, Mike Ogle, Aaron Cross, Alex Shepard, Jason Dalton, Adam Armour, Matt Boyce, Shawn Shultz, Misfits, “The Naturals” [Andy Douglas/Chase Stevens]and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for Rebellion Wrestling League in Newbern, TN with “the Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris], Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Stan Lee, Bishop, Weasel, “The Baron” Malkavain, JD Rage, Jason Reed and Chris O’Neal.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… Mitch Ryder, Chris Michaels, Petey Wright, Lee Cross, Steven Green, Chris Michaels, Dyronic, Rob C, Justin Spade, Norte, Damien Payne, JC Crowe, Michael Joblonski, Mark Antony, Tim Renesto, Charming Charles, New York Gangster, Steve O, LT Falk, Cousin Jason X, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for SAW in Millersville, TN Gary Valiant [w/Miss Boogie],Hammerjack, Arrick Andrews, Big Rig Bully, Sean Casey [w/Samantha], Chris Bomb, J-5, Indian Outlaw, Mason Raige, Nore Havoc, Kory Williams, Vic the Bruiser and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT in Osceola, AR for MCW with “POB” Sid Vicious, Ron Rage, “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/C-Money], MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for LAW in Rector, AR for SPRING BREAKOUT 2008 with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony vs Chris O’Neal, Idol Bane vs Brandon Espinosa, “Asylum “ vs “Hot & Heavy”…Johnny Vinyl, Rockin' Randy, Pierre Abernathy and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with Izzy Rotten,DC, Brett Michaels, Josh Matthews, Neil Taylor, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, Fusion, Devon Raynes, J-Kid, Curly Mo, G-Mo Money, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, Brian & Ryan SoFine and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday night for USWO/ATL in Nashville, TN at the Stadium Inn LT Falk,Steven Green, Damien Payne,Chris Norte, Kid Dynamite, Dyronic, Kevin Dunn, JD Fluffy, The Nazi Terror, Lee Cross, New York Gangster, Tommy Capone, Boy, Richard Lowe, Homo Hillbilly Quincy, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge and more.

----Saturday night for JWS in Booneville, MS with Blade, LSD, Slammer, “24/7” [Kross/JR Mauler], “Danger Zone” [David Cox/John Ellison], Danny Morris, “PHAT Foundation” [Chris Stevens/Chris Fontiane/Justin Rhodes], Damon Rage, Dustin Burcham, Jay Webster, Buzz Harley, Cassavova Kid, Soultaker, “Pure Destruction” [Cody & Brody Hawk], BJ Fuller, Dalton Storm and more.

----Saturday night for RWA in Jonesboro, AR at the King’s Sportatorium with Jazz, Rodney Mack, Deadly Dale, Medieval, San Francisco Treat, Loose Cannon, Rottn Randy, Chazz Wesson, Cameron Cage and more.

----Saturday night for TIWF in Trenton, TN Showplex Arena with“Locked & Loaded” [Tank Turner/Lawman Williams] vs "New Breed of Perfection", Dre Black, Dazzlin Dixie, Danny B Goode,Chico Mendoza, Hardknocks Hooligan, Big Vic McNasty, Spyder vs Big Boy Bob, X-3,Wykid/Chris Braggs, Samoan Raja, Dr. Doom, Ravishing Randy, Wildside, Boogeyman Scream, JC, Jon Seymour, Drew Magruder and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, Randy Hales, TGB Greg Anthony, Albino Rhino, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Reggie B Fine, Derrick King, Stan Lee, “Black Label AJ Bradley], Shannon Lee, Tim Alfonzo, and much more!!!

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Sarge O’Reilly, Danny B Goode, Kilo, Mark Justice, Tim Edwards,Jason Matthews, Rob Justice, Jeremy Moore, Motley Cruz, Tommy Redneck, Jon Roberts, Phoenix X and more.

----Saturday night for CW in Kingsport, TN with AJ Styles vs Thorn with Kandy, David Young vs Adam York, Robbie Cassidy vs Menace, Wayne Adkins vs Chris Richards, Moe Jenkins, Beau James, Alyx Winters, The Ginn, Nick Hammonds, Cody Ices and more.

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Austin Lane, Nikki Lane, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch, Idol Bane, Chuck Fears, Wild Bill,X-Kaliber, Morgan Lane], 1 Cody Only [formerly Cody Daniels], Tommy Wayne, Casino Kid, Johnny Harper, Tim Hanson, Demon X and more.

