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RassleResults: RWA Paragould, AR 6.27.08

Chris Steel beat the Official.
“Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] beat the Southern Mafia(formerly TPT – Cody Murdock/Al Smith) and the team of Lethal and JD Carey.
Chief Quixote beat by DQ Zane Richards
“Crazy” Luke Graham Jr Beat Pappy of the Asylum
Feature Match. Rottn Randy with Lisa Ray and Jim "The Doc" from 107.1 The Train Beat Classy Melton Massy.
Main Event: Rik Burton RWA Heavyweight Champ beat HD Easy rider.

This was a Benefit for James and Jackie Godfrey the parents of Rottn Randy. Both have Cancer and all the proceeds will go to help with the medical expenses.

Frank Martin, owner of the RWA, started the show thanking all those who came out to support the family. He introduced Lisa Ray and Jim"The Doc" From the Train 107.1 the country station in Paragould that had helped promote the show by having Martin and Rottn Randy on the air several times to talk about the show. As they opened the show as guests announcers out comes the RAT Pack. Classy Melton Massy had warned or threaten Lisa Ray and Jim that it was his town and his ring and they would get hurt if they were caught in the ring. Later that week Martin promised the fans that if Melton got close to Lisa he would hold him while Lisa slapped the taste out of his mouth. The Rat Pack jumped on Jim and out came the babies from the dressing room. All the Pack powdered but Melton who was caught by Martin and just as promised to the fans Lisa slapped him silly. When out of no where Jim hit him with a Big Spear.... The fans went crazy and that set the mood for the night.

At intermission they gave away door prizes to the fans from all the businesses that donated them. At this point Melton Massy and Insane Zane Richards came out. Richards told Martin that there was a special guest in the building. It was an old man who was a wrestler at one time. Zane introduced his father who is a local legend HD Easy rider. HD came out and told Zane that he was disappointed in Zane, he taught him better than to run around with trash like Massy. Zane asked Martin to give his dad a match and Massy told him he would wrestle the Crowning Jewel of the Rat Pack RWA Heavyweight Champ Rik Burton. As Zane and Massy was leaving the ring they both jumped on HD.

The Main event was just that HD Easy rider and Rik Burton. Martin banned Massy from ringside much to the fans delight. However Zane came out and all through the match attacked his father with cheap shots. This family feud could really get ugly and will most likely continue in the RWA.

----There were over 100+ fans in the armory with 30+ from the Jonesboro area…The RWA ask me to thank all the fans who came out. Martin added, “In no way was this benefit a success because of anything that the RWA did. It was a success because of the offerings and kindness of the fans. Over $500 dollars was collected as of intermission.”

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 6.21.08

Show opened w/ Jimmy Tidwell introducing the S.O.B.'s for an interview. The S.O.B.'s put all of NBW on notice and said that they were here to take over

"Dynamite" Seth Knight came out and said that Motley had better watch his back because Seth is coming for that title, this brought out Jason Matthews who said that while Seth did pin Motley that he did the same thing and he thinks that he deserves a shot just as much as Seth, this led B.O.D. member Tim Davis to tell both that if they could win each of their matches tonight that next week they would face off for a title shot.

Seth Knight def. Tim Edwards

Jason Matthews def. El Cuella de Rojo

Lil' Tim def. Biscuit w/ the Kid as special ref

Motley Cruz def. Rob Justice and beat him bloody, Motley even used a bat with tacks to bleed Rob.

Jeremy Moore and Crazy Train def. S.O.B. ( Mark/Kilo ) by count out, after the match they brawled with S.O.B.'s leaving Moore and Train laying again this week.

----Crowd was probably 110 or so, Moore and Train made the save on Tim Davis at the first of the show to a big pop….Lil Tim got a good reaction as well. This week is a re-match between S.O.B.'s and Moore/Crazy Train also Seth Knight vs. Jason Matthews...Also in the next couple of weeks look for the NBW roster to be freshened up quiet a bit

RassleResults: RWL Newbern, TN 6.27.08

----Dirty Sanchez beat Gaylon Ray…Tim Edwards beat Weasel & Biscuit in triple threat…Bishop beat Greg King Jr…”The Posse” [Chris/Simon Reed]/The Fan by DQ JD Rage/Jason Reed/Shawn Reed….”Southern Pride” [Kilo/Tommy Redneck] vs Kid Nikels/Eric Wayne – No contest!!

----40 to 50 people…They did an angle with a trainee before tag with Jason slapping a fan. The fan then tagged with the “Posse”…Main event went all over the building…Show is on Thursday this coming week…Bishop is with Kid/Wayne…JD Rage/Jason Reed/Shawn Reed are call the “Rat-Free Foundation”.

RassleResults: ASWF Jonesboro, AR 6.28.08

----X-Kailbur vs “Mr. Muscles” Morgan Lane – no contest….”Mexicones” [Johnny Harper/Johnny Hawk] beat Morgan Lane/X-Kalibur…Austin Lane beat Ray Ray and Tommy Wayne in a three way “Street Fight”…ASWF Tag Team Title Match: Demon X/Wild Bill beat Judgement/John Wayne…Scotty Fury/Kid J beat Casino Kid/Lil Devil.

----59 in attendance - not good…Lane/X were jumped by the “Mexicones” in their match and then challenged them. Lane left X alone, so he was pinned…”Street Fight” was crazy with lots stuff including out in the parking lot. Lane hit a superkick on Wayne for the pin…Kid J used the “Tadpole Splash” to win.

RassleResults: "Just Joe" Benefit Dyersburg, TN 6.22.08

----TLCW Crusierweight title match: Chris Rocker d. NXN Rude…Hardknocks Hooligan d. Outlaw…Seth Knight d. Dirty Sanchanz &J D Rage…Ricky Hayes & Erik Hayes d. Team X…Hawaiian Kid d. Jason Gilbert…Big Red/Chris Rocker/Gaylon Ray d. Mark Justice/Kilo/Motley Cruz…The “Posse” (Simon Reed & Jason Reed) d. Shawn Reed and Biscuit

----75 to 100 in attendance...Hawaiian Kid was Chris Frazier doing a new gimmick - how can he be a kid?? He is older than me; isn't he??

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 6.27.08

Psycho Medic vs Intern went to a no contest when Quinton Quarisma & JC Crowe ran out and attacked both

USWO Jr. Champion Shane Smalls b Brian Casey and Cousin Jason X when Smalls pinned Casey

Seven (w/Charming Charles) b New York Gangster

Lee Cross b Jason James in a "loser gets whipped by fans who win a raffle" match (in an interesting note, Ronnie "BA" Brown appeared at the show last night and he had to adjust James' attitude a couple of times)

Andy Douglas b Tim Renesto (w/ Charming Charles) by DQ when Charles ran in and hit Douglas with his cane

Quinton Quarisma & JC Crowe b LT Falk & Damien Payne 2-1 in a 2/3 fall/no countout/no DQ match to win the vacant USWO tag Team Championship

----75 in attendance...OUR USWO official is Mark Owen...It is announced that there will be NO wrestling at the Stadium Inn next weekend due to events downtown.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

A Piece of My Mind June 28th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I don’t know what it is that drives Vince McMahon to make the decisions that he does. I watched RAW Monday night, like everyone else who was watching it hoping my phone would ring. Alas, my phone did not ring and I am no richer than I was before it started. I finally enjoyed a night of RAW as it was a good program until the end that is. I was amazed that Vince felt he had to try some grand stand play to get out of giving away a million dollars a week. I found the whole thing, the McMahon way of thinking, as the reason why the WWE isn’t going to ever get to an even higher level than it has already achieved. I can think of a half a dozen things that could have been done to stop giving away the millions. They were never obligated to give the money away for any length of time to begin with. I am at least grateful that I got to see a good RAW again.

