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A Piece of my Mind July 19th, 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

My days in the AWA were a lot of fun but at times confusing. I was young in the business but felt my knowledge of booking stuff was pretty good. I had been trained by Afa “The Wild Samoan #1” Anoai and was very comfortable with what I was doing. In the match that I was scheduled to referee between Larry Zbyszko and Nick Bockwinkel the finish was one of the worst that I had ever heard. There was a big angle being run wherein former pro boxer Scott LeDoux was being used as a trouble shooting referee. He had an ongoing issue with Larry Zbyszko and was barred from refereeing his matches.
I was assigned to referee the match but was never actually going to referee the match. The idea was that I would be arguing with Larry Zbyszko and be up against the ropes. When Nick hit the ring he would nail Larry who would hit me and I would go outside the ring and be “out cold”. At that point Scott LeDoux would come down after being assigned under an emergency need by the Nevada Athletic Commission. I was one of only two referees in the building that night myself and Scott LeDoux. So, by default, when they carried me to the back he was it.
The finish would see Nick doing something behind the referees back; hit Larry with a roll of coins. In this case Zbyszko was “out cold” Nick covered him and got the win. He then would blatantly dump all the coins all over Larry. At that point LeDoux would see the coins and ask Nick if he hit Larry with the coins. When Nick responds "yes", Scott would say "no you misunderstood Nick". I asked "did you hit Larry with a roll of coins?" And he repeats "yes I did". At that point the announcer says "Nick Bockwinkel says that he hit Larry Zbyszko with a roll of coins but referee Scott LeDoux says he didn’t see it so Nick Bockwinkel is the winner."

At the meeting Larry said "listen there has to be some sort of as semblance of the rules" so we changed the plan. After the angle plays out I would come down and tell Scott that I saw it from the back and it was actually my match anyway. Scott would argue a little longer and finally I would say "Scott please be reasonable". He would eventually say ok and we would reverse the decision. Well, somehow. I got in the position to be the one to advise Greg Gagne of the change. He immediately got on the phone and called Verne who insisted we keep the finish the same as originally planned. I will never forget the situation and will never agree with it.

I was in a Golden Corral restaurant in the early nineties in Concord, N.C., standing next to a guy in line. He was a very unique looking guy. It took me a moment to figure out that it was Exotic Adrian Street. We had a brief chat he was a decent enough guy and yes Miss Linda was with him. I never saw him again until I booked him for WrestleReunion in Tampa, Fl. He was a pleasure to work with and I found him to be a stand up guy that didn’t have to be sought out to meet his commitments.

I grew up in the business with several of Afa and Sika’s relatives. I hung out with The Tonga Kid (Sam Fatu), Rikishi (Solafa Fatu), The Great Samu (Sam Anoai), and Yokozuna (Rodney Anoai). These were all very talented guys and pure naturals in the ring. In the eighties, the Tonga Kid was selling out everywhere with Roddy Piper after the famous Jimmy Snuka/ Roddy Piper coconut angle. I had not yet met Sam Anoai. At the same time Sika had been injured at the Capitol Center and would not be able to compete for several weeks. I believe that Vince had come to Afa and asked him to tag with Don Muraco since he was an island guy. Afa told Vince "no". He said he would only tag with his brother or his son. Well, at this point in time, no one even knew that Afa had a son who was working underneath in Texas. I am sure that Afa could have and would have teamed with Captain Lou Albano, but this was a long term thing and there was only so much that you could get out of teaming with Captain Lou.

I remember calling Afa’s hotel room in NYC and what I thought was a strange voice answered. I asked "who is this" he said "it’s Sam". I thought that it was Sam Fatu, the Tonga Kid, so I told him to tell Afa I had arrived. Later I found out that it was Afa’s son who was brought in to start tagging with Afa. I later met him downstairs at the Garden and we became friends right away.

Sam started out a little green, of course, as was to be expected. But he was a quick learner and so so talented. He made a good name for himself but was a little wild, and perhaps, made some ill-advised decisions. He could have gone a lot further in the business as a baby face or a heel. He went very far as it was and eventually became a WWF Tag Team Champion. I remember thinking many times "if I could have had Sam’s abilities there would have been no stopping me". I will talk about him more in later articles. I am glad to say that we are still friends to this day. I have also had the opportunity to tag team with Sam, Matt and Lloyd Anoai in my hometown of Yonkers, N.Y.

The picture of this article is from the Yokozuna Memorial Show. On my right is Ecki Fatu (Umaga) brother of Rikishi and The Tonga Kid and on my left is Matt Anoai (Rosey of WWE) son of Wild Samoan #2 Sika.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: EWP Alcoa, TN 7.17.08

The RIP defeated JOHNATHON McMURRAY with a torture bomb!!

DONOVAN DANIELS beat SHAWN STREETS with his finisher!!


KEITH KNOX beat WAYNE ADKINS - pretty solid match with a lot of big bumps from Adkins to get the big guy over.

Beau James and Sigmon [pictured] came out for the Beau James' Birthday Bash. James yelled at Adkins for losing. Then made him hold the ropes open for him and Sigmon. Kole Layton King Came out and gave James a new cowboy hat. James said Sigmon had given him some money. They turned and asked Wayne where his present was. Wayne said he did not get him anything. Said he drives James down from Kingsport every week, carries his bags, and never even gets a thank you.

James went on to tell everyone that it is his birthday but he was a very nice guy and he had a present for his new number one guy Sigmon and presented him with a new EWP belt. He then made Adkins strap it on Sigmon. Sigmon's girlfriend and some time valet Pam came out and told Beau she was sorry for not understanding that he was helping Sigmon and making him a better wrestler. She told Beau she had a present for him and it was what he was worth. Security carried out a huge box. Before Beau could open it Stan Anderson said they did not have time for this and James had a match and it was time so made Pam and Adkins leave.

TROOPER-T beat BEAU JAMES by dq after Sigmon got involved. They tried to get a double team but ol Troop was to smart and got out while the getting was good.

James and Sigmon then went and opened the box. It was empty!! As James was asking Sigmon about the present Shane Andrews came out and jumped James and did a number on him opening him up pretty good.

Shane said he came to fight because of what Sigmon and James did to him Sat. night in Lenoir City. Sigmon came back out and Shane took the fight to him. Shane had the champ in the corner when a very bloody poorly bandaged James returns Shane went to get him when James threw a huge ball of fire in his face.

DRI defeated CODY ICES & CHASE OWENS - This was Cody and Chase's debut in EWP they gave a strong showing and had a rough and competive match with DRI. Willy B Badd got the pin on Ownes after a Death Valley Driver. Then RIP & DON beat down WILLIE B BADD of DRI and won the EWP titles!! DRI issued a 24-7 challenge that backfired

SHANE WILLIAMS & EDWARD IDOL had a draw with JEFF ANDERSON & ROBBIE RACE after the match JEFF & ROBBIE barracaded the locker room door with chairs Wild Brawl that went all over the building. Match was out of hand. All four of these guys have had issues with each other over the last two years.

Credit: Zifier and photo by Connie.

---110+ in the crowd...CLICK HERE to see the new "Picture of the Week", which features the huge fireball that James threw on Andrews.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 7.18.08

Psycho Medic b Lee Cross

New York Gangster b Bryan Casey

In the first two of the 3 qualifying matches:

Jeremiah Plunkett (the former Jay Phoenix) b Justin Spade

Andy Douglas b Seven (w/Charming Charles) by DQ when Charles got caught hitting Douglas with his cane

Cousin Jason X b Shane Smalls to win the USWO Jr. Championship

In the third of the 3 qualifying matches:

In his return to USWO, Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) b Tim Renesto

USWO Tag Team Champions Quinton Quarisma & JC Crowe b Damien Payne & Rob C (also making his return to USWO) when Quarisma hit Payne with handcuffs and put Crowe on top for the pin

Jeremiah Plunkett b Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) and Andy Douglas to win the USWO Championship

Seven came out to distract Douglas and ref Mark Owen which allowed Plunkett to hit Valiant with a chain for the pin

----64 in the crowd.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 7.18.08

Rockin' Randy over Mike Anthony
Austin Lane over Chris Rocker
Dell Tucker over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
Chris Rocker & Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens over Austin Lane & Justin "The Juice" Smart to retain LAW Tag Titles
LAW Championship vs. LAW Freedom Cup: Flash Flanagan over Idol Bane to retain championship and win Freedom Cup.

TGB came out at the top of the show and said that he felt naked without his LAW Title and that he wanted his rematch tonight. Flash came out and said TGB needed to quit bitching and moaning he lost the title fair and square. Idol Bane came out and told TGB that he had the title shot tonight. Then Dell Tucker came out, he told TGB that he shouldn't worry about the title, he should worry about him because they have unfinished business. TGB said that Idol Bane is going to soften up Flash for when he gets his rematch and that he going to finish Dell "Mother" Tucker once and for all.

Rockin' Randy won with a superkick.

Rocker and Slim came out for the "Tables Match" with Trailer Park Trash. Jeff O'Dell then came out with Austin Lane, he said that somebody had stole the tables and there wouldn't be a Tables Match tonight. Rocker said that Trailer Park Trash were scared and didn't show because they knew they would be put through a table. Jeff O'Dell said Austin Lane had come up with a great idea. He has challenged one of you two and if he wins then he earns the right to choose a partner and come back later tonight for tag title match.

Rocker went to suplex Austin into the ring from the apron when Justin Smart came out and pulled Rocker's feet out from under him and held his foot.

Dell Tucker went for The Wham Bam Thank you, Ma'am but TGB reversed it into a short arm clothesline, he was talking trash and went to pick Tucker up and Tucker rolled him up.. 1..2..3.

Slim Pickens hit the bulldog and Rocker hit the frogsplash on The Juice for the victory.

