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A Piece of my Mind July 5th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

The news broke that Trevor Murdoch has been released from his WWE contract this week. I am sure he will have the standard ninety day no compete. I have been a fan of this guy since day one. I am sure, partially because once I got to know Dick Murdoch, he was a lot of fun to be around and work with in the ring. I can’t even imagine having to call up this kid and give him that “creative had nothing for him” speech. If you ask me, creative hasn’t had anything for anyone in that company for a long long time.

I still don’t understand why creative has to have something for everyone to begin with. If you just had to do something with this guy there are numerous things that could have been done with him. Would those things have been used to draw money, no they wouldn’t. There’s very little that happens today that draws money. The creative team has been too busy in past years being funny to draw any money. To say that you had nothing for someone like Trevor Murdoch is like saying you had nothing for Charley Fulton, Johnny Rodz, George South, Gary Royal and Chick Donovan. All were highly talented workers who deserved to have creative to come up with something specifically for them for the overall benefit of the company and those they worked with.

If TNA wants some real heat they can bring Trevor in and team him up with Dustin Rhodes. If Dustin does an imitation of his father, and this guy continues to play the Dick Murdoch part, they can have a new updated version of the Texas Outlaws and get some real heat. I realize that the business is still looking for the next big thing so it is more important than ever to have a strong foundation throughout the card.

If someone like Trevor Murdoch can be cut loose that sums up everything wrong with WWE today. The creative team should be embarrassed and hand in their resignations. I guess this kid made the ultimate mistake of not being involved in any scandals or poor behavior he just went out worked hard each and every day. You wonder what creative would have for a young Bobby Eaton today. I am no wondering I think I know exactly what they would have for him, well wished for all his future endeavours.

Sometimes you wonder if WWE creative just tries to see how poorly they can do things and still maintain a profitable company. If they are going to start drawing turn away crowds again then they will to have to start getting real heat. I saw it the other night with Edge that was a start. The people wanted to see him get his ass kicked and it happened. I was also glad to see C.M. Punk, the guy that I put in my first WrestleReunion main event as a future legend, finally get his break. I believe that he has something special and can be a major player in the WWE and it seems like he will finally get the chance. I was glad to see JBL do the right thing and take C.M. Punk up a level.

I don’t know what is so hard about giving the fans what they want. All they want to see is good vs. evil. I sit back and watch this stuff and shake my head. I feel very comfortable saying that I could do a better job the booking of the WWE myself and maximize the talent that they have. I can also state clearly that I could take The Assassins or The Thunderfoot's and get more heat in fifteen minutes than a lot of these guys are getting in months. If you let arrogance guide you then it will cause you to get less than maximum return the majority of the time.

I saw that Nattie Neidhart colored her hair. It was a great decision and should benefit her in a big way.

It was last Friday night and the matches that I had done for Verne Gagne were showing on ESPN Classics channel. It was around August of nineteen eighty seven when I filmed those matches. At the time I was living in Colorado and doing things for Verne Gage and Vince McMahon. I can remember at a house show in Colorado that fans yelling AWA referee at me. When I got back to the dressing room Jay Strongbow said something to me about it. He didn’t like that it was happening. He said we can’t have that. I never really understood why.

I remember a few things about the AWA TV at the Showboat Hotel and Casino. It was the first time there for me, Tommy Rich, Paul Heyman , Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose. I can remember Rod Trongard questioning Tommy Rich about his career so he would have something to talk about and being stunned when Tommy said he was a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion. He said "you were?" In his most shy, country boy way Tommy said "well yes sir" and he asked who he beat and he told him Harley Race.

What he didn’t mention was that the NWA was too ignorant to keep the belt on him any longer than five days. At the time there was no one hotter than Tommy Rich. Who knows what he could have done for the title? It seems that for years the NWA felt that having a heel champion was the thing to do. I don’t think that I agree with that way of thinking. You can look back in history and its always a babyface that can exist for a longer period of time than a heel champion. It is much easier to build heels than it is babyface’s. I like both of these men and I had the chance to watch the career of Tommy Rich when it was at its peak. As far as I am concerned he had it and if handled properly could have set records. If you talk to wrestlers that were around in those days they will tell you the same thing. The people believed in Tommy Rich and he should have been the World Champion. I think Rod Trongard may have been the only one surprised to hear that Tommy had beaten Harley. I can say the same thing about Dusty Rhodes and Kerry Von Erich. These very short title reigns, probably done for no more reason that to appease some local promoter, didn’t help business. The guys who were given the belts weren’t given a chance to help the territory before they had to give the belt back.

I appreciated Rod because he went out of his way to mention my name several times. I was going to write more about the AWA shows but I will wait until next week. I just couldn’t stand still for the ridiculous decision made by the WWE in releasing Trevor Murdoch. The WWE exists today for one reason ... they have done a tremendous job of marketing their brand. Over the years they had stars drop in their laps and have had some great timing. Wouldn’t it be something if they could use the skills and abilities properly of the guys and girls that they have to create an even larger success than they already have? Please stop hiding behind this creative team sham and stand up McMahons and take responsibility for these decisions that are made.

It was years ago when I called Pat Patterson. It was, in fact, nineteen eighty seven. I congratulated him for being named booker of the company. He said "Sal I appreciate it but you heard wrong this company has always had one booker and that’s all it will ever have and that’s Vince McMahon". I can honestly say Pat, as usual, another thing that you told me that turned out to be one hundred percent correct.

In the photo with this article that was taken at my alma mater Saunders Trades and Technical High School in Yonkers NY. In the far left corner you can see Rodney Anoai who went on to become Yokozuna, Afa "The Wild Samoan"#1,The Tonga Kind #2 who later go on to become Rikishi, The Wild Samoan #3 Saumu and midget star Tiger Jackson

This has been a piece of my mind

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----"In Case You Missed It" is a new weekly feature posted Saturday afternoons on RRO. It will give you a review of the past week by just clicking the link. Inspired by one of my favorite VH1 TV shows - "Best Week Ever".

