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RassleResults: SAW Millersville, TN 5.09.08

SAW Arena aka The Bakery with a reported crowd of 120. Sigmond beat Chris Eckos, Drew Haskins beat Larry Cooter, Chris Cane beat Jeff Jamison, Spade vs Anthony Wayne ended in a no-contest when Frank Malone (with Cody Malone) attacked both, Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) beat Indian Outlaw, SAW TV Champion, Damian Adams beat Chrisjen Hayme, SAW Tag Team Champions, The Tennessee Violence Authority (with Paul Adams) went to a double countout with Arrick Andrews & "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant (with Miss Boogie).

SAW returns to Columbia, TN at Freddie Morton's Auction House on Saturday, 5/17 with former WWE developemental wrestler Cassidy Reilly (Cassidy James in WWE) vs Damian Adams for the SAW TV Title. SAW returns to Millersville on Friday, 5/16 with a TV taping.

Credit: Larry Goodman at RRO Site of the Year!!

RassleResults: RWL Newbern, TN 5.09.08

Tim Edwards d. Bubba Redneck

Weasel d. The Sicilian Kid

Greg King d. J.D. Rage

Simon Reed d. Gaylon Reed

Handicap Match
Shawn Reed/Anita Page d. Jon Roberts

Little Chris d. Eric Wayne

----About 40 in the crowd...Gaylon Reed is Gaylon Ray - we have been posting him under both names.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 5.09.08

Tommy Redneck over Erik Hayes

Rockin' Randy over Johnny Vinyl

“Hot & Heavy” [“Playboy” Paul Rose/”The Sexy Sensation” Chris Jade] over Aaron Scott & Chris Rocker to retain LAW Tag Titles

Idol Bane vs Brandon Espinosa went to a Draw when both competitors shoulders were down for the three count.

Dell Tucker over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by DQ.

After the Hot & Heavy victory they cut a promo about being the greatest LAW Tag Team ever!!! The Asylum's music hit. But no Asylum. Hot & Heavy started laughing, they said that was the last time you would ever hear that music because they are the only tag team in LAW now. Announcer Tony Anderson entered the ring and told Hot & Heavy that he had "Bad News and Worse News". The bad news is that next week you'll be defending the tag titles against .... The Asylum!! Hot & Heavy freaked out and then asked "What could be worse than that?"... Tony informed them that they'll be defending them in a Hardcore Match!!!

Idol Bane and Espy had a really solid match. Finish came when Brandon applied a O'Connor Roll and bridged back but had his shoulders down as well. The ref had no choice but to count both men down. After the match, Idol and Espy argued back and forth before coming to blows. Espy was left standing in the ring.

In the main event they played Dell Tucker's music but he didn't come out. So TGB and O'Dell came out first with marshmallows on skewers. TGB reminded everyone that he gave Tucker another title match but if he dared to show up he was going to burn him alive!! That’s why we have the marshmallows we are were going to have a little bonfire but as you can see Dell Tucker is too chicken to be here.... Tucker's music hits again, Tucker runs to the ring and tackles TGB and the match begins. TGB/Tucker brawled on the outside some. Finish came when Tucker went for a Stunner but TGB spun him around and kicked him between the legs. Ref called for the bell, TGB threw Tucker to the floor Jeff O'Dell told him to hurt him. Just then TGB reached under the ring and pulled out a GAS CAN!! Jeff O'Dell went crazy yelling at TGB not to do it. Jeff even tried to help Tucker to the back but TGB stopped them at the entrance way and doused Tucker in the gasoline. He then asked Jeff O'Dell for the lighter but Jeff wouldn't give it to him. TGB grabbed Jeff and slammed him against the LAW logo and took the lighter out of his pocket. TGB struck the lighter a few times before the entire dressing room cleared to restore order. TGB said that every hero that Rector cheers, every hero that Rector thinks flys through the sky he is going to burn their cape! He even told Jeff O'Dell that he shouldn't act so surprised, and if he's not careful I just may burn you! Tucker came back out after TGB had left and said "That was the worse thing that has ever happened to me, Golden Boy next time we get in the ring you just may be the one that gets burned."

----Around 80 in the building…A very hardcore angle with the fire. It will be interesting if they pick up the crowd with it. I love this kind of angle, but it could backfire [no pun intended] on you with people thinking the place would burn down…A kid in the crowd said it was “water” in the gas can, so TGB let him smell it – crowd was nuts after it was revealed to be real gas…“Full Throttle” member Aaron Scott teamed with Chris Rocker, but his tag team partner Brandon Marino was ask to wear a mask and work as a heel. Marino decided it was in his “best interest” not to work. Man, if you get a chance to work – work!!! This was in no way messing up your gimmick as you were under a hood and you were needed.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.09.08

Justin Spade b Shane Smalls

New York Gangster b Intern

ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green b Lee Cross

USWO Jr. Champion Damien Payne b Juicy JC Crowe by DQ when Gigolo Jay Phoenix & Luscious Quinton Quarisma run out and attack Payne. LT Falk makes the save, then suggests he and Payne team up in the main event against Quarisma & Phoenix, which Payne accepts (thus completing his face turn).

Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles) b Petey Wright

USWO Champion Chris Michaels b Seven (w/Charming Charles) by DQ when Mark Anthony returned to attack Michaels

USWO Tag Team Champions Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix vs LT Falk & Damien Payne went to a no contest when ref Mark Owen called for the bell after the match disintegrated into a brawl

----73 in attendance...A moment of silence was held for promoter Tony Falk's father.

Friday, May 09, 2008

A Piece of my Mind May 9th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I never saw him in a real fight so I don’t know how tough he actually was but I do know that one of the most believable heels I have ever been in the ring with was Dr. D David Shultz. I first met David when he came to the WWF and he was being managed by Roddy Piper. If you hung around David for any length of time it wasn’t because you were looking for a lot of smiles.