In the main event. Flash hit the stunner on Idol 1,2.... Jeff O'Dell pulls the the ref. TGB comes out with a chain but Flash ducked and drop kicked him out the ring. Idol picked up the chain and nailed Flash. 1...2... Flash kicks out! Jeff draws the refs and TGB grabs the kendo stick climbs to the top rope as Idol holds Flash. TGB comes off Flash moves and he nails Idol. Flash superkicks TGB out of the ring and hits Idol with the Flyin' Burrito. 1...2...3. TGB gets on Flash right after the bell. Tucker makes the save. Idol hits Tucker from behind, the shoot him off for a double clothesline but he ducks and hits them with a flying double clothesline. Then Tucker clotheslines TGB over the top rope and Flash clotheslines Idol over. Jeff makes a tag match for next week. Flash says that the Freedom Cup is going to stay in the concession stand because it belongs to the fans of LAW not Idol Bane.

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TLCW News For The Weekend!!

----Would you like to book RRO Wrestler of the Year 2007/2008?? Derrick King is actually abiding to the TLCW stip [weird to write people actually take stips serious]"Loser Leave TLCW" from last week. DK is available for bookings. You can either e-mail him at or do a search of Derrick King and contact him there. If all fails, just send me an e-mail and I will pass along the message.

----In the TLCW event of the weekend, "Rockin" Randy will talk for the first time EVER on the mic. That should be interesting.

RassleResults: UWA "No Return" Seymour, TN 7.08.08

It was announced that Matt Boyce is gone from UWA due to several no shows and has been stripped of the UWA Heavyweight Title. A tournament will be held very soon to crown a champion.

Match 1: Best 2 outta 3 Falls Match: Bodacious Nick VS. Kolby Garrison
-Bodacious won Match 1 after being kicked in the nuts by Kolby which resulted in a DQ.
-Kolby won the 2nd match after a superkick to Bodacious
-Bodacious won w/ an RKO outta nowhere

Match 2: Fans Bring The Weapons Hardcore Match.. Billy Marshall and Jerry Lee VS. Justin Nobody and Aaron Cross There was every kind of weapon you could imagine in this one. Bats, Chains, Shoes, Kendo Sticks, Buckets, Vacumn Cleaners, Golf Clubs, Pipes, Crutches, Pans, a wrench, etc....The match ended when Justin Nobody was superplexed onto Thumbtacks and Billy got the pin.Billy Marshall said him and Jerry Lee just survived all that and they deserve a tag team title shot w/ The Devil's Rejects.

Match 3: Electra def. Fantasy (w/ Candi Lane)
*A rematch has been signed for Next Week..

Match 4: Travis Sawyer pinned David Young

Match 5: Jason Dalton and Lil Kennedy (Enigma) fought to a No Contest
*Mikey G. was holding the mic so Enigma could do his Kennedy impersonation but he wasn't tall enough to reach it so he low blowed Mikey G. Jason Dalton came out and beat the crap out of the lil guy. He insulted him by doing a test of strength, he then got on his knees and Enigma still couldn't reach his hand. Mid way through the brawl, Enigma dived outta the ring onto Jason but Jason caught him and beat him up some more. He piledrived Enigma then Mike Ogle's music hit.. Enigma was hurt bad w/ a hurt neck and sat over beside the ring while he was checked on by security.

Match 6: Jason Dalton vs. Mike Ogle (Street Fight): This was a massacre as both men were busted open bad. They brawled all over the building and threw each other through 6 rows of seats on both sides of the building. Jason was gonna put Mike away until Enigma finally got up and fired up on Jason. He hit a 619 on Jason. Mike and Enigma both rolled up Jason for the 3-Count. WINNER: Mike Ogle

Match 7: UWA Tag Team Champions The Devil's Rejects (Chase Stevens and Adam Armor) def. The Encore (Tyler Sutton and Justin O'Day) to retain the titles..

*Shawn Shultz comes out and talks about how Matt Boyce wasn't man enough to show up and how he threw out an open challenge to anyone to come face him and no one showed up. He said he knows some guys' bosses won't let them but even the people who aren't afraid of their bosses wouldn't even show b/c they know they can't match up to him and didn't wanna be showed up. He said he's gonna have a match w/ a true professional and in the end, he was gonna come out victorious b/c he's the greatest wrestler in this area.

Match 8: Primetime Allen Shepard def. Shawn Shultz
*Fans went crazy as Allen pulled out this huge victory. The Devil's Rejects hit the ring and destroyed Allen Shepard. The Encore made the save but they were eventually beaten down as well and hit over the head w/ a steel chair. Bodacious Nick jumped in the ring but Shultz, Stevens and Armor beat him down as well. Bodies were laid out everywhere. Shultz got on the mic and said everyone knows that The Devil's Rejects are the hottest tag team going today. He said everyone out there, especially the people on the internet are chickenshit. He said he wants someone to book the Flea Market guys so he can take them on. The Devil's Rejects and Shultz had created one of the most tense moments in UWA history. Fans were being held back everywhere, alot of them were crying at remarks Chase had made. They were being nailed w/ water and trash from the fans. Definitely a wild ending to No Return which ran all the way til 11:30.

Credit: Chris Extreme

----120+ in the building...Sounds like "Devi's Rejects" and Shultz had some good heat.

RassleResults: RWL Newbern, TN 7.11.08

----Best 2 of 3 Falls – Jason Matthews vs Jon Biscuit – Jason won first, Biscuit – 2cnd & 3rd…Simon Reed beat Mark Justice…Tommy Redneck by DQ over Kid Nikels – Eric Wayne strapped Redneck…Matt Justice/JD Rage/Buckwheat/Greg King JR – JD wins “Fatal Four Way”…Strap Match: Kilo beat Eric Wayne

----50 to 70…They sold 20 straps.

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"Shooting the Shiznit" Is Ready!!

----"Shooting the Shiznit" with hosts Brian "Laughs Like A Girl" Tramel and Brian "I'm Not In This" Thompson is joined by "Mr. Cheap Heat Radio" Gene Jackson for most of the show. Randy "I have nothing else to do on Thursday nights" from C-ville calls in with some thoughts and questions. Trent "Trouble Maker" Van Drisse also joins them before the show ends. Topics discussed include the controversay from last week, message boards and Memphis Wrestling.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

20 Years Ago Today.......

Pro Wrestling lost one of it's legends as Frank Goodish a.k.a. Bruiser Brody was murdered in a dressing room in Puerto Rico by the Invader a.k.a. Jose Gonzalez. A truly sad and tragic end to one of the most fierce and entertaining characters in wrestling history. Take a moment to remember another wrestler that was taken from this world far too soon....Bruiser Brody!

For those who aren't familiar with the circumstances of Brody's murder listen to Tony Atlas' eye witness account of the whole incident.

Also read Dutch Mantell's account of the murder here:

Brody's Death: A Cover Up?

Written by "Dirty" Dutch Mantell

It is already known that Jose Gonzalez was the man that stabbed and killed Bruiser Brody. He pleaded self defense, and partly due to a weak justice system in Puerto Rico, and partly due to the fact that nobody was at Gonzalez' trial on behalf of Brody, Gonzalez was acquitted. The controversy surrounds why the men that were subpoenaed never got to Puerto Rico to testify. Yes, it is true that certain wrestlers would not talk. But there were many who were very willing to talk. Unfortunately, they never got their chance.

I arrived in Puerto Rico for a two day run on a Saturday afternoon. After deplaning and collecting my bags, I made my way to the Lagoon el Canario, where I would be staying. The El Canario was a great hotel by Puerto Rican standards, because they had cable with a remote and in-room air conditioning. That's almost a luxury. I met Bruiser in the lobby of the hotel where we were also to meet (Tony) Atlas. Bruiser told me that Tony had arranged a ride for the three of us with a guy who operated a local gym and who was a big wrestling fan. After a few minutes, Atlas arrived and we departed for Bayamon Loubriel Stadium around 6:00 PM. The trip takes about 20 minutes so we were very early for the show. Everything was fine; just small talk made in the car on the way over. We collected our bags from the trunk upon arrival and entered the stadium, headed for the dressing room. But, as we entered the dressing area, I felt tension in the air. I always felt tension in the air there, as it's an extremely dangerous place to work. But that night it was really heavy. Don't ask me why. I don't even know. I just felt it. As I entered, I was following Bruiser and I noticed Carlos (Colon) and Invader (Jose Gonzalez) sitting on a bench to my right. Invader was trying on his leather strap, that he wears on his arm, with his teeth. Neither spoke.

Thinking back on it now, I don't believe any acknowledgement was made to Brody either. I followed Brody to the rear of the room, directly in front of the shower door. There were other guys who were already there. The Youngbloods, TNT, Roberto Soto, and Castillo Jr. were in various stages of unpacking and getting ready. I have always hated dressing rooms, so I sat down briefly and, still feeling uneasy about the tension that I felt, decided to go check the crowd. The is a ritual with me; I always check out the crowd or arena when i get there just to familiarize myself with it.