I have noticed many opinions in regard to the Jim Ross issue and how it was handled. As has been the case of Vince, it was handled as many things have been in that company are cold and callously. If I am Jim Ross I let emotions overcome me and I acted in an unprofessional way publicly. I can tell you when you are making the kind of money Jim Ross and or Jerry Lawler are making no one is going to have sympathy because you have to change riding partners anymore. The WWE has split up married partners and live-in partners before. You really think they aren’t going to break up Bert and Ernie if the need be? I understand that My Network TV wants Jim Ross on their program. It’s clear that they realize exceptional talent when they see it. I hope that now the emotions have settled down deep Jim Ross realizes that his move was a compliment and, even at this stage in his life, WWE needs him to help carry the company.

I am glad to see that Jim Ross appears to now be grabbing the bull by the horns and is going to make things work with my long time friend Mick Foley. If he ultimately cannot be happy in his new position then he should graciously walk away from this business and focus on his other ventures. He should do so proud of what he has accomplished and know that he is right up there with the greats of all time who have ever called this game. I can tell you for my money I will be a lot more inclined to watch Smackdown now that Jim and Mick are calling it.

I sometimes wonder if we will ever see a really great promo again. I remember the early days when I first started watching wrestling. It was great to listen to guys like Dusty Rhodes, Ole Anderson, Ric Flair and Tommy Rich cut promo’s. I don’t have as great memories of WWF promos as there weren’t all that many that stuck out in my mind. In NY the actions of someone seemed to do a lot more to draw the house than the words associated with it. In those days many of the emotional promo’s came from Bob Backlund who wasn’t the most compelling guy and could only be taken so seriously with that Howdy Doody face of his. A number of things that happened in WWF when I started watching took place in Roger’s Corner or Pipers Pit.

When you saw promo’s from guys who were just flat out brilliant, like Dusty Rhodes and Ole Anderson, you either wanted to love them or hate them. Will we ever see those kinds of promos again? I say "no we will not". If you don’t give the talent a chance to look into their heart and take their God given abilities and emotions they will never be able to give you that something special that, in many cases, filled arenas. If it wasn’t that it was their ability to BS with the best of them. Whatever it was, it came from within. Now it comes from an emotionless room with a bunch of people who just don’t get it.

I worked in the late nineties with many of the cast members of the original Andy Griffith Show. I tried to get them to improvise and they just couldn’t seem to do it. I said "listen, in wrestling this is easy, just give me a time and a topic, I can talk until I need to stop". They said "listen we read what other people write. We are actors". If they were in the WWE I don’t think they would be selling out arena’s either.

The photo with this article is of The Fantastics Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers at WrestleReunion 2. As a referee these guys were always so easy to work with. They were still in great shape when they showed up for our Reunions.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: EWP Alcoa, TN 6.26.08

Paid attendance of 103 tonight. 135 in building

*Edward Idol def. the debuting Shawn Streets via Perfectplex.

*Bobwyre & Squash Mountain def. Beau James & Wayne Adkins by disqualification as Spur ruled that Beau & Wayne refused to pin Bobwyre when he was clearly beaten. After the match, Beau challenged Spur to atake the ref shirt off and fight him. Promoter Ericules came in and said this was niot getting out of hand like last week. Beau ran down Ericules saying he was a coward too. He went on to say both he and Spur dreamed to be wrestlers but knew they were not tough or big enough to fight men like him. He then said how about a tag match. Ericules said no he was no wrestling just a promoter now and would stay that way. Beau told Spur he and Wayne had been ripped of 4 weeks in a row now by him and challenged him to tag team match next week with any partner of his choosing. Then Misty James came in the ring and told Beau to shut up and get out of the ring. She said he was embarrassing her and himself and that Spur is only doing his job. She went on to say Spur maybe little and not a wrestler but he had heart and guts to stand up to Beau. Spur said he would find a partner next week and fight Beau and Wayne. Misty said she would be Spur's partner "so she could kick that Squirrel's ass." (the fans call Adkins, Squirrel because he is always on Beaus nuts) she then slugged Adkins and laid him out. As Beau was checking on Adkins Spur kicked him with a low blow. The line of the whole thing Beau to Misty "Woman I don't know why I let you out of the bedroom"

*"The Showtime Kid" Jim Miller & "The Prodigy" Shane Andrews went to a double countout as they fought outside. Pretty Good fight all over the building. They even broke through part of the wall.

*As intermission was starting a backyard wrestler got into the ring and started running the ropes and flipping off the turnbuckles until Shane Williams came out and started beating the hell out of him going so far as to choke him out with his belt screaming for him to say I QUIT!!! treating him like he was Sigmon. Finally, Sigmon, Shawn Streets and Trooper T came out to protect the guy but Shane & Siggy got into to it finishing what was left of the broken wall that was up with Sigmon getting the upper hand and running Williams off. Shane has went from being the "King of Knoxville' to being a out of control nut case

*The RIP def. Trooper T via pinfall after hitting a torture rack back breaker.

*The Menace def. a debuting "J-Mac" Johnathan McMurray after killing him with a package piledriver. The crowd was red hot at least 90% of the match chanting for both guys. A lot of good action and high spots from both guy.

*EWP Champion Sigmon retained the EWP Championship over Donovan Daniels after delivering the Swandive Headbutt,

notes. Watch EWP every week Sat. afternoon 1:30 on Knoxville's CTV.....The TV commercial featuring the EWP stars for Style Girls runs several times a day on WBIR TV 10.....

Credit: Zifer

Friday, June 27, 2008


----A benefit show for Rottn Randys' parents James and Jackie Godfrey will be held by RWA Tonight in Paragould, AR. The show should include the regular crew of “Big Rig” Cody Murdock, “The Big Indian” Quixote, “Classy” Meltin Massy, Rik Burton, Rottn Randy, The Official, Ali Stevens, PP3, “The Leprechauns” [Lethal/Lucky], The Natural Born Players” [Southside Brawler/Pimptactular], Zane Richards, the "Asylum" [Psycho/Pappy] and more.

"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry

For a 2nd week in a row, the TV shows had a strong week of ratings. Smackdown was the 2nd most watched show in its 7pm-9pm primetime slot last Friday night. Smackdown was 2nd only to CBS’s show NUMB3RS by 1/10th of a point with SD pulling a 5.6 to NUMB3ERS’ 5.7. It will be interesting to see in the next few weeks what good ol’ J.R. and Triple H moving to Smackdown will do to those already great ratings.

