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C.H.R. presents 'Stirrin the Shiznit' this Tuesday night at 10pm!

This Tuesday night at 10pm, Cheap Heat Radio hosted by Gene Jackson returns with a TWO HOUR special edition titled 'STIRRIN the Shiznit' with Neil 'The Real Deal' Taylor and Izzy Rotten! Two of North Mississippi's most beloved athletes on the air live with everyone's favorite award winning wrestling columnist for two hours uncensored! Wanna ask a question, give a comment, defend yourself, plug your show, or whatever then call in at (347) 838-8101. Listen live at or download afterwards and listen at your leisure. Should be a fun show, the message board MARKS will have a field day with this one.

A Piece of my Mind August 2nd 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

One of the biggest problems with the wrestling business from behind the scenes has always been the credibility of the promoters and the talent. One of the reasons why I have retained the relationships that I have in the business is because I have been lucky enough to become friends with very credible people. It is important to maintain credibility in the personal aspect of the relationship as well as the business aspect.
In the next few weeks Greg Price will be running another one of his fan conventions in Charlotte NC. It has come to my attention that two of the attendees scheduled to appear, Superstar Billy Graham and Tony Atlas, will not be attending. In the case of Superstar Billy Graham, the story goes that Greg and Billy had an agreement on air travel. I understand that Billy then tried to change the deal. It is no secret that Greg Price and I have had our differences in the past. In this case, however, what is right is right. I have had my own dealing with Billy in the past and I can tell you that he has zero credibility with me. He has cancelled out on me as well, after pleading with me to put him on an event. I think that Billy believes that he means a lot more to an event than he really does. I can tell you when we had to announce that Billy Graham was not attending there was not one complaint. I have been made aware of other appearances that Billy has made and most of them were very poorly attended. At this point he has had enough changes and cancellations in schedule that you can’t blame anyone for not being willing to take the chance on him. In fact, the WWE brought him on a loop of major arenas in the northeast including Madison Square Garden. The response for Billy was lukewarm at best at MSG. What do you think would happen if Bruno Sammartino was brought on the same loop? I believe the building would be shaking as he was introduced. Now that is the difference between being over and not being over.

In Billy’s career he was larger than life and probably ahead of his time. The plain and simple fact is this that Billy, as a champion in the WWF, was given a very difficult task. The first thing he had to do was continue to draw in the same way that Bruno Sammartino did for numerous years. That wasn’t going to happen. If you look closely, Billy was a very one dimensional champion and the WWE didn’t have any babyface’s that meant enough to challenge him for the title and draw big crowds. In the months that Billy was champion Madison Square Garden held its own but Vince Sr. had to bring Bruno back in to work with Graham. I believe he brought Dusty Rhodes in as well who was being given a big push at the time. The other clubs in the territory were slowly failing so although Billy was a longer transitional champion then some. All in all he was a transitional guy and did nothing during the transition to change Vince Sr’s mind.
So the WWWF went out and got Bob Backlund. I'm sure that you have heard of the saying “out of the frying pan and into the fire". The idea of putting the belt on Backlund came about for one reason and that was because Billy Graham wasn’t drawing. So they tried to move on. Well, here it is thirty years later, and he still doesn’t make that big a difference. I can live with that. What I can’t live with is a guy whose word means nothing.
Whatever deal Billy made with Greg Price, like it or not, he should have lived up to it. There are too many situations that have come up with Billy Graham involved to not take the side of Greg Price in this situation. If I was Greg Price, and I had a signed contract with Billy Graham, I would scan it and post it online for the world to see.
That brings me to Tony Atlas and his lack of credibility. In nineteen ninety two Tony was supposed to headline a show in New Hampshire for Rob Russen's IWA. I was the booker for the show. It was one of my first appearances as The Big Cheese I actually wrestled a kid on that show who I knew would make it. His name was Scott Taylor who went on to fame as Scott Too Hotty. I had attempted to book someone who was unknown to me at the time ... a young man named Tazz. He was being handled by “The Boston Bad Boy” Tony Rumble. I asked if Tazz could actually work because all I had to go by was this picture of a wild looking guy. I realize now what a dumb question that turned out to be. I accepted Tony on the show and Tazz. At a later time Tony requested that he had to have a hotel room too. I said "listen this show is only a couple of hours from where you live in Charlotte we would drive that". He said, "Well the show isn’t in Charlotte" and he refused to do the show without a room. I told him we would get someone else. Rumble then proceeded to get Tony Atlas to cancel on me as well. I replaced Atlas with Chief Jules Strongbow (Francis Huntington) who had a good name in that part of the country. He was a former co-holder of the WWF Tag Team Championship with Chief Jay Strongbow. It turned out to be very ironic because the town we were in hadn’t had wrestling in the last twenty years. The last time that wrestling was held in that town Chief Jay Strongbow was the headliner.
A few days before the event Atlas contacted me acting like he was still coming to the show. I told him that we got his message of cancellation from Billy Silverman. I knew Billy through working with him on shows for Afa “The Wild Samoan”. His word was good and I knew he had done exactly what Atlas told him to do. I can tell you I was always a Tony Atlas fan. I personally never had any problems with him. He was part of the main event in the first WWE show I promoted and we did turn away business. At some point he made mistakes that hurt him in this business he made life decisions that hurt him period. One day as has happened in the past the WWE will cut him loose or he will leave and the same promoters he burned now are the people he will be looking to so he can make a living.

I don’t know what Greg Price could have done better in this situation. What I do know is that all most promoters have in this business is there credibility. It doesn’t pay to book people, especially good names, and then have to announce that they aren’t coming. What happened here is that Billy was being typical Billy and Atlas found a job with WWE so Tony didn’t need Greg any longer. There is no way that anyone can blame WWE for Tony’s non appearance they are allowing Michael Hayes to do the event and he is being allowed to induct Buddy Roberts into Greg’s Hall of Heroes.
At WrestleReunion, when we ran into an issue with Matt Hardy, the WWE was very respectful of our signed agreement and totally supported Matt appearing. That appearance wasn’t for just an autograph session it was for an actual match. If things are done right, and you deal with people with credibility, these things wouldn’t happen. It’s not just bad for Greg Price; it makes it difficult for all of us
I don’t know where this Mike Adamle thing is going. It could easily be a mini me version of Eric Bischoff. On the other hand it could be a different direction. I don’t care what they do they picked the wrong guy for this one. One more time I wonder how in the hell these idea’s come up. You take a guy who the people detest and put him in a high profile role. It’s a ridiculous move. Where in the world is Ric Flair? This is his job give it to him get some return on your money.

Finally I can appreciate that Freddie Prinze Jr. is a wrestling fan and truly loves the business. I was a fan of his dad’s growing up regularly watch Chico and the Man. However, this move of putting him on WWE creative is kind of like that old saying you stuck the knife in my back now go ahead and twist it. They say that forgetting what you already knew is the hardest thing about learning a new process. All of us “old timers” and or people who believe in the old way really better get started forgetting what we knew if we ever want to be happy.

The picture from this article is of Dlo Brown taken at WrestleReunion 2 in Valley Forge PA. I found Dlo a pleasure to work with and I am glad he is back with WWE if there it is where he wanted to be.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 8.01.08

Attendance 121

White Tiger b Lee Cross

Josh Crowe b New York Gangster

Aiden Scott b Rockin Black Ninja

Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles) b Psycho Medic

USWO Jr. Champion Cousin Jason X & Petey Wright b Justin Spade & Bryan Casey when Wright pinned Casey

Andy Douglas b Seven (w/Charming Charles) Per a stipulation, Douglas got 5 minutes with Charles but Seven returned to the ring area and attacked Douglas

USWO Tag Team Champions Quinton Quarisma & JC Crowe b Damien Payne & Rob C and LT Falk & Mad Man Pondo (w/Veronica Wild) by DQ when Pondo used his stop sign on Quarisma

USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett b Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) by DQ when Valiant accidentally hit Devin the Ref

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Show Today!! ASWF!!!

----ASWF has a 12:00 NOON show today at the White River Carnival in Batesville, AR featuring Casino Kid Vs Brain Christopher...Ray Ray And Tommy Wayne Vs Marcus Oneil and Blalok the Blazer...Austin Lane Vs Reno Diamond and more ASWF Superstars.

----It will be interesting to see if Christopher makes this appearance?? If our rumors are true, he will not be at the show...ASWF has their regularly scheduled Saturday night show in Tuckerman, AR tonight making it three shows in two days for the crew.

