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NBW: Moore pins Masters!!!

Brian Tramel has just informed me that at tonight's New Blood Wrestling: Spring Breakout 2008 in Dyersburg, TN, Jeremy Moore pinned former WWE star "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

Brian also said that there were more than 200 fans in attendance.

Stay tuned to for more details on the NBW event, including Brian's show report.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.16.08

Shane Smalls b Justin Spade and Lee Cross in a 3-way when Smalls pinned Cross. This was a #1 contenders match for Damien Payne's USWO Jr. Championship

Seven (w/Charming Charles) b New York Gangster

Gordon does a brief interview with Steven Green, who is on crutches after a beatdown he took the previous night in Gallatin. Green brings out White Tiger as his replacement for the next match

Juicy JC Crowe b White Tiger

After intermission, Charming Charles brings Seven back out to unleash him. Seven goes after Gordon, who escapes when Spade and Tiger come out to save. Unfortunately, the two get mauled by Seven and have to be carried out.

Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles) vs Cowboy Bud Ellis went to a 15:00 draw

USWO Tag Team Champions Gigolo Jay Phoenix & Luscious Quinton Quarisma b LT Falk & Damien Payne when Quarisma pinned Falk after Crowe interfered

As the main event began, Gary Valiant, Miss Boogie, and Arrick Andrews (from SAW) wander in to check things out (but that's all they did).

USWO Champion Chris Michaels b Mark Anthony (w/Charming Charles) by DQ when Anthony hit ref Mark Owen with Charles' cane.

----89 in the attendance.

"The Only And Only "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert" by Richard Berger

----For those that are not familiar with Eddie Gilbert, this is a great article written about him. Check it out!!

Once upon a time, there was a wrestling talent named Thomas Edward Gilbert, Jr., better known to the fans as Eddie Gilbert. The son of a very good wrestler and referee, Tommy Gilbert, Eddie grew up watching and learning the intricacies of the sport from childhood. By the time he was 10, he knew what he would do with....CLICK HERE to read the rest of the story.

Photo from

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 5.16.08

*Nick Hammonds beat Jeff Storm with a Diamond Cutter
*Moe Jenkins beat Jamey Gibson w/ Rebecca Lynn by DQ
*Wayne Adkins beat Cody Ices with the Gibson Leg lock
*Misty James [pictured] and Rebecca Lynn fought to a double DQ some of the male wrestlers had to pull them apart
*Beau James 30 minute draw with AWA World Champion Brian Logan


--After The six man Gibson dumped Adkins over the top and then Gibson, Storm, and Ices did a number on Hammonds and Jenkins until Adkins came back in with a chair.

--Misty James was to wrestle Nicole Starr who was not there because of injury , As misty went to the ring Lynn attacked her and they broke out in a pretty good girl fight leading to a few of the men doing a pull apart.This lead to Misty making a challenge for June 6th Loser leave Kingsport Match for 90 days and James and Jenkins vs. Storm and Gibson the losing team has to leave the building as soon as the match is over to keep the men to keep from getting involved later in ladies match.

--AWA World Title Match. During the intros when ring announcer said one fall or 60 Logan said no he had signed 1 fall 30. Match maker Clarence Clippenback came to the ring and told James and ref yes it was signed one fall or 30. Logan ran for the first 10 minutes until James got a hold of him few fast false finishes. Logan stopped James and got good heat on him till the 25 minutes mark. James made a big come back and hooked Logan in the cobra clutch. As Logan's hand was falling for the 3 rd time Rebecca Lynn came to ringside and rang the bell.The ref Adam Maggort made James break the hold saying time had ran out. After a conference with ref, ring announcer and Clippenback match was restarted with 2 minutes. Few more false finishes. James got the cobra again and Logan's hand fell the 3rd time right after the bell rang at 30 minute mark. Clippenback said James was in line for return match and make sure he would get it when ever he wanted. James called wife Misty and Moe Jenkins to the ring and said he had always dreamed of being "World" Champion and he said he knew they had made a BIG match on the 6th but he wanted a shot again at world title and asked if some one could replace him one night as Tag Champion with Moe Jenkins? It was agreed that Nick Hammonds would be the replacement and that a special ref would be appointed to the match non other than "Handsome" Jimmy "Boogie Woogie Man"Valiant.

----62 in attendance

Friday, May 16, 2008

A Piece of my Mind May 16th, 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I have mentioned before that I was trained by Afa “The Wild Samoan #1” Anoai. He trained many many people including Batista and Snitsky. I was not trained in the traditional manner. In the traditional world wrestlers are put through physical training and taking bumps. I sat in a living room and watched matches and talked about finishes.

I believe that it prepared me for the business in a way that paved my future in this business. In the mid eighties The Wild Samoan’s left the WWF and Afa started running his own shows. He let me come up with all the finishes for the matches. He was very busy running the business and I think that he was relieved to have someone to help him.

I felt like I finally made it when one day as he was going to ring he said to me Sal what is my finish. I was just standing there in disbelief. I had never come up with a finish for him before. He said would you hurry up I have to get to the ring. I came up with something in the spur of the moment but at that point I knew he had confidence in me and that I had reached a new plateau.

I can tell you this, Afa was a great “finish” guy. He knew how to put things together in the ring. The Samoans were very unique individuals and when they came along they made a huge impact. If they were guilty of anything it was at times selling too much. They should have been the immoveable force but even with them sometimes giving too much in the ring they were over pretty good. I think it was because the fans could see how rough these guys really were.

It is not often when a special talent comes along. It is a blessing when one does I believe at the time The Wild Samoans came into the WWF. They were recommended by Andre the Giant and made a splash right away. The memory of them is lasting because they were unlike anyone else at the time. They were inducted into The WWE Hall of Fame and I know it was a proud moment for them. There are few Bruno Sammartino’s, Ric Flair’s and Hulk Hogan’s. All of these men are different but they will all be remembered in one way or another for bringing something unique to the ring at different times. The same can be said for The Wild Samoans my mentors Afa and Sika Anoai

They could have picked anyone and for some reason I still don’t understand. They picked me to hang around with and teach the business to. It may have been for the same thing Jimmy Hart tells me, that you can see my love for the business. I don’t know what it was and I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth. I was a fan like anyone else watching these guys for many years walk through opponents left and right. I got the chance to meet them in person in Allentown, PA what a surprise to find two big teddy bears. They were the nicest guys you ever want to meet. If you stay around the business for any length of time it’s mostly the heels that are the real nice guys.

The picture for this article is of Tito Santana he was the tag team partner of Ivan Putski. They were the team that Afa and Sika beat for the WWF tag team titles in The Phialdelphia Spectrum. He was a part of WrestleReunion 2 in Valley Forge,PA.

This has been a piece of my mind

RWA in Paragould, AR - Loose Caboose Festival!!

----12 noon Saturday RWA will be at Loose Caboose Festival in Paragould, Arkansas with Jazz, Rodney Mack, Deadly Dale,Medieval, San Francisco Treat, Loose Cannon, Rottn
Randy, Chazz Wesson, Ali Stevens, Cameron Cage and more.

Another Show for The Weekend - ICW 3rd Anniversary Show!!

----This show is one that I forgot yesterday. I do know that Derrick King is double booked and will be in Florida wrestling this weekend. Dustin Starr talked about working this show on "Shooting the Shiznit" yesterday, so I look for him to wrestle Brian Christopher. Another interesting note is that the main event was scheduled to be a cage match, but Wayne Blaylock of TFW told them a few days before the show that the cage was not ready. These is twice in the last few months that Blaylock pulled his cage from other shows. Anybody want to help me sponsor a RRO Cage?? I was also told that the advance tickets have been selling good, so I am looking forward to seeing how this show does.

MAIN EVENT: Fans Decide the Stipulations of the Match (6-Man Tag Team Match: "Wildfire" Tommy Rich and ICW Tag Champions Scorpion and Predator vs. "The Disciples of Anarchy" (Dirty Sanchez & Orion) & Mitch Toretta...IICW Heavyweight Championship: PorkChop Cash vs. "Outlaw" J.D. McKay (Champion0…"Too Sexay" Brian Christopher vs. Derrick King…ICW US Heavyweight Championship - NO DQ-NO Count-out-No Time Limit: Trainwreck vs. Dirty Sanchez (Champion)…“Executioners” [Axe and Dagger] vs. The Convicts 1&2…Dylan Hale and Jayme Justice vs. Devon Raynes and a mystery partner.

Cody Murdock Has A New Home!!

----The Brian Christopher controversy claimed one fatality this past weekend when Cody Murdock was fired for posting statements about it on the Kayfabe Board. I got the following from RWA CEO Frank Martin and I am happy to be able to announce that Murdock has a new job. Thumbs up to Martin – cast & crew – for picking up Murdock and not make a person look bad for posting on the board.

