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Prime Time Pro Wrestling 9.12.08 with Lawler

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RassleResults: LAW 9.13.08 - New Tag Champions!!!

Stan Lee over "Sexy Sensation" Christopher Jade
The Baron Malkavain over Chris Rocker
Derrick King over "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
Austin Lane and Justin "The Juice" Smart over Chris Rocker and Bishop to win LAW Tag Team titles.
Flash Flanagan over "Girlcandy" Christian Jacobs

Rocker told the fans that Slim was at home with a 103 fever and wished him well but that he was here to wrestle. Rocker hit the frogsplash on The Baron which brought out the returning Austin Lane and Justin Smart they distracted Rocker long enough for The Baron to hit The Demons Wings and get the three count. After the match, Lane and Smart were going to do more damage to Rocker but Chris was able to fight both men off. A challenge was issued and Lane/Smart said they wouldn't fight Rocker unless he put the tag titles on the line.

Derrick King came out for this week's "Karaoke with King". Before DK could even get started "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony came out. tgb said that he wasn't there to interrupt "Karaoke with King" he was here to participate in "Karaoke with King"! So a reluctant DK agreed and the song "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger kicked in. DK and tgb did a duet that the fans actually got behind until tgb nailed DK with a cheap shot that started an impromptu match. DK hit tgb with The X-Factor and Jeff O'Dell jumped up on the apron. The new Head of Security, Thomas Graham came and pulled Jeff off the apron and made him go to the back..tgb yelling for Jeff to come back turns around right into a Superkick..1...2....3!

Rocker came out for what was going to be a handicap tag team title match against Lane and Smart but right before the bell rang.. Bishops music hit. Bishop motioned that he would be Rocker's partner. Rocker and Bishop actually worked well together. Tide soon turned towards the challengers and Rocker, after all ready wrestling one match, took another beating from Austin and The Juice. He finally got the tag to big Bishop and he came in like a house of fire. But then out of no where he Speared Rocker!!! And left the ring, giving Smart the chance to pin Rocker to become the NEW LAW Tag Team Champions.

In the main event, Flash and CJ went toe to toe in fast paced contest. Jeff O'Dell tripped Flash when he was coming off the ropes and then choked him behind the ref's back which brought out Thomas Graham who actually picked Jeff up on his shoulders and carried Jeff to back. Flash hit the springboard leg drop and could've easily got the three count but tgb came but Flash blasted him off the apron. tgb grabbed a chair and was going to hit the ring but Thomas Graham came and took the chair away from tgb but then CJ took it away from Thomas but Flash then drop kicked the chair into CJ's face. Flash made the cover to get the victory.

Side note: Stan Lee dislocated his knee early in his match but continued well after the fact and finished without a second thought...Greg Anthony and Chris O'Neal will be working for All American Pro Wrestling in West Frankfort, IL tonight!!

Credit: Laydownthelaw5150

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 9.13.08

----Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin open the show. They talk about the Olympics and mention Kurt Angle is going to be on the show.

----Lawler/Maclin talk about Clowns. Maclin says he likes Doink. Lawler talks about his feud with Doink, while Corey just sits there and laughs. He just loooovveess Jerry Lawler. LOL

----Doink/Talia Madison vs Rob Eckos/Alere Little Feather from Northeast Wrestling. Heat on Doink with hot tag to Talia. Finish has Doink spraying silly string on Eckos and Madison hitting a flying press from the top rope for the pin & win. Nothing horrible, nothing special.

----“Wrestling Professor” segment. 6.03.83 is the date this week. “Sheepherders” [John Boyd/Luke Williams] vs Jerry Lawler/Bill Dundee. All heat on Dundee. Not even a hot tag here, but Lawler got mad and jumped in. Finish was Boyd hitting both Lawler/Dundee with something in his wrist pad and pinning Dundee for the win. Sheeps beat up Dundee after the match, then Lawler makes the save with a chair. Video went black during some of the bout.

----Lawler/Maclin talk about Byhalia, MS show. Koko Ware, Corey Maclin and Brian Chistopher scheduled to appear. They also put over

----Christian Cage vs Kurt Angle from Northeast Wrestling. A real good bout. All the young guys need to take a look at the way this bout was worked just the psychology. They actually had two double knockouts building for the finish. Angle hit the Angle slam after a ref bump. No pin. Cage hit the “Unprettier” with Angle kicking out. They then did a fantastic series of each going for finishers until Angle grabbed the ankle lock for the win.

---Lawler vs Joey Mercury. They did a variation of the “Tennessee spot” with all bodyslams. Mercury hit Lawler with his necklace [chain] to start heat. He used the chain during the heat – was he trained by Don Bass?? Lawler with the comeback pulling down the strap and ends up getting chain from Mercury, but ref stops him. Lawler piledrives Mercury for the win. Crowd was into it, but a typical Lawler bout.


----9.20.08 has Memphis Wrestling in Byhalia, MS at the Byhalia Middle School…Northeast bouts the DVD “New Electric City Slam” from 11.03.07. Check out one point during the Lawler/Mercury bout the crowd was chanting “You got fired” at Mercury….Funny thing is that I have seen that Lawler bout over a 100 times – usually Lawler vs Bass. LOL But, I have never seen Don jump from the top rope or have a tan….Not a great show, but the Cage vs Angle is worth going out of your way to watch...Look for the new poll and full show to be posted on

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 9.12.08

Attendance- 36 (lowest for a Friday in the Stadium Inn era)

Psycho Medic b Violent T

Travis Starr b Convict

White Tiger b Lee Cross

USWO Jr. Champion Josh Crowe b Cousin Jason
Post-match, as Jason is requesting another shot at Crowe, Jeremiah Plunkett comes out to complain and ends up choking Jason with a belt.