David was a very different type of individual. I think he was “working” almost every minute. I remember George Scott telling me that he once told Ric Flair that if he couldn’t be the Nature Boy from the minute he put his feet on the floor until the minute he got back in bed to let George know and he would give the gimmick to someone else. In other words Flair understood how to walk, talk and act like a star 247. In many ways I can say the same thing about David Shultz.

On my first overseas tour I was one of two referees on the tour but I was the lead referee. We first went to Doha in Qatar on the tour that was run by my mentor Afa “The Wild Samoan #1”. I found David to be very intimidating I could work with everyone in the ring and work well. One night when we were being driven back to the hotel on the bus David came over and sat with me and said "Sal don’t be afraid of me in the ring". I said "I am not afraid of you David" and then he yelled “YOUR'RE SCARED OF ME". I said "ok so I am afraid of you". He said "what are you afraid of?? Well in those days I was a one hundred and eighty pound kid. He told me that he had psyched out some other guys who really thought he was mad. He named Hulk Hogan and Tito Santana. So I was in good company.

I also remember him telling me "Sal, I don’t give a shit what the finish is, if any wrestler hits you, you ring the bell and end the match". I can see that conversation like it was yesterday. I lost touch with David long ago but I would like to see him again I bet he hasn’t changed a bit. He was great in the ring and so easy to work with he was the perfect heel. There are just some guys, as a referee, I found to be easy to work with. I can tell you that David, Charley Fulton, and Chief Jules Strongbow are just a few of them.

I have been very blessed to have accomplished so much in a business that I loved from the first time I ever saw it. I hang out with guys that I used to buy tickets to see. I learn still to this day from guys who sold out arenas all over the world. I reflect on my career every time I write one of these articles and realize how lucky and blessed I have been. I don’t know where or when it will end so I just keep walking the walk and living the dream.

The picture for this article comes from Rob Russen’s IWA tour of Australia. In the picture is James “Sugar Bear Kamala” Harris, Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff, Eric Russen and I was Friday Kamala’s handler. This tour was one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments in my career. We were the first since Jim Barnett to bring wrestling back to Australia and I got to stay a whole month. It also gave me my start as a manager.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 5.03.08

Gaylon Ray d. Brian Michaels

Cruiserweight Title Match- Triple Threat
Baron Malkavain d. Rockin' Randy & Cody Melton

Triple Threat Tag Team Match
Albino Rhino/Alex Krisis d. The Asylum (Psycho,Pappy) & Reggie B. Fine/Erik Hayes

Naughty by Nature (Rude,Pokerface) vs. Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels went to a time limit draw.

Ike Tucker d. Bishop

Simon Reed d. Shawn Reed

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony d. Greg King JR

No Disqualification Match
Tatt2 d. Derrick King

Shortly after the show started, Tatt2 came to the ring to explain his actions from last week. Derrick came out to find out exactly why his friend and partner had turned on him. Eventually, a brawl erupted. Referees tried to separate the two. Then, The Black Label Society(Robbie Douglas, A.J. Bradley) came in and held Derrick while Tatt2 hit him with a low blow.

In the main event, the BLS attacked again shortly after the opening bell. Stan Lee came to his partners aid but eventually the three on two odds were too much to overcome.

----The attendance was about 110-115...Love the Tatt2 heel angle...Someone put me together a NBN vs Nikels/Wayne best of DVD when this is over.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Shooting The Shiznit" Is Ready!!

----David Haskins joined Brian Tramel for almost the whole show. Some technical difficulties with only one person being able to call in at once. There is about 13 minutes of blank airtime from 17 minute mark to 30 minute mark. Haskins calls in and talks about a rib in Jonesboro, AR, working with the old timers, wrestling as a Rich, working for UWL and much more. Dustin Starr joins them for the last 10 minutes of the show talking about what he is up to and such.

RassleResults: RWL Newbern, TN 5.02.08

----Tim Alfonzo beat Gaylon Ray…Tim Edwards beat Greg King JR…Jon Roberts beat Kid Nikels…Lil Chris beat Eric Wayne by DQ….Nikels/Wayne/Shawn Reed/Edwards beat Ray/Alfonzo/Roberts/King JR/Captain Madman.

----No attendance was given…Chris went for the frog splash on Wayne, when all the heels jumped in setting up the main event. Jason Reed was the special ref and hit Captain Madman with a chain for Gaylon to pin him.

Shows for The Weekend 5.09 to 5.10.08

----Is that a kewl poster or what?? This was mentioned on Trent's board and I had to post it. Whoever makes these posters should do it for a living!! I will be at TIWF in Trenton, TN, which will feature the first EVER in TIWF ring interview of "Coach BT" and it will be the final stop on Book Tour 2008. All Pro shows this weekend and will probably bring in some good crowds.


----FRIDAY night in Bruce, MS for All Pro Productions with Cameron Valentine, Sarge O’Reilly, Max SteelCJ Cash, Brandon Barbwire, Anton Leveigh, “Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho] and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for Rebellion Wrestling League in Newbern, TN with “the Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris], Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Stan Lee, Bishop, Weasel, “The Baron” Malkavain, JD Rage, Jason Reed and Chris O’Neal.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for USWO @ Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN… Mitch Ryder, Chris Michaels, Petey Wright, Lee Cross, Steven Green, Chris Michaels, Dyronic, Rob C, Justin Spade, Norte, Damien Payne, JC Crowe, Michael Joblonski, Mark Antony, Tim Renesto, Charming Charles, New York Gangster, Steve O, LT Falk, Cousin Jason X, Quinton Quarisma, Gigolo Jay Phoenix and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for SAW in Millersville, TN Damien Adams, Matt Dillenger, Gary Valiant with Miss Boogie, Arrick Andrews, Rick Santel, Indian Outlaw, Hammerjack, Anthony Wayne, Josh Crowe, Larry Cooter, Frank Malone, “Cocky” Cody Bomb Malone and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT in Osceola, AR for MCW with “POB” Sid Vicious, Ron Rage, “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/C-Money], MCW Champion Frankie Tucker, TW Justice, The Medic, Jackhammer, Bad Luck Lucky, The Hambone Express, Pimptacular, White Lightning, Mr. Excitement, Hillybilly Nate and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for LAW in Rector, AR for with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony, Chris O’Neal, Idol Bane, Brandon Espinosa, “Hot & Heavy”,Johnny Vinyl, Rockin' Randy, Pierre Abernathy and more.

