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A Piece of my Mind July 26th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I want to write about two things this week. The first one is a house show that TNA ran in Little Rock , Ar on July 20th. I hear that the event drew about seventeen hundred people in an arena that holds twenty thousand people. I can honestly say that I believe TNA is coming around the corner. I have seen things that make me think that the light in the tunnel is not a speeding train. In so saying. there are also things that I am seeing that don’t make sense to me. Why come into a market that is known to be a bad wrestling market and to an arena that holds approximately four times as many people as you have ever drawn before. In the last year there were matches held at the old arena where Cowboy Bill Watts used to run in Little Rock. It had Hall and Nash (The Outsiders) and Kamala advertised. Also on the event were Koko B.Ware and Brian Christopher along with Jerry Lawler. It was a financial disaster for the guy running the show, the infamous Curley Womack, who has become more well known for not paying people that he owes money to. Some of the people on the list are Scott Steiner, Rikishi and myself. It was a show with some good names and heavy local promotion but it didn’t draw.

A few years ago WWE ran a PPV in Little Rock. I was at the local gym when Steve Richards recognized me from shows we had done together years earlier. When one of the office guys heard who I was they gave me a stack of tickets to give away for free to the show. This was a live PPV and I could have gotten multiple stacks of tickets. It hasn’t been a good wrestling market for a very long time. I have heard about other, what appeared to be strong events like a Cher concert, that didn’t sell out in the market either. I personally attended a Carrie Underwood concert at the Alltel arena a few months ago. It was sold out weeks in advance. She is one of the hottest acts in the country. That’s what it took to do "turn away" business in Little Rock. TNA is not a household name nor, at this point in time, a hot ticket. So why go into such a proven tough market?

If TNA is going to continue to do these things here is what I recommend for them. I think Dixie Carter believes that Spike TV is going to draw houses for them. I can tell you that is not the whole answer. When I was working for Jim Crockett, and TBS was sizzling hot, they would not go into any market where they didn’t have local television on the air as well. Spike TV is only a shadow on what TBS was for Pro Wrestling in those days. If I was TNA, I would be starting a grass roots campaign in the towns I was going to with live events. I would send someone with major exposure in advance to the town for scheduled events at schools, local radio, local television etc. You need to use someone who everyone will want to talk to. I would suggest Booker T at this point with his exposure. He should have no problem getting media coverage. If this isn’t a workable plan then they should get an eighties legend on payroll. There are many to choose from and you will find that they will have no problem getting media attention. Little Rock would have been a good place to reach out to someone like Koko B. Ware (no airfare) to send on the road with an office rep. All I am saying is that purchasing time on RAW in local markets isn’t the answer alone. It is a small part of the answer. TNA should take advantage of a grass roots approach if they are going to create interest in most markets.

I find what WWE is doing with Jim Duggan to be stupid, pathetic and border line insulting. It wasn’t that long ago that an over fifty Ric Flair was presented as someone who could challenge for a World Title. He could hang in the ring with Shawn Michaels and also be co-holder of a tag team championship. Now, all of a sudden, a fifty something Hacksaw Jim Duggan is an embarrassment to be in the ring? If you're Jerry Lawler how does it make you feel? You still have a very active in ring career on and off WWE TV. If the legends are so washed up why do I continue to hear how great the legends dolls do with Jakks Pacific? I don’t understand what WWE is trying to do with this whole thing. I am sure that somehow they will turn the tables and make the legends save face. But do you have to insult and embarrass someone to create an interest. This whole storyline could have been done in a more positive way and gotten the same or better result. The legends could have been praised and built up along the way not torn down and insulted. I don’t get the way they think in Stamford which leads me into my next statement.

When I was a referee everything was done to keep referees strong and keep the heat off of them. Of course we turned our backs at the right time. The heat was kept where it belonged on the heels. Don’t you wonder what genius sat in a meeting in Stamford and said "Hey lets turn referees into mindless babbling buffoons so we can help our business"? It really has to make you think who in the hell writes this crap?

This photo was taken at the wedding of Quickdraw Rick McGraw. It is of Rick's widow Lisa, Afa The Wild Samoan and Afa Jr who is working in FCW for WWE. The wedding party was held at the home of Angelo Salvati in Branford, Ct.

This has been a piece of my mind

Friday, July 25, 2008

Brian Teigland Passes Away Early This Morning!!

----Just got word that Brian Teigland, the Memphis weatherman who used to appear with Corey Maclin on the Memphis wrestling program passed away this morning at the age of 53. He actually been on most of the Memphis Wrestling shows this year during the "repeat" season. Below was posted on

MEMPHIS, TN - One of the Memphis area’s best known television news personalities died suddenly this morning. Brian Teigland, Chief Meteorologist for ABC24 and CW30’s Eyewitness News Everywhere, became ill at his home. Paramedics from the Memphis Fire Department worked to keep Teigland alive and took him to Germanton Methodist Hospital where he later died.

Teigland was a mainstay in Memphis television since the early 80’s. He was a weathercaster at WREG-TV for several years, before moving to Detroit to continue his career. He had been at ABC24 and CW30 for many years. Teigland was known by the staff of Eyewitness News Everywhere as a loving father to his children and a compassionate and caring friend to his coworkers.

“Brian was one of a rare breed in our industry. He cared more about others than himself. He was a loved and respected father to his children, a loving and loved husband, and a caring and compassionate friend to all those about whom he cared. It is hard to describe the incredible feeling of loss we have inside our newsroom today, because it isn’t just about losing a co-worker. It’s about losing someone we loved who was in the prime of his life. To say that we will miss Brian, more for what he did off the air than what he did on it, does not do justice to the grief and pain we all feel right now. There will be a huge void on our newscasts when it’s time for weather. There is an even bigger void in our hearts. The thoughts and prayers of the entire Eyewitness News Everywhere family go out to Brian’s loving wife Cindy, their children, and his extended family. I hope the entire Memphis area will offer the same,” said Eyewitness News Everywhere News Director Jim Turpin.