The Royal Wrestling Alliance is proud to announce that we have acquired the services of “Big Rig” Cody Murdock. We welcome Cody into the RWA and look forward to having him perform in our ring. We here at the RWA believe that Cody is a promising young wrestler that will grow into a great wrestler in a short period of time here. The RWA in no way censors the workers nor will we tell them what to say if they chose to post on the Internet boards.

Frank Martin, RWA

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling - Episode 41

Airing Apri 19, 2008 on ION Network affilate WNPX 28 in Nashville

Michael St. John and matchmaker Reno Riggins previewed the upcoming hour featuring the debut of Frank Malone and Rick Santel vs. Indian Outlaw in the main event. Color commentator Jack Johnson was conspicuous by his absence.

A new opening montage rolled.

(1) Frank Malone (with Cody Malone) beat Jeff Jamison via submission in 1:18. Malone is a big guy dressed in overalls of the type a prisoner might wear –think a hairless version of Kevin Kelly as Nailz in WWF. Malone overpowered Jamison, no sold his blows, and gave him a hotshot, before applying a version of the cobra clutch. Malone put an unidentified something in Jamison’s hand.

St. John attempted to ask Malone about his background. Malone was shooting daggers. “Don’t worry about my past,” he said, and walked away.

St. John and Riggins introduced a video package on the history between Rob Roy McCoy and the SAW Television Champion, Damien Adams. Riggins said their feud demonstrated the international flavor of SAW – McCoy being from Scotland and Adams from Puerto Rico.

(2) Rob Roy McCoy beat Chris Bomb via submission in 3:40. Riggins said McCoy has the look of a young Paul Orndorff and the wrestling style of 70s Welsh star, Tony Charles. St. John added McCoy had the temperament of Roddy Piper. McCoy got pissed after Bomb won the opening lock up and turned it into a brawl. Aggressiveness led to miscues on both sides. Bomb ate a boot charging in and McCoy hit a flying lariat to take over. McCoy dished out punishment on the mat. Bomb worked his way free, but McCoy cut him off with an impressive standing dropkick for a near fall. Bomb got his comeback with pillar to post Irish whips, then ended up comatose on the mat after running into a superkick. McCoy laid him out again with a hangman neckbreaker. McCoy waited for his prey to rise and locked in the crossface chickenwing. St. John called it a version of the Crippler Crossface. Bomb was out cold.

McCoy reapplied the hold until a slew of SAW personnel got in his face including Commissioner Freddie Morton.

St John interviewed McCoy.

Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light that Rob Roy McCoy is going to be the next television champion.

St. John reminded McCoy that title challengers were selected by random drawings. McCoy said he didn’t know anything about random. “Rob Roy McCoy is winning week after week, cutting through everybody. I want my title shot.”

(3) Chrisjen Hayme pinned Chris Eckos with the 450 Proof in 5:10. Reno said Hayme was an arrogant SOB. He said neither guy was going to overpower people. It was their speed that impressed him as a matchmaker. Eckos capped off a flurry of offense with a leg lariat for a two count. Hayme countered out of a swinging neckbreaker with a loud enzuirgiri. Reno said it might be over. Riggins said Eckos showed heart by kicking out. Hayme’s snooty attitude became more apparent and his attack more blatantly heelish. They talked about Hayme as a potential title challenger, but said it was the luck of the draw. Reno said SAW was all about parity. Eckos countered a sunset flip with a double stomp, but Hayme immediately got his knees up on Eckos’ senton backsplash attempt. Hayme picked up his intensity. Hayme hit a beautiful northern light suplex with a bridge. Hayme started talking and smacking Eckos in the face. St. John said Hayme was getting too lackadaisical. Eckos surprised Hayme with a back elbow for a quick two count. Eckos hit a downward spiral and followed up with quebrada, but Hayme kicked out. Hayme set up his finisher with a so-so Blue Thunder Bomb and hit the 450 splash.

A highlight package aired on the war between the A Team (Santel, Hammerjack, Matt Dillinger with Paul Adams) and Boogie Nation (Boogie Woogie Boy, Arrick Andrews and Indian Nation).
They cut to comments the A Team made for the SAW cameras.

The A Team was in a limo celebrating the Tennessee Violence Authority becoming the SAW tag team champions. Hammerjack had a photo of another highly creative female on his cell phone. The cigar fell out of Adams’ mouth and into his drink. “She shouldn’t be doing that with fresh produce.” Dillinger said it looked like a cucumber. “It looks like a pickle now,” said Hammerjack. Santel chimed in. “I used to date her, too. I forgot she could do that.” Paul said they were going to get some ladies. “We going to Dickerson Pike?” said Dillinger. Paul said not those type. These were some classy ladies. Santel cut a promo on Indian Outlaw. Said he was going to finish was TVA started.

You will hear those famous words. OMG, OMG, it’s Rick Santel, daddy. Bicep curls and good looking girls, let’s hit it!

Paul advised TVA to be at SAW to watch Santel’s back. They did the Three Musketeers deal.

A video package on T. J. Harley aired.

(4) Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) beat Indian Outlaw via DQ in 6 minutes. St. John said Outlaw was a Native American in the tradition of Wahoo McDaniel and Chief Jay Strongbow. Santel tried to get the jump on him, but Outlaw roared back with tomahawk chops and hit a legdrop for two count. Riggins added Tatanka to the list and said Outlaw had the body type of Barry Windham. Santel reversed Outlaw with a facebuster across the knee. Riggins said Santel was as quick as a cat at his new, lighter weight. Paul choked Outlaw with his ever present towel. Santel also used a lot of chokes in between attacks on Outlaw’s shoulder. Reno explained that Outlaw was in a singles match because his partner, Lennox Lightfoot was out with bruised ribs suffered at the hands of the TVA. Crowd was really strong for Outlaw here. Outlaw hulked up and started firing tomahawk chops. Santel was soon selling with a dazed look like his cerebrospinal fluid had sprung a leak. Outlaw applied the Indian Deathlock. Santel tapped, but Paul had referee Ricky Bell distracted, which also allowed TVA’s attack on Outlaw to go undetected. TVA started double teaming Outlaw. Boogie and Andrews jumped on TVA, so there were six guys in there with the crowd going wild, but Bell was still oblivious. Boogie and Andrews sent TVA out of the ring. Bell finally turned around and called for the bell.

MSJ and Reno said it was going to be a DQ on Santel because of TVA’s interference. Bell said he was awarding the match to Santel because he saw Boogie and Andrews in the ring. That announcement drew a mixed reaction from the crowd. Riggins said it was a travesty of justice, and Adams was the smartest man in the match.

Back from break, St. John was in the ring with Boogie Nation. Boogie was outraged because it was TVA that interfered first. Boogie told St. John to look around and listen to the sounds of Boogie Nation. Outlaw said wins and losses didn’t matter. What the A Team had started was beyond anything the fans could imagine. “This is a nation of pure domination.”

Closing Thoughts: Whether they reflect the Jerry Jarrett influence or the move to ION or both, the changes in SAW were more apparent in this episode. The opening montage was new. The “last week on SAW” opening was replaced by video packages in the body of the show to recap major storylines. There have been roster changes as well. Mason Raige, who was being pushed as a top babyface, is not with the company at this point. Big Rig Bully is gone. Nore Havoc is in good standing with SAW, but has been kept away from the TV tapings due to schedule conflicts with his job. Riggins replaced Johnson on color. Reno is over the top in his effort to get things over, but he does it in an entertaining way. They introduced Malone the right way – with a quick squash. They obviously want to build interest in the mystery of Malone’s past. The highlight packages did a good job of explaining the storylines, while also getting them over as heated rivalries. I enjoyed McCoy vs. Bomb. McCoy is a hell of a talent. Bomb is no textbook wrestler by any means, but he worked really hard, and the match had intensity to it, largely due to how good McCoy is a brawler. The deal of refusing to let up on his finisher works. I wish they would settle on a name for it though. St. John describes it differently every time. In any case, McCoy is imminently hatable. Hayme/Eckos reminded me of NWA Wildside matches from back in the day – Most of it was good, but at this level and doing as much as they did, some was bound to look bad. Hayme acts like an asshole, but he’s too wholesome looking to be believable as a heel. It was the best I’ve seen Eckos look. The segment with TVA in the limo was hilarious. I liked the idea of the screw job finish of the main, but they really stretched things to beyond the limit with the ref distraction. Bell had his back turned for almost a full minute. The crowd reaction was interesting: the majority were behind Outlaw bigtime during the match, but some of them popped when Santel was announced as the winner and there were no intense outrage. The promo close the show was more coherent than the last one with Boogie, but still no great shakes. Outlaw is one wooden Indian on the mic.

"Shooting the Shiznit" is Ready!!

----“Shooting the Shiznit” with Brian Tramel and co-host Brian Thompson featured this week Shawn Reed talking about SIE in a part 1 of 6 series leading up to their first event. Dustin Starr joined the show for over 30 minutes talking about his blog, Brian Christopher, NBW, TLCW and more. The show ended with a plug for the NBW show this up coming weekend.