TNA’s Impact held steady this week keeping the same rating as last week. One thing I noticed is that Impact’s numbers dropped in the last quarter hour of the 2nd hour. That tells me that people were not interested in the main event of Christian/AJ Styles vs. Team 3D. It also tells me that they were very interested in the World X Cup matches and Awesome Kong. 2 things that are fresh and very entertaining.

RAW, in my opinion, had another strong week. While the final ratings were down from last week, they drew great numbers for the 3-hour show. The ratings went up with each hour and that’s what you want to see in your ratings. I thought the show was one of the better shows that WWE has put together this year. It was one of those “Anything can happen” shows. Seriously, who would have guessed that Jim Ross and Triple H would have moved to Smackdown. The numbers showed that Memphis liked this week’s RAW too.

There were no ratings for the Impact replay on Saturday because of the UFC marathon that Spike ran that day. UFC’s highest hour that day was from 4-5pm when it drew a 1.5 and it’s highest quarter hour was from 9:30-:45 when it drew a 1.8 . You can draw your own opinions here.

Another good week for Sanford and Son and The Andy Griffith Show that now runs on Saturday night in the old Memphis Wrestling time slot. The shows drew a 4.4 [73,872 viewers] and 3.2 [53,725 viewers] respectively. An odd story, Saturday afternoon I was hanging with a friend who grew up in Georgia. We got to talking about wrestling and he said he doesn’t watch it much anymore. He said he loved the wrestling he grew up watching in Georgia (TBS stuff) and the stuff now was boring to him. As I was taking him back home Saturday night he said, and I quote, “Guess I’m gonna watch Sanford and Son and Andy Griffith and hit the sack”. I can’t make this stuff up!

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW this week is listed as 3 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of all 3 hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 6-19-08

Final Rating: 2.4 [40,294 viewers] 4 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.5 [41,973 viewers], 2.3 [38,615 viewers], 2.5 [41,973 viewers], 3.2 [53,725 viewers]

2nd hour: 2.9 [48.664 viewers], 2.3 [38615 viewers], 2.2 [36,917 viewers], 1.7 [28,527 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6-20-08

Final Rating: 5.6 [93,796 viewers] 10 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 4.9[ 82,071 viewers] 5.9 [98,820 viewers], 5.3 [88,771 viewers], 5.1 [85,421 viewers]

2nd hour: 6.4 [107,195 viewers], 5.7 [95,471 viewers], 5.7 [95,471 viewers], 5.9 [98,820 viewers]

WWE A.M. 6-22-08

Final Rating: 0.6 [10,050 viewers] 1 share

Quarter hours: 0.2 [3350 viewers], 0.2 [3,350 viewers], 0.4 [6670 viewers], 1.5 [25,124 viewers]

WWE Raw 6-23-08

Final Rating: 6.1 [102,170 viewers] 9 share

1st hour: 4.8 [80,396 viewers] 7 share

Quarter hours: 4.8 [80,396 viewers], 4.6 [77046 viewers], 4.7 [78,721 viewers], 4.9 [82,071 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.9 [98,820 viewers] 9 share
Quarter hours: 5.3 [88,771 viewers], 5.7 [95,471 viewers], 5.6 [93,796 viewers], 6.9 [115,570 viewers]

3rd hour: 7.4 [123,944 viewers] 11 share

Quarter hours: 7.8 [130,644 viewers], 7.7 [128,969 viewers], 7.1 [118,919 viewers], 7.0 [116,902 viewers]

Overrun: 6.2 [103,541 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating anaylsis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

"Shooting the Shiznit" is Ready!!

----Brian Tramel and Brian Thompson chatted about the local scene for the first few minutes. Robbie Douglas then called in aND spent 30 minutes with the duo talking about his first match, working NxN, spending time in the Navy and more. It was an interesting conversation. A caller requested that the BT Express do their own "mock draft" [ala the WWF Draft] and draft the Top 10 in this area. Click the player above or download it at or

Thursday, June 26, 2008

RassleResults: UWA Seymour, TN 6.24.08

UWA 6/24/08

This was the biggest crowd yet since moving to Tuesday Nights.

*Jerry Lee def. Billy Marshall
*Primetime Allen Shepard def. Aaron Cross
*Travis Sawyer def. Chase Owens
*Mike Ogle and Justin Karma fought to a Double DQ due to them getting into a huge brawl through the crowd
(Tony Giat left the announce table and became Mike Ogle's manager. Karma had his manager Jason Fate w/ him. Tony and Fate eventually went at it on the outside of the ring. Ogle was so pissed at the double DQ that he called Karma and Fate back out to the ring for a Tag Match. Karma refused to come back out so Ogle put a chair in the middle of the ring and refused to leave the ring. Commissionr Chris Dalton put the match on hold for next week. Karma came out and told Ogle that he has a big surprise for him Next Week.)
*Primetime Allen Shepard def. Lonnie Kialoha
*UWA Heavyweight Champion Matt Boyce def. Shawn Shultz to retain the title

Bert Prentice announced during the show that July 8 will be a huge night for UWA as they hold "No Return". He said he's heard about all the crap ppl say on the internet and he doesn't care if it's good or bad as long as people are talkin about it and spelling his name right. He said he has some huge surprises for the show that he will reveal soon and he also said he has a very "attractive woman" coming that night that alot of ppl have been asking for.

Credit: Chris Extreme

----There was mention of this being the biggest crowd, but what was the number??...Bert Prentice responding to the net is funny.

EWP Tonight!!


Main Event
Donovan Daniels vs. Sigmon






SHANE WILLIAMS vs ????? open challenge

JEFF ANDERSON will also be in the house!!

Shows For the Weekend 6.27 to 6.28.08

----CLICK HERE to look at all the regular Shows For The Weekend. ASWF is in the spotlight this weekend with a show on Friday in Jonesboro and a special event featuring Jerry Lawler and Brian Christopher on Saturday night. It will be interesting to see if the "summer slump" will hurt the attendance at the big shows??

----Saturday night in Jonesboro, AR for ASWF the Eagles Club with Lil Devil, Kid J, Austin Lane, Tommy Wayne, European Champ Scott Fury, Idol Bane, Wild Bill, X-Kaliber, Mr. Muscel Morgan Lane, The One Cody Only, Casino Kid, Johnny Harper,Johnny Hawk,
Suicide King RayRay,Demon X, Mike Anthony, Justin The Juice Smart, Bethany, Nikki Lane Special Guest Kiss FM’s Booger and more.

----Saturday night in Tuckerman, AR with ASWF for Wrestle Brawl next week: X- Division Title Ultimite X RayRay Vs Seth Sabor(c) Vs Tommy Wanye…European Championship Scott Fury (c) Vs Morgan Lane…X- Kailber Vs Christopher Lee…Casino Kid Vs Brain Christopher…Austin Lane Vs Jerry Lawler…LSD Vs Demon X/Wild Bill - ASWF Tag Title Match - Cage Match.

Big Angle for "4th at The Forest" !!!

