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Saturday RassleRambles!!!

----Saturday is usually a slow day on the web site due to the fact that everyone that reads it is usually wrestling or going to a show. Today hasn’t been slow here at the RRO offices with rumors being called in. Here is a list of stuff that we are working on for front of next week…

----Memphis Wrestling is in negotiations with another TV station and it is almost final. I have been told the channel and even the new booker of the promotion, but until I can confirm more, I am not going to report it.

----NBW is expected to have a “hot” show tonight. I am being told three big surprises, but not what they are going to be. Maybe it is due to the fact that things get revealed indirectly on this site??? I should have a report posted sometime later tonight or tomorrow. Also everyone wants to see if the Masters appearance pays off at the gate??

----No word on the mystery opponent for the TLCW “Mayhem” event tonight. I was thinking the promotion might reveal it for the internet crowd, but it seems I will have to wait just like the rest of you guys. I like it better that way anyhow. Big speculation from insiders on whether this crew can draw a bigger crowd for a bigger show with just local guys?? Higher ticket prices and high gas prices might hurt them for this Memorial Day weekend.

----Eyes are also on the debut of WWCW in Carbondale, IL with a huge lineup. I got news yesterday that they had 300 advance tickets sold. I have also heard the advertising budget for this group could probably have paid the payoffs for both TLCW/NBW this weekend. Will it be another promotion that promotes a few shows and then we never see them again?? Or will these guys pop some huge crowds?? Here’s hoping the latter.

----Summer is usually a slow time in this area for wrestling and only the big shows draw big numbers. The group that seem to be totally unaffected by this last year was NBW, who continue with about the same number of crowds. I have had many people point out the fact that gas prices are going to make a major dent in the business this summer also. I have heard of guys not taking dates far from home just because of this. So, it might not only hurt the crowds, but hurt some talent with opportunities, because they will not drive long distances and you can not blame them.

----From Rich @, on a Show for the Weekend that we totally forgot about "Hollywood Jimmy just informed me there's Wrestling and Rodeo Show tonight in Coffeeville Ms. at the Multi-Purpose Arena. The matches will include Jerry "The King" Lawler, Kevin White, Hollywood Jimmy, Brody Hawk, Cameron Valentine, Brian Christopher and many more. So if your close to Coffeeville Ms be sure to enjoy a night of Wrestling and Rodeo, starting time will be at 7:00 Tonight."

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 5.23.08

New York Gangster & Justin Spade b Lee Cross & Intern when Spade pinned Intern

Michael Jablonski b Shane Smalls

Tony Falk puts over that USWO is finishing up their 3rd year in the Stadium Inn which is quite an accomplishment given all of the constant nonsense which goes on around here.

Seven(w/Charming Charles) vs TJ Harley went to a double countout when they brawled on the floor after the power had gone out. A transformer blew but they carried on under the emergency lights for a few minutes. This was for the vacant ATL Championship, so there will be a rematch next week.

The lights were out for about 20 minutes but they were going to intermission anyway. Ref Mark Owen happened to have a portable generator with him and hooked up a spotlight to continue the show but the power returned just as he got it all set up.

Cowboy Bud Ellis b Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles)

LT Falk & Damien Payne & Cousin Jason X b Quinton Quarisma & Jay Phoenix & JC Crowe when Payne pinned Phoenix. Post match, Quarisma gave a speech about Phoenix, who is leaving USWO, praising his hard work despite all of the drama in the back. (word is Phoenix could be headed to SAW) Tony Falk says Quarisma & Crowe will defend the USWO tag belts since they do a Freebird thing anyway.

USWO Champion Chris Michaels b Michael Jablonski. Scheduled challenger Mark Anthony was absent, so Jablonski stepped in saying he never got a rematch from his 11/30 title loss to Michaels. One point here saw the middle turnbuckle come off, hitting Michaels in the back of the head and busting him open. Michaels rolled out of a pedigree and pinned Jablonski, who then turned on and viciously attacked Michaels. Jablonski swears off the "Rock Star" persona and returns to being the "Polish Punisher".

----82 in attendance...Congrats to Tony Falk and crew for 3 years running shows in the same building!!

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Showtime Allstar Wrestling - Episode 43

Showtime Allstar Wrestling – Episode 43
Airing May 3, 2008 on ION Network affiliate WNPX 28 in Nashville

They cut right from the opening montage to the entrance of SAW Television Champion Damian Adams.

(1) Damian Adams beat Sigmon with the bicycle kick to retain the SAW Television Title in 3:39. Two guys of almost identical size here. Sigmon controlled the majority of the match with rule breaking mixed with impressive offensive execution. He focused his attack on Damian’s back. Sigmon’s pin attempts were beyond cocky. Riggins said his objective as a matchmaker was parity, like the NFL and college basketball. Sigmon hit a snap slam for two. Damien rallied with a hard Irish whip, but went down clutching at his back. Damien rolled out from under Sigmon’s diving headbutt.. Damian unleashed an offensive barrage, nailing Sigmon right in the mush with his finisher.

Up Close and Personal with Stylin’ Shane Eden. Eden said he got interested in being a pro wrestler by watching the USWA with Jerry Lawler and the Fabulous Ones. He emulated Shawn Michaels in wanting to incorporate his dancing ability with wrestling. Eden called winning the North American tag titles with Frenchy Riviera (from the Volz, Riggings and Steven Dunn) was a key point in his career. (Eden held a share of the tag titles on four different occasions between 1997-2001, once with James Storm). Eden disclosed his ongoing battle with alcoholism. He said he was an entertainer, and the opportunity to entertain the kids was motivating him to be sober.

(2) Chrisjen Hayme pinned Shane Eden at 4:15. Pretty even match with lots of near falls, thre majority of them being scored by Eden. Riggins brought up Eden’s battle with his demons. Hayme put Eden in a daze with an enzuigiri. Hayme had his mean face on his choked Eden over the ropes. Hayme used a bridging Northern lights suplex for a near fall. Eden came to life after absorbing stiff chops and returned fire. Hayme went for a spinning headscissors, and Eden reversed it into a side slam for a two count. Nice spot. Eden appeared to have his obnoxious opponent in trouble, but Hayme revered and won it with a Blue Thunder Bomb, with Eden get a shoulder up barely after the three count.

(3) Rob Roy McCoy beat Jeff Jamison via submission with the crossface chickenwing at 3:27. McCoy dropkicked Jamison in the back of the head before the bell rang. He gave Jamison a beating outside the ring, and taunted the fans with his greatness. Back inside, McCoy hit a hangman neckbreaker and pulled Jamison up so he could pound his face. McCoy dished out a beating. There was a messed up sequence where McCoy wiffed on a lariat. McCoy took out his frustrations on Jamison’s deformed hand. Riggins was tempted to throw the towel in to protect the kid. Out of the blue, Jamison tried a springboard moonsault. He landed on his feet, and McCoy took him down for the submission. McCoy refused to break the hold, and Riggins had to send security in to pry him off.

McCoy marched over to the interview area. He said the path of destruction would continue until the BOD gave him his title shot. St. John warned McCoy that the BOD was not pleased with his actions, and he needed to chill or he was going to get suspended.

Truth, integrity, dignity, these are things I live by. These are things you people don’t understand. The stars and stripes mean NOTHING. USA means NOTHING. Because I’m going to take that belt back to Scotland, and it’s going to stay there indefinitely.

McCoy attacked Jamison on the ramp. He wrapped his deformed hand inside a chair and stomped on it. McCoy then brought out a second chair and jabbed it into Jamison’s deformity. Jamison was screaming like a limb had been severed. Riggins said there was blood all over the place. St. John said we didn’t need a camera shot of it, but we did and no blood was visible. Riggins said the time was going to come when McCoy was begging for mercy, and he hoped he didn’t get it.

Up Close and Personal with Indian Outlaw. He talked about his partner being put out of action by Paul Adams’ stable, but said he was not alone because he found Boogie Nation. He said he had been wrestling for 9 years. Outlaw acknowledged his debt to Indian forerunners like Wahoo McDaniel, the Youngbloods and Tatanka. Outlaw said it was obvious from his complexion that he was not 100% Native American, but he had 100% of that proud heritage running though his blood.

A video package on the rivalry between A Team and Boogie Nation aired. This was a repeat from two weeks ago. Riggins and St. John were discussing when referee Kurt Herron told Riggins there were problems in the back. St. John called for a commercial break.

Back from the break, Riggins informed St. John that tempers had flared when A Team and Boogie Nation crossed paths, but order had been restored. The refs interrupted again to tell Reno that all hell had broken loose in the back.

Cut to a close up of Indian Outlaw unconscious on the concrete floor.

The camera followed Riggins into the dressing room to find a full-scale brawl in progress between A Team and Boogie Nation. Riggins waded in to the fray along with both refs and Deputy Commissioner Mike Sircy. Freddie Morton came on the scene and ordered the combatants to take it to the ring or else.

(4) A Team (Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger & Rick Santel with Paul Adams) and Boogie Nation (Boogie Woogie Boy & Arrick Andrews & Chris Bomb with Miss Boogie) ended as a double DQ at 4:26. They picked up right where they left off in the dressing room. The babyface side cleared the ring. Santel was the last one to go. He took a high double backdrop and was dragged out by TVA. Riggins said Nation had enlisted the services of Bomb to replace Outlaw. Match settled down to a standard tag. Boogie Nation used a triple dropkick in Dillinger. With Boogie leading the way, Boogie Nation relentlessly beat on A Team, until Paul distracted the ref, allowing Dillinger to crack Boogie across the back with his pool cue. From there, it was six way mayhem. Boogie ended up on the floor with Paul strangling him with his towel. Reno told MSJ to ring the bell because it was out of control.