Bayamon Stadium is a baseball stadium so I arose from my chair and headed through a tunnel to get to the field. It's only about 100 feet through the tunnel, and I stood, watching the crowd file in for no more than than three minutes, and I had not been gone from the dressing room longer than 5 or 6 minutes, at the most. But when I returned, my eyes met horror. The whole dressing room was chaotic. The first person I saw was Chris Youngblood. I asked him what had happened. He was almost hysterical as he said, "Jose stabbed Brody." I still did not know what he meant but as I looked deeper in the room, I saw Brody lying prone on the floor with several guys surrounding him. I thought that some guy named Jose had rushed into the room and attacked Brody. Everybody in PR is named Jose so I looked at Chris again and he said, "Invader, Invader stabbed Brody." It was bedlam in the dressing room. Now, everything started to move in slow motion. I remember walking over to where Brody was laying and just staring in disbelief. A doctor is always present in San Juan and he was crying. Brody was conscious and as I looked closer, I could see a stab wound about an inch long and deep with air bubbles escaping from it. Much later, the doctor told me that meant that the blade had pierced the lung. Brody was telling promoter Carlos Colon to take care of his family. I didn't see a lot of blood but, again, later I learned that he was hemorrhaging internally. I believe that Bruiser knew he was going to die. "This can't be happening" I thought to myself. This can't be real. But real it was. I am not a very religious person but I eased over in a corner out of everyones way and prayed for Bruiser. I then found myself looking through a plexiglass door which led into the shower. The door was kind of translucent plexiglass that distorted images somewhat, but I saw the Invader and Victor Jovica screaming at each other in the shower room. Noise was everywhere and I couldn't make out what they were saying but even if I could've heard them, they were speaking in Spanish, (which they often do). But I could see that a struggle was in process.

Invader and Jovica were shoving each other. It seemed as though Invader was attempting to leave and Jovica was trying to stop him. Brody was still on the floor. The doctor was working furiously to do what he could to help him. A call went out for an ambulance. It seemed like an eternity before aid arrived. And they didn't even get the call through official channels. Victor Quinones called a local radio station and told them to broadcast that an ambulance was needed immediately at the stadium. A paramedic crew was eating at a nearby McDonald's and heard the request on the radio. Brody, by the time paramedics had arrived, had lain there for over 25 minutes. Atlas was in a state of shock as were the rest of us. While the paramedics were preparing Bruiser to take him to the emergency room, I witnessed Invader leave the shower, walk around the feet of Brody, grab his car keys and leave. Finally, after what had seemed like an eternity, Brody was loaded onto a gurney to be taken out. Brody, by this time, had been down at least 40 minutes. The paramedics couldn't lift him. I saw Tony Atlas, almost by himself, carry Brody up four or five steps and transport him to the ambulance. Tony went with Brody to the hospital. At this point, nobody knew what to say or even what had happened. But I knew enough to stand back and observe the situation. Puerto Ricans basically didn't like the American boys coming down there and taking their money that they felt was rightfully theirs. And since I was in the dark as to what happened, I was watching to see what would happen next.

Chris Youngblood told me that Invader had approached Brody and requested that he accompany him to the shower to talk business. He said that Invader's hand was covered with a towel. Then he said he heard screaming and a commotion inside the shower and then seeing Brody stumble through the door holding his chest. Brody went down; he didn't collapse but went down under his own control. That was just before I got back into the room.

The guys in the other dressing room knew that something had happened, but were kept in the dark as to what it was. Atlas, by this time, had returned to the stadium and he kept saying that Brody was going to die. I told Tony to stop saying that, but Tony, by this time, was out of control completely. The whole situation was out of control. Some Police Officers entered the room and Tony began to tell them what happened, but they couldn't understand English. Strange thing about it though. They didn't take it seriously. They would smile and mutter to each other because they just thought it was another wild PR angle.

Time moved slow. Atlas was screaming by now. He was screaming at the cops who weren't understanding a thing he was saying. He tried to enlist an interpreter to tell them what happened. And the Invader reappeared. Nobody knew where had gone but I surmised that he went home, because he came back with a different shirt on. He came right back as though nothing had happened and started conducting business as usual. He completely ignored Atlas, who looked wild by now, Atlas pleaded with several PR boys to translate but they'd look at Invader and walk away. Finally, Roberto Soto said he'd interpret. It was to no avail. These cops grew up watching Carlos and Invader so, to them, they were big stars and they, just ordinary policemen.

I was on last that night and Atlas and I left the stadium and headed for the hospital that Brody had been taken to. El Medico Centro was the name of it and somebody had told me that it was the best medical facility on the island. As we were walking into the hospital, I met the surgeon who had already operated on Brody. I asked him about Brody's status and he just looked at me and said it was touch and go. Brody never left the operating room. They actually performed two surgeries that night. I always believed that if Brody had been in an American hospital, he would still be alive. What Brody actually died from as loss of blood. He literally bled to death on the table during the second operation.

When I got back to my hotel room, I told the desk clerk that if any calls came in for Brody, direct them to my room. I couldn't sleep. I was staying with one of the midgets, the Irish Leprechaun. The phone rang. The little guy answered the phone and told me it was Brody's wife. I looked at my watch. It was 5:00 AM. How would I say this without causing undue panic? I calmly explained to her that frank had been in an accident and she should get to PR as quickly as she could. I told her that it was serious, but I thought he'd be alright. I hung up the phone. Again, I looked at my watch. It was 5:20 AM. Brody dies at 5:40 AM.

After the call, I could not sleep. I tossed and turned and finally, just got up. I went down to the front desk around 7:30 AM and the girl on duty was an American from Chicago who spoke Spanish. I asked her to call the hospital and find out what room Brody was in. That's when i found out he was dead. No words can describe how I felt. The girl at the desk got tears in her eyes. She told me that she was sorry. I just went outside the hotel and sat down for a while. How could this happen?

While I was sitting there, Buddy Landell came over and asked how Brody was. It was all I could do to tell him and he said cut the BS. I guess he could tell by the look in my eye that I wasn't kidding. We were supposed to go to Mayaguez that sfternoon, but I never even packed my bag. I knew that I wasn't going. Miguelito Perez came to pick me up, but when I told him the news, he refused to go too. Most of the PR guys didn't hear the news until they got to town that afternoon. But after they heard of Brody's death, they refused to go to the ring. I heard thatit was a sold out $25,000 house. They sent the fans home telling them that they could use the tickets next week. I don't believe they told them the real reason why.

Later that afternoon we were all in Atlas' room. Present at the time was Atlas, myself, Spivey, Jaggers, Ron Starr, and Dan Kroffat. I had been waiting all day for somebody to contact me. But nothing seemed to be happening. I learned later that the WWC office was stonewalling information on the wrestlers whereabouts. Atlas stated that we had to tell somebody. I then remembered the names of the detectives that the girl at the desk had given me when she made the call to the hospital that morning. Orlando Figueroa, Pedro Clanero, and Hector Quinones. Atlas talked to one of the detectives on the phone and told him where we were. The detectives said that they'd be right over and they were, in about ten minutes.

They came into the room, asked a few questions, and then transported Atlas to Headquarters. Tony left the hotel around 5:00 PM. He did not return until 10:00 PM. I started to get worried about him, but when he came back he told them that they wanted to talk to me. Of course, I agreed. The station looked like something you'd expect to find in El Salvador, hot and stinking, with no air conditioning and a big overhead fan. I told them what I had seen, and afterwards signed a sworn deposition as to my testimony. I could only swear as to what I actually saw, but I did my part. As I was leaving, I saw TNT and Miguelito Perez there. I didn't ask them any questions and they did not ask me any either. So, I don't know what their statements said. I was told by the detectives that Jose Gonzalez would be charged with first degree murder and advised me that when the time for the trial came, I would be subpoenaed and transported back to PR to testify. They told me that airfare and hotel would be arranged for me and that security would be provided. That's what they said. However, that's not what they did.

I was depressed when I left PR and even more so when I got back to Birmingham. If you've ever been to Birmingham, you'd know what I mean. I told my wife in detail everything that had happened. She told me that nothing would be done to Jose Gonzalez. I got mad at her. How could something not be done? I told her to wait and see. I waited, and I saw that she was right. I got two separate subpoenas for the trial. The first trial date was postponed. The second trial was scheduled for January 23-26, 1989. I still have my subpoena. It was issued 1\3\89 but according to the post date was not mailed until 1\13\89. That meant that it laid on somebody's desk for a full 10 days. Remember the trial was to start on January 23rd? I received the subpoena on January 24th. I had already heard the verdict by the time I opened the subpoena. I never heard from the detectives again, not even to this day.

Reminder - TONIGHT!!!

----A quick reminder - less than 2 hours away "Shooting The Shiznit"! After the "success" of last week's show, STS is in the same format this week!! If you have ever wanted to call in and talk about anything related to wrestling, then this TONIGHT is the day to call. Brian Tramel and Brian Thompson will present 1 hour of "Free-for-all" and they want you to call in and ask thought provoking questions or just to BS!! Join them PRIME TIME TONIGHT at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM!! Call[347] 838-8101!!!

----Click below and listen to the controversial "Blaylock's Message Board" episode that everyone is talking about!!

Memphis Wrestling Tapings Update!!

----Not sure the date of the tapings, but the new Memphis Wrestling TV show is scheduled to be taped at the Memphis City Library. Apparently they have a TV studio there.

----Memphis Wrestling also be taping a show that they have reported will air on CW30 from Redbird Stadium in Memphis next Saturday. Appearing along with the regular crew of Memphis Wrestling stars will be The Barbarian, Joey Mercury and Kid Kash.

Memphis Wrestling Debuts...........

---I just got word that "Ratings Man" Ron Guidry was watching TV last night and see a commercial with Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler. Memphis Wrestling returns on August 9th at 11:00 AM on Memphis WPXX 50. If anyone knows when and where they will be taping the show, please send me an e-mail. Good news!!


----CLICK HERE and take a look at news on the upcoming new & improved Kayfabe Message Board!!

Shows For The Weekend 7.18.08 to 7.19.08

---CLICK HERE for the regular schedule programs. "Memphis Wrestling Stars" returns to Selmer, TN at the fair. It is the SHOW of the weekend.

----MWS @ Fair in Selmer, TN with Kevin White, Doug Gilbert, "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex], Derrick King , Stan Lee, Micheal Gilbert, Cody Melton [pictured], Ty Hamilton, Gladiator,Albino Rhino, Blitz, Spellbinder, "Black Label Society" [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley].

"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry - TNA SCORES BIG NUMBERS!!