----“4th In The Forest” this year at Craighead Forest will feature the main event of Derrick King vs Brandon Baxter. Memphis Wrestling mainstay Randy Hales, who made his first wrestling appearance this year since retiring from the business in 2001, helped shoot an angle this past week in Jonesboro, AR.

----Monday morning Randy Hales’ 12 year old great nephew Corban [pictured with Baxter] called KISSFM [Jonesboro radio station that BB works at] and requested a song. They asked his name and when he told them who he was. Brandon asked if he was my nephew. Brandon then said he heard I was mad at him and asked Corban if I ever said anything about him. Corban said one day that Randy got mad because he said BB was cool. Brandon then invited him for a tour of the studio and also invited him to watch him wrestle at the “4th at the Forest” show. Fifteen minutes later Hales called and had a confrontation. Hales talked about BB being ungrateful, had conned the entire town and he would have let it go, but now was brainwashing my nephew. Hales accused him of hand picking his opponents for 4th and dared him to let me pick his opponent. Hales then picked Derrick King. Hales said he would be at the show to watch DK beat him then he would finish the job. He then hung up on them. They then said I was jealous of how popular BB is and also said I was crazy.

----Tuesday the business manager of KISSFM saying my lawyer was demanding equal time for me to respond to those slanderous comments.

----Wednesday Hales did a fired up interview similar to what he said on the “Cheap Heat Radio” show with Gene Jackson. He claimed credit for his success and made the threat to end it all on his biggest stage. Baxter is scheduled to do some kind of response on Thursday morning.

CLICK HERE to read the story about Hales’ first appearance since 2001.

to read Brandon Baxter's blog.

Hit the player below to listen to the “Cheap Heat Radio” show where he “shoots” on Baxter.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Flashback" June 25, 1984 by Mark James

Well, researching this week’s flashback started off innocently enough. I was looking back at this week during 1984. The main event was Jerry Lawler & Austin Idol in a classic match against the National Tag Team Champions, the Road Warriors. Seeing the card put a smile on my face. I was as huge a mark for the Warriors as I was for Lawler & Idol.

You look elsewhere on the card, you’ve got the Fabs returning, (Keirn & Lane), as well as a big match between the Rock n Roll Express up against Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo. I could be wrong but I think this may be the match where Randy piledrove Ricky Morton on a table. Don’t forget Handsome Jimmy and the New Fabulous Ones, (Tommy Rich & Eddie Gilbert). Lots of big local names on the card and the attendance numbers were great as well (10,032).

What caught my eye next happened when I was remembering Eddie Gilbert. To be honest, it made me a little sad (him not being around anymore). As I looked over the card, I realized that Hawk was gone now as well. Moving down the list and there’s Rick Rude’s name. When you get to the Jim Niedhart vs Dusty Rhodes match, I had to look at the results because I didn’t remember it. Big Dust couldn’t make it and Plowboy (Stan) Frazier took his spot.

If you lost count, that’s four wrestlers on this card that are no longer with us. Out of curiosity, I jumped forward a year.

You’ll notice quickly that this card has similar results. There’s an additional 6 different wrestlers that aren’t here anymore, (Bruiser Brody, Billy Travis, Tojo Yamamoto, Lord Jonathan Boyd, Kareem Muhammad/Ray Candy & Jay Youngblood).

It’s seems that life outside the ring is harder on the boys than inside it. I was reading Downtown Bruno’s biography this past weekend, and in all the times he nearly died, (over the past 20 years), none were in the ring.

Growing up in the late 1970s, it seemed that wrestler’s deaths were few and far between. When Sam Bass died in a car wreck (1976), it was a big deal to me and my friends. Looking back today, it’s easy to see that in the past 15-20 years, things have changed, for the worse. Fewer wrestlers are reaching the age of 45. There isn’t enough space on this page to list all the young talent that left us way to soon. From injuries, to addictions, to mental issues, etc, they all are taking their toll.

I don’t have the answers, though I wish I did. If there was a way to have Eddie Gilbert still booking territories, or if I could hear Hawk say “What a rush!”, just one more time. I can only imagine the size of the smile on my face if I could see just one more kendo stick whack from Tojo. The days of old are gone, so are a lot of the boys. I miss them. They thought they were supermen and when they were in the ring they were. Outside the ring, they were just human, like all of us.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

Spellbinder Wins!!

----Dustin Starr talked about attending the Hub City Bodybuilding event this past Saturday in his blog. CLICK HERE to read about it. But, when I got this photo in, I had to post it - look at the shape that Spell is in. Damn!! Pictured with "Big Stuff" Garry White and "Nature Boy" Kevin White.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 6.21.08

Syn Suicide/DJ Stunner beat Ray Ray/Tommy Wayne/Seth Sabor.
The angle here was that Wayne and Ray couldn’t touch Seth [heel] or no Ultimate X title match at Wrestle Brawl. Tommy And RAy had it won when Seth hit Tommy with The belt and threw DJ Stunner on him.

“Hot Rod” John Ellison beat Johnny Harper – Johnny Hawk jumped in afterwards and they beat up Ellison.

Christopher Lee/Morgan Lane beat X-Kalibur and Scott Fury

“LSD” ( Idol bane and Cody Only ) beat Judgment/Mike Anthony

ASWF Title Match: Casino Kid beat Silent Mark

Main Battle Royal for # 1 Contender
Austin Lane comes out saying he will win to give a brake to Casino because they are friends. Last 3 were Tommy Wayne , Austin Lane and Acid. Tommy gets put out going for the brainbuster on top rope. Acid wins to get title shot.

----125 in attendance with them seeing a 25% decrease in an attendance. That looks like that is going to be the norm this summer…Lane and Casino jump the babys after ever match…Matches for Wrestle Brawl next week: X- Division Title Ultimite X RayRay Vs Seth Sabor(c) Vs Tommy Wanye…European Championship Scott Fury (c) Vs Morgan Lane…X- Kailber Vs Christopher Lee…Casino Kid Vs Brain Christopher…Austin Lane Vs Jerry Lawler…LSD Vs Demon X/Wild Bill - ASWF Tag Title Match [I thought bout of these teams were heels?? I do know that LSD formed a team again beating up Silent Mark last week]…This group is also in Jonesboro, AR this coming Friday night doing a charity event with at the Eagles Club. The midgets will be there along with Kiss FM’s Booger.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 6.21.08

Show started as Frank Martin recapping last week’s show letting everyone know that Rik Burton is in fact the RWA Heavyweight Champion. There was a table with a cake on it in the middle of the ring so Martin went right to the action. Out came “The Rat Pack” -- Burton, Steel, Richards,Players with Classy Meltin Massy. It was a celebration for Burton winning the RWA Belt. As the celebration got on the way POB and TPT (Trailer Park Trash) came through the front door surprising Massy and smashing his face in the cake. Crowd got a real kick out of that.