A crazy brawl ensued to end the show – five minutes of all out pandemonium. The focus was Boogie and Dillinger. Boogie took a shot into the post. Dillinger then bashed him with a trash can and choked him with rope. After warning MSJ to stay back, Riggins tried to intervene and got knocked around. Boogie gave Dillinger a hiptoss over the top rope straight to the floor, then slung him into the wall with Dillinger taking the bump at full speed. Miss Boogie chased Paul up the ramp. Dillinger lacerated Andrews with a DDT onto a plastic tub. MSJ called it the wildest action he had experience at SAW. Riggins promised to keep the cameras rolling and show the footage on next week’s TV.

Closing Thoughts: Sigmon vs. Damian was excellent while it lasted. Sigmon is a badass little guy and a good wrestler. The finish looked great. For that matter, all three of the finishing moves on this show were well executed. The personality profile with Eden worked. It came across like the real deal –a guy that has taken some hard licks in life, is battling an addiction, but continues to strive to do what he loves. Kind of strange doing the profile and then beating him clean in the next segment. It made sense for Hayme to win building to a title shot, but why Eden as the opponent? In the process, St. John inadvertently gave away the outcome of next week’s title match. I’ve got to cut MSJ some slack since episodes 42, 43 and 44 were not taped in sequence. It was the best match Hayme has had on SAW TV and a lot of that was Eden. McCoy is heel star in the making. Sadistic, cold-blooded and undeniably talented. He got nuclear heat for going after Jamison’s deformity. Some sick stuff there, although if They were going to talk about as a bloody angle, there should hav been some evidence of it on TV or they should have kept the camera on Reno and MSJ's reactions. The personality profile on Outlaw was boring. He’s just not a good talker. If you’re going to do personality profiles, it helps if you do them on wrestlers that have personalities. At least he made it clear that he’s not a full-blooded Indian. The dressing room brawl worked well, especially the camera following Reno to take the viewer right into the middle of the chaos. They had done a nice of building to an A Team/Boogie Nation meltdown over recent weeks. Main event had great heat and was really just a bridge to a great postmatch brawl. MSJ was not exaggerating when he called it the wildest action he had seen in Millersville. Dillinger was an utter maniac during this segment - throwing his body around with reckless abandon. The stepped intensity and violence reminded me Memphis TV from back in the day.

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A Piece of my Mind May 23rd 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

It was announced today that Corey Maclin settled his case with the WWE. I was surprised to hear that because it happened so fast. I had no doubt, in my mind, that Corey would be getting paid on this case. The WWE, in my opinion, was one hundred percent wrong in this issue. It appears that the WWE analyzed all aspects of this case and felt it was in their best interest to settle this case. If you look back through history McMahon’s approach is to never let anyone see him sweat. I am sure that the WWE wouldn’t have settled this case and paid money unless they knew that they were going to spend a lot of time and money and still lose the case.

It is no secret to anyone that Corey and I are not exactly big buddies these days. I havent spoken to him since he called me on June16th to apologize for what Jerry Lawler did to me. If Memphis Wrestling returns to the air in Memphis it makes no difference to me at all. I can tell you this, that in regards to this case, Corey was right and should have gotten paid. I don’t know what the settlement was and don’t expect to find out. But one thing Corey can never get back is the chance to have sold out the Fed Ex Forum. It should be clear to anyone that Jerry Lawler being on a wrestling card today in Memphis or anywhere else means very little.

I will say that in this case, however, that Jerry Lawler would have meant a lot. The people of Memphis didn’t get a chance to show their support for Lawler since he bailed out before the first ticket even went on sale. I have no doubt, in my mind, that Hogan vs. Lawler would have drawn big numbers in Memphis. I can even be convinced it would have been a sell out. This was one event that would have been promoted properly and had the full support of everyone involved to make it work.

I don’t know what McMahon had to pay, or how much of his pride had to be swallowed, for this case to be settled but its a lot less than he would have had to swallow if Hogan and Lawler sold out that building without WWE support. I was looking forward to Lawler testifying in this case. Well I guess you cant get everything you want but I bet Corey Maclin came pretty close.

The picture for this article was taken at an ACW taping. This was a company started by Nelson Royal/ I was the head referee we were on WCNC-TV the NBC affiliate. The three guys were Carolina's Own David Isley, Gene Ligon and Tommy Angel from Left to Right. This photo was taken in 1989 and the two on the left Isley and Gene Ligon went on to be The Thunderfoot's from about 1992 to current. In the old Crockett days Ligon was an original along with Joel Deation. When Rob Russen put his Australia tour together and Deaton wasnt available I suggested Isley to take Joel's place, When Ligon agreed they got new outfits and Isley made his debut on Russen's month long tour to Australia.

WWE Settles with Corey Maclin!!

Memphis wrestling promoter Corey Maclin's lawsuit against Vince McMahon and WWE was dismissed today by United States District Judge Bernice B. Donald as the two sides came to an out of court settlement that was not publicly disclosed.

Maclin filed the lawsuit last January, stemming from WWE's decision to pull Jerry Lawler from an event that Maclin had booked in Memphis for April 2007, headlined by Lawler vs. Hulk Hogan.

At the time, Lawler claimed during a press conference that he had to pull out due to his WWE announcer's contract not allowing him to work the match since footage would be shot for Hogan's VH-1 reality show. Of course, at that time Hogan and McMahon were not on good terms due to a falling out before WrestleMania 23 in Detroit over Hogan's worth to the show.

Big Show took Lawler's place as he was in between WWE runs at the time. Hogan won the bout, which drew in the area of 4,000 fans. As it turned out, the Memphis footage was never used on "Hogan Knows Best."

Maclin claimed in his filing that World Wrestling Entertainment had violated section two of the federal Sherman Anti-Trust Act and that McMahon used his influence with other wrestlers to keep them from working for Maclin, due to his feelings toward Hogan.

Credit: Mike Johnson @

RassleResults: EWP Aloca, TN 5.22.08

Dave Pillman def. The SoCal Kid via pinfall with a lariat.

Eric Adams def. Tyson Daly by disqualification when AWOL attacked EA on the outside.

The RIP def. Jeff Anderson via pinfall after a chair shot behind the referee's back.

Donovan Daniels def. Bobwyre via pinfall after 2 Flatliners and a 3rd off the middle turnbuckle.

Robbie Race & Trooper T def. Travis Sawyer w/ Tony Lucassio & Edward Idol by disqualification after Lucassio hit Robbie when he had Travis in a pinfall predicament.

DRI def. Menace and Shane Andrews via pinfall with the Death Row Driver on Menace.

Shane Williams VS Sigmon for the EWP Championship went to a 30-minute time-limit draw as Shane had Sigmon in the boston crab.

----This group runs opposition of the group that Bert Prentice just took over...Strange to see the name Travis Sawyer still working around here. Early this year while working for the KAPOW group,he hit a fan in the head with kendo stick earlier this year. What ever became of that??

RassleResults: UWA Knoxville, TN 5.23.08 - Bert Prentice Returns to Wrestling!!

UWA began w/ Commissioner Chris Dalton coming out to the ring.. he said it's time for the major announcement.. the new owner of the UWA is........


Bert comes out and addresses the crowd. He said 9 months ago, UWA had 180-200 people in attendance, now it's came to 30 people. He also acknowledges the fact that a promotion 20 miles up the road has pretty much defeated UWA. He says the only way to get UWA back up to the top is to shut it down.. blow it up and re-start it. He announces that UWA will go dark for 1 week, so NO show Next Week. The Rebirth of the UWA will be Tuesday June 3 and will begin running EVERY Tuesday Night at 8pm. Bert says he's gonna bring in Nashville's best talent and some wrestlers who are very close w/ Jerry The King Lawler. Another huge announcement, Bert is gonna meet w/ TNA officials and you will see TNA stars come in the door like Tracy Brooks.. He says he was the guy who brought in Eugene and Sabu and he gives his word that you will see the best talent come into the UWA. He tells the fans to spread the word and his ultimate goal is to fill that Hardwarium back up to the way it used to be. He says if you wanna see guys who used to work for UWA, let him know and he will try his best to bring them back. He says he has people backing him up finanically and all he wants is support from the fans. He says UWA has too rich of a legacy to shut it down and that was gonna be the next option. He says tickets will go back to $7.00 but he will deliver $14.00 quality shows. He says w/ the new UWA, there should be no more bullshit written on the forum. He says next month, he hopes to get all the fans back including 2nd Row. He says this is the last Thursday show so let's raise hell and get ready for the rebirth on June 3.

*Matt Boyce def. Trip
*Mike Ogle def. Aaron Cross
*Tag Team Champion Alex Shepard def. Chase Stevens
*Tag Team Champion Allan Shepard def. Andy Douglas
*Shawn Shultz def. Adam Armor to win the vacant UWA Championship

Shawn ends the show by saying he will be there June 3, as the leader of the new UWA and he will be the one true K-Town Daddy.
Also, Mike Ogle will face Aaron Cross June 3 in a "Fans Bring the Straps" Match

Stay tuned for more news concerning the rebirth of UWA.

Credit: Chris Xtreme @ UWA messageboard

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 5.17.08

Corey Maclin is joined, again, this week by Jerry "The King" Lawler. They plug the special Spurrin' & Slammin' event that's taking place in Coffeeville, MS at The Multipurpose Arena this Saturday night, May 24. This is going to be a combination show consisting of wrestling and bull riding. Scheduled to appear: Jerry "The King" Lawler, Grand Masta Sexay Brian Christopher, And Many More! 7pm Bell time.

The encore presentation began with Jerry "The King" Lawler walking out and claiming that his lawyers got rid of both Corey Maclin and Brian Teigland. Lawler also announced that at Throwback 3 it would be Corey Maclin teaming with The Fabulous Ones, Stan Lane and Steve Keirn, with Jerry Jarrett in their corner taking on Lawler and The Rock 'n' Roll Express, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, with "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart in their corner.

The general manager of the television station, Jim Doty, came out and told Lawler that he doesn't run this show. Doty followed by saying that Corey Maclin is the host of this show and brought out Corey to gain back control of his duties.

