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Memphis Wrestling TV Report 8.16.08

----Episode number two on TV50 opened with new intro with "Boys are Back In Town" song. Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler open the show behind the desk on the set again. Lawler talks about starting a new clothing line of "King" shirts like he wears
on RAW.

----Diva match is up next. Lawler says this is going to be regular feature. Talia Madison vs Christy Hemme airs next. Hemme starts the heat as soon as the match starts. Madison came out of heat, but got screwed in the end using a sunset flip out of the
corner and Hemme held the ropes.

----Derrick King/Johnny Dotson interview airs next. They talk about their upcoming match on August 30rd against “Los Locos”. King/Dotson with Rashard Devon vs Chris Lexx/Dustin Starr from CW30 airs next. Heat started with Starr when he missed his second monkey flip [I remember this match – good psychology]. Not a lot of heat – Lexx gets hot tag and Dotson uses laptop on Lexx for the win. Lawler says that DK/Dotson were very talented. Lawler puts them over!!

----“Too Kool 2” [Tim Grind/Flex] vs “Hurricanes” [Maxx/Axx]. TK2 were heels here. Not sure if that is how they are going to be pushed or not?? They were babys on the Autozone show, but they are always cheered anyway. Heat on Axx. Maxx with hot tag and it ended with Grind using the chain on him, so Flex pins Maxx.

----“Wrestling Professor” comes out reading Mark James’ book – “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches Results & Newspaper Clippings Vol 1”!!! Memphis Wrestling puts over a RRO columnist!! Congrats Mark!! You deserve it!!

----Jonathan Coachman/Joey Mercury vs Jerry Lawler with Queen Renee is next. This is from New England Championship Wrestling. Lawler is wearing pink and white. Mercury went outside the ring to and Renee slapped him. Heat started when Lawler was getting back in the ring from grabbing him away from Renee. Lawler makes comeback with pulling down the strap, fist drop and hits him with a piledriver. Mercury sold it perfect. Coachman comes in and Lawler hit him with a “Royal” stunner [it looked bad]. He does another stunner [looked good] and pinned Coachman. Good solid match. Lawler tells about Coachman being on ESPN.

----“Wrestling Professor” is back. First Saturday in February, 1989. Lawler says “Something special” happened on that day. They air the “Master of Pain” [The Undertaker] debut match. Classic interview – no tattoos on him!! He says he was from the Atlanta Penitentiary and Ricky Morton sent him to beat up Lawler. Pain squashes Rodney Napier after a flying closeline.

----Lawler/Corey finish the show with Maclin promising to air an interview with someone saying something bad about Lawler next week.


----Matches for Delta Fair August 30, 2008 have Lawler vs Buff Bagwell, “Los Locos” vs DK/Dotson, Eugene, Brian Christopher, Kid Kash and more. This is a sold show as admission is free at the Fair…”Hurricanes” were Axx = Blitz = Maxx Corbin and Maxx = Albino Rhino…If you have no idea about author Mark James and his Memphis Wrestling history books, then check out I highly recommend both books!...When they would go to commercial, they would put up the ad for the Delta Fair show [good]. They listed the talented as Jerry Lawler, Buff Bagwell, Eugene and COREY MACLIN. OMG!!...Error from last week was that I posted the “Professor” said 1986, but it was 1988 when that clip aired…Mercury was a babyface at Autozone, but heel here. Not sticking with anything as simple as that – typical Memphis Wrestling…I thought it was a solid show and fun to watch...Check out every Tuesday as we post the show so all the visitors can vote - Thumbs up or Thumbs down on the show. I also post rating of the show every week.

A Piece of my Mind August 16th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I am not usually in favor of a promoter being a wrestler but in the case of Corey Maclin, I believe that I would support the decision. No matter whom you speak to or read an opinion from it’s always the same. They say that the announcer can’t make someone watch a wrestling program. Do you think that an announcer can cause you to stop watching wrestling? When I was working for Memphis Wrestling our angle was with Corey Maclin. I have to say that I didn’t have any problem having Corey in the angle. Is he the best worker in the world? No he isn’t. Does it really matter> Of course it doesn’t if things are put together correctly. In the long run, instead of being out in front of the crowd, he can be in the back assisting since they don’t have any real help.
I am sure they can find someone to do the announcing one way or another. If they don’t have any competent announcer available why not hold a contest? That’s the way it’s done today. Even ESPN had a contest like that. It could easily work and maybe they would find a diamond in the rough. It should also be the time to start working towards getting Lawler out of the ring and behind the announcers table permanently. At this stage of his career he needs to be used in a way like WWE uses him. He clearly still wants to wrestle. If that’s the case so be it. If used correctly, there can still be value to him in the ring.
An excellent example of how Lawler’s situation should be handled is the legendary Shohei Baba. He continued to work long beyond the time where he could headline cards and make an impact. He was a man who understood the situation and dealt with it in the best interest of his company. He would be somewhere in the middle of the card and many times in tag team matches or six man tags. This way people who wanted to see the legend could still see him. It’s obvious that from all the stories you hear about Shohei Baba he was a great businessman. This is just one example of an astute businessman. Wouldn’t it be nice if we got a couple of more examples from the City of Memphis?
I believe that everyone knows that The Wild Samoans Afa and Sika were legitimate tough guys that no one could push around. There are stories that could be told and I probably will tell in future articles. There was one time in Georgia when the Samoans were in disagreements with the office and were asked to drop the belts to the Moondogs who were, in those days, Rex and Spot. Well nothing against the Moondogs but the Samoans told the office if those guys wanted the belts they needed to "take them". Many years later I asked Larry Latham (Moondog Spot) about the situation and he quickly confirmed that they had NO intention of shooting with the Samoans. I even remember asking Stan Hansen who had quite the reputation himself about Afa and Sika and he said "rough boys, very rough boys". I give this information just too somewhat substantiate the story I am going to tell.
I do not remember where we were going but when Rob Russen and I got out of the car with Afa, I slammed the door and started walking away. Afa had been sitting in the back seat behind me while I was driving. He placed his hand on the piece of metal between the front door and back door. I had no idea that he had done that and slammed the door, All of a sudden Afa calls my name and I see that Afa’s hand was slammed in the door. I was kind of stunned about it because I had never seen anything like that. I didn’t move too quickly and finally he said "Sal unlock the door just as calm as if nothing had happened. I did finally get the door open and Afa just shook it off and said "Man you better be glad I love you". It was a something my brain could hardly comprehend and it barely fazed him. I would have to say that qualifies a man as being super TOUGH.
One thing I still don’t understand is why Kenny Bolin has not been given a chance at the big time. If you have never heard of him he is Jim Cornette’s best buddy for years and years. He is also a manager/announcer for Ohio Valley Wrestling. I am a firm believer I can go into WWE and make a huge impact as a manger fairly quickly. I am also a firm believer that Kenny Bolin could do the same thing. I don’t understand why he hasn’t been given a chance his heat would be so natural. They could take him and put him with some of these guys Vince try’s to shove down people’s throats. In these types of cases Kenny Bolin would be the spoon full of sugar that makes the medicine go down.