We start out this week with one of the strangest set of numbers I’ve seen since I started doing this column. The Saturday night replay of TNA Impact has been drawing a rating of about 1.0, give or take a few tenths of a point. This past Saturday night it did a whopping 2.4. Normally, the original airing doesn’t even do that good of a number. Ironically the Thursday night show did a 2.8, one of the biggest ratings it’s achieved since the column started. The only explanation I can come up with for Impact’s replay was the lead-in show. The movie “Predator” was the lead-in to the replay of Impact. It did a rating of 2.7. Obviously, fans of “Predator” love wrestling too. I know in the case of local news’ ratings when the lead-in show has good numbers; it helps the news have a good rating. In turn, a poor lead-in show leads to poor news ratings. This seems to have affected the replay of Impact in the same way.

Smackdown continued its consistently strong numbers again this week as it was the 2nd most watched show in Memphis Friday night, just behind “2Fast, 2Furious”.

In a surprise, RAW dropped over 2 points this week. Going in I thought the number might have dropped a lil’ bit because of Major League Baseball’s Home Run Derby and after seeing Josh Hamilton put on a clinic in the Derby (which I couldn’t quit watching) I was convinced that RAW’s number was gonna be lower. I was not expecting that much of a drop. The Derby drew a 4.2 and it obviously affected RAW’s final number. The good thing about RAW’s numbers this week was consistency. Both hours drew the same rating with the same share. At least they kept the audience they had.

Sanford and Son and The Andy Griffith Show, which runs in the old Memphis Wrestling timeslot, drew a 3.7 and 3.5 respectively.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 7-10-08

Final Rating: 2.8 [45,445 viewers] 4 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.1 [34,084 viewers], 2.0 [32,461 viewers], 3.1 [50,314 viewers], 2.7 [43822 viewers]

2nd hour: 2.7 [43,822 viewers], 3.2 [51,937 viewers], 2.9 [47,068 viewers], 3.7 [60,052 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7-11-08

Final Rating: 5.5 [89,2667 viewers] 9 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 4.9 [79,528 viewers], 5.2 [84,397 viewers], 4.8 [77905 viewers], 6.0 [97,382 viewers]

2nd hour: 6.3 [102,251 viewers], 5.3 [86020 viewers], 5.2 [84,397 viewers], 6.3 [102,251 viewers]

TNA Impact Replay 7-12-08

Final Rating: 2.4 [38,953 viewers] 4 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 3.0 [48,691 viewers], 2.5 [40,576 viewers], 2.5 [40,544 viewers] , 2.7 [43,788 viewers]

2nd hour: 2.3 [37,301 viewers], 2.2 [35,679 viewers], 2.3 [37,301 viewers], 2.1 [34,057 viewers]

WWE A.M. 7-13-08

Final Rating: 0.9 [14,596 viewers] 3 share

Quarter hours: 1.4 [22,705 viewers], 1.0 16,218 viewers], 0.8 [12974 viewers], 0.6 [9731 viewers]

WWE Raw 7-14-08

Final Rating: 5.0 [81,089 viewers] 7 share

1st hour: 5.0 [81,089 viewers] 7 share

Quarter hours: 5.0 [81,089 viewers], 5.2 [84332 viewers], 4.7 [76,224 viewers], 5.1 [82,711 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.0 [81,089 viewers] 7 share

Quarter hours: 4.9 [79,467 viewers], 5.4 [87,576 viewers], 5.0 [81,089 viewers], 4.9 [79,467 viewers]

Overrun: 4.6 [74,602 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.12.08

----Persiful Poindexter the 3rd beat The Official…Silas beat Blake…Chris Steel beat Midnight Cowboy…”Fabulous” Luke Graham Jr beat JD Kerry…”Natural Born Playas” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] beat “Leprechauns” [Lucky/Lethal]…Rik Burton retained the RWA Title beating Ron Rage.

“POB” [Midnight Cowboy and Ron Rage] came out at the beginning to comment on the actions of Rik Burton and the Rat Pack. Setting up the fight for the main event.

PP3 Challenged the Official again and pinned him one more time. The Official seems to be on the verge of snapping and even looked the other way during some of the matches.

Silas was even more brutal than usual. He beat a new comer to the RWA. Blake got destroyed by Silas.

POB's The Midnight Cowboy came out to face Chris Steel and with the help of Classy Melton Massy Steel got the win. Raven was out with Cowboy and so was Rottn Randy. I would have thought that the two of them could neutralize the Classy one. We will see what happens next week.

Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. came out and did an old school heel mic spill. It was a great spill and the younger guys should take lessons. He had the crowd so mad at him some of them had to be physically restrained. He then had a fight with JD Kerry. Kerry has really won the crowd over here in the RWA. Luke just worked the young Kerry over and made him submit. Graham insists on being called Fabulous Luke Graham from now on.

Ron Rage lost his match with Rik Burton by count out. He ran after Classy Melton Massy after he laid his hands on Raven his wife. Ron asked the owner of the RWA for another match and he wants a street fight for the title. Rik agreed but only after Rik told Ron that the only way he gets the title match is to put up his wife. If Ron win's this Saturday he gets the title. If he loses then Burton gets his wife as his personal valet.

----Great crowd of 100+ to see the show…I was told the crowd was loud and rowdy…They drew normal numbers after that big show last week, but they also had the NEA Car Show at the forest and ball tourneys in town...Some of the booking here reminds me of old Mid South with the "Rat Pack" and World Class with the valet stip for next week.

"Flashback" July, 1984 by Mark James

This Week We Flashback To July 1984 Part I

A few weeks ago I did a flashback that ended up focusing on many of the great stars who have passed far too early. Thinking back on it, I wanted to revisit 1984 because Memphis was busting at the seams with talent, (and I didn’t want my only commentary about it to be on the bad stuff.)

At the time I was a 17 yr old kid, just about to start my senior year of H.S. I hate to think what trouble I was getting into that summer. As busy as I was and even though it’s 23 years later, I can remember these cards like they were yesterday.

The first card up is for July 02, 1984.

The first match that jumps out to me is Dutch Mantell and Porkchop Cash defeating Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo. I had forgotten all about Dutch and Porkchop teaming up. I really enjoyed both of them throughout their careers. I saw Porkchop at the Memphis reunion show 2 years ago and he’s still a great performer. Savage and Poffo were getting huge heat at the time for piledriving Ricky Morton on the announcers table the previous week.

Also on the card, Eddie Gilbert and Tommy Rich lost to Phil Hickerson and the Spoiler (Frank Morrell). Austin Idol lost to Ito, (don’t really remember him.) Lawler was in the middle of a great feud with Ric Rude and his valet, Angel. The King also came back later that night and won the 24 man battle royal. Over all it was an Ok card with a decent attendance number
of 6,749.

Next up is July 09, 1984

It was always a big main event whenever Lawler and the Fabulous Ones would
team up. On this night, though outnumbered, they defeated a completely
overwhelmed Rude, Jime Neidhart, the Animal (not LOD), Jimmy Hart & Angel.

Also on the card, King Kong Bundy debuted and won his 2 on 1 handicap match.
Tommy Rich had a good night as he won the International Title from Mr Ito.
The Rock n Roll Express got some revenge against the team of Savage and
Poffo from the piledriver from 2 weeks earlier. This match had to be stopped
and that would set up a bigger match the following week. Attendance was

The next card was on July 16, 1984

First thing from this week was Tommy Rich continued his winning streak by
defeating Rick Rude for the Southern Heavyweight title. At the time, Memphis
had 2 big, singles titles (Southern & International titles), and now Tommy
Rich held both of them.

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson finally got their revenge on Randy Savage and
Lanny Poffo, by defeating them in a grudge match. Jerry Lawler didn’t fair
as lucky and was defeated by King Kong Bundy in a special challenge match.
The King also teamed with USFL Memphis Showboat, Ron Mikolajczyk and fought
to a no contest with Rick Rude and Jim Neidhart. Phil Hickerson and the
Spoiler (Morrell), won the held up Southern tag titles by defeating Dutch
Mantell and Porkchop Cash. Attendance was up this week, at 6,813

Next week I’ll cover the final 2 cards of July 1984. Lawler, Rude, Bundy,
Savage, Rock n Roll Express, Fabs, Road Warriors, Handsome Jimmy, they’re
all there.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling - Episode 52

Airing July 5, 2008 on Comcast 74 in Nashville
For entertaining audio reviews of SAW and Nashville’s other wrestling TV show, NWA Main Event, check out Jerkin’ the Curtain radiowith Trent Van Drisse and Tommy Stewart.

Michael St. John and Reno Riggins were at ringside for an opening segment chock full of news. Today’s main event: the first ever SAW International Championship match with Damian Adams defending against Kid Kash. Former SAW TV Champion Chris Michaels had been re-signed and was in the house with Sean Casey and his Freak Squad. Shawn Shultz had indeed collected the $10,000 bounty on the head of TJ Harley at the close of last week’s show.


Armor was in full control right from the opening bell. Miss Boogie came out on the ramp to scout again. Armor readjusted Cane’s grill with a corner and dropkick and did Punk’s climbing knee strike/bulldog combo for a near fall. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Cane went to closed fists and lots of ‘em. Cane cut off Armor’s stinging chop comeback with an eye rake but not for long. Armor pinned Cane with a reverse DDT backbreaker into a driving lariat.

WINNER: Armor at 2:45. Good debut. Cane was the perfect opponent. Armor is not a big guy but he looked huge next to Cane. Armor’s looks owes something to Alex Shelley.