----Monday Night RBFE in Memphis, TN @ Creative Arts Center with Kamala, Reggie B Fine, Brickhouse Brown, “TGB” Greg Anthony, Eric Wayne, Derrick King, Brian Christopher, Koko B Ware, Tatt2, “The Baron” Malkavain, Rockin Randy, “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy], Precious, Shannon Lee, Lamarrus Brooks, Crime, “Bar None” [Sniper/V-Man] and more!!

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 4.19.08

----Show opened with the returning XOW in the ring, they introduced themselves then introduced a new member... Mark Justice! They also introduced the XOW champion Max Steele.

High Risk title Biscuit def. D.J. Stunner, Gaylon Reed, The Kid, Synn and Suicide in the match of the night to become the new #1 contender.

"The Real Deal" Tim Edwards lost to Rob Justice via reverse decision after the kid slipped a chain in tim's tights

Tommy Redneck vs. TW Justice vs. Jason Matthews was ruled a no contest after the FOP ran in and started jumping everyone. While this was going on, Moore and Jason Reed made the save and a tag title match was set up for later in the show

Motley Cruz/Mark Justice def. Kilo/Big Red after interference from Redneck leading to the loss

“Family of Pain”( Sarge and Mickey Ray ) def. Jeremy Moore and Jason Reed after Tony Watts kept Moore on the floor while Sarge and Mickey used a chain on Reed for the win.

----About 100 in the crowd…Pop of the night was probably for Moore this week, match of the night was the opener…Epect matches to start being announced this coming week for the 5.17.08 show featuring Chris Masters…I was told there was fight backstage between Kilo/Jason Matthews. It has nothing to do with anything about the show – it was all personal stuff. You guys need to keep shit like that at home. They are lucky they are both still working for NBW.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 4.19.08

----The Leprechauns [Lucky/Lethal] beat Loose Cannon…Silas beat The Official…Zane Richards beat Big Al/Sergeant Shakedown in a 3-Way…Kevin Douglas beat Bull…Gary Diamond vs Chris Steel – TL draw….Deadly Dale beat San Francisco Treat,

----100 in the crowd…Cannon/Randy got into a fight after Cannon’s match – looks they are turning Cannon…Douglas and Bull are both students of Rodney Mack…After the main event, SFT used a chair again to knock out Dale…Big Al got knocked out and make up put on him. Owner Frank Martin threatened SFT to not touch him again…They are running an angle where a decision is going to be made to bring back Ali Stevens or not?? Look for him to return within in a few weeks…Super Chevy Car show and K-8 Walk along with a Magic Show – so they had some competition this past Saturday night….They have added a smoke machine to their entrance.

MLW Gets New Trainer!!

We are PROUD to announce our new trainer for Memphis Ladies Wrestling, none other than Debbie Johnson, former pro wrestling star from the late 70's and early 80's. She is one of the BEST lady wrestlers around when she worked, and everyone may know her, as one of the 4 ladies Andre the Giant held up on his shoulders. This picture has been shown all over the world for the best several years. Debbie is a great wrestler, trained by the late Fabulous Moolah, and spent 5 years on the circuit battling all the famous heels of her days. Now she wants to spread the wrestling she learned to every female who wants to learn the real way women wrestle in America. Classes are to begin very soon and you will train 2 to 3 days per week, at our facility. Please write us for more details and cost if you are interested.

It is a three month course and if you really deep down want to be a female wrestler, then your look is over, you now have found the very best you could have found

email is

RassleResults: Benefit Show Blue Mountain, MS 4.19.08

Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) & Brian SoFine defeated Tommy Knox, Bonecrusher, & Cassanova Kid. Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock accompanied PD to the ring and interfered throughout the match.
Danny "Monkey Boy" Morris defeated Damion Rage.
"Southern Thunder Chris Kilgore & Buzz Harley defeated 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler).
Jay Webster defeated Damion Rage.
The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor & "Prime Time" Nick Grymes.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----I was told there was less than 20 paid for this show.

RassleResults: SPWA Pulaski, TN 4.19.08

Steve O won via countout against Big Hoss in a bullrope on a pole match

SPWA champion Don Bass successfully defended his title against Travis Locke

In a six man tag match, the team of Brawler Rex, Brawler Mark and the Punisher defeated Tojo Yamamoto Jr., Jose Guerrero and Mikey Dunn when Brawler Mark pinned Tojo Jr.

Mikey Dunn pinned the Punisher in a singles match.

Jose Guerrero won by Dq against when Brawler Rex ran in to help Mark beat on Jose. Tojo Jr. came to the ring to help Jose.

The SPWA will return to Pulaski on Saturday night April 26 at the Berry Brothers Expo Hall. Bell time is 8 p.m.

