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RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 6.06.08

New York Gangster b Convict

Quinton Quarisma & JC Crowe b Dyronic & Justin Spade when Quarisma pinned Dyronic

Seven (w/Charming Charles) b Psycho Medic (first match in USWO since 2004)

Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles) b Cousin Jason X

USWO Tag Team Champions LT Falk & Damien Payne b Shane Smalls & Lee Cross when Payne pinned Smalls. Post-match, Quarisma & Crowe ran in and beat down the champs, demanding a title match.

Andy Douglas b USWO Champion Mark Anthony (w/Charming Charles) by DQ when Charles hit Douglas with his cane. Renesto came in to help attack Douglas until Falk & Payne made the save.

----Attendance-66 (CMA Music Festival was going on at the Stadium)

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TNA Poplar Bluff, MO 6.06.08

*Sonjay Dutt defeated Johnny Devine.
*TNA X-Division champ Petey Williams returned to the ring, defeating Jay Lethal.
*TNA Knockout champ Awesome Kong defeated ODB.
*AJ Styles defeated Robert Roode.
*Kurt Angle gave an in-ring speech.
*Rhino defeated James Storm in a Street Fight.
*TNA Tag Team champs LAX defeated the Motor City Machineguns.
*TNA champ Samoa Joe defeated Tomko.

----1300 to 1600 in the building…Dutt won with an Asai moonsault from the middle rope…Petey used the Canadian Destroyer for the win…Kong was stiff…Angle made his speech about being hurt, but he would wrestle the next time he was in the Bluff…Joe got a big pop…I was told the crowd was hot all night…RRO’s Brian Thompson was in attendance.

Credit: Allen Withrow

In Case You Missed It - Week Ending 6.05.08

--RWA Results!!

--Jonathan Storm Arrested!!

--"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry

--"Flashback" by Mark James!!

--CWA Show Cancelled!!

--"Shooting the Shiznit" with Stan Lane, Lacey Von Erich and co-host Sal Corrente!!

--New Picture of the Week Posted Today!!

----"In Case You Missed It" is a new weekly feature posted Saturday afternoons on RRO. It will give you a review of the past week by just clicking the link. Inspired by one of my favorite VH1 TV shows - "Best Week Ever".

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN "A Night To Remember"

* TV Champion Wayne Adkins beat KC Thunder w/ Dawn in a good opening wrestling match. Last time KC was in was in Feb and he tag with Wayne. After Adkins out wrestled him a few minutes Thunder sucker punched Adkins and got heat using valet Dawn. Wayne scored a win with a sun set flip out of the corner

*Mike Cooper return and beat rookie Maniac Matt Burns with a suplex. Coop is a long time SSW wrestlers and area favorite he only wrestles a few times a year. He got a good pop.

* Tony Givens did an interview and called out Thorn and asked him about his recent heel turn which lead to a short brawl and Tony telling Thorn and everyone else that he is ready to come back and will take all comers.

* Cody Ices calls out Chris Richards and ask him to team with him one more time. Tells him he won't let him down. Richards says he has orders from John Hawkins to give him one more chance but that's it. Ices then goes on and says he wants some one who will give him a fight. No mid carders or opening matches guys but someone who has held some titles and means something. The challenge was answered by Iron Cross (Mike Samson) and Ricky Harrison. Cross and Harrison were SSW's top team in '99 and '00 and their most popular wrestlers. Durning the match Ices missed a punch and hit Richards. Which lead to Richards and Bolo leaving and Ices being pinned after a double drop kick. This was Harrison first time in the ring in 6 years.

* "Party Boy" Davey Rich beat Jimmy Golden with a sunset flip from the out side in. The bottomn rope broke as Rich was getting the ring. Classic wrestling match. The ring crew worked on the rope and got it back up for a minute. It broke a gain and Golden used it to choke Rich with it until Carl Fergie came over and unhooked the rope and pulled it away.

* Nick Hammonds (One night sub for Beau James) & Moe Jenkins defend the US Tag Belts with a win over Jamey Gibson and Jeff Storm. Pre match stip for this match was losing team has to leave the building so they won't be around for the ladies match later on. Rebecca Lynn came to ringside but was ordered back and would not go until security forced her back. Jenkins got the pinned on Gibson with a small package. As security was leading Storm and Gibson out. The 501 (Ginn and Supper Ginn) hit the ring and did a number on Jenkins and Hammonds until Adkins, Givens, and Beau James made the save.

* Special Awards were given to Mathew Lane of The Kingsport Times News for his support of SSW and Championship Wrestling over the last 9 years. Miss Angel Valiant ( Jimmy's wife) was presented an award for her many years of support of SSW.

* Marty Ricker then called out Mike Cooper to induct Mike "Iron Cross" Samson into the East TN Hall of Fame. Samson competed for Ron Fullers USA and Continental in late 80s, WCW,IWCCW and WWE in early 90s, And was used a lot by Jim Cornett in Smoky Mountain Wrestling.

Jimmy Valiant then came out and inducted Carl Fergie. Carl Wrestled in the area for Southeastern Wrestling and MId Atlantic in late 70s and early 80s.

Beau James inducted Johnny and Davey Rich. In 1988 and 89 they were the hottest team in East TN for USA and Continental. Davey accepted for both he and Johnny and said he was coming back soon and Johnny would be with him.

* Misty James beat Rebecca Lynn in a Loser Leave Kingsport for 90 days. These too have been working a program since Sept of last year and Rebbecca has had great heat. Misty won with a bulldog.

*Jeff Anderson came out for his match with Tracy Smothers. As Tracy's music was playing Wayne Adkins came out and was on the phone with Tracy. Wayne said Tracy was stuck in Traffic in VA and was trying but could not get there. Anderson challenge Adkins who accepted and ended up beating Anderson after rolling threw a cross body. Anderson took some lady from the front row's car keys and used them on Adkins. The lady was yelling at the ref they did the hide the gimmick. The lady called the cops. After the match he threw the keys back out on the floor at her feet. The cops came. They walked in and asked what was going on. Sgt King who is over the building told them it was wrestling they left.