USWO Tag Team Champions Damien Payne & New York Gangster b Saint & Bryan Casey via double pins

Snake Jones (w/Charming Charles) won an 11-man #1 contenders battle royal, last eliminating Payne

NOTES: USWO Champion Gary Valiant had to leave due to an emergency, thus the battle royal was created in place of the original main event which had Valiant vs Jones. Seven was absent for the second consecutive week in which he was to appear against someone to challenge him.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Poll Weekly Report

9.06.08 Memphis Wrestling TV Show

1st quarter
-Kid/White vs Koko/Eugene
0.2 ( 3241 viewers )

2cnd Quarter
-“Wrestling Professor”
-Street/Linda/Corny vs Dundee/Calhoun [start]
0.6 ( 9723 ) [+6482]

3rd Quarter
- Street/Linda/Corny vs Dundee/Calhoun [finish]
-Bagwell vs Lawler
0.7 ( 11,344 ) [+1623]

4th Quarter
-Mucho Dinero vs Pokerface
0.8 ( 12,964 ) [+1620]

From start to finish: +9723 viewers

Final Rating: 0.6 ( 9723 viewers )

----The 5th show of the new era did not deliver GREAT numbers, but it was better than the last two weeks. A really good sign here is the way the show continued to grow every quarter. This is an indication that they were airing stuff that people wanted to see. I think they can continue an upward swing if they would continue to give people original programming. The big crowd at the fair could have only helped this show also.


-Thumbs Up 73%
-Thumbs Down 28%


----The show continued its streak of “Thumbs Up”. The show won by a huge margin. The people within the business and the fans want original programming - not stuff thrown together from the Northeast. Also note that the best match we have seen on Memphis TV so far was in the highest quarter - good for Pokerface/Dinero

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Piece of my Mind Sept 12th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I am aware that Corey Maclin makes very few public statements and the ones that he does make are, generally, not for the internet world. It was leaked out that Memphis Wrestling was going to come back bigger and better. We heard stories of bringing in more name talent. I was waiting anxiously to see what surprises that Corey has in store for us. Well what a surprise it has been. I believe we are seeing Memphis Wrestling at its worst. The whole wrestling professor thing is a complete joke. How old does the guy doing it look? Where is he supposed to be going to get all this information? I know he must be going upstairs to the library and reading it in the Jerry Jarrett Encyclopedia Britannica.

I have heard various comments directed towards one of Jerry Lawler’s friends Grady Watson. He has been used in various instances on Memphis Wrestling. It has been the opinion of many fans that he really had no place participating on the show. I would have thought that Grady would have been perfect for the Wrestling Professor spot. He is of age to have seen a lot of this stuff first hand. It would have been easy to go either way with it. You could have had him get every answer wrong or every answer right. I believe that it would have worked well both ways. It would have been an intelligent move and given Lawler the opportunity to use his friend and actually get value out of it.

The WWE creative team should take a lesson from John McCain. It is clear that John McCain was on the losing end of a two horse race. He could have gone in a traditional direction and more than likely went down fighting gallantly. I am not saying that the McCain/Palin ticket will win, but I am saying they got people’s attention. They have the opportunity people are waiting for them to do intelligent things waiting for a reason to support that ticket into the White House. If the WWE could just get the people’s attention they could perhaps make a move for the next real surge of business. The “who knows what era” will begin when, once again, Vince McMahon is surprised at someone who turns into an overnight superstar. We will all know when it happens the first sign will be the creative team all huddled in a corner scratching their heads.

They have a hard time getting the people’s attention because they are too busy booking for their own entertainment instead of to the people who pay the bills. It’s hard to imagine that any real thought goes into a lot of what is happening in the WWE. A classic example would be the Colin Delany situation. Is TV time so cheap these days that they can put all this time into a kid and just cut him loose? How can a company afford to squander such valuable time by getting zero return on their money? I know it seems easy to sit back and tear this stuff to shreds, but the truth is it would be easier for any one of a number of people to do it backstage. The truth of the matter is this the McMahons want "yes" people around them. They always have and they always will. I know over the years every now and then someone has been in a position to leverage the McMahons. It doesn’t happen often and when it does you can bet it is strictly because the McMahons are lining their pockets off the guys sweat in a big way. If Vince wants to hear how great he is or how brilliant he is he should stand in front of the mirror more. If he wants to start the next big era of success in the WWE he needs to open his eyes and ears.

I watch TNA and I see Curry Man, Shark Boy and Super Eric and when I do I think wow WWE would make a FORTUNE on marketing these guys. When TNA can pull that off that is when it will really become fun for them. The other person that could be huge marketing dollars in WWE is Awesome Kong. She isn’t the same old thing recycled through. She will get people’s attention all that WWE needs to go on its next big run is for them to find the Awesome Kong of the men’s side of the company. Hmmm TNA found her, could they possible find the next big thing on the men’s side too.

I would ask everyone to guess who this is with me in the picture but I don’t think anyone would get it. This picture is of me and the latest entry into the WWE-Manu (Afa Anoai Jr). What a difference twenty two years can make. I wish my friend all the luck in the world now that he has made it to the big time.

This has been a piece of my mind

RassleResults: Hub City Wrestling Jackson, TN 9.11.08

The Grappler & Dr. Doom beat Chris Williams and Weasel. This match was the drizzling shits.

Ty Hamilton won over Cody Melton. These guys impressed everyone these 3 nights. From Eaton, Dundee, Gilbert, Morton, they was all impressed with these 2 young guys.

Michael Gilbert beat Maxx Corbin. These guys also worked hard and was very impressive to the vets.

Baron Malkavain Beat The Gladiator.

Bill Dundee, Doug Gilbert and Ricky Morton beat Kevin White, Bobby Eaton and Derrick King.

Tonight attendance was down from last night. 200 to 250 was watching at all times. But the fans that was there was really into every match with the exception of the tag match...Wednesday night was the best night for attendance, Tuesday and Thursday was average.

Credit: MSW Studd

RassleResults: Hub City Wrestling Jackson, TN 9.10.08

Cody Melton Defeated Ty Hamilton

The Baron Malkavain beat Dr. Doom

Michael Gilbert beat Maxx Corbin

Doug Gilbert beat Derrick King

Kevin White & Bobby Eaton w/ Garry White defeated Bill Dundee & Ricky Morton. Su Yung hairs was at stake in this match. Derrick King interferred to set a 6 man tag tonight with Kevin White, Bobby Eaton and Derrick King w/ Garry White & Su Yung against Bill Dundee , Ricky Morton and Doug Gilbert.

Last night the attendance was way better than Tuesday night. 400 to 500 people was around the ring at all time. Crowd was really hot also.

Credit: MSW Studd

Area Worker with MRSA!!

----I was contacted by area worker Rob Justice earlier this week. Justice informed me that he had contacted a “staph” infection that lead to him having MRSA. This was started as just a simple scratch or cut on his leg and now it may lead to him having his leg amputated. The doctor has told him it was from wrestling in “nasty wrestling rings” .Rob or me – neither are pointing fingers. I just wanted to inform everyone – promoters and workers – that something like this could happen.