RassleResults: ASWF Newark, AR 7.31.08

Opening Match
Tommy Wayne by DQ over Wild Bill
Wild Bill wanted to come out and make a statement bye winning the X-division title and he got a rude awaking after Tommy come back from the cheating of wild bill and its a leg lariat and then a top rope elbow drop. Out of no where the Mexicanos jumped Tommy and beat him down till Ray Ray made the save.

2nd match
Big Al beat John Wayne

3rd match
X- Kaliber vs Kid Krazzy vs Vinny Romano
Very good solid match with lots of high spots with X getting the pin fall at the end.

Tommy Wayne And Ray Ray Vs “Mexicons” [Johnny Hawk/Johnny Harper]
Crowd was hot against the Mexicans chanting USA loud - it was a crazy match two three men bleeding blood at the end Tommy wayne and Ray Gets the pin fall.

Scott Fury Vs Suicide
Good psychology in this match. Suicide heeling very well. Finish had Scott hits chin crusher for the 123.

6th Main event
Casino Kid And Couch Gould Vs Austin Lane And Demon X
Street fight so they were ever where of course the crowd behind Couch Gould. The finish had a ddt from Casino and “people’s elbow” from Couch to pin Austin 123.

240 + in crowd

Credit: ASWF Ace

-----Great way of getting a crowd and get the fans involved. This was a Fire Department benefit, but if the fans enjoyed it, then they will be back if ASWF decides to run the show again.

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 7.26.08

Show opened w/ the S.O.B.'s coming out to make fun of Jeremy Moore after what happened last week, even going as far as to bring just joe out to Moore's music and pretend that joe was Moore, whom they claimed they had crippled the week before. This whole party was crashed by none other then The party boyz (Gaylon/Erik Hayes). This quickly escalated into setting up a match for later in the show

Tommy Redneck got a quick win over John "Biscuit" Roberts for the high risk title out of nowhere, New Champion!

Lil' Tim Alphonzo def. Tim Edwards after Tim went to give lil' tim a spine buster and lil' tim landed both knee's in big tim's face for the 3. Post match Edwards beat on lil' tim until rick the stick announced to everyone that Edwards was the winner

"Dynamite" Seth Knight def. Jason Matthews in a great bout

The S.O.B.'s def The Party Boyz after they used powder on Gaylon for the win. Post match they went to destroy Gaylon and Just Joe chimed in saying that he had done them a favor and they could repay by please not hurting his son, they threw Gaylon to the side and layed a chair on Erik Hayes while Kilo frogsplashed onto Erik. Gaylon then got on the mic and challenged them to a No DQ match for the next week, Kilo then said to Joe that they were even and now Gaylon has it coming.

In the Main Event Motley Cruz def Chris Rocker after hitting him w/ the belt. Post match Motley was about to set Rocker on fire and Seth Knight made the save only to get set on fire by Motley to end the show

Probably 110+ this week, crowd seemed into everything and freaked out about the fire. Summer Jam is Aug. 9th and the matches announced so far are..NBW Championship Flaming Tables Match... Motley Cruz (c) vs. "Dynamite" Seth Knight…The S.O.B.'s ( Kilo/Mark Justice ) vs. "The Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore and a mystery partner. Rumor is that the mystery partner is gonna be huge and one of the biggest things to happen in NBW this year… Ladder Match for the High Risk Title... John "Biscuit" Roberts vs. Tommy Redneck (c)…Also coming in at Summer Jam will be C-Money from the East Coast Bad Boyz and the Return of Danny B. Goode. More matches will be announced this week

Credit: NBW News Guy

----This group continues to draw good during the summer...I know NOTHING about who Mooore's mystery opponent is [and you know how much I hate "mystery partner" angles], but the only person that would make a HUGE deal would be Derrick King.

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RassleResults: EWP Louisville, TN 7.31.08

Shane Andrews def. Cody Ices w/ Kole Layton King via pin fall after a hurricanrana roll-up. This was Andrews first night back since being burned by Beau James. Shane had bandages and a big blister on his face from the fire ball.

Shawn Streets def. Jim Miller w/ Devin Hart after a running tackle.

The Power TRIP retained the EWP Tag Team Titles over DRI. Donovan threw powder into Willie's face and he accidentally gave a Death Valley Driver to Maxx and RIP came in to take the pin.

Robbie Race defeated Johnathan MacMurray after hittting a bridging backdrop suplex. Post-match Devin Hart tried to get Johnathan to join him and Jim Miller but Johnathan turned the offer down.

Keith Knox def. Beau James by disqualification after Kole Layton King interfered. Cody Ices & Sigmon came out and Keith still had control until Beau took down Keith by the legs. Then the rest of his entourage held Keith down as Beau took a belt and struck Keith across the back repeatedly couple lashes drew blood. Afterwards, Knox challenged Beau to a match where the loser gets 10 lashes on the back.

Shane Williams v. Jeff Anderson was thrown out as they brawled throughout the crowd and chairs. Ericules warned both men to stay in the ring and not damage anything. Last two matches these two have had were wild and crazy and there was damage to the building.The match went back to the ring several times but ended up going back out every time until Eric had enough after Jeff laid out the security and fired Jeff and grabbed his bag out of the locker room and threw it out. Jeff got more riled up and chased Eric throughout the building and finally went out the front door as Shane was laughing manically though beaten down.

Wayne Adkins defeated Sigmon by disqualification after Beau pulled Spur out of the ring and punched him as Wayne looked to have Sigmon pinned following a top-rope cross body. Sigmon,Beau told Wayne to lay down and let Sigmon get them win like last week with Sigmon vs. King. Wayne did but rolled Sigmon up and almost got a fast win. Beau, KLK & Cody Ices all turned on Wayne at the end and started to lay a beatdown on Wayne untill Shane Andrews & Keith Knox came out and laid out everyone as Sigmon ended up alone against Shane, Kieth and Wayne and got busted open. Then it was announced for next week that Sigmon will defend the EWP Championship against Shane Andrews & Beau James will be suspended for attacking Spur but in 2 weeks he will have a match with Keith with the loser gets 10 lashes.

Credit: Zilfer

----79 in attendance...I love it how Andrews is selling the fireball.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

"Shooting The Shiznit" Is Ready!!

----Listen to tonight's show below. Brian & Brian talked about some current wrestling stories in the area and were joined by "Superman" Jason Reed for about 20 mintues. Good time was had by all.

Shows For The Weekend 8.01.08 to 8.03.08

----CLICK HERE to see a list of regular scheduled shows. The only other big show this weekend is the Tony Myers creation "Sex & Violence" at the New Daisy Sunday night at 9:00 PM. Myers has on tap bands, piercing and a death match featuring Mad Man Pondo. Rumor is that Psycho will be making an appearance that night also. The match will not even be in a ring, so I am not sure if we can call this wrestling?? For those not familar with "Sex & Violence" be sure to check out Yearbook 2007 for the full story along with really good photos.

"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry - TNA CONTINUES TO DO GREAT NUMBERS!!

Wow! What a summer for TNA in the Memphis area. Starting with the successful Slammiversay PPV event at the Desoto Civic Center and its continuously strong ratings throughout the summer months, TNA has achieved another milestone as Impact scored its highest rating ever in the Memphis market. A whopping 3.5 with a 5 share!!! I’m not surprised that they got this high of a number, I’m surprised it took this long. Memphis has always been a great TV audience for any wrestling show. Given the quality of TNA’s product, I was always shocked to see how low the ratings had been for Impact. My best guess is the PPV event held back in June attracted viewers/fans to TNA that didn’t know it was around and they figured out it was on TV too. I know that sounds crazy given this world of technology and super information we live in, but some people still live simple lives and just don’t have a clue about some things. Congrats to TNA Impact!!!!