----Tim Daniels beat The Official…PP3/Chris Steel beat The “Leprechauns” [Lucky/Lethal]…”Insane” Zane Richards beat “Big Indian” Quixote…”Crazy” Luke Graham JR beat JD Cary….Slingblade/TPT/Sillas beat ”Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] & “Natural Born Players” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular]…Rik Burton beat Ron Rage

At intermission as Martin was drawing tickets for the gifts they give away each night. Raven Rage [pictured], Ron Rage's wife was drawing the ticket. Burton and Massy came out and Burton proceeded to tell Raven that the Leprechauns were not the only midget in the building and when she was ready for a real man to let him know. On second thought I will just show you and tried to kiss Raven. Ron Rage hit the ring and Burton powdered. Ron challenged Burton to a match but Martin reminded him that he had a tag match later in the evening. Rage convinced Martin to give him the match and Martin told the POB he would spend the money and get Sling Blade a partner he would not be disappointed in. In that tag match Martin brought out Silas. Silas won the match by choke slamming Arneze off the second rope.

Rik Burton and Ron Rage was having a good match and when the official was not looking Chris Steel came in and chopped blocked Rage taking out is right knee. Burton got the win by using the ropes.

The most amusing match of the night was the tag match between Chris Steel and PP3 and The Leprechauns. Steel thought he was wrestling the one Leprechaun. Without a partner Martin was kind enough to get PP3 to be Steel’s partner. PP3 was so excited to be wrestling the Leprechauns he kept helping them. Steel finally got the win.

----The fans enjoyed all the matches in the air conditioned building…This was the longest show the RWA has had. It lasted till 930 [starts at 7:00 PM]and the fans loved every minute. There was 100+ in the building to see the show….I love the Rage vs Burton angle with Rage’s wife. Burton will get some heat with that.

RassleResults: TCLW Ripley, TN - Results Wrapup!!


Gauntlet Match
Baron Malkavain won in match including Rockin' Randy, Slim Pickens, Shannon Lee, Chris Lexx, and Chris Rocker.

Ike Tucker/Neil Taylor d. Erik Hayes/Gaylon Ray

Tattoo d. Greg King

Dustin Starr d. Albino Rhino

Stan Lee d. Eric Wayne

Naughty by Nature(Rude, Pokerface) d. Marcus O'Neil/Jason Richards

Cody Melton/Dell Tucker d. Chris O'Neal/Drew Donovan

The Golden Boy d. Derrick King


Albino Rhino d. Shannon Lee

Handicap Match
Cody Melton/Dell Tucker d. Drew Donovan

Erik Hayes d. Gaylon Ray

The Golden Boy d. Slim Pickens

Naughty by Nature(Rude, Pokerface) d. Marcus O'Neil/Jason Richards

Triple Threat Match
Chris Rocker d. Rockin' Randy and Baron Malkavain

Stan Lee d. Bishop

Dustin Starr d. Alex Krisis

Derrick King d. Tattoo


Gaylon Ray d. Erik Hayes

Chris Rocker d. Drew Donovan

Rockin' Randy/Ike Tucker d. Cody Melton/Dell Tucker

Shannon Lee/Slim Pickens/Reggie B. Fine d. Bishop/Chris Rocker/Rashard Devon

Flash Flanagan vs. Stan Lee was ruled a no contest due to outside interference.

-----The attendance the first week was 100-105. The other two weeks was in the 90-95 range...On July 5th, there will be a special two dollar admission night with a Guitar Hero/Rockband contest...July 12th, TLCW will present Super Summer Showdown. The plan is to do a two part show. The first part at Ripley Park at 1:00 P.M. and the second later that night at the TLCW arena.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"Shooting the Shiznit" - Robbie Douglas This Thursday!!

----Join Brian Tramel and Brian Thompson for "Shooting the Shiznit" this Thursday with "rookie sensation" Robbie Douglas. Douglas has worked almost all the major promotions in this area and will have plenty to say. It should be real interesting. Douglas will be the guest for 30 minutes, so the BT Express will have 30 minutes to just "shoot the shiznit" and will be open for calls and subjects!! Join them in PRIME TIME on Thursday at 8:00 PM!!

SIE 's Side of the Story.....

----I did finally get a letter from SIE promoter Shawn Reed. I thought it was only fair that I represented his side of the story. The only thing that was different in their story and the story we posted was the time that they were called about the ring. I was told they were called earlier in the day. Here is some of what Shawn sent to RRO.

"We got the call about 5:30, so we started looking for another ring, could not find one. So at 7:45 we canceled the show. All the talent that was booked either showed up or were on there way....and all of them were paid and the ones that were on there way will be paid this weekend."

Monday, June 23, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling - Episode 49

Showtime Allstar Wrestling – Episode 49
Airing June 14, 2008 on ION Network affiliate WNPX 28 in Nashville

For a comprehensive review of Nashville’s weekly wrestling TV shows, SAW and NWA Main Event, check out [url=]Jerkin’ the Curtain radio[/url] with Trent Van Drisse and Tommy Stewart.

Michael St. John and Reno Riggins opened the show. One thing for sure, it was going to be BIG. MSJ used that adjective no less than five times to describe the upcoming events, which included the return of the Naturals and a BIG six man tag: Tribal Nation & Drew Haskins vs. the A-Team.

(1) The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) beat the Missouri Bad Boys (Missouri Renegade & Mark Southern with Cash McCoy) in 4:26. MSJ said the fans in the SAW mill were going out their minds. Naturals looked invincible early with a double lariat by Stevens, a big combo move and high knee by Douglas. MOBB put heat on Douglas. McCoy got involved and the announcers ripped on his gaudy money sports coat. St. John said his friend, Larry Matysik told him MOBB were a team to be reckoned with. Douglas turned thing around with a hangman neckbreaker on Southern. Steven took the hot tag and sent Renegade over the top with a wicked full speed lariat. Natural Disaster on Southern for the pin by Stevens.

MSJ did a quickie generic interview with the Naturals. Stevens said they were back in SAW to stay. Douglas said they were there to make an impact.

Commissioner Freddie Morton addressed the controversy surrounding the SAW Television Title. Morton said two top contenders, Rob Roy McCoy and Rick Santel, had complained about the “luck of the draw” system for determining title shots, and a third, Kid Kash had attacked champion Damian Adams resulting in a role reversal wherein the champion challenged the challenger. Bottom line: the luck of the draw was history. The SAW BOD had determined that Kash would get the next title shot in today’s main event. Morton explained that SAW had grown from cable access to a local network affiliate and international syndication. Therefore, at SAW’s first anniversary show in three weeks, the title would be renamed the SAW International Championship and the champion would be presented with a new belt. At that point, a new system would be put into effect for determining title challengers. Each week, the BOD would post a list of the top ten challengers at A fan vote would then determine the top three challengers. The BOD would select one of those three for the next title shot.

(2) Sean Casey (with the Freak Squad) beat Cassidy Riley in 3:20. Casey had “Sexy Lexi” Pillman, Tian and two clueless hotties in his corner for a grand total of four women in various states of undress. The announce team referenced an incident reflecting dissension between Sean and Lexi that the viewers did not see. Riley nailed his handstand back elbow, a high backdrop and pair of lariats. Casey bailed for a little loving from Lexi. Riley brought Casey back in the hard way, but Casey hooked the ropes to block Riley’s DDT finisher. Casey was all about the shortcuts. He missed with a ridiculous razzle dazzle fist drop, but connected with a serious spinebuster. Lexi went over to make goo-goo eyes at Riley, and Casey told her to get back where she belonged. Riley rolled an unsuspecting Casey up for the three count. Casey lectured Pillman on their way out.