----FRIDAY NIGHT for The Future of Wrestling has a show at the TFW Arena on No. Eason Blvd. (Auburn Rd.) in Tupelo, MS with Izzy Rotten,DC, Brett Michaels, Josh Matthews, Neil Taylor, Chris Styles, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, LSD, Chris Chaos, Fusion, Devon Raynes, J-Kid, Curly Mo, G-Mo Money, Chazz, Chop Top the Clown, Uncle Vinnie the Blade, Brian & Ryan SoFine and much more. Tickets are $5. Doors open at 6:30 and the show starts at 8:00.

----Saturday Afternoon with All Pro Productions at Huey White Chevrolet Senatobia, MS with Cameron Valentine, Sarge O’Reilly, Max SteelCJ Cash, Brandon Barbwire, Anton Leveigh, “Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho] and more.

----Saturday Afternoon @ 1:30 PM for SEW’s first live TV taping this Saturday at the Red Apple Lounge (Knights Inn Banquet Hall), located on 2949 Airways Blvd in Memphis. Belltime is 1:30pm. All fans in attendance will receive a TNA Slammiversary poster, and a coupon for $10 off any merchandise purchase of $20 or more, for use at
Slammiversary on Sunday, June 8. Featuring Reno Diamond,Malik,The Crime, Soultaker, Shawn Williams, Shannon Lee, Bishop, and many more

----Saturday Night with All Pro Productions in Ashland, MS with Cameron Valentine, Sarge O’Reilly, Max Steel,CJ Cash, Brandon Barbwire, Anton Leveigh, “Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho] and more.

----Saturday night with TIWF in Trenton, TN with Danny B Goode, Wildside, WayCool, Lawman Williams, Tank Turner, Buckwild Bill, Hardknocks Hooligan, Dazzlin Dixie, Dre’ Black, Big Nasty Bob, Criss Braggs and more. LAST STOP OF BOOK TOUR 2008!!

----Saturday night with RCW in Marmaduke, AR with Suicidal Youth, Urban Soulja, Chris Graham, Shawn Williams, Southside Brawler, Mr, Pimptacular, Ryan Lee, The Hambones, Tank, Deranged [Crazy Train doing a different gimmick], Zane Richards, Bonecrusher, Farmer Billy Hills and more.

----Saturday night for USWO/ATL in Nashville, TN at the Stadium Inn LT Falk,Steven Green, Damien Payne,Chris Norte, Kid Dynamite, Dyronic, Kevin Dunn, JD Fluffy, The Nazi Terror, Lee Cross, New York Gangster, Tommy Capone, Boy, Richard Lowe, Homo Hillbilly Quincy, Xavier Mustafa, Shawn Hoodridge and more.

----Saturday night for FUSION TRADITION WRESTLING in McMinnville, TN with Maddog, Justin Kase, Precious, Josh Vincent, Sebastian Silver, Standard Wrestling Guy, AC Frost, BCI, Adam Strange, Noah Richards, Lord Frost, Promo with Sabbath, Rock Dogg, and Ronin.

----Saturday night for JWS in Booneville, MS with Blade, LSD, Slammer, “24/7” [Kross/JR Mauler], “Danger Zone” [David Cox/John Ellison], Danny Morris, “PHAT Foundation” [Chris Stevens/Chris Fontiane/Justin Rhodes], Damon Rage, Dustin Burcham, Jay Webster, Buzz Harley, Cassavova Kid, Soultaker, “Pure Destruction” [Cody & Brody Hawk], BJ Fuller, Dalton Storm and more.

----Saturday night for RWA in Jonesboro, AR at the King’s Sportatorium with Jazz, Rodney Mack, Deadly Dale, Medieval, San Francisco Treat, Loose Cannon, Rottn Randy, Chazz Wesson, Ali Stevens, Cameron Cage and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN with TLCW Washington ST, TGB Greg Anthony, Albino Rhino, Dell Tucker,Ike Tucker, Reggie B Fine, Derrick King, Stan Lee, “Black Label Society”[Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley], Shannon Lee, Tim Alfonzo, and much more!!!

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Sarge O’Reilly, Kilo, Mark Justice, Jason Matthews, Rob Justice, Jeremy Moore, Motley Cruz, Tommy Redneck, Jon Roberts, Phoenix X and more.

---- Saturday Night ASWF - At The Valiant Arena 201 Hwy 67 N Tuckerman Ar. (870) 349-2050 Belltime 7pm. Tickets: All Seats $6 Austin Lane, Nikki Lane, Scott Fury, Austin Lane, Nikki Lane,Cody Murdoch, Idol Bane, Chuck Fears, Wild Bill,X-Kaliber, Morgan Lane], 1 Cody Only [formerly Cody Daniels], Tommy Wayne, Casino Kid, Johnny Harper, Tim Hanson, Demon X and more.

An interesting video

I came across this video and thought some of the readers of the site might find it interesting. It's a promotional video that Bill Watts used to send out to tv stations to try to sell them the old UWF and Power Pro Wrestling tv shows. It puts over the shows and gives some info on the talent.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SEW Gets MyFOX Memphis Coverage!!!