Funeral arrangements are pending. The staff of Eyewitness News Everywhere asks for your thoughts and prayers for the Teigland family, and for his extended family at work. Teigland will be greatly missed by all of those who knew and loved him.

Brian was 53.

Thanks to Tim Cousar.


----As this show gets closer, we will be talking more about the history of Kennett, MO and wrestling. I have a special place in my heart for the town as I promoted there with CCW and we had such a fun time running that town. There is a lot of CCW alumni going to be on this show. If you worked CCW and are not working this show, then please drop me an e-mail. I want to try to arrange a mini-reunion for that night for the guys that worked CCW. Below is the card..

Christian Jacobs Vs. Motley Cruz
The SOB's w/ Rob Justice VS. The Asylum
187 Vs. Austin Lane
Chris Rocker VS. Seth Knight
Ron Rage Vs. Justin "The Juice" Smart
John "Biscuit" Roberts Vs. Sgt. O'Riley

Tickets Locations are:

Charmed Children Consignments & More
114 W. Main
Malden, MO 63863

Kennett Express
1221 Independence
Kennett, MO 63857

Ken's Music
600 S. Bypass
Kennett, MO 63857

Daily Dunklin Democrat
203 First Street
Kennett, MO 63857 (Hint Hint) Front row are here! VIP Seat are Numbered!

Kennett Chamber of Commerce
1601 First Street
Kennett, MO 63857
(Hint Hint) Front row are here! VIP Seat are Numbered!

Tickets are:

$15 for VIP including Meet and Greet starting at 6PM

$10 Genaral Admission, Meet and Greet Available for an extra $10 including Autpgraphed Pictures.

Doors open at 5PM.

BTW, this will be a live taping for KBSI Fox 23 in Cape Girardeau, MO in Kennett, MO on August 22nd to air in September or October of 2008.

Prizes including a XBOX 360 to be given away all events this weekend.

Fan best poster contest!

The best poster by a fan voted by the fan wins $50!

RassleResults: EWP Alcoa ,TN 7.24.08

*Trooper T beat Wayne Adkins via pinfall after Wayne & Sigmon had a miscommunication and Trooper rolled Wayne up.

*"The Canadian" Devin Hart arrived in EWP touting the success of KFW and saying next week he was going to turn somebody on the roster into a superstar with his tutelage.

*Cody Ices defeated Squash Mountain (last minute sub for Shane Andrews who missed due to burns from fireball last week) via pinfall after a Death Valley Driver onto the knee.

*Tag Champions The Power TRIP defeated the Death Row Inmates after performing their rack/neckbreaker combo on Jason Maxx to retain the EWP Tag Team Championship.

*Keith Knox beat Beau James via pinfall after Wayne Adkins accidentally dropkicked Beau.

*Menace beat Chase Owens with the Package Piledriver.

*Sigmon retained the EWP Championship after Kole Layton King laid down for him (or pulled an "Idol"). After the match, Beau James challenged Stan Anderson to name an opponent for Sigmon next week and that opponent is Wayne Adkins who told Sigmon he was gonna kick his ass.

*"The Big Gun" Robbie Race beat Edward Idol via pinfall with what may have been a lil quick count from Dr. Tom Young. Robbie said he'd take on Edward again because he's not done kicking his ass and said he'll be coming for the EWP Championship.

Credit: Elfier

----80 in the building...Love that name - Squash Mountain!! LOL

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Shooting the Shiznit" is Ready!!

----Brian Thompson and Brian Tramel with “Shooting The Shiznit” were joined for about 30 minutes with Cody Melton. Melton talked about his training, Kevin White, his favorite match and his personal goals. Tramel & Thompson ramble on for rest of the hour, which is sure to draw some big downloads.


My 2 cents on the Mike Levy/IWA Mid South incident by Gene Jackson

Mike Levy incident

Well this video has been making the rounds lately and I finally got around to watching the whole thing today and I thought I'd throw in my comments on it for what it's worth. It seems after reading various message boards there are many different opinions on this situation and I have to admit I'm a little mixed in how I feel about it. I see a little of both sides. I have been known in the past to rough up guys who weren't properly trained who got in the ring with me. It was my feeling guys who got in the ring untrained (or think they knew how to "work" because they were backyarders) didn't respect the business or the other wrestler's safety by getting in their untrained and putting people at risk. So I wanted to try to drive them out by beating their ass and making them not want to get in their again. In one instance Neil Taylor and I were specifically told to go out and run in on two guys match and "make them not wanna come back". At the time I felt fine with it cause I thought it was bullshit those guys would get in there and shit on the wrestling business BUT in retrospect I should have been wanting to beat the promoter's ass for letting those guys in the ring. Think about it, it's the promoters fault for letting untrained guys in HIS ring on HIS show. Hell who can blame these guys for trying to get in there if someone was willing to let them. If the promoters are really honest with themselves it's largely THEIR fault wrestling is in the shape it's in cause anybody can get in the buiness, that's why all the towns are getting killed off......but I'm gonna on a tangent here.

So, back to the subject at hand, the Mike Levy beatdown. Should Mike Levy have been in a wrestling ring? No, he shouldn't. BUT, who let him in there? Ian did. You don't let a mark from the internet get in the ring with someone who has a huge tv booking days later for TNA. It was stupid for Mickie to even be in that Death Match tournament at all much less against some backyarder who you know doesn't know how to work. The sad fact is Levy was selling and working better than a lot of the guys who call themselves "workers" in MS and TN. I don't see anything wrong with anything that went on in the course of the match, Mickie got stiffed, she gave it back to him, it was no worse that the average bullshit hardcore death match thing that always goes on there, however the beatdown afterwards was uncalled for. Ian knew what this guy was when he put him in the match, so whatever happened the responsibility fell on his shoulders and if anybody needed curb stomped for booking that shit, it was him.