Credit Hoss Williams @

----This group is booked by Don Bass.

RassleResults: JWS Boonville, MS 4.19.08

ll Matches on the card were NO DQ.
Blade defeated LSD.
Slammer defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.
24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) vs. Danger Zone ("Dangerous David Cox & "Hot Rod" John Ellison was thrown out by the referee.
In a "Booneville Brawl" match where fans brought the weapons, BJ Fuller & Dalton Storm defeated PHAT Foundation (Chris Stevens & Chris Fontaine) w/Diamond to win the JWS Tag Team Championship.
Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham defeated Jay Webster in a Dog Collar Match.
Justin Rhodes w/Diamond) defeated Buzz Harley to become the new JWS Champion.
Bonecrusher, Cassanova Kid, & Chris Fontaine defeated Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) & Soultaker in a lumberjack match.
This Friday night: PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, & Chris Stevens) vs. Blade, BJ Fuller, & Dalton Storm.
The following Friday: Slammer vs. "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris in a BED OF NAILS MATCH. If Monkey Boy loses, he has to leave JWS for 90 days. If Slammer loses, he has to leave JWS for 90 days plus he gets his head shaved.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----This group was suppose to do an "All Cage" show, but apparently it no-showed. Word I am getting is that it had something to do with Wayne Blaylock??

"Shooting the Shiznit" On Thursday!!

----CHR presents host Brian Tramel with "TGB" Greg Anthony talking about upcoming LAW show. "Picture Perfect" will also be stopping by to talk about their recent matches and such. Special 6:00 PM Start Time!! Call or e-mail us questions!! (347) 838-8101

"Jerkin The Curtain" Is Ready!!!

----This past Monday's show featured Larry Goodman and host Trent Van Drisse talking to Big Rig Bully. I have not listened to the whole show yet, but what I have heard was interesting. One thing I can say - Big Rig sure is a good talker. LOL Check it out!!

Flashback!! April 24, 1977 by Mark James

This week’s flashback travels 31 years into Memphis Wrestling History

This Monday night card (for April 24, 1977 ), had a main event of Rocky Johnson vs Harley Race for the NWA World’s Heavyweight title. The semi-final match featured Jerry Lawler defending his Southern title against former NWA world champ Jack Brisco. Also on the card were the American Dream, Dusty Rhodes and Mike Graham. This wasn’t the first time the NWA World champ had defended the world title in Memphis , nor was it the last. The importance of the NWA world champion being on this card, as well as the appearances of Jack Brisco, Dusty Rhodes and Mike Graham, speaks volumes as to the real battle that had already taken place over the Memphis territory.

A little over a month earlier, (on March 14, 1977 ), the last Jerry Jarrett-Nick Gulas card took place in Memphis . Jarrett had been the Memphis booker for most of the past decade. Jerry Jarrett had built and handled all of the West TN side of the promotion for promoter Nick Gulas. The reasons for the Jarrett-Gulas split have been talked about many other places, so I won’t rehash it here. What I do want to bring up is how the ruling body of wrestling, the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance), accepted Jerry Jarrett’s split from Gulas, and allowed them into the fold.

When I talked to Jerry Jarrett about it, he explained that when the split took place, he went to the NWA board of directors and asked to be able to promote under the NWA banner in Memphis . Nick Gulas demanded that the NWA ban any of their wrestlers from being able to wrestle for Jarrett in Memphis . Jerry Jarrett simply asked the NWA to allow the wrestlers to decide if they wanted to wrestle in Memphis . Over the years, Jerry had built great relationship with NWA board members: Eddie Graham ( Florida ), Jim Barnett ( Georgia ) and Jim Crockett Sr. (Mid-Atlantic). These relationships were instrumental in getting the NWA board to side with Jerry Jarrett. The fact that Nick Gulas did not have a good relationship with the wrestlers, really hurt his cause because he wasn’t able to get anyone to willing to wrestle for him against the new Jarrett promotion.

As you read over it, be sure to look below the surface and realize how important this card was in Memphis wrestling history. With an attendance of 8,693 along with this being the first major card for the upstart promoter Jerry Jarrett, this card was really what got the ball rolling for an amazing run in Memphis .

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1. He is currently finishing up Vol 2 and we will have full details on it here when it becomes available. James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – Take a look at the site!!!

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 4.19.08

----Ike Tucker beat Shannon Lee…”Golden Circle” with Tracy Smothers…Rockin Randy beat Bishop…Pokerface/Lil Chris beat “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy]…”TGB” Greg Anthony beat Tracy Smothers…Stan Lee/Chris O’Neal/Drew Donovan beat Albino Rhino/Dell Tucker/Robbie Douglas.