----This video was posted on MyFox Memphis on Friday, but I just got a link for it today. Thought it was good for a small promotion like SEW to get some TV time. Announcer Jason Hall cracked me up though - he didn't want to say, "rasslin", but said Soultaker had "faceded" a lot of opponents?? LOL Good stuff. Has the Soultaker lost weight?? He looks smaller.

CLICK HERE to view the video.

Flashback!! December 27, 1982 by Mark James

A friend of mine recently posted this card clipping (December 27, 1982), on the Wrestling Classics message board. I was reading it and it made me think of the days of kayfabe, wrestling fans, wrestling belts, etc. This card is a great example of the way wrestling used to be.

This main event featured Jerry Lawler challenging AWA world champion, Nick Bockwinkel. Nick had been defending the AWA title in Memphis since the promotion had left the NWA in the summer of 1978. The finish had Lawler pinning Bockwinkel, but the champ’s leg was over the bottom rope. The ref missed the leg and awarded the AWA world title to Jerry Lawler. The fans went nuts, yelling and cheering. Even though the AWA later reversed the decision (they held up the title and had a rematch which Nick won), the local promotion handled it like Lawler had actually won the world title that night. All the wrestlers in back ran to the ring and congratulated the King. When Lawler left the ring, it was with the AWA world title in his hands. As the fans left the arena that night, they knew Jerry Lawler was the new, AWA world heavyweight champion.

Please take into consideration this card happened 26 years ago. Looking back on it, I was 15 yrs old and kayfabe was still alive and well in Memphis, TN, (as well as the rest of the country.) When the world champion came to Memphis, the fans still cared. We wanted to see Lawler walk away with the belt. The belt stood for something. Whether it was the Southern heavyweight title or the World title, we wanted it on our guy. It’s hard to describe what it was like back then if you didn’t live thru it. The big thing to realize is it wasn’t sports entertainment yet, it was still real. There was no internet to look up the angles or where the champ was wrestling the next night, etc. For the most part, all we had in Memphis was the matches themselves, the Sat morning show and the short results in the Tuesday morning paper. Cable had only started getting some wrestling on it. The Atlanta Superstation had Georgia Championship Wrestling on it, and WOR out of New York had some WWF stuff, but to be honest the were self-contained. Atlanta talked only about Atlanta, the WWF only talked about WWF. Just like Memphis talked only about Memphis. Even though it was very close to changing and being seen as national, wrestling was still extremely localized.

As I continued remembering, other things came to mind. Recently, because of my website and book, I’ve had some people ask me why I like the old belts, why I bought a replica of the Southern title, etc. I never really could explain why I’m a “belt mark”, other than I just wanted one. I really think it ties in with the fact I grew up with kayfabe. We bought in to the illusion, the show and the angles. The promotions wanted us to believe in it, to care and to buy tickets. I guess that’s ultimately why the belt always meant something to us. Now, when I look at my belt, all of those wonderful memories come back and run through my mind.

At times, I know it’s hard to understand us “old-timers”. We’re always talking about the good old days, lol. The truth is, it was just a different time and I feel very lucky to have been able to experience all those cool angles in Memphis wrestling. Times change, they always do and I accept that. I guess it’s like when you where a child and you loved your grandmother’s homemade cookies (or pies, cakes, etc.) One day you grow up, your grandmother is gone and all that’s left of those cookies are memories. Don’t get me wrong, there’s tons of great cookies, recipes and bakeries out there, but none can ever compare or measure up to your memories of your grandmother’s cookies.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1. He is currently finishing up Vol 2 and we will have full details on it here when it becomes available. James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – Take a look at the site!!!


"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry

Welcome to the 1st edition of “What Memphis Watches”. My name is Ron Guidry. You may know me better as “The Penguin” from the old Kick Ass Wrestling. I work for a Memphis TV station and will be writing this column weekly here on Basically, I’ll be giving you the TV ratings from the Memphis market for: Memphis Wrestling, Raw, TNA Impact, Smackdown, WWE AM, and TNA Impact’s replay. ECW ratings are not made available. Brian and I thought it would be interesting to see on a weekly basis what wrestling shows the Memphis TV market watches. If you have any questions just email me at:

This 1st edition will include Smackdown from 5/02/08. Memphis Wrestling, WWE AM and TNA Impact replay from Saturday 5/03/08 and RAW from 5/05/08.
Next week’s edition will include all shows mentioned above.

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5-2-08

Final Rating: 5.2 [87,304 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 5.0, 4.6, 4.8, 5.8

2nd hour: 4.9, 4.5. 4.5, 6.7

Memphis Wrestling 5-3-08

Final Rating: 3.4 [57,083 viewers] 6 share

Quarter hours: 4.7 [78,908 viewers], 3.6 [60,440 viewers], 2.6 [43,651 viewers], 2.7[45,330 viewers]

*1st Quarter is the highest quarter rating since July, 2007.

TNA Impact Replay 5-3-08

Final Rating: 0.4[6,716 viewers] 1 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.3 [5,038 viewers], 0.7[11,752 viewers], 0.6 [10073 viewers], 0.3 [5038 viewers]

2nd hour: 0.3 [5038 viewers], 0.3 [5038 viewers], 0.2 [3358 viewers], 0.9 [15,110 viewers]

WWE A.M. 5-4-08

Final Rating: 0.9 [15,110 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours: 0.8 [13,431 viewers], 1.0 [16,789 viewers], 1.0 [16,789 viewers], 0.8 [13,431 viewers]

WWE Raw 5-5-08

Final Rating: 4.0 [67,156 viewers] 6 share

1st hour: 3.6 [60,440 viewers] 5 share

Quarter hours: 2.7, 3.3, 4.2, 4.2

2nd hour: 4.3 [72,193 viewers] 6 share

Quarter hours: 4.1, 4.5, 3.9, 4.6

Overrun: 4.7 [78,908 viewers]


----I would like to welcome Ron Guidry to the RRO staff. Ron is a long time fan of Memphis Wrestling and as he noted worked in KAW as “The Penguin”. Below are the ratings from last week that we never covered, but I wanted to add them. Ron will be dealing with the ratings from this point on, but I will be adding some stuff to his report or present a separate small piece on them.