* In a match straight out of 80s Memphis Beau James beat Brian Logan w/ Bolo for the AWA World Title with Jimmy Valiant as the ref. Or did he? When Logan came to the ring he had the contract for the match with him. He said that he did agree to 60 minutes compared to the 30 the last time but he never agree to Valiant as the in ring ref. The ring announcer read the contract and said that is what it stated and Valiant would be on the floor. A lot of wrestling at the beginning. James hit Logan with a tackle which knocked him to the floor. James went out and tossed Logan back in which lead to Bolo coming after James and Valiant getting in the middle. As this was going on Logan loaded the boot and kicked James when he came back in and the blood started to flow.

After a few minutes of taking a pounding James made a big come back and had Logan bleeding. James hit Logan with a series of fist drops as the ref was going for the count Bolo pulled him out. As the ref went to ring the bell Bolo KOed him. James got up to go after Bolo ,but Valiant was there and posted the big islander. As James turned around Logan went for the boot again but James caught him and spun him around into a lariat and cover him for the 3 count. Huge pop James was handed the belt. Has he went to leave he was greeted buy his family and the babyfaces.

He did a fast promo at ring side saying dreams come true and this was his biggest day. They all left the arena. Logan, Bolo, the ref, and Al Bass (match maker) were discussing the finish in the ring as the people were leaving. Logan got on the stick and said he was cheated and would not leave. Logan decked the ring announcer.

----193 over 200 in building. It was very hot. 93 degrees at belltime...The people left thinking that James was AWA Champ. Interviews were taped in the dressing room for next weeks Championship Wrestling TV with Bass taking the belt away from James and Valiant. And one with Bass giving the belt back to Logan. And them explaining why and that James was the winner by DQ but not the champ. The interviews and angel will be up on youtube by first of the week...The show was 3 hours. Most SSW events are 2 hours. This was SSW last event until Sept. The AWA Title deal will lead over to Championship Wrestling. As will Ices being on the outs with John Hawkins Promotions.
...They also had nice programs [like we talked about on "Shooting the Shiznit"] like they always do at the big shows. Sold 109 at $2. Wow!! Beau James and crew made more on programs that some gates in this area.

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A Piece of My Mind June5th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I was about twenty five years old when I was given a tryout by Nelson Royal for his new company Atlantic Coast Wrestling. The tryout had been arranged by “The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff. If I got the job it would cause me to stop working for WCW on a part time basis. I would be heading to Charlotte NC permanently to work for this startup company. I didn’t know much about Nelson Royal at the time. What I found out was that this guy was a working machine. I am not sure what his age was but I can tell you this that he was one hell of a worker for any age. He had a training camp and most of the kids trained there by Nelson and Gene Anderson will tell you it was no walk in the park and they weren’t being paid five hundred a week to do calisthenics.

What I found the night I got to Mooresville High School was a full house of people for the first ACW filming. I was supposed to do one match for my tryout. At some point Nelson came up to me and said they had no other referee’s that I would have to do all the matches. This was a three hour TV taping; I had been in this position before so I was ready for the challenge. When I was done they told me that I had the job. It was a good night with stars like the Rock and Roll Express and Buddy Landel. It was a real shame that the company didn’t take off. The real problem with it was Nelson was such a nice guy he tried to push too many enhancement guys from the area at one time. They were lucky enough to be on the NBC affiliate in Charlotte WCNC TV.

The other problem was that instead on Nelson just running the company he was pushing himself as a star. That was a mistake it normally is when you try to book and perform. It was a shame that the company never made it but it was a gallant effort from a sincerely good guy. I spent twelve years of my life in Concord NC. I met some of my closest friend that night of the initial TV tapings. The experience changed my life and set it in a different direction.
I was riding down the road with Paul Jones who was a big star himself in the Carolina’s. I asked him if Nelson was as good as I had heard he was. He said I will tell you this you couldn’t out work him and you sure couldn’t blow him up. He did things that made sense in the ring to the common person and was so aggressive you couldn’t help but believe in him. He was one hell of a heel in a day where people believed in our business. It was a time when people wanted to believe and even today I think they want to believe but we keep telling them it’s phony day after day.

When I see guys like Shawn Michaels I think one way or another you are going to have an exciting match. Whenever I stepped into a ring with Nelson Royal I knew it was going to be a real war and the other guy would be fighting for their life. Heaven forbid if he was trying to teach you a lesson. It was nineteen eighty eight I can hardly believe it was twenty years ago. The next day I was heading to work for the NWA but the night before I had achieved my dream someone hired me to work for a territory. I knew the hard work was worth it.
I want to congratulate my buddy D’Lo Brown for being rehired by WWE. This is a great guy and one we used on WrestleReunion. I wish him all the best of luck

This photo was taken somewhere in Ct. It is a photo of Afa The Wild Samoan #1 with Lia Maivia his aunt. She is also the widow of Peter Maivia and the grandmother of The Rock. If you saw the Hall of Fame inductions this year you would have seen her as well.

This has been a piece of my mind

CWA Reunion Show is Cancelled....

Just to confirm what's been posted over at, I did receive a call from promoter Rodney Grimes today and the CWA Reunion show on June 20 has been canceled. Reason being, first the American Legion after taking his deposit money then turned around and said he couldn't run wrestling there again due to "liability issues", so he looked into moving it to the Crossroads Arena. After promising to "give him a good deal" they wanted an ridiculous amount of money to rent the building, as well as all sort of other added expenses that made it completely unfeasible to move forward with the show. I'm disappointed as I was really looking forward to the show but totally understand Rodney's reasons for canceling. Listen for Rodney on a future edition of Cheap Heat Radio where we'll talk about the history of CWA in Corinth and some of the big angles and stars that passed through there over the years.


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RassleResults: UWA Seymour, TN 6.03.08

Bert Prentice ran his first show at the new owner of the United Wrestling Association Tuesday night in Seymour, Tn. Attendance at Seymour Hardware & Building Supply was reported as 40 paid with 60 total in the Hardwarium.

Results courtesy of Chris Xtreme.

Tracy Smothers def. UWA Tag Team Champion Alex Shepard (after Chase Stevens came out and threw a chair in the ring to distract Alex).