This picture is from WrestleReunion 2 when Mick Foly and Dory and Terry Funk took on all three of "The Midnight Express". Many people have there opinion of which version of the team is better. I believe most people reading this know my personal relationship with Stan Lane is a very strong one. I do not let that influence my opinions and it shouldnt. I have worked with four versions of the Midnight Express , Randy Rose and Dennis Condrey managed by Paul Heyman, Conrey and Eaton, Eaton and Lane and Eaton, Condrey and Lane. All of these teams are very good the teams of Condrey and Eaton and Eaton and Lane are exceptional. However, other than my trainers The Wild Samoans for many reasons, the best version of The Midnight Express or any six man tag team in my book is Condrey, Eaton and Lane along with James E.Cornette.

This has been a piece of my mind


Charlie Parks At It Again??

----Check this out - - go to page 4 on the videos and check out the video titled "stolen homes: another victim". They mention Charlie Parks and I have been told it is the wrestler/promoter of the same name. Parks was involved in a Christmas scam in December of last year. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Poll Weekly Report

1st Quarter
-Lawler/Corey opening
-Lawler vs Test clip
-Buff vs Brian C [start]

.2 [3241 viewers]

2cnd quarter
-Buff vs Brian C [finish]
-Lance Russell
-Wrestling Professor

1.1 [17,826 viewers] [+14,585 viewers]

3rd quarter
-“Los Locos” interview
-“Locs” match
-Eugene match

1.7 [27,549 viewers] [+9723 viewers]

4th quarter
-Lawler vs Roselli

1.6 [25,929 viewers] [-1620 viewers]

Viewers from start to finish [+22688 viewers]

----Not a lot of people watched this show, but as I had strongly applied on “Shooting the Shiznit”, the audience on channel 50 is not anything near CW30. Positive here is that it looks like when people remembered the show was on, they did turn it on and watch. There was a small decrease in the 4th quarter, which I do not consider good when they are promoting a Lawler vs Coachman match.

Memphis Wrestling TV Poll
Thumbs Up 54%
Thumbs Down 45%

----Good news as the first show got a Thumbs Up by 9%. It will be interesting to see how this continues as the show improves or does not improve. I voted Thumbs Up and it was mainly because as many of the visitors of RRO – I am starved for Memphis Wrestling!! Join us later this morning as Episode #2 airs at 11:00 AM and I will have a report posted within in the hour of the airing. The new poll will be posted also. The plan is also to post the complete show on Tuesday right here on site, so those that do not get to see it can watch it and vote in the poll.

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Graduation Video Is Posted!!

----Ken Wayne sent a note to let everyone know that he has posted the 20 minute interview leading up to the one hour match with Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels. This is a great video and I have said this before - but a video like this could be shown on TV and these two guys would be instantly over. CLICK HERE to check it out.

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Rumor Mill - What The Boys Are Saying This Week!!!

----Rumor mill has been hot this week along with people sending in news. So, let’s get to them.

----Word is that Brian Christopher has been calling friends in the business to tell them he is going to kill me, if I continue to post stuff on my site about him. Brian has been on good behavior since his eye surgery and I have no plans to talk about Brian anymore…well, until he does something really stupid again.

----Corey Maclin is scheduled to come to the attended the XOW show on 8.23.08. That show is loaded with local talent, so maybe he will pick up some new talent. I have been told by a lot of people that the local talent they used on the first taping will be all that they use for now. Jerry Lawler has been vocal about the talent that they were using was not going to draw crowds for them.

----NBW insider sent this in – “Derrick King was backstage at NBW talking to everyone. As RRO site editor Brian Tramel walked in, they had a very long embrace. No doubt now why DK wins RRO Wrestler of the Year”??? [No comment] DK was also seen with BT at the end of the show with BT introducing him to some lady that said, “You remind me of Shelton Benjamin”.

----I have been told that the “Rumor Mill” is going to bring down my credibility of the site. Some have even said it is just bs like message boards with no names. Guess what? Rumor confirmed!! Dustin Starr writes the following on Izzy Rotten favorite site “World of Wrestling” – “Rumors of me having heat with Memphis Wrestling because of the blog that I write seems to be somewhat true. “ CLICK HERE to read the complete story.

----Not all are BS, but I admit some turn out to be bs. My apologies to one of the local promoters [can you believe I am kayfabing??] for one rumor that was quickly removed when confirmed how UNTRUE it really was. All said and done, he was super nice guy and “got it” as being a joke. We need more people in the business like that.

----Finally, a few quickees to finish it up: “Bathroom Wall Lid Stiffer” sent this – “Brian Tramel, Gene Jackson and Izzy Rotten are fat. BT is bald. Neil Taylor hates the Yearbook and loves Leslie Jones.” [ comment]…Anton LeVeigh is retiring from the business as reported on 2007 RRO Site of the Year – Mid-Southern Message Board. I have been told LeVeigh will be joining the circus to work with Bill Dundee. Apparently Dundee was so impressed with that he will be helping the monkeys do spots…”Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock is rumored to have a HUGE announcement this weekend. My sources say that Blaylock will also be retiring and opening up his own chain of stores – “Hollywood Jimmy’s Lil Shop of Dildos”. The slogan and logo have already been made up with Jimmy holding a big dildo with the slogan “You don’t have be gay to enjoy anal stimulation.”

----Rumor mill seem to be a new weekly feature here on RRO. It is just that – rumors. And as you can tell, I have leaned a little bit towards the “Lighter Side of RRO” this week. The Lighter Side of Riot” Disclaimer:. It is my attempt at presenting a “lighter side” of Riot and having fun. If you do not see the humor in it or it doesn’t even make you laugh, then click to the next story. Thank you for visiting.


----Take a listen to "Cheap Heat Radio" with host Gene"Riding Neil's Coattail" Jackson along with Neil "Yearbook Hater" Taylor and Izzy "Who the Hell Was Oscar?" Rotten as they discuss the "bathroom wall", IWF and other interesting stuff involving a shower.

----And if you have not had the chance, then listen to the #1 highest downloaded "Shooting the Shiznit" episode with "Downtown" Bruno!!

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Shows of The Weekend 8.15 to 8.16.08

----CLICK HERE to see the regular schedule programs. Friday night is a big show in Paragould, AR. Below is a story that was submitted by Aaron Polston on

Wrestling show to benefit Emmy Witt scholarship fund


Published: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 12:11 PM CDT

Wrestling stars from Mid South Wrestling will be coming to the Greene County Fairgrounds in Paragould Friday night for a National Wrestling Alliance show.