----What is MRSA?? Below is the definition from

“MRSA infection is caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria — often called "staph." MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. It's a strain of staph that's resistant to the broad-spectrum antibiotics commonly used to treat it. MRSA can be fatal. “

----So in other words it is a bad ass infection that can not be treated by antibiotics. Rob has told me he is taking a lot of pills and hooked up to antibiotics 24/7 to try to fight the infection. If the infection does not go away, then they will have to amputate his leg.

----There have been cases of whole locker rooms contacting this type of infection affecting the whole team. The below was taken from

“Close physical contact between teammates combined with the sharing of facilities, equipment and personal items increases the spread of infection. An uncovered sneeze or cough can spread germs that are easily picked up during skin-to-skin contact or by touching contaminated surfaces.”

----What can you do as a promoter or a worker??


-Clean your gear on a regular basis.

-Do not share things like gear, boots and such.

-Talk to the promoter and make sure the wrestling mat has been cleaned.

-If you have a cut – take care of it. At the least carry around Triple Antibiotic Cream.

-Cuts should never been exposed when you are working. Tape them up – you are just asking for dirt or anything to get in the cut.


-Clean your mats on a regular basis. Not sure the process of doing this – but I think we use to take the CCW mat to the car wash. This should involve some kind of disinfectant – at the least Lysol.

-Clean your dressing rooms. After the show wash or whip it down with some kind of disinfectant water.

-Make sure that all workers with cuts and scratches have them covered.

----Just please be safe guys. I would to hate to think someone lost their leg because of dirty wrestling mats. If anyone reading this is in the medical profession and would like to chime in on extra precautions, then feel free to drop me a line.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 9.06.08

The show started with Mike Anthony doing a mic spill about his match with Rodney Mack telling the crowd what a Punk Rodney was and that he was going to take the champions belt that night. I wonder if calling Rodney Mack a punk is a good idea ever? Probably not!

Match 1.

Cody Murdock VS Pappy(of the Asylum)

This was a Big Man Challenge and had plenty of big power moves. However, the match ended in a time limit draw before either man could secure the win.

Match 2.

“Natural Born Playaz” [Pimptacular/Southside Brawler] VS J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan.

The action was fast and furious until the end. Kerry made the hot tag to Titan who came in and began cleaning the house with the Playaz. Titan finally threw Southside to the floor leaving Kerry in the ring with Pimp. Kerry was working Pimp over in the corner until Pimp grabbed his legs and secured the pin on Kerry with his feet on the ropes.

Match 3.

Rik Burton VS The Big Indian.

The heat between these two is really boiling over and both men took the fight all over the building. The match ended in a double count out, but that wasn't the end of it. At intermission, Indian came back out with a ceremonial head dress and announced that he was going to give it away to one lucky fan in the crowd. At this point, Classy Meltin Massey came out and distracted the Indian long enough for Burton to jump him from behind and not only rip the head dress to shreds, but also cram it in the Indian's mouth. The Indian will definitely have a response for this next week.

Match 4.

The Fabulous Luke Graham VS Soultrain Jones

Graham took most of the match until the end when Soultrain reversed a suplex into a pin and scored the victory. However, he made the mistake of turning his back on Graham who returned with a chair and left Jones laying in the Middle of the ring causing him to get carried out. Luke then got on the microphone and informed Jones that he had left him laying three weeks in a row and this was on the start of things to come.

Match 5.

“Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] VS Chris Steel and Zane Richards.

The action was hot and heavy until Classy Meltin Massey tried to interfere on the floor sending Arnez of the Asylum after him. This left Psycho in the ring alone with Chris Steel who he was beginning to dispose of when Zane Richards hit Psycho from behind with a kendo stick. This didn't even phase Psycho who took the stick away from Zane and began repeatedly returning the favor. Unfortunately, the referee turned around at this point and D.Q.ed the Asylum for using the weapon that Zane and Chris had brought into the ring.

6. Rodney Mack RWA Heavyweight Champion VS Mike Anthony

This was for the RWA title and the smaller Anthony proved quite the test for the champion. Anthony was accompanied by the Playaz to the ring who seized every opportunity to interfere. Mack finally overcame the interference to make a big comeback, knocking both Playaz off the canvas in the process. At this point, Anthony charged the champion who gave him a big hip toss. Unfortunately, the hip toss sent Anthony over the ropes forcing the referee to call for the DQ on Mack. Both guys made it plain after the match that it wasn't over between them.

Even with ASU's first home game as Red Wolves the RWA still drew 100. It was a good night and the beginning of some great angles.

Credit: RWA Reporter

----Loved the angle with Indian!! That sounded like an old Memphis angle – Moondogs tearing up the Fabs’ jackets. Good stuff.

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN Results WrapUp 8.30 & 9.06.08

Saturday 8-30-08

The Royal Executioner def. PK Ripper and Brian Micheals by pinning Michaels following a flying splash from the second rope.

Dre Black retained the TIWF TV TITLE by defeating Criss Braggs and Shawn Reed

Way Cool pinned Byron Wilcott

Chico Mendoza and Hardknox Hooligan defeated Big and Nasty by DQ,
Big and Nasty(Big Bob and Dixie) retains the TIWF Tagteam Titles.

Simon Reed pinned Buckwild Bill to retain the TIWF Title(MATCH of THE NIGHT)

--138 attendance

Saturday 9-6-08

“Big Nasty” [Big Boy Bob/Dazzlin Dixie] def. Hardknox Hooligan/Chico Mendoza

PK Ripper def. Ultimo Tigre’

Outlaw & Executioner def. Brian Michaels & Shawn Reed

Lawman Williams def. Dre’ Black and Outlaw to win the TV Title

Way Cool def. Jodi Allen

Simon Reed def. Sarge O’Reilly

-- Tommy Redneck ( Jodi Allen) redebuts in TIWF.
--Sarge vows to bring friends to TIWF to handle business
-- Cash McCoy and the Missouri Bad Boys are due back.
---Byron Wilcott returns in Sept.
--Georgia Promotion has contacted TIWF about a talent swap
-- TIWF joins the AIWF as the Midsouth affiliate.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each
Every Sat. at noon and Primetime at 6 p.m.
website at

Quick Results: By Steven Hunter

----Group is still drawing over 100…Sarge and The Bad Boys in the same promotion?? That brings back some memories from waaaaay back. Early 90s in C-ville!! LOL…I hope this AIWF thing works out for them. It works like the old NWA use to work…Does PK EVER do a job?? Just asking – can not remember seeing him do one??