Memphis Wrestling 4.26.08

Final Rating 1.8 [30,220 viewers]

1.5 [25,184 viewers], 1.9 [31,899 viewers], 1.6 [28,862 viewers], 2.0 [33,578 viewers]

12 Week Average: 2.1 [34,649 viewers]
12 Week High: 3.4 [57,083 viewers] 5.03.08
12 Week Low: 1.1 [19,139 viewers] 3.15.08

If you want to read last week’s Memphis Wrestling report, then CLICK HERE to read it on Wrestling News Center.

RassleResults: ICW Mathiston,MS 5.03.08

At the opening of the show, Devon Raynes came out and introduced himself to the fans and made a challenge to his old GTW foe, Dylan Hale. He basically said that he was not satisfied with how their matches had turned out. Dylan Hale came out and accepted the challenge.

1st Match - The Convict vs. Executuioner Dagger.
Back and forth contest with Convict having a slight advantage maybe. They went to a 15 mniute draw but both men agreed to a "5-minute overtime". At about 3 minutes into the 5 minute OT, The Convict hit Dagger with a spinebuster to put him down for the count. Executioner Axe hit the ring and attacked Convict but Dagger pulled Axe off and said "I'm my own man when we're not tagging and I don't need your help". Axe retorted, "Im your father and you can't tell me what to do and not to do" - this arguement continued all the way to the back. The Convict went to the promoter Ronnie Watkins and demanded a tag-team match for him and his partner The Convict #2 against the Executioners on the big anniversary show in 2 weeks. Watkins agreed to the request.

2nd Match - Devon Raynes vs. Dyaln Hale. A straight babyface "sceintific" match for 12 of the 15 minute time limit, but around that time Devon Raynes started taking a few short-cuts, including one low-blow. But at the conclusion of the time limit, the two men shook hands and Raynes even raised Hale's hand but then WHAM-OO!! he clotheslined him, went to punching and kicking him, and delivered something he called the Krytonite Krush on Hale. He then placed Dylan's head into the folds of a steel chair and was about to stomp when Trainwreck hit the ring for the save.

3rd Match - For the ICW US/Mexican Title. Trainwreck vs. Dirty Sanchez (Champion) Another good wrestling match that deteriorated into a brawl. Both men went out of the ring fighting all over, and Sanchez wound up bloody. The match ended on a double count-out of the ring. Promoter Ronnie Watkins announced that the two would be back in a "return championship match" on 5-17 in a no count-out,no disqualification match. This match went about 25 minutes.

MAIN EVENT - The Scorpion and PorkChop Cash vs. "Outlaw JD Mckay" and Mitch Toretta in a 2 out of 3 falls tag-team "Country Whipping Match". The man pinned in the third and final fall has to take 10 lashes from the winning team.

First fall saw Mitch Toretta pin The Scorpion out of nowhere. Not sure how it happened.

Second fall saw the referee disqualify the Toretta/McKay team when Toretta would not release an illegal hold he had on PorkChop Cash - I think I heard someone call it "the testicular claw".

Third fall saw all four men in the ring battling until Cash got McKay with a strong punch to the stomach, and then as "the Outlaw" was getting back to his feet, Cash hit him with his famous headbutt. McKay went down 1-2-3.

Needless to say, "the Outlaw" was not happy and after taking one REAL strong lash from Cash, he begged off and told everyone he would do anything to not have to take any more "whipping" - PorkChop asked "Anything?" and McKay said yeah. So Cash asked for a shot at the ICW title at the big anniversary show on 5-17. After much hem-hawing and a threatening of suspension and fines, McKay agreed to give PorkChop the championship match on 5-17. That was not all tho as McKay and Cash went at each other again, and even promoter Ronnie Watkins ended up involved. It was a wild scene at the end....and all this went probably around 45 minutes. Big pop on the Cash pin of McKay and the fans stayed to see everything that went down.

----84 in the crowd, which was double from last time…Only four matches but the card went like 2 and 1/2 hours. Strong old-fashioned style show….ICW celebrates its THIRD anniversary on 5-17 in Mathiston with a Steel Cage match headlining. Tommy Rich, Brian Christopher, Derrick King, and PorkChop Cash are all booked to appear in addition to the ICW regulars. The group is hoping to pull in at least 200 for this super show…I left this report pretty much as it was written as I got a “kick out” of the wording of some of this stuff – “WHAM-OO!!” and “hem-hawing” – loved that!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS 5.03.08

Jay Webster defeated Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham.
JWS Cruiserweight Champion Cassanova Kid defeated LSD to retain. After the match Jay Webster attacked Dustin Burcham and injured his neck. Burcham was taken to the hospital.
Bonecrusher & Blade defeated 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler).
PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, & "Dangerous" David Cox) defeated Dalton Storm, BJ Fuller, & Chris Stevens.
Main event was a bed of nails match between Slammer & Danny Morris. If Slammer wins, Danny Morris leaves JWS for 90 days. If Morris wins, Slammer leaves for 90 days and gets his head shaved. Now, I have seen all kinds of hardcore matches... I have seen thumb tacks used, broken glass, barbed wire... I have seen people put through tables, plate glass, mirrors... I have seen people set on fire... I have seen people thrown head first into a pile of fluorescent light tubes... I have seen everything you can think of used in the ring, including a kitchen sink... But I had never, until this past Saturday night, seen two guys in the ring tearing each other up with a 2 ft. x 4 ft. piece of plywood with a couple hundred nails sticking out of it about 1 inch. They also used other stuff, including a sledge hammer and a concrete block. This was a different twist to hardcore. Frankly, I think these guys are absolutely, freakin', undeniably CRAZY. The match was won by pin fall by Slammer. Danny Morris has to leave JWS for 90 days. I am pretty sure a couple of guys will feel the effects of that match for many days to come.
Approx 50 in the crowd.