Was this good for THE business? no. Was it good for IWA Mid South's business? Yeah, it was because. A) People who never mention IWA Mid South or see any footage of it, are watching this and taking the time to write about it on message boards. B) A ton of people who wouldn't give a shit about a 'Queen of the Death Match' dvd will order this now just to have this clusterf*** on dvd to show people. So these types of things will continue to happen in wrestling and the more hype this kinda thing gets there will be situations like this staged in the future possibly just to create a buzz.

So to recap, Seeing as how I've been guilty of doing things simular to this (nothing NEAR this rough but stiff and unprofessional) I can't totally condemn this, it shouldn't have happened but I understand guys being protective of the business and wanting to drive out wannabes. BUT, truth be told the heat should be on Ian for letting this goof in the ring and hopefully something can be learned from this. One being, marks keep your ass in the crowd, or keep it in your backyard with your neighbor. And TWO, promoters keep the marks out of your ring and don't give guys the opportunity to make your show look stupid or hurt someone who trusteed YOU to have their safety and best interest at heart.


Show For The Weekend!! Memphis Wrestling!!

----Saturday night for Memphis Wrestling in Memphis, TN with the RedBirds with Kevin White, Sue Young, Lawler, Test, Joey Mercury, Kid Kash, Derrick King, Koko B Ware and more.

Shows For The Weekend 7.24 to 7.26.08

----CLICK HERE to look at the regular schedule events. Below are some events not listed there.

----Tonight!! EWP in Louisville, TN with DRI, “Power Trip” [Donovan Daniels/Rip], Robbie Race, Edward Idol, Menace, Chase Owens, Keith Knox, Beau James, Wayne Adkins, Trooper- T, Shane Andrews, Cody Ices, Sigmon and more.

Championship Wrestling returns to Kingsport, TN this Saturday Night (July 26) at the Civic Auditorium for Encore 2008... For the 1st time the National Heavyweight Title will be in the line in a 4 Way Ladder Match. Robbie Cassidy, Wayne Adkins, Steve Fury & Alyx Winters will battle it out to climb the ladder and retrieve the title... If you enjoyed Fun Fest Rumble 2008, then you will love Encore 2008... Don't miss it!

Bell time is 8:00 PM... Here is the card:

***Main Event***
4 Way Ladder Match for the
National Heavyweight Title Match
"High Risk" Robbie Cassidy

"Sensational" Wayne Adkins

Big Steve Fury

"The Cold" Alyx Winters

Grudge Tag Team Match
Tony "The Dragon" Givens
& TNA Star David Young

AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Logan
& "Tennessee Redneck" Chris Richards
w/ John Hawkins

Lumberjack Match for the
United States Tag Team Titles
Champions, The 501st
(Jin & Super Jin)
w/ Krimson

The Hip Hop Express
(Moe Jenkins & Beau James)
w/ Misty James

Fun Fest Rumble 2008 Re-Match
"The Real Deal" Chase Owens
w/ John Hawkins

"Young Gun" Cody Ices
w/ Members of Team Oxendine

-Plus More Featuring-
"Notorious" Nick Hammonds
"Power House" Ray Idol
Scotty Roberts
Adam Maggart
& More

----Sunday, MAW will present “Unknown” at the New Daisy Theatre in Memphis, TN with the main event being Jerry Lynn/Johnny Morton vs Derrick King/Reno Diamond, Austin Lane, Chris Lexx, Scott Fury, Precious, Armageddon, Big Country and more.

"Flashback" July 1984 Part II by Mark James

This Week We Flashback To July 1984 Part II

Here’s the second part of my flashback to July 1984

Next card up is July 23, 1984

The first thing that I notice on this card is that the attendance was right at 8,500. That’s a successful card (in the eyes of the promotion.) While not a sellout, it’s still a great payday.

Next up, Lawler was deep into his feud with “Ravishing” Rick Rude. While Rude wasn’t a great scientific wrestler at this point, he was very good at getting the fans to hate him. This can carry you a long way, (back in the day). Rude eventually went on to the both the WWF & WCW and had a great career before injuries cut it short. Rick was another one of those guys who life was cut way to short. Rude ended up winning by DQ on this night and as per the pre-match stipulations, the loser, Lawler, was the recipient of 10 belt lashes.

Next on the card was one of the last appearances of the Road Warriors in Memphis , (for the Jarrett Promotion). The LOD and the Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & Stan Lane ) fought to a double dq in their match. I was a huge mark for both the Warriors and the Fabs. Even so, I always pulled for Hawk & Animal, whoever they fought.

In the No DQ match, the Rock N Roll Express defeated Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo. This feud was continuing to deliver on excitement and intensity. If you hadn’t noticed, this card had some really excellent tag teams on it.

Eddie Gilbert & “Dirty” Dutch Mantell failed in their bid to win the Southern tag titles from Phil Hickerson & the Spoiler (Frank Morrell). Eddie and Dutch were a very short lived tag team (I think it was a one week and out thing).

In the Southern heavyweight title match, the champ, Tommy Rich, went to a “No Contest” with King Kong Bundy.

All in all, it was a very solid Memphis card. Lawler getting the 10 lashes sure helped make the fans hate Rude even more. King Kong Bundy was building steam in his feud with Tommy Rich. The writing was on the wall that Bundy was moving up the heel ladder in Memphis . The Roadies were always a welcome addition to the Memphis cards. The Fabs were always “over” in Memphis . They were like Lawler in that they could do no wrong. In this feud with Savage & Poffo, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson showed the Memphis fans they were tough enough to fight with the big boys (just like the Fabs did in their feuds with the Moondogs, Sheepherders, Assassins, etc).