-Mike Ogle def. Aaron Cross in a "Fans Bring the Straps" Match (There were 16 people ringside that brutalized Ogle and Cross)

-UWA World Heavyweight Champion Shawn Shultz def. Matt Boyce to retain the title

UWA Owner Bert Prentice talks about how this is a new start for UWA and talks about alotta big things happening soon. He announced that very soon he'll be bringing in TNA's Eric Young, Tracy Brooks and Simon Dean. He also said he had a long phone conversation w/ Shane Williams and Shane was interested in coming back but Shane's buddy Jeff Anderson wouldn't allow it. He promoted the Matt Boyce vs. Jerry The King Lawler match for this Thursday in Crossville and said this will be Matt's biggest match yet.

-Adam Armor def. UWA Tag Team Champion Primetime Allen Shepard

-Shane Rich def. Chase Stevens (match went almost 38 minutes!)

-Shawn Shultz defends the UWA Title against Matt Boyce.. fans bring the leather straps. You know you guys wanna lay into Shultz Next Week. There will be a $1.00 charge to anyone wanting to use a leather strap.
-Chase Stevens and Adam Armor challenge Tag Team Champions The Shepard Brothers
-Plus.. The Return of a Former UWA star! Who will it be?

Credit: Larry Goodman & RRO Site of the Year

"Shooting The Shiznit" is Ready!!

----It is ready for a listen by just clicking the player below. Brian Tramel was joined by his super special co-host "Big Cheese" Sal Corrente. Tramel talked with SIE promoter Shawn Reed first about the upcoming SIE show and the departure of "Hump" from the promotion. Stan Lane joined the program next talking about being falsely advertised. Lane even does his famous Cornette ring intro. Lacey Von Erich finally joined Sal and Brian talking about her Dad and wrestling. You may also be able to downloaded it on or

"Shooting the Shiznit" - Less than Two Hours Away!!

----Brian Tramel with special co-host "Big Cheese" Sal Corrente will be joined by SIE this week in their first segment. Followed by that will be Lacey Von Erich for a full 30 minutes. Stan Lane is scheduled to finish up the show with comments about this past weekend. They will be taking calls during the Lacey Von Erich segment only.

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Show for The Weekend - Big Show I Forgot!!

SSW A night To Remember 08 - Full Line Up

A Special Night Of Wrestling In Kingsport BE THERE!!!!

Southern States Wrestling
Friday June 6th - 8:15PM
Kingsport National Guard Armory
"A Night To Remember" Heroes,Legends and Hall of Fame Night

***Main Event- AWA WORLD TITLE- Jimmy Valiant Special Ref***
King of Kingsport Beau James vs. Champion Brian Logan

*** Southeastern / Continental Legends Event***
Jimmy Golden vs. "Party Boy" Davey Rich

***Loser Leave Town - 90 Days***
Misty James vs. Rebecca Lynn

*** Special Event ***
Southern Boy Tracy Smothers vs. "Wildman" Jeff Anderson

***Tag Titles - Losing Team Leaves The Building***
Champs Moe Jenkins & Nick Hammonds (One Night Sub)
Jeff Storm and Jamey Gibson

**TV Title**
Wayne Adkins vs. KC Thunder

Mike Cooper vs. Cody Ices

PLus Tony Givens has a special interview

plus Hall of Fame Parade of Legends and more

Tickets on sale 5 PM Day off - Ringside (first 2 rows) $10 Adults $8 Kids 10 and under $5

Shows For The Weekend 6.05 to 6.08.08 - Slammiversary Weekend!!

----This weekend will kickoff tomorrow night in Nashville, TN and end with TNA 's Slammiversary. It will be interesting to see how good the show does with such high ticket prices and the TV ratings in this area are not that good. CLICK HERE for the regular list of 14 weekly shows.

Nashville Wrestling
Thursday June 5th, 2008 8pm
National Guard Armory Crossville, TN
Ringside Seats $8 General Admission $7.50
w/ Christopher Love

Friday, June 6, Southern Extreme Wrestling Promotions presents"No Escape", the kickoff to the TNA Slammiversary Weekend in Memphis!
All matches will take place inside a 15-foot steel cage, and the main event will be a War Games match, the first of its kind in Memphis.
Also, The Crime defends the SEW Heavyweight Title against #1 Contender Reno Diamond, and the United States Championship will be defended.
As an added bonus, all fans in attendance will receive a TNA Slammiversary coupon for $10 off any merchandise purchase of $20 ormore, for use at Slammiversary on Sunday, June 8!
The action will be at the Healing Center Gym, located on 3885 Tchulahoma Road in Memphis. Bell time is 8:00PM and tickets are only $10, with kids under 5 admitted free.
Card is subject to change, and more information is available at
Also, check us out every Saturday morning at 10am on Memphis Comcast Channel 17, or go online to catch SEW TV.

Christian Wrestling Coalition This Saturday In Memphis!!

The CWC will have a show on Saturday, June 7th, at 11:30 am at the Greater Faith Tabernacle COGIC Institute for Success at 905 East Shelby Drive in Memphis.
Admission $5.
This is part of the Jurisdictional AIMS convention.
Samoan Raja v Jason Maddroxx
Big Boy Bob's 5 Count challenge
Blaylock the Blazer v Buzzsaw
X3 (OZ & Steven Rampage) vs Elevation (Kaution/Kronus)
Chris Lexx/Wildside v Black Thunder (Dre Black/Johnny Thunder)
With permission from the COMMMISSIONER OF THE TENNESSEE INDEPENDENT WRESTLING FEDERATION we will have a TIWF REGIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH as Danny Be Goode (c) will defend against "Big CA" Carnage Antwanne.
Card subject to change
Come out and support... only $5... you can't beat it!!!
Plus Scotty C, Jason Storm, Michael Ward and others will be there!!!

Memphis Ladies Wrestling will have a taping Saturday!!

We will be taping on June 7th as scheduled with Tasha Simone, Rookie Sensation Su Yung, 80's star and her wrestling comeback, Misti Dawn, Hellena Heavenly and Southern Ohio's own, Sin D. Check us out for now at but remember we are in the process of having a new website at and should be featuring Downloads there very soon. All the dvds from this Saturday's action will be available on DVD very soon. Also when we tape again, we have been contacted and should have some very nice additions to our already great roster of ladies. Thanks for allowing us to do this, something we love very much.