The Soultaker squashed both Drew Donovan & Hendrick Hines in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee & Kevin White's interview is interrupted by Too Cool 2, Flex and Tim Grind, building up their match for Paris, TN, later that night. The two teams started brawling. "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware jumped in with his stun gun and used it on Dundee and White, until Brian Christopher made the save with a chair.

Kid Kash interview talking about "Superstar" Bill Dundee and how he is going to give him a lesson in professional wrestling at Throwback 3. Kash also said that he's going to give Stan Lee a lesson, right now.

Kid Kash defeated Stan Lee. Bill Dundee was doing commentary with Corey Maclin, during this match. After the bell, Kash continued his ruthless attack on Lee until Dundee made the save.

Grand Masta Sexay Brian Christopher interview. Christopher said that he will be teaming up with Kevin White to take on Too Cool 2 at Throwback 3. Christopher also said that he was sick and tired of Koko using that stun gun.

Brian Christopher, Bill Dundee, & Kevin White defeated Koko B. Ware & Too Cool 2, by disqualification, when Koko jumped in with his stun gun just before Kevin White could get the three count after delivering a nice swanton on Flex. Brian Christopher made another save with a chair.

Afterward, at the announce table, Brian Christopher challenged Koko B. Ware to a stun gun on a pole match at Throwback 3. Koko accepted and then tried to stun Christopher, but Christopher dodged the attack and swung a chair at Koko. Koko fell down, but it wasn't from the chair shot because Christopher missed him by a mile. It was the result of Koko getting his feet tied up in a couple of the chairs, behind the announce table, that caused his tumble to the floor. That was hilarious!

Jerry Lawler walked out and announced that he hired a private investigator and he's been following Corey Maclin around all week long with a video camera. Next week, Lawler said he is going to show everyone the footage, so everyone can see "The Real" Corey Maclin. Lawler also had some words for The Fabulous Ones and Jerry Jarrett about his upcoming match with them at Throwback 3.

Jerry "The King" Lawler & Shock were disqualified in their tag match against Johnny Dotson & Spider-Man when Shock got caught using a chain. After the bell, Lawler got the chain and chased after Maclin.

Back in the studio, Jerry Lawler told everyone that they have got to see "The Real" Corey Maclin footage on next week's show.

Again, Maclin and Lawler plug this Saturday night's Spurrin' & Slammin' show in Coffeeville, MS. Jerry said that he's going to see if he can get Brian to ride a bull.

They also advertise the special Grand Slam event that is taking place at AutoZone Park on Saturday, July 26.

Lawler ended the telecast, by reminding everyone, again, to check out next week's show to see what he did to Corey Maclin.

Credit: D-Rock &

"Shooting The Shiznit" is Ready!!!

----It is ready by just accessing the player above. The show featured Brian Tramel with co-host Brian Thompson. SIE owner and worker Shawn Reed joined them for the first 15 minutes. "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony joined the program next talking about TLCW "Mayhem", working Tracey Smothers, NBW controversy from this past weekend and other stuff for the rest of the show.

Another Show For The Weekend

SEW's next live TV taping will be the School's Out Spring Explosion,this Saturday, May 24 at the Knights Inn Red Apple Lounge located on 2949 Airways Blvd, Memphis, TN.

Belltime is 2:00PM and admission is absolutely FREE!

All fans in attendance will receive a TNA Slammiversary coupon for $10 off any merchandise purchase of $20 or more, for use at Slammiversary on Sunday, June 8!

Shows For The Weekend 5.23 to 5.24.08

----CLICK HERE to get a look at all the regular weekly shows in the area. Two big shows of this week include the WCCW debut and “Mayhem” @ TLCW. It will be interesting to see how such a loaded show draws. TLCW is promoting using all local talent, so who will draw better?? I will be at TLCW for the Awards Ceremony!!

---- Saturday night with WCCW in Carbondale, IL with Special Appearance by Moon Dog Rex!...Al Snow w/ Head vs. Anthony Bravado from OVW…Tony Diamond vs. Rex Romanov From Russia…Dingo from NWA Missouri Heavyweight Champion vs. Davey Richards / ROH…Mschif NWA Midwest Womens Champion vs. Ms. Natural …Brandon Marino and Aaron Scott vs. Kyle Oriley and Tom Brock…Also including Matt Rivera and Jeff Jett Southern Tag Team Champions, “Atomic Dogg” Ali Stevens,Lady Amazo, Psycho & Arnez w/ Pappy, The High Rollers w/ Marcus Dice, Rod Dent w/Nevaeh, Extreme Neal Dream w/Nevaeh and more.

----Saturday night in Ripley, TN for TLCW “Mayhem”. Show starts at 5:30 PM with the RRO Awards Ceremony. The main show will have Albino Rhino vs Flash Flanagan for the TLCW title…”Naughty by Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] vs Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne in a 2 out of 3 Falls match…”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony vs a Mystery Opponent…Main event: 6-Man Tag Barbwire Match: “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee]/Dustin Starr vs Tatt2/”Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas along with Dell Tucker, Cody Melton, Chris O’Neal, Rockin Randy, Baron Malkavain, Chris Rocker, Reggie B Fine, Gaylon Ray, Drew Donovan and more.

RassleResults: RWA Loose Caboose Festivial Paragould, AR 5.17.08

Lucky over Loose Cannon by d/q
Chris Steel over Persiful Poindexter the 3rd
Zane Richards over Big Indian Quixote
Big Al over the Offical
“Natural Born Thrillers” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] over “Leprechauns” [Lucky/Lethal]

Coach's Corner - "Jeremy Moore - Wrestling Superstar"

----It was discussed all weekend long and in reality time will only tell if it was the right decision, but Moore has been highly criticized by workers in the area and even some workers on this show, since he is the booker and put himself over Masters in the main event. I have a hard time second guessing any of the booking of a show that draws a huge crowd and the finish was such a big pop. Both can be said about the finish of the show and 230+ is a 47% increase in attendance with a 100% increase in ticket price. Can that be all bad??

----Should Jeremy Moore have pinned ex-WWE “superstar” Chris Masters?? No, not in the real world he would have not even come close. Moore is tiny compared to Masters. He is not a top level worker and he really doesn’t look the part of a wrestler. Does any of that really matter?? Well, it seems to matter to many of the other workers in this area. Does it matter to the fans at NBW?? Nah..they loved the finish. Does this kind of thing hurt the business in the area as a whole?? Many feel like it does, but if the crowds go up a bit and they keep believing Moore can beat anyone, then it does not hurt anyone.

----I have compared this to the Von Erichs this weekend. Please do not think I am comparing Moore to a Von Erich, because it was a total different era and the Von Erichs drew tons of money. I guess we can call it more like the “Von Erich Effect”. The worker is pushed by himself or mainly his father. He doesn’t have the body of a wrestler [Kerry & Kevin always had good bodies though]. His workrate is not great, but is passable. The #1 factor is this – is he over?? And, yes he is, but many would say “if I was pushed like that I would be over also”, which is true. What could happen in this situation is similar to what happened with the Von Erichs. The illusion is taken away as the father is always pushing his son and visible to the fans. At one point the fans may turn completely against Moore , since he is a daddy’s boy and is only pushed because of that. And, I am not saying as turning in that they will want him to be heel – they will completely just quit coming to the show.

----I have been ask by many people these last few days, if I would have been the booker, would I have put Moore over?? And if you read last week’s “Coach’s Corner”, then you already know the answer to the question. I would have kept Masters in the babyface role and probably would have had say Moore pin Cruz, since Cruz is the champion. As I said in my Arena Report, I would have probably even booked it different with an XOW team going over to further that feud – if the heels would have went over by saying pinning Red, then they could have claimed that NBW couldn’t even win with a major star. It was suggested to me that a heel should have pinned Masters, then he has the “claim” for his heel heat. Another scenario could have been Masters going against the champion – Motley Cruz [sort of the old vet goes after the young stud – it would have been a good match at least] with something happening where Cruz losing because of outside interference leading to the next feud. In reality though, we can not tell whether Moore booking will flop or not until we study the gates in the weeks to come.

----Finally, I really need to voice my stance on what should be told and what should be kayfabe, even on a site like this. I am probably worse person in the world to yell “kayfabe”, because this site exposes more in one viewing than years of going to the matches does. Here is what I will not post – I will not post finishes of matches of shows in this area – before they happen. [this includes “mystery” partners and such] I have heard the “spoilers” of all shows [TNA/WWE] are listed, so why does it matter? Well, it really doesn’t matter to all the people that read my site. And, there are not enough marks reading this site that it would matter for them. Even though it was made a big deal for say 20 minutes, it really doesn’t even matter to the promotion, because if they are smart – they just go along with their original plan. It will piss a lot of people off and those that revealed will be punished. Here is the main reason I do not expose finishes - #1: I want to be surprised and get a reaction. #2: I want to keep trust with all the promotions in this area that when I am asked to kayfabe, then they can trust me to kayfabe. My feelings are that if they can trust me to kayfabe, then they trust my opinion – whether it is good or bad on their show. It might seem though I am babyfacing them all, but I do have to have a working relationship of some degree with all the promotions in this area. Call me a babyface or a shill or mark or whatever, but I am not going to go out of my way to do something just out of jealousy or to get myself over. I call it being professional and objective

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.17.08

Show opened with Casino kid going out there to tell the crowd he was wrong about Austin Lane - he didn’t like him and never would. Austin attacked Casino. X-Kailber makes save on Casino but Morgan Lane attacks X, which set up the tag for later.

Christopher Lee by DQ over Seth Sabor. Chris got chair at end of match and went to use it Tommy Wayne makes save on it Chris hits chair on mat and falls ref sees the chair and DQ's Seth.

Bethany comes out and talks about her nose getting broke and Nikki lane comes out to comfort her. Then that Crazy insane girl comes out and attacks them again leaves both girls laying.

Acid beat TCO
Acid Getting Pin From Massive power Bomb After match TCO still jumps him wanting respect.