And finally, the last card of the month was held on July 30, 1984

Lawler gets some revenge for the previous week’s belt lashes by defeating Rick Rude in a “belt-on-a-pole” match.

In the Southern tag title match, the Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn & Stan Lane ) won by dq over the champs, Phil Hickerson & the Spoiler. The fans were hugely disappointed that their Fabs didn’t get the belts back this week. It had became the “norm” in Memphis for Jerry Lawler to have the Southern title. In a very short time, it became the norm for the Fabs to have the Southern tag titles. It’s a testament to how over they were in the territory. The emergence of the Fabs allowed Jerry Jarrett to run 2 cities a night in the circuit. One city would have Lawler in the main event and another would have the Fabs in the main event. It also shows how Jarrett could trade one of the most popular tag teams in the history of wrestling to Bill Watts’ Mid-South promotion (when he traded away the Rock N Roll Express because he had the Fabs.)

King King Bundy defeated Tommy Rich and won the Southern heavyweight title. This put Bundy on the top of the heap of Memphis heels. Within weeks, he would be teaming with Rick Rude, (against Lawler, Fabs, Road Warriors, etc). Speaking of Tommy Rich, he was just about to go into a huge feud with Eddie Gilbert (who was relegated to an opening match this week.)

Another match that you’d have to see to believe would have been the Tojo Yamamoto – Jimmy Hart bout. It would have been great comedy. I’m sure Tojo caught Hart at least once with one of his vicious chop. At that point I’m sure Hart’s “First Family” rushed the ring and attacked Tojo.

The Rock n Roll Express defeated Randy Savage & Lanny Poffo. This earned Ricky Morton the right to get 5 minutes in the ring with the Poffo’s dad (and wrestling manager), Angelo Poffo. This was pretty much the blow-off match for this feud. Within a few weeks, Jarrett turned Savage into a babyface and he was teaming with Lawler.

You got a solid card this week. There were tons of older Memphis stars (Lawler, Fabs, Rich, Tojo, Dutch, etc) and some of the newer ones.(RnR Xprs, Bundy, Rude, Savage, Gilbert, etc). The attendance was at 6,500 which is still decent.

As July 1984 ends, looking back on it was a great ride. I hope you enjoyed flashing back 24 years with me.
----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

RassleResults: SPWA Pulaski, TN

Main Event: Travis Locke, Jay Kraft , The Bounty Hunter vs. Don Bass, Big Hoss,Brawler Rex

Jay Kraft pinned Brawler Rex

Semi Main: SPWA TV title Match

Jay Kraft vs. Brawler Rex (champion)

Brawler Rex pinned Jay Kraft

Second Match: The Bounty Hunter vs. Hoss Williams

Match ended in double count out

Opening Match: Travis Locke vs. Don Bass

Travis won by DQ due to outside interfernece by Hoss and Brawler Rex

Credit: Hoss Williams @

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 7.19.08

Josh Matthews w/Chris Styles & Diamond defeated LSD.

The Executioners (Axe & Dagger) defeated Buzz Harley in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

EPW Extreme Champion "The Future" Chris Styles w/Josh Matthews & Diamond defeated Tysin Starr to retain.

"Dangerous" David Cox won a battle royal to become the first EPW Heavyweight Champion.

In a non-title match, Parental Advisory (Izzy Rotten & "The Studd" Scott Porteau) defeated EPW Tag Team Champions PHAT Foundation (Chris Fontaine & Justin Rhodes). Rematch this Saturday night for the belt.

Bonecrusher & Cassanova Kid defeated 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) in a fans lumberjack strap match.

I counted 78 in the crowd. Very good show.

This Saturday night's EPW Card will see a rematch between Parental Advisory & PHAT Foundation for the Tag Team belts. It will be a great show, so DON'T YOU MISS

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

“What Memphis Watches” by Ron Guidry - TNA BECOMING A MEMPHIS FAVORITE!!

TNA is doing something right. This past week’s Impact drew another great number (2.9) and continued its long run of 2+ ratings. Since TNA’s PPV Slammiversary at the Desoto Civic Center, Impact has not pulled a number less than 2.0. It consistently had numbers less than 2.0 before the PPV. While I had initially questioned why TNA would run a PPV in a market that hadn’t shown, through TV ratings that it supported TNA’s product, the decision to have Slammiversary in the Memphis area has paid off. More people got exposed to their product therefore more people are watching Impact. Impact’s numbers have almost doubled compared to the numbers before the PPV. I hope the folks at TNA are paying attention to these numbers and will bring more of the TNA live product back to Memphis. On a side note the replay of Impact ran last Friday at 9am. I was surprised they even had a rating for the replay at that time of the day.

Smackdown’s ratings were down almost a full point from last week. I don’t think it was anything on the show that caused the drop. Sometimes the numbers just fluctuate from week to week. Smackdown has consistently drawn in the 5.0 range and when the ratings are steadily that high, you don’t take much into the number dropping a point or less. If it starts dropping 2 or 3 points then there might be a cause for concern.

RAW bounced back this week and pulled a strong 6.2. RAW held the audience throughout the show as the numbers stayed in the high 5’s – low 6’s through the entire show. The main event even held the viewers this week with the overrun pulling a 6.0. I was happy to see the overrun do a good number because over the past few weeks the overrun rating was dropping drastically meaning people were changing the channel at 10pm, obviously not concerned with the outcome of the main event. It’s not a good sign when your fan base stops watching your flagship show before the main event ends. Glad to see they stuck around this week.