WWE shows continued its traditional good ratings this week. Smackdown was actually back up this week to its more normal rating. Smackdown’s numbers fluctuated a bit thru the show but it started with a strong quarter hour (5.4) and ended with a stronger quarter hour (6.7). RAW was a lil’ down this week, but not enough to mean anything considering the 2nd hour of RAW pulled some good numbers. Think people didn’t want to see who the new GM of RAW was? That 5.1 rating in the overrun is proof people want to see compelling TV. I’m just not sure Mike Adamle is the answer but as long as he’s not announcing I’m happy.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 7-24-08

Final Rating: 3.5 [56,806 viewers] 5 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 4.0 [64,857 viewers], 3.1 [50,264 viewers], 3.1 [50,264 viewers], 3.3 [53,507 viewers]

2nd hour: 3.3 [53,.507 viewers], 3.6 [58,372 viewers], 3.5 [56,750 viewers], 4.2 [68,100 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 7-25-08

Final Rating: 5.3 [85,936 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 5.4 [87,557 viewers], 4.5 [72,965 viewers], 3.9 [63,236 viewers], 4.7 [76,207 viewers]

2nd hour: 6.3 [102,150 viewers], 4.8 [77,829 viewers], 5.8 [94,043 viewers], 6.7 [108,636 viewers]

TNA Impact Replay 7-27-08 ( 12:45 am )

Final Rating: 0.7 [11,350 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.3 [4864 viewers], 0.2 [3243 viewers], 0.1 [1621 viewers], 0.1 [1621 viewers]

2nd hour: 0.4 [6486 viewers], 0.8 [12,971] , 0.8 [12,971 viewers], 0.8 [12,971 viewers]

WWE A.M. 7-27-08
Final Rating: 1.8 [29,186 viewers] 4 share

Quarter hours: 1.9 [29,186 viewers], 1.5 [24,322 viewers], 2.0 [32,429 viewers], 2.0 [32,429 viewers]

WWE Raw 7-28-08

Final Rating: 5.7 [92,422 viewers] 8 share

1st hour: 5.4 [87,557 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours: 4.5 [72,965 viewers], 4.7 [76,207 viewers], 6.1 [98,907 viewers], 6.3 [102,150 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.9 [95,665 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours: 6.6 [107,015 viewers], 6.2 [100,529 viewers], 5.5 [89,179 viewers], 5.3 [85,936 viewers]

Overrun: 5.1 [82,693 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

----I will have a rating and report of the CW 30 Memphis Wrestling and Redbirds special that aired this past Friday posted sometime later today or tomorrow.

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TIWF logo
Make your own Glitter Graphics

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"Flashback" July, 1979 by Mark James

1st card: July 23, 1979

29 years ago, times were a changing. Jerry Jarrett had brought in a big rookie by the name of The Hulk, Terry Boulder and his brother Eddie. Terry would later become one of the most popular wrestlers the sport has ever had, Hulk Hogan. Fans also will recognize his brother Eddie, who was Ed Leslie and later know as Brutus Beefcake.

The main event featured Hulk and Brutus defeating the Southern Heavyweight Champion “Outlaw” Ron Bass and big Pete Austin.

Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee teamed up to defeat Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy, the fabulous Freebirds. The Freebirds would go on to become one of the biggest teams in wrestling history, but their stay in Memphis was nothing to write home about. Their first appearance the previous Sat morning showed some promise though. The Freebirds were matched against Lawler and Dundee in the final match of the show. For those not familiar with the Memphis show, the last match would go until the show’s time would run out. Sometimes it would be a one fall match, sometimes 3 falls, etc. The match got under way and something strange happened, the Freebirds got a clean pinfall over Lawler and Dundee on TV. To the best of my memory, that never happened before or since. Lawler and Dundee came back and won the second fall, (and the time ran out in the third fall for a draw.) As a youth, this pinfall stunned me. I figured the Freebirds were going to be the next big thing in Memphis . They weren’t. Though they were getting wins, it was against mid-level talent. Whenever they did headline, against top level talent, they were the losers.

Another big match had the Southern Tag Tean Champs, the Blond Bombers (Larry Latham and Wayne Farris) with their manager Danny Davis lose a handicap match to Jackie Fargo and his crazy brother, Roughhouse Fargo. Jackie and Roughhouse always were a treat for the fans, needless to say not much wrestling went on with this one. Farris and Latham will probably always be remembered for their part in the infamous Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl (along with Lawler and Dundee ). It had happened about 6 weeks before this card and is still talked about today.

I mentioned the rookies, Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake. Another great match on the card involved 3 more rookies with Ricky Morton and Eddie Gilbert defeating Ken Wayne and the Hangman. Morton was only weeks away from forming a great tag team with the legend, Sonny King.

Looking at the rest of the card, Buddy Wayne beat Tommy Gilbert. The legendary lady wrestler, Fabulous Moolah got a win as well.

Overall, it was a good card. The attendance was just under 7,000. Hulk was really popular (even though very green.) Farris and Latham kept their tag titles, as well as Ron Bass keeping the Southern belt. The rookies were on the move. Lawler and Dundee were about to split up. Another great Monday night

2nd card: July 30, 1979, 29 years ago tonight.

What I remember most about the Dundee-Bockwinkle match wasn’t the match as much as the truly great angle that set it up. A wrestling fan association was having their yearly meeting in Memphis that weekend. On the Sat morning show, promoter Jerry Jarrett said that whoever the fans voted as “wrestler of the year” would get an AWA World Title match with Nick Bockwinkle. Well the group named Bill Dundee as “wrestler of the year” and he was given the match. This didn’t sit well with Dundee ’s partner, Jerry Lawler. The King had been trying, unsuccessfully, to get a rematch with Bockwinkle for over a year. Bill tried to calm the tension but Lawler wouldn’t have anything to do with him. Dundee had his world title match (which he lost.) On this card, Lawler was regulated to the 2nd match on the card, teaming with Randy Tyler in a loss to the Freebirds. Over the next few weeks, the King attempted to destroy Dundee and added Jimmy Hart as his manager. By Fall 1979, Jerry’s transition to the area’s top heel was complete.

Even though he came up short, The Hulk, Terry Boulder finally got a Southern title match against the champ, “Outlaw” Ron Bass.

Tommy Gilbert and Buddy Wayne continued their family feud. Jackie and Roughhouse Fargo continued their feud with the Blond Bombers, this week in a cage match.

Looking back at it, it seems like a short card, it still had Dundee getting a World title match. It may be because we were so trained to expect all “good” cards to have Lawler heavily involved within them. To be honest, anytime you got to see Nick Bockwinkle wrestle, it was a good night. The attendance was 7,818 and that was excellent for a non-Lawler headlined card. On a side note, within 6 months, the Memphis fans had to get used to Lawler not being on the cards. When the King broke his leg, he was out for 11 months.

Next week’s flashback: We’ll return to the Summer of 1984 and pick up where we left off with the cards for August. Rude and Bundy form an alliance, the Macho Man becomes a babyface, and a lot more!

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

----I added the the videos of the Freebirds debut. I always loved that interview!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 7.26.08 - XOW INVADES!!

T-Bone Terrence Ward opens the show with a ten bell salute to a devoted fan who passed away Tuesday, then followed with the national anthem.

What an interesting show we had tonight! We first started of the night with the ASWF Championship on the line. Casino Kid taking on ACID for the gold. The match was off to a great start with Casino and ACID really going at each other. Halfway through the match Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, Sarge O’Reilly and the Promoter of XOW interrupted the match by taking out ACID and Casino Kid, then stating that they owned 51% of the ASWF and was taking over. They went on to explain that former ASWF Partner Ricky Rowland got drunk and bet his half of the company off. Hollywood Jimmy put a foul taste in everyone's mouth when he said they were taking over!

Our second match of the evening was a match that not only the fans of ASWF have been waiting for but so have X-Kaliber and Christopher Lee. This match was scheduled for a First Blood Match. Into the first part of the match it seemed that Christopher Lee was in control but later the tide would turn. Into the last part of the match X-Kaliber performed the Un-Prettier on Christopher Lee right on top of a steel chair; which caused Christopher Lee to bleed and X-Kaliber to win the match.

Our third match of the evening ended in chaos. “Hot Rod” John Ellison taking on Morgan Lane in a Singles Match. During the first part of the match Morgan Lane wasted a lot of time by showing off; which later on proved to be a big mistake. Hot Rod built up a lot of momentum with a bunch of huge right hands and shoulder thrusts in the corner. Hot Rod would win with a 1, 2, 3, but was interrupted after the match by Mexicanos, who beat Hot Rod with a belt and proceeded to destroy him. Unbeknown to myself or any of security, David Cox, Hot Rod's former tag partner, was waiting just outside and tried to enter ringside, but was stopped by security. Mexicanos after finally having their fill finally left ringside.

Our fourth match of the evening was a first in the ASWF, a Reversed Battle Royal. Syn vs Suicide vs DJ Stunner vs Silent Mark. Even before they could get in the ring, all four contenders were at each others throats. Silent Mark was the first to enter the ring and would later win the match with a pin fall.