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 9.06.08

Mark Sterling defeated Mike Sydal

Caleb defeated Rashard Devine in a "Loser gets Egged" Match

Kid Nichols defeated Steven Rampage

Rockin' Randy defeated Eric Wayne

Dell Tucker & Cody Melton defeated Maxx Corbin &

The Baron Malkavain defeated Greg King

Stan Lee won a four corners match for number 1 Contendership
Alan Steele eliminated "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony
Alan Steele eliminated Pokerface
Stan Lee eliminated Alan Steele

Credit: Laydownthelaw5150

----Anyone remember the partner for Corbin?? Any matches missed??...No attendance was given...Good crew here - four corners match with those four guys had to have been good.

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 9.05.08

Chris Rocker over Deadly Dale
"Girlcandy" Christian Jacobs over Derrick King
Idol Bane over Stan Lee to retain LAW Championship
Slim "The Bulldog" Pickens over Bishop
"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony over Dell Tucker in a LIGHTS OUT MATCH

When DK came out for "Karaoke with King" he mentioned that he had a HUGE surprise for The Untouchables. Of course DK didn't get through much of his song of choice before Christian Jacobs interrupted him. Another top notch contest between these two. DK hit a huge cross body press from the top rope which prompted Greg Anthony to run to the ring but DK knocked him off quickly and went back to CJ. As DK hit the rope tgb grabbed his foot and allowed CJ to hit The Perfect Plex.

Idol Bane vs Stan Lee was match of the night. Stan Lee knocked Idol to the floor and as the ref reached nine in her count Jeff O'Dell jumped to the apron breaking the count. As the ref tried to attend to O'Dell, "Girlcandy" slid in and gave Stan rib shattering spear. After CJ disappeared from the ref's vision, Idol got back in the ring and gave Stan The Ghost of Andy Kauffman for the 3 count.

To win the Lights Out Match you had to render your opponet unconcious to where he was unable to respond to the offical. This match was a brawl from start to finish seeing the fight spill out to the crowd more than once. Tucker threw tgb into the ticket booth of The LAW Athletic Center to the crowd's delight but when he went to retrieve him, Christian Jacobs was there and threw a handful of powder into Tucker's eyes. This allowed tgb to set up two chairs facing each other on the outside of the ring and then stood atop them and gave him a piledriver onto the seated chairs. Tucker was unable to answer the ref and tgb was declared the winner.

After the match, all The Untouchables were celebrating in the ring when Derrick King's music hit. DK came to the ring accompied by Thomas Graham. DK asked Jeff if he reconized Thomas? DK explained that Thomas was The Chairman of Championship Committee and that Jeff couldn't fire him so he found a loop hole were he could disbanned the committee all together. DK continued that Mr.Graham didn't give up, he's been working for a year to find a way to bring justice back to LAW. DK then showed Jeff a letter from The Arkansas Labor Department claiming that Jeff O'Dell hasn't provided a safe work enviroment for some of his employees and that they are ready and able to shut LAW down! But there is a way to save LAW, DK said. Derrick said The Arkansas Labor Department has agreed to keep LAW open for business if Jeff O'Dell agrees to make Thomas Graham Head of Security. Jeff said "So he'll work for me?" and DK responded with "Glad you asked, No! He'll work for The Arkansas Department of Labor". DK and Thomas left The Untouchables dumbfounded in the ring.

Credit: Layingdownthelaw5150

----No crowd estimate was given...Some real creative booking here...Someone send me the Christian Jacobs vs DK bouts!! And wouldn't mind seeing most of this card.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Show for Tonight!!


THURSDAY, September 11TH, 2008
Main Event: EWP Champion
WAYNE was awarded the shot as a result of SIGMONS misbehaving!!

!!!!!!!!!!BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!
The only wrestler in history to pin a defeat a bear will be at the Fleatorium this Thursday Sept 11th!!! He wants to wrestle SHANE and stop him from getting into this!!

Fans choice rematch: The DOGGS (BIG BULLY DOUGLAS & ALI) vs The POWER TRIPP :
Last week POWER TRIPP got disqualified on purpose to end the match which took them by surprise!! ALI and DOUGLAS are over 300 pounds each with bodybuilder bodies!! They have both wrestled for the WWE and WCW!!

If KEITH wins then he gets another shot at BEAU JAMES who knocked him out with ether and cut him open two weeks ago!!!

BEAU gave the rookie a big time beating last week and wants to do it again!!
EWP will hold its first ever battle royal to start the show!! The winner will be the top contender to face the EWP champion!! Any wrestlers who has not had the chance to work with EWP here is your chance to get your foot in the door!! You can email me if you are interested!!ERIC_COLLINS45@HOTMAIL.COM

JASON MAXX will get a rematch against JIM MILLER!!!

JEFF ANDERSON will be at the FLEATORIUM will this be the night he returns to the ring???



EWP will be at the EXPO CENTER Friday Sept 12th @ 5:30!!
KAPOW will be at LENOIR CITY this coming
Saturday SEPT.13th National Guard Armory @ 8pm $7

Shows for The Weekend 9.11.08 to 9.13.08

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule events!! Below I have posted some of the other events for the weekend.

Championship Wrestling returns to Greeneville this Saturday!
Championship Wrestling returns to Greeneville, TN this Saturday (September 13) with a huge card. The event takes place at the Eastview Rec Center on Benard Ave. and bell time is at 8:00 PM.

In the Main Event... Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy team for the 1st time in almost a year to take on The 420 Hit Squad.

Here is the card:

***Main Event***
$25,000 Bounty Match
Tony Givens & Robbie Cassidy
The 420 Hit Squad (Adam York & The Jin)

***Tag Team Challenge***
National Heavyweight Champion, Alyx Winters
& CW Television Champion, Chase Owens
"Handsome" Beau James
& "Sensational" Wayne Adkins

Chris Richards
"Notorious" Nick Hammonds
Moe Jenkins
"Young Gun" Cody Ices
ECW Star, ECW Money
& More

*Card Subject to Change*

Ticket Information
All Tickets: $8
Doors open at 7:00 PM

Venue Information
Eastview Rec Center
456 East Bernard Ave.
Greeneville, TN 37745
For more information on Championship Wrestling, visit us at

There is a show in Lexington, TN Saturday night at the old Montgomery School Gym....bell time is 7:30 - admission is 5.00 and kids 6 and under are free. This is to help rebuild the Old Gym. So come out and help rebuild this Landmark in Lexington.