Sanford and Son and The Andy Griffith Show, which runs in the old Memphis Wrestling timeslot, drew a 5.0 [80,916 viewers] and 5.5 [89,010 viewers] respectively. Also, I looked at what WPXX Ch. 50 was doing in the new Memphis Wrestling timeslot which is slated to be at 11am on Saturdays. It had a paid program that did not register a rating.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 7-17-08

Final Rating: 2.9 [47,068 viewers] 4 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.9 [47,068 viewers], 2.6 [42,199 viewers], 2.5 [40,576 viewers], 2.9 [47,068 viewers]

2nd hour: 3.0 [48,691 viewers], 3.3 [53,525 viewers], 3.1 [50,281 viewers], 2.9 [47,037 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7-18-08

Final Rating: 4.6 [74,610 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 4.4 [71,366 viewers], 3.5 [56,769 viewers], 3.4 [55,147 viewers], 4.6 [74,610 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.1 [82,720 viewers], 5.1 [82,720 viewers], 4.5 [72,988 viewers], 6.2 [100,561 viewers]

TNA Impact Replay 7-18-08 ( 9am )
Final Rating: 0.6 [9732 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.3 [4866 viewers], 0.3 [4866 viewers], 0.4 [6489 viewers], 0.4 [6489 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.0 [16,220 viewers], 0.8 [12,976 viewers], 0.8 [12,976 viewers], 0.8 [12,976 viewers]

WWE A.M. 7-20-08

Final Rating: 0.9 [14,598 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours: 0.8 [12,976 viewers], 0.8 [12,976 viewers], 0.9 [14,598 viewers], 1.2 [19,463 viewers]

WWE Raw 7-21-08

Final Rating: 6.2 [100,561 viewers] 9 share

1st hour: 6.0 [97,317 viewers] 9 share

Quarter hours: 6.1 [98,939 viewers], 6.1 [98,939 viewers], 5.7 [92,452 viewers], 6.1[98,939 viewers]

2nd hour: 6.4 [103,805 viewers] 9 share

Quarter hours: 6.7 [108,671 viewers], 6.3 [102,183 viewers], 6.5 [105,427 viewers], 5.9 [95,696 viewers]

Overrun: 6.0 [97,101 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 7.19.08

At the beginning of the show it was announced that TNA X-Division Champion Petey Williams (pictured) will be at TFW Friday, 8-22-08, where he will defend the X-Division Championship. TFW is holding a tournament between now and then to determine who will face Williams for the belt.

Ryan SoFine was brought to the ring strapped to a stretcher (wearing his Light Heavyweight Championship belt), saying that he was too injured to wrestle because of injuries received last week when he was beaten down by 12 people (funny, I don't remember that). He was carried by the members of Parental Advisory. Chris Styles came out of the back with a referee. Chris entered the ring and the other members of PA bailed out of the ring, leaving Ryan there, strapped to the stretcher. The referee called for the bell, and Chris pinned him for the 3-count. Winner and new Light Heavyweight Champion is Chris Styles. Ryan SoFine was unstrapped by the members of Parental Advisory, and he got up and was obviously not injured, so he was ordered to wrestle later in the show.

Dangerous David Cox defeated Chris Chaos.

G-Mo Money defeated LSD.

Chop Top the Clown defeated Jay Webster.

Bless & Curly Mo defeated Chris Fontaine & DC w/Diamond. Fontaine turned on DC during the match helping the other team win.

TFW Tag Team Champions Parental Advisory (Tony Dabbs & Studd) cheated their way to victory over Little Gyus, Inc. (Lil' Devil & Kid J) to retain the belts.

In the first match of the tournament to see who will face Petey Williams on 8/22, Tysin Starr defeated Chris Kilgore. Starr advances to the next round.

In another tournament match, Ryan SoFine w/Tony Dabbs & Studd defeated Josh Matthews. SoFine advances in the tournament.

Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor defeated Fusion.

"The Future" Chris Styles defeated Izzy Rotten by DQ when the members of Parental Advisory interfered and beat Chris down. The beating lasted about 15 minutes. Chris was carried out on a back board and taken for medical treatment.

About 100 in the building.

More first round tournament matches next weeek.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Quick Site Notes!!

----Just to let all the new visitors know and some the old visitors that just don't GET IT..LOL [just kidding guys!!]...I have changed the format of the results sort of. I am giving my contributors more freedom with keeping almost 95% of their report intact, instead of editing to fit into my format. This might mean that the report is a little more kayfabe than usual, but I think it will also give the readers of this site more info on what is going on at the shows. My contribution to each post is always represented by "----" after I give credit to the reporter. Most reporters also stay with kayfabe names like the creative ASWF Ace [ha!], but will receive some credit for their hard work. Thanks guys!!

----Look for some more exciting changes to the new improved Kayfabe Message Board. Gene Jackson and I have put our heads together to come up with new features that I think you guys will enjoy. Keep your eye for some changes in the next week. I also plan to do another revamp of the site, but due to a minor computer crash, that might take a little longer than expected.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 7.19.08

Opens the show and welcomes everyone to Valiant Arena. Before the first match begins T-Bone makes an announcement stating that the ASWF has named him new Commissioner.

1st Match:
Tag Team Match
Suicide and Twizted vs DJ Stunner and sYn
Winner: DJ Stunner and sYn

2nd Match:
European Championship
Christopher Lee vs Scott Fury (C)
Winner: Scott Fury (C)

3rd Match:
Morgan Lane and Marcus O'neil
Ray Ray and Reno Diamond
Winner: Ray Ray and Reno Diamond

4th Match:
Tag Team Championship
Wild Bill and Demon X (CCR) (C)
Big Al and Mike Anthony
Winner: Wild Bill and Demon X (CCR)

5th Match:
Tag Team Match
Austin Lane and Blalok the Blazer
Tommy Wayne and Scott Fury
Winner: Austin Lane and Blalok the Blazer

6th Match:
ASWF Heavywieght Championship
Casino Kid (C) vs Acid
Winner: Casino Kid by DQ

Credit: ASWF Ace

----230 in the crowd...Acid/Casino had a pull apart...Ray Ray & Reno jumped Lane after the hot tag in the tag match. Blazer beat up Wayne...Casino used the Eddy Guerrero finish with ref DQing Acid for using the belt, but Casino did it.