Shows For The Weekend 5.16.08 to 5.17.08

----There has been a change in the "Shows For The Weekend" format. You may click on the main page - - and access all the regular "Shows" that are slated for every weekend in this area. In this section every week, I will post the "extra" shows along with "the" show of the weekend.

----Friday night is a big Southern States show - take a look at the poster. On Saturday night is NBW's "Spring Breakout 2008" and it should be considered the top show bringing in Chris Masters. RRO will be there for a full Arena Report. On Saturday there is also a special benefit show with the lineup and details below.

----Saturday night New Blood Wrestling @ Country Nights 1901 Saint John Ave - Bell time 8:00 PM in Dyersburg, TN Spring Breakout 2008 on 5.17.08 has the following so far: Main event - Company on the Line - XOW ( Motley Cruz, Mark Justice, and Max Steele ) vs. NBW ( Jeremy Moore, Big Red, and Chris Masters )…Partner vs. Partner- Kilo vs. Tommy Redneck - Bull Rope Match…NBW Tag Team Titles- FOP ( Sarge and Mickey Ray ) vs. Sons of the South ( Chris Styles and Josh Matthews )…NBW Spring Breakout Battle Royal…Mixed Midget Tag Match- Kid J and Brandon Barbwire vs. Lil' Devil and Sarge O'Reilly…Masterlock Challenge and the High Risk title will be defended and more!!

Special benefit show as reported on WNC by "Axeman" Randall Lewis

Championship Wrestling returns to Greeneville, TN this Saturday Night (May 17) at the Eastview Rec Center. This event is a benefit for former long time Greeneville Wrestling Promoter, Roy Roberts.
Roberts was recently diagnosed with cancer. Championship Wrestling will be donating the proceeds from this event to the Roberts family to help cover some of his medical costs. Bell Time is 8:00 PM.
In Main Event, 3 different titles will be on the line in 1 Match. Brian Logan will be defending his belts again Wayne Adkins... the 1st Fall will be for the AWA World Heavyweight Title, the 2nd Fall will be for the CW Television Title and if the match goes to a 3rd fall, then Logan's APEX Wrestling Title from West Virginia will be on the line as well.... Logan's longtime rival, Tony Givens will be the special guest referee for this match. Can Logan find a way to leave Greeneville with his title reigns intact or will Wayne Adkins become a triple champion?
Here is what's also scheduled so far:
Tag Team Challenge
National Heavyweight Champion, Robbie Cassidy & Thorn w/Kandy
vs. The Debuting 501st (The Jin & Super Jin)
Plus More Matches featuring:
US Tag Team Champions, Beau James & Moe Jenkins
"Notorious" Nick Hammonds
Big Steve Fury
"Young Guns" Cody Ices
"Wild Fire" James Blevins
& More!
*Card Subject to Change*
Ticket Information
Adults: $8
Children 12 & Under: $6
Doors open at 7:00 PM
Venue Information
Eastview Rec Center
456 East Bernard Ave.
Greeneville, TN 37745

Memphis Ladies Wrestling Is Back!!

----This has been reported in a few other places and I got the following from Darrell of MLW the other day. I did have a chance to talk with him via yahoo messenger a couple of times during the off/on again thing. I really wish him the best on this project and hope to see MLW here for years to come. He went along the following..

Thanks to everyone who have emailed and asked us not to close Memphis Ladies Wrestling. Based on the emails and calls, we have decided not to close Memphis Ladies Wrestling and We will be taping on June 7th as scheduled with Tasha Simone, Rookie Sensation Su Yung, 80's star and her wrestling comeback, Misti Dawn, Hellena Heavenly and Southern Ohio's own, Sin D. Check us out at we are sorry for the closing and reopening of MLW, but we have decided to make this work for the fans of ladies PROFESSIONAL wrestling.

Darrell, MLW

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.10.08

----I would like to thank D-Rock at WNS for this report. I just copied & pasted, because I know some of you just visit my site. My interest is so low of Memphis Wrestling - I can not force myself to write reports. Some interesting tidbits though with their first house show this year in Coffeeville, MS on 5.24.08 with no one announced except for Lawler & Brian C. TLCW, who uses a lot of the Memphis talent, has "Mayhem" scheduled that night, so I don't look for MW to use any of those guys. Their second show looks to be July 26 at Autozone Park and Maclin also promised something this upcoming week about the Memphis Wrestling TV show.

Memphis Wrestling Primetime Results-May 10, 2008

Corey Maclin is joined in the studio by Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Lawler announced a special Spurrin' & Slammin' event that's taking place in Coffeeville, MS at The Multipurpose Arena on Saturday, May 24. This is going to be a combination show consisting of wrestling and bull riding.
Scheduled to appear: Jerry "The King" Lawler, GrandMaster Sexay Brian Christopher, And Many More! 7pm Bell time.

Corey followed by announcing the special Grand Slam event that is taking place at AutoZone Park, immediately following the Redbirds game, on Saturday, July 26.

The encore presentation began with Johnny Dotson & Spider-Man picking up a win in their handicap match against Shock, after Shock got counted out.

They air another interview with Steve Keirn of The Fabulous Ones. During the interview, Downtown Bruno(Also known as Harvey Wippleman, during his time in WWE, where he still works as a road agent, today) dropped in and Keirn asked him if he was that guy that used to live in Lawler's backyard? Bruno said, I still live in his backyard and tried to offer Keirn some coffee, but Keirn said that he didn't want nothing from him. Keirn told Bruno that he could take Lawler something from him and slapped Bruno. Keirn ended the interview, by saying, that he was going to take that to Lawler's backyard and give it to him, personally.

Christi Ricci defeated Current TNA Knockout, ODB, with a small package and a little added assistance from the ropes.

Another video is shown featuring "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart at Memphis Int'l Airport.

Brian Christopher and Kevin White interview. During the interview, Brian was talking about bringing Kevin the Too Cool starter kit to help him establish a gimmick, when he first started in the business. Kevin said he's still got the kit. Brian said that he's still got the little doll of him too and that he bets he keeps it under the sheets. After making that statement, Brian briefly uttered, "Hey kayfabe!"

Too Cool 2 came out for an interview and danced.

King Cobra & Stan Lee defeated Too Cool 2, by disqualification, when Tim Grind started attacking both Cobra and Lee with a belt. They had Lee draped over the ropes, choking him with the belt, until "Superstar" Bill Dundee, who was doing commentary with Corey, made the save. A young Stan Lee looked very impressive in one of his first appearances on Memphis Wrestling.

Another video of Jimmy Hart at the airport trying to get a cab to the UPN studio. When he got in the taxi, Corey Maclin was waiting to take him wherever he wanted to go. When Hart saw Maclin, he immediately, started screaming as he got out of the car and ran away.

They air The Fabulous Ones highlight video.

Jerry "The King" Lawler interview. He called Maclin a camera hog and narcissist. Once again, "The King" was not allowed in the studio. Lawler sent Bert Prentice to confront Jerry Jarrett and tell him the truth about The Fabulous Ones.

They show the video with Bert Prentice and Jerry Jarrett. Jarrett denied everything that Lawler had said. Jarrett went on to say that he is still friends with The Fabulous Ones and has the utmost respect for them.

Lawler began ranting after seeing the Jarrett interview. He called Jarrett a liar and stated that you couldn't believe Jerry Jarrett if his tongue was notarized, that's how big of a liar he is. Lawler issued a personal invitation to both of The Fabulous Ones, Steve Keirn and Stan Lane, as well as, Jerry Jarrett to come back to Memphis one more time so they can straighten things out, once and for all. Lawler promised Corey Maclin that he will be back in the studios, next week, and will have the surprise of his life in store for him.

Brian Christopher & Kevin White defeated "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware & Koonta, by disqualification, when Koko jumped in and began attacking both Brian & Kevin with the stun gun.

Back in the studio, Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler was talking about Koko. Jerry said that he had heard that Koko's father was an electrician and Koko was his first big shock. Corey said that if he treats any of his birds like that they would end up at Popeye's or Church's. Corey and Jerry also mentioned ODB. Jerry said she is hard on the eyes. He went on to say that "she would make a freight train take a dirt road" and "she would scare a hot dog off of a bun!" Lawler also made reference to the horrible announcing of Mike Adamle. Corey said they will make a special announcement, next week, about what's going on with Memphis Wrestling and with the television station. They wrapped up the show with another quick reminder of the two upcoming shows at Coffeeville, MS, and AutoZone Park.

Credit: D-Rock @

"We Hate You Jerry" Blog

----This site was posted on the Kayfabe Board and I thought everyone here might find it interesting. I am wondering just how long it will up before Jerry Lawler tries to get it taken down?? Please, before someone sees this posted on my site and says it is my site, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS SITE!! I do enjoy the humor of it, but I have no connection at all to it. It looks like the webmaster is from the Northeast area.

CLICK HERE to go to the blog!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Coach's Corner - "What Is Good About The Business"

----I have been accused sometimes of writing too much negative stuff. I mean one of my favorite phrases [coined by my friend Brian Thompson] is “Do you know what is wrong with the business today?” So, I am going to try to do something a little different today. I am going to just try to write about what is good about the business.