UP NEXT…the bumper showed Bruno Davis twitching like he had a seriously bad case of Tourette’s. Davis said he was being well paid to take out TJ Harley, but the money was irrelevant because he was savoring the chance to break Harley’s limbs.

(3) TJ Harley beat Bruno Davis in 3:20. Harley met Davis on the ramp and it was on. Davis’ barking and maniacal intensity prompted the announce team to conjure up the names of Mad Dog Vachon, Mad Dog Buzz Sawyer, Bruiser Brody and The Sheik. Davis went right to work on Harley’s heavily bandage arm, the one he injured last week with his hickory stick. MSJ said this feud was a carryover from Calgary Stampede. With Harley laying on the apron, Davis delivered a pair of double stomps to the gut. Davis then continued the beatdown inside the ring. Davis tried to use the hickory stick, but Harley ducked and smashed the stick into Davis’ head with a forearm shot for the 1-2-3.

MSJ got a word with Harley, who was selling the arm injury huge. Harley said Davis didn't have the brains to be doing this stuff on his own (I guess TJ didn’t see the bumper). “Somebody’s got the cheese in front of Bruno Davis, and I’m going to find out who it is.”

Riggins was on location at Centennial Park with the Dream Team. Riggins said he had gotten a lot of nasty emails since he fired of Boogie and Andrews. Riggins said it was the toughest thing he ever had in 20 years in the business. Riggins said they were doing the interview at a neutral site since Dream Team was banned from the SAW mill. Boogie said his first reaction was to want to sock Reno in the jaw, but he respected Reno, and recognized that Riggins had a company to run, even though he disagreed with his decision. Boogie laid the blame on Paul Adams and A-Team because they knew what they were doing.

What do you do? What do you tell the honest people in the world? How do you explain to them that you stand up for something. For what? To get knocked back down?

Andrews said Dream Team had helped build the company to worldwide status, and they would unable to reap the benefits. Andrews said he never had so much as a speeding ticket and now he couldn’t get a job because he had a criminal record. Riggins asked them what was next. Boogie said the future was unclear. He allowed they might be able to work for some fly-by-night promoters that had criminal records themselves. Andrews said SAW was their home, and they might file an appeal through Miss Boogie. Miss Boogie said she most definitely wanted to sit down with the SAW BOD. “These are my boys. I mean if they’re not here, I really don’t think I’m interested in being here.”

(4) The A-Team (Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger & Ric Santel with Paul Adams) defeated Tribal Nation (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw) & Drew Haskins in 8:33. Haskins held his own with Dillinger for a couple of minutes before A-Team trapped him in their corner. A fierce beating ensued. Riggins said he agreed with A-Team’s strategy of taking advantage of the weak link. He likened the way they cut off the ring to the Andersons. Outlaw had to save after a sitout slam by Hammerjack. Haskins got planted with a DDT, and Lightfoot broke up that pin. A clash of lariat left both men down. Lightfoot on fire with dropkicks and spinwheel kicks. Tribal Nation took Hammerjack out with a double tomahawk chop. Ditto for Santel with a double dropkick. Lightfoot zeroed in on Dillinger. He pulled ref Kurt Herron into the path of Lightfoot’s springboard chop. Tribal Nation (kinda) hit the Totem Pole Splash on Dillinger, but no ref to count. Haskins ended up on the receiving end of a low blow from Dillinger. TVA hit the guillotine leg drop/side slam on Haskins. Hammerjack covered, and Dillinger swung Herron into position for the count.

(5) Damian Adams and Kid Kash went to a TV time limit draw (5:10). MSJ rung the bell as Adams slid into the ring. Kash stomped the s*** out of him. Reno found Kash’s sadistic tactics disgusting. Damian fired back with right hands and rained down the 10 punches. Kash scooted out of the ring to escape Damian’s bicycle kick. Kash lured Damian out so he could cut him off on the reentry. After eating a barrage of right hands, Kash bailed again. Kash shoved a fan legit in frustration. The security guy was smirking. Damian was all over Kash. Back inside, Kash offered a handshake. This time, Damian didn’t fall for it (thank God). Damian rocked Kash with another series of rights. Kash ate an elbow charging in, and Damian bounced Kash’s head off of all four turnbuckles. As the time limit expired, Kash sent Damian’s head into the turnbuckle with a dropkick to the shin. Damian clutched at his neck.

Kash was like a man possessed on Damian’s neck. He shoved the ref down. Riggins came to ringside to break it up, and Kash shoved him down as well. Cut to a shot of Reno down on the floor. Kash gave Damian the brainbuster. Kash had Damian mounted and continued to pound on his head, as SAW went to black.

Closing Thoughts: Another strong episode for storyline development, which is almost a given of late. There was a noticeable improvement in the intensity and quality of action in the ring. It’s no wonder when you look at the talent – Kash, Riley, Naturals – that has come on board in recent weeks. Naturals looked highly motivated in their first match back in SAW, and the fans were into them. They would be a lock to become the number on babyface team, except for the fact that Douglas appeared on the NWA Main Event television show (also on ION) stating he had split with Stevens a week before this show aired. MOBB were there to do the job. Period. The changes Morton announced regarding the SAW Championship are all for the good. I like the way they got across the idea of multiple quality challengers clamoring for a shot. I very much like that they are sticking with one singles title. It can’t hurt to try to draw some traffic to the website, though I don’t think the roster is deep enough for a top 10 list. Casey/Riley was very good for the time allotted. It will be interesting to see where they go with Lexi’s wandering eye. She projects something interesting on camera beyond the risqué outfit. The mystery of the manipulator behind Davis the maniac is decent undercard fare. Seeing what they did with Davis this week, however, only made it weirder that they did the fan thing last week. The on location interview with Dream Team was pretty f'n brilliant. What viewer can’t identify with “let no good deed go unpunished” angle? Stunningly good VQ in that segment. The stuff about not being able to get a job with a criminal record was a bit much. If it was that tough, there would be a lot more out of work wrestlers. Haskins was perfectly cast in the six man. I was surprised that Santel wasn’t the one to pin him. Kash/Damian was just right for a first meeting. The draw was telegraphed, since they never, ever do a TV time limit match. Kash sold big and acted like a conniving chickenshit. Damian was smart and aggressive. The postmatch built heat for a rematch. I found little to complain about with this week’s show.

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Superstars 6.20.08 Detailed Report

----Below is a report that was sent in late last night. It is pretty much a kayfabe report, but it does give details.