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 4.25.08 & 5.02.08


Chazz Stone over Dirty Sanchez
Cassanova Kid defeated LSD to become the new TFW Lightweight Champion.
KID-J pinned "The Studd" Scott Porteau.
Devon Raynes & Chris Chaos over Sons of the South (Josh Matthews & "The Chosen One" Jarvis White due to interference from DC.
Mo Foundation (G-Mo Money & Curly Mo) w/Dirty Rell Mo over "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & Chopp the Clown. Bless made his return and helped Mo foundation win the match. He is Mo Foundation's newest member.
"The Future" Chris Styles over Cameron Valentine. Valentine is an impressive athlete.
Lil' Guys, Inc. (Lil' Devil & Kid-J), Neil Taylor, & Fusion over Parental Advisory (Studd, Tony Dabbs, & Ryan SoFine) & DC.
About 100 in the crowd.

Devon Raynes defeated "Dangerous" David Cox
Chris Styles defeated Chris Fontaine by DQ when Cameron Valentine interfered.
DC defeated LSD.
The Freakshow (Chop Top the Clown & Uncle Vinnie the Blade) defeated Mo Foundation (Curly Mo & Bless) w/G-Mo & Dirty Rell Mo.
Cameron Valentine defeated Tysin Starr by submission (figure four leg lock).
Parental Advisory (Studd & Tony) defeated Sons of the South (Jarvis White & Josh Matthews) due to interference by DC.
Fusion defeated Izzy Rotten to win the TFW Championship. After the match Fusion was beaten down by Parental Advisory.
Crowd of about 65 braved some very bad weather to see the show.

Credit: Jack Flash @

"Shooting the Shiznit" This Thursday!!

----Join us this Thursday for “Shooting the Shiznit” with Brian Tramel and hopefully his co-host Brian Thompson as they are joined in the first segment by Davey Rich aka David Haskins. Haskins will be on to talk about working in Memphis, the UWL, a big time rib on him in Jonesboro, AR and much more. The second segment will feature the always controversial Dustin Starr. “Five Starr” will talk about what he is doing, his blog, Memphis Wrestling’s future and more. The last few minutes of the program will feature a representative of TIWF to talk about this upcoming Saturday night.

RassleResults: RBFE Memphis, TN 5.05.08

----Gaylon Ray def Edrick Hines…Pokerface & Rockin Randy def Dell Tucker & Gaylon Ray…”Asylum” [Pappy/Psycho] def Precious & Johnny Morton…Reno/Tatt2/Chris Lexx def Derrick King/Rashard Devon/Johnny Dotson

----Around 20 people in the crowd. Very sad…The main event started off as a 3 way match then Derrick, Rashard and Johnny Dotson and jumped on Reno,Tatt2,& Lexx. All 3 guys hit sunsetflips and special ref Lamarrus Brooks counted Derrick,Johnny,Reshard out. After the Match Derrick threw Lamarrus over the rope and Reno,Tatt2,Lexx hit another pin on the 3 guys and the fans were chanting “123!!” after that the guys were about to leave but picked up the ref and took him to back and chased Johnny Dotson with fans to his car…RBF will stop running until June 20,2008 they will start running every Friday night…I was told the best bout was the main event.

RassleResults: SEW Memphis, TN 5.02.08

Chris Lexx def Shannon Lee

Bishop def Jackhammer

Kingpin w/Smooth won a battle royal for $1,000 – included Chirs Lexx,
Shannon Lee,Bishop,Jackhammer,Simba,Precious and Jason Richards.

Reno Diamond def Malik in a #1 Contender match for the SEW Heavyweight Title -
Special Ref GM Tim Williams after the match Malik tried to attack the GM but Reno made the save.

The Crime w/Devin Slim def Danny B. Good w/Rev DavidYoung by DQ to retain the SEW Heavyweight Title. Earlier Crime attacked the preacher and disrespected his wife. Danny made the save. Crime put his finger in the preacher wife face during the match and Young hit Crime with the belt and caused the DQ. After the match Danny held Crime down and the Young’s wife whipped Crime with a belt.

----Around 70 people in the building…SEW will air BluffCity Mayhem this Saturday at 10:00 AM on Comcast Channel 17. SEW also has a free admission show this Saturday at 1:30 PM.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 5.03.08

--The show opened w/ Tim Edwards coming out and bantering about the crowd and the Sicilian Kid, the Kid’s girlfriend was sitting in the front row when he started talking trash to her about the kid. She spouted off to him and he said " I hate to do this " then grabbed her by the hair of the head and pulled her over the rail. The Kid ran out with security separating them and a huge chant of “let him go!!” After security took Kid to the back he came out again to another pop. After all this was done Allen Walker had security throw Tim out for the night. Kid came back out and wanted Tim in a match, Allen said next week he would get his wish. At this point the Kid was in the ring and Sarge O’Reilly came out. He was making fun of Kid and his girl and about Kid’s size, until Kid challenged him to a match right then!