RassleResults: EWP Alcoa, TN 7.03.08

Start off my stating that EWP broke the attendance record and has set a standard of 119 sold tickets!!

The night started off with Jim Miller VS Shane Andrews which ended with a Shane Andrews frog splash for the 1-2-3.

Sigmon came out and talked about how last week in the main event with himself and Donovan Daniels, out of the corner of his eye he saw Menace come out walking and was followed by many fans during the match and stated that it was disrespectful to him, Donovan, the championship and the fans. Beau James came ou and said he agreed with what Sigmon said and tried to coerce Sigmon to join up with himself and Wayne Adkins but Sigmon just walked off.

Trooper T defeated The RIP after getting a roll-up out of the corner, up and over style. After that RIP started a beatdown on TRooper and walked off.

Edward Idol was disqualified against the Krypt Keeper in their match. The match started with Iol offering to lay down for KK and said it wouldn't be the first time in a month he's done it but he kicked out and proceeded to beat the KryptKeeper around sayign he wanted "real competition." And threw KK through the curtain when he was DQed Edward then went back to the locker room and dragged the Keeper back out and did a russiam leg sweep and started to boast to the camera but then KK stood up and unmasked himself to be ROBBIE RACE and started laying into Idol, setting him up for his DDT but Idol bailed out.

DRI defended their tag titles against the team of Kole Layton King and Donovan Daniels after they hit the Lockdown on KLK after Donovan abandoned him asking where his money was. DRI then said they wanted some real tag team competition specifically calling out for a match with Team 3D (Dudley Boyz)

The SoCal Kid returned to EWP but was met with the challenge of "The King" Shane Williams, Shane maintained control and seemed to be having fun at Kid's expense until the King chopped the Kid and got a hard slap across the face in return which made Williams irate and unleashed the vicious side of himself eventually nailing SCK with a big right hand across the face to get the pin. Afterwards SCK tried to get up several times but each was met with Williams returning to deal more punishment eventually trying to rip out his eyes until Jeff Anderson hit the ring and threw Shane off and challenged him to fight somebody who could fight back but the King walked off.

The Spur continued his winning streak with Misty James as they beat Beau James and Wayne Adkins after Spur got ahold of Beau's chain after he dropped it from knocking heads with Wayne and delivered an uppercut to Beau with it and woke up special referee Ericules.

Keith Knox beat "J-Mac" Johnathan MacMurray after the second powerbomb of the match. Keith delivered many high-impact moves to J-Mac but he kept managing to kick out of them including a spinebister, a powerbomb, and Keith's patented Chokebomb.

Sigmon and Menace tore it up in the ring for the EWP Championship with a split crowd. Really hard to describe how good the match was so make sure you egta copy of the DVD when it's available. (Cheap plug) Sigmon seemed to have the match in control at the end until Wayne Adkins came out and jumped on the apron drawing Sigmon and the Spur's attention, when Sigmon turned around Meance was recovered enough to deliver the Package Piledriver for 1-2-3 to become the new EWP Champion...Until Beau James came out and told Spur to check Menace's tights for a chain that he had "Hit" Sigmon with which Spur found and reversed the decision and disqualified Menace.
Beau still tried to get Sigmon to join up with him but Sigmon walked off to the locker room while Beau & Wayne treased getting in the ring with Menace and walked to the back but returned with Shane Williams, Donovan Daniels, and Edward Idol where they proceeded to jump Menace but Menace got out and Sigmon came back out where the guys in the ring tried to tell Simgon to fight Menace but they jumped int the ring to fight them and later Spur brought reinforcements for Sigmon and Menace in the form of Shane Andrews and Shawn Streets where they Pier 6'd all around the ring and the flea-o-torium. Eventually things settled down as Stan Anderson announced that he was just informed of a match next week.

It will be an 8-Man tag match of Sigmon, Menace, Shane Andrews, and Shawn Streets against a 4-man team that would consist of a combination of Beau James, Wayne Adkins, Shane Williams, Donovan Daniels, and/or Edward Idol.

Credit: Zifer

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4th of July!!

----I hope everyone has a good and safe holiday. We will not be posting anything today, so go enjoy the company of your friends and family!!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

No Show Tonight!!

----"Shooting the Shiznit" will be taking the night off due to the holiday. Thanks for listening and I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!!

Shows For the Weekend 7.03 to 7.05.08

----Big weekend for RWA with them providing the main talent for “4th in the Forest” and “Dr. Death” Steve Williams in on Saturday night. LAW will be having a big show Friday night with the first LAW Freedom Cup and a Flash Flanagan vs “TGB” Greg Anthony LAW Title match. Listed below are the special shows for the weekend and CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled ones. Please make note that JWS, TFW and MCW [in Osceola, AR] will not be having shows this weekend.

----Thursday night EWP in Alcoa, TN with Death Row Inmates, Donovan Daniels, Kole Layton King, Ed Idol, Keith Knox, Jim Miller, Shane Adrews, Beau James, Wayne Adkins, Misty James, The Spur, Trooper T, Rip, Sigmon, Menace and more.

----Friday night in Rector, AR for the first ever FREEDOM CUP Tournament with Paul Rose, Dell Tucker, The Baron Malkavain, Rockin Randy, Christopher Jade, Chris Rocker, Slim Pickens, Cody Murdock, Al Smith and “TGB” Greg Anthony vs Flash Flanagan for LAW Title.

----Friday night at Craighead Forest Park outside of Jonesboro, AR with “Forth in the Forest” featuring Derrick King with Randy Hales vs Brandon Baxter, Tatt2, Austin Lane, Rik Burton, Ali Stevens, Rodney Mack, Jazz and more.