Match 1: The Gladiator v/s Ty Hamilton
Good opening contest with Hamilton taking early offense on The Gladiator including a nice body press over the top rope to the floor. The Gladiator was able to catch Hamilton off guard, putting a beating on Hamilton and scoring a few near falls in the process. Hamilton battled back and got The Gladiator off his feet, but was unable to connect with a frog splash. As the referee checked on the downed Hamilton, The Gladiator removed his metal armband and clocked Hamilton with it behind the referee’s back. This allowed The Gladiator to pick up the pinfall and the win.
Winner: The Gladiator

Match 2: Flame and The Grappler v/s The Albino Rhino and Blitz
The early parts of this match saw The Albino Rhino and Blitz on offense until Flame and The Grappler were able to isolate The Albino Rhino for several minutes of double team maneuvers and swap outs. A hot tag to Blitz saw him dominate both Flame and The Grappler until The Albino Rhino paired off with Flame, allowing Blitz to hit a spinning side slam on The Grappler for the victory.
Winners: The Albino Rhino and Blitz

Match 3: “Southern Sensation” Cody Melton w/ “Mr. Big Stuff” Garry White [pictured above] v/s Blitz
This match gave us our first look at a member of “Big Stuff Inc.” for the night, as Cody Melton made his way to ringside with “Mr. Big Stuff” Garry White. Blitz then made his way to ringside, running through a banner much like a football team does at the start of any big game. The early moments of this match saw Blitz using his size and strength advantage over Melton. Melton was able to gain control of the match catching Blitz and hanging him throat first over the top rope. Melton attempted to keep Blitz grounded, relying on neck and leg holds in an attempt to make Blitz submit. Blitz rallied back and hit his spinning side slam, but was unable to make a cover. The end of this match saw Blitz hit a huge should tackle, but before he could go for the cover, Mr. White jumped up on the ring apron, getting the attention of both the referee and Blitz. During all the commotion, Melton retrieved the football helmet of Blitz, knocking him out cold while the referee attempted to get Mr. White off the ring apron. The referee turned around to see Melton crawling over to make the pin on Blitz.
Winner: “Southern Sensation” Cody Melton w/ “Mr. Big Stuff” Garry White

Match 4: “5 Starr” Dustin Starr w/ Su Yung v/s “Selmer’s Own” Michael Gilbert
This match saw the second member of “Big Stuff Inc”, Dustin Starr taking on local police officer and crowd favorite, Michael Gilbert. Gilbert was able to take the early advantage over Starr, but Starr used his experience edge and his valet to turn the tide. Gilbert was able to dig down deep and battle back, causing Starr to call for assistance from Su Yung. Yung threw Starr a chain, but as Starr swung, Gilbert was able to duck and roll up Starr, getting the pinfall. After the match, Yung got in the face of Gilbert, screaming at and hitting the local favorite. Gilbert then left the ring and returned with his handcuffs and baton. As both referees warned Gilbert of the consequences of hitting Yung, Gilbert was attacked from behind by another member of “Big Stuff Inc”, Cody Melton. Mr. White then made his way to ringside. Both referees attempted to stop the attack, but were no match for Dustin Starr, Cody Melton, Mr. White, and Su Yung. The 4-on-1 assault continued, as Starr, Melton, Yung, and White took turns using the baton on a handcuffed Michael Gilbert until “Grandmaster Sexay” Brian Christopher emerged from the locker room wielding a crowbar. Christopher made quick work, clearing the ring of “Big Stuff Inc.” with the exception of Mr. White, who couldn’t manage to escape as quickly as his cohorts. Mr. White attempted a truce with Christopher, extending his hand. Christopher ignored the gesture and laid out Mr. White with a solid punch before checking on the condition of our hometown hero.
Winner: Michael Gilbert

Match 5: “The New Nature Boy” Kevin White w/ Su Yung v/s Jerry “The King” Lawler
With the result of the previous match, Mr. White was nowhere to be found for the start of this contest. Opening moments of the match saw “The King” out wrestle Kevin White, causing “The New Nature Boy” to resort to cheating to get the advantage over Lawler. Mr. White made his way to ringside later in the match, assisting Su Yung in keeping the advantage to the side of their cohort. “The King” was able to rally back from the assault of all three and appeared to be ready to finish off White, when Su Yung and Mr. White entered the ring, causing the disqualification of Kevin White. As Kevin White, Mr. White and Su Yung celebrated their beat down on Lawler, “The King” retaliated and cleared the ring brandishing a steel chair. As the members of “Big Stuff Inc.” left the ringside area, “The King” celebrated his victory with the local fans.
Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler via disqualification

Match 6: “Dangerous “Doug Gilbert v/s “Grandmaster Sexay” Brian Christopher
Before the match got under way, Christopher was presented with an award recognizing the time he had dedicated helping a local family that has suffered a tragedy. As soon as the award was presented, Doug Gilbert attacked Christopher from behind with his baseball bat and then proceeded to break the award over Christopher’s head, causing the ring to be filled with glass. Gilbert then took the battle outside the ring; throwing Christopher into ringside chairs, tables, and using anything he could get his hands on as a weapon. The match finally made its way back to the ring, where Christopher was able to mount a brief offense, before being caught in a sleeper hold by Gilbert. Christopher countered the sleeper hold with a jawbreaker and climbed to the top rope. As he dove off with a double axe handle, Gilbert pulled the referee in, causing Christopher to hit the ref. Gilbert picked up the referee and threw him out of the ring, then retrieved a chain he had hidden. Gilbert laid out Christopher with a chain shot, but there was no referee to count. As Gilbert signaled for a referee from the back, he dropped both knees onto the shoulders of Christopher. As the other referee made his way into the ring, Christopher countered Gilbert into a rollup to score the victory. After the match, Brian Christopher challenged Doug Gilbert to a rematch at the next show, but the challenge went unanswered.
Winner: Grandmaster Sexay” Brian Christopher

----300+ in the crowd...So was it Fire or was it Flame??

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 6.20.08

Chris Chaos defeated LSD.
Tysin Starr defeated Bless w/Dirty Rell Mo.
Izzy Rotten defeated Jay Webster when "The Studd" Scott Porteau interfered.
Mo Foundation (G-Mo Money & Curly Mo) defeated DC & Chris Fontaine.
Chop Top the Clown defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs.
Ryan SoFine defeated Josh Matthews by DQ due to interference by Chris Styles.
Neil Taylor & Chris Kilgore defeated Chris Styles & Fusion due to interference by Ryan SoFine.
Approx. 75 in the crowd.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS 6.21.08

Those who have been posting on the net that there is no longer wrestling in Booneville on Saturday nights could not be more wrong!
Match results from the JWS show in Booneville this past saturday night are as follows:
LSD & Slammer w/Dustin Burcham defeated Revolution (Chazz & Cyrus) by DQ.
JWS Cruiserweight Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes won a 3-way match over Jay Webster and Damion Rage w/Dustin Burcham to retain the belt.
The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) defeated Revolution (Chazz & Cyrus).
PHAT Foundation (Dalton Storm & Chris Fontaine) defeated Tysin Starr & LSD w/Dustin Burcham.
JWS will have a show this Saturday night, as usual, in Booneville. Bell time is 8:00.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: SPWA Pulaski, TN 6.20.08

Main Event: Travis Locke & Jay Kraft vs. Don Bass & Brawler Rex

Match ended in a double countout

Semi-Main Event: Travis Locke vs. Hoss Williams

Don Bass substituted for the injured Hoss Williams to go against Travis Locke. Locke demanded that Bass defend his SPWA title during the match and Bass agreed. The end came when Brawler Rex ran into the ring to help Bass. Jay Kraft hit the ring to save Travis.