TNA Slammiversary Sunday Southaven, MS

* Samoa Joe vs. Robert Roode vs. Booker T vs. Christian Cage vs. Rhino with Kevin Nash as the special enforcer in a TNA Title King of the Mountain Match
* AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
* Petey Williams vs. Kaz for the TNA X-Division Title
* LAX vs. Team 3D for the TNA Tag Team Titles
* Jay Lethal marries So Cal Val

Credit: and

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 5.31.08

Show opened with interim commissioner for the evening Rick Marx and Allen Walker in the ring talking about some big surprises coming up soon. They went to leave the ring and were interrupted by Jeremy Moore. Moore said that since Marx was commish tonight then he shouldn't have any trouble getting a re-match this week because he along with everyone else seen what went down last week, just as Marx was about to grant his wish, Kilo interrupted. Kilo said he did what he did last week because Moore didn't deserve the shot over him, he said he has busted his butt for a long time for the company and he feels like he is getting stepped on by management. Rick said that he isn't gonna make his decision based on last week, but on performance, and tonight Kilo will face Motley..... and Moore in a triple threat

El Cuello de Rojo def. Arnez and Jason Matthews in a hardcore 3-way match.

Tim Edwards def. Rob Justice

John Roberts came out to host his very first edition of his talk show..”Th Masterpiece Theatre” - His first guest was none other than Tim Alfonzo. Tim came out on crutches and Biscuit didn't let that slide as he was making fun of Tim and kicking his crutches out from beneath him. Tim said that Biscuit can make fun of him all he wants, but he has a surprise guest for Biscuit....... "Superman" Jason Reed! Reed came out and talked on the mic for a few, which led to a challenge. Jason Reed def. Biscuit after superkicking the high risk title in Biscuit’s face

Mark Justice and Crazy Train was ruled a no contest after Mark just continually kept beating on Train until he had to be carried to the back.

Motley Cruz def. Kilo and Jeremy Moore after he pinned Moore. The finish went that after all 3 men were down [triple], Moore made his way up and went to give the acecrusher to Motley. Motley pushed him into the ropes as Kilo threw a superkick which Motley ducked. The kick connected with Moore and he went down, as that happened Motley blasted Kilo w/ the belt and covered Moore for the 3.

----Probably 80 something in the crowd…Pop of the night was Jason Reed, followed by Moore/Kilo, who both got good responses. Alfonzo also got a good pop, as well as Crazy Train…For my non-spanish speaking readers, “El Cuello de Rojo” translates to “The Neck of Red” – you figure that one out! LOL...Yes, Allen Walker was gone from the group for only a few weeks. I do know that a few of the other promoters were not interested in using him after the big snafu a few weeks back.

Flashback!! June 03, 1974: The Lawler legend begins 34 years ago this Mark James

I want to start this flashback with the attendance numbers for almost the entire summer of 1974. This was during the first singles run of Jerry Lawler. He was in the main event for every card held that summer. I did leave out a few of the lower
performing cards, but chose to highlight these 11 cards.

1. June 03, 1974 vs. Ricky Gibson: 11,332

2. June 10, 1974 vs. Ricky Gibson: 11,629

3. June 17, 1974 vs. Jackie Fargo: 11, 542

4. June 24, 1974 vs. Jackie Fargo: 11,783

5. July 01, 1974 vs. Jackie Fargo: 11,407

6. July 08, 1974 vs. Jackie Fargo: 10,535

7. July 15, 1974 vs. The Sheik: 11,700

8. July 22, 1974 vs. Bobo Brazil : 10,600

9. Aug 05, 1974 vs. Bobo Brazil : 10,750

10. Aug 12, 1974 vs. Dick the Bruiser: 11,599

11. Aug 27, 1974 vs. Rufus R. Jones: 10,776

For these 11 cards, total attendance was 123,653. For those who don’t know, these attendance numbers were huge. Seven of them were considered sellouts; five of the sellouts were 5 weeks in a row.

Lawler had been getting his push the first half of the year. He went from a feud with Jackie Fargo to one with Tommy Gilbert & Eddie Marlin (after Fargo had an injury). Over this time frame, the weekly numbers were 6,000 one week and the next week 9,000, etc.

Lawler's feud with Rick Gibson started innocently enough. Jerry Jarrett explained that Jackie Fargo was still out with an injury and the feud with Gilbert & Marlin was over. The King needed a new opponent. Lawler and Jarrett were at the Sat morning show and as they were watching Ricky Gibson (in a TV match). Lawler asked Jarrett if he thought they could draw together, (Lawler & Gibson). Jarrett said he didn’t know, and told Lawler to go out there and “kick Gibson's ass”, so they could find out. The Lawler-Gibson feud started with good attendance in May 1974 (5,000, 9,000, 6,000 & 9,000), but what really ignited the attendance numbers was the addition of Jackie Fargo to the mix.

Jackie Fargo had by now healed up from his injury and was ready to go. Jerry Jarrett, not wanting to ruin a good thing, felt the Lawler-Gibson feud was still capable of drawing big numbers. He knew there was a future payoff of a renewed Lawler-Fargo feud to look forward to, so there was no need to rush Lawler’s feud with Ricky Gibson. The fans had been told that Jackie Fargo’s injury was at the hands of Jerry Lawler, so when Jarrett named Jackie Fargo as the special referee in the Lawler-Gibson match (June 03, 74), the fans went crazy. The buildup for this match caused a huge sellout.

Eventually, the Lawler-Gibson feud ran it’s course, Fargo was brought back in and Gibson was moved out. As the numbers show, the Lawler-Fargo feud was hugely successful and they picked up right where they had left off a few months earlier.

Arguably, the most successful run im Memphis wrestling history started on June 03, 1974, thirty-four years ago this week.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry

This week saw an end to a small chapter in Memphis Wrestling history as Memphis Wrestling on Ch. 30 did not air a television show. Sanford and Son aired from 10-10:30 and Andy Griffith aired from 10:30-11. Here’s the saddest part: Sanford pulled down a 3.4 [57,083 viewers], 5 share in its time slot and Andy drew a 4.1[68,835 viewers] , 7 share. With those two shows drawing as good or better numbers, in their 1st week, than MW has drawn in the past, you can bet the suits at CW30 are happy. They have filled that time slow with programming that upped the numbers that the previous show was doing and the station doesn’t have to spend a dime to produce those shows. They can also raise the advertising rates a lil’ bit because of the better numbers and these days TV stations are ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!!!!