----First, I am glad that we still have promoters in this business that try to put themselves over. It can only be good for the business when the promoter is the champion in their own promotion. They hold back the true talent in the promotion to put themselves over. I mean, why not put themselves over – they own the promotion – they can do what they want to do; right?? It can only help the business as a whole when things like this continue to happen. Every promotion could evolve into putting the promoter over as champion and then they could have a big tournament of promoters vs promoters. There would never be a winner, because none of them would want to put anyone over.

----Workers like Brian Christopher. We need more of them. It would be perfect if all the workers showed up late. If they did show up on time, then maybe they could just sleep until their match. Or sometimes they are so messed up that they have to have someone help them with their boots. If we had more workers like that, then the business in this area would be sooooooo much better. Just think the promoter could just start the show around 10:30 PM, since everyone would not show up until then. The fans would continue to come to the show – because the “stars” work there. Please do not worry about the guys that bust their asses every week to get $10, when you can pay “stars” $500 to show up and act like an ass.

----We need more promotions that continue to promote even though they draw 50 people a week and most of that is family. They usually are promoting so that they can get themselves and friends over. It usually has nothing to do with being a good wrestler or putting on a good product. It usually is a show full of workers that no one else will use because they are so bad. But, this helps the business and keeps guys working, so please continue to do this. It really does not matter where you promote either – get a garage, a hot dog stand or maybe the local crack house – put on that show dammit – it helps the business!!

----There really needs to be more promoters in this area that get pissed off at me and do not send me results. This helps my site and really does help their promotion. I mean why would you want to get free advertisement?? I mean if I say something bad about the promoter or a worker, then that will decrease the attendance; right?? I should just change the way I do my site and just put EVERYONE over; right?? I mean that would make the site great and would help the business in this area. I really do wish I had more promotions in the area like that.

----I also love workers in this area that have never been professionally trained. You know they don’t pay to go to schools. They just have someone teach them how to do a few moves and then they are workers. They do not even buy gear. It is good for our business to wrestle in your jeans and t-shirt. It gets over the fact that anyone – even the dude in the front row could beat your ass. And in the attempt to look like a star, the worker will get a bunch of what I use to call “jail house” tattoos, but damn the guys in jail have better tattoos. Those tattoos make you look cool and get you over along with those damn jeans you are wearing to the ring.

----In conclusion, I would like to thank those promoters that put themselves over, workers like Brian Christopher, promotions that draw 50 people, promoters that stay pissed at me and all those t-shirt nike shoe tattoo wearing workers. You make my job easier and keep me saying, “Do you know what is wrong with this business” every single day of the year!!

"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry

This week of television was quite interesting to say the least. TNA’s numbers are really low, IMO, for them to be running a PPV in the area in a couple of weeks. Even though their Memphis numbers are on par with their national numbers, I think they would like to see better ratings in Memphis considering this area’s history and love of wrestling. Smackdown was the 3rd most watched show in it’s timeslot in Memphis Friday night. Smackdown is also the most watched wrestling show in Memphis. Memphis Wrestling had a nice 1st quarter then fell off to the numbers we’ve been seeing over the past few months. You’ve got to think that people looking for weather coverage spiked that number. Raw did decent numbers as their viewership gained as the show went on but the overrun fell off drastically. I guess they didn’t care what happened after the pin was made.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 5-8-08

Final Rating: 1.6 [26,862 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 1.8 [30,220 viewers], 1.8 [30,220 viewers], 1.5 [25,184 viewers], 1.6 [26,862 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.7 [28,541 viewers], 1.5 [25,184 viewers], 1.1 [18,468 viewer], 1.6 [26,862 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5-9-08

Final Rating: 5.3 [88,982 viewers] 9 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 3.6 [60,440 viewers] 4.1 [68,835 viewers], 4.9 [82,266 viewers], 5.7 [95,697 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.7 [95,697 viewers], 5.7 [95,697 viewers], 6.3 [105,771 viewers], 6.2 [104,092 viewers]

Memphis Wrestling 5-10-08

Final Rating: 2.6 [43,651 viewers], 4 share

Quarter hours: 4.9 [82,266 viewers], 2.1 [35,257 viewers], 1.6 [26,862 viewers], 1.9 [31,899 viewers]

12 Week Average: 2.1 [35,635 viewers]
12 Week High: 3.4 [57,083 viewers] 5.03.08
12 Week Low: 1.1 [19,139 viewers] 3.15.08

TNA Impact Replay 5-10-08

Final Rating: 1.1 [18,468 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.7 [11,752 viewers], 0.7 [11,752 viewers], 1.1 [18,468 viewers], 1.3 [21,826 viewers]

2nd hour: 0.9 [15,110], 0.9 [15,110], 1.3 [21,826 viewers],1.6 [26,862 viewers]

WWE A.M. 5-11-08

Final Rating: 1.2 3 share

Quarter hours: 1.0 [16,789 viewers], 1.1 [18,468 viewers], 1.2 [20,147 viewers] , 1.5 [25,184 viewers]

WWE Raw 5-12-08

Final Rating: 4.3 [72,193 viewers] 7 share

1st hour: 3.6 [60,440 viewers] 6 share

Quarter hours: 3.2 [53,725 viewers], 2.9 [48,688 viewers], 4.5 [75,551 viewers], 4.5 [75,551 viewers]

2nd hour: 4.9 [82,266 viewers] 7 share

Quarter hours: 4.9 [82,266 viewers], 5.2 [87,303 viewers], 4.4 [73,872 viewers], 5.0 [83,945 viewers]

Overrun: 1.9 [31,899 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating anaylsis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

Memphis report from 5.03.08 can be read by clicking here!!

Cheap Heat- Random Thoughts for May 14, 2008 by Gene Jackson

The Anniversary

Wow, two years. It's been great being involved with RRO for just under a year now and the site has really grown and started to come into it's own in the last few months. As BT and Derrick King discussed on "Shootin' the Shiznit" yesterday the site has become more and more accepted and workers really seem to finally "get it" that the site is here to promote them and create more interest in southern wrestling. Each year the 'awards' get more and more attention and the 'Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame' will be a great addition that I think will pull in more traffic for the site, and the more people who check out the website, the more people who are reading and learning about the workers of this area which is a great thing. I also think the columns add a lot to the site as well as I really enjoy reading all the different columns from everyone and really like the addition of 'Flashback' with Mark James.

Brian Christopher

I touched on this briefly a couple of weeks ago on the BT and BT radio show but after the stuff from this weekend I thought I'd mention it again. It's really a shame what Brian Christopher has become. Whether you like him or not, whether you think what he's been doing lately is a big deal or not. The fact of the matter is Brian Christopher is a sad, sad story of wasted potential. Seriously, look back at Brian's time in the USWA and his great angles with Jeff Jarrett, the Gilberts, etc. Brian is good on the mic, he can work, and he has a good look but instead of being on RAW or IMPACT, he's sleeping it off in the dressing room in Bumfuct, Arkansas. Sure, everyone makes mistakes and the wrestling business has taken many people down the wrong road but you'd think in all this time it's been since he fell off a few years ago he could have seen the error of his ways and maybe try to develop a new persona and work his way back to the top. Apparently, instead he's just content to go out on the weekends and dance to the old 'Too Cool' theme and sell old promo photos from his "heyday" like he's one of these over the hill "80's stars". What's his longterm plan? Does he plan to be sixty years old doing a "hip hop" gimmick? I don't say this to be an asshole, I say it cause I've always liked Brian and wanted to see him reach his potential. I respect the fact that he didn't completely ride the coat tails of his father in the beginning but it seems now that seems to be more and more the case as people just put up with him to deal with Jerry. I really hope he gets his head straight and tries to revive his career before it's too late.

Finally a "Hogan" does the job.....

Well, it was unavoidable the 'Nickster' is gonna do some time, 8 months it appears. He still came out ok as the average guy would have received a stiffer sentence but maybe it will teach him a lesson that even celebrities (well, SONS of celebrities that is) have to face consequences. Between all the divorce/girlfriend drama, the Nick trial, and the bizarre pictures of him rubbing oil on his daughter's ass and in between her legs, It's really not a great time to be Hulk Hogan. It will be interesting to see how he will spin all this to still be the hero. The mere mention of a 'Celebrity Wrestling' tv show makes me want puke, another nail in the pro wrestling coffin.

The 'Dream Match' Thread

With all the talk about promoters who aren't booking shows that draw, and promoters saying their aren't any workers who can draw I posted a thread a few weeks ago asking for people to post their dream indy cards and people came up with some interesting stuff. Check it out here and if you haven't posted one, what are you waiting for? Go ahead.