Cody Melton Joins "Shooting The Shiznit" This Thursday!!

----Brian Thompson and Brian Tramel will be joined by "Southern Sensation" Cody Melton for their "Rookie Sensation" series. The sucess of the Robbie Douglas interview has prompted them to search out the "best of the best" rookies in the area to give them a opportunity to talk about themselves. Melton will join the show for 30 minutes and rest of the show will be "Free-For-All" style with The BT Express talking about the latest news in the area. Call in and ask thought provoking questions or just to BS!! Join them PRIME TIME on Thursday night at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM!! Call[347] 838-8101!!!

RassleResults: NBW Results Wrapup!!


Tommy Redneck def. Gaylon Ray

Chris Rocker def. Sarge O’Reilly after Tony Watts gave Rocker a chain to blast Sarge with.

The S.O.B.'s came out for an interview stating that they didn't think The Dazzlers were even gonna show tonight and that they were old and washed up, they were interrupted by the Dazzlers ( Hayes/Dial ) and after an exchange of words between the two teams things almost got out of hand until Tim Davis stepped in and said that everyone would have to wait for the main event

Motley Cruz def. Crazy Train after blasting him w/ the belt

Jeremy Moore came out for an interview and was interrupted by the S.O.B.'s. Moore told them that he was tired of being looked at as having had everything handed to him because he, just like everyone, is working to gain respect and that he wanted a match against the S.O.B.'s at Summer Jam on Aug. 9th. He said just to prove he is serious about delivering a beating to the S.O.B.'s he will sign a contract saying that NBW and the S.O.B.'s wouldn't be liable for anything that happened between now and the match at Summer Jam.

The S.O.B.'s def The Dazzlers by DQ after Erik Hayes jumped on Kilo after he was about to blast Erik's dad w/ a chair. The S.O.B.'s then handed a beatdown to Erik in return.

Probably 120+ loud, and was hot for everything, the main event was a good match also.


John "Biscuit" Roberts def. Tommy Redneck

Mark Justice def. Jason Matthews then put him through a car windshield

Tim Edwards returned and said he was tired of all the disrespect, he said all his "Friends" haven't even as much as called him in the last month, the fans haven't said a word to him either. He said after all these years in the business he still has no respect. So he said that he will beat it into everyone and that Allen Walker better have him someone to wrestle next week or he would beat him

In a “Pick Your Poison” match, Kilo def. "Dynamite" Seth Knight after Motley interfered

In another “Pick Your Poison” match Motley Cruz def. Jeremy Moore by DQ after Moore punched the ref. for not counting the fall. aAter the match The S.O.B's and Motley jumped Moore and messed his knee up o the point where he had to be carried out.

Chris Rocker def. Sarge O’Reilly in a Ladder match with the chain hanging.

Crowd was probably 100+.

Credit: NBW News Guy

----This group continues to draw good…Ladder match with chain?? I am confused…I am have been told by a few people that The Dazzlers vs SOB bout was surprising real good. Everyone was real happy with it…I really thought that might be turning Moore with the SOBs, but not sure after the major injury angle…Kilo did an interview where he said that Moore’s daddy run the promotion and Moore was daddy’s boy and such. Good stuff.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.19.08

Asylum (Pappy) VS The Big Indian Quixote. Quixote gets the 3 count.

Chris Steel with Classy Melton Massy. VS Lucky with Lethal. Steel gets the win.

The Official and Classy Melton Massy. VS Gary Diamond and Silas. Silas and Diamond get the win.

The Asylum ( Psycho and Arnez) VS JD Kerry and PP3. Asylum gets the 3 count.

Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS POB Midnight Cowboy. Graham winner by DQ

Main Event. Street fight with the title and the services of Raven Rage on the line.
Ron Rage with Raven and Rottn Randy VS RWA Champion Rik Burton [pictured]. Burton gets the 3 count.

The show kicked off with POB coming to the ring in front of a rowdy crowd. There was a group of young men wearing T-shirts that said Fat City Wrestling on them. Ron Rage told the crowd that he was not afraid to spill some blood and he would do anything to keep Burtons hands off Raven. Cowboy told the crowd that he took it upon himself to come out last week when Graham had Kerry in the Indian Death lock. Graham powdered and did not want anything to do with the Cowboy. Cowboy let him know that he was not some rookie kid and would give him all he would want.

The first match saw the Big Indian come back after injuring his ribs fighting Silas. Pappy made his debut but the Big Indian won the match with a double Tomahawk Chop to the top of the head from the second rope.

Chris Steel had a great match with Lucky both gave it all they had and Lucky seemed to be on the verge of a pin fall. Massy kept interfering in the match and Lethal kept chasing Massy around the ring. Steel finally pulled a chain while the ref was busy with Massy and Lethal and knocked Lucky out.

After that match the owner of the RWA Frank Martin came to the ring and told The Official to stay in the ring and told Massy not to go anywhere. Martin promised the crowd last week that Massy would not interfere with the Main Event this week. So he made Massy and The Official tag together. The first half of the team they would face was Gary Diamond. Diamond had been gone for awhile and the crowd was glad to see him back. Massy and The Official were not worried about Diamond but then Martin told them that his partner cost him a lot of money. That's when the music of Silas hit. The look on Massy's face told the story, he did not want to be in the ring with him. He had the Official start the match and after taking the brunt of Silas's attack the Official powdered and left Massy alone. Diamond gave Massy the super kick and Silas gave Diamond a a big clothesline. Silas did not seem to like having to tag Diamond. The plan to take out Massy worked however Diamond was taken out also.

The Asylum came out to face PP3 and JD Kerry. PP3 tried to get them to give him an autograph. The Asylum scared PP3 so bad he wet his pants. The Asylum was dominating in the match and hit the Straight to Hell finisher on Kerry for the win.