----120 in the crowd…The Smothers vs TGB was good again on Saturday…Also told the Asylum tag with Poker/Chris bout was a good one.

"Shooting the Shiznit" Tuesday Edition with Brian Logan Is Ready!!

----This show is fully hosted by Brian Thompson, Gene Jackson and myself. No major technical difficulties except at the end as the show cuts me off. We talked about Bobby Eaton, Brian Christopher, Matt Boyce and other stuff. Brian Logan joined the show to talk about the AWA Title and was just a great guest. Logan talks about going to prison for hitting a fan and being trained by Smokey Mountain Wrestling. He was a good intelligent fun guest.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Coach's Corner - "That Is Just The Way He Is..."

----Well, you know…that is just how Brian is; right??…Does that make it ok?? Brian Christopher was contacted on Friday by the ASWF to replace his dad in the main event. I heard David Walls say that Brian was real nice on the phone in the dealings and promised to be there. Brian was THERE, but for a show that starts at 7:00 PM and shows up at 10:15 PM with the writers of the show stalling to make time for him. That is just not acceptable. It would be ok, if this was the first time that this happened and this was the first promoter that Brian made wait for him to arrive, but as many you know – that is just how Brian is; right?? The boys in the back that I talked to were behind the idea of continuing the show and telling the fans that Brian did not show up. That is what should have been done and then when Brian arrived – sorry dude, you did not show up on time. Would that have justified him showing up late? Would he continue to show up late? Sure he would – that is just how Brian is; right??

----The whispers were that Brian was “messed up” when he arrived, which is bad in a few ways, but really I am pretty liberal when it comes to that. If he can get in the ring and perform without hurting himself or someone else, then just because he might have a “buzz” really should not matter. Hell, that is just how Brian is; right?? The promoters are also in a bind here, because if they piss off Brian, then they might piss of Jerry. I think Lawler knows how is son is and continues to work for anyone that will pay him to work. Most promoters have gotten smarten up when it comes to Brian, but others try to give him a chance. If I was promoting, even though I consider the guy very talented, I could not consider booking him.

----On the opposite end of the spectrum – what would you do if you got a call early in the morning that someone needed a replacement and the show was almost 7 hours of a drive away?? Ok, I would say..”thanks..but no thanks”..LOL I am being honest here guys. But, I am also not a professional wrestler that makes my living for this sport. The key word in this story is “professional”, because that is what ODB is – a professional. She told the promotion – I will be there and got in her car and drove 6.5 hours from Louisville, KY to Tuckerman, AR to give the fans a show. She was there on time. She was there for an angle and she even put over the local person in her match. ODB went out to sign autographs and talked with the fans for I believe two intermissions. Yes, she was selling her gimmicks and making money, but she was friendly with all the fans. Guess what?? She was also super friendly with everyone in back – all the workers who wanted photos and just to talk. I know some of you are thinking “you workers are marks”, but here is a woman that has been doing TV and PPVs with a promotion that airs in over a million homes. Is she a bitch and unprofessional? Nah, not at all – that is just the way ODB is; get it??

----Two examples of total different types of workers when it comes to be professional and just nice to your fellow workers. It was brought up on the message board by Tommy Wayne about the dressing room etiquette and shaking everyone’s hand & such. That is something that some of the young guys have to be taught, but most of us old timers make it a point to say hi to everyone. I find myself missing some of the people, because I am at fault mostly talking to guys that I know. If it is a small dressing room, then I do make it a point to say hi to everyone. Big dressing rooms – I usually hit everyone before the night is over, but I do know there were some of the guys on the show that I did not shake their hands. Was I being disrespectful?? No, I was not trying to be, but my main objective at being at a show is – watching the show. Everything Wayne said and a few others on the board was 100% correct – you got to show respect to all – undercard and top main event talent. It flows both ways.

----I got a few letters and calls about my overall thoughts on the ASWF show. I really didn’t want it to come off as this promotion not having talent. The promotion has great talent depth – probably some of the best in the area. The problem is that you get on a big show like this – pushing too many gimmicks – and you really can’t see the guys work. You get guys stuck climbing chains or just with too many guys in the ring at the same time. It’s called a clusterfuck. LOL You got a guy like Scott Fury, who I consider in the top tier of their workers, working Smart almost in a throwaway match. Austin Lane is blamed for putting himself over too much and being his #1 fan, but [and this is not going to be a popular statement] his match with Brian C – for psychology and entertainment – was the best bout on the show. You also got a guy like ACID [missing “something” was in reference mainly to a look – ala – Idol Bane, Cody Only or Brandon Barbwire], who should have been the guy running out to make the save for Brian C – not the promoter. My final note on ASWF – you have enough talent on the roster to have good workers with the belts, instead of the owner booking himself as champ.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Fire and Flame Available For Bookings!!