(Commercial break)

MSJ was joined in the interview area by Shultz and a hot blonde in a very short dress. Shultz introduced her as Rachel Worthington, the rich bitch behind the bounty on Harley. Shultz bragged about the spending spree he went on with the $10,000. This included the purchase of an iphone and The Best of Michael Bolton. Shultz kept referring to St. John as “Michael St. Jimmie” as he gleefully drooled over Miss Worthington. “TJ Harley, I told you I would walk back into your life one day, and here I am,” said Miss Worthington. She’s green about pro wrestling, but coming from outside that warped world may be a good thing for this role.


Haskins was immediately distracted by Miss Worthington. Shultz gave him a wicked beating including some nasty back elbows to the ear. Shultz blew a kiss at Worthington and came up empty on a hell bent charge into the corner. Haskins fired back. He ducked an enzuigiri and caught Shultz with an Oklahoma Roll for a near fall. Shultz went for his trademark DDT, but Haskins countered nicely with a Northern Lights suplex. Haskins went for broke with a flying body press. Crash and burn. DDT. 1-2-3.

WINNER: Shultz at 2:47 with the DDT. Shultz had the cold-blooded aggression you want to see in a mercenary soldier. Haskins’ striking stinks, but his other stuff looked crisp and he takes a hell of a beating.

The bumper was Chase Stevens commenting on his upcoming match against Chris Michaels. Stevens said his partner was MIA; he would need eyes in the back of his head with Casey and the Freak Squad at ringside. Stevens said if Michaels had done something to one of those women, he was in for it.

(Commercial break)

MSJ was joined at ringside by High Society (Sean Casey & Chris Michaels with the Freak Squad – Lexi Pillman, Tiana and Fallon.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the great white of professional wrestling has returned to S. A. W., Chris Michaels.
Michaels said he was back to join his former partner (from OVW) Casey. MSJ inquired about the names of the freaks. Casey called it “Sexy Sean and Cocky Chris’ Rock of Love” and said it didn’t matter what the names were. Casey grabbed Fallon and said freaks that don’t listen end up wearing sunglasses at night.
At this point, Stevens attacked High Society to start the match.

3 – CHRIS MICHAELS (with Sean Casey and the Freak Squad) vs. CHASE STEVENS

Stevens was all over Michaels at the start. MSJ brought up the black eye that was hidden by Fallon’s sunglasses. The announce team abhorred the possibility of domestic violence. Michaels posted Stevens’ shoulder, and Casey jackhammered Stevens with punches on the floor. Casey’s constant interference was interspersed with some major league looking offensive from Michaels – a short arm clothesline and a power drive back suplex. At the first hint of a comeback, Casey tripped Stevens up. The crowd chanted Chase’s name. Stevens fired back but ate a boot charging in, and Michaels used a jackknife for a two count. Stevens appeared to bleeding from the bridge of the nose. Casey got in another cheap shot. Lexi swiped at the blood. Michaels reversed an Irish Whip with Stevens selling the bump like he was shot out of a cannon. A series of great looking punches had Michaels reeling, so Casey pulled Stevens out. Stevens fought back against Casey, but Michaels suplexed Stevens back to the inside for a near fall. Out of nowhere, Stevens caught Michaels with a flying crucifix for the pin.

Post-match: High Society laid Stevens out with a double team. Where’s Andy Douglas? Adam Armor made the save with a golden chair. Reno said that was Andy Douglas’ usual role.

WINNER: Chase Stevens in 8:16. Solid match. These two have wrestled each other many times and work very well together. For the story they wanted to tell, the match could have been a couple of minute shorter. Casey’s interference was getting redundant by the end.

(Commercial break)

With “White Rabbit” playing in the background, we saw some newsreel footage from World War II. The unmistakable voice of Marc Anthony addressed his imaginary troops ala General Patton.

Gentleman, I told you for the last two months that the only way to defeat the enemy is to infiltrate their camps, walk in their shoes, and we did just that. On their very soil, we defeated them. Gentleman! I know you’re tired and you’re hungry, but we must march on to the North. We’re going to the North. We’re marching on. It’s time to hit The Bakery.

Translation: SAW’s building, a converted bakery, is north of the Fairgrounds where Anthony’s former employer, NWA Main Event runs their shows.

If what goes down once Anthony arrives in Millersville is half as good as these vignettes, I can hardly wait.

MSJ was at ringside awaiting the arrival of Miss Boogie. He got Rob Roy McCoy instead. McCoy said once again he had no opponent in “the home of the gutless. Aclip of McCoy’s attack on Damian Adam from last week aired. Out came Jeff Jamison. Jamison said he had something to prove, because nobody had ever attacked his hand like McCoy had. Jamison demanded a shot at revenge. “Hurt me tonight, McCoy. Hurt me tonight.” McCoy was amused.

Don’t feel special because of your funny little hand. Don’t feel special, because being born in this country is a disability.

McCoy asked if SAW wanted to see him beat the feeble American reject defect. SAW BOD member Mike arrived to say there was no time for a match. He told Jamison they could go to the back and sign it for next week. McCoy asked the crowd how badly they wanted to see the feeble defect kick his ass. McCoy climbed into the ring with Jamison hot on his tail.


Jamison tackled McCoy from behind and started wailing on him. Jamison was going to wild to the point all McCoy could do was cover up. The action spilled to the outside. MSJ brought out the fact that it was McCoy’s attempt to maim Jamison that led to his suspension. Riggins said Jamison had lost his mind and who could blame him after being called a defect? McCoy eventually locked Jamison in a front chancery and beat the holy hell out of him. McCoy tried to bring a chair into the ring. The announce team yelled for the ref Jess Fields to step up. Fields looked utterly intimidated as he took the chair away. McCoy applied his variation of the crossface chickenwing for the tap out.

Postmatch: No way McCoy was breaking the hold. Senior ref Kurt Herron, Sircy and Riggins all ended up in the ring pulling at McCoy. It was almost a full two minutes of TV before he let loose.

WINNER: McCoy via submission at 2:33. McCoy is gold. I’ll be writing that every week. Credit to Jamison as well. He rose to the occasion. I think they’ve gone about as far as they can go with the deal where McCoy refuses to relinquish the hold.

Adams promo accompanied by clips of his previous encounters with Kash. Adams said that rather than working his way up, Kash cheated his way up. Adams admitted he was not at 100%, but he would give 120%. He finished with a speech in Spanish.

(Commercial break)

5 – SAW International Championship Match: DAMIAN ADAM (c) vs. KID KASH

Kash tried to block Adams from getting in the ring. Riggins said the psych job was starting. As soon as the bell rang, Kash took a hiatus at ringside. Like 60 seconds worth, and Herron never started a count. Then, Damian showed Kash that the crowd was behind him. Kash shot for a single leg and worked into an ankle lock. Adams reversed it and they ended in the ropes. Kash took another TO. Adams grabbed an armbar. Kash unceremoniously threw him down by the hair and whined at Herron about Damian’s cheating.

(Commercial break)

Kash was focusing his attack on Damian’s knee. MSJ informed the viewers that during the break, Damian had gone for a flying knee strike and hit the turnbuckles. Kash wrapped Damian’s leg around the ringpost. Damian was in agony. Herron admonished Kash but again, no count. Back inside, Kash challenged Reno. Kash applied pressure to ankle with a grounded leglock. Cut to a close up of the new International belt. A thing of beauty, however, the inscription says “Southern Heavyweight Title.” When Damian broke free, Kash dropped him with a low blow. Kash applied a figure four using the ropes for extra leverage. Herron eventually caught Kash’s red-handed. Kash continued his relentless attack on the knee. He made four consecutive pin attempts. Damian kicked out of all of them. Damian made a full-fledged, albeit gimpy, comeback that lacked full power. He went for the bicycle kick. Kash ducked it. Kash caught Damian with his and kicked him in the gut. Kash pinned Adams clean with a picture perfect brainbuster.

WINNER: Kash with the brainbuster at 14:17 to become the new SAW International Champion. Match got off to a very slow start. Second half with Kash using an assortment of holds to destroy Damian’s knee was good stuff. The sustained crowd support for Adams was impressive. You could have heard a pin drop when he lost. This feud has elevated him to top level babyface status. Too bad he’s not going to be around (see below).

Kash said he was sick of St. John and shoved him aside. Kash claimed he had been a champion everywhere in the world, in every company, and no man had ever beaten him. Kash issued a challenge to every wrestler in the back, any wrestler in the industry, or anybody in the freaking building.

I’m Kid Kash, and I’m the best in the freaking world.

Closing Thoughts: Good show. It wasn’t going to top the previous episode. With over 30 minutes of wrestling versus six, it was the polar opposite of last week’s show. One of things that has changed here, is SAW now has the inring talent to do a quality show that is primarily wrestling if they choose. The roster is so much deeper than it was two months ago. Who would have believed that the anniversary show would have no Paul Adams, no A Team, no Indian Nation and no Boogie Woogie Boy or Arrick Andrews? The title change came as a surprise to me, as it appeared the program with Kash was strengthening him for an even longer run. Unfortunately, Damian’s run was cut short. He had been based in Louisville with OVW, but after they lost their development deal with WWE, he made the decision to move back to New Jersey. Weak referees are a pet peeve of mine, and both refs looked impotent at times during this episode. SAW is working hard in so many areas to make things credible and logical. That should apply to the refereeing as well.

Lawler Talks About The New Memphis Wrestling Show!!

----Jerry "The King" Lawler had the following to say in local Memphis sports magazine about the new Memphis Wrestling show.

What’s Going On Memphis Wrestling Right Now?

“It has been in reruns because Clear Channel sold some stations and our CW30 was one of them. We were asked to go to reruns so they could show a better bottom line. They were probably spending around $6,000 a week on the production of our show, and recouping the cost through sales. In the mean time, WWE decided to leave CW and we are going to change as well. We are going to MyNetworkTV and back to Saturday mornings at 11:00 o’clock. They don’t have a studio, but we are in talks with Southland Park abut taping it there.”