--Kid def. Sarge O'riley w/ a schoolboy after Brandon Barbwire distracted Sarge. the finish got an enormous pop, after the match Brandon explained he had been chasing Sarge all around Mississippi and Sarge kept running, so NBW brought him here to get the job done. Since Sarge wants to pick on little guys it will be a mixed tag team midget match at “Spring Breakout 2008”.

--“The Riot Squad” [Rob Justice/Jason Matthews] vs. Suicide and DJ Stunner went to a no contest after XOW led by Mark Justice jumped the Squad, they held Rob while he had to watch Jason take a beating until Moore, Kilo and Styles made the save.

--Brandon Barbwire def. Josh Matthews after Sarge tried to help Matthews and it backfired

--Biscuit def. Big Red to capture the High Risk title after Motley hit Red with the belt and then Biscuit hit the rude awakening. After the match biscuit applied the “biscuitlock” and had the ref check the unconscious Red and call for the bell.

--Mark Justice def. Jeremy Moore after he had a chain and was about to use it until Rob grabbed the chain from him and Moore went for a schoolboy, Mark kicked out and Moore saw Rob w/ the chain asked him what was going on and all in the meanwhile Mark had another chain and blasted Moore and got the 3. After the match Mark continued the assault on Moore until Moore was out of it and then mark put an XOW shirt on Moore

--Kilo and Chris Styles def Motley Cruz and Tommy Redneck after the ref was down and Matthews came out and hit a double team blockbuster on Motley w/ styles. Styles pinned Motley. After the match Styles and Matthews said they were family and so was NBW and now Matthews was part of the family. The whole place was chanting NBW at that point, extremely loud, and then Sarge made the challenge for the tag titles at “Spring Breakout 2008”.

---150+ in the building…Pop of the night was probably for the Kid, followed by Moore and Styles and Kilo…Heat of the night was Sarge and Mark…Loved the angle with Tim Edwards grabbing Kid’s gf…I think they are doing a good job building for the big show...Spring Breakout 2008 on 5.17.08 has the following so far: Main event - Company on the Line - XOW ( Motley Cruz, Mark Justice, and Max Steele ) vs. NBW ( Jeremy Moore, Big Red, and Chris Masters )…Partner vs. Partner- Kilo vs. Tommy Redneck - Bull Rope Match…NBW Tag Team Titles- FOP ( Sarge and Mickey Ray ) vs. Sons of the South ( Chris Styles and Josh Matthews )…NBW Spring Breakout Battle Royal…Mixed Midget Tag Match- Kid J and Brandon Barbwire vs. Lil' Devil and Sarge O'Riley…Masterlock Challenge and the High Risk title will be defended.

Monday, May 05, 2008

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.03.08

First match: T.C.O. debuted for ASWF against Acid. After 8 minutes of fast paced action, TCO was disqualified for kicking Acid between the legs.

Second match: Cody Only successfully defended the Gauntlet 4 Gold briefcase against Silent Mark. Afterwards, Idol Bane made the save on Silent Mark. Looks like sooner or later, the former LSD partners may cross paths.

Next Morgan Lane came to the ring and debuted as "Mr. Muscle" Morgan Lane, the man with -2% body fat. X Kaliber then charged the ring to set up a grudge match later in the night.

Third match: One half of the ASWF Tag Champion Wild Bill with Mr. X defeated Rick Rage. Before the match Mr. X & Wild Bill came out and issued & open challenge to anyone in the building for their titles but due to Mr. X being sick he could not wrestle this week out come Rick Rage, but before he could do anything Mr. X hits him with a Chair. Wild Bill rolls Rage up for the pinfall.

Nikki Lane came to the ring to remind the girls of Tuckerman of the Miss ASWF Fashion Show next week. Bethany came out and applied a sleeper to Lane and proceeded to paint Lane's face like a clown.

Former ASWF Champion Austin Lane defeated "The Machine" Mike Anthony by pinfall in a heated match. Afterwards, Austin kicked Anthony right in the face.

Mr. Muscle Morgan Lane defeated X Kaliber with the Muscle drop.

Cody Murdoch defeated Idol Bane and Justin “The Juice” Smart in a three way.

European Championship Match:
Matt Riviera (c) vs Scott Fury
Fury came up short - Riviera is still the European Champion

In the Main Event Johnny Hawk, Johnny Harper, and Hot Rod beat X Division Champion Tommy Wayne, Ray Ray, and Seth Sabor in six man tag action.

----150+ in the crowd as attendance has went down a bit. Everyone can expect this with hotter weather coming up…Next week: Austin Lane and Casino Kid Vs. Brian Christopher and David Walls, ASWF Title: Chuck Fears Vs. Cody Murdoch, Street Fight: Tommy Wayne, Ray Ray, Seth Sabor Vs. OLD SCHOOL…Miss ASWF Fashion Show!...ASWF – Cody Murdoch has beat 5 former champs in two weeks…Major announcement involving ASWF Title…They got a major tag team coming in this month.

Southern Impact Elite - New Promotion!!

----I am really happy about being part of this announcement. Southern Impact Elite is a company formed by Charles Michael Humphreys [aka "Hump"] and Shawn Reed. The main objective of the company seems to be trying to bring a different style to this area. It is hard to say whether it will be accepted or not, but I wish these guys all the success in the world. RRO will be on hand for both cards with full Arena Reports and backstage access. I am excited about both nights, but I highly anticipating the second night with Chuck Taylor vs Stan Lee and NxN vs The Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian)- both matches have the potential of being "Match of the Year" Candidates.

RWL/SIE presents "An Un-Civil War: North vs. South". Appearing on the card will be The Order of the Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Hydra, & Tim Donst), The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian), The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed, Reno Diamond, & Marcus O'Neil), The Posse, and many more to be announced later. We'll start announcing matches for this one soon. Show starts at 8:00 P.M.