----I got word this weekend that the team of Fire and Flame are now available for bookings again. They sent word that they are healed and ready to make another run. If anyone is interested then drop them a line at THE_FIRE_AND_FLAME@YAHOO.COM. Tell them RRO sent you.

"Shooting the Shiznit" SPECIAL TUESDAY EDITION!!

----We had some major technical difficulties last week and I am hoping we can clear everything up. I will be joined tomorrow afternoon by CHR's Gene Jackson. The only confirmed guest we have is new AWA Champion Brian Logan will join us, but Gene and I have lots to talk about. If you have questions or comments, then we welcome your calls!!

Special start time: 4:30 PM! CALL 347 - 838 - 8101

RassleResults: ICW Mathiston, MS 4.19.08

The Executioners defeated Dylan Hale and The Convict in a return challenge match.

Dirty Sanchez defeated the Predator due to interference by Orion of DOA.

"The Outlaw" JD McKay defeated Trainwreck for the ICW Heavyweight title.

The Disciples of Anarchy went to a 20-minute draw with The Scorpion and The Predator.

"Mississippi's Greatest Living Legend" PorkChop Cash won over Mitch Toretta by DQ when the Outlaw JD and DOA jumped in the ring and went to beating down Cash. ICW Tag champions Predator and Scorpion made the save. PorkChop then got on the mike and challenged the 4 heels (McKay, Toretta, Orion and Sanchez) to a six-man tag match for May 3rd - special stipulation is the loser of the fall gets 10 lashes from the winning team....McKay had taken off his belt and whipped Cash before the babyface save.

----78 in the crowd, but hopefully the angle off the main event and the return of PorkChop Cash will pop a larger house next card (May 3rd)...ICW is in Columbus,MS at the Boys and Girls Club this Saturday, April 26th...ICW will be having a big 3rd anniversary show on 5-17 in Mathiston,MS with the return of "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, Brian Christopher, and Derrick King all booked.

Arena Report: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.19.08

----This promotion has the best building and setup of any of the arenas in the area. It could probably pack in just a little over 400 people. Nice seating, nice building, nice owner and a great depth of talent. Did they put on a good show though?? It was a bit disappointing and as you will read the show was not that good. I think they have some of the best talent in the area, but there was way too much gimmickry and guys were not asked to wrestle.

----They started the show with them giving out awards for the first year of ASWF in Tuckerman. Here goes the list…

*Announcer – Brian Edwards
*Stable – “the Entourage” [Austin Lane/Justin Smart/Blalok The Blazer]
*Lifetime Achievement Award – “ Hollywood ” Jimmy Blaylock
*Most Hated – Nikki Lane
*Most Popular – Chuck Fears
*Veteran – Johnny Harpter
*Feud – Austin Lane vs Brandon Baxter
*Most Underrated – Scott Fury
*Show of the Year – “The Immortal” 12.01.07
*Match of the Year – Chuck Fears vs Austin Lane vs Jerry Lynn 12.01.08
*Manager – Demon X
*Most Entertaining – Austin Lane
*Next Big Star – Casino Kid
*Rookie – Seth Sabre
*Division X Star – Tommy Wayne
*Diva of the Year – Nikki Lane
*Tag Team of the Year – “American Degenerates” [Morgan
*Wrestler of the Year – Austin Lane

----I was told at one time that these awards were shoot, but a few of them seem a little “worked”. X-Kalibur was hilarious in his acceptation speech crying and saying, “I am happy to win an award that Austin Lane did not win..” LOL

----“Gauntlet for the Gold” was first up. Match started with two people and someone else entered every 2 minutes. After everyone was eliminated except for 4 guys, then the match turned into a tag match. The winning tag team would then participate against each other for the prize of an open contract for the ASWF Title. The winner would receive a “Money in the Bank” suitcase, but the twist was that the contract has a “24/7” rule. In the match was Cody Murdock [big guy with smooth moves], Mark Wolf [very green], Seth Sabre [small guy – seems to have potential], Ricky Rage [not good], Christopher Lee [didn’t look like a wrestler], Mike Anthony [my vote so far for RRO “rookie of the year”], Idol Bane [his stint in TLCW/LAW had made him a very smooth worker], Cody Only [great look and seems to be a good worker], and ACID [one of my faves here – Samoa Joe style worker – needs “something” to take him to the next level]. I hope that was everyone?? Highlight of the match was Idol Bane coming out as a surprise using a big boot, a powerbomb and then putting the “Ghost of Andy Kaufman” on someone. Bane/Cody Only met in the middle of the ring. [They use to be partners] They stared each other down and then hugged. Only then threw Idol over the ropes. The tag match ended up with Cody M/Mike Anthony vs ACID/Cody Only. Only used the “closed casket” [his version of the “Blackhole Slam”] on I think everyone. He walked out of the match eliminating his team leaving Murdoch/Anthony. Anthony did a triple jaw breaker spot and an STO on Cody to finish him off – finished was great!! [**]