At the end of intermission the man with Fat City Wrestling came to the ring with Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. He told the crowd how stupid they were and they were there to take over the crowd. They supported the talented wrestlers like Graham and Massy and the rest of the heels. Graham then got on the mic and did another old school mic spill. He really works the crowd well. When he took his robe off he had a Fat City Wrestling shirt on. What's going on here we will have to wait and see. Fat City is a restaurant in Jonesboro.

Fabulous Luke Graham and the Midnight Cowboy had an old school match. They wrestled and they fought. It was rough and the ref could not keep control of the match. Cowboy had Graham trapped in the corner and the ref kept trying to break them up when the Cowboy finally punched the ref. The ref DQ the Cowboy. The Cowboy is not done with Graham and Graham is not done with the Cowboy. These are two veterans who are not scared to fight or wrestle and this feud is just getting started.

The Main Event was a “street fight” and the stipulations were that Rik Burton had to put the belt up and Rage had to put up his wife. If Rage wins then he becomes the RWA Champion. If he looses then Raven his wife must become Rik Burtons Valet. It was not long in the match and Rage was busted open. They fought outside the ring and inside the ring. Rage had Burton in the Boston Crab and Burton was tapping out. The ref was down because Burton ducked a clothesline and Rage got the ref in the corner. Chris Steel came out with a spray can. He hit Rottn Randy from behind who was out with Rage. He then got in the ring, Rage had his back to Steel. Steel sprayed a towel with what smelled like Starter fluid and wrapped it around Rage's face. Rage was out and Steel pulled Burton over Rage and got the ref up to make the 3 count. Burton retained his title and now has Raven as his Valet. This is not over and Ron Rage will be back and this is going to get even more violent.

The crowd was loud and crazy. Groups of young people are now starting to come to the show. There was 150+ in the air conditioned building. Rodney Mack makes his return to the RWA this coming Saturday.

Credit: RWA Reporter

----150+ in the crowd – good for them…I like the angle with Rage/Burton. It will be interesting to see what they do with this. If these guys had TV, it could be fun…Urine angle was probably real funny live, but it just sort of sounded sick to me. LOL But, this is coming from a man who loves the angle where a valet will hover over her man’s face with her crotch to “revive him”…Fat City Wrestling also sound really funny and it is a restaurant. LOL All I could think about was a bunch of fat guys with chicken wings challenging the RWA crew. Who was the main guy that did this angle??? I do know that Teco Murdoch [Buff Bagwell’s favorite wrestler] did a show with this crew at one time?? OMG!! LOL

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 7.19.08

The beginning of the show saw Drew Magruder come to the ring and announce that he was back from his fundraising tour of the heartland (Mainly Missouri) for the Randy in 08 campaign. Drew also announced that Hotrod was still absent at an undisclosed hospital in Memphis .

Criss Braggs def. Shawn Reed def. Weasel ( Triple Threat Match)

Simone pinned Boogeyman Scream in an intergender match

Big Boy Bob & JD Rage def. X-3

The Outlaw© def. Chico Mendoza

#1 Contenders Match
Simon Reed def. Byron Wilcott

Mark Southern [pictured] def. Tank Turner

Credit: Steven Hunter

----108 in the crowd…Byron Willcott has worked in OVW and stints in Germany…Simone was billed as a former OVW Women’s Champion, but I could not find any record of her winning that belt?? Maybe under a different name?? CLICK HERE for a list of OVW champions…AJ Bradley was backstage talking with the bookers, so is it possible a return of BLS to TIWF???

Monday, July 21, 2008

RassleResults: CW Kingsport, TN 7.16.08

1. Matt Boyce defeated Lani Kealoha

2. Chase Owens defeated Cody Ices
--- By virtue of his win, Chase Owens is now the newest member of John Hawkins Promotions... After the match, Owens and Hawkins double teamed Ices until Casey Oxendine ran in for the save.

3. Beau James & Moe Jenkins defeated the US Tag Team Champions, The 501st by count out after Super Jin's mask was taken off and he left the ringside area.

4. Mr. Bolo won a $10,000 Battle Royal
--- After the match, Mr. Bolo applied his Samoan Death Grip onto Adam Maggart and refused to let go... Tony Givens came to the ring to save Maggart, as John Hawkins told Bolo to back off and took him to the locker room.

5. Robbie Cassidy vs. National Heavyweight Champion, Thorn was declared a draw when the referee counted both men's shoulders down for 3.
--- After the match AWA Matchmaker, Clarence Clippenback stripped Thorn of the title... Thorn retaliated by attacking and bloodying Clippenback with the title belt.

6. David Young defeated O-Dog

7. Alyx Winters defeated Nick Hammonds in a Brass Knux Match

8. KMF Inc. (Chris Richards & Steve Fury) defeated Wayne Adkins & Ricky Morton

9. AWA World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Logan defeated Tony Givens by DQ

--- Givens originally won the match by pin fall, but the referee reversed the decision after he found a pair of brass knux in Givens' tights... The knux had been planted on Givens earlier in the match by Logan.

----650 people as part of the Kingsport's Annual FunFest...CW returns to Kingsport Civic This Saturday Night.

New "Members Only" Kayfabe Board!!

----CLICK HERE to read the new rules for the Kayfabe Message Board!!

RassleResults: ATL/USWO Nashville, TN 7.19.08

Tim Renesto b White Tiger

Shawn Hoodrich b Little Booger (w/Charming Charles) by DQ when Charles pitched his cane to Booger, Hoorich intercepted it then handed it to Booger and fell to the mat as the ref turned around

Intern b Dyronic

Tommy Capone b Steve O

LT Falk b Pandora Boxx in 2/3 falls match

Derrick Neal b Richard Lowe in a fan lumberjack match
New York Gangster & Damien Payne vs Chris Norte & Kevin Dunn ended in a double pin when Gangster pinned Dunn and Norte pinned Payne. The ATL tag team belts were ordered to be held up pending a rematch.