Special Ref Silent Mark
Idol Bane Over By DQ When Cody Only Blackhole Slams the Special Ref Silent Mark

4th match European Championship match
Scott Fury (c) beat "Hott Rod" John Ellison
Scott Goes over because hot rod throws him over top rope that is a DQ for this New European Rules.

Feature Match
Austin & Morgan Lane beat Casino Kid & X-Kailber
X gets hot tag and cleans house very good tower spot for finish but casino wasn't legal man to cover any one Austin and Morgan then dump Casino out delivers two super kicks and an outstanding rko to x for the 123.

Semi Free For All Match (Ultimate X) For X Division Championship

“The Mexiconos” ( Johnny Hawk & Johnny Harper) beat Mr Playboy Tommy Wayne [pictured] (c) & Suicide King Ray Ray with Harper winning the X Division Title.
Mexiconos had the plan to hurt the hands of Ray and Wayne. They did so bad that they couldn’t hang on to the chain to get to the belt. Ray Ray did A swanton from top rope to the floor threw a table as Hawk moved leaving Tommy by himself. Tommy DDT Hawk and tackled Harper out of the ring. He then went to the chain and used his legs and forearms to climb. As he was at the belt Seth Sabor come out and turned on Tommy and Ray by spearing Tommy from the middle of the chain from the top rope. Seth then gets the belt and hands to Harper.

Main Event
ASWF Tag Team Titles Match: Wild Bill And Demon X (c) beat Justin “the Juice” Smart & “The Machine” Mike Anthony
Finish had Justin get the hot tag and clears the ring then the ref loses control and Bill gets pin on Mike even though he wasn’t the legal man.

----170+ in the building…After the main event, Justin gets on mic and says half of the Naturals are coming next week to take care of them. OMG!! So either Andy or Chase have to work David Walls??...TCO worked as “The Chosen One” in Ward, AR.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling - Episode 42

Airing April 26, 2008 in Nashville on ION Network affiliate WNPX 28

Michael St. John and Reno Riggins were at ringside to open the show. They informed us that today’s main event would be a tag team grudge match with the Tennessee Violence Authority making their first title defense against the Dream Team.

(1) Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) beat Chris Eckos in 5:06. Santel immediately double Eckos over with a knee to the gut and shared a chuckle with Paul. Eckos showed had something for Santel, but ended up with a real tummy ache after a crash-and-burn quebrada. Paul shed mock tears and used his towel to wipe them dry. As Santel was having fun beating up on Eckos, Riggins theorized that Santel turned to the dark side because he was jealous of Boogie Woogie Boy’s popularity and then Paul got in his head. MSJ and Reno put Paul over as one of the greatest managerial masterminds of all time. St. John put him above Saul Weingeroff, Sir Clement and Lou Albano when it came to giving his man the advantage in a match. Eckos escaped from a back suplex and decked Santel with a discus forearm. The comeback was short-lived as Santel put Eckos away with the Santel Slam.

Postmatch, Santel tied up Eckos so Adams could slap the defenseless kid across the face. It made Reno sick at his stomach.

Video highlights of “Best of the Best” Chrisjen Hayme aired next.

(2) Shane Eden defeated Lawrence Lane in 10:58. Lane was pissed about Shane’s stylin’ and attacked from behind. Eden came right back with a pair of spinwheel kicks. It was all Eden in the opening minutes with the crowd completely behind him. Riggins said Eden had rededicated himself and was in the best shape he had seen him in 4 or 5 years. Lane used a mule kick to the nutsack to turn the match around. Lane ripped at Eden’s eyes, choked him with his necktie and locked in a sleeper. Reno said Lane was doing a good job of cutting off the oxygen supply. Lane distracted the ref and leg-dropped Eden’s groin. Lane started working the knee. MSJ mentioned that Eden was coming off of knee surgery. Eden broke free and tried to nip up, but the knee gave way. Lane applied a single leg crab. Eden made the ropes. Lane chop blocked him to continue the torture. Enzuigiri from nowhere and Lane went down in a heap, but Eden was very slow to cover. Eden baited Lane with the crane pose and dropkicked him for a near fall. Lariats on one leg. Lane begged off. Eden pulled the straps down. Eden did the 10 punches. Lane down face first. Eden went for a monkey flip, but Lane blocked and covered with his feet on the ropes. Eden kicked out at two and a half. As Lane griped at the ref, Eden caught him with an O’Connor roll for the three count.

Next up was a personality profile on SAW Television Champion Damien Adams conducted by Riggins. Damien said Ricky Steamboat and Bret Hart were the wrestlers that had the most influence on his style. Damien said his family was supportive of his career in pro wrestling, and although being the champion had him on the road constantly, he was only able to make it back to New York once or twice a week. Damien said he was more than glad to defend the title against Rob Roy McCoy. Damien said he had the opportunity to work for WWE and TNA on several occasion.

Back from commercial, Rob Roy McCoy was with MSJ and wanted to know what was up his title shot. McCoy said he had proved his dominance and Damien had already agreed to the match. That brought Commissioner Freddie Morton out. Morton said he didn’t know how they did things in Scotland but in the good old USA, challengers had to work their way up from the bottom, and furthermore, Neither Damien or McCoy had decision making power. McCoy said it was typical American red tape, and Morton was scared he would take the title for good. McCoy said the blood would be on Morton’s hands, because he was going to run through SAW talent until he got his title shot.

(3) Sucio vs. Dave Leveque ended in a no contest at 1:42 when Rob Roy McCoy attacked the both of them. As two smallish competitors from Derby City Wrestling traded holds, McCoy joined MSJ on commentary.

Everything! I’m entitled to the world and everything in it, because of my bloodline, my superiority, and the fact that you heathens and cretins fail to realize this. Look at these two guys. This disgusts me. These two guys are buddies, keeping it clean, nobody breaking the rules, pandering to the fans. It’s everything I stand against.

Taking matters into his own hands, McCoy dumped Sucio out of the ring and slapped the crossface chickenwing on Leveque. The refs couldn’t pry McCoy off. It took Deputy Commissioner Mike Sircy reading him the riot act to compel McCoy to break the hold.

The SAW cameras were there as the A Team continued to gallivant around Nashville in their limo. This week, Hammerjack allegedly had an image of Lindsay Lohan on his cell phone. Ultimate chick magnet, Rick Santel said he never dated her.

I’m Rick Santel, daddy, I have standards.

Adams tried to focus his crew on the task at hand: TVA’s title defense against Dream Team. Hammerjack said he knew what it was like to be walked on in life, and now it was diamond rings and limousines. He vowed that the gold would stay with TVA. Santel said he would have their backs. Matt Dillinger was completely out of his skull during the entire segment. He was screaming and babbling at nobody in particular. Paul said he had been reading “How to Make Friends and Influence People.” Dillinger wanted to read it. He asked if it had pictures. Hammerjack offered to read it for him. Paul said the book’s message was set goal and achieve them, just like A team had done. The goals for this week were to retain the titles and eliminate the Dream Team.

I love it! I love it! I love it when a plan comes together.

(4) Tennessee Violence Authority (Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger with Paul Adams) beat Dream Team (Boogie Woogie Boy & Arrick Andrews with Miss Boogie) to retain the SAW tag team titles in 7:58. Boogie was a vision in silver with a dorag to match the tights, as TVD would say, you have to love a man that knows how to accessorize. Boogie kissed Reno and used ref Kurt Herron as a coat rack for his ring garb. Andrews displayed his wrestling skills. Boogie just used his fists. The TVA was in disarray. Dream Team dropped a razzle dazzle double elbow on Dillinger, and Andrews laid in some nasty knee strikes. When Andrews mounted the ropes for the 10 punches, Dillinger countered with an inverted atomic drop to start the heat. TVA worked on Andrews’ knee. Reno said that was good strategy against a high flier. Hammerjack hit a sidewalk slam, and Boogie had to make a save. TVA switched without tagging. Andrews connected with a standing dropkick on Dillinger to set up the hot tag. TVA was getting bounced around by Boogie, so Paul antagonized Miss Boogie to distract ref Kurt Herron. Hammerjack nailed Boogie with the sledgehammer and Dillinger covered for the pin. The closing shot was Paul triumphantly raising TVA’s hands on the ramp.

Closing Thoughts: The chaotic segment on the limo was again, one of the highlights of the show. Dillinger is certifiable. McCoy is gold. The deal attacking the jobbers further amplified his heat. His promo, although delivered as a bitching, arrogant heel, had the ring-of-truth of a babyface – the promotion was screwing him and he was calling them on their BS. The “luck of the draw” gimmick to determine title challengers is a problem. They’re building up McCoy and to a less extent, Hayme, as legit challengers because they win matches, but there’s no way to earn a title shot based on merit, which doesn’t do much for the credibility of your title. I didn’t think the personality profile did much for Damien. Riggins talked about him growing up in Puerto Rico, but his accent is pure New York/New Jersey, and he mentioned returning there to visit family. The idea of portraying it like Damien had a busy road schedule defending the title was ridiculous. Anyone watching knows the only shows the promotion advertises outside the SAW Arena are in Columbia and Lebanon, and Damien usually isn’t even booked. The Santel match was what it needed to be. He needed a decisive win after last week. I love MSJ’s 70s and 80s references, but how many viewers had any idea who Sir Clement or Saul Weingeroff were? Eden vs. Lane was a pleasant surprise. They were sent out to kill time because some of the talent had not arrived due to travel problems and had a very good match. Crowd was really into Eden. His selling made the match. Good heat for the main. No surprise in that one. TVA went over in the first meeting, just as they should have – with distraction and a weapon shot – to build for bigger things down the road. TVA worked like a well-oiled machine. Overall, a good show.

Flashback: Sonny King by Mark James

A few weeks ago I was working on a compilation piece (for the RRO 2 year anniversary), and I saw a name in the old cards that I had not thought of in a few years, Sonny King.