----Johnny Harper and Seth Sebre came out of the back brawling. Sabre won with a sunset flip in a quick bout. Johnny Hawk came out and helped Harper beat him up after the match. No heat for this match. [DUD]

----Scott Fury beat Justin Smart by reversal. This match was a big disappointment. Fury tired here with just a basic wrestling match. Crowd was not into it and there was no psychology – why do I say those two things together?? Some real nice hold for hold stuff at first, but then Smart just acted real lost. He has not improved any since the last time I seen him work. He did a dropkick and jumped up doing the “AJ Styles” pose, which looked real cheesy. Smart won the bout after a ref bump and a blockbuster, but then Fury told the ref that Smart had a chain. Shitty finish. [*1/2]

----Nikki Lane came out. She is in great shape. She was posing and saying how good she looked when Bethanie came out. Bethanie couldn’t wrestle, but out came someone that could – ODB!! They set up for a match later in the night – Lane vs ODB. ODB came off as a star – good promo.

----Wild Bill/Demon X [David Walls] beat “American Degenerates” [ X-Kalibur/Morgan Lane ] to retain the ASWF Tag Team Titles. This match was horrible. X/Lane tried, but Bill/X are bad. Bill/X at least had the “Jerry Lawler” tights going and looked liked wrestlers, but when the match started – they stunk the place up. Everything Demon did looked weak and as if he was blown up. No psychology. Bill pinned Lane. After the match Lane pretty much got on the mic and said he was tired of working so hard for ASWF and not getting anything in return. It sounded shoot, but it was foreshadowing the angle for later. [DUD]

----“Free 4 All” Match – Tommy Wayne beat “Mantastic” Matt Boyce and Ray Ray in a triple threat to win the Division X Title. Boyce took the mic before the match and did a tremendous promo. Boyce has improved tons since I last seen him. His mic work was almost “Jerichoish” with some Ric Rude thrown in. He ended the promo by saying “Man…Man…Man” [about 5 more times…lol] “tastic”. Good stuff. Match was probably the most exciting of the night with them climbing the chain to go after the title belt. They all took some crazy nasty bumps, but really nothing much making sense to build, but as I said it is hard to work, when you have to rely on a gimmick. At one point there very little heat for the match, but they popped big for the finish. All three were going for the belt, when both Ray Ray/Boyce fell. Wayne grabbed the belt and jumped down – crowd went crazy! Ray Ray gave the belt to Wayne and raised his hand. [**1/2]

----Nikki Lane beat ODB when Austin came out and held ODB’s feet. Short match – not much. Nothing looked bad. [*]

----Chuck Fears retained the ASWF Title by beating Blalok The Blazor, Reno Diamond and Casino Kid in a Fatal Four Way. Not a great bout, but everything was almost flawless. Casino needs a new gimmick – he doesn’t look like a Kid – how old is he?? Blazor and Diamond are soooooo smooth with their execution. Blazor is sometimes seems too small to be considered serious, but his ring work along with his mic work makes you believe in him. Diamond was flawless. Not much psychology. Fears has improved tons and is turning into a good worker. Fears did a dive outside the ring onto the other three at one time. Hot move after hot move. Fears pinned Blazor after the Gudugra. Diamond had missed a “Diamond bomb” [senton] with knees in his back. After the match, Blazor [who was over as a total heel] turned the crowd by just talking on the mic. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand. He ended up turning saying that Fears had lived up to the hype. [Blazor/Fears had a long feud here] and shook his hand. [***]

----Morgan Lane/X-Kalibur came out with Lane apologizing for being pissed off earlier. He ended up turned on X by superkicking him. Fans bought this and it was done well. They win the “Tag Team of the Year”, they do not win the belts and then bam – the turn. Good storytelling. Announcers Terrance Ward and Brian Edwards did a great job getting this over – saying that X/Lane are shoot brothers and how could Lane do that. Edwards said something about them being at a family reunion and all I could think about was a TV vignette with them fighting in BBQ and bake beans. LOL