----Saturday night RWA Jonesboro, AR King’s Sportatorium with “Dr. Death” Steve Williams, Ali Stevens. Rodney Mack, Jazz, “Big Rig” Cody Murdock, “The Big Indian” Quixote, “Classy” Meltin Massy, Rik Burton, Rottn Randy, The Official, Ali Stevens, PP3, “The Leprechauns” [Lethal/Lucky], The Natural Born Players” [Southside Brawler/Pimptactular], Zane Richards and more.

----Saturday night in Johnson City, TN with Championship Wrestling – poster is below.

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"Shooting the Shiznit" Tomorrow Night!!

----I do have a show scheduled for tomorrow night, but I have not been able to confirmed all the guests, so I am not announcing anyone. If we do not get any of the guests totally confirmed, then the show may not air. The BT Express might just take a week off, since it is a holiday weekend. So, clear as mud; huh?? I should post something around 7:00 PM on whether the show will air or not.

"Flashback" July 4th Week

----Mark James is taking a break this week and has ask me to come up with something for July 4th week. I always say that I have been “in” the business since 1986, but it actually is that I was smarten up a bit that year and started taking photos ringside at local events. My first time that I was let in the dressing room was the summer of 1987 when Jerry Lawler invited me back stage at a spot show in Caruthersville, MO. That show featured Rocky Johnson, Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee and Paul Heyman among others. Lawler broke Heyman’s jaw that night during a 6-man tag and I can’t remember who was tagging with Heyman. Lawler let me walk out with him, Dundee and Johnson and I went to ringside to take photos. This was after the big hair match where Lawler lost his hair to Idol and I am not sure why Heyman was still in the area?? I tell all of this, because the show below was just 10 days after that show.

----One year later Jerry Lawler was AWA Champion and tagging with Jeff Jarrett in the main event. Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden were joined by Syliva [Robert’s wife] and Downtown Bruno. Who was the Great Senshi?? Shawn Baxter?? I think I remember him?? “River City Bombers” worked Scott Steiner/Billy Travis – was one of those guys Motley Cruz?? I took some dressing room photos of Max Pain during this time and he was super nice guy. Jarrett and Travis were also nice guys.

----Finally, one year later Jerry Lawler was recognized as Unified World Champion after beating Kerry Von Erich in December, 1988. He was stripped of the AWA Title earlier in the year, but still went under the guise of Unified World Champion. This card featured a young Dustin Rhodes and a great worker in Dirty White Boy. Who was DI?? Master of Pain aka The Undertaker got beat by Freddie [Tommy Gilbert doing the Kruger gimmick]. “Wild Side” – I believe this was Chris Champion and Mark Starr – they were a good team. Action Jackson was a nice guy – him along with UT/Mantell spent Saturday afternoons “shooting the shiznit” at my apartment on Saturday afternoons when they had Jonesboro spot shows. The influence of the World Class/USWA area with Black Bart on the show. I don’t remember Chilly B Cool, but I always remember Frankie Lancaster as a real good worker; was I right??

----Mark James, who is the regular culprit of "Flashback", is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

“What Memphis Watches” by Ron Guidry

This week saw a minor drop in the ratings across the board. It kind of surprised me as I thought all 3 shows were really good. TNA Impact, although it dropped 1/10th of a point, had another strong, consistent week. Last week I mentioned that I thought the World X Cup matches were a big contributor to its good rating and I think it’s the same this week. Too bad they can’t have those matches all year long.

Although it was down a half a ratings point from last week, Smackdown had another good week. While SD was the 4th most watched show last Friday night, all four shows’ ratings were separated by 10th’s of a point. A 10th of a point here and there and SD is the most watched show that night. Smackdown will be interesting to watch over the next few months. With the move of J.R. and Triple-H to SD one would instantly think that would mean an increase in ratings. It looks like WWE wants Smackdown’s numbers to be good and strong when they make the move to MyNetwork. I don’t think that Memphis’ viewing habits of Smackdown will change, though. It will always be a good draw.

RAW saw the biggest drop amongst the 3 major shows. The final rating was down over a full point and if you compared the last 2 hours of last week’s 3 hr. show to this week’s show the drop was worse, about 1.6 points. I was very surprised that the numbers dropped. I thought this was the best RAW show of the year. It may have been one of the best shows in years. It was one of those “anything-can-happen” shows that WWE used to do so well. No Vince, no Triple-H and WWE does the best RAW show in ages. How ironic.

The ratings slide also hit the non-wrestling shows. Sanford and Son and The Andy Griffith Show‘s strong run as the “replacements” for MW finally slowed down this week. The shows drew a 3.3 [54,568 viewers] and 2.6 [42,994 viewers] respectively. While the numbers have dropped this week, those are still good ratings for shows over 30 years old in a Saturday night timeslot.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 6-26-08

Final Rating: 2.3 [38,093 viewers] 3 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 1.6 [26,499 viewers], 2.6 [43,061 viewers], 2.3 [38,093 viewers], 2.0 [33124 viewers]

2nd hour: 2.5 [41,405 viewers], 2.5 [41,405 viewers], 2.7 [44717 viewers], 2.4 [39,749 viewerrs]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 6-27-08

Final Rating: 5.1 [84,334 viewers] 9 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 4.8 [79,373 viewers], 4.4 [72,758 viewers], 4.9 [81,026 viewers], 5.0 [82,680 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.1 [84,334 viewers], 5.8 [95,909 viewers], 5.3 [87,641 viewers], 5.6 [92,602 viewers]

TNA Impact Replay 6-28-08

Final Rating: 0.9 [14,882 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.6 [9,922 viewers], 1.3 [21,497 viewers], 0.8 [13,229 viewers], 0.5 [8268 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.0 [16,536 viewers], 0.7 [11,575 viewers], 1.0 [16,538 viewers], 1.1 [18,190 viewers]

WWE A.M. 6-29-08

Final Rating: 1.4 [23,150 viewers] 4 share

Quarter hours: 1.8 [29,765 viewers], 1.0 [16,538 viewers], 1.4 [23,150 viewers], 1.5 [24,804 viewers]