Second Match: Don Bass vs. Triple J (non-title match)

Triple J won by DQ when Bass wouldn't release the chokehold at the five count.

Opening Match: Brawler Rex vs. Jay Kraft

Brawler Rex won by pinfall

The SPWA has moved to every Friday night in Pulaski. We are located at the Berry Brothers Expo Hall- 1830 Braly Lane- just past Mid-South Concrete.

Credit: Hoss Williams @

RassleResults: All Pro Bruce, MS 6.21.08

Funky Freddy Feelgood beat Mr. Ebony. Funky Freddy used a chain to win I thought he was a good guy Crowd really likes when Freddy dances to the ring.

Kenny Valiant loses to 'Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock. Hollywood comes out with Tony Dabbs and The Stud and tells them to apologize to the crowd or go to the back. They go to the back and Hollywood tells the crowd he's sorry how he's behaved and pulls out a check and tells Kenny he's sorry and here's enough money to pay for the windshield he broke the last time he was in Bruce and take the rest of the money and throw to the crowd. Jimmy hands him check and while he's looking at check Jimmy hits Kenny in the forehead with the crowbar. Jimmy pins bleeding Kenny for the win. Stud and Tony Dabbs comes back to the ring to celebrate Jimmy's win.

Cameron Valentine wins his match with Mr. Showtime w/ Hollywood Cameron is one of the fan favorites and this was an action fast pace match. Mr. Showtime tapped out to the figure four leg lock .

Tony Dabbs & The Stud w/ Hollywood defeated Chris Kilgore and Tyrant The crowd favorite Chris Kilgore with his snake charms the crowd every time he comes to the ring. Chris cleared the ring with the snake and it took several minutes for this match to start due to chicken being in the blood of Hollywood's team. Match was exciting from start to end. Tyrant gives Stud the DDT, Hollywood hits the ring and hit's Tyrant in the back( full force) with his cane. Stud pins Tyrant for the pin.

Brandon Barbwire & Anton Leveigh with Little Bit loses the tag team belts to Chris Styles & Josh Mathews This match was action packed from the start of the bell till the very end. Chris Styles and Josh Mathews just beat Brandon Barbwire the entire match. Brandon tried several times to get the tag but was unsuccessful. Then when he did get the tag, Anton super kicked Brandon to let the other team win the tag team belts. Anton then grabbed Little Bit and started slapping her around and beat her until she started bleeding. Hollywood then comes out and celebrates in the ring while Chris , Josh and Brandon beats Barbwire and Little Bit to they both was bleeding from head to toe. Hollywood was laughing and celebrating and the crowd was angry and screaming. Anton challenged Barbwire to a cage match the next time they in Bruce and Loser must leave All Pro Wrestling.

----This was posted by Rich at and is a little more kayfabe than we usually post, but thought people would like to see the results...The attendance was about 150-175, which is down from the last show and worse attendance so far for Bruce. Down about 25% from last show...Interesting to see them turn Anton. Some other guys on this show were also playing different roles as Freddy used a chain and wasn't Valentine a heel here??

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Stars Selmer, TN 6.20.08

Gladiator d. Ty Hamilton

Blitz/Albino Rhino d. The Grappler/Fire from Fire n Flame

Cody Melton w/ Gary White d. Blitz

Michael Gilbert d. Dustin Starr w/ Su young

Su Young starts an altercation with Gilbert after the match and while his back is turned Cody Melton jumps him from behind. After a beat down, Gary White joins in and proceeds to beat Michael Gilbert with his baton and handcuffing him. Brian Christopher makes the save with a crowbar.

Jerry Lawler d. Kevin White w/ Su Young and Mr White by DQ when they interfered and Kevin used a chain, Lawler ended up chasing them out of the ring with a chair and throwing it at Mr White.

Brian Christopher d. Doug Gilbert

----300 + in attendance..."Big Stuff Inc" is Kevin White, Mr. White, Su Young, Cody Melton and Dustin Starr...Brian Christopher came out at the beginning and gave away some of his stuff to the fans (chains, glasses, ect.)

Credit: JW McDonald

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Jerkin' The Curtain NWA Main Event & SAW TV reviews Monday, June 23rd @ 10 PM CST.

Listen in this Monday night, June 23rd, at 10 central time as Tommy Stewart and I will again review and recap the newest episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV. This is of course assuming Tommy has his TiVo issues solved(again)! These will be the reviews for the shows that aired on Ion in Nashville, channel 17 on Comcast, Saturday, June 21st at 8 am and noon. We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a "winner" for the week. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here's the results.

Tommy Stewart:
NWA Main Event= Thumbs down
SAW= Tommy didn't see the show due to his touchy TiVo

NWA Main Event= Low, low, low thumbs in the middle
SAW= Upper thumbs in the middle
I am declaring SAW the winner for the week, but with an "asterisk" for now as Tommy didn't see the show. If/when Krull gets the show online, and Tommy gets to see it, he'll put his rating for it up on the board. But I am extremely confident, like 99.9% sure, he too will name SAW the winner for this week, it really wasn't close this week, SAW is an easy winner in my book. Four J productions needs to step it up! Cya Monday night. Trent Van Drisse

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 6.21.08

The show started with Ravishing Randy and The Cabinet coming to the ring to introduce Randy as the next Future President of the United States . Randy gave a speech about lowering gas, firing Hotrod and so on. The crowd was cheering and chanting for Randy!!

Danny B. Goode came out afterwards with Commissioner Jon Seymour and gave a speech and relinquished the TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title.

----Samoan Raja def. Jason Maddroxx...Criss Braggs def. The Outlaw...TIWF TV TITLE
Chico Mendoza © def. Dre’ Black ( with the Burrio Bomb)...Big Boy Bob & Dazzlin’ Dixie def. “ Buzzsaw” Criss Braggs & Weasel...Hardknocks Hooligan def. The Hawaiian Flash...Tag Team Title Match ( Triple Threat)..."New Breed of Perfection" [Wildside/WayCool] def. Tank Turner def. "X-3" [Oz/Steven Rampage] (Wildside pinned Rampage with a Rolling Jackknife)to win TIWF Tag Team Titles.

----139 in the crowd...It looks like Danny B Goode is done with the promotion. I am hearing all kinds of rumors, but nothing confirmed.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 6.21.08

Shawn Hoodrich b Little Booger (w/Charming Charles) by DQ when ref Mark Owen discovered a chain that Booger hit Hoodrich with for a pin

Dyronic b Convict

White Tiger b Michael Jablonski (w/Chris Norte) by DQ when "The Ace" Nick White ran out and hit Tiger with a cane (White was announced as the 4th member of the Super Ultra Mega Stars of Wrestling)

Mexican Dragon b Kid Scorpion to retain the GWA Championship (GWA runs Thursday nights in Gallatin, this was a last minute addition to the card)

Richard Lowe b Derrick Neal in a no-DQ match

New York Gangster & Damien Payne b ATL Tag Team Champions Chris Norte & Lee Cross in a non title match when Gangster pinned Cross

----38 in attendance.