The card above took place 30 years ago this week. The main event featured Jerry Lawler & Jimmy Valiant taking on the Southern tag team champions, Joe Leduc & John Louie. The tag champs were managed by Sonny King. I first remember Sonny showing up in Memphis in late 1977. He started to manage Joe Leduc in March 1978. One thing that always comes back to me was when Sonny would be interviewed by Lance Russell ; he would always have a lollipop in his mouth (just like the popular-at-the-time TV character, Kojak). Sonny was smart and his wrestling persona was an extension of that. He was a proud man who would not accept being looked over or held back because of the color of his skin. In most of Sonny’s interviews, even though he was the heel, he was confident and direct, yet talked in a quiet tone. Back then, most bad guys would get out there and just go crazy, Sonny did the opposite and it worked perfect, the fans hated him.

Sonny faded in and out of Memphis over the next few years. In early 1982, tragedy struck. Sonny was visiting some of his friends at a wrestling card in Charlotte, (he wasn’t even on the card). Once outside the arena, Sonny noticed a man attacking another person with a knife. Sonny got involved, was stabbed and almost died.

When Sonny recovered, he came to Memphis for a one-night-only appearance that happened on April 19, 1982. For Memphis fans, it was a weird thing. Sonny challenged Lawler and they were both faces. Neither was the heel. Sonny explained all that had happened to him and how, as he was laying on his death bed, he promised his son that he wouldn’t die. He also promised his son that he’d wrestle again, for the belt. The Southern heavyweight title match was held on that Monday night and Lawler prevailed. If memory serves me correctly, they even shook hands after the match. I don’t remember seeing Sonny King on Memphis Wrestling after that last match.

I recently talked to Jerry Jarrett about this match. Even though he really didn’t remember much about it, he did say that if Sonny had asked for this match as a favor, he would have done it in a heartbeat. He explained Sonny was great on the mic and good in the ring, so putting him in the top match for a week wasn’t a stretch. In addition to this, Jarrett went on to say that Sonny King was not only one of his favorite wrestlers, but was a loyal friend.

Finally, you’re probably wondering why I am doing this whole flashback on a minor known wrestler. I watched the WWE Hall of Fame inductions last month and enjoyed watching Rocky Johnson getting inducted into it. They made mention of him and fellow HOF’er Tony Atlas’ being the first African-American team to hold the WWF World tag team titles approx. 25 years ago. I also remembered Ron Simmons becoming the first African-American man to win a major world singles title (by defeating Vader for the WCW World heavyweight title in the early 1990’s.) What you don’t hear about is on May 22, 1972 Sonny King and Chief Jay Strongbow defeated King Curtis & Mikel Scicluna, in New York City for the WWWF World tag team titles. As far as I can tell, this is the first time an African-American man held a wrestling world title in any of the big 3 wrestling organizations, (WWWF, AWA or NWA). It happened 36 years ago this week.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1. He is currently finishing up Vol 2 and we will have full details on it here when it becomes available. James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – Take a look at the site!!!

"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry

Memphis loves Smackdown! Last Friday’s episode of Smackdown was the most watched TV show in Memphis in it’s 7-9pm timeslot. That’s strong! I think there are a few things you have to factor in when looking at SD’s numbers. They are on free TV. I know it’s just the CW network but the fact that it’s on a channel that you don’t need cable to watch is huge. SD is more about the wrestling. Memphis fans love wrestling. We all like good angles but in the end a wrestling show, of any kind, is measured buy the in-ring product and right now, in my opinion, Smackdown has the best in-ring product.

TNA’s numbers stayed about the same this past week. I just read a lil’ article where Paul Heyman said the entire TNA roster was the 2nd most underrated talent in the business: "No long term concepts + bad television writing + zero marketing strategy = hard working talents whose efforts are wasted on a show that has not grown the audience whatsoever despite the tens of millions of dollars sunken into it." He hit the nail on the head with that one.

Memphis Wrestling’s numbers were back to what they have been. I don’t see them changing much until they start taping new shows again. I just hope they haven’t lost a lot of their audience running these rehashed shows.

Raw’s numbers were up a little bit this week which is good after a PPV. A noticeable drop was in the last quarter hour in the 2nd hour. The 9:30-:45 did a 6.2, and then the 9:45-10:00 did a 4.8. I guess some folks, who cared less about the tag-team main event, switched over to TNT to catch the end of the N.O. Hornets/S.A. Spurs playoff game. I know I did. Lol

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 5-15-08

Final Rating: 1.6 [26,862 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 1.7 [28,541 viewers], 2.3 [38,615 viewers], 2.3[38,615 viewers], 1.2 [20,147 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.4 [23,505 viewers], 1.2 [20,147 viewers] , 1.7 [28,541 viewers], 1.2 [20,147 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5-16-08

Final Rating: 5.2 [87,303 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 3.2 [53,725 viewers], 4.4 [73,875 viewers], 4.1 [68,835 viewers], 4.9 [82,266 viewers]

2nd hour: 6.0 [100,734 viewers], 6.2 [104.092 viewers], 5.9 [99,055 viewers], 6.6 [110,807 viewers]

Memphis Wrestling 5-17-08

Final Rating: 1.7 [28,541 viewers] 3 share

Quarter hours: 1.4 [23,505 viewers], 1.3 [21,826 viewers], 2.0 [33,578 viewers], 2.0 [33,578 viewers]

12 Week Average: 2.1 [35,481 viewers]
12 Week High: 3.4 [57,083 viewers] 5.03.08
12 Week Low: 1.1 [19,139 viewers] 3.15.08

TNA Impact Replay 5-17-08

Final Rating: 0.9 [15,110 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.9 [15,110 viewers] , 0.6 [10,073 viewers], 0.6 [10,073 viewers], 0.8 [13,431 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.1 [18,468 viewers], 1.1 [18,468 viewers],, 1.3 [21,827 viewers], 1.1 [18,468 viewers],

WWE A.M. 5-18-08

Final Rating: 1.5 [25,184 viewers] 4 share

Quarter hours: 1.2 [20,147 viewers], 1.6 [26,862 viewers], 1.6 [26,862 viewers], 1.4 [23,505 viewers]

WWE Raw 5-19-08

Final Rating: 4.8 [80,587 viewers] 7 share

1st hour: 4.0 [67,156 viewers] 6 share

Quarter hours: 3.6 [60,440 viewers] 3.8 [63,798 viewers], 4.0 [67,156 viewers], 4.5 [75,551 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.6 [94,018 viewers] 8 share
Quarter hours: 5.7 [95,697 viewers], 5.5 [92,340 viewers], 6.2 [104,092 viewers], 4.8 [80,587 viewers]

Overrun: 5.0 [83,945 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating anaylsis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

Weekend Update: NBW, RWA gimmicks and Chief Kenny Feathers

----Inside the dressing room: It was a fun time in the NBW dressing room this weekend. I got to bs with guys I have known for over 15 years in the business to guys that just come up to me and introduce themselves. I had a few nice talks with Tony Watts – believe us folks – there is no heat!! Also had a great 30+ minute conversation with Jason Reed. I also heard thru the grapevine that a few people were saying that Chris Masters was “late” and was acting like he was more important than everyone else. #1: He was not late, as he was eating with the promoter and #2: I thought he was super nice. The first thing he did when he got to the dressing room is walk around and shake everyone’s hand. Thanks to all cast and crew for their respect and just a fun time.

----“Natural Born Players” are Southside Brawler and Pimptacular. Loose Cannon is now dong a new gimmick calling himself “Classy Meltin Massy”. Cannon has his hair dyed blonde with a pink shirt and checker shorts. “Treat” is now using his shoot name – Rik Burton [spelled that way] and it is the first time in 14 years he has used that name.

----Police Chief Kenny Feathers had an aneurysm and it blew. He had no idea he had one. He always wrestles on the local charity events. According to Fox13 Jeff Myles put on the event as a fundraiser for a local Union University student who lost everything in tornadoes back in February. I was also told that the “Blackbirds” [Iceman/Jazz] were involved in promoting the show. Apparently on the same card Jerry Fuller was rushed to hospital with blocked arteries of the heart after he collapsed in the dressing room. TIWF’s Lawman Williams had this to say about Feathers.

“I have known Chief Feathers for many years outside the wrestling biz. When I first started working for Brownsville PD back in 1989, Chief Feathers was working the K-9 at the Haywood County scales on I-40. He is a professional in every since of the word, and is my friend. He has always enjoyed wrestling, and has been working for several years on the local Indy benefit shows."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

RRO Radio presents "Shooting the Shiznit" This Thursday!!!

----There should be a segment on SIE leading up to their first big show. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony will be coming on talking about the upcoming TLCW "Mayhem" show. We will also talk to him about being on the top downloaded STS show, working Tracey Smothers and hopefully some other stuff. Nothing is “etched in stone” for this show, so join us as we "wing it" most of the show and hopefully I will be joined by my co-host Brian Thompson.

RassleResults: ICW Mathiston, MS - 3rd Anniversay Show!!

The Convicts 1&2 defeated The Executioners Axe and Dagger in a surprising good tag match that saw the father-son team of the Executioners continue to have "communication breakdown". Dagger took a very mean-looking "jailhouse drop" (pedigree) from Convict #1.

Dylan Hale won over Devon Raynes by DQ when Raynes threw Hale over the top rope at about 3 minutes. Raynes claimed he didn't know that ICW had an OTTR disqualification rule.

Trainwreck won an "Anarchy Rules" match over Dirty Sanchez when he took an ether soaked rag away from Sanchez and smothered out the (now former) champion with it. A wild brawl over the building and even out into the parking lot. Crazy action.

Dyaln Hale returned to win "The Pot of Gold" Battle Royale which included Orion of DOA, Mitch Toretta, Executioner Axe, Dagger, Jaymie Justice, & The Convict #1,. It came down to to Hale and Orion. Sanchez ran out to help his partner Orion but instead ended up helping Hale eliminate Orion. Afterwards Raynes hit the ring and attacked (along with DOA) Hale again, but this time Jaymie Justice and Trainwreck came to Hale's rescue. Looks like some definite alliances are being formed here.