WWE Raw 6-30-08

Final Rating: 5.3 [87,641 viewers] 8 share

1st hour: 5.4 [89,294 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours: 5.1 [84,334 viewers], 4.8 [79,373 viewers], 5.6 [92,602 viewers], 5.9 [97,562 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.1 [84,334 viewers] 7 share

Quarter hours: 5.8 [95,909 viewers], 5.3 [87,641 viewers], 4.9 [81,026 viewers], 4.4 [72,758 viewers]

Overrun: 4.5 [74,4112 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating anaylsis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

Coach's Corner - "Summer Slump 2008"

----USA Today ran an article during our last holiday - Memorial Day weekend. It read, “Of those altering travel plans, 37% are scrapping trips and one in four won't go as far or stay as long, the poll finds. "We're pretty close to the toughest summer ever, at least for consumers," says Rick Seaney, CEO of, an airfare search site.” Will people staying home from trips help local wrestling shows draw locals?? Or will the price of gas effect travel so much that this will be become one of the worse summers ever for the local area. Officially the summer of 2008 did not begin until June 20th, but with kids already out of school and temp starts going up, the first week of June starts see a slight decrease in all the local promotions. Let’s take a look at the “Summer Slump 2008” and see if this year will be one of the worst in recent history.

----The way I have obtained these numbers and made my conclusions is from taking data from the same time period of last year. All weekly promotions like last year seem pretty much an across the board 20% decrease. TLCW in June, 2007 had crowds go from 130 to 90/95, which was a 27% decrease. TFW was drawing 100 to 120 a week and dropped in the 100 range. ASWF were drawing in the 100 to 120 range and stayed in the range during this time period except for a big show that drew 440 people in the crowd. NBW stayed almost the same range as they were drawing before the summer and stayed neck and neck with everyone. So, let’s take a look at the numbers [average crowds] from last year of the five major promotions and compare them to this past 5 weeks – the first “block” of the “Summer Slump 2008”. The first number is 2007, second number is 2008 and third number is percentage of change.

TFW 98, 81, -17%
TLCW 103,95,-8%
NBW 100,96, -4%
TIWF 80,134, +34%
ASWF 213,169, -31%

----By looking at the figures above you can see a slight change in three of the promotions and major changes in two of them. NBW looks to be the winner so far with less change than four of the top 5 that are drawing less. TLCW is less than last year, but only 8%. TIWF is down from earlier this year, but is up 34% for the first few weeks of the summer and is the only promotion on the PLUS side. ASWF even though they are drawing a constant of 125 to 200, they are still drawing less overall than they did last year and are down 31%. Their big show last year drew 440 and their show last weekend drew in the 300 range putting it about 32% below last year. They should continue to draw an overall overage number and should do ok. TFW is stuck in the middle of the others dropping 17% and may be the ones to be worried. Not only are they suffering from the “Summer Slump”, but might consider doing some changes in their roster as it stays almost the same year around. Just by looking at these five promotions, the gas prices do not look like they are going to affect the wrestling crowds as much as I expect. Overall average last year of these five was 119 and this year – 115, so we are looking at around 3% less. That is nothing to really be worried about.

----I also took a look at the once or twice a month promotions like All Pro and last year’s CWA. CWA had three shows in June, 2007 averaging 188 in the crowd. All Pro Productions only had one with 120 people, but this year with two big shows, All Pro has average 287 people in the crowd, which are 2.5 times more people than the average. Memphis Wrestling Stars that promoted in Selmer, TN for one show this month had about 300 people there, which is over the average of the All Pro shows. So, the big once of month shows look to be drawing good again this year and actually about 35% better than last year.

----A few different factors last year also figured in the final number, like MEWA running weekly with 236 on average and not running this year. We had XOW coming in with almost 80 people a week. LAW is slightly up this year by 7%, but still drawing in the 50-60 range – well below 40% less than average. RWA, the new kid on the block, is sticking in there with the big ones drawing only 13% behind on the average. So, I took all the attendance of the smaller, the top 5 and the guys that ran big monthly shows for both years and got some good news. The first five weeks of the “Summer Slump” of 2007 had an average of 127 in attendance. 2008 is up with 135 in attendance and a jump of 6%. It might not seem like a lot, but with most people predicting the worse for this summer in people not only traveling, but spending money overall – this is a good sign for the wrestling business in this area.

----So what did we find out?? “Summer Slump 2008” seems to have a pretty good start and may not be as bad as last year’s drop. Maybe people staying home from trips will help the local scene. Some promotions need to do something to bring attendance and others seem to be just coasting along. The monthly big shows are probably better on attendance and better chance to make money for the promoters. Join me sometime in the first week of August as “Coach’s Corner” will feature the second block of the “Summer Slump 2008”.

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RassleResults: JWS Booneville, MS 6.28.08 - New Owner and Name!!

At the beginning of the show at JWS in Booneville Saturday night, JWS Booker Buzz Harley announced that it would be the last JWS show.
He then went on to announce that a new Owner/Promoter was taking over, and that they would have their first show on Saturday, July 12, 2008.
Buzz then introduced the new Owner/Promoter, Edith Poole, who is a veteran Promoter in North Mississippi, especially in Booneville. Edith said the name of the new group would be Extreme Pro Wrestling, EPW for short. She said there would be some new faces in the organization when they have the first show on July 12. She thanked the fans for their support and said she was looking forward to bigger and better things, starting in two weeks.