Appearing will be Danny B Goode, Oz, Lil Hollywood, Extreme Neal Dream, Brimstone, Weasel, and many many more so come out for this GREAT cause.

Eugene - Wrestling Seminar

Attn: Area Workers, New Blood Wrestling & Former WWE Superstar Nick "Eugene" Dinsmore will be conducting a wrestling seminar Saturday Oct. 18th at the New Blood Arena, 1901 St. John Ave. Dyersburg, TN. 38024 beginning at 2 p.m. and concluding around 4 p.m. Fee will be $50 ( non re-fundable ), which will need to be paid by Oct. 8th. Come prepared for a workout, all wrestlers from any company encouraged to attend!!!

Contact for more info or to book your spot

Call :
Jeff McDonald- 731-571-4951
Jeremy Moore- 731-345-0126

RassleResults: Hub City Wrestling Jackson, TN 9.09.08

First night of the Jackson Fair.

Ty Hamilton beat Cody Melton. This was a heck of a match. These guys can go with the best. Both are Kevin White's students.

Maxx Corbin beat Dr. Doom. Corbin did the best he could do with Doom. Maxx Corbin deserves a lot of credit in this match. Maxx graduated from Kevin’s school also and he has come a long ways. He a very good solid worker who often gets overlooked.

The Gladiator defeated Michael Gilbert. This also was a good match. Again both went to Kevin's school.

Derrick King defeated Chris Williams. This was Williams first match and yes he is Kevin's student as well. This was the longest match of the night and Williams did a very good job considering this was his first match but we both know that Derrick King could wrestle a broomstick.

Main Event. This pitted the team of Kevin White and Bobby Eaton w/ Garry White and Su Yung against Bill Dundee and Ricky Morton w/ Grady Watson. Old School match from start to finish. This match was ruled a no contest after Su Yung and Garry White interfered. Mr. Big Stuff left the hillbilly Grady Watson unconscious after whipping him with his own belt. This set the main event for today [Wed] as Kevin White agreed to put Su Yung's hair on the line.

The overall attendance at the fair was down because of the rain. But still the wrestling show had anywhere from 150 to 300 at different times. It will get better the next 2 nights. I guess the match with Hamilton and Melton was the best match of the night.

Credit: MWS Studd

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"What Memphis Watches"

First things first, let me apologize for not having a column last week. My TV job took me to Ocean Springs, MS. to cover Hurricane Gustav’s damage on South Mississippi. While the hurricane didn’t do a whole lot of damage, it rained its ass off and flooding was an issue for some folks down there. It was very cool shooting video when the outer bands of the storm were making landfall. The winds were probably 30-35 mph. and made keeping the camera steady a challenge.

If you click here: and go to page 5 on the video player and watch the video labeled “Keli Rabon on Gulf Coast” you can see the video I shot that Monday morning as the storm came thru.

Now, if you include the Memphis/Ole Miss football game I worked 2 Saturdays ago in addition to the 4 days I was in Ocean Springs, I ended up working 5 days of 12-15 hour days straight. Makes for a long week and honestly “What Memphis Watches” was the last thing on my mind. HaHaHa!!!

On to wrestling, this week’s shows felt the effect of the NFL football season kicking off as TNA Impact and WWE RAW’s ratings were down. Impact had been hovering around the 2.0 mark for a few weeks now but dropped 2/10th’s of a point this past Thursday. What stuck out to me was the 2nd hour of Impact when it started at 2.2 but lost half its viewers but the final quarter hour. Ouch!!!

RAW’s numbers fall every year at this time. When Monday Night Football starts up those casual viewers who were probably watching RAW because football was out of season have gone back to watching football and in turn RAW’s ratings dips a lil’ bit. Like Impact, RAW’s numbers during the 2nd hour dropped considerably which ironically happened to be the same hour that MNF had its strongest hour doing a 12 rating average. One thing I did notice was that RAW’s rating was slightly up from 2 weeks ago when it was up against the Tennessee/UCLA game. That game pulled a 13 rating. With all those factors considered, RAW has more than held its own on Monday nights.

What more can be said about Memphis Wrestling? It’s just not a show that wrestling fans want to see right now. I was SHOCKED when I saw the numbers from the show 2 weeks ago. You know its bad when you don’t even register on the meter. I will give them credit, they bounced back this week and registered numbers in all 4 quarter-hours. I’ll give them even more credit in the fact that the viewership increased with each quarter hour. While the numbers they did attract are not very good, they have to be encouraged that they kept their viewers this week.

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact (Thursday) 9-04-08

Final Rating: 1.8 (29,169 viewers) 2 share
Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.4 ( 35,651 viewers )

2.1 ( 34,031 )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

2.0 ( 32,410 )

2nd hour: 2.2 ( 34,031 viewers )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

1.2 ( 19,446 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 9-05-08

Final Rating: 5.4 ( 87,507 viewers ) 8 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 5.1 ( 82,646 viewers )

5.5 ( 89,128 )

4.7 ( 76,164 )

4.7 ( 76,164 )

2nd hour: 5.2 ( 84,266 viewers )

5.8 ( 93,989 )

5.8 ( 93,989 )

6.0 ( 97,230 )

Memphis Wrestling 9-06-08

Final Rating: 0.6 ( 9723 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours: 0.2 ( 3241 viewers )

0.6 ( 9723 )

0.7 ( 11,344 )

0.8 ( 12,964 )

TNA Impact Replay 9-06-08

Final Rating: 1.4 ( 22,687 viewers ) 2 share

WWE A.M. 9-07-08

Final Rating: 0.5 ( 8103 viewers ) 1 share

WWE RAW 9-08-08

Final Rating: 4.3 ( 69,682 viewers ) 6 share

1st hour: 4.6 ( 74,543 viewers ) 6 share

Quarter hours: 4.0 ( 64,820 viewers )

4.4 ( 71,302 )

5.4 ( 87,507 )

4.4 ( 71,302 )

2nd hour: 4.0 (64,820 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours: 4.1 ( 66,441 viewers )

3.7 ( 59,959 )

3.7 ( 59,959 )

4.3 ( 69,682 )

Overrun: 2.4 ( 38,892 viewers )

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” with the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.----

"Flashback" Sept 1984 Part 2 by Mark James

This Week’s Flashsback Highlights Sept 1984 Part 2
This week we cover the last half of Sept 1984.