Doors for the event at the B.C Lloyd Building will open at 6:30 p.m. with matches beginning at 8 p.m.

A portion of the proceeds from the show will go to the Emmy Witt Scholarship Endowment Foundation.

In the show’s main event, former WWE, WCW, TNA and ECW star Jerry Lynn will take on former TNA star “the human highlight reel” Austin Lane in a match for the Mid-South Heavyweight Championship.

In another feature match, Scott Fury will square off against Reno Diamond.

Promoter Ronnie Spence said the main event match and the Fury Diamond contest will be worth the price of admission.

“Those two matches right there will be worth the money you pay to get in,” Spence said. “We try to give the best show possible at an affordable price.”

In other action, TNA star Chase Stevens will team with Justin “the juice” Smart to battle Alex Sheperad and Adam Armor.

The wrestling show will also feature a ladies match as Bethany will take on Princess Nikki.

The show will also include a triple threat match.

In the triple threat match, three wrestlers will be in the ring at the same time and the first to score a pin fall of submission will win the match.

The triple threat match will include Kid Krazzy taking on Ray Ray and Tommy Wayne.

The National Wrestling Alliance is the oldest wrestling governing body in the world and Spence said unlike television wrestling, it has stayed true to its roots.

“People can expect to see a good family friendly show,” he said. “If you want to see drama you can watch the other guys but if you want to see good old fashioned professional wrestling come to our show.”

The NWA has launched the careers of wrestling legends like Sting, “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert and Jim Ross to name a few.

Spence said he hopes to draw a large enough crowd to bring NWA wrestling regularly to Paragould.

That would mean bigger matches and more famous superstars and Spence said he is confident that the public will like what the see Friday night.

“I think the people will be happy with the product they see in the ring,” he said.

Tickets for the event are still available at the Paragould Regional Chamber of Commerce for ringside seats, $8, and general admission, $6.

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 8.09.08

"Monkey Boy" Danny Morris defeated BJ Fuller.

Cassanova Kid over "Prime Time" Nick Grimes & Tysin Starr (very good match).

Slammer defeated Dalton Storm. After the match PHAT Foundation came to the ring and beat down Dalton. Obviously, Dalton is no longer a PHAT Foundation member.

Sons of the South (Josh Matthews & "The Future" Chris Styles) defeated Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz) w/Dustin Burcham.

PHAT Foundation defeated Damion & Dorian Rage to retain the EPW Tag Team Championship. This newcomer Dorian Rage, although he is fairly new to the business, is very impressive. He will go far in wrestling, if he wants to.

JR Mauler vs. Bonecrusher ended in a no contest. Special referee was Kross. EPW Promoter Edith Poole added a second referee, Cassanova Kid. Special stips for the match were that a chair was handcuffed to the ring in a neutral corner and the key to the cuffs was hung above the ring. Whoever climbed a ladder and got the key could then use the chair. Things got completely out of hand, and the match ended up being thrown out. Official decision: No contest.

Main event was a street fight between The Ghostriders (Buzz Harley & Blade) and The Executioners (Axe & Dagger). Wild and bloody match, eventual winners were The Ghost Riders. After the match Phat Foundation ran in and attacked Buzz & Blade after the Executioners had gone to the back. Executioners returned to the ring to make the save. Executioners & Ghost Riders shake hands. The feud between these two teams is apparently over.

Crowd was up, approx. 75.

This Saturday, 8-16-08, EPW will have an open house and meet & greet at the EPW Arena. There will be BBQ, Fish, and Spaghetti plates for sale, and other activities going on all day. It all starts at 10:30 a.m. There will be a karaoke contest at
3:00. Come meet and talk to your favorite wrestler and have some fun, fellowship, & good food this Saturday at the EPW Arena. Wrestling follows that night, bell time is 8:00.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

"What Memphis Watches" by Ron Guidry

This week saw the return of Memphis Wrestling to the airwaves and in its legendary timeslot. Unfortunately for MW, it didn’t produce those legendary ratings. A 1.2 rating is dismal but I’ll be fair and give MW the benefit of the doubt in that it was their 1st show. Considering the ratings Ch. 50 was pulling before MW’s show debuted, which was nothing, a 1.2 doesn’t sound that bad. I was expecting a higher rating. Even in it’s last days at CW-30 the numbers weren’t that low. I saw at least 2 billboards along I-240 promoting the new show, so they made an effort to let people know they were back on TV. Hopefully as time goes on the numbers will go up.

This week also saw the 2008 Summer Olympics begin. Before I saw the ratings I was anticipating Smackdown and RAW’s numbers to be just destroyed but to my amazement both shows held their own. The Olympics are drawing huge numbers on Ch. 5, basically killing the competition on a nightly basis pulling anywhere between a 15 and 23 rating every night. Smackdown’s rating was up almost a full point from 3.7 the previous week to 4.6 this week and that was up against the incredible opening ceremonies of the Olympics ( 16.9 rating, 26 share ). That’s impressive!

RAW was down this week ( 4.7 ) just over a point from last week ( 6.0 ). The Olympics drew an 18.7 rating Monday night with quarter hours of 21 and 22 during the last hour of RAW. For RAW to pull a 4.7 is incredible. I was shocked to see that good of a number and especially considering that was one of most boring shows RAW has put on in a while. I have come to the conclusion that wrestling fans in the Memphis area don’t care too much for the Olympics.

TNA’s Impact held steady from last week’s rating. I kinda feel bad for TNA as they were having such a great run in Memphis this summer. I thought they had turned the corner and their Memphis audience was growing. The good thing is that their numbers haven’t dropped lower that what they were before they had streak of good weeks.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 8-07-08

Final Rating: 2.4 [38,893 viewers] 3 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.4 [38,893 viewers], 2.6 [42,134], 2.3 [37,272 viewers], 2.0 [32,411 viewers]

2nd hour: 1.9 [30,790 viewers], 3.1 [50,237 viewers], 2.2 [35,652 viewers], 2.7 [43,754 viewers]

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 8-08-08

Final Rating: 4.6 [74,545 viewers] 7 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 4.4 [71,303 viewers], 4.0 [64,821 viewers], 4.2 [68,062 viewers], 4.9 [79,406 viewers]

2nd hour: 5.7 [92,370 viewers], 4.0 [64,821 viewers], 4.5 [72,924 viewers], 5.0 [81,027 viewers]

Memphis Wrestling 8-09-08

Final Rating: 1.2 [19,446 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours: 0.2 [3241 viewers], 1.1 [17,826 viewers], 1.7 [27,549 viewers], 1.6 [25,929 viewers]

TNA Impact Replay 8-09-08

Final Rating: 0.9 [14,585 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.9 [14,585 viewers], 1.0 [16,205 viewers], 1.0 [16,205 viewers], 0.8 [12,964 viewers]