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated LSD w/Dustin Burcham in a hard fought match. These two went all out in this one... I have to say that LSD really kicked it up a notch. I have not seen this level of intensity from him before. There is no love lost between these two, and I am sure it is not over between them.
"Dangerous" David Cox defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.
Tysin Starr defeated Slammer.
"The Future" Chris Styles & Cyrus defeated Damion Rage & LSD w/Dustin Burcham. Match stipulations, as handed down by JWS Commissioner Nathan Lee, were if Chris & Cyrus won, Burcham would be fired from JWS. If Rage & LSD won, Nathan Lee would quit. Dustin Burcham left the arena after the match, knowing that he was fired. Nathan Lee gloated.
The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley/Blade) & Bonecrusher w/Robert Rose defeated PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes/Dalton Storm/Chris Fontaine) w/Dixie.
This was the final show for JWS. Extreme Pro Wrestling takes over on July 12. The EPW card for that night will include a fans strap match.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----Not sure if this is a work or shoot on the change in name and ownership of JWS?? Why would someone want to invest in a wrestling promotion that is drawing less than 100 people week after week?? Plus it is the summer time - worse time for shows!! And, they renamed it - Extreme Wrestling Promotion - that is soooooooo original!!!

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 6.28.08

Chris Fontaine defeated Curly Mo.
"Dangerous" David Cox over Chris Chaos & G-Mo Money in a 3-way match.
LSD defeated DC w/Chris Fontaine.
Chris Kilgore came to the ring (with Dirty Rell Mo) and said, "The referee might as well come out and raise my hand now, because there's nobody in the back that wants to get in the ring with me." Out of the back came Referee Joey Lynn, who has been gone from TFW for several months. He said he had heard about what has been going on in TFW and has brought in someone to face Kilgore. Out of the back came big Max Steele, who has been gone from TFW for a couple of months, and the fight was on. Winner was Max Steele by DQ when Mo Foundation members interfered in the match. Max issued a challenge to the members of Mo Foundation. He said he would take them on in two weeks in a handicap match. Challenge was accepted.
Main event was an 8-man tag team match, Neil Taylor/Tony Dabbs/Studd/Ryan SoFine vs. Chris Styles/Josh Matthews/Tysin Starr/Chop Top the Clown. This started at the beginning of the show when Ryan SoFine refused to relinquish the two championship belts that he stole from the real Lightweight Champion, Chris Styles. Wild match that was eventually won by Neil/Tony/Studd/Ryan by DQ. After the match the usual beat down by the members of Parental Advisory. Challenge was issued by Chris/Josh/Tysin/Chop for a rematch in two weeks. Challenge was accepted with the stipulation that the eight men involved would have to participate in a Womanless Beauty Review prior to the match.
No TFW show Friday, July 4.
TFW returns to action Friday, July 11, 2007 at the TFW Arena on Auburn Road in Tupelo.
Card will include a 5-on-1 handicap match, Max Steele vs. all 5 members of the Mo Foundation.
Also on the card will be the rematch between Parental Advisory (Neil Taylor/Tony Dabbs/Studd/Ryan SoFine) & Chris Styles/Josh Matthews/TYsin Starr/Chop Top the Clown. The match will be preceeded by a Womanless Beauty Review with all 8 participants in the match dressed in drag. That should be interesting!
Plus... Who knows what other surprises are in store!
Don't miss it!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Kayfabe Message Board Post!!

----Just wanted everyone to take a moment and read what I have posted about the message board. I hope this clears up some recent stuff that has been posted. CLICK HERE

Monday, June 30, 2008

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 6.28.08

----Cody Moore def. Steven Rampage...Big Boy Bob & Dazzlin’ Dixie def. Locked & Loaded...Shawn Reed def. Kolby Stern...The Outlaw def. Boogieman Scream...TIWF TV TITLE MATCH: Chico Mendoza def. PK Ripper by DQ...TIWF TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: The "Posse" [Lil Chris/Simon Reed] def. "New Breed of Perfection" ( Wildside & Waycool) by DQ when Wildside hit Lil’ Chris with the belt.

----Crowd was 88...I guess hell froze over as PK Ripper is back with TIWF.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 6.28.08

Zane Richards/Chris Steel/PP3 beat “Leprechauns” [Lethal/Lucky]/JD Carey.

Silas beat The Big Indian Quixote

Crazy Luke Graham Jr beat Midnight Cowboy

The “Natural Born Playa's “ [Southside Brawler/Pimptacula] beat “Southern Mafia” [Cody Murdock/Al Smith] VS NBP gets the win.

“The Prodigal Son” Allen Shepard. beat Shawn Schultz

Main Event. Ron Rage (POB) by DQ over RWA Heavyweight Champ Rik Burton.

Martin started the show by thanking all the fans that traveled to Paragould for the benefit and reminding the fans that “Dr Death” Steve Williams will be at the Kings Sportatorium July 5th. Also letting them know that the RWA is putting on the wrestling at the “4th in the Forest” in Jonesboro and ran down the card for the show. However as it is becoming a habit the Rat Pack interrupted the mic spill. Classy Melton Massy came out and thanked his guy's for putting out Ali Stevens and other RWA superstars.

Once again the team of “Insane” Zane Richards and Chris Steel came out a man short for the 6 man tag against the Leprechauns and JD Carey. So Martin appointed PP3 to be their tag partner. Good comedy for the match with PP3 hitting Zane and Steel and then mugging the Leprechauns looking for gold nuggets.

Raven Rage and Rottn Randy came out to introduce the Midnight Cowboy as the newest member of the POB.

The Big Indian got Silas off his feet for the first time in a match, however Silas is just too big and strong and picked up the Big Indian like he was a rag doll and slammed him for the win.

Once again the NWA talent of Shawn Schultz and Allen Shepard put on a great match. They went 20 minutes and the crowd in Jonesboro really hate Shawn and love Allen.

Ron Rage was giving all he had to Rik Burton and had the match in hand when out came the NBP to brake up the match. They busted open Ron before taking the high road out of the arena when the Cowboy came out. Ron then challenged Burton to a No DQ falls count anywhere Street Fight for the July 5th show.