The NBA playoffs again affected ratings this week. TNA Impact’s numbers were down this week in part by running against the Lakers/Spurs playoff game which drew a 9.0 locally. Smackdown’s numbers were down too as the Celtics/Pistons playoff game drew a 6.7 locally. Smackdown did beat out the Spelling Bee that ran on ABC-24.

RAW had a great week. From 8:30 on, it held its audience with good consistency. This is good especially after a PPV. It shows people were interested in One Night Stand and wanted to see the aftermath of the PPV. It will be interesting to see in the weeks to come, how the giving away of 1 million dollars will affect the numbers. History has shown that when TV stations give away money during their newscasts that the numbers increase. So you gotta think that is Vince’s logic in doing the give-away. Finally the NHL playoffs had no bearing on RAW’s rating. It drew a 2.9…and it ran on free TV. Lol

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 5-29-08

Final Rating: 1.5 [25,184 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 1.3 [21,826 viewers], 1.5 [25,184 viewers], 1.2 [20,147 viewers] 1.2 [20,147 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.2 [20,147 viewers], 1.5 [25,184 viewers], 2.0 [33,578 viewers], 1.8 [25,184 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 5-30-08

Final Rating: 3.8 [63798 viewers] 6 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 3.7 [62,119 viewers], 4.0 [67,156 viewers], 3.9 [65,477 viewers], 3.6 [60,440 viewers]

2nd hour: 3.8 [63798 viewers], 3.9 [65477 viewers], 3.3 [55,404 viewers], 4.2 [70,514 viewers]

TNA Impact Replay 5-31-08

Final Rating: 1.1 [18,468 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.9 [15,110 viewers], 0.9 [15,110 viewers], 0.4 [6,716 viewers], 1.4 [23,505 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.6 [26,862 viewers], 1.2 [20,147 viewers], 0.9 [15,110 viewers], 1.3 [21,826 viewers]

WWE A.M. 6-01-08

Final Rating: 1.4 [23,505 viewers] 3 share

Quarter hours: 1.4 [23,505 viewers], 1.2 [20147 viewers], 1.5 [25,184 viewers], 1.5 [25,184 viewers]

WWE Raw 6-02-08

Final Rating: 5.4 [90,661 viewers] 8 share

1st hour: 4.8 [80,587 viewers] 7 share

Quarter hours: 3.6 [60,440 viewers], 4.2 [70,514 viewers], 6.1 [102,413 viewers], 5.3 [88,982 viewers]

2nd hour: 6.0 [100,734 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours: 5.0 [83,945 viewers], 6.2 [104,092 viewers], 6.2 [104,092 viewers], 6.5 [109,129 viewers]

Overrun: 4.6 [77,229 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating anaylsis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 5.31.08

----“Hot Rod” John Ellison & Cody Only beat Idol Bane & Silent Mark…Johnny Harper & Johnny Hawk beat Tommy Wayne & Ray Ray…Battle Royal for the Heavyweight Title – Winner Casino Kid…Adam Armor beat Alex Shepard…Wild Bill/ Demon X beat Chase Stevens/ Justin Smart to regain the ASWF Tag Team titles…Scotty Fury/Kid J/Lil Devil beat Austin Lane/Sarge O’Reilly

----No attendance was given. If anyone attended this show, please send along a figure! Thanks!..After their match Idol and Cody Only continued to brawl setting up for a LSD Death match for next week…In the tag match the finish had Seth Saber distracting Ray, with pin on Tommy, after match they left Wayne and Ray laying draped in a Mexican flag, Hawk made the challenge for a flag on a pole match nest week with both American and Mexican flag on a pole, in order to win you have to pull the other teams flag down and rip it in half. This sounds real heated. I have always loved the draping the flag over – as in Russians/Bill Watts/Eddie Gilbert angle… Final four on Title Battle Royal: Acid, Austin, Casino, and Tommy Wayne, with Casino winning. Battle Royals are not my favorite way to get a new champion, but it does make it easy on the promotion… X-Kaliber came out and made a mic spill talking bout his match next week with Morgan Lane, and said he didn’t want a regular type match he wanted a “Last Man Standing” match for next week…Finish of main had double chin crusher by Fury then double tadpole splash by Kid J/ Lil Devil for the pin. Funny.

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"High Roller" Jonathan Storm Arrested!!

----This was first reported on the Kayfabe Board and I followed the link. I have been working on an upcoming "Coach's Corner" about this type of thing. One thing needs to be said - LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE!! You get caught - you are not only hurting yourself, but the business as a whole in this area. Not all the local wrestlers are molesters. And, truthfully, Jonathan has not found as guilty yet, but it makes you and this area look bad!! Storm was featured on the high profile WWCW debut in Carbondale, IL.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Scotts Hill police officer on charges of soliciting a minor and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Jonathan Henley was arrested in Henderson County on Friday and released Sunday on $25,000 bond. After being booked in Henderson County, he was transferred to Weakley County for protection because he is a local police officer, a Henderson County jail official said.

Henley is accused of sending text messages to a 15-year-old girl in May asking for sex, according to a complaint filed against him in Henderson County General Sessions Court on Monday.

Efforts to reach Henley for comment were not immediately successful this afternoon.

In a phone interview, a woman who identified herself as his mother but refused to give her full name said Henley's family wants to fight the charges.

Scotts Hill Police Chief Jessie Powers was not immediately available for comment today.


RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 5.31.08

The show started with Frank Martin telling the crowd that the Atomic Dogg was back in the house and doing a recap of last week’s show. Martin reminded the crowd that there would be a lumberjack match and the crowd gets to pick the match. Martin was interrupted by Ali's music. Ali came to ring and confronted Martin about the fact he let The San Francisco Treat back in the RWA. Martin explained to Ali that SFT signed the contract as the SFT and not under his real name so legally there was nothing they could do Rik Burton(SFT) could in fact wrestle. Ali got mad and told Martin he was stupid and that's when Martin told Ali that if he would have done his job and took out the SFT there would not be a problem. Ali Got very mad at Martin at this point, Ali told Martin to get the contract signed for another loser leaves the RWA and make Rick Burton sign the contract. That's when Classy Meltin Massy and “Insane” Zane Richards came out. Melton told Ali that he could not get Rick in the ring tonite and if he wanted to fight Rick he had to go through Insane Zane the "Enforcer of the group" Ali told Massy that was fine he would do just that. Massy told Ali he had to pin Zane that would be the only way to get the match. Martin signed that match for that nite.