2nd hour: 0.8 [12,964 viewers], 1.0 [16,205 viewers], 0.8 [12,964 viewers], 0.8 [12,964 viewers]

WWE A.M. 8-10-08

Final Rating: 0.9 [14,585 viewers] 2 share

Quarter hours: 1.2 [19,446 viewers], 0.9 [14,585 viewers], 0.7 [11,344 viewers], 0.8 [12,964 viewers]

WWE Raw 8-11-08

Final Rating: 4.7 [76,165 viewers] 6 share

1st hour: 4.6 [74,545 viewers] 8 share

Quarter hours: 4.6 [74,545 viewers], 4.7 [76,165 viewers], 4.8 [77,786 viewers], 4.1 [66,442 viewers]

2nd hour: 4.7 6 share

Quarter hours: 4.4 [71,303 viewers], 5.2 [84,268 viewers], 4.4 [71,303 viewers], 4.8 [77,786 viewers]

Overrun: 3.3 [53,478 viewers]

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” was the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.

----I will be posting the results of our first RRO Memphis Wrestling TV Poll along with a detailed ratings report on Memphis Wrestling tomorrow.

"Flashback" by Mark James

This Week’s Flashsback Highlights August 13,20 & 27, 1984

Aug 13, 1984

Even though the match was in the middle of the card, the Rock n Roll Express vs Phil Hickerson and the Spoiler was arguably the match of the night. Hickerson and the Spoiler (Frank Morrell) were the defending Southern tag team champions. In recent weeks they had successfully defended the belts against some good talent: Dutch Mantell and Eddie Gilbert, The Fabulous Ones, Eddie Gilbert and Tommy Rich (Fabs II), as well as the Rock n Roll Express.. On this night, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson captured the Southern tag team titles.

Another big match saw former partners Tommy Rich and Eddie Gilbert face off in a vicious match. Eddie had turned on Tommy the previous week and their feud was off and running. This first match ended in a double countout.

Jerry Lawler got disqualified in his match with Rick Rude. I believe that the King may have thrown fire on the Ravishing One who could not return for the main event he was scheduled to be in.

That main event featured Steve Keirn and Jackie Fargo challenging the enormous King Kong Bundy and Rick Rude’s replacement, Nightmare #1. Not real sure if Bundy and Rude had previously injured Stan Lane (which explained the inclusion of Jackie Fargo), but that sounds right. At the end of the match, Keirn and Fargo got the pinfall.

Others on card included Dutch Mantell going over Keith Roberson, Tojo Yamamoto chopping down Mr. Ito and New Generation going to a draw with the fast Nightmares.

The summer time crowds were still coming to the weekly matches and attendance was 9,018. The Fabs II were over forever and Eddie Gilbert’s first heel run was going strong. King Kong Bundy was still the Southern heavyweight singles champ.

Aug 20, 1984

Summer was over and the kids were back in school. However, the action was still hot in the Mid-South Coliseum.

The Rock n Roll Express got to defend their newly won Southern tag team titles against the Nightmares who were managed by the mouth of the south, Jimmy Hart. The only problem was they lost the match and the belts to the challengers.

Jerry Lawler’s feud with Rick Rude continued to escalate. In the main event of the night, the King won by DQ when someone interfered for Rude. This of course sets up a huge rematch the following week.

Tommy Rich and Eddie Gilbert’s match didn’t resolve their dispute. The two repeated their match from the previous week and were both counted out by the referee.

Steve Keirn and Jackie Fargo continued to fight King Kong Bundy and his new partner, Kurt Von Hess. New partner, same result as Bundy and his new partner came up short and lost to the modified Fabs.

Some other matches had Randy Savage and his brother Lanny Poffo winning over the New Generation and the Spoiler was disqualified against Dutch Mantell. With school starting back, the attendance took a little hit and was down to 7,096. To the fans, this was somewhat of a disappointment in that the only Keirn & Fargo got a pinfall. Lawler’s match was a DQ finish and the Rock n Roll Express lost their “just-won” Southern tag titles.

Aug 27, 1984
The main event featured the end of the singles feud between Jerry Lawler and Rick Rude. It was a “No DQ” cage match. Rude was constantly having others run in during his matches with Lawler, so the King requested a cage match to keep everyone else out and the 2 of them in the ring. At the end of the night, the King emerged victorious.

Stan Lane returned to team with his partner Steve Keirn and they brought in Tony Atlas to take on the Road Warriors and Precious Paul Ellering. While not getting the pinfall the Fabs and Atlas did get a “win by DQ” over the massive team.

The Tommy Rich – Eddie Gilbert feud continued to grow. This match had Rich’s International title on the line. For the first time in their feud, there was a pinfall victory when Eddie Gilbert got the win against Tommy Rich. With the win, Eddie became the new International champion.

In the Southern heavyweight title match, champion King Kong Bundy continued his domination of the area by defeating Dutch Mantell. The Southern tag team title match saw the Rock n Roll Express winning by DQ over the champions, Jimmy Hart’s Nightmares.

Finally, in a fun match for the fans, Jackie Fargo defeated Jimmy Hart.

I’m guessing the attendance at around 9,000. It was a pretty good card all around. The definite highlight would have been the Lawler-Rude cage match. King Kong Bundy was looking nearly unbeatable at this time as well, and he had taken over the lead heel role from Rick Rude.

Next week: We take a break from 1984 and hit a hot August from…

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

RassleResults: SPWA Pulaki, TN

Main Event: SPWA Title Match

"Irish" Terry Gunn (champion) vs. "Outlaw" Don Bass

Terry Gunn was pinned after being struck with a chair by Big Hoss. Don Bass regained the SPWA title. After the match The Texas Connection (Bass and Williams) attacked Terry Gunn, matchmaker Johnny Berry. They taped Gunn and Berry to the ropes and beat on them. The Texas Connection with the help of Jeremy Flynt left Johnny Berry and beaten bloody mess. The Texas Connection then turned their attention to Sandi Cozart, manager of the tag team known as New Blood and cousin of Johnny Berry. As she entered the ring to help Johhny, she was attacked by the Texas Connection who proceeded to put a chair across her neck and hit it with another chair. She to was carried from the ring.

Semi-Main Event: Tag Team Match

New Blood (Jay Kraft & Travis Locke) vs. Jeremy Flynt & Don Bass

Jay Kraft pinned Jeremy Flynt.

Second Match: Singles Match

Jay Kraft vs. Hoss Williams

Hoss Williams was disqualified after pulling the referee in front of him as Jay Kraft came into the corner with a flying clothesline.

Opening Match: Singles Match

Bounty Hunter Mark vs. Jeremy Flynt

Both wrestlers were counted out of the ring as they continued fighting on the floor.