----There was over 100 in attendance.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 6.28.08

Reggie B. Fine/Ike Tucker d. Neil Taylor/Bishop

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony d. Pokerface

Dell Tucker/Cody Melton vs. Drew Donovan was a no contest.
TLCW Cruiserweight Title Triple Threat Match
Rockin' Randy d. Chris Rocker & Baron Malkavain

8-Man Tag Match
Hot Topic(Derrick King, Stan Lee)/Slim Pickens/Christian Jacobs d.
Dell Tucker/Cody Melton/Bishop/The Golden Boy

The Drew Donovan vs. Tucker/Melton match never officially got underway. Just after Drew entered the arena, Tucker and Melton ran out and attacked him from behind. Derrick King, Stan Lee, and Slim Pickens came to Drew's aid. Then The Golden Boy and Bishop joined the fight. DK, Stan, Slim and Drew appeared to be in trouble when "Girl Candy" Christian Jacobs made a surprise return to TLCW. He cleaned house and sent TGB, Bishop, Cody, and Tuckerout of the ring. Then the challenge was made for the 8-Man Main Event.

----Attendance was 80 – 85…Next week is a special two dollar admission night with a Rockband contest.Fans will team up with some TLCW stars to compete before the matches get underway. The special start time for this is 6:00 P.M…Good to see Jacobs back in the area, but it is probably just for limited time.

The attendance was approximately 80-85.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

RassleResults: CW Greeneville, TN 6.28.08

1. TV Champion, Wayne Adkins defeated Scotty Roberts

2. Cody Ices [pictured] defeated Casey Nelson

3. US Tag Team Champions, The 501st defeated Beau James & Nick Hammonds

4. Tony Givens & Wayne Adkins defeated Steve Fury & Alyx Winters when John Hawkins interfered

5. National Heavyweight Champion, Thorn defeated Robbie Cassidy in a Non-Title Grudge Match... After the match, The 501st joined Thorn in attacking Cassidy until Tony Givens and Wayne Adkins made the save.

Championship Wrestling's next event is next Saturday, July 5 in Johnson City, TN at the Legion Street Rec.

Championship Wrestling returns to Greeneville at the Greene County Fair on Wednesday, August 6 and Thursday, August 7.

For more information on upcoming Championship Wrestling Events visit us at

----85 in the crowd.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 6.28.08 - Wrestle Brawl!!

----Acid beat Christopher Lee & X-Kaliber & Mike Anthony in a 4-way…ASWF Tag Team Title Match: “LSD” [Idol Bane/Cody Only beat by DQ Wild Bill/Demon X …Tommy Wayne wins Division X Title in the “Ultimate X” Match beating Ray Ray & Syn & Suicide & DJ Stunner & Seth Sabor…Scott Furry/Kid J/Lil Devil beat Morgan Lane/Nikki Lane/Johnny Harper…Brian Christopher beat ASWF Champ Casino Kid in a non-title match…Jerry Lawler beat Austin Lane.

----250 to 300 in the building….Sabor tried to spear Wayne down to keep him from winning, but missed him as Wayne pulled his legs up…Reno Diamond and Blalok The Blazer came out before the X-Division match…I was told the X-Division match was real good…Lawler won with a piledriver…Strange to put Christopher over your champ, even though it is Casino Kid.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 6.28.08

Little Booger (w/Charming Charles) b Dyronic (Booger debuted a new look tonight, which was one of the highlights of the show)

New York Gangster & Damien Payne b Convict & Kid Dynamite via stereo pins (Gangster & Payne won their first of a 2-match gauntlet in order to get a tag title shot)

Justin Spade b Lee Cross (w/The Diva Lisa Fayzon) and Tommy Capone when Spade pinned Cross

New York Gangster & Damien Payne b Dyronic & Shawn Hoodrich when Gangster pinned Dyronic (So Gangster & Payne won their second of the 2-match gauntlet)

Derrick Neal & White Tiger b Richard Lowe & Farron Foxx when Neal pinned Foxx

ATL Tag Team Champions Michael Jablonski & Chris Norte b New York Gangster & Damien Payne by DQ due to Gangster & Payne both hitting special referee (and Jablonski/Norte's manager) Nick White

----32 in attendance...Why do they keep having these shows with such a low attendance??

RassleResults: LAW Result Wrapup!!

Slim Pickens over Tommy Wayne
Rockin' Randy over Cody Only
Dell Tucker over Austin Lane
“Trailer Park Trash” [Cody Murdock/Al Smith] over Chris Rocker by DQ
Flash Flanagan over Idol Bane

Chris Rocker was without a partner until Slim Pickens came to his corner. They pinned the tag team champions but Jeff O'Dell came and said that Slim Pickens wasn't actually in this match and that Chris Rocker is DQ'd therefore Trailer Park Trash are still the tag champions. Rocker made the challenge for next week for him and Slim vs TPT.

After the main event Jeff O'Dell tried to run away but Tucker came from the back and held him from behind. Flash told Jeff that if he didn't make TGB vs Flash for LAW's 4th of July show then he was going to beat him with the Kendo stick. Jeff reluctantly agreed and Flash beat him with the Kendo anyway.

"Playboy" Paul Rose over Super Powder Keg
Dell Tucker over The Baron Malkavain
Rockin' Randy over "Sensational" Christopher Jade
"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Derrick King to retain LAW Championship
Chris Rocker & Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens over Trailer Park Trash to become new LAW Tag Champions!!!

Show started with Greg Anthony explaining that Idol giving him The Ghost of Andy Kaufman 2 weeks ago was actually a blessing in disguise because he wasn't able to be here last week when Flash came looking for him. Jeff O'Dell came out and asked TGB if he actually heard what happened last week. TGB said that he just heard Flash was here and he wasn't and that was all he needed to know. Jeff told him that he made the match for the title for 4th of July show between him and Flash!! TGB was highly upset when Dell Tucker's music hit. Tucker said that TGB had Flash next week but no one tonight so how about he wrestle him? Jeff said he already had an opponet for Tucker... The Baron Malkavain's music hits. Braon is staring down Tucker as TGB and Jeff O'Dell are laughing at Tucker when Derrick's music hits. DK said that means TGB is still free for tonight, so how about DK vs TGB? TGB says he won't do it but then Derrick calls him a "certifiable midget" and TGB makes the match!!!