After all that Martin told the crowd that the RWA would have the new RWA Heavyweight Belt next week and they were starting the tournament tonight. Martin called out one of the Leprechauns - Lethal. Then the crowd sang Happy Birthday to the Leprechaun who was celebrating his birthday. As a present to the Leprechaun Martin gave him the first match in the tournament and he got to draw a name out of the hat to find out who he would wrestle. Everyone is in the tournament no exceptions. Lethal drew his brother Lucky and that was the first match of the RWA tournament.

----Lethal beat Lucky…”Big Rig” Cody Murdock beat Shawn Williams…Lumberjack match Ali Stevens vs Insane Zane Richards – no contest…Chris Steel beat Big Al in tournament match…“The Natural Born Players” [Pimptacular/Southside Brawler] beat “POB” [Ron Rage/Buzzkiller]…Rik Burton beat The Big Indian Quixote with Rottn Randy.

----The was crowd of 100+ was loud and rowdy. They really popped for The Big Indian and were doing the Indian war call and throwing up the Tomahawks all during the match. The crowd was yelling POB all during their match…Ali shocked the crowd by introducing Rottn Randy as his new manager. No contest as the lumberjacks and Ali and Zane started fighting…Massy interfered in three matches to help the heels win. It still looks like they are building towards Randy group vs Massy group.

Showtime Allstar Wrestling - Episode 46

Showtime Allstar Wrestling – Episode 46
Airing May 24, 2008 on ION Network affiliate WNPX 28 in Nashville

Showtime Allstar Wrestling TV is available at along with other exclusive video content.

Michael St. John opened the show at ringside with Reno Riggins from the “Showtime Wrestling Palace(?)” This week: the return of the notorious loose cannon, Kid Kash, Damian Adams vs. Sean Casey in a SAW Television Championship match, direct from Scotland, a message from Rob Roy McCoy and Tennessee Violence Authority vs. Dream Team in a tag team title grudge match. It’s Showtime, and SAW starts NOW!

(1) Kid Kash beat Jeff Jamison in 6:23. Jamison held his own with Kash in the opening minutes of fast-paced back and forth action. Then Kash really put a beating on him. He worked over the same physically disadvantaged hand that McCoy had ravaged several weeks back. MSJ said Jamison had suffered a hairline fracture as a result. MSJ brought up Kash’s reputation as a loose cannon. Riggins said Kash had been with all the major fed and was returning from a stint in Europe, where he did MMA matches. Jamison got his comeback with a basement dropkick for a near fall, a huracanrana and a botched standing moonsault, sold for a near fall. Kash rolled out from under Jamison’s top rope moonsault and put him away with the brainbuster.

Kash said he was a pit stop at SAW on his road to eternal greatness. Kash said all he had heard since he got back in the states was SAW, so he was came to see what all the buzz was about. Kash said he was going to stay awhile. Kash said he was going to take the company over single-handedly starting with Damian Adams. That brought Damian out. Damian said he had ducked no one since winning the SAW Championship and he welcomed Kash’s challenge. Kash said he took the World TV Title in ECW, and Damian had something that belonged to him. “I’m about to head to Germany next week, but when I get back, I’m going to put you over my knee, son, and when I’m done, I’m carrying that home.” Kash shoved Damian in the chest and walked away. Damian said they could do it right now, because he was all about taking on all comers. They did a brief cut to a shot of Kash on the ramp, but he was paying no attention to Damian.

The audio of a phone conversation between McCoy and MSJ aired with a graphic of the full text shown on screen. St. John said McCoy was completing a long and tedious tour of Europe and planning to return to the US with a vengeance. McCoy said the thing that was long and tedious, was the legal ramifications and red tape imposed on him by the SAW Board of Directors and their ban. McCoy implied that the US was about lawyers and bureaucracy rather than competition. MSJ said McCoy had brought the suspension upon himself. MSJ asked about a silver lining to McCoy’s misery.

I’m cutting through all the competition in Europe…so all you’re little champs, they’re the ones that are going to be tremblin’ with fear when Rob Rob McCoy comes back and inflicts pain and suffering on their sorry carcasses.

MSJ reminded McCoy that he was still subject to the BOD’s luck of the draw method of determining title challengers. McCoy said that with the talent he had, the cream was bound to rise to the top, and Damian Adams was the champion only because that’s the way the SAW BOD wanted it.

Damian Adams beat Sean Casey (with Tiana & ?) to retain the SAW TV Title in 5:05. Reno said polygamy was a hot topic in the news, and noted that Casey had added to his harem. Casey attacked Damian before the bell. Casey used a slingshot suplex for a near fall. Casey hit a swinging neckbreaker and made a one knee pin attempt. Casey dropkicked Damian but failed to hook the leg. Riggins said he preferred not to speculate on the identity of Casey’s hot brunette until he could confirm his suspicions. Casey hit a spinebuster. He hooked the leg but Damian kicked out again. Damian fought out of Casey’s rear chinlock. But Damian ate an elbow charging in, and Casey hit a middle rope diamond cutter. Damian kicked out again. Reno said if Casey had hooked the leg, we would be looking at a new champion. Damian mounted the big comeback. Backdrop and a cover. No pin there. Damian blocked Casey’s superkick and got nothing but air with his bicycle kick. Damian tried for backslide. Casey blocked that. But Damian then connected with the bicycle kick and it was lights out for Casey.

In the interview area, Damian accepted congratulations from MSJ. Damian said McCoy had no clue what he was talking about. Damian said he just beat a great wrestler and was taking on all comers.

MSJ was ringside with Paul Adams and Rick Santel. Paul called out Commissioner Freddie Morton and lectured him about the unfairness of the lottery system for determining title challengers.