----31 in the crowd.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling All Stars Selmer, TN 7.18.08

Ty Hamilton d. Baron Malkavain

The Grappler d. "Dirty White Boy" Jack Dalton

Albino Rhino d. The Gladiator

Michael Gilbert d. Cody Melton

"Too Kool 2"(Tim Grind,Flex) d. "Black Label Society"(Robbie Douglas [pictured],A.J. Bradley)

Kevin White d. Blitz

"Dangerous" Doug Gilbert d. Derrick King

----I am hearing from 220 to 300 in attendance...I got tons of good reviews about the show. Everyone is saying that it had an "old school" feel...Everyone is also putting over how professional the dressing room is run. The Whites are doing a great job...I got "match of the night" from a few people saying the tag match wtih two of the top 10 RRO teams 2008 was good. DK vs Gilbert had some good heat also...On August 8th, Memphis Wrestling stars will return to Selmer. That night will feature Doug Gilbert/Michael Gilbert vs. Cody Melton/Kevin and a special appearance by former WWE superstar Eugene.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN - Bishop Wins Title!!

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony d. Shawn Williams

Ike Tucker d. Matt Justice

Rude d. Will Davis

Greg King d. Shannon Lee

Dustin Starr d. Alex Krisis

Cody Melton/Dell Tucker d. Naughty by Nature

Tattoo w/Scott Adams d. Slim Pickens

Chris O'Neal/Christian Jacobs d. Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels

TLCW Title Match
Bishop [pictured] w/Rashard Devon d. Flash Flanagan

In an in ring interview, Rockin' Randy discussed his Tables,Ladders, and Chairs Match from the previous week. He stated that Baron Malkavain did not "get the best" of him. Instead, he attributed the loss to mistakes he made. Then, Baron Malkavain hit the ring to attack Randy. During the fight, Baron brought a table to the ring.
Randy was able to put Baron through that table, but that was not the end. As Randy prepared to leave the ring, the lights dimmed and Baron rose to his feet. The two fought again. This time Baron delivered a "Con-chair-to" to Randy. Then Malkavain grabbed the microphone and told Randy that they are not through yet.

Derrick King's music played, but it was Tattoo who emerged from the curtain. Along with Scott Adams [aka Jethro], he celebrated his victory in the loser leaves TLCW match. He then said he would focus on eliminating Derrick's friends from the company. Slim Pickens was first in line. Tattoo won the match, but it was a massive power bomb from Scott Adams that lead to the victory.

The title match was not just Flash vs. Bishop. Bishop has the assistance of Rashard Devon, Cody Melton, and Dell Tucker. The result was too much for Flash to handle. The new TLCW champion is Bishop.

----The attendance was about 95...Good to see Scott Adams getting a new gimmick and name...A version of "Picture Perfect" [O'Neal/Jacobs] vs Nikels/Wayne. Someone send me that match!!

RassleResults: EWP Morristown, TN 7.19.08

The newly dubbed "Power Trip" of Donovan Daniels & The RIP retained the EWP Tag Team Titles against DRI when RIP pinned Maxx after a Torture Rack/Neckbreaker combination move. Willie walked away from the ring as Jason was going to tag him at the end, Jason almost pulled an upset anyways including a double flapjack on the Power Trip.

Misty James pinned Rebecca Lynn following a running bulldog from the corner.

Edward Idol VS Robbie Race went to a double-count out. Edward spent a good part of the match hiding, pulling out and using a foreign object. After the match Edward threw Robbie back in and made his own 3 count on Race.

Keith Knox and Trooper T defeated Kole Layton King & Beau James after Trooper threw KLK into Keith into a chokebomb. Beau & Kole cheated vigorously throughout the match, specifically KLK's towel used to choke down Trooper but the cheating caught up to them at the end.

Wayne Adkins pinned Menace in a show-stealing match with one of the SICKEST sunset flip powerbombs I have ever seen. Menace blocked at first and looked like he was attempting to do a reverse-tombstone piledriver off the top but Wayne gained the levergae when they where jockeying for each's move with Wayne winning that and the match. This match was full of counters, fast-paced action and great acts of agility from both men. After the match Menace invited Wayne back in to shake his hand and raise it.

Jeff Anderson pinned Shane Williams with a jackknife roll-up as The King went for the piledriver. The match was hard-hitting hatred toward each other.

----79 in the crowd.

Credit: Zifier

Sunday, July 20, 2008

NWAME & SAW TV reviews plus local news on Jerkin' The Curtain Monday July 21st @ 10 PM CST.

Just a heads up to listen into Jerkin' The Curtain this Monday night July, 21st at 10 central time as Tommy Stewart and I will review and recap the July 19th episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV. NWA Main Event airs on Saturdays at noon on the Ion network in Nashville, channel 17 on Comcast. SAW airs Saturdays at midnight on Comcast channel 74 in Nashville. We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a winner for the week. This weeks NWA Main Event featured wrestlers from the West Tennessee area including Ali Stevens, Greg King Jr,. Eric Wayne and Kid Nickels. I will also have some local news to discuss on this show. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here's the results for the shows that aired July 12th...

Tommy Stewart: NWA Main Event:
Thumbs up(which shocked me)
SAW: Thumbs up
Tommy liked SAW better of the two shows.

NWA Main Event: Slight thumbs down, yes thumbs down, which is why Tommy's thumbs up on this very boring show in my opinion shocked me.
SAW: Mild upper thumbs in the middle(How's that for an exact rating?!)
I too picked SAW as the winner, so it was yet another win for SAW.
Here's the standings since we started doing these reviews. Cya Monday night. Trent Van Drisse
SAW 6 NWAME 1 Draw 1

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