TGB hit Derrick King with the LAW Championship but only got a two count. As TGB complained to the ref DK hit The Superkick and made the cover 1..2... TGB put his foot on the rope. DK & TGB traded punches, DK went for a O'Connor Roll on TGB but TGB rolled through and then pulled DK's tights for 3 count.

Chris Rocker and Slim Pickens pinned both members of TPT with rollups after a double noggen knocker. After the match Rocker and Slim celebrated even letting the fans in the ring to celebrate with them.

Next week will be LAW special 4th of July show with a special start time of 6 PM and will Feature LAW's 1st Annual FREEDOM CUP. A one night tournament feature 8 current and former LAW athletes. Plus the long awaited LAW Championship match between "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and Flash Flanagan.

----50 TO 60 in the crowd at both shows.

Showtime Allstar Wrestling Recap - Episode 50

For a comprehensive review of Nashville’s weekly wrestling TV shows, check out Jerkin' the Curtain with Trent Van Drisse and Tommy Stewart.

Michael St. John and Reno Riggins were at ringside to open the show. St. John announced that they were going to follow up on last week’s TV time limit draw between the SAW TV Champion, Damian Adams, and Kid Kash with a 20 minute time limit match in today’s main event. They talked about the $10,000 bounty that had been placed on the head of TJ Harley.

(1) TJ Harley beat Alex Sheppard in 3:12. There were Harley WANTED posters plastered on the ringposts. Harley hit his slingshot elbow for an early near fall. Sheppard ducked Harley’s Yakuza kick and caught him with a double thrust to the throat. Harley blocked a vertical suplex and came from left field with a forearm shot. Sheppard appeared to be knocked silly but was able to roll a shoulder. Finish saw Sheppard block a vertical suplex and go for a German suplex. Harley reversed with a standing switch and got the pin with a messed up rolling prawn.

Harley was interviewed by MSJ. He said 10K was a lot of money so he couldn’t blame any one for trying to collect the bounty. MSJ suggested Harley would have to be on the look out everywhere he went. “You’re not going to attack me, are you?” Harley asked MSJ. Wouldn’t you know it? Harley got jumped by a burly blonde guy in street clothes as he headed up the ramp. St. John recognized Harley’s attacker as wrestler Jay Phoenix. MSJ and Riggins got all excited about the fact that Phoenix was not part of the company. SAW BOD member Mike Sircy and the security force ushered Phoenix out of the building.

(2) Chase Stevens beat Sean Casey (with the Freak Squad) in 5:03. No Lexi Pillman in Casey’s corner this week. Very disappointing. Reno said Casey had the edge in a singles match, but St. John said his Achilles heel was too much focus on the freaks. Stevens blitzed Casey right out of the box. Casey took a time out with the freaks. Stevens pulled Casey onto the apron by his hair. Back inside, Stevens got a two count with a dropkick. Casey turned the tide with a swinging neckbreaker. They cut to numerous close ups of nameless brunette freak. Casey hit his middle rope diamond cutter for a near fall. But Stevens escaped from a middle rope elbow and launched a major rally. HUGE Stevens lariat for a near fall. Casey hit his superkick finisher, but took his time and then made a lazy back cover. Weird. Casey stopped to admonished nameless brunett freak for venturing too close to Stevens. Stevens hit a fisherman suplex for the win.

Stevens, a three-time NWA World Tag Team Champion, said he was in SAW for singles competition and the gold held by Damian Adams.

Miss Boogie was with Sircy in the SAW office. Sircy said the BOD and the SAW legal team had decided to deny her appeal of Dream Team’s firing. Sircy offered her an opportunity to bring in a new tag team to fulfill her commitments. Miss Boogie was evasive about her plans. “We’ll just have to wait and see.”

A buoyant Paul Adams and his A-Team were in the interview area with St. John. Adams tooted his own horn about SAW being a Boogie free zone. He ripped Miss Boogie’s looks. “She’s so ugly, she could look up a camel’s butt and scare the hump off his back.” Paul said Miss B was not going to kill his buzz because Dream Team were still stuck snaking toilets or working at the Jiffy Lube.

(3) The A-Team (Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger & Ric Santel with Paul Adams) beat Stomp (Shane Eden & Josh Crow) & Jeff Jamison in 4:40. Eden got the upper hand on his former partner, Hammerjack. “To say they parted amicably would be sugar coating it,” said Riggins. Eden did a cartwheel back elbow, but Santel was in to break up the pin at one. So much for the shine. Dillinger turned Crow inside out with a lariat. A-Team isolated Crow and beat him down. Hammerjack and Crow went down on a collision of lariats. Jamison took the hot tag. He shocked Santel with three near falls. Santel bailed. Jamison was building steam for a big dive when Dillinger cut him down with a clothesline. While TVA was taking care of Stomp, Santel pinned Jamison with the Santel Slam.

MSJ conducted a quick prematch interview asking Drew Haskins about the stress associated with being a rookie facing such tough competition. Haskins called it a baptism by fire.

(4) Chrisjen Hayme pinned Drew Haskins in 4:24. MSJ said Haskins was being thrown to the lions. Hayme hit a butterfly suplex for a two count and choked Haskins over the ropes. Hayme hooked the ropes to block an O’Connor Roll, and then converted Haskins’ flying crucifix into a modified Samoan Drop. Hayme lit Haskins up with chops. Haskins took an awesome bump after eating a back elbow. With Haskins’ head resting on the bottom turnbuckle, Hayme creamed him with a baseball slide dropkick for a near fall. Haskins escaped from the Blue Thunder Bomb. Things started to fall apart during Haskins’ comeback, but Hayme got back on track with a wicked German suplex. Hayme pulled Haskins up at two. Hayme wanted to end it with his springboard moonsault, but there was nobody home. Haskins finally got his near fall with an Oklahoma Roll. Hayme nailed the dreaded enzuigiri and put Haskins away for good with the springboard moonsault.