I know that lotteries are the way you people around here like to do things. You like to sit back on your rented couches with cigarette burns and mystery stains waiting around for something to happen for you.

Paul said the title shot should be awarded to the wrestler with the best record in the ring and pointed at Santel. Santel said he wasn’t going to get in Morton’s face like some of the other yahoos because he respected his authority, but the system was flawed. Morton blew Santel up huge. Said he was the hottest thing in SAW “since cayenne pepper.” However, the thing that impressed Morton the most was the win Drew Haskins scored over Santel last week. Haskins was out next to Morton in a suit. “You’re going to go there?” said Santel. Santel got in Haskins’ face and said his win was a fluke. Santel said Haskins couldn’t last five minutes with him and wanted to a match on the spot. Haskins took his coat off and loosened his tie. Morton said they had too many matches booked for the show. Instead, Morton made a “distance match” for next week. All Haskins had to do to win was last five minutes. Santel advised Haskins to get as ready as he could get because he was in for the most brutal beating of his life.

NWA Top Rope Third Anniversary Show, June 14 in Lebanon Tn, at the Wilson County Fairgrounds: Five title matches including an NWA World Heavyweight Title match: Adam Pearce (c) vs. NWA Tennessee Champion, “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant.

The SAW Summary was clips of recent events in the war between A Team and Dream Team, including footage of the mysterious lights out episode that put Dream Team out of action.

Tennessee Violence Authority (Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger with Paul Adams) beat Dream Team (“Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant & Arrick Andrews) via DQ in 12:15. Dream Team hit the ring with a furious assault on TVA. A meeting of the minds ensued and TVA bailed out to regroup. Dillinger reluctantly entered to square off with Boogie. It was a babyface route for the first 6 minutes, as Dream Team applied the full court press. Boogie split the uprights with a kick to Dillenger’s nether region, but when he continued the attack outside the ring, Hammerjack clubbed him from behind. Paul did a number on Boogie with his towel. Riggins said Boogie was feeding off the support from the capacity crowd for an extra burst of energy. Dillinger pulled Boogie down by his dorag to cut him off, and then held him for Hammerjack’s Hogan style boot. TVA made a tool of ref Ricky Bell to set up some double teaming chicanery. Boogie went down face first at the end of big exchange with Dillinger. Reno said it looked like Boogie was out of steam. Boogie made the last gasp hot tag. Andrews decked Hammerjack with the Dragon’s Curse. Dillinger broke up the pin, and laid Andrews out with hangman’s neckbreaker. Boogie Blaster on Dillinger! But Boogie went flying over the top on a phantom hiptoss from Hammerjack. TVA had Andrews set up for a spike piledriver when the lights went out. The light came on to find Boogie and Andrews standing over the fallen TVA. Andrews had Hammerjack’s sledge, and Boogie had Dillinger’s pool cue. Bell called for the bell. Boogie and Andrews crossed swords and gave TVA a taste of their own medicine.

Closing Thoughts: SAW rebounded from a weak show last week with one of their best episodes ever. No filler this week. The wrestling was better and storyline advancement was superb. MSJ was in rare form during the opening, calling the SAW Arena a “wrestling palace” and referring to Hammerjack as “Bucksnort.” Kash’s match was fine for what it was. He adds some much needed starpower. Kash came across like a real jerk picking on Jamison’s disability. The confrontation in the interview area went a long way to elevating the TV title, because you had this world renowned name guy, Kash, coveting the SAW belt. Kash blew Damian away on the mic. I didn’t see that as problem except when Damian issued the on-the-spot challenge, it badly called for Kash to back down rather than leaving Damian high and dry. The McCoy phone call was a tremendous segment. St. John was at his best, and McCoy was awesome as usual. His distaste for America was so clear, and yet he was making valid points. The new girl with Casey is Lexi Pillman, the legit daughter of Brian Pillman. Casey was trained by Pillman. Good win for Damian overcoming Casey’s Pearl Harbor job. I liked the portrayal of Damian as a marked man with challengers coming at him from all sides. I thought the “luck of the draw” was already dropped with the Hayme match, but here was Paul complaining about it in his interview. Santel’s mic work was very strong in this segment. The rematch with Haskins was a no brainer. Yeah, Haskins already beat him in less than five minutes, but it was crystal clear during the match that at no point was Santel taking it seriously. Never heard it called a distance match before, though. TVA/Dream Team had a very long main event by SAW standards. There was one obvious glitch with MSJ referencing a biker bar interview with TVA that never happened. Match was fine, largely because the crowd was so into Dream Team here. The lights out turnabout on TVA was pretty cool. It left the viewer with the mystery of who monkeyed with the lights on behalf of Dream Team. I’m guessing Indian Outlaw.

This Thursday!! "Shooting the Shiznit"!!

----Brian Tramel with co-host Brian Thompson will be joined by SIE this week in their first segment. Followed by that will be Lacey Von Erich for a full 30 minutes. Stan Lane is scheduled to finish up the show with comments about this past weekend. They will be taking calls during the Lacey Von Erich segment only.

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RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 5.31.08

----They ran a big angle at the start of the show where both of “Ravishing” Randy teams were fighting back and forth about who was the better team. Randy had promised “X-3” [Steven Rampage and Oz] a bunch of stuff last week when Wildside/Waycool were gone. It ended up setting up the tag match vs each other.

----Chris Braggs def. Samoan Raja…Big Boy Bob w/Ravishing Randy def. Chico Mendoza…TIWF Tag Team Title Match: “Locked and Loaded” [Lawman Williams/Tank Turner] defeated Dazzlin Dixie and The Convict....Dre Black def. Mr. X…”New Breed of Perfection” (Wildside and Waycool) vs “X-3” (Steven Rampage and Oz) – DRAW… TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match: Danny B Goode def. Spyder.

----75 to 108 in the building…Heel vs Heel tag match will eventually have someone turning. The end of the match saw Way Cool and Oz as the legal men in the ring and a double clothesline put them down. Time was ticking away so instantly Wildside and Rampage entered the ring and began beating down on the downed opponent. End of the match saw Rampage take “ The Breeze (TKO) from Waycool and Wildside take the X-Factor from Oz. No one made the pin and time expired. After the match was over with, both teams tried to get Randy to raise their hands and Randy just left abruptly. Both teams then catered to the audience and the fans choice by what I could tell was X-3. The face each other again next week…Dixie powerbombed and left his tag partner The Convict in the ring after they lost…Danny B Goode faces Carnage Antwone next week.