Credit: Hoss Williams @

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 8.08.08

Outlaw Danger defeated Jay Webster

Josh Matthews defeated Dirty Rell Mo by DQ when the members of Mo Foundation interfered.

Josh Matthews defeated Curly Mo.

DC & Tysin Starr defeated Chris Fontaine & Psykottik.

Pappy over LSD by DQ when Parental Advisory interfered.

In a match to determine a #1 contender for the TFW Heavyweight Championship, Chop Top the Clown defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor.

In the finals of the tournament to determine who will face Petey Williams on 8-22 for the TNA X-Division Championship, it was "The Future" Chris Styles vs. Ryan SoFine. These two put on a tremendous match, but neither was able to get the pin before time expired. Official result: time limit draw. It is unclear who will face Williams on 8-22. It will all be sorted out by this Friday night's show, when the decision of the committee will be announced.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: All Pro Bruce, MS 8.09.08

Matches to see who the # 1 Contender would be for the All Pro Wrestling Champion

Tyrant beats Candy Man

Chris Kilgore won by count out due to opponent didn't show up

Tyrant won over Chris Kilgore

Cameron Valentine won over Tyrant

Cameron Valentine then over Chris Kilgore

Then Brandon Barbwire w/ Lil Bit won over Anton Leveigh w/ Hollywood Jimmy in an I GIVE UP Match

Brandon Barbwire is now the All Pro Wrestling Champion

Credit: Hollywood Jimmy @

----Any get a good crowd count on this show??...Photo posted was of the angle that they did to turn Anton vs Barbwire in their top feud. Love that photos!!

----I felt this was the best place to post this - but had a good interview with XOW Billy Russ. CLICK HERE to check it out!!

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Memphis Wrestling Returns 8.09.08

----Here is the complete TV show from this past weekend. If you have not been able to see it, then take a look and vote in our poll!!!

"Shooting the Shiznit" This Week!!

----Brian Thompson and Brian Tramel will be unable to do the show this week due to shoot job committmetns. The show will return next week with a special guest from the WWE!! Stay tune for full details!!

RassleResults: Memphis Wrestling Superstars Selmer, TN 8.09.08

The Baron Malkenvain against The Blitz. This was ruled a no contest when The Grappler interfered.

“Rockstar” Johnny Maness vs. Pretty Boy George(you have to see this guy, gay ain't the word for it.) This was also thrown out for interference by SHOCK [Spellbinder – Del Rios] That’s right Shock made his return.

Albino Rhino and Ty Hamilton defeated The “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas]

Kevin White and Cody Melton with Su Yung and Garry White beat Doug and Michael Gilbert. Shock came in and hit Doug with his ball bat while Garry White had the ref's attention. This set up the next show's main event on August 23rd. This will be Kevin White and Cody Melton against Doug and Michael Gilbert in a Bat on a pole match.

Eugene over Derrick King

The Gladiator lost to Brian Christopher by DQ. Shock and Kevin White ran in and Garry White went to the back and brought out a hanging noose. They hung Christopher for over 5 minutes. This could have been bad because Christopher was about to black out. The baby faces should have made the save but didn't or most of them was gone. Someone finally told the few that was left and they finally made the save. I swear he had already started turning blue and that’s a shoot.

250+ in the building…Su Yung did an excellent job again as did Melton and Hamilton…Shock has officially signed with Big Stuff Inc…Crowd was so hot all night…Corinth Radio had Brian Christopher talking about an incident that happened at the last show. Apparently a fan jumped Garry White and White ended up punching him breaking his eye socket and a few teeth out. There was talk of Garry being arrested, but the police shut that up quick, because the fan touched him first.

Credit: MWS Studd

----LESSON – FANS DO NOT TOUCH THE WRESTLERS. Thumbs up to Garry!!...This group is doing a great job pushing the younger talent along with the bigger stars.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 8.09.08

The August 9th show started off with Biscuit welcoming everyone to the show and reminding them that there was a big Indain Strap Match between Chris Steel and Quixote. That's as far as he got before P.O.B's music hit and Ron Rage came to the ring with Rottn Randy. Ron was visably upset, he explained that he had picked up his wife(Raven) at the hospital. Appearently the Rat Pak had punished her for saying no to them. He then produced Polaroids of Raven and her face was swelled and bruised. Ron asked owner Frank Martin to come to the ring look at the pictures. Frank did and then had the ref's come out and show them to the crowd. It is true her face was brusied and swelled(shoot). This is when the Rat Pak came out and made fun of her. They told Ron that's what she gets for saying no to them. Ron went crazy and Rottn Randy had to restraine him. Frank reminded Ron that he had a match with Rik Burton tonight and since he now has his wife safe at home Frank felt that he owed Ron something. So Frank made the match between Ron and Rik a number one contenders match for the RWA Championship.

1st match

Soul Train Jones returned to the RWA and fought Rob Justice. This was the debut of Rob in the RWA. This was a good match but again Soul Train should some amazing strength. Soul Train is a physical specimen and with one power slam he got the three count.

2nd match

Zane Richards, the Rat Pak's Enforcer returned to the RWA. In is return match he took on Pappy of the Asylum. This was not a technical match for either one of these workers. They exchanged heavy shots and power moves. Pappy went for a big splash in the corner and Zane moved. Zane covered Pappy with everyone knowing Pappy would kick out of that. What some did not see was Zane put his feet up on the second rope and Classy Meltin Massy (who manages the Rat Pak) held his feet down on the ropes for the three count.

3rd match

“Natural Born Playa's” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] VS The Asylum (Arnez and Psycho). Another brutal match these two teams have been going after each other for several weeks no. The Asylum hit The Straight to Hale. That's when Massy grabbed Kayte/Karly [Asylum dolls]. This got the attention of the Asylum and they went after him. Massy ran all over the building being chased by the Asylum. The ref counted to 10 and the winners of the match The Natural Born Playa's. Not sure what they will do to give the Asylum a fair chance at the NBP but I'm sure something is in the works.

4th match

Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS J.D. Kerry. After last week’s match everyone thought there would be a rematch between Graham and Midnight Cowboy. Graham threw a foreign substance into the eyes of Cowboy burning him badly. Kerry stepped up to take Graham on as Cowboy was not there. Kerry has a bright future in this sport he is young, strong and fast. Graham is a veteran and an old school wrestler. Again Graham gave Kerry a wrestling lesson. One thing this reporter has seen out of Graham is he is intent on hurting his opponent. Graham is vicious, he caught Kerry in an ankle lock causing Kerry to tapout. Graham would not let go of the hold when out of the back Cowboy hit the ring giving Graham several punishing blows before Graham could powder. Cowboy then did a mic spill showing the crowd how bad his eyes were burned. I warned everyone two weeks ago this was building up to something big. Cowboy explained to Graham that he was from Texas. He grew up with Texas wrestling and Cowboy then challenged Graham to an old fashion Texas Death Match. The crowd went crazy. So next week a match most have not seen in many years. Texas Death Match. Midnight Cowboy VS Fabulous Luke Graham Jr.