In the ICW heavyweight title match, PorkChop Cash and "The Outlaw" JD McKay ended up without a clear winner as promoter Ronnie Watkins had to decalre the referee's decision null and void since he didn't see McKay's foot on the rope when Cash pinned him. Pork Chop got upset at Watkins and shoved him - Watkins had no choice but to suspend Cash for 30 days by the ICW by-laws. This group follows its rules. The title is "held-up" pending further review by the championship committee.

In the 6-Man Texas Tornado Tag Match, ICW Tag champions, Predator and Scorpion, and "Wildfire" Tommy Rich defeated The Disciples of Anarchy (Sanchez and Orion) and Dustin Starr when Rich hit Starr with his famed version of the Lou Thesz press. Another out-of-control match that was all over the place for the most part.

The main event saw WWE Superstar "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher defeat "Maniac" Mitch Toretta in highly entertaining bout. Can't even begin to describe what went down in this thing. Christopher was in top form. The fans, especially the young girls, adore Brian.

---- Crowd was 147 paid with around 200 in the building…No one left disappointed despite not having the advertised cage match…The group returns to Mathiston on 5-31 and who knows what may happen…And for all the negative press that Brian Christopher Lawler has been receiving lately, he was very professional (for the most part - he did take his time getting ready for his match) in the dressing room. There was no problem with him or Dustin Starr.

Monday, May 19, 2008

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 5.16.08

The show started out with Axeman calling out all the members of Parental Advisory. They did not want to come out. One of the refs came out of the back and told Axeman they were not coming out. Axeman told him something and he went back to the back. Eventually they did come out and they were dressed in diapers and were sucking on pacifiers. Axeman told them they would get their title shots they wanted if they could win their matches. They went to the back, but before they went they told Axeman that what was going to happen was his fault.
"Dangerous" David Cox defeated Keylo Green.
TFW Tag Team Champions "Little Guys, Inc." (Kid J & Little Devil) defeated Devon Raynes & DC.
Mo Foundation (G-Mo Money, Curly Mo, & Bless) w/Dirty Rell Mo defeated Chop the Clown, Chris Styles, & Chris Kilgore.
Parental Advisory (Studd & Tony) defeated Freddie Fartknocker (?) & LSD. Freddie & LSD were beaten about half to death after the match.
Cameron Valentine defeated Josh Matthews.
Ryan Sofine defeated Jarvis White & Tysin Starr in a three-way match.
Izzy Rotten & Chris Fontaine w/Diamond defeated Brett Michaels & Fusion.
So all the members of Parental Advisory won their matches and will get title shots of some kind at the next show.

Credit: Jack Flash @

RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS 5.17.08

Jay Webster defeated Slammer in a no DQ match to become the new JWS Commissioner.
Brody Hawk over "Prime Time" Nick Grimes & Chris Stevens. Grimes walked out on the match about 2/3 of the way through.
Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid over 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) by DQ when Nick Grimes interfered.
Chris Fontaine won a 4-way elimination match over Blade, Dalton Storn, & Damion Rage. First to be eliminated was Damion Rage by count-out when he got into it with JWS Commissioner Jay Webster. Next to be eliminated was Dalton Storm by pin fall. Chris Fontaine then pinned Blade to win the match.
Justin Rhodes defeated Buzz Harley to retain the JWS Championship.
The main event was a battle royal to determint the #1 Contender for the JWS Southern Heritage Title. Match was won by Bonecrusher.
This Saturday night at JWS the card will include:
A 3 out of 5 falls Pandora's Box Match, Jay Webster vs. Damion Rage. There will be 4 boxes on the announcer's table. Whoever wins each fall will open one box and will be able to use whatever is in the box on his opponent.
"Prime Time" Nick Grimes vs. Cassanova Kid for the JWS Cruiserweight belt.
Buzz Harley & Blade vs. JWS Tag Team Champions PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) in a non-title match.

Credit" "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Arena Report: NBW Dyersburg, TN 5.17.08

----The show started with the Christian rock band “Ransom for Many”. The crowd seem to really enjoy them. They had a real good sound. They came off as a “real band” – every one that I talked to enjoyed them.

----The wrestling show started out with Allen Walker coming out to talk about the main event of the show with Jeremy Moore. Moore got a big pop. XOW’s Tony Watts/Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Bit came out. Motley Cruz/Mark Justice ended up jumping Moore and beat him up until Chris Masters made the save. Moore had to be helped to the back.

----Rob Justice won the Hardcore Battle Royal. It featured Jason Matthews, TW Justice, Arnez with Karly, Sicilian Kid [who got a big pop], Bubba Redneck [less I say the better] and Buckwheat. “Riot Squad” got a good pop. Not a great bout, but it was a battle royal. Your typical hardcore stuff and wasn’t much. Finish had Rob in the ring with Arnez and Mark Justice came out to help him win. Rob was pissed and it seems to be part of a bigger storyline with Justice vs Justice.

----Jon “Biscuit” Roberts beat Jarvis White and Phoenix X to retain the “High Risk” Title. Roberts is real funny doing the “Ric Rude” gimmick here. He is announced as 6’2’’ and 240 lbs. LOL Perfect spot for him as a mid-card heel. Match was full of spots with very little psychology. Triple Threats are hard to work, even for the old pros and for these guys it could not be done. All the moves were solid and Roberts did a nice dive outside the ring. Alfonso jumped Roberts after the bout. White is also a rookie and didn’t look bad. [**]

----Kid J/Brandon Barbwire beat Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Devil with Tony Watts. Crowd was into this bout at the front – it was midgets dammit!! Psychology was good at one point with the crowd into it and them waiting on for a hot tag, but it never happened. Bout turned into a total clustermuck with Sarge and Barbwire trying to save it. Kid J pinned Sarge after Sarge tripped over Watts in the ring. [*1/2]

----Jon “Biscuit” Roberts come out next for the “Biscuit-Lock Challenge” and said he would take the challenge from anyone. This was the cue for Chris Masters to come out. This could have not been better – funny stuff from Roberts. Perfect spot for him. He tried to put the full nelson on Masters and just didn’t work. Masters reversed and put it on Roberts and just slung him around. Good stuff.

----Kilo beat Tommy Redneck in Bullrope Match. This was disappointing as I was expecting more from these two guys. Both juiced quick from the bullrope bell and that was good. I hate seeing bouts like this with no blood. For some reason, and these guys are not the only ones at fault in doing this, but when workers have this big gimmick match, then they forget totally about psychology. You still have to work the crowd with the heel getting heat and hope spots and the whole nine yards. The finish was just anti-climatic, but I did like the final spot. As Kilo went for the last turnbuckle, Redneck attempted to stop him, but Kilo hit a superkick and fell into the turnbuckle for the win. [**]

----“Sons of the South” [Josh Matthews/Chris Styles] beat Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Bit with Tony Watts for the NBW Tag Team Titles. A real good match with the crowd was into it. They did double heat. Lil Bit was actually the star of the bout showing off a lot of fancy spots and nailing them every time. The only problem is – she was working as a babyface here and she was a heel. She even did a dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor onto Styles. Finish had Sarge try to use powder, but it backfired and he hit Lil Bit. She then kicked him in the nuts on mistake. SOS finished him off with their finisher [Styles doing a Russian Leg Sweep as Matthews hits them from the top turnbuckle with a dropkick]. [***]

----An angle before the main event had Motley Cruz/Mark Justice with Tony Watts in the ring with Chris Masters/Jeremy Moore/Big Red. Cruz offered Red $3,000 to join XOW. Red refused, but Masters then said, “As much as I like being the good guy” and accepted the invite and money to go to XOW. Kilo came down to the ring with his head and arm wrapped [yes he bladed his arm!!] to take Masters place in the 6-man tag.

----NBW vs XOW For Ownership of The Company: Jeremy Moore/Kilo/Big Red beat Chris Masters/Motley Cruz/Mark Justice. Good solid bout with great heat. Crowd was into it all the way to the end. Double heat with heat on Moore first. Moore took a nasty backbreaker from Masters and tagged out. He was then helped to the back for rest of the bout. Heat then on Kilo as Kilo had already been “hurt” so sympathy was already on him. Cruz and Justice both were really on here with Kilo [also on for this bout] bumping all over the place. Hot tag to Red with everyone bumping like crazy [including Masters]. It ends up with Masters putting the “Masterlock” on Kilo and Moore makes his way back to the ring. He slips in and nut shots Masters and Masters releases the hold with Moore rolling him up and Kilo on top of Moore helping with the pin. Big huge pop for the [***1/2]


----Sarge is still so good on the mic…I love the idea that a gimmick that I was first involved with is still going, but man there are a lot of Justices here. LOL…Rob Justice has a real good look and has a wrestling voice. Does that make sense?? I did not get to see much in the battle royal, but it looks like he is going to be a decent worker…Does Tim Alfonzo really work here?? He flip flops from TLCW to here so many times that if I was the promoters he would just work as a job boy…Some of the backyardians and even some of you t-shirt wearing pros need to take a look at Barbwire. He is has a very unique look and comes off totally different than just your normal crew of wrestlers. This guy, if pushed against the right guy, could easily have good matches and be a main event singles guy for promotions in this area…Masters sold his Polaroids for only $5, which I thought was cheap. I am not sure how many he sold, but he was out there for about 30 minutes…Sarge made a horrible racial slur on the mike calling Jarvis a “damn n***er” – not cool. There are other ways of getting heat…I am not sure I really “got it” in the XOW vs NBW thing. The fans were into it huge chanting “NBW”, but what did XOW even have control of?? I really would have put them over here and did something for NBW to get control back in the future. The main reason XOW did not win here is that a lot of the major XOW guys have other shows in the next few weeks…After Moore won, the crowd all got in the ring and celebrated in a true “emotions” moment…Finish of main event with Kilo holding Moore down to help him get the win is going to lead into probably the next 6 weeks or so of a Moore vs Kilo feud. Kilo dropped out of the ring and left Moore celebrating with the fans at the end of the match. I look for Kilo to end up back tagging with Mark Justice…Lots of talk about Moore pinning Masters. I will have a full “Coach’s Corner” covering the subject later this week.