Cheap Heat Radio

I've had some people email me asking what's going on with the radio show. As I've mentioned before, this month I'm busy as hell with my job, working 6 days a week, 11-12 hours a day so on my one day off I really haven't felt like doing a show and dealing with all the aggrevation with blogtalk, so CHR will return by the end of May, beginning of June with some new shows. I've already got a few guests lined up, I'm looking forward to having 'Olly by Golly' Bradford from on the show when I come back as he is very opinionated about wrestling and we share some of the same opinions but disagree on many others so it should make for some fun discussion. If you would like to be a guest on the show when we return, send me an email to, that's my new email address.

RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS 5.10.08

Slammer & LSD went to a time limit draw.
Chazz defeated Chris Stevens.
Cassanova Kid defeated Jay Webster.
24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) defeated The American Gladiators (Dalton Storn & BJ Fuller) w/Dixie to win the JWS Tag Team Championship.
Justin Rhodes defeated Blade w/Robert Rose. Buzz Harley's music played, and Buzz, who had supposedly been "killed" by PHAT Foundation, emerged from the coffin and challenged Justin Rhodes for the JWS Championship. Rhodes accepted.
The main event was to have been a battle royal to determint a#1 contender for the JWS TV title. However, due to severe weather moving in, the match was postponed until this Saturday night.
Approx. 55 people braved some bad weather to see the show.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

"Shooting The Shiznit" Tomorrow!!!

----“Shooting the Shiznit” will have the regular Thursday edition with host Brian Tramel packing in three guests. Shawn Reed will be the first guest to come on to talk about his new promotion. Dustin Starr will conclude his interview from last Thursday. And, finally we will have a representative from NBW to talk about Saturday night’s “Spring Breakout 2008”.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

"Shooting The Shiznit" - Anniversary Edition is Ready!!

----Derrick King joined Brian Tramel as his co-host for the 2 Year Anniversary show. They were joined also by Brian “Shafted” Thompson for most of the show. Lots of calls including Blade Boudreaux, Mark Bravura, Maxx Corbin, “Hot Rod” Rodney Howard, Dustin Starr and more. Just simply a fun time celebrating the anniversary and DK’s birthday. If you were a fan of the “Picture Perfect” appearance, you will enjoy this show. Also a few controversial topics discussed such as UWL PPV, Brian Christopher, NBW, Anton LeVeigh and more. Thanks again to everyone!!

RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Announced Today!!

----The big announcement on "Shooting the Shiznit" was that RRO will start with the 2008 RRO Awards a Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame. Not all of the details have been worked out, but looks like we will have a class of 12 inductees for the first year and 4 to 6 for rest of the time. I have started the website for the Hall of Fame that can be accessed either on the home page by CLICKING HERE or Also if you are looking for all the RRO Radio shows archived, you can now go to for all them!!

Site News - Happy Anniversary - Thanks!!!

----I would like to thank everyone that visits this site and everyone that has contributed to it for the past 2 years!! A special thanks to my columnists – Brian Thompson, Gene Jackson, Sal Corrente, Mark James and the newbie Ron Guidry. Thanks everyone!!

----A brief reminder that we will be having a celebration of sorts with “Shooting the Shiznit” from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. I encourage everyone to call in and just give us a “shout out” for the 2 years!! My special co-host will be RRO Wrestler of the Year – 2006/2007 – Derrick King, who is also celebrating his birthday today. I will be having a special announcement in the first 5 minutes of the show that I think will be of interest to everyone!!

----CLICK HERE and you will be able to see the first post that I wrote two years ago!! Thanks again to everyone!! It has been a great ride!!!

Flashback - RRO Anniversary Edition - May 13th!! By Mark James

Today, May 13 2008 is the 2nd anniversary of In accordance with this, Brian Tramel asked me if I could do a little something to tie it in. The first thing that jumped into my head was to do a compilation of cards, on this date in Memphis history. Below are 8 cards that have taken place on May 13th, over the past 45 years.

First up, let’s jump back to May 13, 1963. NWA world heavyweight champion, the great Lou Thesz fought Sam Steamboat in the main event. Lou was a true legend. Longtime Memphis promoter, Jerry Jarrett has called Thesz, “The greatest champion we ever had.”, and that’s saying a lot. The results say that Thesz won (on a technicality). Also on that card were the legendary Memphis tag team of the original “Heavenly Bodies”, Al & Don Greene.

Let’s move forward 3 years to May 13, 1966. This packed card had a main even featuring the Von Brauner Bros. w/Saul Weingeroff vs. Herb Welch & Al Costello. At the time, The Von Brauner’s were hugely over as one of the top heel teams in the country. Al Costello was also famous as being in one of the greatest teams ever, the Fabulous Kangaroos. Another match that caught my attention is Jackie Fargo teaming with Billy Wicks against Mario Galento & “Crazy” Luke Graham. Fargo was one of the cities most popular wrestlers during the 1960’s. Billy Wicks, along with Sputnik Monroe were considered Memphis wrestling’s first legends from their feud in the late 1950’s. When you talk about the popularity of Jackie Fargo & Jerry Lawler in Memphis , Billy Wicks has to be included in that group. In the late 1950’s, no wrestler was more popular in Memphis , than Billy Wicks.

Two years later, on May 13, 1968, the main event had Eddie Graham and Lester Welch teaming up against Don Carson and the Red Shadow. Carson and the Red Shadow teamed up a lot over the years and you can even find them in Memphis a decade later. Eddie Graham eventually became the owner/promoter for Florida and was instrumental in supporting Jerry Jarrett, who spilt from Nick Gulas in 1977. Also on the card was Joe Scarpa. Joe had wrestled in Memphis in the late 1950’s, and was very popular here. In the early 1970’s Joe travelled up to Vince McMahon Sr.’s WWWF and became Chief Jay Strongbow. Yes, one of wrestling’s most famous Indian wrestlers was actual Italian, not Indian. You may notice Ken Lucas on the card. At this time he was a young kid who teamed up with the older veteran, Dennis Hall. About 14 years in the future, the situations were reversed when Ken was the seasoned veteran and helped a young Ricky Morton by teaming with him.

Another 3 years go by and on May 13, 1971 Jackie Fargo and Gary Martin teamed up to beat the team of Dr Death 1 & 2. I have no idea who the Dr’s were. Jackie Fargo had retired a few years earlier, but when Jerry Jarrett became the booker for the Memphis territory, he talked Jackie into coming back. Speaking of Jerry Jarrett, on this card he teamed up with Tojo Yamamoto against the Alaskans. Jerry and Tojo were hugely over as a tag team and in the early 1970’s, almost no team was more popular.

On May 13, 1974, Bobo Brazil , one of wrestling’s most popular stars, came to town to team with Bearcat Brown. They defeat the Infernos in the main event. The next match on the card had Lou Thesz, in the final years of his career, teaming with Jerry Lawler and Sam Bass in a losing effort against Tommy Gilbert, Eddie Marlin & Jimmy Kent. As a novelty act the McGuire Twins (imagine Plowboy Frazier times 2) defeated the Bounty Hunters.

Eleven years later, on May 13, 1985, they had a card that had Lawler, Dundee , the Fabs, Randy Savage and Bruiser Brody.

May 13, 1986 saw Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol defeat Bill Dundee and Buddy Landell in the finals of a tag team tournament. Also in that tourney were Pat Tanaka & Paul Diamond, Tojo Yamamoto & Jeff Jarrett (a rookie), Memphis Vice (“Big” Lou)Winston & Jerry Bryant), Joe LeDuc & Dutch Mantell, and the Mod Squad.

The last card I have was on May 13, 1991. Bill Dundee defeated Eric Embry for the USWA Southern Title. The Texas Hangmen lost their USWA world tag team titles to Jeff Jarrett & Robert Fuller. Tom Pritchard defeated Steve Keirn. Eddie Gilbert also fought the Dirty White Boy to a no-contest.
I hope you guys have enjoyed this history lesson on Memphis wrestling. I want to congratulate Brian on the 2nd anniversary of the RRO blog. I also want to thank him for letting me do these weekly flashback articles.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1. He is currently finishing up Vol 2 and we will have full details on it here when it becomes available. James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – Take a look at the site!!!

Cody Murdock Gone From ASWF!!

----In what I believe is the first for this site, Cody Murdock was fired from ASWF for posting the Brian Christopher information on the Kayfabe Board. It was confirmed that Murdock did post the story and was just giving his opinion on what happened. Murdock stated on the message board, “If I wanted to work at ASWF I had to come on here and say that I lied about everything and "take one for the team." He went on to say that he had no hard feeling towards ASWF.

----I think this is just ridiculous. An owner like David Walls does not understand how this business works. You think Cody was the only guy in your dressing room that talked?? I have close to seven people now that told me the story. You know why they tell me the story and want it out for the public to read?? It has nothing to do with kayfabe and “what happens in the dressing room stays in the dressing room” bullshit that Casino Kid wrote on the board. It has to do with the fact that ASWF has booked – not once, but twice – Brian Christopher. Brian has only been there to disrespect all the other guys that are there and the business as a whole. Why would anyone support the actions of what Brian has been doing compared to all the guys that come to the show and work for minimum?? Do you know why promoters like this still promote – all the boys let them do all this kind of stuff to them. Guys, there are plenty of places to work. I think if all you local guys decided that ASWF was not a place for you to work, then Mr. Walls might see that it is not about the “Brian Christophers” of the world, it is about guys like Cody Murdock.