----Thanks to "Ratings Man" Ron Guidry for giving us the "heads up" on this story and Chad Anderson has it over at 901Blog also. You can got to and read the whole story. I really think if Southland Park can get a studio "feel" to it, then it would be a good place to tape TV. Access to the Park is right off the interstate and would be good for them. I know I am not the only one thinking this, but doesn't Lawler look to be showing his age on the cover??

Final Word...

----Jimmy Blaylock has posted his response to my Coach's Corner from yesterday. You can CLICK HERE to read it. This is my final post on the subject. There were only a few things that Blaylock said that I want clear. #1: Whether he believes it or not - the show was not planned to be about him and his message board. #2: I only pointed out the and message board bans because I thought they were childish acts - nothing more. #3: It makes me wonder if this is the first time that Blaylock has ever heard negative things about himself. I read bad things about myself every day - mainly on his message board - you just got to take and get on with it. And, as I said, my heat has never been with Blaylock personally [we might not agree on a lot of stuff], but it is mainly that message board.

RassleResults: SPWA Pulaski, TN 7.11.08

Main Event: Travis Locke & Jay Kraft vs. Hoss Williams& Brawler Rex

Locke and Kraft won by countout

Semi-Main Event: Travis Locke vs. Don Bass (SPWA Champion)

Travis won by dq due to outside interference by Rex and Hoss. Don Bass retains his SPWA title.

Second Match: Jay Kraft vs. Hoss Williams

Jay won by DQ after Hoss tried to hit him with the bullrope

Opening Match: Travis Locke vs Brawler Rex (SPWA TV Champion)

Travis pinned Rex but the Referee reversed the decision after Rex claimed Travis hit him with a chain. The referee found a chain in Travis' possession. Therefore Rex retained his TV title.

It was announced at tonight's show that SPWA Commissioner Dirty Rhodes had appointed Johnny Berry as the new matchmaker for the SPWA.

Credit: Hoss Williams @

----Was this the original Dirty Rhodes???

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 7.11.08

Stan Lee over Justin Smart after a frogsplash

Baron Malkavain over Rockin' Randy by rolling through a cross-body attempt and pulling the tights

Dell Tucker over L.A.W. Tag Team Champions Chris Rocker and Slim Pickens by Double Count-Out in a Triple Threat match

Derrick King & L.A.W. Champion Flash Flanagan over Austin Lane & 2008 Freedom Cup Winner Idol Bane in a HARDCORE MATCH

L.A.W. President Jeff O'Dell came out at the top of the show and made the main event for the night of Flash Flanagan defending the title against Idol Bane, as well as Dell Tucker vs the L.A.W. Tag Team Champions in a Triple Threat match. After the opening match, Flash Flanagan came to the ring and called out Idol. Idol hit the ring and the two brawled all over the building. After several minutes of action, Austin Lane came out and attacked Flash. Derrick King made the save, and then Flash and DK challenged Austin and Idol to a tag team hardcore match for later in the night.

During the Triple Threat match, Jeff O'Dell came to the ring and ordered the champs to "beat Tucker's ass". After several minutes, the champs left the ring in disgust and allowed themselves to be counted out, giving Tucker the win. Tucker's knee was injured during the match, and O'Dell took advantage afterwards by climbing into the ring and going to work on the knee. Rocker and Slim returned to ring to make the save. O'Dell got on the mic and announced that next week, it would be Rocker and Slim defending the titles against the former champions, Trailer Park Trash, in a TABLES MATCH. Rocker got on the mic and said that Trailer Park Trash won't have the guts to show up, so O'Dell better find them another opponent.

Austin attempted to use powder in the main event, but it backfired when he hit Idol instead. Austin was then superkicked by DK and pinned. After the match, Idol hit DK with the Ghost of Andy Kaufman and jumped out of the ring. Flash got on the mic and said he wants Idol next week, Title vs. Cup, and told Jeff O'Dell to make the match. O'Dell did, so next week (7/18) it will Flash Flanagan vs. Idol Bane, L.A.W. Championship vs. Freedom Cup!

----60+ in the building and they were loud...Greg Anthony was on a personal vacation, so this why he was not here or TLCW this weekend....Good to see guys like Smart and Lane coming in to work LAW. This crew might be the best in the area right now...I believe this was the first time meeting EVER of Lane vs DK.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Shooting The Shiznit" This Thursday!! "Free-For-All" !!!

----After the "success" of last week's show, STS is in the same format this week!! If you have ever wanted to call in and talk about anything related to wrestling, then this Thursday is the day to call. Brian Tramel and Brian Thompson will present 1hour of "Free-for-all" and they want you to call in and ask thought provoking questions or just to BS!! Join them PRIME TIME on Thursday night at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM!! Call[347] 838-8101!!!

Coach Corner "You Say, I Say 2008 Edition"

----The opening pages of Yearbook 2007 has a discussion that was started by Sir Mo along with others with their opinions. I then went along and gave my opinions on various things. Here is the 2008 version with the whole “Shooting the Shiznit” controversy. First let me comment on stuff that Jimmy Blaylock said in his column about this situation.

“question was WHY COULDN'T HE HAD PUSH THE OTHER TALENT WHO WORKED THE SHOW FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS... I guess Derrick King didn’t UNDERSTAND what I posted...but of course he jumped to his own conclusion as the rest of the guest did on that radio show”

----I never seen where Jimmy personally questioned this?? Was it under one of those aliases?? The question should not have even been asked; because even RWA Frank Martin was happy with the push the radio station gave his product. And, my point was and still is – if I had been on the show – knowing it was going to draw that many people – I would have cared less if my name was on the radio or not. Also, think about it – it is a radio show not a wrestling TV show.

Brandon Baxter "Is The Man"..don’t care if he ever says your name on the air" That’s fine with you BT but it wasn’t fine with most of the other workers who actually worked the show when I was there....What could it have hurt to push the other talent working on the show?? WHY?? You talking about blowing something out of proportion, it happened on that radio show.....

----This really goes to show me and others that to most of the workers in this area it is all about the ME factor and not the WHOLE SHOW factor. Jimmy was part of the show last year and must have felt slighted at either not being mentioned or not being on the show this year.

BT should be ashamed of getting ONE Side of the story....talking about what I posted and not asking me to be on the show ...(sigh)......I could care less if you get your panties in a wad asking such a simple question and all of you guys blowing in out of proportion for over an hour on that radio show....

----So all of this is clear. If everyone will go back and look at the post I made last week about the show it was a “Free-for-all” and anyone was asked to call in if they wanted to call in. None of this was predetermined or worked. There was never a format laid out for all this to happen. In reality, I had sent Brian an e-mail about various things and it mainly just said, “talk about weekend shows”. I actually texted Derrick King a couple of days before the show, but did not expect him to call in because he had forgot the last couple of times we had planned. I also talked with Frank Martin about coming on the show, but he did come on. Loose Cannon had contacted me earlier in the week that he thought about calling in – I told him to call as we were doing a “Free-For-All”. I had also texted Brandon Baxter, but did not expect him to call, but offered it. Hales had e-mailed that letter that I read about 15 minutes before the show started to air and I e-mailed him back to tell him to give us a call if you want. [I didn’t expect him to and he told me afterwards he really didn’t plan to call. ] None of this was “planned” – it just happened. When Cannon came on trying to babyface, then I got a little hot under the collar and then it all went from there. I never invited Blaylock, because…well it was not a show about him, because he was not on the event. But, he like everyone had the chance to call in.

You people just blew everything out of the water. That really shows you how unprofessional you people can be.

----Unprofessional?? What is unprofessional is how that message board is open for anyone to anything about anybody. Horrible. I also find it very unprofessional that many people who might support me or work for my site [including myself] have been ban from the message board or had things removed. There were even some people that Blaylock removed from his myspace because they are considered my friends. And you accuse me of getting my panties in a wad??

----I do not plan to exclude mention of Jimmy Blaylock or his web site. I don’t plan to try to ban people from my board that would say something good about Jimmy. I will not ask my columnists and reporters to not include items they might find of interest from that site. I also, because I know there are many that read this site that don’t read his site, will continue to post the local results that his site provides that I do not have access to such as TFW, All Pro, EWP and ICWF.

Now to the trolls…..

Hey Hollywood, You find out who your true friends are one way or another. Brian giggles like a little girl when he 's reading that message. He claim to be your friend, he never was your friend,
Kenny, MS

----I never noticed that I laughed like a little girl, but so be it I guess. LOL I read that message from Randy Hales and thought it was funny. I thought it was ironic that a guy that has not been around wrestling in a long time could go on that message board and find out what kind of trash that is on it. I am not sure Randy’s hatred was really directed mainly towards Blaylock [he would have to answer that] – I think it was towards the message board. And how can you tell by just the way I am reading it whether I am friends with Jimmy or not?? That is funny. Friends is a big word to use – Jimmy and I have always been cordial and any hard feelings towards Jimmy I have ever had – they have been addressed in the past. I have never claimed to be a fan of his message board.

BT is always putting down this message board calling it the bathroom wall and talking bad about it all the time. But tell everybody BT why do you come on here always advertising your pathetic little website?A
nswer This BT

----Well, this was answered [sort of] by “I Have That ?” when he said that I advertise on that message board, because I know a lot of people visit it. Plain & simple – you think companies that advertise on shows like “Family Guy” or radio shows like “Howard Stern” actually agree with everything the shows are saying?? Have you ever seen me on the message board do anything, but advertising?? Surprise!! I sign my real name to everything.

bt was gigglin like a little girl when randy hale said f hollywood f loose cannon f the website bt is a backstabber and that proves it all

----There goes that “little girl” reference again. LOL As I have said – yes – I did get pleasure out of the fact that Hales seen the message board for what it is – trouble starting shit stirring trash. Take a look at it today – more of the Huey saga with Lady Vixen. That stuff does not belong in a public forum. That is just my opinion though and Blaylock seems to like the board the way it is – so be it.