Credit: Top photo by Karly Tramel and others by Kayte Tramel

Somerville Police Chief Rushed To MED!!

----Anybody know who was running this show and who Feathers is??

Somerville Police Chief Kenny Feathers remained at the Regional Medical Center at Memphis today as doctors tried to determine what happened to him during a charity wrestling event over the weekend.

Feathers was participating as one of the wrestlers in the event Saturday evening at the town’s old high school when he suddenly was injured.

Feathers was being airlifted to The Med by helicopter when he went into full cardiac arrest, Somerville Mayor Bob Morris said. He was stabilized and proceeded to The Med.
“We’re not sure it was caused by the event,” Morris said. “He’s done it before for charity… he loves doing it.”

Somerville residents will hold a candlelight vigil for their injured chief this evening at the Pit Stop parking lot.

The wrestling event was to benefit Matt Kelley, a Somerville resident who was injured after being trapped under rubble when a tornado leveled his dorm at Union University in Jackson on Feb. 5.


RassleResults: Championship Wrestling Greeneville, TN 5.17.08

Nick Hammonds defeated The Krazed One

AWA Shooting Star Champion, Mike Howerton defeated Shane Storm

Beau James defeated Matt Burns

AWA World Heavyweight Champion Brian Logan called out Tony Givens to the ring... When Givens didn't come to the ring, Logan called Givens' wife, Candice into the ring. Logan berated her until her father, long time local star, James Blevins came into the ring and told Logan to stop... Logan then pushed Blevins and gave Candice Givens a superkick... Tony Givens' G1 teammates, Robbie Cassidy, Wayne Adkins and Nick Hammonds chased Logan off.

The Krazed One defeated Matt Stevens

The 501st (The Jin & The Super Jin) defeated National Heavyweight Champion, Robbie Cassidy & Thorn... After the match, Thorn's wife, Kandy revealed that she was pregnant. Upon hearing this news, Thorn went nuts and attacked Robbie Cassidy and his own pregnant wife... Thorn had to be escorted out of the building by security.

The Main Event of the evening was a 2 out of 3 falls Match between Brian Logan and Wayne Adkins with Tony Givens as the Special Guest referee... The 1st fall was for Logan's AWA World Heavyweight Title. The 2nd Fall was for Logan's CW Television Title and if the match went to a 3rd Fall then Logan's APEX Heavyweight Title from WV would be on the line.

Before the match, Tony Givens was told by AWA Official Clarence Clippenback that if he touched Brian Logan during this match then he would never get a match with Logan. Brian Logan won the 1st Fall to retain his AWA World Heavyweight Title by using his loaded boot on Adkins behind Givens' back. Wayne Adkins won the 2nd Falls out of no where with a Sunset Flip to become the CW Television Champion Logan hit the loaded boot on Adkins again during the 3rd Fall, but this time Givens caught him and refused to count... Logan pushed Givens and Givens retaliated by punching Logan. Logan then kicked Givens in his injured knee... Logan went to hit Givens with the loaded boot, but Adkins grabbed his foot and spun him around. Givens and Adkins hit Logan with a double superkick. Adkins covered Logan for the 3 count to become the AWA APEX Heavyweight Champion.

----90 to 100 in the crowd… This event was a benefit for former long time Greeneville promoter, Roy Roberts. Roberts was recently diagnosed with cancer and the proceeds from this event went to his family to help pay for medical bills…A return date for Greeneville will be announced next week…I love the pregnancy angle. It makes you wonder where they are going with it...I assume the APEX title stays with Logan, since Givens touched Logan. Good booking on the part of Givens NEVER getting a title shot. He not only has to chase the belt now, he has to chase a “chance” at the belt..."Shooting Star" champion?? Does that mean you have to be able to do the shooting star to even compete for the title?? LOL That would eliminate TONS of guys in this area.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.17.08 - Debut of Cody Murdock and New Gimmicks!!

Rottn Randy came out to start the show and told everyone that for a long time he had been rotten and done things he is not proud of. He apologized to Frank Martin and told him that he had his back if he ever needs him. Randy went on to explain that after the matches two weeks ago. Sergeant Shakedown had suffered a head injury and was not right, he had amnesia and did not remember anything. Out came Shakedown dressed in Khakis and a white shirt and bow tie and suspenders. And he said his name is Persiful Poindexter the 3rd, or PP3. The crowd loved every minute of it.

----“Southern Gangster” Big Al beat The Official…Silas beat Zane Richards…”Big Rig” Cody Murdock debuted winning a battle royal…Chris Steel beat PP3…Big Indian Quixote beat Zane Richards by DQ…”Natural Born Players” beat “The Leprechauns” [Lucky/Lethal].

Cannon came out and did a mic spill saying he was the newest manager in the area and has put together a group that cannot be beat. He introduced “Insane” Zane Richards as the enforcer of the group. Then the Natural Born Players as the tag team of the group. Chris Steel as the high flyer of the group. Then As a shock to everyone including RWA owner Martin he introduced Rick Burton. Martin went crazy because Rick Burton is the San Francisco Treat. SFT pointed out that the SFT signed the contract and as a character so that character will not be back but his real name is Rick Burton and he indeed will wrestle in the RWA. Martin will not let him wrestle until the lawyers for the RWA look into this matter. As to make a point at the end of the night during the last match Burtons group hit the ring and so did all the babys and Burtons group left everyone laid out and piled on top of each other. Burton’s group will be the top heel group here.

----125+ in the crowd. Frank Martin started the show be telling the crowd that the RWA custom made belt will be presented in a couple of weeks. It is going to be the RWA Heavyweight Championship belt. Not a world belt or regional belt it will be a company belt. Great idea!! Have one singles belt guys and one set of Tag champions. The belts might MEAN something then, instead of like a lot of companies that have a belt for everyone...Who are the "Natural Born Players"??

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 5.17.08 - New Tag Champs!!

The beginning of the show saw Jon Seymour and “Hotrod” Rodney Howard announcing the card for the night as usual. Wildside’s music starts and Wildside comes to the ring and starts talking about what a great day it is. He hands Jon a scripted card and makes him read it. Jon was reluctant to read it but Wildside kept roughing him up. It was a script talking about how great Wildside was and that today was his birthday. Ravishing Randy, Way Cool, Big Boy Bob, and a cameraman come to the ring with Birthday hats, balloons, gifts, etc.. They lit a small cake and Wildside was positioned between Hotrod and Jon making everyone sing Happy Birthday. The crowd was booing during the Birthday song.

Wildside then opened the gifts from his friends. Bob had a wrapped up half eaten Big Mac. Wildside’s response was confusion and the crowd laughed at Bob.Way Cool had a camera. Wildside was excited saying that he got a camera for his birthday. Way Cool responded, “ Not Quite, but that Wildside could be the 1st to take a picture with Way Cool on his new camera” This was even funnier and the crowd was into this. Bob then forced Jon to take the picture. Next was Randy. He gave Wildside the last present which ended up being an enormous Black Thong…( Wildside stretched it out and it was HUGE!!) The crowd was really into it at this point chanting “ Put it On”. Wildside obliged. And everyone started laughing.

Then Wildside turned his attention to Jon Seymour and Hotrod asking where was his gifts.Wildside assaulted Jon and took his tie and Bob took Hotrod’s wallet while Wildside got his money out of his pocket.This was an extremely funny bit and the crowd was into it. And it was very instrumental in setting up the finish in the Semi Main

Big Boy Bob def. Criss Braggs
This match was pretty much dominated by Bob. But, near the end Criss went for sunset flip off of the top again [same finish as last week], but Big Boy Bob kicked out at the 2.5 count. Randy slipped Bob some brass knuckles and Bob hit Criss Braggs while the ref was distracted. The shot busted Braggs open and he was bleeding profusely. Big Boy Bob then gave Braggs the Hershey highway and pinned him. Braggs made challenge to bob for “hardcore heaven” match next week.

X-3 beat Devon Day and Dre’ Black
This match was back and forth with both teams looking crisp. The match ending had X3 winning the match but they pinned the wrong guy and that set up for a rematch this week.

Dazzlin’ Dixie def. Spyder
Dixie won with the Samoan Drop.

TIWF TV Title Match
Vic McNasty def. Chico Mendoza to retain the title
Vic used his valet’s loaded purse and hit Chico and got the 1..2..3 and retained the TV Title.

TIWF Tag Team Title Match
Locked & Loaded ( T. Turner & Lawman Williams def. New Breed of Perfection ( Wildside & Waycool) to become the new tag team champions. The finish had Way Cool with a full nelson on Tank Turner and Ravishing Randy was going to throw powder into Tank’s eyes but missed and hit Way Cool. Simultaneously Lawman punched Wildside in the throat and hit Randy and knocked him out of the ring. Wildside stumbled over to Cool who was blinded with powder and Way Cool put his finisher “ The Breeze” (TKO) on Wildside. Way Cool got back to his feet only to receive a stunner from Lawman. Double pin. Lawman pinned Cool. Tank pinned Wildside. After the match Locked and Loaded went to the stage and took Wildside’s balloons and party hats and said Happy Birthday Wildside. Wildside was still motionless in the ring and the crowd began singing Happy Birthday to Wildside. This was spontaneous and very funny.

Perfection then regained composure and the crowd starting blaming Randy on the loss. Chanting “ He did it” pertaining to throwing the powder. A moment of turn perhaps as the Perfection stared down Randy. But, it was quickly dismissed when Cool blamed Hotrod. On his way back to the lockerroom Wildside threw a tirade and threw chairs in the ring and such as the fans chanted “Wildside Sucks. Way Cool Sucks!”