----Brian Christopher beat Austin Lane . This was not a great match as in workrate and such, but the crowd was into it and Lane bumped all over the place making Brian C look like a million bucks. It took them almost 15 minutes before even locking up due to all the bullshit that Brian does before the match. Can you see I hate that stuff?? Crowd liked it though; even the pants coming down spot. Good stuff on the floor with Brian just slamming Lane to the ring barrier and on the ring steps with Lane bumping like crazy. Brian even bulldogged Lane on the concrete. Finish had Lane go to the top and grab Brian’s glasses and miss the “hip hop” drop. Brian superkicked Lane and hit Casino. There was ref bump somewhere with Lane getting up using a chain on Brian. Lane went for the pin, but the ref stopped it, because of the crowd. Brian rolled up Lane from behind for the win. After the match, Lane/Casino were beating up Brian when David Walls [w/o Demon X mask] made the save. This looked real bad. [**1/2]


----Attendance was 320+…It was right at a 2-hour drive for me. I hate to drive!!...Ricky Rowland [one of the promoters] is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. And, watching him running around taking care of business made me happy that I do not promote anymore…They did have posted on their sign in front of the building about Jerry Lawler and Traci Brooks not being there. They announced it also at the beginning of the show. Rowland also read a letter from Jimmy Valiant on their Anniversary… Judgment, the commissioner, came out and got the crowd going at the front of the show. Judgment has lots of charisma and came off good here…Workers take note – it is ok to emulate your favorite workers, but not cool to imitate them to the point it comes off bad. Smart looked bad, but Bane is over big time just doing a Jerry Lynn piledriver with a cool name…I have never had the opportunity to see X-Kalibur in a match against someone else that is as good or better than him. I have always been told he is a good worker, but I have never had the chance to see…There was so many people just walking around and in/out of the building. It was strange – it was like a town meeting more than a wrestling crowd. The core around the ring though were very much into it…When Blalok went to talk to Fears after the match, he called him out. But, Fears was standing behind him and Blazor didn’t know it. [for shoot] He turned around and said, “How silly of me..” Funny…I can not say enough good things about the announcing team of Brian Edwards and Terrance Ward. I was told that Edwards just came in for this show and is not working on a regular basis for them. Too bad for them, because this guy has great delivery and the fans like him. I hate commentary over the PA, but both Edwards/Ward made it enjoyable – getting over the show and getting over the matches. How did you guys call anything good in that tag match?? LOL…If no one has not told owner David Walls yet – then please let me say something – get out of the ring until you learn how to work!! Just because you are the owner does not mean you have to be a wrestler or even be a tag champion. Owners pushing themselves have always been a major “what’s wrong with the business” subject… Reno and Fears got big pops coming out…Brian C is tiny. He has lost tons of weight – he is still in good shape and cut, but very small. Lane needs to lose a few pounds [I got a lot of room to talk; right??] around the middle – find out what the hell Nikki done to get in such good shape…I will have more on Brian C and ODB in this week’s “Coach’s Corner”.

Brian Christopher Picked UP by Tuckerman Police Dept!!

----Just to clarify what was put on the Kayfabe Board about Brian Christopher. After his match the other night, Brian was picked up by the Tuckerman police upon request of Harrisburg, AR police. He was taken in the police car to the station as ASWF’s Ricky Rowland followed them in Brian’s rental. When they arrived at the police station in Harrisburg, it was all cleared up. It was believed that Brian had some outstanding warrants in Harrisburg, but he did not. He did not spend anytime in jail and went home right after the incident.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 4.19.08

TFW Lightweight Champion LSD defeated Josh Matthews to retain.
Ryan SoFine (self-proclaimed Rated R Champion) defeated Chris Chaos & J. White in a three-way match by pinning both men at the same time.
Little Guys, Inc. (Kid J & Lil' Devil) defeated Parental Advisory ("The Studd" Scott Porteau & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs) to win the TFW Tag team Championship.
Fusion defeated Devon Raynes.
"The Future" Chris Styles defeated TFW newcomer Cameron Valentine.
The Mo Foundation (Curly Mo & G-Mo Money) w/Dirty Rell Mo defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & Chop Top the Clown by DQ.
Brett Michaels defeated DC.
Approx 75 in the crowd.