Monday, May 12, 2008

RassleResults: FTW McMinnville, TN 5.10.08

Jeremy Travis over Sean Roberts with a lariat

Vicious Vandy beat Josh Vincent with a bulldog

*The Commissioner brought out tag champ AC Frost to find if he could compete after his injury from the last show. AC responded yes, he would defend the titles, but had to find a replacement tag partner as Standard Wrestling Guy was missing. Commissioner Derrick approved and made the match.

Patrick Colvett defeated TC Cruise with a wrist clutch exploder.

BCI, with the help of new manager Miss Precious, won the FTW Tag Titles from AC Frost and Mary Kelly.

Noah Richards beat Adam Strange by DQ when “Alpha Dog” Rocky McDaniel attacked Richards.

Semi-Main: ELE (Mike Promo and Lord Frost with Sabbath) and Cult of Personality (Ryan Jeffries and Billy Merciless with Nick White) went to a No Contest after Nick threw power into Lord Frost's eyes blinding him and causing him to hit the ref by mistake. Then second ref came out and Frost leveled him. The COP then went after Sabbath who threw a fireball causing the Cult to scatter. Sabbath demanded 5 more minutes and then challenged BCI, who were guest commentating, to a double dog collar match next McMinnville show. BCI accepted. The Cult started to leave until BCI attacked them threw them back into the ring only to get leveled once again by ELE.

Main Event: FTW Fusion Title Match (Noah Richards as special referee), Ronin beat champ “Alpha Dog” Rocky McDaniel by DQ when Adam Strange attacked. Show ended with all four men brawling.

For more information on FTW and future events, go to

Credit: Team FTW at Trent's board

Arena Report: TIWF Trenton, TN 5.10.08

----The main focus of my visit to TIWF was to understand how they are drawing such big numbers. Why does this group have so many people coming to the shows?? Do they have the best workers in the area?? I am accused of giving them no respect, even though they are one of the top draws in the area. So, what is making all this happen?? is actually simple – they got their top guys over. I have been to various shows this year and I think this show had more constant “heat” from the fans than any other show going. It was easy for the fans here and easy for the workers – every one knows who is the baby and who is the heel.

----The show started when Danny B Goode [photo above] came out for an interview holding the TIWF Title. This was a real good interview with Goode saying stuff like “this is not my belt – it is yours” to the fans. He is so over. “Ravishing” Randy came out to announce the mystery opponent for Goode tonight – Izzy Rotten. Rotten jumped Goode and left him lying. Rotten then did a real good promo putting over he was from Mississippi and such.

----Chris Braggs beat Big Boy Bob. Nothing special, but nothing wrong. Braggs is green, but Bob carried him to a good match. Just typical psychology. Braggs came out of the heat and ended up going to the top turnbuckle – Bob ran towards him and try to knock him off, but Braggs hit a sunset flip for the surprise win. Crowd popped big. [**]

----Dre Black beat Dazzlin Dixie by DQ when Dixie hit Dre with a sign. I did not get to see any of this match due to the fact that the power went out just as Dre was walking out. Dixie showed what an old pro he is by thinking on his feet and just started the match. He went outside the building and they fought out there.

----Battle Royal for the TV Title – Winner – Vic McNasty. The lights were still off at this point, but some of the fans had their headlights shining, so you could see the action in the ring. I am not a Battle Royal fan and it was just your typical one. Lights came on half way during this match. McNasty threw Chico Mendoza over the top to win the match. [*]

----Devon Day beat Steven Rampage in a good match. This was Day’s debut at TIWF. Day is a hell of a worker and has not been seen by a lot of people in this area. Rampage has improved tons and was just smooth after taking the heat. Day hit his finisher for win. Best overall wrestling match on the show – [***]

----We did an angle here featuring Wildside, Ravishing Randy, me and the book, Izzy Rotten and Danny B Goode. “Hot Rod” Rodney Howard [pictured in the middle with me on the right and Wildside on the left], the announcer, introduced me to a pop that sounded like a couple of crickets. LOL Howard did a good job getting over my career and carrying the interview. Wildside came out complaining about why he was not in the book. “Ravishing” Randy then came out in his “Coach BT” wear. We had a few words with him attempting to buy a book with his credit card and then some change. Izzy Rotten then came out and cut a promo on me/book – it was real good. Izzy then tore up the book and just as he did – Danny B Goode ran out for the save. I did a quick interview putting over the fact that Danny saved me, so since he was watching my back, then I will be in his corner tonight.

----“New Breed of Perfection” [Wildside/WayCool] beat “Lawman” Williams/Tank Turner to retain the TIWF Tag Team Titles. This was just total psychology with Tank/Lawman getting a little shine back & forth, then major heat started on Turner. Turner did a good job taking an ass whipping, but didn’t try enough hope spots. The fans were into every minute of it though. All four of these guys are over. NBOP did a good job – worked hard as a team and look like a team – double team moves looked good. NBOP won when they used one of the title belts to win. The ref was being held by Randy and it seem to take forever. [**1/2]

----Izzy Rotten with “Ravishing” Randy by COR over Danny B Goode with Coach BT. Good solid match. Good psychology. Goode is a real good worker – Izzy did a good job here also. Solid and smooth from both guys. Finish had Goode hit a blockbuster and go for the pin, but Randy pulled the ref. Rotten then went for a pin and I pulled ref out. Izzy then comes after me – but Goode jumps from the top rope to the floor onto Izzy. I get in the ring with the ref and Izzy gets away from Goode and starts towards me as the ref continues to count Goode out. Randy was suppose to grab Goode’s leg so he could not get in the ring, but totally missed his spot. It made Goode look bad, because he was almost completely in the ring, but the ref kept counting. [**3/4]


----110 in the building. Bad weather and an area festival hurt them….Big Boy Bob was smooth with everything he did. He should do a Triple B gimmick. LOL…Vic McNasty is better known as Keith Roberson [pictured below]. Does everyone remember him as a Memphis TV jobber?? He seems to be a great guy – walked around all night with a huge smile on his face…Thanks to Wildside for the cue during the interview…Rotten is so good on the mic…Prayer with the whole dressing room before the first match, which was a first for me. Another first also – I have been going to wrestling since 1977 and the power has never gone out for an extended time like that. Everyone was blaming me or Devon. LOL…Don’t let the actual workrate fool you about this promotion – they might not have “match of the year” candidates on the show, but it is just solid old school work. And as I said, they have all the major players so over. You don’t have to do a “triple cage burning table over the top rope whatever” when the marks pop for dropkicks…These guys have a first class set up for taping their TV show. It looks so professional…Thanks to everyone – all cast & crew – for a great time and tons of respect. The whole dressing room had a good “working environment” feel with no tension and such.

Photos by Kayte Tramel

Inside the Dressing Room: Brian Christopher Saturday Night at ASWF!!

----I just got an update on the Brian Christopher situation from ASWF Saturday night. My source will remain anonymous as requested, but he had some interesting things to say about the situation.

“When Brian woke up he was not acting "nice" to anyone. The dude was fried off his ass! And Jerry Lawler didn't look disappointed to me. He sat there smiling and talking to Justin Smart's girlfriend, while Brian was "apologizing" to the green kid for kicking him in the face. As soon as the kid turned and walked off, Brian rolled his eyes - he didn't give a shit and neither did Lawler. Lawler didn't act the least bit concerned that his son was fried off his ass on whatever he is on and he WAS NOT visually upset with any of Brian's actions.”

He went on to say, “I've been on several shows with Brian and I never acknowledge him...he's a disgrace to the business. Lawler sat in his car the entire time until his match and then went in the back to get his money. But HOW can any father just watch idly by as his son is self-destructing - it's mind-boggling to me.”


RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 5.10.08

Show opened w/ Allen Walker running down the card for Spring Breakout 08. He then called out the Sicilian Kid. Just as the Kid got in the ring Tim Edwards came out and said that he has a match with the Kid tonight and after he beats the Kid, he is fired. At this point Walker said that yes Tim may own Kid's contract but Walker owns Tim's and if Tim fires Kid he will be fired also, this gave the commissioner an idea. It would be a hardcore match, loser leave NBW tonight, Kid vs. Tim

“The Riot Squad” [Rob Justice/Jason Matthews] def. Buckwheat/Bubba Redneck

Maverick def. Jon “Biscuit” Roberts by DQ when Mark Justice jumped Maverick from behind and he and Biscuit proceeded to beat on Maverick until Moore made the save to set up a tag match tonight!

Big Red def. Tommy Redneck after Redneck hit Red w/ a low blow and was about to use a chain on Red until Kilo distracted him and Red gave him a chokeslam.

The Kid def. Tim Edwards in a Hardcore loser leaves NBW match after a twist of fate on a sign.