Here's the info for the second show on June 21st at the Selmer Civic Center in Selmer, TN:

SIE presents "Ultimate Wrestling Super Special I". Three big matches to announce for this one already. First, a singles battle will see the current CHIKARA Young Lions Cup champion Helios face-off against Blalok the Blazer. Also on this card, we'll see up-and-comers The Osirian Portal (Amasis and Ophidian) go up against Naughty by Nature (Pokerface & Rude). The final match to announce today is one that will have a lot of people excited. IWA:Mid-South World Heavyweight champion Chuck Taylor will battle Stan Lee. Also appearing on the card will be The Order of the Neo Solar Temple (Ultramantis Black, Hydra, & Tim Donst), The Southern Saints (Shawn Reed, Reno Diamond, & Marcus O'Neil), The Posse, Black Label Society (VOID, AJ Bradley, Robbie Douglas, & Anita Paige), and Chrisjen Hayme. Show will start at 8:00 P.M. We'll have more to announce later on.

MLW Closes Shop!!

----This really came out of nowhere and was a real surprise to me. Darrell has the ring he mentioned for sale and you can e-mail him at

Regrets None

I am closing down MLW wrestling as of today, May 4, 2008....Due to many reasons, none that I care to get into today, but financially this has not been a smart investment on my part. I lived my dream though, I booked, I owned, and I promoted wrestling. I will be 50 in June so with that, I will be leaving the wrestling world. I do have a wonderful 16 x 16 ring, great bumping ring, with great ropes, steel cabled, great turnbuckles that give it a great look, and the ring was bought from Ted Allen from Georgia. The price is 2,500.00 and no trailer. It is set up in Olive Branch, Miss is anyone wants to see it. I enjoyed my time on the other side of the business and loved all the wonderful folks I have net during this all. I appreciated Curtis my cameraman who has been with me since day one, and Randy Cresswell, my webmaster. He tried hard to give us that cutting edge in wrestling. I also would like to thank Rebecca Raze as my first trainer, and Debbie Johnson, even though we never got to train anyone, she is truly a sweet sweet and great lady. Also to Hellena, Lexie, & Randy Powell, I admire what you folks do every day for ladies wrestling...All I can say is Keep it up....

Wishing Wrestling was like it was 20 years ago and MISSING IT

Darrell and my wife, Susan

Sunday, May 04, 2008

RassleResults: Heartland Championship Wrestling Anna, IL 5.03.08

--The Missouri Wrecking Crew (Tank & Bonecrusher) beat Farmer Billy Hills & Crazy Train when Tank pinned Crazy Train after a "Detonator"

--"Stylish" Kurt Styles w/ GQ beat J.W. Brisco (who looked identical to Brett Michaels from Rock of Love/Poison Fame)

--Illinois Heavyweight Champion Cody Ray Strong retained against Soultrain

--Battle Royal - last 2 were Tony Flood of the Heartland Hitmen and Kado of Team Canada. Flood/Kado's partners hit the ring as well as the Asylum and the match was declared a no contest and a 3-way tag title match was setup for the Main event

--Freakazoid Floyd - who comes to the ring with a 4 foot stuffed Shrek doll- beat Alex Kline

-- "Irishman" Chris Patrick beat Moondog Spike by DQ

--Tag-Team Champions Team Canada (Mike Slade & Kado) beat The Heartland HItmen (Tony Flood & Jay Spade) and The Asylum (Iceman & Davey Boy Sloan) [FAKE ASYLUM PICTURED]

----40 in the building…“Hitmen” are still in high school. Flood is 16 years old and Spade is 17. They both look to be 13 at the most and are no bigger than that either…The building is an old mechanic shop. There are still old car motors lying around inside the place, oil all over the floor. Busted windows all over the building - it was just an eyesore…All the guys were shorted on their money… No running water in the building, electrical wires hanging out of the ceiling, a port-o-potty as a bathroom that had to be used by both male and female…The locker room no bigger than a walk-in closet… the building may be 30 x 50 and with the ring in there, plus a concession stand, a gimmick table, there is no room to hardly walk…I was told that the concession stand was nasty, but can you expect from no running water – you guys could or SHOULD be SHUT DOWN just for stuff like this!!!...”Asylum” guys were ribbed all night and ask if they knew who Arnez/Psycho/Pappy were?? Iceman said, “No..”, but he actually work a Tojo Jr show with Psycho… Yet another wannabe moondog - this guy was a fuckin joke - he had a dark black beard and gray hair, overalls that were cut off and bleach spots and as big as Tank – just a total disgrace to the gimmick!!...No offense to Tank or Crazy Train - but a show like this is proof that ANYONE can put on a wrestling show.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 5.03.08

Justin Spade b Convict and Kid Dynamite in a 3-way when Spade pinned Dynamite

Dyronic b Richard Lowe (w/Boy)

Damien Payne & Chris Norte b Shawn Hoodrich & White Tiger when Payne pinned Hoodrich

Blue Amigo (w/Bizarre-O) b Michael Jablonski

ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green b Boy (w/Richard Lowe)

Slade & Lee Cross (w/The Diva Lisa Fayzon) b New York Gangster & Steve West (a/k/a Rigor Mortis) when Cross pinned West

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----44 in the crowd.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.02.08

Juicy JC Crowe b Justin Spade

ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green b Intern and Lee Cross in a 3-way when Green pinned Intern

Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles) b Bushranger Kelly

USWO Jr. Champion Damien Payne vs LT Falk went to a 15:00 draw

USWO Champion Chris Michaels b Seven (w/Charming Charles)

Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix b New York Gangster & Michael Jablonski in a no-DQ match to win the USWO Tag Team Championship when Phoenix pinned Gangster.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----Crowd was 77...Who is doing the Seven gimmick??

New Email Address

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have a new email address.

So if you need to get in touch with me, this is the way to do it.