Sept 17, 1984
The main event featured the dominating team of “Ravishing” Ric Rude and King Kong Bundy facing Jerry Lawler and recently turned fan favorite, “Macho Man” Randy Savage. The match had a No DQ stipulation attached.

When the dust cleared, Rude and Bundy, with the help of their manager, Jimmy Hart were victorious in front

Another big match on the card had the Southern Tag Team Champions, The Nightmares going up against the former champs, the Rock n Roll Express. In recent weeks, Morton and Gibson had been having problems getting a win over the masked champions. The match stipulated the Nightmares masks were up against the Express leaving town. The fans were stunned when the Nightmares emerged victorious and sent Ricky and Robert packing.

Dutch Mantell was crowned the new International Champion as he defeated Eddie Gilbert, while Tommy Rich teamed up with Tojo Yamamoto to defeat the Dirty White Boys. New Generation also got a win over the Poffos (Angelo & Lanny). New Generation had cemented their position as the promotion’s main babyface mid-team.

The fans no doubt left the arena scratching their heads a little. The heels won both big matches this evening, despite the great action.

Sept 23, 1984
This was a Sunday night card at the Cook Convention Center, (the Mid-South Fair was going on at the fairgrounds.) As would usually happen with a Sunday card, attendance was down (with only 1,500 showing up.)

The Lawler/Savage-Rude/Bundy/Hart feud was still in full swing. Tonight’s match featured a “No Ref In The Ring” stipulation. Even with this new stipulation, the King and the Macho Man came up short once again.

In the International Title match, Dutch Mantell would only put up the title against Eddie Gilbert, if Gilbert would put his hair on the line. Gilbert agreed, won the match and the title, (as well as keeping his hair!)

Southern tag champs, the Nightmares, defeated the New Generation. One of my least favorite wrestlers, Rufus R Jones, came in and teamed with Mark Regan to win by dq over the Dirty White Boys.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!



----Just to let everyone know that the Dusty Wolfe autobiography is in the final stages. It has been a long process and I would like to thank Dusty and Brian Thompson for their patience and hard work. This is has been a joint effort from all three of us and we have not cussed each other yet. LOL “Journal of A Journeyman” by Dusty Wolfe with Brian Thompson & Brian Tramel will be hopefully available for advance orders in the next few weeks. Here is an excerpt from the first page..

“----In describing this book to outsiders of the business, I have described Dusty as “he has been everywhere, but never really made it BIG.” I am not sure after reading this book if that is a correct description of him. Dusty did something that a lot of us have only dream about – he has lived his life as a professional wrestler. That has always been his job title. I don’t think Dusty would ever have considered himself not making it BIG and that point was brought up to me by my “partner in crime” Brian Thompson. As you will read, Dusty was in every sense of the word a WARRIOR.”

----I am working on a deal right now with a new company on the ground floor that will provide sponsorship for this site. The potential of the company will be good for the site, because it is not just wrestling related. It could really help this site with exposure. In the next coming weeks, I will announce the deal and you will start seeing ads on the site for merchandise.

----Due to computer failure of my main computer, updates have not been made of the home page and such. Hopefully I will be up and running with that in a few weeks also. I am also working on a few DVD projects that have been on hold until the new computer is installed. “Rumble on the River” will be an All Pro DVD release available at the All Pro arenas. “Human Highlight Reel” Austin Lane Vol 2 will also be released soon after that – available wherever Lane is appearing. I will also be working on project with Ken Wayne with the “Graduation Match” – Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels sometime soon.

----I also have an All Pro Wrestling book with Kenny Valiant planned before the end of the year, which will be a great Christmas present. “Yearbook 2008” will be released in February, 2009 along with a new revised version of “Yearbook 2007”, which will also include the online “Yearbook 2006”. I plan to have discounted deals so everyone can get all three years at a X amount and such. In the summer of 2009, I plan to write a non-wrestling book with Brian Thompson [should I have told him this by now??..LOL] that will be available for Christmas, 2009. February, 2010 will see the release of “Yearbook 2009” along with another summer project that hopefully will be finished by Christmas, 2010. If you are reading this and thinking either “that BT is so full of shit” or “BT sure has some plans!!”, then you are probably a bit right on both. LOL


----I am still looking for regular reporters for TLCW in Ripley, TN on Saturday nights and MCW in Osceola, AR on Friday nights.

RassleResults: RWL Newbern, TN 9.05.08

1st match “Superboy” Johnny Hawk was defeated by the Royal Executioner. After match Jodi Allen jumped Hawk and was doing the Pillman gimmick with the chair on the arm when Shawn Reed and Simon Reed to make the save.

2nd match Shannon Lee versus Juicy J good match Shannon went over.

3rd match Simon Reed vs Jodi Allen great easy match with Allen going over

4th match Dirty Sanchez vs El Lucha good match alot of great spots everyone in crowd thinks Dirty is Lil Tim Alfonzo but to there surprise Lil Tim comes out after the match and jumps Dirty and leaves him lying in the middle of the ring. Dirty goes over.

4th match Heres one you havent seen before - Tim Edwards vs Gunner Thompson. Gunner with alot of rust but over all was a good heel heat match. Edwards over with chain gimmick on Gunner.

5th match Shawn Reed vs Lil Tim easily the match of the night. Both guys worked good together. Alot of back and forth action. Before the match Edwards announced to Shawn that if he could beat Alfonzo he could have Anita back from Edwards and Allen(they kidnapped her the week before). It looked like Reed was going to be the winner and get her back with a sweet looking superkick to Alfonzo. But during the pinfall Edwards slipped a chain in Reed’s knee pad causing him to lose by dq.

About 25 in crowd better then anyone thought it would do considering the fair was in town.

Credit: RWL Rebel

----Not a lot of people in the crowd. A few new names though. Who is El Lucha?? “Superboy” Johnny Hawk?? The Royal Executioner???...Edwards does good with what he does in NBW, but please NEVER have Gunner Thompson vs Edwards - you might make those 25 fans leave. LOL And Alfonzo in the main event. GOOD GOD!!

Memphis Legend Receives Ring!!