5th match.

The Big Indian Quixote VS Chris Steel in a Indian Strap Match. Steel and his manager Classy Meltin Massy refused to get in the ring and put on the strap. They called Frank Martin out to the ring to force Steel into the ring. Martin did not threaten Steel. He reminded him that he signed a contract and if he did not participate in the match he would give up his license and no longer wrestle in the RWA neither would Massy. Steel was mad that he had let himself be trapped into this match. Massy convinced Steel he could win the match and Steel finally got into the ring and put the strap on. It was a brutal match with both getting their fair share of strikes with the strap. Steel busted the Indian open in the match. As the Indian was going for the 4th turnbuckle and the win, Massy jumped in and blocked him. Steel took advantage of that and got 3 out of 4 turnbuckles before Rottn Randy (the Indian's manager) cut him off. When Rottn Randy hit Steel, Steel hit the Indian pushing him into the 4th turnbuckle for the win. Steel and Massy then jumped both Rottn and Quixote. They fought all over the building before Massy and Steel got away. The Indian then got the mic and challenged both of them to a tag match. Quixote and Rottn VS Steel and Massy. The Indian called Martin out to make the match and Martin told him that was not fair since Massy was not a wrestler he was a manager. Martin went on to say he was not interested in fair in this case and made the match.

Main Event

Rik Burton VS Ron Rage in a Number One Contenders Match.
Burton jumped Rage before Ron got in the ring. They both hit big moves in the ring. Everytime Burton seemed to hurt Rage, Rage would come back harder. Burton took it outside the ring running Rage into the corner post. Burton went for a high risk move off the top rope and Rage cut him off. Burton then went after his figure four and Rage rolled him up for the 3 count. That's when the Rat Pak hit the ring. They took Rage outside the ring and busted him open with a chair. They worked him over and rolled him back into the ring where Burton kneeled on him and struck a pose. Thats when Martin brought out the baby's to put an end to all of it. Rage begged Martin for one more match with Burton. Martin said he was tired of the whole thing and wanted it over with. He told Rage he had his title shot against Rodney Mack the RWA Champion. But to make it interesting it would be a triple threat match. Burton VS Rage VS The RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney Mack.

There were 140 in the building and they were loud and crazy all night. Some of the area talent are making their way into the RWA where they find they like working. During intermission as Martin was talking with people in the crowd, several women came up to him and asked him to call the police and have Burton arrested for what he did to Raven. One lady even wanted to know where it happened so she could call the county sheriff. Martin was heard telling them that he had no proof that The Rat Pak actually hit her or who in the Rat Pak hit her. He assured the fans that he would find out the truth and take corrective measures. This seemed to calm the fans down. Good job of selling by the workers.

Credit: RWA Reporter

----I love the Raven angle. I was told the photos looked real good. She had some kind of infection and it made her eyes swell up, so they took photos and blamed it on Burton. Funny how the marks were going to call the cops. Reminds me of the old school angle where Bob Armstrong almost killed himself when some weight dropped on his face. Ted Dibiase was feuding with him and they wanted him to say on the interview that he did that with his glove gimmick, but he wouldn't do it until they knew he was going to live...I was told that I would be impressed with Cannon's new manger gimmick. He is doing a good job.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 8.09.08 - New Tag Champs!!

Tigre’ def. Spyder

Chico Mendoza def. Way Cool

Simon Reed def. Mr. X

TIWF TV TITLE MATCH ( Triple Threat)
Dre’ Black def. The Outlaw© & Criss Braggs

"Big Nasty" [Big Boy Bob/Dazzlin Dixie] def. "Locked & Loaded" [Lawman Williams/Tank Turner] To win the Tag Team Titles

• Crowd 81.
• The Fair was in town this week. Another fair in neighboring town next week.
• St. Lobo of the Punk Monkeys says he’s ready to return, but St. Vicious isn’t.
• Byron Wilcott returns in August.
• Sgt. O’reily contacts the booker.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each
Every Sat. at noon and Primetime at 6 p.m.
website at

Quick Results: By Steven Hunter

Johnson City Promo

----I thought this was really nice with all the classic names that went thru Johnson City and also promos Championship Wrestling, which we cover on here on a regular basis.

Credit: Beau James

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Arena Report: "Summer Jam 2008" NBW 8.09.08 - HELL FREEZES OVER - TWICE!!

----I actually tried for our first Wi-Fi event, but as I sat typing this I have no wi-fi network connection. So……at least I will be able to type it up as the show goes on.


----Derrick King is backstage. Not sure if he IS the mystery partner, because as best I can tell they have not decided yet what to do…Show is starting right on time – 8:00 PM…Former CCW photographer Emilo Larzardo is in attendance.


----Allen Walker and Rick Marx open the show in the ring talking about “Summer Jam 2008”. I am counting almost 70 people. That has to be disappointing. Seth Knight and Danny B Goode got a huge pop. SOBs got a good babyface pop, which is scary.

----“SOBs” [Kilo/Mark Justice] with Jimmy Tidwell come out. “Whether you like us or not, you paid to come see us” Kilo tells the fans. They got about 50% of the fans cheering them. They are the top heels here. Jeremy Moore comes out – lot of screaming girl pop for him. “Break his leg” chant starts towards Moore. Moore tells them to hit his partner’s music, so everyone will know who it is. OMG – “TGB” Greg Anthony walks in [Hell Freezes Over]from the front door. Anthony got a big pop. “SOBs” family members almost ruined this at one point. TGB tells a story and says he is going to be Moore’s partner. As he gets ready to leave, he turns on Moore. Anthony then says he didn’t finish his story – but after Moore had called him, he called the “SOBs” Anthony then does two “golden guillotines” on him. Crowd popped for it and “SOBs” chant after the match. This place is screwed up. LOL

----Shannon Lee vs Gaylon Ray is the first match of the night. Good psychology. Ray had a good section of fans behind, but the whole crowd was not into it. Lee hit a nice leg drop from the second rope. Finish was screwed up as they tried to do something off the top turnbuckle. Ray pins Lee after mess up. [*1/2]

----Tim Edwards vs Tim Alfonzo in a “Street Fight” is next. Edwards warns Alfonzo on the mic to carry his butt to the locker room. Edwards says he got Alfonzo in the biz and now he will put him out. Alfonzo got a good pop. Tim went under the ring hiding from Edwards. Edwards was stiff – surprise..LOL. Edwards threw him into the crowd. Some woman was walking around the ring. Not sure who it was?? [She was security] Edwards set up a 2x4 on a chair and Alfonzo took a face bump on it. Ouch!! They brawled up onto the stage – right in front of me. Did I say that Edwards was stiff?? Edwards beat the hell out of Alfonzo all over the arena. Alfonzo is bleeding – could be hard way. Alfonzo got some good juice when he finally bladed. Edwards hit a face driver on Alfonzo on a chair. Edwards puts the “cobra recliner” [that is what I am calling it – camel clutch position with Edwards putting Alfonzo in a cobra clutch] on Alfonzo – Alfonzo submits. I loved the finish and finisher. [**1/2]