I never heard of so much ass kissing that BT did on that radio show. It made me sick to listen to it.
The Damn Truth

----Wow!! I laugh like a girl and I kiss ass. Yes that is me. Have you ever watched a TV talk show?? I mentioned this when Brian Thompson and I had finished interviewing Kevin White. I am doing nothing more than they are when they have guests that they find enjoyable. I was even accused of being too nice to Blaylock when he was on the show. The show was fun to bounce off intelligent wrestling people like Randy Hales, Brian Thompson and Derrick King. Loose Cannon was even a good edition until he started babbling about people seeing different colors and such – what was that bullshit?? LOL

BT has never been anywhere or done anything. hes always been a wannabe manager who carried a clipboard and begged folks to be on shows. he begged IWF back in the day and he begged LAW, and others and now he writes his little articles on the net cause he doesnt have what it takes to be a wrestling manager.
The Truth

----Aside from “The Truth” NEVER getting past the 3rd grade, there is some truth in what was said. #1 – I have never claimed to go anywhere or do anything. I just state what I have done – you can take for that. I never begged to be with IWF or LAW. I have explained this before on my site, but I started this web site as I way to continue to be “in” the business and spend more time with my kids. As bad of a manager that I everyone assumes I was – I could call right now and get dates almost every weekend.

Did you hear that BT even made fun of BB and Randy Hales for being together. They better watch out what they tell BT.
Did you Hear

----That was a misunderstanding on your part. I laughed because they were seen together in Popular Bluff at TNA sitting together. It was ask that it be kayfabed to me, because those guys even wanted to work me on the angle. I actually like it better that way – because then I can never see what is coming.

Most of shows was good until us fans was forced to watch the Baxter and Hales feud then from there wrestling was at it’s worst and the rating went down.
Travis Morris, Germantown

----Randy can defend himself on all of this if he feels he has to, but I would like to make a few comments on this. I was one also that believed that Hales/Baxter feud was something that I didn’t want to see and no one else did either. Some of my longtime heat with Hales was over comments made about that. I admit I was wrong. That feud drew record rating numbers [I believe one of the highest in Power Pro history] and they did four strong months of gates in Jonesboro, AR. It was a successful feud whether you or I liked it or not. During the Power Pro days they had a way of judging what was getting over and not. [and this would be a great key for Corey Maclin, because we publish the ratings here every week] – it was the ratings. They would put the ratings in quarter hours and study what was getting over and not. If it wasn’t getting over – then they canned it. If it got over – they pushed it.

Travis told the truth about Hales and Hales shouldn't have cussed nobody but himself. I rather watch Hollywood than Randy Hales anyday.
Chevy Man

----This is like comparing apples and oranges and is just a personal opinion that borders ass kissing also. Who would I vote as “Manager of the Year” right now?? Probably Jimmy Blaylock, because I consider him to be the best in this area. But, to compare Blaylock with what Hales did in the business, well there is no comparison. Hales was for many years with a successful wrestling company that on an average worked 6 shows a week. Hales’ name is imbedded in Memphis Wrestling history, just as names like Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Eddie Marlin and Eddie Gilbert. Like it or not – it is the truth. It is also the truth that you probably will never see Hales or me on “Conan O’Brien” either, so good for Jimmy.

How did Hollywood get that private message? Did BT send it to Hollywood trying to stir the pot?

----I really hope everyone has figured that one out by now. After the radio show went off, the microphone was not turned off and it kept recording. I was talking on the phone and reading the message to someone. It was a private message, but I knew Hales would not care me sharing it with Brian Thompson. It was first reported on Trent Van Drisse’s message board and I got a call from Psycho that night about it. My first reaction was “oh shit!” and then after listening to it; I felt Hales would say exactly what I thought he would say when I called him about it – “I don’t give a shit.” I felt it was a major snafu and I was little embarrassed about it at first, but I did say it and was not going to delete it unless it offended Hales.


----Now I really missed that one?? I do not remember being with Ron Horn?? You guys will have to ask Ron about that one. LOL

I do think BT is scared his website is not getting the hits it used to thanks to the Wrestling News Center so he's doing everything in his power to destroy his competition.
Worker, MS

----I do not consider the Wrestling News Center competition. Maybe so in the first few months, but then Blaylock pretty much took his whole site in a different direction. My website has continued to have visitors and no one has left to just go over to that site. It was proof when the awards nominees were so different – it made me think that the visitors of this site do GET IT. I also try to continue to change it to improve it. This site was designed to put the guys over in this area and I think it continues to accomplish the job. I will take my hard working staff of Gene Jackson, Brian Thompson, Sal Corrette, Ron Guidry, Mark James and sometimes Larry Goodman over the WNC staff any day of the week.

----I do not plan to exclude mention of Jimmy Blaylock or his web site. I don’t plan to try to ban people from my board that would say something good about Jimmy. I will not ask my columnists and reporters to not include items they might find of interest from that site. I also, because I know there are many that read this site that don’t read his site, will continue to post the local results that his site provides that I do not have access to such as TFW, All Pro, EWP, SPWA and ICWF.

----Finally, do I have heat with Blaylock?? Nah. I don’t see it that way. He and I see things differently when it comes to message boards, web sites and promoting wrestling. Although my way is the right way, I will still always hold my hand out to shake hands – that doesn’t mean that I am going to agree with everything he says or does. If the opportunity arises, then yes I would do business with him. When Blaylock is done with his tantrum, then maybe he will release the IP bans and tell his writers they can use material from my site again. All will then be ok in the land of kayfabdom.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 7.12.08

Results from EPW's debut show in Booneville, MS, Saturday night, 7-12-08:
The show was opened with the National Anthem, followed by prayer by Barney the Referee.
EPW owner & Promoter, Edith Poole, then came to ring side and called out Chris Fontaine, Justin Rhodes, Nick Grimes, and The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade). She stripped them all of their championships, saying that it was a new promotion and that all championships for EPW would be decided in future matches. She also relieved Robert Rose of his duties as manager of the Ghost Riders, since he is injured and does not have medical clearance to work. Lastly, she fired Jay Webster as Co-Commissioner, leaving Nathan Lee as Commissioner.
In the opening match Lil Devil defeated Kid-J.
Dalton Storm over Damion Rage & Danny Morris in a three way match.
Tysin Starr defeated Jay Webster & Cyrus in a handicap match.
"The Future" Chris Styles over "Prime Time" Nick Grimes, LSD, & Josh Matthews to win the EPW Extreme Championship.
"Dangerous" David Cox & "Ghetto King" Kilo Green defeated BJ Fuller & Slammer.
Izzy Rotten defeated Cassanova Kid.
In a strap match, JR Mauler defeated Bonecrusher. Prior to the match, JR announced that his partner, Kross was not there, but that he had sent his best friend "Jaba," from Jamaica, to be at ring side with JR. Out came "Jaba" who was obviously Kross dressed up as a Jamaican. Bonecrusher protested but to no avail. JR ended up winning the match, with the help of Jaba, and Bonecrusher had to take 10 lashes with a leather strap from JR. He was handcuffed to the turnbuckle, and JR & Jaba took turns whipping him. They did not seem to want to stop at 10, and Cassanova Kid ran in to make the save.
The main event was a "Tag Team Turmoil Battle Royal" for the EPW Tag Team Championship. This was an over-the-top-rope battle royal, and when one man was thrown over the top rope, both members of that tag team were eliminated. Teams participating were:
Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade)
PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine)
The Executioners (Axe & Dagger)
Sons of the South ("The Future" Chris Styles & Josh Matthews)
This was a wild match that was eventually won by PHAT Foundation, who are the first EPW Tag Team Champions.
Comments: I thought the show was a very good debut show. The arena has been re-done and many improvements have been made. (The restrooms were CLEAN!) The show moved along and was over at a reasonable time (10:30). All the workers did a good job and seemed to enjoy the show as much as the fans did. Edith has said she is bringing in some new workers in the weeks to come. I counted 72 people in the crowd, not sure how many paid. EPW is going to do well, and Edith and her crew are off to a very good start and are going to do a very good job.
Editorial Comment: Edith has received a large amount of undue and unfair criticism on the message boards from one or two individuals who post anonymously. These idiots just can't stand that Edith is doing things right and is off to a good start. For some reason they feel the need to post absolute garbage and try to smear Edith, and don't even have the balls to post their names to all their crap. Here's a fact: EPW will succeed, like it or not. Edith is an impeccably honest individual. She is a professional. She will run things right. She will treat everyone fairly. She is respected, and rightfully so. She will succeed.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: TFW Tupleo, MS 7.15.08