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Danny B. Good def. Izzy Rotten by DQ
The Match began with Izzy introducing his valet for the night Diamond. Randy wasn’t visible at ringside. Danny. B. got quick spots early on but Izzy withstood the onslaught and wore Danny down. Diamond interfered on several occasions slapping Danny and such. The end of the match saw Danny climb to the top and hit the blockbuster on Izzy….. On the two count Ravishing Randy ran out of the back and attacked the ref getting Izzy DQ. Randy and Izzy took the title with them. Danny is still the champ.
J. Seymour set up match with Randy being barred from ringside.

----163 in the crowd…Who is the Diamond chick that came out with Izzy??...Who is X-3??...Good to see the crowd go up 50+ from last week. It will be interesting to see if they go back up to the 200+ mark…Rumors have “The Posse” [Lil Chris/Simon Reed] and Jason Reed on the way to TIWF.

Credit: Steve Hunter

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Site News - "Picture of the Week" and RRO Awards Ceremony!!

----I am still making upgrades for the site. But, you may go to the homepage – and check out all the new links, the “Breaking News” feed, “Picture of the Week” [a new one EVERY Tuesday!!] and the Dustin Starr “World of Wrestling” blog feed. We had some technical difficulties sometime last night as Starr’s Blog disappeared and when you hit his site button it went to the NBW web site. Our apologies – I believe we got all the “kinks” worked out. Make sure to refresh your browser and if you find any links that do not work yet please send me an e-mail.

----I was contacted by TLCW last weekend to be part of a banquet event which will include an awards ceremony featuring RRO Awards 2007. This will be part of their big “Mayhem” event this Saturday night. If you won an award – listed below – then you are encouraged to attend the event. If you do not work for TLCW and work for another promotion in the area, then the awards part of the banquet will be over by 6:30 PM – giving you plenty of time to get to your show. Please contact me for more information.

Wrestler – Derrick King
Best Damn Performer – Stan Lee
Tag Team of The Year – “The Posse” [Simon Reed/Lil Chris]
Best Damn Tag Team of The Year – “Naughty By Nature” [Pokerface/Rude]
Horizon Star of The Year – Dustin Starr
Rookie of The Year – Ramsey Cahill
Promotion of The Year – TLCW
Booker of The Year – TLCW Committee
Announcer of The Year – Michael Ward
Gimmick Of The Year – “The Posse”
Manager of The Year – “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock
Referee of The Year – Bill Rush
Most Improved of The Year – “Rockin” Randy
Most Underrated – Kilo
Memphis Wrestling TV MOTY – Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King 9.08.07
Arena Report MOTY – Ripley Street Fight – Derrick King/Stan Lee vs The Posse 8.11.07
Site of The Year – Mid-Southern Message Board
Columnist of The Year – Gene Jackson

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 5.17.08

Bishop d. Eric Hayes

Triple Threat Match
Rockin' Randy d. Baron Malkavain & Chris Rocker

Black Label Society (Robbie Douglas,A.J. Bradley) d. Reggie B. Fine/Gaylon Ray

TLCW Tag Team Championship Match
Chris O'Neal/Drew Donovan d. Albino Rhino/Alex Krisis

“Naughty by Nature” (Rude,Pokerface) vs. Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels went to a time limit draw.

Dell Tucker/Cody Melton/”The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony d. Greg King/”Hot Topic” (Derrick King,Stan Lee)

Next week at “Mayhem”, The Cruiserweight Title will be decided in a gauntlet match.

Albino Rhino and Alex Krisis still have possession of the Heavyweight Title Belt they took from the Champion Flash Flanagan weeks ago. Commissioner Mark Tipton stated that one of them would face Flash at “Mayhem” for the Championship. To decide which of them would be in the match, if they win their Tag Title Match the one who makes the pin or submission faces Flash, but if they lose the one who does not get pinned or submit faces Flash. Krisis was the man pinned, so Albino Rhino will take on the TLCW Champion Flash Flanagan next week at Mayhem.

Once again Naughty by Nature and the team of Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels fought to a draw.
After the match, Naughty challenged Wayne and Nikels to get back in the ring and settle this here and now. Wayne and Nikels refused. Then, the Commissioner made a return match for next week's Mayhem card. In order to get a clear winner, the match will be a best two out of three falls match.

In a special edition of "The Golden Circle", The Golden Boy attempted to find out who
his opponent will be at Mayhem. Before Mark Tipton could answer, one of the referees
called him to back.

In the six man match for "Mayhem", it was already announced to be Tatt2 and the “Black Label Society” against “Hot Topic” and a mystery partner. The Commissioner decided to reveal Hot Topic's partner, and add a special stipulation to the match. Next week, TLCW will witness the return of Dustin "Five" Starr as he teams with Hot Topic in the six man main event of Mayhem. But this will be no ordinary match. Because of the wild brawls that have spilled out of the ring leading up to this match, these six men will face off in a barbed wire match.

----The attendance was 110-115…There will also be a dinner and live band before Mayhem gets underway. All of that is scheduled to begin at 5:30 P.M...Wasn't Dustin Starr a heel last time he was here?? Apparently, they put over the fact they needed someone that was a total heel to help them counter BLS. Starr also is the only winner of a barbed wire in TLCW.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 5.17.08

Justin Spade b Boy

Shawn Hoodrich b Little Booger (w/Charming Charles)

Damien Payne b Intern

Richard Lowe (w/Boy) b White Tiger

Damien Payne vs Chris Norte went to a double countout

New York Gangster & Justin Spade b Slade & Lee Cross when Gangster pinned Slade after Cross missed on a belt shot

----Attendance 28 (yes that's right)

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 5.16.08 - New Tag Team Champions!!

Tommy Redneck over Erik Hayes
Chris Rocker over Johnny Vinyl w/ Rockin' Randy as Sp. Guest Ref
Brandon Espinosa over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
Idol Bane over Dell Tucker
"The Asylum" [Psycho/Pappy] over “Hot & Heavy” [“Playboy” Paul Rose/”The Sexy Sensation” Chris Jade] in a Hardcore Match to win LAW Tag Titles

The show opened with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony saying that being who he is, he don't have to apologize for anything he does and if Jeff O'Dell, security and all those wussies in the back wouldn't have been in his way he would have burned Dell Tucker alive! Jeff O'Dell comes out and says that he's been trying to get a hold of TGB all week to no avail. Jeff O'Dell said that what he did last week was out right attempted murder and he feels like he's "Created a Monster"! TGB says that Jeff needs a monster, someone that will do anything and everything to keep the LAW Title. Tucker's music hits... he hits the ring hard but Jeff gets in between him and TGB . He tells Tucker to "remember what we talked about." TGB asks what is that suppose to mean. Jeff says that "TGB left me no choice". Tucker asked for a match next week a tag match. TGB and whomever he can find to team with him against Dell Tucker and Flash Flanagan!!! Jeff then said that tonight it would be Tucker vs Idol Bane and TGB vs Brandon Espinosa.

Rocker went for a sunset flip and Randy pushed Vinyl down and made a quick count.

TGB grabbed the gas can from under the ring but Tucker came out and took in away from him allowing Espinosa to roll TGB up for the win.

Tucker gave Idol a ten count in the corner and when the ref got him down and was checking on Idol, TGB slid in and gave Tucker The Golden Guillotine. Idol then gave Tucker the Ghost of Andy Kauffman for the 1, 2, 3.

During the final intermission Johnny Vinyl attacked Rockin' Randy and gave him The Widow Maker on the outside of the ring. Randy had to be helped to the back.

The Asylum regained the LAW Tag Titles in a brutal hardcore match. "Playboy" Paul Rose performed a Van Terminator! Psycho also got "hardway" from a kendo shot from Rose.

----50-60 in the crowd. Graduation was Friday night and Loose Caboose...It was also announced that former LAW Champion and Rector's own Tony Gunn will be there next week.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 5.17.08 - Quick Results!!

----Rob Justice won a “Hardcore” Battle Royal…Jon Roberts beat Jarvis White & Phoenix X to retain the High Risk Title…Kid J/Brandon Barbwire beat Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Devil…Kilo beat Tommy Redneck in a Bullrope Match…”Sons of the South” [Chris Styles/Josh Matthews] beat Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Bit to win the NBW Tag Team Titles…”XOW vs NBW” – Kilo/Jeremy Moore/Big Red beat Chris Masters/Mark Justice/Motley Cruz when Moore pinned Chris Masters.

----230+ in the building…Full “Arena Report” posted no later than Monday night.

Photo by Kayte Tramel

RassleResults: SEW TV Tapings Memphis, TN 5.17.08

----Soultaker w/Smooth def Bonecrusher…Jake The Jack Hammer was on his way to the ring but was ambushed by Chris Lexx who stated until he gets treated right by SEW Management he's going on a rampage Lexx picked up a chair and just threw it on Jackhammer…Tatt2 def The Crime by DQ in a non title match just when Tatt2 hit the 901 - Malik attacked Tatt2.

---- Show kicked off with Jason Hall interviewing the #1 contender for the SEW Heavyweight Title Reno Diamond The Crime came out and shook hands with Reno and attacked Reno in the back of the head with a microphone and continued the assault on Reno to the back…Next week Soultaker is in action against Cross plus Bishop will be in action plus an interview with the GM Tim Willams about the next big show where every match will be inside of a 15 foot steel cage watch SEW every Saturday at 10:AM on Comcast Channel 17 or go to to watch a new episode will be posted up each Monday.

RassleResults: RWL Newbern, TN

Tim Edwards d. The Convict

Kid Nikels d. Weasel

Shawn Reed d. Tim Alphonso

Handicap Match
Little Chris d. Buckwheat/Bubba Redneck

Eric Wayne d. Greg King

Jon Roberts d. Jason Reed

----The attendance was 60 to 70...I was told by a few sources that they Reed vs Roberts bout was close to a [****] match.