Mark Justice and Biscuit def. Maverick and Jeremy Moore after Mark hit Maverick w/ Hard Justice.

Kilo and Motley went to a no contest after Redneck ran out and he and Motley hung Kilo w/ the cowbell rope until Moore made the save only to be followed by Mark and given the “Hard Justice” across Motley and Redneck’s knee. Red made the save w/ the chair.

----Anywhere between 130-150 in the building. Pop of the night was for the Kid win – place went crazy! Rumors are that Tim Edwards is headed to TIWF…Maverick, who was in for just one show, is a worker from North Carolina. He came in town for the weekend and has never wrestled in this area, even though he is from this area. He brought about 30 fans with him and everyone said he looked good. But….He shot right up from Mark’s finisher, which made Mark looked bad and he was a bit pissed…Most heel heat for Tim, Biscuit and Mark. Crowd was hot and a good show overall.

"Shooting The Shiznit" Tomorrow!!! Special RRO Anniversary Edition!!!

----We will be having a special Tuesday edition of “Shooting the Shiznit” on the 2 year anniversary of RRO tomorrow. Brian Tramel will be joined by a special co-host – RRO Wrestler of the Year – Derrick King – who will also be celebrating his birthday. So, it could be interesting. I would also like to encourage you personally to join us and give us a big “shout out” for two years of kayfabdom. Call between 5:30 PM to 6:30PM – 347 – 838 – 8101!!

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 5.09.08

The show started off with The Axeman getting in the ring to make the announcement he had promised the fans the week before. He was asking why there was black plastic all in the ring. All of a sudden Parental Advisory came out and got in the ring. They said they had a peace offering for Axeman. Axeman really didn't want anything to do with it and they beat him down and poured something that looked like molasses all over him and dumped a huge bag of feathers on him. Studd told him that until they got what they wanted, it was going to be like this every week. They then went to the back. Several people were out to help Axeman, but they would not touch him because he was covered with all that stuff. Eventually he came to and finally made it to the back under his own power. He was not seen again until much later in the show.
The show included a tournament to determine a new #1 contender for the Lightweight Championship. The first four matches were first round tournament matches.
DC d. Tysin Starr.
Jarvis White d. Chris Chaos.
Ryan Sofine d. LSD.
Josh Matthews d. Curly Mo.
In a non-tournament match, The Freakshow (Chop the Clown & Uncle Vinny Blade) & Chris Styles d. Chazz Stone, Bless, & G. Mo Money.
Tournament Semi-final match: Jarvis White d. DC.
Tournament Semi-final match: Ryan Sofine d. Josh Matthews.
In a non-tournament handicap match, Neil Taylor, Brett Michaels, & Fusion d. Parental Advisory (Studd, Tony Dabbs, Ryan Sofine, & Izzy Rotten) & Chris Fontaine.
At this point The Axeman returned. He had apparently gone somewhere and cleaned up. The members of PA came out and again said that it was going to be that way until they got what they wanted. Axeman then asked them exactly what they wanted. Studd said that he and Tony wanted a shot at the TFW Tag Team Titles, which they accused Axeman of causing them to lose. He said they wanted a re-match for Izzy Rotten for the TFW Championship, which they said Axeman caused him to lose. They said they wanted a Lightweight title shot for Ryan Sofine. Axeman did not give them what they wanted. Instead he told them he had a surprise for them at the next show, and if they were cooperative, he would consider giving them what they wanted. Tony Dabbs said, "I'm game." Stud said not so fast, and wanted to know what the surprise was. Axeman would not tell them. He said they would find out next week, and that they had better be prepared to be very cooperative.
Main event was the tournament final match. Jarvis White defeated Ryan Sofine to become #1 Contender fot the Lightweight belt, currently held by Cassanova Kid.
Approx. 100 in the crowd, and they got to see a good show.
They need to quit beating up Axeman. They've done that several times. It's getting old. I am eager to see what his surprise is for Parental Advisory.

Credit: Jack Flash @

RassleResults: SPWA Pulaski, TN 5.10.08

Yukon Jack defeated Mikey Dunn in a fan participation strap match

Don Bass successfully defended the SPWA title against Gary "The Boogie Woogie Boy" Valiant

Assassin #2 was disqualified in a match against Brawler Rex

Chaos pinned Travis Locke

Eddie Toon & The Punisher defeated Bi-Polar in a tag team match

The SPWA returns to Pulaski Saturday night May 17th at 8 p.m. This will be a fundraiser for the Paul Shrader family. There will be a free TV taping that afternoon at 2 p.m. The Berry Brothers Expo Hall is located at 1830 Braly Lane in Pulaski, TN. Look for our shows on ZTV 11 (Athens, AL) at 11 a.m. every Saturday.

Credit: Hoss Williams @

RassleResults: RCW Marmaduke, AR 5.10.08 - New Champion!!

Suicidal Youth defeated Crazy Train in a No Limits #1 contenders match to face the champion later in the evening.

Hambone #2 defeated "Wildcard" Chris Graham

"One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank defeated Hambone #1 by DQ when Hambone #2 interfered. "Badstreet Boy" Ryan Lee made the save.

RCW No Limits Champion Deranged defeated Suicidal Youth to retain the title.

Farmer Billy Hills defeated RCW Heavyweight Champion Bonecrusher in a Fans Participation Strap Match to become the NEW RCW Heavyweight Champion!

----No attendance was given…RCW's next event is June 7th with The Hambone Express vs O.B.C. (Tank & Ryan Lee) in a DOG FOOD MATCH plus a lot more.

Credit: Tim @ Trent's board!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Site News!!

----We have some slight improvements in the works. You can go to the front page – and see the new navigation bars and such. I want to integrate the news site into the original site more. I looked at various alternatives, but find that the news will stay on In reality, it isn’t even a blog, since I do not leave you a chance to comment. You may go to the front page get all the latest news from this area and the wrestling world. Just one stop from that page to all the other sites.

----I would like to say thank you to all the visitors of this site!! I am proud to announce that we crossed the 1.5 million mark sometime last week. As I have said in the past, we will reach the 2 million mark sometime before the end of 2008!! Thanks to all!!

----We will be having a special Tuesday edition of “Shooting the Shiznit” on the 2 year anniversary of RRO on May 14, 2008. I will be joined by a special co-host – RRO Wrestler of the Year – Derrick King – who will also be celebrating his birthday. So, it could be interesting. I would also like to encourage ALL & ANYONE that wants to join us and give us a big “shout out” for two years of kayfabdom.

----I will also have MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT about a new project that we will be working on that will be a big part of the Yearbook and this site for years to come. It was the brainchild of Gene Jackson and I have run with it. I will be announcing this project in the first 10 minutes of the special Anniversary Edition of “Shooting the Shiznit”.

----I am not sure how many people have noticed, but upon the suggestion of Gene Jackson, we have decided to put both “Cheap Heat Radio” & “Shooting the Shiznit” under the RRO Radio banner.

Update on Brian Christopher Story!!!

----A quick note to everyone reading the site today. I have revised the Brian Christopher story, because I can not confirm that Cody Murdock actually wrote the post on the kayfabe board. `I do know this though – the story written is 100% accurate – it has been confirmed by more than 5 guys that were at the show.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 5.10.08 - Quick Results!!

----Below are the quick results from last night in Trenton, TN. I will have a full Arena Report posted tomorrow.

---Criss Braggs def. Big Boy Bob…Dre’ Black def. Dazzlin’ Dixie by DQ…TIWF TV Title Match ( Over the top Battle Royale) – Vic McNasty…Devon Day def. Steven Rampage…TIWF Tag Team Title Match: “New Breed of Perfection” ( Wildside & Waycool) def. “Locked & Loaded” ( Tank Turner & Lawman Williams)…TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match: Izzy Rotten with "Ravishing" Randy def. Danny B. Goode with Coach BT by countout.

RassleResults: All Pro Productions - All Three Shows This Weekend!!

All Pro Wrestling – Bruce, Ms. 5/9/08 National Guard Armory

“Southern Thunder” Chris Kilgore Def. Cameron Valentine

Funky Freddy Feelgood [Giant Hillbilly under a hood] Def. Ty Rant

Kid-J Def. Lil Devil

Uncle Felton Def. “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock w/ Sarge O’Riley & Tony Watts

C. J. Cash Def. Sarge O’Riley w/“Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock

“Big Daddy” Storm & Colton Anderson Def. Psycho & Pappy w/ Cyn

Anton LeVeigh & Brandon Bobwire Def. AJ Bradley & Blalok “The Blazer” w/ “Hollywood Jimmy handcuffed to the “Dead Man”

All Pro Wrestling – Senatobia, Ms. 5/10/08 Huey White Chevrolet

Cameron Valentine Def. “Bad Attitude” Tony Dabbs

“The Sure Thing” Colton Anderson & Storm Def. Psycho & Pappy w/Ollie "By Golly" Bradford

Funky Freddy Feelgood Def. Ty Rant

Uncle Felton Def. “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock w/ Sarge O’Riley & Tony Watts

J-Kid Def. Showtime w/“Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock

Lil Bit, Anton LeVeigh & Brandon Bobwire Def. Sarge O’Riley and the Sons of the South, Josh Mathews and “The Future” Chris Styles w/ “Hollywood Jimmy & Tony Watts handcuffed to the “Dead Man”

All Pro Wrestling – Ashland, Ms. 5/10/08

Funky Freddy Feelgood Def. Ty Rant

Cameron Valentine & “The Studd” Scott Porteau Def. Brandon Bobwire and “Prime Time” Nick Grymes

Showtime w/”Hollywood” Jimmy Def. Chris Fontaine

Psycho & Pappy w/Ollie "By Golly" Bradford Def. Colton Anderson & Storm

Uncle Felton Def. “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock w/ Sarge O’Riley & Tony Watts

Right after intermission the weather was getting bad but that didn’t seem to bother anyone. The announcement was made letting the fan’s know that the weather was being watched for changes and that the show will go on as planned. Soon after the announcement was made the power went out and the show was stopped.