At the last show an 8-man tag match was set up, Parental Advisory (Neil Taylor, Tony Dabbs, "The Studd" Scott Porteau, & Ryan SoFine) vs. Josh Matthews, Chop Top the Clown, Chris Styles, & Tysin Starr. One of the stipulations was that all participants in the match had to participate in a Womanless Beauty Review. The team of Josh/Chop/Chris/Tysin came to the ring dressed in drag as agreed. Josh & Chris looked like hookers, Tysin had on a blond wig and an evening gown, and Chop was dressed as a nun. Parental Advisory's music played, but they did not come out of the back. They said they were not coming out. They were then ordered to the ring and finally, after being ordered to do so several times, they came out of the back, also dressed in drag. All I can say is they looked like skanks. Words were exchanged and eventually everybody went to the back.
LSD defeated Jay Webster.
Max Steele defeated G-Mo Money & Bless w/Dirty Rell Mo. This was supposed to be a 5 on 1 handicap match, with all Mo Foundation members against Max. However, at the beginning of the match Dirty Rell Mo announced that Curly Mo was still in the hospital from the beating Max gave him 2 weeks ago, and that Chris Kilgore (who accompanied them to the ring) was also too injured to wrestle. DRM said that since he was a manager and not a wrestler, he would not be in the match either, although he could whip Max Steele all by himself. Max then came to the ring and said if he lost the match tonight, he would leave TFW, but if he wins, he gets Chris Kilgore next week. Kilgore said he was injured and would be unable to compete next week also, but that if Mo foundation loses the handicap match tonight, Max could have a match with Dirty Rell Mo. Max accepted, and the match was made. Shortly after the match started Referee Chris P. Fries ordered Kilgore to the back because he kept sticking his nose into the match. The referee was knocked down accidentally by Max Steele, and G-Mo, Bless, Dirty, and Chris Kilgore (who came back to the ring) ganged up on Max. Referee Joey Lynn eventually ran in and restored order, again sending Kilgore to the back. To make a long story short, Max Steele defeated Mo Foundation by pin fall. This Friday night, 7-18-08, it's Max Steele vs. Dirty Rell Mo. All of the other members on Mo Foundation are barred from ring side during the match.
TFW Champion Izzy Rotten defeated DC to retain.
Main event was the 8-man tag team match, Parental Advisory (Neil Taylor, Tony Dabbs, Studd, & Ryan SoFine) vs. Josh/Chop/Chris/Tysin. Parental Advisory's music played, but they did not come to the ring. then the music played for Josh/Chop/Chris/Tysin, and they came to the ring in their wrestling gear ready for the match. Parental Advisory's music played again, and again they did not come to the ring. They said they were not coming because someone had stolen their gear. They were ordered to come to the ring, and they finally did, dressed in drag. They said their stuff had been stolen and they were not going to wrestle dressed in drag. Eventually they were ordered into the ring, and had to wrestle dressed as skanks. This was a very entertaining match, absolutely hilarious, and it was eventually won by Josh/Chop/Chris/Tysin. The fight did not stop there, it went all over the building in several different directions. The Studd's dress was ripped off and he went running out of the arena through the back door in nothing but his BVD's. The fight eventually spilled out into the parking lot before finally being broken up.
End of show.
Approx. 100 in the crowd.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: ICWF Senatobia, MS 7.15.08

Ironman Championship Wrestling Federation match results from 7-12 in Senatobia, MS:
Chris Rocker & John Biscuit defeated Sarge O'Reilly & John Biscuit.
Indian Strap Match:
Colton Anderson defeated Jay "Lone" Wolf
Galon Ray defeated Erick Hayes.
"The Studd" Scott Porteau defeated "Big Daddy" Storm to become the first ICWF Champion.
Danny B. Goode defeated Brian SoFine.
Brody Hawk & "Big Daddy" Storm defeated The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) to win the ICWF Tag Team Championship.
Kamala w/Simply Smooth vs. Ironman 2000 w/Hollywood Slick Rick ended in a no contest ruling when both managers entered the ring and began brawling.
This was an outside show at Huey White Chevrolet in Senatobia. Admission was free. I have heard attendance estimates from 100 to 270. I was there and announced the show, and I would say 150 - 175. People were coming & going all during the show, so it's really hard to say for sure.
Opening match was a decent match. I was not particularly impressed with Biscuit.
Indian Strap match was OK. Jay "Lone" Wolf looked very rusty.
Gaylon Ray vs. Erick Hayes was a last minute addition to the card. I was not impressed with either of these guys.
Studd vs. Storm was a good match. Both of these guys worked their butts off.
Brian SoFine vs Danny B. was also a good match. Prior to the match Brian went fishing for fat people which is always entertaining.
Asylum w/Cyn vs. Brody & Storm was another good, solid match. Post match Cyn was on the receiving end of a double Alabama slam by Brody & Storm. Brody called Cyn "Cellulite Cyn" in a promo earlier in the show. Funny stuff.
Main event only went about 3 - 4 minutes before the managers jumped in and the match was thrown out. I was told that the match should have gone longer but one of the managers jumped in too early.
The heat was unbearable, but most of the crowd hung in and seemed to enjoy the show. This was ICWF's first event, and things went pretty well. Over all it was a good solid show. I was told that ICWF has two shows coming up in August. We will have details as soon as they are available.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----This was held at Huey White Chevrolet, who has been a long time sponsor for Kenny Valiant's All Pro Productions...This new group is book by Storm...Not sure how John Biscuit wrestled John Biscuit in that tag, but I would have loved to have seen that. LOL..."Party Boyz" tag team worked each other.

RassleResults: "Super Summer Showdown" TLCW Ripley, TN - DERRICK KING LEAVES TLCW!!

Bishop d. Stan Lee

Cody Melton/Dell Tucker d. Greg King/Slim Pickens

Christian Jacobs d. Alex Krisis [pictured - CJ has new haircut.]

Reggie B. Fine/Ike Tucker d. Shannon Lee/Matt Justice

Dustin Starr/Flash Flanagan d. Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels

TLCW Cruiserweight Title -Tables, Ladders, & Chairs Match
Baron Malkavain d. Rockin' Randy

Loser Leaves TLCW Match
Tatt2 d. Derrick King

The main event ended in controversy as Tatt2 was helped by not one but two uninvited "guests". In the end, the match was a no disqualification contest so the result will stand. Derrick King must leave TLCW.

----The attendance was about 110...I was told one of the "guests" was Jethro from Memphis Wrestling...Last year's "Super Summer Showdown" drew almost double in attendance - CLICK HERE to read the report from last year...Not sure where they are going with the storyline here, unless DK has some out of town dates?? He might come back as Spiderman. LOL...Where was "TGB" Greg Anthony??

Monday, July 14, 2008


I have seen the post on all the sites. I have heard the shows on the radio. I still can't believe that someone has to defend themselves because they put on a great event. The 4th in the forest is not a wrestling show, it is and always has been an event for the area of NE Arkansas to come together and celebrate the 4th of July. Now because 3 different companies have been involved and because of one person who works for me opens his mouth and says" I'm telling the truth" all of this comes to pass.

First let me say this and make it clear. Loose Cannon does not talk for the company nor does he have the right to represent the company unless I have given him permission. I have not in this case.

Second Loose Cannon told the truth but not the whole truth. The whole truth is what Brandon Baxter said in his response.

Third I had discussions with Brandon early on and we discussed the promotion of the RWA and he assured me we would get promo's. WE DID and I am happy with what the radio station did for us. I have advertised on the station since January on a weekly basis and they have always done a great job for me.

Now to answer everyone's question, yes most people wanted and came to see Brandon wrestle and Derrick and Ali and Rodney and the others. Those who were not mentioned came on late as the card changed as late as the week of the show. I was glad and honored to be a part of the 4th. It was good to meet those I had not met and see those I have not seen in a while. It really is a sorry day for Wrestling in general when a man like Brandon Baxter has to defend himself because he does a great job on the air and works for the most listened to station in the area.

Bottom line to those who have caused the up roar let it go run your promotions or keep working were your working and be happy and realize its an honor to even be in this business.

RassleResults: KAPOW Lenoir City, TN 7.12.08

Beau James kicked off the show with a promo absolutely SHREDDING apart the people and the town he wrestled in many years ago. He said it they all should be happy that the greatest superstar to ever step foot in Lenoir City was back.

Beau James defeated Trooper T when Beau used his feet on the ropes during the pinfall.

Johnny Williams defeated Dragon Dragon Jr.

Shawn Streets defeated Edward Idol. Robbie Race came to ringside at one point. Streets had Idol pinned and Race pushed Idols foot off the bottom rope while Referee Spur didn't see it.

The Rip defeated Johnathan McMurray. McMurray was bleeding from the mouth after the match. He took 2 chair shots to the ribs and Rips torture rack/bomb. I'll be trying to find out how is doing and give you all an update.

Sigmon defeated Shane Williams and Donovan Daniels to become the first ever KAPOW Heavyweight Champion.......Fan Favorite Sigmon pinned Shane Williams to capture the title. Post match Beau James came to the ring with the EWP Heavyweight Title. He convinced Sigmon on how they were gonna be the WORLD champion and how the KAPOW title stands for the Knoxville Area. EWP was gonna take them ALL OVER and he doesn't need the KAPOW belt. Sigmon fell for it and gave the title back to KAPOW because "The EWP belt is the only one that matters"!!?!?!?!?

Jeff Anderson pinned Robbie Race. Edward Idol came down to ringside for some revenge on Race. He placed some sort of foreign object on Jeff Anderson's loaded boot. Anderson then kicked Robbie Race right in the head and covered him.

KAPOW Officials had a meeting and returned to ringside with the KAPOW Heavyweight Title. Gene Restaino then announced that KAPOW promised the fans that there would be a KAPOW Heavyweight champion and they always deliever! KAPOW Officials declared that the KAPOW Heavyweight Title would be placed above the ring in the Main Event...ULTIMATE X!

Shane Andrews defeated Wayne Adkins in the ULTIMATE X match. Andrews was able to get the belt down first. Once again Beau James made his way to the ring (this time with Sigmon by his side). They tried to convince Andrews to also give the belt back and that under Beau's guidance he too could travel all over. Andrews nailed Beau with the belt. The numbers game caught up quick though and Sigmon and Beau got the upperhand on Andrews. They beat Andrews down and then tried hanging him from the rafters. Shawn Streets and Johnathon McMurray hit the ring with chairs. Beau and Sigmon had the fans heated and once they finally left it was to the crowd chanting "SIGMON SUCKS! SIGMON SUCKS!"

----120+ in the building...Loved the angle where Sigmon gave back the belt after winning it. [sort of a ECW spoof] Good idea for the promotion to put the belt up for grabs in the main event also..."Ultimate X" might be the most copied gimmick match of the last year.

Credit: Sliknik