Jimmy Valiant had a pleasant surprise for him. There was a Fed Ex package waiting for him. Inside the package was a stunning WWE Hall of Fame ring and a personal signed letter from Vince McMahon congratulating Jimmy Valiant on behalf of the World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc for his lifetime achievements in the sport of professional wrestling.

Months ago, Jimmy's good friend Howard Finkel called and asked Jimmy what size ring he had. Jimmy assumed Howard was talking about his wrestling ring at BWC so he explained to him about his wrestling ring size. Howard Finkel then said, "No, Jimmy, what size ring do you wear on your finger?" Howard went on to say that WWE was making all of their Hall of Famers, Hall of Fame rings.

Below are pictures of Jimmy's Hall of Fame ring from when he was inducted into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame on November 16, 1996.

Credit: Tia @

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 9.06.08 - Nick Grymes New EPW Champion!!

At the beginning of the show, the fans were given the chance to vote on what kind of match they wanted to see next week between The Ghost Riders and PHAT Foundation. Results were to be announced right before the main event.

Tysin Starr defeated Izzy Rotten by DQ due to interference by Nick Grimes.

The Revolution (Cyrus & Chazz) defeated The Executioners (Axe & Dagger).

Josh Matthews defeated JR Mauler by count out.

Cassanova Kid defeated "The Future" Chris Styles by count out.

"Prime Time" Nick Grimes won a 3-way elimination match over "Dangerous" David Cox & Tysin Starr to become the new EPW Champion.

Just before the main event, the results of the vote by the fans was announced, and it was a TIE between a Street Fight and a Fans Bring the Weapons Match. So it will be a Fans Bring the Weapons Street Fight.

EPW Tag Team Champions PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) cheated their way to victory over The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) in a ladder match. Buzz had climbed the ladder and gotten the belt to win the match, but the referee's back was turned and Chris Fontaine hit Buzz from behind, grabbed the belt, and climbed the ladder. The referee turned around, saw Fontaine on the ladder with the belt, and awarded the match to PHAT Foundation.

This Saturday night's card at EPW will include the Fans Bring the Weapons Street Fight between PHAT Foundation and the Ghost Riders, with the Tag Team belts on the line! This will be a wild night at EPW, so don't you miss it! Grab a weapon and come to EPW this Saturday night in Booneville!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bill Dundee Returns!! Hub City Wrestling at the Jackson Fair!!

Hub City Wrestling
Sept 9th, 10th and 11th.
Belltime: 7:30 each night
Tennessee State Fair
Jackson Tennessee

The " Superstar" Bill Dundee & Rock and Roll Express member Ricky Morton
The New Nature Boy Kevin White and Midnight Express member" Beautiful" Bobby Eaton w/ Garry White & Su Yung

Dangerous Doug Gilbert vs. Derrick King

Ty Hamilton vs. "Southern Sensation" Cody Melton

The Albino Rhino vs. Michael Gilbert

Maxx Corbin vs. Dr. Doom.

This is the card for the opening night on Sept, 9th.
Wrestling Show is free with fair admisssion.

Memphis Wrestling TV Show 9.06.08

----Watch the show and vote in the poll!!

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 9.06.08

1st Match “Hot Rod” John Ellison -vs-Chuck Fears
Hot rod gets the upper hand on Chuck from the start of the match. Every time that chuck starts to come back Hot Rod fines a way to stop him.In the end Hot Rod sets Chuck up for his super kick but Chuck ducks and hits Hot Rod with the Cudagra and gets the win.

2nd Match Nikki Lane& Scott Fury -vs- Morgan Williams&Eclipse
Match is back and forth form the open bell. Morgan challenges Nikki to a test of strength at which she won and even stomped on his fingers. In the end Nikki sunset flips Morgan for the win. After the match Morgan hits Nikki with the Muscle Buster.

3rd Match Johnny Hawk& Johnny Harper-vs-Silent Mark& Dre
Mark and Dre didn’t have a chance in this match. Hawk and Harper keep the upper hand throughout the match. Mark/Dre by DQ.

4th Match Suicide-vs- Big Al
The loser of this match had to wear a dress until they won their next match. This match was wild. It was a no D.Q. any thing goes.They went all over the building and at one time they were in the stands with the fans. Al had Suicide up and was about to power bomb him off the stands when he hit his head a a light fixture and knocked his self out, there for neither man could answer the 10 count. No winner so both men wear a dress till he wins.

5th Match Six Man Tag
D.J stunner,Syn&Regulator-vs- Austin Lane,Casino Kid&Ray Ray
Wild and crazy match. At one time Ray did a suicide dive over the top rope on to Stunner,Syn& Regulator, Then Austin did one on all four men on the floor then Casino dove thru the top rope and second ropes onto all five men. At the end of the match all six men were on the ropes and did a six man tower.Awesome move. Casino get the win with a D.D.T. on D.J Stunner.

6th Match Tommy Wayne -vs-X-Kaliber
Back and forth Match with X getting the win a still the X Division Champ

7th Match CCR -vs- LSD
The crowd didn't know who to cheer for in this one. They don't like “CCR” [DemonX&Wild Bill] and they hate LSD. CCR had their hands full with LSD but in the end Wild Bill rolls Cody up for the win. After the Match LSD jumped CCR handcuffing Demon X to the ring post and then they took Wild Bill out of action. We have just found out that Bill will be out for about 4 to 6 weeks recovering.

180 in the crowd

Credit: ASWF Ace

RassleResults: XOW/TFW Benefit Show 9.06.08

"The Future" Chris Styles defeated Curly Mo by DQ due to interference by G-Mo Money. Josh Matthews in to make the save. This sets up the main event.

Chris Chaos & LSD defeated The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) with help from "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, who hit Psycho from behind with a kendo stick.

Izzy Rotten defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes by submission.

Arnez (of The Asylum) w/Tony Watts defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock. (Very good match).

Mo Foundation (Curly Mo & G-Mo Money) w/Dirty Rell Mo defeated Sons of the South (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews) w/Bad Boy Burns. (Very good match).

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis &

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 9.05.08

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated LSD & Chris Chaos.

Ryan SoFine w/Tony & Studd defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Tysin Starr defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs w/ Ryan SoFine & Studd.

In a #1 contenders match for the Tag Team titles, Little Guys, Inc. (Kid J & Lil' Devil) over DC & "The Future" Chris Styles by DQ when Parental Advisory interfered.

Josh Matthews & "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore defeated Mo Foundation (Curly Mo & G-Mo Money) by DQ due to interference by David Cox. David Cox was introduced as the newest member of Mo Foundation.