Credit: XOW on

----Attendance looked to be 250 in Bruce, MS and about 110 in Ashland, MS.

Weather Takes The Toll

----Starting with tornadoes in Tupelo, MS, storms have been hitting the whole area all weekend. I would like to wish the best to all the workers and fans in this area due to all the bad weather. I hope no one suffered any major losses of property and all were kept safe on the roads. It took its toll on the attendance this week also. RWA was canceled due to tornado warning and I was told tornadoes were touching the ground all around their building. TWIF had a 20+ minute power outage and TCLW did also. All Pro Productions show was shut down after the power went out and never came back on. I talked with NBW officials today and they still had a round 150+ in the building, so it seems they were unaffected.

RassleResult: TLCW Ripley, TN 5.10.08 - Chris O'Neal New Tag Team Champions!!

Gaylon Ray vs. Chris Rocker was a no contest when Bishop interfered.

Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat Match
Rockin' Randy d. Baron Malkavain & Tattoo

The Golden Boy d. Greg King JR

Cody Melton/Dell Tucker d. Hot Topic(Derrick King,Stan Lee)

TLCW Tag Team Title Match - Handicap Match
Chris O'Neal [pictured] d. Black Label Society(Robbie Douglas,A.J. Bradley)

It was announced that TLCW Mayhem would take place on Saturday, May 24th at the TLCW Arena. Next week, The TLCW Title situation is to be cleared up. Flash Flanagan is the Champion, but Albino Rhino currently has the belt. This is to be resolved somehow at Mayhem.

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony boasted about the big names he defeated last year and dared the Commissioner to find him some competition. It was stated that Golden Boy's opponent for Mayhem would be revealed next week.

Hot Topic(Derrick King, Stan Lee) were invited to the to the ring for the announcement of their match at Mayhem. However, Tattoo and the Black Label Society(Robbie Douglas,A.J. Bradley) attacked them from behind before they reached the ring. The dressing room cleared to break up the brawl that resulted. After order was restored, The match for Mayhem was stated to be a six man tag match with
Tattoo/Black Label Society vs. Hot Topic/Mystery Partner. The mystery partner is to be named next week. Also, the Commissioner made a special stipulation. In order to prevent a repeat of the chaos in the ring, everyone in that match is not allowed to have physical contact with one another until their match at Mayhem.

Black Label Society and Tattoo decided to bend the rules by coming to ringside during Hot Topic's match. While BLS kept Hot Topic distracted,Tattoo tossed a chain to Cody Melton. Cody nailed Derrick with the chain to get the win.

The Main Event was Tag Title Match with BLS taking on the team of Chris O'Neal and Drew Donovan. Drew Donovan was unable to be there,
but O'Neal chose to go it alone rather than forfeit a title shot. Tattoo tried to come to the aid of BLS, but Hot Topic was right behind him. A stare down ensued. During the confusion, Derrick slipped one of the title belts to O'Neal. O'Neal used it to gain the victory, and single handedly become the TLCW Tag Team Champion.

The attendance was about 75. Given the weather situation (Tornado Warnings,etc.) it could have been worse. There was even a twenty plus minute power outage in the middle of the show.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 5.10.08

Dyronic b Little Booger (w/Charming Charles)

Boy b Shawn Hoodrich

Justin Spade b Bizarre-O

White Tiger b Blue Amigo

ATL Jr. Champion Steven Green vs Chris Norte went to a double countout when the two brawled outside the ring

ATL Tag Team Champions Tommy Capone & New York Gangster b Lee Cross & Seven when Gangster pinned Cross.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----49 in the crowd

Brian Christopher Strikes Again...

----This was posted last night on the kayfabe board about the ASWF show. I can not confirm that Cody Murdock wrote this as is stated on the Kayfabe Board, BUT I have spoke to 4 or 5 of the guys that were there last night and this incident did happen. More bad news for Brian Christopher. I really do not understand why ASWF or any other promotion would continue to book him.

Now let be start off by saying that he did arrive on time this time but then slept through the whole show. He was pretty nice when he woke up, he was still acting a little weird, but nice.

Then, when it was almost time for his match, he wasn't ready yet and so the head guys at the show asked a "greener" to help him lace his boots. Everything was fine, Brian was doing on boot and the kid was doing the other. For no reason at all, Brian kicked this kid in the face.

Then he waited until after the match to try and punk out Tommy Wayne. Tommy was walking by him and he grabbed Tommy by the shirt in such a way that a worker stepped in between them.

Now I will say this, Brian followed the kid around after his match and kept apologizing; he wouldn't let him by him until he knew the kid was ok. Does that make it ok? Does that make me feel any better about the whole thing? Will he say something to me about this? I don't know if he will and don't care, at least give me the decency of talking to me like a man and not making and idiot of him self making a big deal out of nothing.

Jerry Lawler was nice and didn't look happy with the way Brian was acting.


RassleResults: Championship Wrestling Kingsport, TN 5.10.08

Matt Stevens defeated Alyx Winters by DQ... Winters originally pinned Stevens after using a foreign object, but Nick Hammonds came to the ring and informed the referee of what had happened. The referee found the object, reversed the decision and awarded the match to Stevens.

The Jin defeated Ray Idol

US Tag Team Champions, Beau James & Moe Jenkins defeated Nick Hammonds & Wayne Adkins after Hammonds was attacked by Alyx Winters

Casey Oxendine defeated Cody Ices in a MMA Rules Cage Match... Following the match, Ices' stablemates from John Hawkins Promotions (JHP) turned on him for losing the match... Ices was left a bloody mess and had to be carried out of the building by security.

Alyx Winters vs. Steve Fury was declared a no contest... Before the match, John Hawkins talked Fury into returning to JHP... Fury reformed KMF Inc. with former partner, Chris Richards.

KMF Inc. defeated JV Insanity & Adam Maggart in a $5,000 Challenge Match

Thorn defeated Adam York in a Loser-Leaves-CW Match

AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Logan defeated Robbie Cassidy after interference from KMF Inc.

Championship Wrestling's next event is this Saturday Night, May 17 in Greeneville, TN at the Eastview Rec Center... This event is a benefit event for former Greeneville promoter, Roy Roberts. Roberts was recently diagnosed with cancer and Championship Wrestling is donated all the proceeds from the event to him and his family.

PGWA night on Jerkin The Curtain Monday May 12th @ 10 PM CST, plus news on the future of JTC

Jerkin The Curtain will return this coming Monday, May 12th, at 10 PM central time. It's going to be a fun and interesting show too, as it will be PGWA night on Jerkin' The Curtain. Randy Powell & Shiai Mata of the PGWA will join the show to discuss all things PGWA, plus the past, present, and future of ladies pro wrestling. There's also a decent chance that lady wrestler Hailey Hatred will call in. We'll take live callers, and ask e-mail questions on the air. Check it out live Monday night, or check out the archive later. Also, concerning the future of Jerkin' The Curtain, I'm going to try out a format change. Starting Monday night May 19th at 10 PM CST, Tommy Stewart and myself will be doing weekly reviews/recaps of both the NWA Main Event TV show, and the SAW TV show. We will get the whole thing done in an hour, and declare a "winner" each week for best show of the week, and yes I realize the shows have very different philosophies and objectives in general, to me that makes comparing and contrasting them that much more interesting. I guess Tommy and I will be like the "Siskel and Ebert" of Nashville TV wrestling shows, how's that for a dated reference? It should be fun, and something new to talk about each week. I still plan on doing interviews from time to time, plus perhaps a special show discussion some specific issue that pops up or whatever. It gets hard to book guests and do interviews every week, though I do try to make the interviews different, ask questions tailored for a specific guest etc, but that's hard to maintain. I'm looking forward to doing the TV reviews, we'll see how it goes. Check it out weekly starting May 19th. Trent Van Drisse

Happy Mother's Day!!

----Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers!!! A very special Happy Mother's Day to my Mom - she is to blame for being a wrestling fan!!