MSJ interviewed Hayme about his search for the Perfect 10. Hayme read an email allegedly from one of his secret admirers, Frisky from Georgia. He held up a photo of this hideously obese woman with gynormous boobs. Hayme ridiculed her. She said other than the hairy mole and the unsightly scar, she was just what Hayme was looking for.

St John informed all the perfect 10s out their in TV land that they could email Hayme at

(5) The SAW TV Title match between Damian Adams (c) and Kid Kash ended as a double count out at 14:37. Kash unleashed a vicious attack on the champion capped off with a barrage of leg kicks. They traded kicks. Damian rallied with a sunset flip and a pair of arm drags. Kash jetted to ringside. Damian pulled Kash back inside. Kash offered a handshake from his knees. Damian hesitated. Then hesitated some more. Damian grabbed Kash’s hand and kicked Kash in the stomach. Kash threw a tantrum. He grabbed the bell and got in the face of a ringside fan. A hot ringside brawl ensued. Kash tossed a chair at Damian, and MSJ said it was a judgment call by ref Kurt Herron to allow it to continue. Back inside, Kash was in command.

(Commercial break)

MSJ said it was a see-saw battle during the break. Kash kicked Damian inside the thigh. Kash gave Damian a major rope burn on the ear. Kash applied a surfboard. Reno said he couldn’t stand Kash, but the guy sold tickets. Kash applied a full nelson/body scissors combo. The announce team talked about the full nelson being a trademark hold of the great Dory Funk. Damian escaped the brainbuster and hit the bicycle kick, but Herron got knocked down in the process. Damian had Kash’s shoulder down for 3+ with no ref to count it. By the time Herron recovered enough to count, Kash was able to kick out. Kash resorted to a low blow. The action spilled to the outside with Kash administering the punishment, until both men were counted out.

Kash winged a chair at Damian. He shoved St. John and yelled about making Damian bleed. They cut to a close up of Damian’s bloody head. Kash dragged Damian into the ring and rubbed the blood on his face. Kash knocked down ref Jess Fields. Sircy was livid at ringside. Over and out.

Closing Thoughts: And now for something different - an SAW show where the emphasis was actually on the wrestling. There have been episodes of SAW that didn’t have even half this much in ring action, and few, if any, (with the exception of a couple of glitches that I’ll get to in a minute) had wrestling this good. The title bout, the longest match to air on SAW over the last 6 months, was a top-notch brawl. This was booking 101. Kash was pure evil. He wanted no part of a clean fight and went deep into his bag of dirty tricks. Despite all that, the champion scored the clean visual fall on the challenger. Unfortunately, the spot where the ref went down on the bicycle kick looked badly contrived. The blood, rarely used in SAW, took it to another level. Harley went over in a short but good match. I liked the “he doesn’t even work here” spin on Phoenix, a lot better than the fan out of the crowd. The wanted posters on the ringposts were hilarious. Stevens looked motivated again this week, as Casey’s paranoia progressed to new heights. It looked like Stevens ended up out of position on the superkick. Surely, Stevens was supposed to save himself with a foot over the ropes. It was completely illogical for Casey to make a lazy cover on his finisher. Then again, it’s completely illogical for Casey to be more concerned about his freaks than winning matches. A blind man could see where they’re going with Miss Boogie, not that it’s a bad thing at all. It’s way more satisfying for the fans to get something they want, even if it’s predictable, than to Russo them with an deadening swerve. The A-Team squash was fine. With the way he was protected, it looks like they have something in mind for Jamison. I feared the worst with Hayme vs. Haskins, but it was much better than expected. There was just the one brief segment where it got really shaky. I took it as a sign of Hayme’s improvement. The Hayme interview was some campy and brutally bad comedy - one of those times where I was embarrassed to be a wrestling fan.

Jerkin' The Curtain NWA Main Event & SAW TV reviews Monday June 30th at 10 PM CST.

Listen into Jerkin' The Curtain this coming Monday night, June 30th, at 10 PM Central time as Tommy Stewart and I will again review and recap the latest episodes of NWA Main Event and SAW TV. These will be the reviews for the shows that aired on June 28th at 8 am and noon on the Ion network in Nashville, channel 17 on Comcast. We also have a lot of news and issue to discuss on this show, as anyone who reads my message board knows about. It was announced this week that NWA Main Event will be taking over SAW's noon time slot on Ion starting next Saturday July 5th, and SAW is leaving Ion and is now airing on Comcast channel 74 at Saturdays at midnight, which is the time slot the USWO aired in for over 5 years. The other big story of the week is Mike Porter's NWA Mid-America title belt being "stolen" this past Sunday, only to be returned to him a few days later destroyed, and the main suspect seems to be the guy who was the NWA Mid-America champion up to that point, Marc Anthony. So there's a lot going on in Nashville now that we'll discuss on this show. Heck, it's even wild by Nashville's insane standards! Tommy and I will give unbiased reviews of both TV shows, and declare a winner for the week. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here are the results...

Tommy Stewart:
NWA Main Event: Thumbs up
SAW: Thumbs up
Tommy enjoyed SAW more, and declared SAW the winner.

NWA Main Event: Upper thumbs in the middle
SAW: Upper thumbs in the midle
I declared it a draw for the week, just couldn't pick a clear cut winner. So that makes SAW the winner of the week by a split decision Here's the "score" so far since we've started these reviews...

SAW: 4
Cya Monday night, promises to be an interesting show. Trent Van Drisse