TFW Champion Chop Top the Clown defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor w/Tony Watts by DQ when Taylor was caught with a chain. Taylor blamed the loss on Tony "The Weasel" Watts and beat him down. Taylor said he was bringing in a "real manager" for the benefit show Saturday. Watts said he was bringing in a "real wrestler" for the benefit show to teach Neil a lesson.

Crowd was approx. 100.

Next week's TFW Card will include:

TFW Tag Team Champions Parental Advisory ("The Studd" Scott Porteau & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs) vs. Little Guys, Inc. (Lil' Devil & Kid J), belts are on the line.

Also on the card: Josh Matthews, Chris Styles, & Chris Kilgore vs. Mo Foundation (Curly Mo, G-Mo Money, & David Cox). Mo Foundation's Manager, Dirty Rell Mo, will be handcuffed to Bad Boy Burns (Wayne Blaylock) during the match.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis

Monday, September 08, 2008

RassleResults: CWC Memphis, TN 9.06.08

Christian Wrestling Coalition this past Saturday at the Mt. Eagle
Missionary Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee.

Johnny Thunder defeated Jason Maddrox with a Muscle Buster in 12:44

The Crime defeated Samoan Rajah in 8:37 with the aid of Chris Lexx
holding Rajah’s feet while the referee counted three

Hardknocks Hooligan and Mr. Outlaw went to a no contest in 10:04 “The Magnificent” Reno Diamond defeated Chris Lexx with a “Diamond Bomb” in 9:54

Elevation (Kaution/Kronous) and Double Impact (Carnage Antwanne/Malek) went to a double count out in 15:32 as Referee William Blanton was knocked uncounscious.

Crowd was 63

Any Church or Civic Organization who would like to have the CWC come to
their area please call the CWC offices at (901) 212-1253.

Reported by HOTROD

Sunday, September 07, 2008

RassleResults: MCW Dyress, AR 8.06.08

Shawn Williams defeated El Matador

MCW Tag-Team Champions, The Soggy Bottom Boys defeated A.C. Styles & Young Alzado w/ Sexy Sam Dollar

MCW Heavyweight Champion Frankie Tucker w/ Sexy Sam Dollar & Billion Dollar Baby defeated "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank after interference from SSD

Hambone #2 & The Luchador defeated Mr. Excitement & B.J. Fuller

Big Daddy Lafonce & C-Money defeated Frankie Tucker & Ron Rage by DQ after Rage nailed the referee.

It was a benefit show for a member of the community with terminally ill cancer.
There was 140 paying and the event raised $2,525

Credit: MS Reporter

Jerkin The Curtain NWAME & SAW recaps + Yak it up Monday Sept. 8th @ 10 PM CST.

Tune in this Monday night September 8th at 10 central time as Tommy Stewart and I will recap the September 6th episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV. We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a winner for the week. Also, if anyone wants to call in to discuss any subject, wrestling or non-wrestling related, please feel free to do so. The number is 347-945-5503. NWA Main Event's Shane Smalls and Jason James called in during last weeks show. If you missed last weeks show, the archive is available of course, but here's the results.

Tommy Stewart:
NWA Main Event: No rating
SAW: Thumbs up
NWA Main Event aired a highlight/magazine type show of already shown footage this past week, so SAW was given the win by forfeit since they aired a first run show. It should be noted though, that had Tommy been able to rate NWAME, he would have given it a thumbs up.

NWA Main Event: No rating
SAW: Upper thumbs in the middle
As I stated, SAW gets the win this week by forfeit. Here's the standings since we started these reviews. Cya Monday night. Trent Van Drisse
SAW: 8 NWAME: 4 Draw: 3

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 9.06.08

Saturday-Attendance 26 (down just a tad from last week, lol)

Davey Wright b Aaron Ecstacy

Aiden Scott b Blue Amigo

ATL Tag Team Champions Richard Lowe & Kevin Dunn (w/Ashley Marie) b Michael Jablonski & Anthony Wayne when Dunn pinned Wayne after Lowe hit him with an international object

Travis Starr b Chris Norte and Little Booger (w/Charming Charles) in a 3-way when Starr pinned Norte

Dyronic b Kid Dynamite 2-1 in a best of three falls match

ATL Tag Team Champions Richard Lowe & Kevin Dunn (w/Ashley Marie) b Derrick Neal & White Tiger when Lowe pinned Neal after Lowe hit him with an international object
Post-match, Lowe and Dunn beat down ring announcer Gordon after he is given "incriminating documents" about Ashley Marie and suspends her. Tony Falk makes the save with a stool and suspends Lowe and Dunn as well.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 9.05.08 - New USWO Champion!!

Friday-Attendance 63

Travis Starr b Bryan Casey

Tim Renesto (w/Charming Charles ) b Psycho Medic

White Tiger and Josh Crowe won a Battle Royal to challenge USWO Jr. Champion Cousin Jason X for the title

Josh Crowe b Cousin Jason X and White Tiger to win the USWO Jr. Championship when Crowe pinned Tiger

LT Falk & Aiden Scott b Blue Amigo & Shane Smalls when Falk pinned Amigo

USWO Tag Team Champions New York Gangster & Damien Payne b Saint & Jeremy Travis when Payne pinned Saint

Big Bully Douglas won a second Battle Royal to join Gary Valiant in challenging USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett for the title

Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) b Jeremiah Plunkett and Big Bully Douglas to win the USWO Championship when Valiant pinned Plunkett
Post-match Snake Jones (w/Charming Charles) ran out and attacked Valiant

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: CW Kingsport, TN 9.06.08

130 in the building

1.Scott y Roberts beat Matt Stevens

2.Former ECW Star, EZ Money returned by defeating Mathias Grimm

3. KMF Inc. ( Steve Fury & Chris Richards) defeated US Tag Team Champ ions, Moe Jenkins & Beau James to win the titles.

4.Ricky Morton, Nick Hammonds & Tony Given s defeated Scotty Roberts and the 420 Hit Squad

5. Wayne Adkins & CW Television Champion, Chase Owens fought to a draw when the refer ee count ed both men' s shoulders down for a 3 count .

6. Alyx Winters & Mr. Bolo defeated Robbi e Cassi dy and Cody Ices. .. After the match , Winters continued to beat on Cassidy while Bolo, Chase Owens and KMF Inc. held off anyone who tried to help.