----Ladder Match for High Risk Title: Jody Allen [aka Tommy Redneck] vs Jon “Biscuit” Roberts with “Mad Money” Mike. Roberts was a bit skittish on ladder bumps. Roberts juiced. Roberts finally started heat with Allen juicing. Allen missed a move from the top of a ladder. Real sloppy in spots. Why do they forget about psychology in matches like this?? Roberts puts Allen’s knee in between ladder slams a chair twice. Crowd went dead in the middle of it. Roberts starts sitting up chairs – why?? It is a ladder match!!! Finish was flat with the fans as Roberts just sent Allen into a ladder and went up the ladder to get the belt. [*1/2]

----Jason Matthews vs Danny B Goode. I might actually see a wrestling match here. Goode got a nice pop. Tons of charisma!! Matthews was a little sloppy. Goode is real smooth. Matthews hit three second rope elbows, but couldn’t get the pin. Both guys were babys here. Jason started getting heat and Goode was getting cheered. Goode reversed Matthews’ TKO, and then went up top for a blockbuster for pin and win. [**]

----“SOBs” [Justice/Kilo] with Jimmy Tidwell vs Jeremy Moore/Mystery Partner is next. Moore was carried to the back after TGB attack, but he came out like nothing happened. Moore got a good pop here. “SOBs” come out to “Hair of the Dog”. Derrick King [Hell Freezes Over AGAIN!!] comes out to be Moore’s partner and gets a huge POP. DK says, “Never say never..” DK puts over RRO. I think they just turned SOBs to heels vs DK. Moore gets some shine and asks the fans if they want to see DK. DK works. Heat on Moore. Justice did a face buster on his knee into a chop combo that looked good. Sweet tilt-a-wheel from Kilo. Flying leg lariat and standing dropkick from Justice – looked good. Kilo superkicks Moore, then goes over and slaps DK. Kilo was such a good heel here that I was starting to hate him. Hot tag to Moore – just as a hope spot as they started heat on DK. Kilo sit into a one leg crab on DK into a STF. Kilo/DK did a sweet blocked superkick spinebuster spot by Kilo. Justice chopped DK. Double down when DK hit an enzugiri, then followed by another one. Hot tag to Moore. Crowd went dead?? No one was believing. DK hit a superkick on Justice and shitcanned him. Moore hit an Ace crusher out of no where on Kilo for the win. Big pop for finish. Good match. [***1/2]

----Flaming Table, Tacks and Chairs Match: NBW Title Match: Motley Cruz with “Mad Money” Mike vs Seth Knight. Knight got a big pop. Match started around 10:50 PM. Motley hits him with a metal spike and Knight juices. Knight cuts in his hair – made it look legit. Seth was streaming – tons of blood. Mike gives Cruz tacks. Cruz pump handled Knight into the tacks. Cruz then grabs the tack bat and swings into his stomach. Cruz put Seth’s face in some tacks and did an elbow smash. It looked crazy. Cruz lights table – table goes out. Crowd was chanting “light it up”!! They light it up again and it goes out. I think this was supposed to be the finish. Cruz tells Mike to set it up in the ring. Mike tries to keep it going. This got bad. “SOBs” come out. They jump Cruz. Knight turns with them. They put Cruz thru the table and it wasn’t burning. “SOBs” chant after match. Seth Knight is the new NBW Champion!! “You fans can shove it up your asses!!” Huge “SOBs” chant – remember they are the heels and Knight just turned. [**3/4]


----I brought my mom to the matches, who took me to the matches for the first time almost 30 years to the date [08.04.78 CLICK HERE for "Flashback"]….’SOBs” family members keep the heel crowd going….TGB walked out before the first match begin escorted by “SOBs” on his way to TLCW…Edwards is good on the mic – everyone hates him – even the heel fans. His match was all him just beating the hell out of Alfonzo. That finisher is over with me…Some kid was doing an Indian call and squirting water in the ring the whole night. I wanted to choke him…Redneck lost a loser leave town and then came back as a masked guy. Now he is going by Jody Allen…Goode did an interview after the match talking about stuff on web sites and how all the fans were his people. Goode knows how to get over. He also said he is here to stay in NBW…”Derrick’s Gay” chant for a moment coming from that certain section in the NBW arena…Does everyone wear red & black here??... The lady that takes the tickets [who I believe is Moore’s Grandma] is a distraction. For some reason she believes. LOL…DK was going to superkick Tidwell after the match, but “SOBs” slid him out…Not sure if I like “Mad Money” Mike yet, but he does constantly work around the ring and does not take away from the match…Too much hardcore stuff and blood. Seth had the best juice…Even though it was a shock to everyone about DK being there, Kilo was the star of the bout. He was “on”. Moore was a few steps behind these guys, but all three of them have lots of experience…This promotion is almost 60/40 heel fans now. It would be difficult to book for them…Probably around 90 in the building before the main event.

RassleResults: KAPOW Lenoir City, TN 8.09.08

Trooper T pinned Edward Idol after Edward was distrcated by Robbie Race at ringside.

The Power TRIP defeated Shawn Streets & J-Mac to reatin the EWP Tag Team Titles after RIP pinned Streets following their rack/neckbreaker move. Johnathan delivered an Acid Drop/Dudley Dog to Donovan right after they comboed Streets and went for a pin and thought he won the match but Spur said neither he now Donovan were the legal men.

Wayne Adkins pinned Beau James with a sliding-sunset flip.

Ryan Dookie pinned Chase Owens after a straight kick to the nuts.

Jeff Anderson VS Robbie Race in falls count anywhere was stopped after Jeff kicked Robbie in the face twice after lighting his boot on FIRE.

Sigmon defeated Shane Andrews for the KAPOW Heavyweight Championship after Beau James struck Shane with a foreign object behind Spur's back. As they were about to destroy the belt Spur was informed of the shenanigans and the match was restarted with Andrews pinning Sigmon after a hurricanrana. After the match Beau & Sigmon started to beatdown on Shane until Wayne Adkins came out to help but he succumbed eventually and then they beat both men with a metal object with repeated shots all over their bodies also leaving Spur laying and attacking Gene Restaino and JoJo but left right befoe the police came in that one of the fans called.

Tentative return date to Lenoir City is September 6.

Credit: CW Crippler

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 8.09.08 - Sarge Wins ASWF Title!!