Results: "Axeman" Randall Lewis via

----What the hell happened to the crowd here?? 75?? I guess everyone went to ASWF and TIWF this weekend. LOL

Big Rig Bully on Jerkin' The Curtain Monday April 21st at 10 PM CST. Larry Goodman co-host

Breaker Breaker 1-9! This coming Monday, April 21st, at 10 PM central time, the special guest on Jerkin' The Curtain radio will be the Big Rig Bully, the worlds greatest wrestling truck driver. Larry Goodman will co-host. Big Rig will talk about working on the old ECW ring crew, training with Harley Race, some of the promotions he's worked for, his current run with SAW in Millersville, TN., being a real life truck driver, the wrestling scene in the WWE and TNA, and whatever else comes up. This guy is a great talker, this will be a fun show. Check it out Monday night, and that's a big 10-4! Trent

ASWF Anniversary Show - Quick Results!!!

----I will post a full Arena Report tomorrow, but thought everyone would like to have results from the big Anniversary show last night.

*Mike Anthony beat Cody Murdoch in the final of “Gauntlet for Gold” Match
*Seth Sabre beat Johnny Harper
*Scotty Fury by reversal over Justin Smart
*ASWF Tag Tag Team Title Match: Wild Bill/Demon X beat Morgan Lane/X-Kalibur
*”Free 4 All” [Ultimate X] Match: Tommy Wayne won the X-Title beating Matt Boyce and Ray Ray
*Nikki Lane beat ODB
*Chuck Fears retained the ASWF Title by pinning Blalok The Blazor in a Fatal Fourway with Casino Kid and Reno Diamond
*Brian Christopher beat Austin Lane

----320+ in the building.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.19.08

Justin Spade b Dyronic

ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green b Chris Norte (w/Fetish & Black Demon)

Jason James & Lee Cross (w/Lisa Fayzon) b Shawn Hoodrich & White Tiger when Cross pinned Tiger

Slade b Bushranger Kelly

ATL Tag Team Champions New York Gangster & Tommy Capone b Richard Lowe & Boy when Gangster pinned Boy

Big Bully Douglas (w/Charming Charles) b Michael Jablonski

----44 in the crowd

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 4.19.08 - Wrestlers Arrested In A Hot Angle!!

The beginning of the night started off with Hotrod announcing that commissioner Seymour was absent. Hotrod then informed the crowd that the competition committee had appointed him the interim commissioner for the night. Hotrod then immediately calls Wildside out to the ring to inform him that the New Breed of Perfection would have to defend the titles tonight. He didn’t care against who… but it would be tonight!!

Show starts:

X-3 def. Wykid & Chris Braggs

Vic Mcnasty def. Hardknocks Hooligan

“Missouri Bad Boy” Mark Southern and manager Ca$h McCoy [pictured with Missouri Renegade] have an interview stating that the Renegade had been arrested and they wanted answers. Chuck Arnold Sheriff of Gibson County comes out and informs them it is because of a flag they had torn up the week before and the assault on Hotrod. The Sheriff let them know that they had better find a tag partner because the match was still on and he was going to be the fair ref!!!

TIWF Tag Team Title Match
New Breed of Perfection( Wildside & Ravishing Randy) def. Security guy and Cameraman
Wildside introduces his partner for the night which once again was Ravishing Randy. He then proceeds to pick out his opponents for the night which ended up being a security guard and Cameraman #3. After the match, Wildside told Hotrod “ You said we could defend them against anybody, well they were anybody”

TIWF TV Title Match
Danny B. Goode wrestled Chico Mendoza to a no contest when Vic McNasty interfered

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Dre’ Black def. Samoan Raja

“Locked & Loaded” [Lawman Williams/Tank Turner] def. “Missouri Bad Boy” Mark Southern & Big Boy Bob
After the match Sheriff Chuck Arnold had Big Boy Bob, Mark Southern & Ca$h McCoy arrested and put in a squad car and to the county jail!!!. Hotrod announced that New Breed of Perfection must defend the titles against Locked and Loaded next week. And that Randy cannot be his partner.

----Crowd was 318 and they were treated to an awesome angle. The Kayfabe Board had the following posted this morning.

The sheriff refereed, Renegade not at the match because he was arrested for assault. Bigboy bob was special tag partner for the night. This went from a wrestling match to a brawl with Southern and Cash and Bob assaulting the sheriff. The sliding doors of the arena rise to three police cars, lights flashing, deputies hit the ring and hand cuff the Bad Boys, they are placed in separate police cars and driven away from the arena in full view of the fans. This place was popping like Orville Redenbacher, and shame on me, I was popping right along with them. This is as close to old school Memphis as it gets, If I never see another match I will be fine. This was wrestling, old school style, heel, baby, both popping and both looking good. Over 300 in the crowd, kids sitting in parents laps just to free up sitting room. If there was an opening, someone was standing in it. I am sold, sold sold. I am going to try get a copy of the TV show and you should too if you like it old school.