Our fifth match of the evening was for the European Championship. Scott Fury was set to take on Big Al. Both superstars showing a lot of respect with nothing but a clean match all the way through. Unfortunately for Big Al, the Irish Dragon Scott Fury would take home the gold with a pin fall.

Our sixth match of the evening was set to be a tag team match. But we had one problem, there were two #1 contenders. LSD and Mike Anthony and X-Kaliber. To solve this problem the Commissioner, T-Bone Terrence Ward, announces to determine the new #1 contender there would be a best 2 out of 3 match over a 3 week period. And let me say what a match. Mike Anthony and X-Kaliber taking home the victory, and all the need to secure the #1 spot is beat LSD.

Our seventh match of the evening was a 6-Man Tag Match. Austin Lane/Blalok the Blazer/Marcus O'Neil vs Ray Ray/Tommy Wayne/Reno Diamond. An explosive match carnage was everywhere at the end of the match Austin Lane putting Ray Ray through a table. Blazer would then get the pin.

And our final match of the evening ACID and Casino Kid taken on XOW's Sarge O’ Reilly and Cameron Valentine. The match would go on to be the loudest match we have ever heard. The fans chanting ASWF! ASWF! ASWF! Casino and ACID trying to do their best to win and finally did with ACID and Casino taking down Sarge and Cameron, but was later reversed by the new ASWF Partner and XOW Promoter!

Credit: ASWF Ace

----No attendance figure was given, but photos over at made it look like the place was packed. So I am guessing around 200…If the XOW angle works here as well as it worked at NBW, they should see an increase in attendance…Don’t really like the idea of Rowland losing his share of ASWF because he was drunk. Rowland is super nice guy and it makes him look like a goof. I mean most people would not feel sorry for him – who feels sorry for a drunk?? The idea is get sympathy on the babyface. But, as I said, Rowland is a nice guy and probably would get fans behind him.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling- Episode 54

Airing July 19, 2008 in Nashville, Tn on Comcast 74
Taped July 11, 2008 in Millersville, Tn at the Saw Mill

Our fearless announce team of Michael St. John and Reno Riggins opened the show at ringside. They showed footage of Rob Roy McCoy submitting Damian Adams on last week’s show. Riggins said they hoped to have info on the extent of Damian Adams’s injuries. Also this week, the return of the vacationing A-Team, Chris Michaels in singles action against Adam Armor - “a main event anywhere in the country”, says the always hyperbolic Reno - and the International Heavyweight Champion, Kid Kash.

It’s Showtime! And SAW starts now~!

1 -- RICK SANTEL (with Paul Adams & Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger) vs. “STYLIN” SHANE EDEN

MSJ noted that A-Team all had great tans. Dillinger was channeling Jimmy Buffett. Eden’s electric dance routine was short-circuited by a blindside attack from Santel, who proceeded to beat him into oblivion for the next couple of minutes. Dillinger came to the booth and demanded a title shot for Santel, so “The Adams Family” could have all the gold. Eden hit a Russian leg sweep out of nowhere right into a break dancing leg drop for a two count. Eden struck the crane pose. Santel looked amused. He was ready for Eden’s kick and countered right in the Santel Slam.

WINNER: Rick Santel at 2:50 with the Santel Slam. Fine for what it was – another step in solidifying Santel as a legit challenger for the title. Eden took Santel’s finisher quite nicely.

MSJ was at ringside with the Adams Family AKA The A-Team. Paul claimed they had been vacationing in the Bahamas. Hammerjack showed MSJ footage of a “Bahama mama” on his cell phone. “That gives new meaning to riding the porpoises,” Paul said. Paul asked St. John if SAW had given Dream Team a proper send off while they were away. Negative. Paul said A-Team were not the heartless individual the people made them out to be, and to prove it, they had a solid gold pen (MSJ said it looked like a Bic) and a Rolex (a Vulex according to Dillinger) for Dream Team. Commissioner Freddie Morton said he had something for A-Team and put the Tennessee Violence Authority in today’s main event vs. Tribal Nation with the SAW tag titles on the line.

St. John was at ringside with Kash. MSJ informed the viewers that the winner of the fan vote for the title shot, Cassidy Reilly, had broke his ankle while he was out in Hollywood working on a new wrestling video game (Legends of Wrestling). Kash wasn’t buying it. Said it was fear. Said he beat Damian down to the point he was in a boat, hiding under a sheet, trying to get back into Puerto Rico. Kash issued another challenge to the world, and zeroed in on “chubby” (Riggins). Chris Cane showed up. “Shut up, Frodo. You don’t come out here and interrupt my interview time, you little punk.” Cane tried to babyface himself with the crowd and failed miserably. Cane said if he couldn’t get respect from the fans, maybe he could earn it from Kash. What ever gave him that idea? Kash slapped Cane’s face and told him to get in the ring.

2 -- SAW International Heavyweight Championship Match: KID KASH (c) vs. CHRIS CANE

Kash shot in with a double leg and pummeled Cane from a side mount. Cane grabbed the ropes to force a break. Cane fired up and caught the champion with a crisp arm drag. Kash raked the eyes and threw a fit. He legit ripped the shirt off a fan that was giving him crap. Back inside, Kash mauled and tortured Cane, adding to his misery with a stomp to the groin. Cane fired back with another flurry of punches. Kash stomped his nuts again. Kash continued the sadistic beating with a series of crossface forearms. Cane was bleeding from the mouth. Reno said he wasn’t for Cane, so much as he was rooting against Kash. Cane rallied with a last ditch flurry – running knee, swinging neckbreaker, cover for a near fall. Cane tried for a tornado DDT. Kash countered with a low blow and put Cane away with the brainbuster.

Kash went nuts on the fans. He tried to tear a second shirt off that same guy and ripped up the sign held by one of the fans in the hardcore section. MSJ just handed the mic over to Kash, who ran down all of the title contenders. He ripped the belt out of St. John’s hands and got back in the ring to challenge t-shirt guy again.

Winner: Kash retains the title in 6:37 with the brainbuster. Their best laid plans went awry with the injury to Riley. Kash gave Cane a surprising amount of offense, too much for a guy that hasn’t come close to beating anybody. The people didn’t buy Cane one bit as Babyface for a Night, but I thought the match still worked because it only made the fans despise Kash and all his sleaziness even more. You had the champion, supposedly the superior wrestling, using nothing but lazy, gutter tactics against the smallest guy on the roster.

3 -- CHRIS MICHAELS (with Fallon) vs. ADAM ARMOR

Riggins brought up Michaels using Lexi Pillman’s boot on Chase Stevens last week after Fallon refused to offer hers up. MSJ apologized to the viewers for the mistreatment Fallon suffered at the hands of Michaels after the match. Riggins said Commissioner Morton was looking into the matter. Meanwhile, Armor was outwrestling Michaels. Leapfrog-dropdown-dropkick ala A. J. Style by Armor for a near fall. At 3 minutes in, Michaels punched Armor in the face and started to pound him. Michaels cut him off the comeback with a big spinebuster slam. As Michaels wore Armor down with a camel clutch, MSJ hinted the Fallon’s new body are was a rite of passage into Casey’s cult. Michaels continued to work the low back. Armor traded big shots with Michaels but ended up getting beaten down in the corner. Michaels used a short arm clothesline but no hook of the leg on the pin attempt. Armor sent Michaels spinning with an enzuigiri and it was both men down. Comeback time. Downward spiral for a near fall by Armor. Michaels answered with a neckbreaker and signaled it was over. Michaels paused to scold Fallon for not paying attention. Armor rolled Michaels up and almost got him. Armor flew off the middle rope with a sunset flip attempt, but Michaels sat down him and grabbed a handful of tights.

Michaels admonished Fallon after the match. She was giving him some lip as they headed up the ramp.

WINNER: Michaels at 7:54 via pinfall using the tights. Given enough time, they built this into a good little match. Armor makes an appealing underdog.

We saw a black & white newsreel clip from World War II with “White Rabbit” playing in the background – it was time for our weekly glimpse into the warped mind of Marc Anthony. Cut to the shoreline of some God forsaken body of water. The footage is still black & white. Anthony’s helmeted head popped out of the water. He addressed a toy army encamped on a concrete pier about the element of surprise.

And again gentleman, I’m going to lead by example. And show you how to endure this pain. For we’re not dealing with little kids anymore, these kids know the game, and they know how to play it. Just not as good as me and Ronnie P. You see, gentleman, this could be a weapon used by the enemy.

Still in the water, Anthony removed his helmet and whacked himself in the forehead with some kind of metal plate.

But it has no effect on me, as it will not on you. Because we are prepared, gentleman, we are prepared for anything and everything that comes our way. They can strap us, gentleman, they can strap us. They can hit us, they can slap us, they can burn us alive! But they’ll never, EVER, succeed in defeating what’s coming.

Anthony did all of the above. Well, not the part about burning alive. I think he’s saving that for later. Anthony put his helmet back on and barked toward the heavens.

MSJ and Riggins introduced footage of an incident that occurred as St. John and Riggins were doing their pre-show sound check. Security called for Riggins to come outside. The camera followed Riggins out into the parking lot where a brawl between Shawn Shultz and TJ Harley was in progress. The ended up on the hood a car with Harley pounding Shultz’s face with stiff forearms as he yelled at him for wrecking his career. Shultz kneed Harley in the groin. BLEEP. Shultz pulled Harley up onto the roof of the car and spiked him with a DDT. A white sports car pulled into the parking lot with Miss Worthington at the wheel. Shultz jumped in and they hauled ass out of there. The camera zoomed in for a close up of Harley’s crumpled carcass still in la la land.

Cut to Shultz and Worthington in the interview area with an appalled MSJ. St. John couldn’t believe that Shultz would stoop so low. “See Michael St. Jimmie, I would do anything to keep this (pointing at Worthington).” Shultz asked Worthington if he got to keep daddy’s money now that Harley was out of the picture for good. Worthington said Shultz could have anything he wanted with the emphasis on “anything.” Shultz said he wanted to go spend some of daddy’s money because he needed some new knee pads. “Yeah, me too,” said Worthington. Shultz overacted to make sure the viewers caught the line.

4 – SAW Tag Team Championship Match: TENNESSEE VIOLENCE AUTHORITY (Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger with Paul Adams) (c) vs. TRIBAL NATION (Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw)

Reno said he didn’t think the Indians could beat TVA, but on any given day…The Indians dominated to where Reno said Dillinger was probably wishing he was back in Margaritaville. The highlights were Lightfoot’s cartwheel basement dropkick, and Outlaw elevating Lightfoot into a gorilla press splash. Dillinger ducked Lightfoot’s springboard crossbody and made a diving tag. Hammerjack stomped the bejeezus out of Lightfoot. He hit a sitout slam for a two count. For several minutes, TVA cut the ring in half and worked Lightfoot over. Lightfoot finally caught Dillinger with a jawbreaker and hot-tagged Outlaw, who hit the ring with tomahawk chops. After Outlaw laid TVA out with a double clothesline, the Indians set up the Totem Pole, but Adams blocked it by grabbing Lightfoot’s leg. TVA then had Lightfoot setup for their finisher when a man in a hooded sweatshirt knocked Dillinger off the top rope. Hammerjack dropped what he was doing to look at the guy in the hood. “It’s Arrick Andrews! It’s Arrick Andrews!” (cut to a close up of Andrews with a wry grin on his face). Lightfoot rolled up Hammerjack for the pin. Celebration time. As they went off the air, the heels were staring at Andrews with shock and awe.

WINNERS: Tribal Nation in 6:58 to become two time SAW Tag Team Champions. This standard format tag match was a good outing for Tribal Nation. Lightfoot looked very sharp, as did Dillinger, who did most of the work for TVA. The finish put Andrews instantly back in the thick of things.

Closing Thoughts: A good show, just not a compelling as most of the recent episodes. It was subject to a last minute rewrite due to the departure of “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant from the promotion. As thing turned out, he and Miss Boogie really got buried on their way out by that restaurant vignette a few weeks back. The parking lot brawl was straight out of Memphis wrestling. That and Anthony’s insanity were the best things about the show. When it comes to building anticipation for a new guy coming into the promotion, I haven’t seen anything as effective as the Anthony vignettes since the territory days. WWE seems to have no concept of stuff like this. Andrews costing TVA the titles was proper payback. The explanation for Andrews’ reinstatement better be good. The High Society storyline isn’t doing much for me, but their program with Stevens and Armor is providing the best wrestling on the show. The women on this show have the looks, but acting ability is another story altogether. Worthington was way better last week. Her delivery here was just passable. Shultz was over the top, and the kneepad line was out of place for Worthington’s character and what has been a serious angle, at least from Harley’s end. It’s one of those little things that undermine suspension of disbelief, and make you wonder why a rich bitch from Belle Meade Boulevard would be hanging around with pro wrestlers to begin with.

"Shooting the Shiznit" This Thursday!!! Free-For-All!!!

----If you have ever wanted to call in and talk about anything related to wrestling, then this Thursday is the day to call. Brian Tramel and Brian Thompson will present their third edition of 1 hour of "Free-for-all" and they want you to call in and ask thought provoking questions or just to BS!! Join them PRIME TIME on Thursday night at 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM!! Call[347] 838-8101!!!

Rumor Mill - Brian Christopher, Dustin Starr, Memphis Wrestling and Joey Mercury!!

----I am being told by several sources that Brian Christopher is in rehab. He will be gone for a few months. Not sure where the facility is located, but I was told it was being paid for by the WWE. I am happy to hear this and wish him the best of luck. Brian is a great talent, but as we have documented on this site, his “actions” have held him back for a long time.

----I got word that Dustin Starr was not contacted to work the Memphis Wrestling Autozone show due to his “World of Wrestling” blog. Rumors are that Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin have either been shown or have read it themselves. They are not happy with the way Starr breaks kayfabe. Even though I do not agree with everything that Starr posts [like NBW thing earlier this year], the blog is one of the best written and thought provoking columns in local wrestling fandom. But as Starr recently wrote in his blog, “I recently ran into Mickey Ray in a Nike store. His quote was, "The most controversial man in independent wrestling... Dustin Starr!" “

----Everyone is saying that this crew that worked the Autozone show is the future of Memphis Wrestling. It looks like a Bagwell vs Lawler will be the main feud. Guys like Bagwell and Test may think they are getting the rub from Lawler to possibly getting another shot in the WWE. I just wonder how long such an arrangement works and then they start wanting local talent again. And guess what?? The local talent will just go back like they always do.

----I am getting more comments about Joey Mercury and his size. For those that say it is size is all that matters, Mercury got called up because of his talent. He screwed it up because of his own demons, but it does give the smaller guys in the area that can work some confidence that they can be signed.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 7.26.08

"Monkey Boy" Danny Morris defeated Slammer.

Dalton Storm defeated Damion Rage.

The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) defeated The Executioners (Axe & Dagger).

Josh Matthews w/Chris Styles & Diamond defeated Tysin Starr with help from Chris Styles. Styles came to the ring wearing a neck brace, and saying he was injured and would not be wrestling. He took the brace off, however, and interfered in the match, enabling Josh to win. EPW Promoter Edith Poole saw what happened and ordered Chris to defend his EPW Extreme Championship vs. Tysin Starr later in the show. Chris not a happy camper....

Cyrus destroyed Jay Webster.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) defeated Parental Advisory (Izzy Rotten & Bonecrusher, who was subbing for Scott Porteau) due to interference by
JR Mauler.

Chris Styles over Tysin Starr with help from Josh Matthews & Diamond. After the match Chris & Josh continued the beat down on Tysin. EPW Promoter Edith Poole came to the ring and ordered them to stop. They refused. Edith suspended Chris for one week. Edith again told them to go to the back, and again they refused. Edith went to the back and got Cyrus to make the save. Edith again told Chris he was suspended, and he went completely berserk, throwing anything he could get his hands on. He then hit referee KC before finally going to the back.

About 50 in the crowd.

Very, very good show. No bad matches. Slammer vs. Danny Morris was a decent match, as was Damion vs. Dalton & Cyrus vs. Jay Webster. The rest of the matches were outstanding. EPW has kicked it up a notch.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: SPWA Pulaski, TN 7.25.08

Main Event: Jay Kraft & The Bounty Hunter vs. The Texas Connection (Don Bass & Big Hoss)

The Texas Connection was DQ'd when Don Bass struck the referee

Semi-Main: Don Bass vs. Hoss Williams (Title contender match)--- winner gets a shot at Terry Gunn's SPWA title

Hoss layed down in the middle of the ring and let Don Bass pin him. The match lasted 22 seconds

Fourth Match: "Irish" Terry Gunn Vs Don Bass (SPWA title match)

Former WWF star "Irish" Terry Gunn defeated Don Bass to win the Title

Third Match: Jay Kraft vs. Hoss Williams

Hoss won by pinfall

Second Match: The Bounty Hunter vs. Don Bass (SPWA title match)

The Bounty Hunter won by DQ due to interference by Hoss Williams

Opening Match: The Bounty Hunter vs. The Spoiler

The Bounty Hunter used the Pedigree on The Spoiler and got the pin.

Credit: Hoss Williams @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 7.25.08

"The Greatness" Jay Webster defeated LSD.

In a qualifying match to determine who will face TNA's Petey Williams for the TNA X-Division Championship on 8/22, Chris Fontaine w/Diamond defeated DC by reverse decision. Fontaine brought a chain into the ring but DC got caught with it after he had the match won. Referee awarded the match to Fontaine. Fontaine advances in the tournament.

Tysin Starr defeated Bless w/Dirty Rell Mo.

Parental Advisory (Izzy Rotten & Ryan SoFine) w/Tony Dabbs defeated Little Guys, Inc. (Lil' Devil & Kid J).

After intermission Parental Advisory (Studd & Tony) came to the ring and announced that, because they had beaten every team there was in TFW, and because there were no contenders left in TFW for the tag team belts, they were "retiring" the tag team belts. The lights went off and a certain music played... that music everyone knows... and out of the back came the Asylum (Psycho & Pappy). After a brief fight, Studd & Tony were informed by management that Psycho & Pappy were now the number one contenders for the TFW tag team belts. They were not happy about it but they grabbed the belts and headed for the back.

Fusion defeated David Cox.

Josh Matthews defeated Chris Kilgore w/Dirty Rell Mo. After the match all five members of Mo Foundation beat Josh down until... out came The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy). Mo Foundation members scattered.

The Asylum defeated Mo Foundation (Curly Mo & G Mo Money).

In a tournament qualifying match, "The Future" Chris Styles defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor. Ryan SoFine was at ringside and interfered constantly, but Chris won the match.

Crowd was about 100, and they saw an EXCELLENT show.

Don't forget Friday, August 22! That's the night wrestling history will be made. TNA's Petey Williams will be at the TFW Arena to defend his X-Division Championship against an opponent to be decided by the tournament currently under way in TFW. Don't miss that show!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Photo by Brian Tramel

Monday, July 28, 2008

RassleResults: Autozone Park Memphis, TN 7.26.08 - Full Results!!

"Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex] def. Derrick King/Johnny Dotson

Joey Mercury def. The Barbarian

Koko Ware/Pat Tanaka (w/Rocky the Redbird and his family running around at ringside) def. Kevin White/Kid Kash (w/ Sue Young and Mr. White)

Jerry Lawler def. Test by DQ after Buff Bagwell run-in. After the match, Lawler cut a promo saying that he was coming after Buff.

The show wasn't exactly great, but the kids were REALLY into it, so it was aimed mostly towards them.

Credit: Clinton Boyland


RassleResults: MAW Memphis, TN 7.27.08

Opening Contest
Steven Rampage def. Cody Moore via pinfall in just over 4 minutes after Rampage got his feet on the ropes to secure the win.

Second Contest
Baron Malkavain def. Dell Tucker and Rockin Randy in a Triple Threat Match via pinfall in 7 minutes after Baron hit the Devil' Wings from the middle rope on Rockin Randy and crashed Randy's body on top of Dell Tucker's body. Baron's winning streak in MAW continues after this win.

Before we could move on to our next match, Reno Diamond and Derrick King made their way out. King carried the MAW Heavyweight Title, though he isn't the champion. Reno and King decided to berate the crowd with insults and make a point that they know Jerry Lynn isn't going to be there. KC Gold, Johnny Morton, and Chris Lexx make their way out to confront them. Derrick makes more of the point about Lynn when he doesn't come out with them. As Morton and Lexx talk back and forth with them in the ring, KC gets a phone call and makes his way to the back. After a few minutes, KC comes out and lets Derrick and Reno know that Jerry Lynn is 20 minutes away and to lace them up tight because he would be ready for them.

Third Contest | Falls Count Anywhere
Dre Black def. Danny B Good via DQ in about 6 minutes after Dre through our Referee Robert in the way of a "Revolution". After Danny fought back and tried to make the pin, it appeared the referee was about to make the count until he called for the bell and told Danny he was disqualified. The fight between these two men is far from over.

Fourth Contest | Street Fight II
Armageddon def. Big Country via pinfall after 10 minutes of brawling. Big Country was busted open hard with a Stop sign attached to a 2x4 and just never recovered from it. After the match, Armageddon decided to sitout chokeslam on the referee and before he could go after anyone else, it was KC Gold getting his big man under control to head to the back. Big Country, still dazed and out of it, made yet another challenge to Armageddon, seeking a 4 Corners of Pain match. More details on that later on

In what was suppose to be our intermission, Jason Richards, Marcus O'Neil, Antoin Smooth, and Ms. Nikki made their way out to the announce table and challenged special guest commentator Carnage Antwane to a match. Jason is seeking his third straight victory over Carnage, as Jason has always had the help to beat him. A referee came out and one big boot later in 7 seconds, Carnage Antwane def. Jason Richards. Marcus O'Neil then made the challenge after that, but the match never got under way as The Crime and Jeremy Killz rushed the ring and all ganged up on Carnage. Bishop made his way to the ring and scared away all, but Crime and Marcus. Bishop hit the spear on Marcus and then on Crime. Bishop and Carnage have seen eye to eye, but tonight, Bishop shook the hand of Carnage. Carnage then made his way back to the table to continue the evening.

Fifth Match
The Golden Boy Greg Anthony def. Flash Flanagan via pinfall after 11 minutes of action after using a foreign object cupped in his hand. At the end of the match, TGB brought a chair into the ring, but was quickly disarmed by Flash. Flash, in a fit of rage, looked to use the chair to his advantage. The referee took the chair and as he discarded it, TGB was able to use an object in his tights, hit Flash, and get the pinfall victory.

Sixth Match | MAW Southern Championship
Chris Lexx def. Precious to retain the MAW Southern Championship in a long, hard fought contest. These two men brought everything they had to the ring and left it there when all was said and done. Precious, along with his manager Mr. L, did everything in their power to keep Chris Lexx grounded, but it was the quick elbow drop from the top rope that secured the victory for TFO's Chris Lexx.

Main Event
After everyone minus Lynn made their way to the ring, Derrick made it a point once again to show that he was right about what he said. KC Gold got on the mic and let Derrick know that he is wrong. At this point, Jerry Lynn makes his way out and after a few moments slapping the hands of some eager fans, it was time for action.

Johnny Morton and Jerry Lynn def. Reno Diamond and Derrick King via pinfall to pick up the victory after Chris Lexx came in and hit the Lexxicution on Derrick King!. Johnny Morton made the pinfall as Jerry Lynn launched an aerial assault to the outside to Reno Diamond. After the bell rung, a man ran from the back and jumped Johnny Morton and Chris Lexx. Lynn was left on the outside as Derrick, Reno, and this unknown man beat up on Lexx and Morton. Lynn got a chair and made the save. As Derrick and company took the mic, it was made aware to everyone in the Daisy that there just isn't a wrestling show without a Shawn Shultz promo. Shawn introduced himself and after few moments of back and forth on the mic, KC Gold made two matches for September's "Memphis 10" event at the New Daisy. It would be Derrick King and Shawn Shultz taking on Johnny Morton and Chris Lexx and Reno Diamond would have a one on one match with Jerry Lynn!

Crowd: 125

Credit: MAW Insider

----I was told this show was heavily papered, but if they did get this many people in the building, then it is most they have had there since I have been doing this site...Shultz is a great addition to the roster.

RassleResults: Autozone Park Memphis, TN 7.26.08

----We didn't get full results, but I did get some news coming out of the show. Here were the matches--

*Derrick KIng/Johnny Dotson vs "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex]
*Joey Mercury vs The Barbarian
*Kevin White/Kid Kash vs Koko Ware/Pat Tanaka
*Jerry Lawler vs Test - Buff Bagwell interfered in a run in

----Lots of people stayed to watch the wrestling...Mercury was as small or smaller than Johnny Dotson. That is scary...This show will air as a "Finale" at 7:00 PM - YES PRIME TIME - this coming Saturday night...I hearing from different sources that Memphis is going to try to use this level of talent for all their shows including upcoming TV tapings. The only local guys they are going to use are the guys that were on this show. Not sure how they can do that and continue to pay these guys unless they have someone forking over a huge amount of money...Bagwell did a run-in, but did not even work.

The Thompson Perspective 7.28.08 By Brian Thompson

Stop the presses! There is a new edition of “The Thompson Perspective” here at Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after many weeks of “no shows” I’m back. Of course, I’ve helped Brian Tramel with the “Shootin’ the Shiznit” radio shows every Thursday, but as far a column I’ve certainly been missing in action for awhile.

Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a new trend.

First and foremost, let me join the Memphis and Mid-South in sending my condolences to the family, co-workers and friends of Brian Teigland. This is truly a sad situation. I didn’t know Brian personally, but he graced my television screen on multiple occasions throughout the week, delivering the current weather patterns in the Mid-South. From all accounts, he seems to have been a respected weatherman and a good person. Again, my best wishes to his family.

Now, let’s get down to some wrestling talk or, sticking with the theme of this website, “rasslin” talk.

Message boards seem to be a hot topic in this area at times. The board at is always entertaining in one way or another. Brian Tramel also recently changed the format of the message board here at

In the grand scheme of our business, message boards have very little meaning.

However, as negative as they can be, they can also be an outlet for fans and workers alike to share interesting conversations.

The Rasslin Riot board currently has a discussion entitled “Favorite angle or spot.” A lot of good angles have been discussed on the board and I wanted to just add of angles I enjoyed thoroughly.

Both of these World Wrestling Federation (WWF) angles took place toward the end of 1991. I was 10-years-old at the time, turning 11 on Dec. 15, 1991.

The first angle of discussion involved Jake “The Snake” Roberts and Randy “Macho Man” Savage and took place in November 1991. These two were in the midst of a feud that started in August 1991 at the conclusion of SummerSlam.

That year’s “Biggest Party of the Summer” was built around two events that were billed the “Match Made in Heaven” and the “Match Made in Hell.” The heavenly event was the “marriage” of Savage to Miss Elizabeth. The other event was a 3-on-2 handicap match pitting WWF Champion Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior against Sgt. Slaughter, Col. Mustafa (aka The Iron Sheik) and General Adnan.

The pay-per-view, which was held at Madison Square Garden, ended with the Savage wedding. Following the live event, the WWF taped a “wedding reception” where Elizabeth opened a box, believed to be a wedding gift. The box contained a cobra, courtesy of Jake Roberts.

This led to several weeks of fans “begging” for the return of Savage, who couldn’t come back due to a WrestleMania VII retirement match he lost to the Warrior in March 1991.

Finally, there was a push for Savage to return at the SurvivorSeries, set for Thanksgiving Eve of that year. The weekend before the PPV, a scenario was set up involving Roberts and Savage. The “Macho Man” was goated into the ring and ended up fighting Roberts, who took advantage. Savage ended up tied up in the ring ropes and then Roberts pulled his king cobra out. He had the cobra bite Savage’s arm.

For 1991, and a WWF product that revolved around children, this was a brutal angle. There were great camera shots of fans with bewildered looks on their faces and children crying. The idea was that the snake was supposed to be devenomized, but knowing Roberts that might not truly be the case. This was one of those angles that you just can’t forget.

When I was first getting my foot in the door in the wrestling business, I was an internet columnist for the website It was operated by Shannon Rose, a ring announcer from Florida. In addition to writing columns and proofreading for Shannon, he also gave me an occasional interview assignment or two. One was an interview in late 2000 with Jake Roberts. Needless to say, it was an interesting interview that stretched out for several days. I asked Jake about the angle with Savage and he recalled it fondly. He talked about how good he and Savage were with bringing out an emotion.

Most people truly have a fear of snakes. I am not terrified of them, but I don’t want them slithering over me. This angle utilized those emotions.

A few months later, another memorable angle took place in the WWF. I think it was taped in December 1991, but didn’t air on TV until January 1992.

For several weeks, the breakup of The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) was teased on WWF TV. There were instances of miscommunication in both tag team and singles matches involving Michaels and Jannetty.

Finally, the issue was discussed during an interview segment called “The Barber Shop,” which was hosted by Brutus Beefcake. After a little back and forth, The Rockers agreed to move forward. Or so it seemed. They hugged and then raised each other’s hands only to have Michaels sucker superkick Jannetty. He then threw his tag team partner through a “plate glass” window. Jannetty clutched his head and blood poured through his fingers. It was a great visual and the beginnings of a push for Shawn. Ironically, the WWE tapped into that angle a few weeks ago on Monday Night Raw when Chris Jericho threw Michaels face first through an HDTV screen.

Those are two angles that stand out in my mind. Great angles usually involve great performers. They usually have a general direction, but a lot of the greatness comes from the ability of those involved to ad lib and not look “scripted.” I often think that today’s mainstream wrestling scene is over scripted. Sometimes it’s best to just let things happen.

That’s all for this week. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading the column. Feel free to discuss it at the RRO News message board or drop me a line about it at

Until next time, take care all!

RassleResults: SAW Millersville, TN 7.25.08

--Showtime All-Star Wrestling from Friday night TV taping in Millersville, TN before 115 fans: T.J. Harley b Larry Cooter, Sean Casey & Chris Michaels b Adam Armor & Chase Stevens, Arrick Andrews b Sigmon, Rick Santel b Jeff Jamison, Chrisjen Hayme b Tatsu, Kid Kash d Jerry Lynn (a 15:00 draw that was actually 17:19), Chris Cane b Steven Green, Arrick Andrews b David Young-DQ, Chrisjen Hayme b Josh Hendrix, Chris Michaels & Sean Casey b Chase Stevens & Adam Armor, T.J. Harley b Chris Cane, Lennox Lightfoot & Indian Outlaw b Hammerjack & Matt Dillinger-DQ


RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 7.26.08

Precious d. Shannon Lee

Ike Tucker d. Slim Pickens

Rude vs. Pokerface was a double count out.

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony d. Christian Jacobs

Stan Lee/Dustin Starr/Flash Flanagan d. Bishop/Dell Tucker/Cody Melton

Credit: TLCWTennVols

----The attendance was 75-80...This looked like a real good show with some good wrestling. Except maybe the first bout. Why were Rude and Poker working each other?? I would have loved to seen the semi and main. They were probably real good bouts.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 7.26.08 - Rodney Mack Wins RWA Title!!

1st Match. J.D. Kerry VS Lucky. Lucky by pin fall.
2nd Match. Chris Steel VS Chief Quixote. Quixote. By DQ.
3rd Match. Silas VS Ron Rage. Rage by count out.
4th Match. The Asylum VS The Natural Born Playa's and PP3. Asylum by pin fall
5th Match. Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS P.O.B. (Midnight Cowboy) Graham by pin fall.

The Main Event. Rik Burton RWA Heavyweight Champion
Rodney "Red Dogg" Mack.
Rodney "Red Dogg" Mack is the new RWA Heavyweight Champion.

Ron Rage and Silas match came from the opening of the show. The Rat Pack came out and had Raven in tow with a dog collar around her neck and a chain attached to it. Classy Meltin Massy started telling the crowd how great all his guys were and then Rik Burton The Crown Jewel of the group and RWA Champ took his turn with the mic telling the crowd how much Raven was enjoying being with him. At this point “P.O.B.” [Ron Rage/Midnight Cowboy] came to the ring and the whole Rat Pack Bunch powdered. Rage told the real story of how Burton had tapped out in both of the matches and that he wanted another match with Burton. Burton told him if he had something to put up he would give Rage another match. Burton suggested that if Rage wins his match tonight he would get his match. Burton choose Silas as Rage’s opponent. Rage accepted the challenge.

J.D. Kerry and Lucky had a great Lightweight Match. Kerry continues to get better with each match that he has. He has built a good following in the RWA and is gaining confidence with every match that he has. Lucky being the veteran that he is gave Kerry a good wrestling match and the fans appreciated the match. IMO these two guys should team up. Lucky could really take Kerry to the next level.

Chris Steel and Big Chief Quixote have a feud going that is leading up to what could be a final match for one of these guy's. They have had two good matches so far and it seems that Classy Melton Massy can't keep out of it. Rottn Randy has been coming out with the big Indian and Massy and Rottn have butted heads in the past and again in this match. The Big Chief used his height and weight advantage in the match but Steel used Massy in the match. Massy cost the match for Steel with his interference.

Ron Rage and Silas match was just two big tuff men beating each other from pillar to post. For the first time Silas was actually challenged in a match. Silas took Rage through a series of power moves in the ring. Silas slammed Rage several times with big power slams. Both men ended up out of the ring on the floor fighting. Rage reversed Silas and whipped him into the ring post. Rage made it back into the ring before Silas and won the match by count out. Silas got back into the ring to slam Rage a couple more times working over Rages back.

The “Asylum” came to the ring together for the first time in the RWA - all three of them - Psycho, Arnez and Pappy. They were to face The “Natural Born Playa's” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular]. Frank Martin had to come out to the ring to ask the NBP's manager Classy Melton Massy if he could count and read. The contract clearly stated a 6 man tag match. Massy would not be the partner for the NBP's, so Martin told them he would get them a partner. Out came PP3 much to the delight of the fans. The Asylum again were brutal though out the match. PP3 seemed to through off the team work of the NBP's and the Asylum got the win. Great match and very entertaining. The Asylum and the Playa's are some of the best workers.

Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. and The Midnight Cowboy once again had an old school wrestling match. Good wrestling and good fighting. The crowd really dislikes Graham and really love the Cowboy. These two guys had the crowd following them on each move they did. Graham shows every time he is in the ring just why he is fabulous. He takes the crowd on a rollar coaster ride every time he steps into the ring. The Cowboy has the crowd behind him 100%, they love The Cowboy and that puts a lot of heat on Graham. These two are giving the crowd a great series of matches they will not forget. The Cowboy had Graham beat this time but the wily veteran pulled a chain and knocked out the Cowboy for the 3 count. This has got to lead up to a no DQ match or a cage or maybe a match the fans have not seen in many years, hint it was made famous in Texas.....

Rick Burton came to the ring first showing off his Title Belt. Massy had Raven with him hooked up to the chain. Ron Rage came out to the ring favoring his back and was not 100% because of Silas. Before Rage could get into the ring The Rat Pack came out and attacked Rage form behind injuring his back even more. Rage could not wrestle after that. Martin came out and told Burton he was sick and tired of The Rat Pack jumping people and interfering in the Championship Matches. Martin then told Burton he was going to strip him of the title and the crowd went crazy. Burton told Martin that he did not have anything to do with it and he would take Martin to court if he stripped him of his title. Martin told him that's fine Burton would have a title match and he would pick his opponent. Martin went into the back and came out with all of the babys. Martin told Burton they would make sure that the Rat Pack would not interfere with the match. Then he told Burton he had his opponent for the match. That's when Rodney Mack's music hit. The crowd went crazy, you could not hear anything but the screams for the return of the Red Dogg.

Burton and Mack tied up and gave the crowd the match they have been waiting for. This match went back and forth and the crowd never sat down, they were out of their seats and screaming for the whole match. Burton got his figure 4 locked in and the chants of Rodney, Rodney, went up. These two punched and chopped their way through the match. Rodney seemed to be getting the advantage after a huge body slam. That's when the Rat Pack tried to hit the ring and the babys did their job and kept them out of the match. As Burton got up Mack hit him with a big spear and covered him for the three count and the crowd erupted. The babys hit the ring to congratulate the new champ, then the Queen of the RWA Jazz came into the ring to congratulate the King of the RWA.

It was truly a great night of wrestling action in the RWA. The crowd of 150+ were on hand to see a new Champ crowned. Jazz told this reporter that she is expecting twins. So Rodney and Jazz will have a new tag team in about 4 months. The RWA and the fans of the RWA would like to be the first to congratulate Rodney and Jazz and wish them all the best in the future with the new additions to their family. Rodney will be back next Saturday to defend his title.

Credit: RWA Reporter

----I like the idea of Mack having the title belt. If he is not there all the time, then when he does come in to work one or two shows a month, then the belt means something. You can always have the #1 contender mean something here also with them building for Mack coming in….Thumbs up to this group for taking the time to establish a belt and not adding a bunch of belts at the start. I really think small groups like this need only one champion and a set of tag champions. Nothing more.

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 7.26.08

The first four match winners will square off in a 4-way for $400!

Derrick Neal b Convict

Kid Dynamite b Dyronic

White Tiger b Richard Lowe by DQ when Boogie The Ref found an international object on Lowe after he had pinned Tiger, having been tipped off by New York Gangster & Damien Payne

Tommy Capone vs Shawn Hoodrich did not happen as Hoodrich was absent, thus Capone moved on to the 4-way

White Tiger won a 4-way elimination match for $400. Neal pinned Capone, Dynamite pinned Neal, and Tiger pinned Dynamite

New York Gangster & Damien Payne b Chris Norte & Kevin Dunn to win the held-up ATL Tag Team Championship. Post-match Lowe returned and attacked the new champs with help from Norte & Dunn, leaving them laying.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----28 in attendance. Ouch!!...$400 PO for the elimination match. That made me laugh, but it is more realistic than crazy figures like $5,000.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 7.25.08

Lee Cross b White Tiger

Psycho Medic b Bryan Casey

Petey Wright & Justin Spade & USWO Jr. Champion Cousin Jason X b Shane Smalls &

Jeremy Travis & Lee Cross when Jason pinned Cross. Post-match Spade accused Jason of stealing his finishing move and attacked him.

Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles) b New York Gangster

Andy Douglas b Seven (w/Charming Charles) by DQ after Seven lowblowed Douglas

Damien Payne & Rob C b Quinton Quarisma & the returning Josh Crowe when Payne hit the Paynekiller (flip piledriver) on Crowe after Quarisma had gotten frustrated with Crowe and walked out

USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett vs Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) was a no contest after Phoenix hit ref Mark Owen with a chain

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----87 in the crowd, which is one of the better crowds of late…I still need some real good clear photos of this promotion. Someone help me out!!

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 7.25.08

Chris Rocker over Justin Smart
The Baron Malkavain over Rockin' Randy
Slim Pickens over Austin Lane
Derrick King over The Baron Malkavain
LAW Champion Flash Flanagan & Dell Tucker wrestled to a no contest with Greg Anthony & Idol Bane

50-60 in the crowd.

Justin Smart went to suplex Chris Rocker back into the ring but Slim came from the back to trip his foot allowing Rocker to gain the 3 count. This was a little payback for Smart who had done the exact same thing to Rocker last week in his match with Austin Lane.

Lane vs Pickens:The ref was knocked to the floor with Lane on top of an O'Connor Roll. As Smart tried to get the ref back in the ring, Rocker came and kicked Austin over putting Slim on top of the O'Connor Roll. 1..2..3.

DK actually went out and said that he wanted to wrestle but didn't have an opponent so he was going to sing. He started with "Friends in Low Places" but just then the lights went out and The Baron came out.

In the main event, Flash Flanagan hit a cross body on Idol Bane 1..2... TGB drops an elbow on the ref. As Flash beat on TGB in the corner.. Idol Bane came and clipped Flash's leg. Jeff O'Dell gave Idol a steel chair and Idol went to work on Flash's leg. 6 shots later, Tucker came and made the save.

Credit: Layingdownthelaw5150

Jerkin' The Curtain NWA Main Event & SAW TV reviews plus local news Monday July 28th at 10 PM CST.

Listen in this coming Monday night at 10 central time as Tommy Stewart and I will review and recap the July 26th episodes of NWA Main Event and SAW TV. NWA Main Event airs at noon on Saturdays on Ion in Nashville, channel 17 on Comcast. SAW airs Saturdays at Midnight on Comcast 74 in Nashville. This weeks NWA Main Event featured wrestlers from west Tennessee including Ali Stevens, Eric Wayne, Greg King Jr., and Kid Nickels. We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a winner for the week. I'll also have some local news and notes. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here's the results for the shows that aired July 19th.

Tommy Stewart:
NWA Main Event= Thumbs up
SAW= Thumbs down, yes thumbs down
So obviously Tommy picked NWAME as the winner.

NWA Main Event= Upper thumbs in the middle
SAW= Thumbs in the middle
I too picked NWAME as the winner, so NWAME finally got back on the board with a much needed win. It's funny though, to both Tommy and I basically the weird Kid Kash vs Chris Cane match was what sunk SAW, without that segment, it may well have "won" yet again. But it's a case of "woulda coulda shoulda" there and NWA Main Event wins for the week. Here's the standings since we've started these reviews. Cya Monday night. Trent Van Drisse

SAW 6 NWAME 2 Draw 1