#1 Contender Tag Titles
X-Kaliber & Mike Anthony Vs L.S.D Cody Only & Idol Bane
Both teams wanting it all to get that shot to get them tag title so they was all out. Idol got back into the ring he tried to suplex Mike Anthony in and X grabbed his feet and held them to get the 123.

2nd Match
Big Al Vs Morgan Lane
Eclipse [his valet] throws uses powder to help Lane win.

3rd Match
Scott Fury Vs Tommy Wayne Vs Suicide
Tommy hit suicide with a backcracker and scott hit his chin crusher so ASWF beat XOW
Scott Fury with the pinfall.

X- Kailiber and Mike Anthony vs Wild Bill/Demon X
Demon/Bill retain the belts with angle being X/Anthony were not 100%.

Austin Lane Vs Ray Ray
A real good match with the finish having Lane going for the “ride of your life” - Ray fought out of it to hit his own top rope ddt for the 123. Ray Ray finally wins against Lane.

Strap Match “Mexicons” [Johnny Hawk/Johnny Harper]Vs “Danger Zone” [John Elison/David Cox]
12 lucky ladies got to strap away at “Mexicons” when “Hot Rod” or Cox threw them out. Danger Zone got this pin fall

Casino Vs Sarge O’Reilly - Austin Lane Special Ref
Tony Watts interfered distracting Lane, so that Sarge could use a gimmick on Casino for the pin and win.

Next Week
Austin Lane Vs Sarge For Aswf And XOW Title
Wild Bill/Demon X VS Mike Anthony/ X- Kailber
Scott Fury Vs Casino kid

Credit: ASWF Ace

----This was the perfect way to do this invasion angle – you got to get over the people invading…For those that criticize Lane all the time, he has positioned himself in helping not only himself, but the promotion. Casino had the belt getting him over. And then this win for Ray Ray pushed him up the ladder a bit. Lane has also did everything he has been ask to do in LAW. For those that don’t consider him a team player, then you are just bsing yourself…160 in the crowd and 160 – 200 in the crowd last week…

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 8.08.08 - IDOL BANE WINS LAW TITLE!!

The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Rockin' Randy
ASWF X-Division Title: Tommy Wayne over Suicide
Dell Tucker over Blue Electric Elk
LAW Tag Champions, Chris Rocker & Slim Pickens fought to a no contest with Austin Lane & Justin Smart
Idol Bane over Flash Flanagan to become the new LAW Heavyweight Champion

tgb opened the show by stating that Dell Tucker had sent word to Jeff O'Dell that he was making a challenge to him later tonight and even had a contract signing.

In the tag title match, tensions were high after the beating Lane & Smart gave Slim last week while Rocker was handcuffed to the ropes. After several times were Slim made the tag and ref had been distracted by Lane or Smart, Chris Rocker finally blew by the ref and full out brawl broke out. Security and refs tried to break this apart before finally Jeff O'Dell came out and Suspended both teams for two weeks!

Dell Tucker came out with contract in hand. tgb came out and made it very clear that he isn't afraid of Tucker and doesn't matter what that contract says. tgb then signed the contract without even looking at it. Tucker then said that tgb always talks about being the smartest man in the business but he isn't today. Because as much as he hates tgb, tgb didn't sign for a match against Dell Tucker. Tucker told tgb that everyone has to pay for their sins and next week he'll pay for his because his going one on one with Christopher O'Neal!!!

In the main event, just as Flash and Idol are about to get started Jeff O'Dell's music hits. He informs Junior Referee Caleb that his service won't be needed for this match because there is a special guest referee for this match and its.... The President and CEO of LAW, Jeff O'Dell. O'Dell obviously was very one sided in this contest and when Flash hit the springboard leg drop 1...2.. and then Jeff fained a shoulder injury were he couldn't count. Flash then decked Jeff O'Dell. Idol hit Flash from behind, Idol shot Flash into the corner, Idol follows him in with a clothesline but Flash counters with a boot to the face. Flash grabs the kendo stick and nails Idol and covers but no ref. Caleb runs from the back 1...2... but Jeff pulls Caleb's leg. Jeff is aruging with Caleb and then pushes him. Caleb gives O'Dell a standing drop kick. Idol then hits Flash with chain, 1...2... Flash barely gets the shoulder up. Idol clotheslines Caleb and Jeff hands Idol and steel chair. Idol hits Flash and Jeff makes the count, 1...2...3! We have a new LAW Champion.

50-60 in the crowd. LAW has entered a new era with Idol Bane as champion.

Credit: layingdownthelaw5150

----This easily could be Bane's first major title. I know Titles and such don't seem to mean much these days, but this has been Bane's year. Easily could win the Most Improved Award this year.

Jerkin' The Curtain NWAME & SAW recaps + yak it up Monday, Aug, 11th @ 10 PM CST.

Tune into Jerkin' The Curtain this coming Monday night, August 11th, at 10 central time to hear Tommy Stewart and I recap the August 9th episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV. We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a winner for the week. I also again want to "Yak it up" during this show with anyone that wants to call in and discuss any subject, wrestling or non-wrestling related. Feel free to call in during the show and "yak it up" with Tommy and I. The number is 347-945-5503. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here's the results for the Nashville wrestling tv shows that aired August 2nd..

Tommy Stewart:
NWA Main Event: Thumbs way up
SAW: Thumbs up, though this is as close as Tommy's ever come to giving a show a thumbs in the middle.
Tommy picked NWAME as the easy winner for the week.

NWA Main Event: Slight thumbs up, yes thumbs up
SAW: Thumbs in the middle I took picked NWAME as the easy winner, so they get back on the board with a win.
This was a notable one in that it's the first "easy", clear cut, win they've ever gotten. The others they won were very close, and could have gone either way. Not this time. They won it outright. Here's the standings since we've started these reviews. Cya Monday night! Trent Van Drisse

SAW: 7 NWAME: 3 Draw: 1

Cheap Heat Radio Roundtable returns Tuesday night at 10pm central

The Cheap Heat Roundtable returns this Tuesday night at 10pm central with Gene Jackson, Izzy Rotten, and Neil Taylor. After being joined last week by IWF owner Leslie Jones, I've decided this week we will do our own version of Kayfabe Commentaries 'Guest Booker' dvd series as each member of the panel will be given the opportunity to tell how THEY would book a return for arguably the most successful wrestling promotion in Mississippi history, the IWF if they were put in charge. Where would they run, what workers would they use, what workers would they NOT use, how would they advertise, how would they stand out from all the other promotions in the area, Could they get back on tv?, could it ever be as popular as before? Do you have any ideas or opinions on this subject? Call in (347) 838-8101 and voice your opinion. We plan on having Leslie Jones on again to give his thoughts on everyone's ideas. Should be an interesting discussion, listen live or download the archive at

Check out last week's controversial show right here and see what all the fuss was about.