SEW TV Report 5.31.08

Soultaker w/Pimpin' Antoin Smooth demanded that Capleville Maniac showed his face, and refused to leave the ring until he appeared. Maniac arrived to answer the challenge.

Soultaker and Capleville Maniac fought to a No Contest after both brawled all over the ring and to the locker room. It was announced later that these two men would meet at No Escape to settle the score.

SEW General Manager Tim Williams was set to appear with his team members, Tatt2 and Reno Diamond. The GM says that he hasn't been able to get in touch with Tatt2 and Diamond, but has set a match for Malik against a man he trained with.

Jake the Jackhammer def. Malik by DQ after Team Smooth attack Jackhammer and the GM. Smooth, Crime, and Devin Slim tossed Williams into the ring and proceeded to beat him down.

Jason Hall, who interviewed the GM earlier,conveniently "forgot" to mention that Reno Diamond and Tatt2 were attacked earlier by Kingpin and Jason Richards, and unable to make it to the show.

Later this week, SEW will receive word from the GM concerning his health status, as well as the status of Reno and Tatt2 going into "No Escape" this weekend. We will also get final word on who will represent Team Williams in the War Games main event. "No Escape" will take place this Friday, June 6, at the Healing Center Gym located on
3885 Tchulahoma Rd. Belltime is 8:00pm and tickets are just $10 (kids 5 and under get in free). All fans in attendance will receive a TNA Slammiversary coupon for $10 off any merchandise purchase of $20 or more, for use at Slammiversary on Sunday, June 8.

SSW "Night To Remember" Preview!!

----Take a look at to how you should promote a "big show". This is very well done.

RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS 5.31.08

LSD w/Damion Rage defeated JWS Cruiserweight Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes in a non-title match.
Cyrus w/Bobby Wylde defeated Tysin Starr.
The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) w/Robert Rose defeated PHAT Foundation (Chris Fontaine & Dalton Storm).
"Dangerous" David Cox defeated Slammer.
JWS Tag Team Champions 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) had been bragging that they are the best there is, and saying that they can go "non-stop" and "all night long." So they got the chance to prove it Saturday night in three back to back matches, all with the belts on the line.
24/7 defeated LSD & Slammer to retain the belts (clean win).
24/7 cheated their way to victory over BJ Fuller & Tysin Starr. Kross used one of the tag team belts while the referee was distracted to get the win. 24/7 retained the belts again.
The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) w/Robert Rose defeated 24/7 to become the new Tag Team Champions.
Damion Rage defeated Jay Webster, but Webster whispered something into Barney the Referee's ear, and Barney reversed the decision, awarding the match to Webster. The referee gave no explanation as to why. PHAT Foundation then came to the ring and beat Rage and Webster down.

45 in the crowd.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis &

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 5.30.08

At the beginning of the show, it was announced that each of the cage matches on June 13 would have one additional stipulation.
Josh Matthews defeated G-Mo Money (W/Bless & Dirty Rell Mo) by DQ when DC interfered.
"Dangerous" David Cox defeated Chris Chaos & LSD in a 3-way match.
Jarvis White defeated Curly Mo w/Dirty Rell Mo by DQ when Chris Kilgore interfered. Kilgore, Curly Mo, & Dirty then beat White down.
Self-proclaimed "Rated R Champion" Ryan SoFine defeated Bless.
Chris Styles defeated Tysin Starr.
Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor defeated Chris Fontaine.
Parental Advisory (Studd, Tony, & Izzy) defeated Fusion & Little Guys, Inc. (Kid-J & Lil' Devil).
This was Jarvis White's last TFW show for quite a while. He has joined the U. S. Navy and left today (Sunday) to serve his country for four years.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis &

Sunday, June 01, 2008

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 5.31.08

Triple Threat Match
Baron Malkavain d. Neil Taylor & Shannon Lee

Fatal Four Way Match
Slim Pickens d. Gaylon Ray, Eric Hayes, & Tattoo

Tag Team Title Match
Chris O'Neal/Drew Donovan d. Dell Tucker/Cody Melton

Cruiserweight Title Match
Chris Rocker d. Rockin' Randy

6 Man Tag Team Match
Greg King/Hot Topic (Derrick King,Stan Lee) d.
Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels/Bishop

The Golden Boy d. Pokerface

Flash Flannagan/Dustin Starr d. Alex Krisis/Albino Rhino

During The Golden Boy's match, Derrick King was at ringside as the Golden Boy's guest. The Golden Boy wanted to give Derrick a first hand look at what he can expect next week. The situation that began at the RRO awards ceremony comes to a head next week. The Golden Boy vs Derrick King in a "Best of the Best" challenge.

----The attendance was about 100-105.

Jerkin' the Curtain NWA Main Event & SAW TV reviews Monday June 2nd @ 10 PM CST

Listen in this coming Monday night June 2nd as Tommy Stewart and I again review and recap the NWA Main Event and SAW TV shows that air on the Ion network, Comcast channel 17 in Nashville, at 8 am and noon. These will be the reviews for the shows that aired on May 31st. We'll again give our unvarnished and unbiased opinion of each show, and declare a winner for the week. Check it out live Monday night, or check out the archive later. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but for the record, SAW was declared the winner of the shows that aired on May 24th. Here's how we rated the shows last week.

Tommy Stewart: NWA Main Event= Thumbs down
SAW= Big thumbs up

TVD: NWA Main Event= Low thumbs in the middle
SAW= Upper thumbs in the middle

RassleResults: ATL/USWO Nashville, TN 5.28.08

Damien Payne b Boy (w/Richard Lowe)

Dyronic b Bizzare-O

LT Falk b Intern

Little Booger (w/Charming Charles) b Shawn Hoodrich

Richard Lowe (w/Boy) b White Tiger

Chris Norte & Michael Jablonski b LT Falk & Damien Payne and New York Gangster & Tommy Capone in a 3-way when Jablonski pinned Capone.

----35 in attendance.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel