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N.E.W. my take so far by Gene Jackson

New Experience Wrestling

I know I've been scarce around here for the last little while and there's multiple reasons for it.(including battling pneumonia and barely being able to talk all while working 10 hr shifts at work) However the biggest reason I haven't made it a point to write anything or do any radio shows is because I have had NO inspiration to do so. Wrestling is just the pits right now, I'm just completely sick of beating the dead horse of how bad 'Memphis Wrestling' is and I really don't care about WWE or TNA these days so there's not much to talk about wrestling wise. Indy wise it's the same guys working the same shows week in and week out, why talk about it?

Then I heard that Ken Wayne was starting a wrestling show out of his school and I was intrigued. I have tremendous respect for Ken Wayne and really enjoyed interviewing him earlier in the year and he made a lot of great points about how wrestling needs to EVOLVE in the future. That's the part that I find interesting is that Ken realizes that wrestling in the south needs to evolve into something new. I just listened to both of the 'Shootin the Shiznit' episodes before and after the show this past Friday and read the arena reports about the show and read postings here and at Wrestling Classics from people who attended the first show.

I know Brian said that he bases his ratings of matches on use of psychology and following the age old cookie cutter format of how a match is supposed to work. I agree there needs to be "psychology" but as for following a format of "how a match should work" i.e. "babyface shine", "heel heat", "comeback", "finish" etc I think that's a big part of what's wrong with wrestling. Eventually even the most dense mark can figure out that pattern and it really kills the drama or the competitive feel of a match. Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of guys who don't follow that and just do high spots, that's not what I mean. But notice when wrestling's last "boom" period happened it was because Raw and Nitro started booking the other way from what the norm was and you had ECW with no psychology for the most part and 100 false finishes in every match which made the product unpredictable and exciting but over time you run out of crazy stunts and you can't go anywhere else with that type of stuff. From what I've read (I haven't been able to get the video to work on the site yet) the show is trying to bring a competitive feel, something like WRESTLING (notice not rasslin) but WRESTLING meets MMA. Where there's an element of respect and competition amongst the competitors and not just the old "good guys" vs. "bad guys", you know where the fans go, "oh he must be the bad guy cause he came out first and he's insulting our local football team and said we need to take a bath." Well notice the use of the word "competitor." I know I've talked about this before on the radio show but when is the last time you saw an indy match where you really got the feel of competition? It's usually just guys going through the motions of a match then going into a finish.

It's not like it's a totally original concept that's what Ring of Honor was going for at least in the beginning but it's a new concept for this area because as Ken said on the radio show everyone around here wants to cling to the glory days of "Memphis Rasslin" but those days are over and they ain't coming back....ever. I'm really excited about the prospect of N.E.W., I really wish I lived close enough to go to the shows and I really hope they do well but I think they are on the right track. I think the future of wrestling lies somewhere in between wrestling and MMA. You can't convince people wrestling is "real" but good WORKERS can ENTERTAIN people and make them suspend disbelief long enough to get into a show and enjoy it and I wish these guys the best of luck and I look forward to following the shows and writing about them.

Look for the return of Cheap Heat Radio in the coming weeks, more on that soon.

thanks for reading. feel free to post your thoughts on NEW and this column on the kayfabe board.

N.E.W.'s first show online NOW!

The first show from New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.), which was held last night in West Memphis and has been well documented on the site, is now available for online viewing.
Simply visit and follow the N.E.W. links.
Due to technical difficulties, only 1/2 of the program is available for online viewing at this time. Stay tuned to for more on N.E.W. Wrestling.

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 10.10.08

----I know the word “hybrid” seems to be almost a cliché when it comes to something new, but what was presented last night at the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Wrestling was just that. It was a throw back to the old days of hold for hold wrestling with the norm of wrestling psychology getting a whole new twist. The way the matches were built seem to make them legit. The crowd was popping for dropkicks, submissions and just pure athleticism. Eight guys put on a one hour show that was easily better than anything that has aired on Memphis Wrestling in over two years.

----The eight guys represented a mixture of talent in this area. Some of them performed to their expectations. Some of them just did not fit the style. Four guys from the Ken Wayne School shined - Greg King Jr, Eric Wayne, Matt Justyce and Kid Nikels [pictured]. King has “it”. He is a true babyface in every sense of the word – with the look and the smile. Hell, that should be his gimmick – “Babyface”. Eric Wayne has “it” – and it all does not have to do with his genes either. He carries himself like a veteran and did a good job. Justyce is maybe #4 of this group, but that is not to say that he is that much less talented than the other three. He interacts well with the crowd, which is missing in these days. Nikels is the “man” to me of this group. He didn’t have the best bout of the group, but he was over huge and comes off like a guy that has been in the business at least double the time he has spent.

----The roster was then filled up with Tatt2, Derrick King, Matt Riviera and Jeff Jett. Derrick King, who won honors last year in both MOTY and TV MOTY along with two time RRO Wrestler of The Year, has come onboard with this project. It was a surprise to see him there, but he was true professional and will add a lot to this group. Tatt2, who I have criticized for doing just spots, surprised the hell of me and actually wrestled. Riviera seemed to find it hard to work this style and Jett was just out of place.

----Special referee for the night was “Downtown” Bruno and he added credibility to the event. It was funny saying that since his actual “character” in wrestling was always a slimy heel. First class guy.

----Something has to be said here before I award “stars” for the matches and talk about psychology. Much like Lucha Libre or the UWF Japanese style of wrestling [which was real STIFF], this group is going for a new style. It is not your typical wrestling psychology with babyface shine, followed by heel heat and going to the finish. It is more hold for hold and building for the finish, which could come out of nowhere, much like a MMA fight can end at anytime. So, in awarding “stars” for these matches, I might be a little tougher on these guys since they are trying to evolve into a style and they are really only on page one of the book so far.


----Matt Justyce vs Greg King JR ended in a DRAW. Justyce/King shook hands before the match as did all the workers before and after their matches. These guys worked a real solid match. Hold for hold showcasing what both guys could do. Justyce hit a dropkick and there was a scary loud pop for that. These guys worked almost like they were building for a 60 minute match, but only going 15 minutes. King took a nasty bump over the ropes outside the ring and Bruno counted him out. He was helped to the back and Justyce said he did not want a win like that so it was declared a DRAW. Good way to end a good match putting some realism into it. [**1/2]

----Derrick King beat Matt Riviera with a superkick. Riviera was out of his element here as he was almost playing old school heel. First part was good, and then it was almost like Riviera was doing “heat” and it just didn’t feel right. Riviera looked out in the crowd as he had DK down and said, “What’ca think about that Brian Tramel??” and Bruno followed with a Brian Tramel comment. Riviera hit the Mr. Wrestling II kneelift and it rang DK’s bell for shoot. [*1/2]

----Kid Nikels beat John Jett. Nikels got a huge pop coming out. He has such great facial expressions and seemed to be just eating up the crowd reaction. Jett was really totally outmatched by Nikels’ ability and Jett may even have had more matches under his belt. Nikels did what he could do with him pretty much manhandling Jett a couple of times. Nikels comes off as legit tough ass. He finished it off with an arm hold submission that the crowd just ate up. [**] – all for Kid.

----Eric Wayne beat Tatt2 with a german suplex for the win in the main event. A very good match that foreshadowed what this style could be. Tatt2 and Eric went hold for hold to the mat to start the match. Tatt2 was fast and quick – very impressive. They worked a very fast believable match. As Thompson said on “Shooting the Shiznit”, not so fast that you could not enjoy it and not so slow that it bored you. Match went back and forth with Tatt2 taking a little bit of an advantage. He did the “169” on Eric and then went to do a second one. Eric moved and hit Tatt2 [who went high up] with a german suplex for the win. Eric played subtle heel not wanting to shake Tatt2’s hand after the match. [***]


----Maybe around 70 in the crowd…The way the school was fixed up it reminded me of the old Memphis Wrestling TV studio…The students of the school had video packages before each match. I think DK and Tatt2 filmed ones for next week. Nice touch…Big video screen was up [very hard to see at times] as you could watch the show as it progressed along with the commercial breaks…I had the chance to meet Greg King SR. He put over the site. Nice to meet you…Wayne and LoadedBoot – RRO readers – were both in attendance. Nice to see Wayne again and it was a pleasure meeting the Boot…”Crazy” Luke Graham JR was in attendance and was pleasure “shooting the shiznit” with him after the matches. Luke and I don’t always see eye to eye on things in this business, but he is always fun to talk with…Brian Thompson, even though everyone knows he is a friend and helps with the site, is so good with the crowd and making the product seem legit…The first and last matches were put over by Ken Wayne for the fact they accomplished their goals…Kid doesn’t look like a “Kid”…If I had to have picked someone that could not “fit” the style before the show, it would have been Tatt2. He proved me wrong…Major discussion after the show was talk about educating fans to the new style and if there would be longevity to it. The first part is educating them and Wayne knows it takes time to do things like that. It will not happen overnight…When ask why Tatt2 has never shown his wrestling skills, I was told – because he don’t have to do that kind of stuff at other places he works…Guys from this area that would fit the style – Stan Lee, Greg Anthony, Alan Steele, Flash Flanagan, Dustin Starr and possible a guy like Austin Lane, Chris Rocker Kevin White or Kilo…A nice touch [and something that they use to do in UWF Japan] would be to bring all the guys out and stand them in the ring as an unit and then introduce each one to the crowd. I would have each guy wearing a NEW t-shirt…It will be interesting to see how they work tag team psychology into this style…The TV show should be posted on the site sometime early in the week. There is a special commercial that aired last night that I am just going to wait for everyone to see. LOL I will then have an explanation for it.

----My daughter Karly and DK below. Karly is celebrating her birthday today - Happy Birthday!!!!

Photos by Kayte Tramel

Jerry Lawler Honored!!

A special event called "Celebrating 35 Years Of Wrestling - Jerry 'The King' Lawler Tribute" will be held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds' Sports Arena in Nashville (formerly known as the TNA Asylum) on November 7th, 2008. Doors open at 6 PM and start time is 8 PM. Ringside tickets cost $15 and general admission is $10.


Memphis Wrestling TV Report 10.11.08

----Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin open the show promising Lawler vs Austin Idol, Abyss, Wrestling Professor and other stuff.

----Julio Dinero with Ms Michelle vs Scotty “Too” Hotty. Heat started when Michelle tripped Scotty and Dinero took over. Dinero did some good stuff here. Spinning round house looked good. This match showed that you could do some “spots” that meant something in the heat. Good solid match. Crowd was so hot!! Scotty comes out of heat. Dinero knocks Michelle off the apron – Scotty hits bulldog and worm for the pin.

----Delta Fair: Mr. Hughes/”Bad”Sam Shaw vs “Too Kool 2” [Flex/Tim Grind]. Heat on Grind with hot tag to Flex. Finish had Flex cut off. Hughes was holding Grind and Shaw went for a superkick and Grind moved. Flex came out behind Shaw for the pin. Good solid match. After the match Hughes turned on Shaw.

----Lance Russell interview with Corey Maclin. Maclin has the “Memphis Sport” magazine talking about himself being in the magazine. Corey puts over Lance and Lance puts over Corey. Not as good as this could have been.

----Chris Sabin vs Abyss with Tommy Dreamer as special ref. Abyss ended up hitting Dreamer with a chair, and then Dreamer hits Abyss with a kendo stick. Crowd was chanting, “ECW..ECW!!!” Abyss leaves ring and comes back for Dreamer and Sabin to beat him up. Not good.

----“Wrestling Professor” 6.20.87 Jeff Jarrett vs Jack Hart [Barry Horowitz] with Paul E Dangerly [before he was Dangerously]. Have I said this before?? Professor is horrible. Horowitz was such a good solid worker. Spot Moondog jumps in at the finish.

----Lawler vs Austin Idol with special ref Brickhouse Brown. Brown walked out on Lawler with Dangerly/Idol just beating the hell out of Lawler. Jerry Calhoun comes out and Lawler rolls Idol up from behind for the win. Crowd popped big time!!


----Hotty match from ‘s DVD release New Honesdale Havoc from 4.05.08 and Abyss vs Sabin is from “New Spring Slam Nights” 6.02.06…Sam Shaw has a real good look…As noted last week from the Delta Fair, it was NOT “Los Locos” that worked Derrick King/Johnny Dotson. It was Ramon [of “Locos”] and Rudy Switchblade. Maclin did not even know the difference. Thanks to Chad Johnson for the “head’s up” on that one…It is funny how “Too Kool 2” was ranked in the RRO Top 10 Tag Teams as #1 last year and just been pretty much non existent this year…They have aired all the matches from the Delta Fair now. Mucho Dinero vs Pokerface w/ Rashard Devon was the match of the night and still running as #1 Memphis Wrestling Match of The Year…Lawler/Corey plugged with commercial bumpers and a mention…The weekend following Brown turning was the first time I had the chance to go backstage to take photos. Lawler actually told the whole story of Brown turning to me. He also broke Heyman’s jaw that night.

A Piece of my Mind Oct 11th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Recently I saw where WWE Diva Victoria (Lisa Varon) is already talking about retiring from the ring. I don’t know when that is going to happen. The hardest working lady in the WWE has been on my mind a lot lately. It was fully my intention to write about her and now is the perfect time to do that. In my early days, one of the greatest lady wrestlers was Leilani Kai. She was my friend and I spent a good deal of time with her in arenas and driving up and down the road.

I remember her frustration with having to go out on the road with this new girl and that new girl. It was always "Patty take this girl out and put her over and teach her how to work". In a business where it is all a work anyway, it shouldn’t really matter who wins or who loses. It’s easy to make a statement like that but at times, when it is so clear that you can pretty much walk through the person you are working with, it can be tough to absorb. I felt bad for Leilani, but the truth is, you could make an argument for other girls getting pushed.

In the case of Victoria, it’s hard to make a case for any other girl in WWE getting pushed. She is far and away the best worker. She has a great personality and, from what I can tell, is very humble. She is one of the first to walk up to you and say "Hi, I’m Lisa". She is also saddled with a bunch of girls that don’t only need to be carried they need to be hoisted! In the days when Trish Stratus was around, I believe we were getting the best ladies match of the “modern” era. In Trish we got the same thing as we got in Victoria. It was two girls who are beautiful and worked very hard. Both succeeded in getting to the top of their field. In Trish’s case, she chose to walk away and that was her prerogative to do so. In Victoria’s situation, she chose to stay and continue to work and help the company. It is absurd to think that what she gets for her trouble is working with girls who, although they seem to be trying hard, just don’t get it. If you look at it closely, even if they do eventually “get it” I do not think that the skills and ability are there to really achieve greatness or respect for being anything other than beautiful. I give Victoria a lot of respect and credibility for having the stomach to put up with it for this long. I hope that she has saved her money and is putting herself in a position to walk away on her terms.

There has been a lot of time and money put into Vladimir Kozlov. It is pretty clear Jerry Jarrett was banned from TNA over bringing him to the WWE. I have heard that people inside WWE are finally pleased enough with his progress to let him start working top tier matches. I can only hope that someone will be smart enough to use him in such a way that he won’t be buried. It is has to be time for Triple H to start building stars for his future as a leader of the WWE. At some point there has to be that process put in place. In an era where talent is thin and the there doesn’t seem to be the next big thing on the horizon, Triple H needs to help build his families security by firming up the foundation of the company.

It is easy for the typical American to spend all they make now without saving for the future. It is much harder and shows the real character of a person to save and prepare properly for the responsibilities that lie ahead of them. I wonder which route Triple H will take. Will he be a spender or a saver?

In recent days Corey Maclin, the owner of Memphis Wrestling, has decided to make some public statements about the Rasslin Riot website. As with the majority of wrestling related matters that Corey Maclin speaks of, he isn’t qualified to make such comments. It is true that Corey is a business man and a successful one at that. It is also true that he is the only owner of an active wrestling company that doesn’t even have a website. He is "the man" in the Memphis area where professional wrestling is concerned. He could be a real leader, a real maverick. Instead, he chooses to Mickey Mouse his company and just drain every dime out of it that he can. They say the hardest thing in the world is to look at yourself in the mirror. I am not sure who said it, but whoever it was had never met Corey Maclin.

I didn’t have a chance to post my article before the whole Scott Hall incident took place at Legends of the Ring convention. I don’t know all the details and more than likely Scott was rightfully offended at the remarks that were made. I knew Owen only slightly, but I feel privileged having had the chance to work with him. If his name is to be brought up in any way shape or form it should be in tribute to his career or to him as a person. I see nothing even slightly amusing in what happened to him or how it happened. I believe Owen was handling his money well and looking forward to an early retirement with his family when this tragedy struck.

There will always be times in life when someone says something totally ignorant or uncalled for. It is a shame but things like this happen but when they do how people react to it can either make it better or worse. In this case, the way that this unfortunate choice of words by someone, who hopefully just didn’t know any better, made a bad situation worse. I cannot tell people enough that a lot of thought has to go into putting together these types of events. It is a large gathering of some very unique and interesting personalities. In this case obviously, there were some choices made that I am sure, in retrospect, will be looked at and questioned. It is a shame that someone didn’t use an ounce of prevention because it will take more than a pound of cure to heal this black eye.

It was Gene “Thunderfoot#2” Ligon's birthday yesterday Oct 10th. I didn’t want it to go by without being mentioned he is my longtime friend and partner and one of the better workers out there.

It appears that Terry Funk will finally be really calling it a career so I thought this would be a good time to run this picture of Terry and Dory Jr. It was taken at WrestleReunion 2 shortly before their six man match against The Midnight Express. The Funks had Mick “Cactus Jack” Foley as their partner and to my knowledge is the last time that they teamed up. I was proud to have put the Funks together in the ring two times in two thousand and five. It took a lot of work to get them back in the ring together. In talking to Marti Funk it was only two guys that were able to do it in the last twenty years both of them from Westchester County, NY. The other was a man named Paul Heyman for ECW.

This has been a piece of my mind

Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Weekly Poll Results 10.04.08

Memphis Wrestling 10-04-08

Final Rating: 0.1 ( 1,621 viewers ) 0 share

1st Quarter
-Los Locos vs DK/Dotson

2cnd Quarter
-Russell interview
-“Wrestling Professor” segment [start]

3rd Quarter
-“Wrestling Professor” segment [finish]
-Lawler vs Sid [start]
.2 [3241 viewers] [+3241 viewers]

4th Quarter
-Lawler vs Sid [finish]
.4 [6482 viewers] [+3241 viewers]

Start to finish [+6482 viewers]

----Well, I think “Rating Man” Ron stated it correctly this week when he said, “"What Memphis Watches" and it ain't Memphis Wrestling. LOL The average audience was 1,621 viewers!! There was not enough registering on the meter for the first two hours. The main segment that did draw over 6000 viewers was the Lawler vs Sid bout. These ratings are just horrible though and there nothing POSITIVE about them.


Thumbs Up 61%
Thumbs Down 39%


----Not as big of a margin as last week, but since their re-start on channel 50, these show has received all THUMBS UP. The Kayfabe Board has discussed this in the last week or so with BAM doing a great job summing things up.

“Let’s get serious here. Can you honestly tell me that 70 percent of the people that surf this site VOTE THUMBS UP?!?!?!? That’s like, blasphemy. Are you honestly telling me you are enjoying watching a show that doesn’t even show a Memphis product? You enjoy watching A.J. Styles VS Samoa Joe every damn weekend. Are you honestly telling me that you love tuning in to see what great knowledge "The Wrestling Professor" beholds? I know he's my favorite wrestler. Wait... I mean kid. Where is the Memphis Wrestling? And most of you guys are voting thumbs up and blowing it out of the water. Someone, anyone, say something!!!!”

Klee43 also added, “Bam, I am inclined to agree with you. Only one time did I give it a “thumbs up” and that was because it was mildly entertaining compared to other weeks. I missed it last week, but I am amazed at what Memphis wrestling fans will settle for. No live matches, showing matches from other parts of the country, etc. Giving it a “thumbs up” simply because you are glad it is on Memphis television is insane. Basically what you are saying is the quality of the product doesn't matter to you, you will settle for anything. I grew up on wrestling, but I am not going to support something that does not entertain me.”

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 10.11.08

Attendance 92

Travis Starr b Blue Amigo

JD Fluffy b Super Delirious Black Ninja

Richard Lowe & Kevin Dunn b Shawn Hoodrich & Psycho Medic when Lowe pinned Medic after hitting him with an international object

Steven Green (w/Shane Eden) b Saint by DQ when Saint shoved ref Mark Owen down while beating on Green

Cousin Jason X b USWO Jr. Champion Josh Crowe in a non-title fan lumberjack match

Seven (w/Tim Renesto) b Michael Jablonski

USWO Tag Team Champions New York Gangster & Damien Payne b Richard Lowe & Travis Starr and Kevin Dunn & Steven Green (the latter two teams were drawn out of a hat) when Payne pinned Lowe. Post-match, Gangster and Payne announced that they were leaving USWO to pursue opportunities in other states and everybody wished them well and all that sentimental stuff.

USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett b LT Falk by DQ when Falk hit Plunkett with the title belt as ref Mark Owen was getting up from a bump.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

"Shooting The Shiznit" RRO Episode #054 is Ready!!

----Take a listen as NEW's Brian Thompson joins Brian Tramel to talk about the NEW debut from last night.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

"Shooting The Shiznit" Returns!! RRO Episode #053

----Join owner and operator of 'Nightmare' Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling - Ken Wayne. Ken joins Brian Tramel one on one talking about tomorrow night's NEW debut. Click the player below and listen!!!

"What Memphis Watches" and it ain't Memphis Wrestling

Not a good week for TV wrestling in Memphis. Just about every show dropped in ratings with the exception of WWE RAW, but RAW’s numbers fell off considerably in the 2nd hour. I did not receive any ratings for Thursday’s TNA Impact show as I only got ratings for the 5 local stations for that day. What I did get on that Thursday was ratings for MyNetworkTV/Ch.50’s showing of the Wrestlemania XXIV highlights special. While the 1.9 doesn’t look impressive, that’s a huge number for Ch. 50. Ch. 50 had to be excited again for Friday’s numbers from Smackdown. The 3.0 SD received this week was half of what it pulled last week on the CW Network, but just give people a few weeks to find Smackdown on Ch. 50 and it wouldn’t surprise me to see SD’s numbers back to where they were on the CW Network.

Memphis Wrestling: It is what it is. The numbers tell the story. No comment needed.

Monday Night RAW had a decent week as its overall number was up a point from last week. The 1st hour of RAW had good numbers but in the 2nd hour the viewers tuned out and the ratings dropped almost a full point. I did notice the Monday Night Football ratings went up about 2 points at the 9pm hour and held that number till the end of the game

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Thanks and enjoy!!!

Wrestlemania Special on MyNetworkTV
( Thursday ) 10-02-08

Final Rating: 1.9 ( 30,790 viewers ) 2 share

Quarter hours: 1.7 ( 27,549 viewers )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

2.5 ( 40,513 )

1.7 ( 27,549 )

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10-03-08

Final Rating: 3.0 ( 48,615 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.5 ( 40,513 viewers )

2.7 ( 43,754 )

2.5 ( 40,513 )

3.0 ( 48,615 )

2nd hour: 3.1 ( 50,236 viewers )

4.5 ( 72,923 )

2.8 ( 45,374 )

3.2 ( 51,856 )

Memphis Wrestling 10-04-08

Final Rating: 0.1 ( 1,621 viewers ) 0 share

Quarter hours: 0.0


0.2 ( 3,241 )

0.4 ( 6,482 )

WWE A.M. 10-05-08

Final Rating: 0.7 ( 11,344 viewers ) 2 share

WWE RAW 10-06-08

Final Rating: 5.1 ( 82,646 viewers ) 7 share

1st hour: 5.5 ( 89,128 viewers ) 8 share

Quarter hours: 5.4 ( 87,507 viewers )

5.6 ( 90,748 )

5.6 ( 90,748 )

5.5 ( 89,128 )

2nd hour: 4.6 (74,543 viewers ) 6 share

Quarter hours: 5.1 ( 82,646 viewers )

4.6 ( 74,543 )

4.3 ( 69,682 )

4.3 ( 69,682 )

Overrun: 4.2 ( 68,061 viewers )

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” with the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.----

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Site Notes!!

----Just wanted to direct everyone to one of our new sponsors - I will sporting some of these new shirts sometimes this month at local events. But, why should you wait?? Order something in the next few weeks and put in the discount code "theboys" when checking out, you will receive 15% off your order along with free sunglasses with 2 shirt order.

----I am still looking for a regular MCW Osceola, AR reporter. All I want is results - who beat who - and crowd estimate. Join us here in the year 2008 guys!! I will even take a chop from Frankie Tucker, if someone will start sending results.

----I am still in the process of a "facelift" for the main pages of the site. This news section will stay the same, but we have new graphics for the home page.

----"Journal of A Journeyman" by Dusty Wolfe with Brian Thompson & Brian Tramel will be available VERY SOON!!! Look for an announcement next week!!

----DVD releases coming soon to an arena close to you - All Pro's "Thunder on The River" [available at the next All Pro event], Austin Lane Vol 2 [available first week of November where ever Lane appears], MLW Tupelo, MS event [available at first week of November] and NEW Episode 1-3 [available second week of November on RRO].

Shows For The Weekend 10.10 to 10.11.08

----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. Attention to everyone that wants to update their rosters and such - I will be doing that next week, so send me an e-mail. Three big shows this weekend I want to direct your attention to:


----The NEW debut that seems to have everyone buzzing and praying. LOL Hail to our wrestling savior Ken Wayne!! LOL In all seriousness, this project seems to be something that this area has been wanting and demanding for at least the existent of this site. Please come out and give them support. Although I have been working close with Ken Wayne on this, I know NOTHING that is going to happen Friday night, except there will be a one hour taping. If you are there and a RRO visitor, then make sure you come up and say "hi". Also - Admission is FREE for the first show!!


----SWA [not sure what it is for?? Southern Wrestling Alliance??] debuts for a weekly show in Batesville, AR. This group will be running in the same building - Old Miller Gym - that MEWA worked in until November of last year. Admission is $5, which $5 more than MEWA charged, so it will be interesting to see if they can make a go of it charging admission. MEWA had crowds over 200 almost every week and they had a huge show in Batesville this past weekend. Let's hope this group was smart enough to do some fliers or something. I am not sure the full roster, but expect to see Russian Assassin [oh yea!! - Can I come manage you sometimes and hate America for a night??], Chris Stryker, Big Al, MacDaddy and John Harper. I am also looking for a regular source of results from this

----WWCW returns to Kennett, MO after the debacle in August. RRO will be in full force for an Arena Report. Let's hope everyone has a license and such this time. The roster being advertised are "Asylum" [Arnez/Psycho], Justin Smart, Tasha Simone, Motley Cruz, Seth Knight, Chris Rocker and more. Admission is only $5, so come out and join us!!

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 10.03.08 - Neil Taylor Loses Title...Taylor Wins Title!!

Jay Webster defeated LSD.

Syn defeated DJ Stunner.

Ryan SoFine defeated Chris Chaos to retain the Light Heavyweight Championship.

DC defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs.

Tasha Simone vs. Sarah Lynn ended in a "no contest" ruling when the referee threw the match out. This was a wild match with both of these women beating the crap out of each other. Great match.

Chop Top the Clown defeated Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor [pictured] to win the TFW Championship.
Neil's contract included a clause which said that if he lost the title, he would get a rematch whenever and wherever he wanted it. Neil decided he wanted it immediately.

Neil Taylor quickly defeated Chop to recapture the TFW Championship.

The main event was a Hood Street Cage Match - Moe Foundation (Curly Moe, G-Moe Money, & "Dangerous" David Cox) w/Dirty Rell Moe vs. "The Future" Chris Styles, Josh Matthews, & "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore w/Bad Boy Burns. Street Fight rules were in effect. They could fight in or out of the cage, but the match could only be won by pin fall inside the cage. No DQ, anything goes. Moe Foundation started the match with a 2-on-1 advantage, as determined by their victory the previous week. The other participants entered the match at three minute intervals until everyone was in the cage. After all six were in the cage, Dirty Rell Moe entered the match, although he was not supposed to do anything but manage. But it was a no DQ, anything goes match, so Mo Foundation had a one man advantage for a time. Out of nowhere a masked wrestler entered the match. After a few minutes he took the mask off to reveal that it was Chris Kilgore's former partner, Josh Holly. The playing field was once again even. What transpired next was what can only be described as an old fashioned butt kicking, with Moe Foundation getting their butts royally kicked. The match was fought all over the arena. It was wild, crazy, and bloody, with all kinds of weapons used. Dirty Rell Moe was put through a table. The match was won by Styles/Matthews/Kilgore/Holly by pin fall inside the cage. The beating continued for another 15 minutes or so. Moe Foundation was utterly destroyed. This was a GREAT match. There were a number of people in the arena from out of town (Boston, Maryland, New York, Tennessee, West Virginia, and other places. Some were photographers for wrestling news sites. A number of them were commenting on what a great match it was and how good the show was over all.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

"Flashback" Oct 1984 Part 2 by Mark James

This Week’s Flashsback Highlights: Oct 1984 Part II
We conclude our journey through Oct 1984 with it’s final 3 cards.

Oct 15, 1984

Big News here is an appearance from the Road Warriors. Animal and Hawk were in their first World tag tile reign (on Aug 25, 1984, they won the AWA World tag titles.) The previous week, Rick Rude and King Kong Bundy won the Southern tag titles and the right to face the new World champs.

When the battle was over the fan favorite Road Warriors got the win and kept their straps.

One of the other big matches of the night had Eddie Gilbert successfully defending the International Title over “Leaping” Lanny Poffo. Finally, Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Valiant and Randy Savage defeated the Dirty White Boys (Denton and Anthony) and Jimmy Hart in a 6-man match.

Business was down. It was a quick, but decent card and the attendance was only at 4,400.

Oct 22, 1984

The Fabulous Ones rolled back into Memphis and took the Southern tag titles from Rude and Bundy (with Jimmy Hart). The special stipulation for the match was the Fabs hair against the Southern tag titles, (no time limit – no dq).

With the fans growing tired of Rude and Bundy’s dominance of the area, the promotion decided to turn Rude into a babyface. The move was done immediately after the tag title loss to the Fabs. Standard angle, Hart and Bundy blamed Rude for the loss and when he turned his back, they jumped him.

Other big matches included Jerry Lawler and Randy Savage getting a win (by ref reversal) over the Dirty White Boys (with Jimmy Hart). Lanny Poffo got a DQ win over International Champ, Eddie Gilbert.

Oct 29, 1984

The main even featured the highly anticipated grudge match with Rick Rude facing his former partner, King Kong Bundy (with Jimmy Hart). The end saw Rude getting a dq win after Hart interfered.

Jerry Lawler and Jimmy Valiant defeated the Dirty White Boys in a “Explosive Match”. Don’t ask me what an explosive match is because I have no idea. It may have been a “pins can happen anywhere” stipulation.

Randy Savage teamed up with his brother, Lanny Poffo, to go against Eddie and Tommy Gilbert. Over the past few weeks Poffo had been challenging Eddie Gilbert for the International title and the feud was escalating. Savage and Poffo got a dq win out of the match.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

Showtime Allstar Wrestling - Episode 63

Showtime Allstar Wrestling
Airing September 27, 2008 on Comcast 74 in Nashville
Taped September 5, 2008 in Millersville, Tn at the SAW Mill

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 10.04.08

The show opened with Frank Martin letting the crowd know that there were extra cameramen and cameras in the arena because the show was doing a preliminary shoot for TV. As Martin ran down the card for the evening the music of POB hit and they came busting through the front door. It appeared that they were going to attack Martin however Martin cut them off and told them that if they even thought about putting their hands on him, he would not fire them nor suspend them or fine them. He would have them arrested! With that Martin handed them the mic and got out of the ring, quickly I might add!!

POB then informed the crowd that the POB was going through some major changes! Then they told everyone in the back that if any of them wanted some of the POB just step up and take their @$$ whoppin. The first through the curtain was Lethal the Leprechaun! POB was on their backs laughing at him but the leprechaun told them that since they broke Lucky's ribs last week he had a partner with him. He did not care how small he was cause with his partner watching his back he was ready to extract some revenge. That’s when the music hit and Bitty Little came out as Lethal's replacement. This is Bitty's debut in the RWA.

Match 1. “The Natural Born Playaz” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] VS Matt Boyce and Soultrain Jones. This was Matt's debut as well and him and Soultrain worked well together. The match was a great match. But when Matt made the hot tag on Soultrain, after taking a beating. Soultrain showed his strength and had the Playaz down. He was celebrating and high five Matt not realizing that is a tag. Matt was still in bad shape and as Soultrain was arguing with the ref the Playaz double teamed Matt and got the win.

Match 2. Mike Anthony VS J.D. Kerry. This was one of the best matches of the night. These two young guys did it all! Chain wrestling, high spots, kicks, punches, this match had it all. In the end as Anthony was about to go for his finisher Kerry rolled him up and got the 3 count. Anthony was stunned! But the mistake he made was playing to the crowd instead of going straight to the finisher.

Match 3. Chris Steel and Zane Richards VS The “Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] . Steel and Richards did their best to stay out of the reach of the Asylum. The Asylum has been unusually violent. That maybe because Zane blasted Psycho with a chair last Saturday. These 2 teams tied up and would not stop punching each other and the ref had to throw the match out.

During intermission Rodney Mack and Jazz came into the building through the front door and came into the ring and did a mic spill. Mack let the boys in the dressing room and the crowd know he made a mistake. He trusted people he should not, and helped people he should not. That's all about to change. Mack now has no friends or enemies, he will treat everyone the same. He will take on all.. But they need to know when they get into the ring with him they are in the ring with a dangerous Dogg and will get hurt.

Match 4. The Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS Pokerface. Luke did a mic spill and told the crowd that Frank Martin called him and begged him to come in and "save the company". Now that he is here he better get some competition or he was leaving. Fans liked that Idea... Pokerface came out and gave Graham all he wanted. If it was not for the loaded thumb Graham would have been in bad trouble. But Graham used it and finally got the 3 count with his legs on the ropes.

Match 4. Rik Burton VS Ali Stevens. Ali attacked Burton with wrestling moves again this week. It is different to see the big man do this but he can wrestle. The turning point in this match was the two getting out of the ring. Burton attacked the leg of Ali on the outside and worked him hard. Once back into the ring Burton went for his figure 4. And Ali rolled him up, but before the ref could get the three count, Classy Melton Massy Burton's manager pushed Burton back on top and held Ali's legs down and Burton got the 3 count. As Massy celebrated in the ring he saw Burton on the outside and wondered what he was doing. As Massy turned around Ali was coming off the ropes and hit him with a forearm and then came off the ropes and did a Swanton type of move on to Massy.

The Main Event. “POB” [Ron Rage [pictured]/Midnight Cowboy] VS Lethal and Bitty Little. These two guys used their quickness to stay away from POB for as long as they could. The POB finally got their hands on them and put them out of the ring. Being smart they went under the ring and came out and surprised the POB. It was no use as POB got them down and then got the 3 count. While all this was happening a police officer was talking to people including Frank Martin. Ron Rage pulled out a chain and busted Bitty open. Cowboy pulled a fork out and started to work Bitty over. Lethal was out on the out side. Martin tried to get their attention and stop the beating. Finally the Police officer told both of them that he had warrant for both of them sworn out by Ron's wife for him assaulting her while Cowboy held her. Rage told the Officer he would have to take them. Martin went back to the back and had all the guys come out, heels and faces. That's when all of them hit the ring and took them down. The Officer cuffed both of them and took them out one at a time. The crowd could see the blue lights from the outside. What a way to to end the evening....

Good night of action with over 120 in the building.

Credit: RWA Reporter

----I love this POB angle…Adding guys like Bitty Little [long time no see], Matt Boyce and Pokerface will just help this group…Perfect thing to do with Rodney Mack, since he is still the champ – make him a tweener.

RassleResults: AWSF Tuckerman, AR 10.04.08

1st Match
Big AL-vs-Regulator
Music hits again Al gets beat bc of it
Regulator gets win

2nd Match
Nikki Lane&Morgan Williams-vs-Dre&Silent Mark
Nikki Slaps Morgan so he turns into the blunt cutter
Dre&Silent Mark get win

3rd Match
Josh Zidil-vs-DemonX
Demon X gets win

4th Match
Josh Zidil open Challenge to anyone
Cody Murdock gets win

5th Match
“LSD” [Idol Bane/Cody Only] -vs-“Faternity Row” [Tommy Wayne/Chuck Fears]
Non title Win For these guys but after match they got black hole slammed and pile driver done to them
Faternity Row gets win

6th Match
RayRay-vs-Austin Lane
Just A fight with a pull apart
no contest

7th Match
X-Kaliber [pictured with belt]-vs-Scott Fury
Kailber cheats again
X gets win

184 in crowd…LSD Tells Row they will get title shot the 25th of this month at “Fright Night” in a haunted horror match…X and Casino in a casket match…Austin and Ray in a Ultimate X Match.

Credit: ASWF Ace

----Row vs LSD should be a fun feud and Lane/Ray are probably putting on some good high flying spot fests.

RassleResults: Tupelo State Fair Tupelo, MS 10.04.08

"The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Rodney Grimes welcomed everyone to Championship Wrestling and pumped up the crowd. The ring was located beside the new BancorpSouth Conference Center in between two of the ramps that were going to be used for the FMX stunt show. When I first seen this set up, I was like, "Whoa! These guys are going to have some extravagant entrances with the bikes flying over!" Well, that didn't happen, thankfully, but the show got underway.

Opening contest-One half of Pure Destruction, Brody Hawk, accompanied by his partner, Cody Hawk, was in action against "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore. Before the match, Brody grabbed the mic and didn't waste anytime calling Rodney Mega-Midget. Brody did not want anything to do with Kilgore's snake. Kilgore teased and cleared both Brody and Referee Tony Watts out of the ring with his little buddy. At the end of the match, Kilgore brought out the snake, again, scaring Brody so bad that he ran, frantically, into the corner turnbuckle only to be rolled up by Kilgore to get the one, two, three. After the pinfall, Cody jumped into the mix to help his partner, Brody, get some revenge on Kilgore. Then, Cameron Valentine ran into the ring, wielding a chair to make the save. They made a match for later on in the show pitting Pure Destruction, Brody and Cody Hawk, against "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore and Cameron Valentine.

2nd Match-Hoss Williams with his manager, Ollie "By Golly" Bradford squared off against "Handsome" Beau James in a battle of the big men. Ollie was sporting some headphones. I'm not sure what was up with that, whether he was hitting the treadmill or dj'ing at Benjamin's On Main, prior to the show. Big Hoss Williams ended up picking up the win in this one.

"Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock came out thanking the fans for coming out to the show and even threw out one of the BRAND-NEW Wrestling News Center T-Shirts. Big Daddy Storm made his way out to interrupt Jimmy's little homecoming. Storm brought along with him a little diddie that he had wrote just for Tupelo. Storm proceeded to sing his song. This was some good stuff. Hilarious! Needless to say, this got the crowd worked up into a frenzy, so Jimmy said he was bringing in a wrestling legend and if he had the guts he would face him, later on in the show. Jimmy said he wasn't going to tell Storm who it was. Storm agreed, so it was on like Donkey Kong.

3rd Match-"Outlaw" Don Bass, accompanied by Ollie "By Golly" Bradford battled Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor. This was different for me because I have not seen Neil work as a face in a while. That's something you don't see everyday, both Jimmy and Neil being babyfaces, but they pulled it off, like the pros they are. Neil got the win after a miscommunication between Don and Ollie, enabling Neil to get the pin.

4th Match-Tag-Team Grudge Match-"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore and Cameron Valentine had some unfinished business from earlier that had to be resolved with Pure Destruction, Brody and Cody Hawk. This was not the only unfinished business that Pure Destruction had with Chris Kilgore, as Cody stated, they have history dating back to the IWF days. Brody also held a public service announcement, stating to the crowd that this was a family show and that profanity would not be tolerated. Cameron Valentine was stylin' and profilin' with his sharp robe on. These two teams went at it. At one point in the match, while on the outside, Brody got slapped on the back a couple times by a little kid in the crowd. He immediately, went and grabbed the microphone, telling everyone that if someone else touched him, they were going to wish they hadn't. All hell broke loose and the two teams were disqualified. As Pure Destruction was leaving, Kilgore and Valentine was demanding for five more minutes to decide who really is the better team. Pure Destruction made their way back to the ring, slipping under the rope for only a second before ducking back out and taking it to the house. Kudos to Brody for staying away from that rowdy section of the crowd for the rest of the match. That little dude better thank his lucky stars that Brody didn't go 5150 on him. Good Call, Brody.

Main Event-Big Daddy Storm entered the ring. "Hollywood" Jimmy Blaylock made his way out. He got on his telephone and told his surprise to come on. The music hit and the song was an original recording, performed by Jimmy's surprise which was the one and only, "Ugandan Giant" Kamala. It was funny watching Kamala walk through the fair to get to the ring. I wish someone would have recorded the looks on the people's faces as he walked by them. Kamala was also wearing sandals. I believe that's a first. Jimmy ended up striking Storm with his cane. Kamala got the win.

The show came to a close with "The Mayor" Oscar Barlow and Rodney Grimes thanking everyone for coming out and plugging us here at the Wrestling News Center. I thought it was a fun show with a good, loud crowd. Good Calls go out to everyone involved. Don't forget, if you haven't been able to check out the Tupelo Fair, yet, and happen to be in the area, it's going on until October 12 at the BancorpSouth Arena in Tupelo, Mississippi. There's fun for the entire family including: The Banana Derby, FMX Stunt Show, Large Petting Zoo, twice as many rides, a new location, and the addition of an indoor showcase for unusual products. Spectators can laugh at monkeys riding dogs, play donkey basketball, and pet more than a hundred cute animals Come and enjoy the many games and rides. Sample your favorite fair food. Listen to some great musical acts on our stage. For more info, check out

Credit: D-Rock @

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

RassleResults: ROCKTOBER FEST Batesville, AR 10.03.08

Rocktober Fest

Over The Top Battle Royal
Comes Down To Josh Zydell And Morgan Williams Zydell Goes for a cross body of top Morgan catches him in the muscle cutter (RKO)
Morgan William's The Winner

2nd Match
RayRay & X- Kaliber Vs Tommy Wayne & Scott Fury
This was hot and heavy from the get go with some technical wrestling mixed with the high flying. Crowd was hot from this start to finish for the finish Ray Ray hit Tommy with top rope DDT
Ray turned into Scott's Chin Crusher - Scott Turns into X's unprettier then Tommy hits X with the swinging Rko for the Pin.
Tommy & Scott Win

Demon X & Rick Steiner VS Chuck Fears & Brian Christopher
Chuck And Brian Get the win

Austin Lane Vs Buff Bagwell
It was a really good back and forth match even when Jimmy Blaylock stuck his nose in it. Buff gets the win in the end

Sid Viscous Vs Casino Kid
Sid was big and powerful. This match Casino did get a lil comeback and a huge body slam going for the pin Hollywood Jimmy Interfered Sid then got the win over Casino.

Jerry Lawler Vs Kamala
Jerry gets the roll up on Kamala after he hit Jimmy Hart on a failure to hit Lawler

Around 7000 there at one time…two matches got the match of the night - Austin Lanes Vs Buff And Tommy & Scott VS X & Ray ..Concerts was ok afterwards 38 special was lip singing the cd started skipping.

Credit: ASWF Ace

New Experience Wrestling Update

Fans can enjoy first show for free; online video opening released

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – Wrestling fans in the Mid-South will get the opportunity to enjoy top notch competition absolutely free Friday night as part of New Experience Wrestling’s inaugural event.

The event, which will be held at the “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Wrestling” in West Memphis, will begin Friday, Oct. 10 at 8 p.m. Fans are encouraged to arrive early as inside seating will be limited on a first come, first serve basis. However, plans are in place to make sure that all fans will have the chance to enjoy the action.

“If you come to support us, we’ll make sure that you have a chance, one way or another, to see the show,” said “Nightmare” Ken Wayne, owner of the wrestling school and New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.)

Friday’s show will be the first in a series of three events held by N.E.W. The organization’s goal is to work with Mid-South community and business leaders, many of whom will be in attendance at the first show Friday, to create a wrestling company that everyone can enjoy and take pride in.

“We have a special section of seating designated for our business and community guests,” said Wayne. “They will be the backbone of our organization as will the wonderful fans that come out to show their support for us.”

Fans in attendance at the first show will also have the chance to purchase advance tickets for the following week’s show at a discount price. Tickets for the Oct. 17 and 24 events will be $8 (for adults in advance) and $5 for children 12-and-under. Young fans under the age of 5 will be admitted free; however, all children MUST be accompanied by an adult. Adult tickets will be $10 if purchased on the night of the second or third events.

The wrestling events will feature young stars from Wayne’s school including “3G” Eric Wayne, Greg King Jr., Kid Nikels and Matt Justyce. Veteran stars such as Pokerface and Matt Riviera have also signed to compete and fans can also expect to see female wrestlers in action during the 3-week series. World Wrestling Entertainment’s “Downtown” Bruno will also be in attendance Friday night, serving as referee for the various contests.

The three weeks of action will be videotaped and edited to be showcased to potential sponsors and advertisers who will help N.E.W. create its fan base through a future regional television program. The video will also be distributed throughout the wrestling business to promoters worldwide and to internet wrestling journalists.

Fans and other interested parties can take a sneak peek at the N.E.W. television show opening by visiting the following link:

For more information on New Experience Wrestling and the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Wrestling, visit or call 901-831-4198.
(The “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Wrestling” is located at 201 E. Jefferson in West Memphis, just 10 minutes from Downtown Memphis, Tenn. When you arrive in West Memphis, take the Missouri St. Exit. Follow Missouri St. and continue straight as it will become Woods St. once it intersects Broadway. From that point, travel 5-6 blocks and turn left on Jefferson St. Turn right into the first driveway at the end of the tree line and travel through the gate to the first building on the left. Ushers will be out front to direct attendees to the building.)

Watch and Vote!! Memphis Wrestling 10.04.08

RassleResults: SEW TV Tapings Memphis, TN 10.04.08

SEW TV Taping Results

Casanova Kid def Iron Jake Johnson

Jason Hall conducted an interview with Soultaker and Pimpin' Antoin
Smooth, during which the two men attacked Hall and took him into the
ring. Kross made the save and challenged Soultaker and Smooth for
breaking his jaw with a chain 4 months ago.

Danny B. Good def Rajah w/Antoin Smooth

This episode of SEW Wrestling can also be seen at our official website
at, or
our MySpace page at

RassleResults: TIWF Jackson, TN 10.04.08


The show starts off as usual with Hotrod coming to the ring and announcing the nights lineup of matches. Hotrod announced that Sarge was defending the title against Lawman Williams. That prompted Sarge and the entire XOW group to come to the ring. The group taunted the crowd and then. Sarge explained Lawman did not deserve a title match. Then Sarge said to Hotrod that he would wrestle Lawman if he put up his TIWF TV title against the TIWF Heavyweight Title.

1st match Chico Mendoza vs. John “ Biscuit” Roberts
This match was with the crowd favorite Chico Mendoza facing off against XOW’s newest member John “ Biscuit” Roberts. XOW is touting Biscuit as their Superheavyweight which is absurd because John Roberts might weigh 90 lbs. The crowd was into this match all the way. Chico took a beating early on thanks to the ringside assistance from the XOW, but Chico kept coming back. Chico hit an awesome flying clothesline on Roberts and the match seemed to be won, but Sarge O’Reilly jumped up on the ring apron and distracted Chico. The ref then was distracted by other members of XOW. Roberts then grabbed Chico from behind and Sarge tries to hit Chico with a chair. Chico moves and circles around Sarge and dropkicks the chair into Roberts face. Chico goes for the cover and Sarge starts kicking and hitting Chico. Then, Lawman Williams hits the ring and clears it. The roof about went off the TIWF Showplex arena when Lawman hit the ring. Sarge and Roberts scatter. Lawman does a mic spill that he is tired of XOW attacking wrestlers week after week. And that even though he doesn’t like, Bob, Dixie, Dre Black. He will have their backs and visa versa. The crowd was really up after all this especially the lawman spill.
Winner: Chico Mendoza by DQ

2nd Match Gaylon Ray/ Royale Executioner vs. Dre’ Black/Jodi Allen
Typical tag match. XOW didn’t interfere in this one. The match went way too long. Jodi Allen looked good but is more adapted to singles. The crowd was really not into this match, I think it went too long and there was no invasion angle in it. Gaylon Ray got the pin.
Winners: Gaylon Ray/Royale Executioner

3rd Match Way Cool [pictured] vs. AC Styles
Great match between these two and the crowd was really into this one as AC Styles representing XOW was wrestling Way Cool the TIWF representative. This match was fast paced and a joy to watch. The match was back and forth with lots of outside interference from the XOW gang. Way Cool went to hit his finisher “ The Breeze” and Sarge came in and kicked Way Cool while the ref was distracted. AC took advantage and pinned Way Cool after the help from Sarge. AC Styles is a real good wrestler and I look forward to future matches from these two.
Winner: AC Styles

4th Match: Syn and DJ Stunner vs. “Big & Nasty” [Big Boy Bob/Dazzlin Dixie]
This match was for the TIWF Tag Team Titles. Syn and DJ Stunner had Jon Roberts in their corner and Big and Nasty(w/Ravishing Randy). Several fans said this was match of the night. The crowd was into it the whole match. The match started off as Dixie and Bob got into the ring, Syn and Stunner attacked them. When Dixie and Bob got back up they threw both wrestlers over the top rope. The first part of the match was Bob and Dixie using alot of power moves. It’s hard not to when you outweigh your opponent 5 fold. Then, Syn and Stunner cut Bob off working his arm. Bob came back with a DROPKICK. That’s right a Dropkick from the big man and he tagged Dixie in. Dixie and Bob was cleaning house when Roberts slid a chair to Syn. But, Dixie intercepted the pass and hit Syn with the chair. Then bob used the chair on DJ Stunner. But, the Big Nasty lose by DQ. Next week an anything goes match between these two teams.
Winner: Syn and Stunner winners by DQ

5th Match Sarge O’Reilly (TIWF champion) vs. Lawman Williams(TV Champion)
This was a title vs title match. Lawman Williams came out and stated he was going to have someone watch his back tonight and brought out Mamacita and Chico Mendoza. Sarge then went to the back and brought out AC Styles to be in his corner.This match was an old school brawl from the start. It was quite apparent that Sarge was hated by the crowd. At one point a member of the audience was so irate that he had to be restrained by half of the security. Lawman seems to be the flagbearer of the TIWF at this point. Sarge rolled out during the match and went after Chico. Chico responded in kind with a few fists. Mamacita kicked Sarge in the crotch, much to the crowd’s delight. Sarge rolled back into the ring. Lawman hit Sarge with his stunner finisher and Sarge barely rolled out of the ring. AC collected Sarge off the floor and they left to the back. Sarge took his belt with him and was counted out.
Winner: Lawman Williams via countout. ( No title Changes)

6th Match Tank Turner vs. Mark Southern
This was supposed to be Mark Southern versus the Missouri Renegade, but word has it that Cash McCoy had a restraining order place on Missouri Renegade after the falling out last week. Mark Southern then tried to get out of wrestling anyone, but Commissioner Hotrod made a match right then against Tank Turner.Tank Turner came out to take on Mark Southern. This match was an old school match. Tank Turner took a lot of punishment from Mark and Cash. Tank came back and was about to hit his fistdrop off the ropes when XOW hit the ring to attack Tank, however ALL of TIWF hit the ring and XOW fled the ring.

A fan came after Sarge (almost crossing the line)and three security guards had to grab him and get him set back down. The crowd was chanting TIWF and even some could be heard chanting XOW. No one knows how this is gonna end.
Winner: No Contest.

---188 in Attendance.
---Rumors are that Wildside has retired.
--- Criss Braggs still out with pneumonia
--- Dirty Sanchez unable to make the show
--- The Party Boys set to make their TIWF debut
---Where will this feud between XOW and TIWF end???.
---AIWF home office issues statement saying if TIWF needs reinforcements…they will send.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each
Every Sat. at noon and Primetime at 6 p.m.
website at

Credit: Steven Hunter
Photo Credit:

Monday, October 06, 2008

RassleResults: TCLW Ripley, TN 10.04.08

"Girlcandy" Christian Jacobs defeated 1/2 of TLCW Tag Champions, Dell Tucker.

Precious and Ike Tucker wrestled to a No Contest when Alan Steele interfered.

Alan Steele over Chase Owens

Greg King & Slim Pickens over Eric Wayne & Kid Nichols when Slim pinned Eric

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony retained TLCW Championship in a Triple Threat Match against Stan Lee and Bishop [pictured]

Just under 200 in the building.

Cerdit: Layingdownthelaw5150

----Good to see the attendance going back up.

RassleResults: SWS Selmer, TN 10.04.08

Started the show off by awarding TY Hamilton "Rookie of the year" for SWS .The Agents K-Hill and Corbin interrupted the proceedings and K-Hill said he was RRO"s Rookie last year and he demanded a match.

TY Hamilton beat Agent K-Hill with Agent Corbin at ringside.

Baron Malkavain beat Albino Rhino by using a chain. Albino is really getting over as a baby here.

Michael Gilbert by DQ over Kevin White w/ Garry White. Derrick King and Cody Melton interfered. All 4 did the beatdown on Gilbert, Hamilton and Doug Gilbert made the save.

Doug Gilbert Beat Cody MeltonW/Garry White. Again Kevin White and Derrick King came in and all 4 did the beatdown on Gilbert. Hamilton and Michael Gilbert made the save.

TY Hamilton by DQ over Derrick King w/Garry White. White and Melton interfered. The Gilberts hit the ring and made the save. This set up the main event. 6 Man tag match.
Gilberts and Hamilton beat White, Melton and King. The Agents hit the ring and all 6 did the beatdown on The Gilberts and Hamilton. The show ended with The Gilberts and Hamilton left laying in the ring.

This group has dropped the Memphis Wrestling Superstars banner and now run under Southern Wrestling Superstars or SWS Crowd was in the 140 range…Big Stuff Inc. has officially signed The Agents and Derrick King for Southern Wrestling Superstars…Bill Dundee will rejoin this group in November….SWS will begin airing hopefully this month on E-Plus 6 in Jackson…Lawler was not here due to a confusion in the booking.

Credit: SWS Studd

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.04.08

The show opens and Big Tim and Seth Knight come out saying that they haven't seen Rocker or O'Neal yet tonight, but they promise that they are gonna win tonight.

Jeremy Moore and Shannon Lee fight to a No Contest.
Good back and forth match from these two guys. The end of the match came when someone wearing an all black costume (a little early for Halloween) came in and attacked Shannon Lee. Jeremy Moore then got knocked out by this figure. The figure left out the back door. Ref called No Contest and Lee retained.

The Kid vs Buckwheat (or Pimpwheat)
Match started off good, then Seth and Tim come out and things change...

Tim Edwards and Seth Knight defeat The Kid and Buckwheat.
This match was pretty much a beatdown. Seth hit the kickstand Blaster on Kid and Tim hit the Hatchet Drop (that brutal hammerlock ddt) on Buckwheat.
(crowd chants "Deal or No Deal" to Tim)

Kilo (with Money Mike) defeats Juicy J
Good match, there were a couple times that J looked like he was gonna beat Kilo, but dirty tactics used by Kilo, a superkick (while wearing tight leather pants), and a sitout facebuster. Kilo wins. Alan goes to the ring and says he got a package. Inside was a shirt, unfolded, it was a BLS shirt,with a message telling the SOB's that they would be there next week.

Money Mike comes out for commentary.

Motley Cruz defeats Big Red.
Mike through a chain to Motley, but went over and Red caught it. The ref got in and pulled the chain away from Red, and Mike handed Motley brass knucks. Motley knocks out Red for the 3 count. Motley leaves, Red beats up Mike. Mike gets carried to the back.

Tim Edwards and Seth Knight vs Chris Rocker and Chris O'Neal [pictured] - No Contest
Great Tag match, good back and forth action, all out brawl around the building. Tim and Seth were taken to the extreme by Team Chris.. They were beaten around the ring and the arena, I believe a broomstick was busted over Tims back..

The attendance was around 80, but by the start of the main event, it had jumped to about 100.

Credit: Chad Heart

----The Black Scorpion is in NBW!! LOL No kidding I really like this type of angle, but it has to be played out for a while and the person beating everyone has to be SOMEONE…BLS should add to help the gates. BLS vs SOBs is going to be fun!!

RassleResults: MLW Tupelo, MS 10.04.08 - Simone Becomes First MLW Champion!!

Quick Results from Last night's Memphis Ladies Wrestling in Tupelo, Miss
More details later, but for now

Misty James with Hellena Heavenly defeated Rock and Roll Rock C, with Hellena's help

Hellena Heavenly with Josie's Help beat Sin D in a outstanding match Josie cheated her way to win with Misty James help defeated Alere Little Feather

Intermission time almost, until Alere and her two friends came out and said they were tired of this crap going on, and demanded with Commissioner Axeman they wanted a six lady tag match in which Alere, Sin D, and Rock N Roll Rock C defeated all three ladies at the same time with their submissions holds.

Josie, Hellena, and Misty James Molotov lost by DQ and injured Rugged Sarah Lynn knee in a awesome 4 star match, after the match Molotov revealed herself to be Tasha Simone who lost
to Sarah the night before at the TFW Show

Brandi Wine defeated the returning Little Jeanne with a small package

First time Ever for the Memphis Ladies Championship; Tasha Simone with her surprise manager, “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock defeated Su Yung, using Su Yung's MLW Rookie of the year plaque that she was presented last night. Su Yung was knocked out cold from the plaque hit.

Crowd was hot and loud all night
Thanks to TFW Wrestling Promotion, Axeman Randall Lewis and Michael Ward

Credit: MLW Darrell

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling TV - Episode 62


Corey Comments about RRO!!

----Here is what was said on the Memphis Wrestling show about WNC and a stab at this site. Thanks for putting me over Corey - god knows I put you guys over way too much on this site.

"....but there's another website that's my favorite, that I always check., That's all the national and local, they keep up with all the Memphis Wrestling news and all the wrestling news around the area." Corey added, "What a great site! I got a chance to look at it. I'm telling ya and you see so many other sites and hear about so much other stuff. Don't even waste your time going there because it's usually a bunch of junk and there's nothing credible about it, either, but this has credibility."

Credit: D-Rock @

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 10.04.08

35 attended

Shawn Hoodrich b Stevie King by DQ when Otis Bass & Dominator ran in and attacked Hoodrich

Kevin Dunn (w/Lekisha) b LT Falk

Steven Green b Blue Amigo

Travis Starr b Chris Norte in a fan lumberjack match

Kid Dynamite b Anthony Wayne [pictured] in a "each wrestler can only use their finisher" match

Michael Jablonski & White Tiger & Psycho Medic b Otis Bass & Stevie King & Dominator when Jablonski pinned Dominator

RassleResults: LAW Rector, AR 10.04.08

Derrick King over Chase Owens
Chris Rocker & Slim Pickens over Justin 'The Juice' Smart
'Girlcandy' Christian Jacobs over Stan Lee
'The Golden Boy' Greg Anthony over Bishop
Idol Bane over Slim 'The Bulldog' Pickens
LAW President Jeff O'Dell over Derrick King

Show opened with The Untouchables. Jeff O'Dell told the fans that there weren't anywhere close to 200 fans in the building and that tonight would be Derrick King's last night with LAW! tgb told them that Rector had their chance to see Jeff O'Dell in a match but they blew it. tgb finished with we are unbeatable, we are unbelievable but most of all we are Untouchable! Just then Bishop's music hit. Bishop asked if this was The Untouchables? He said he wasn't impressed. He said he'd cut pretty boy CJ in half with a spear, He said Idol Bane wouldn't be so big once he cut him in half with a spear then he told tgb that he would cut him in half but it looked like someone beat him to it! The Untouchables jump Bishop laying the boots until Derrick King, Stan Lee, Slim Pickens and Chris Rocker make the save. O'Dell says since everyone wants to stick their nose in our business. Bishop will go one on one with 'The Golden Boy' Greg Anthony, Stan Lee will face 'Girlcandy' Christian Jacobs, Slim Pickens will face the champ Idol Bane and Derrick King since you don't get to wrestle me tonight I've got you a farewell match. A man called me from Virginia that wants to take care of Derrick King and he is Chase Owens and that match will happen right now!

Derrick defeated Chase Owens in his LAW debut with a superkick.

Austin Lane was unable to be in Rector tonight and The Juice thought that meant he should have the night off but Rocker and Slim thought differently since they both had to wrestle handicap matches against the tag team champions. Rocker and Slim extracted a little bit of revenge tonight but are still waiting for the opportunity to become tag champions once again!

A great contest between Stan Lee and CJ but in the end with the help of Jeff O'Dell, CJ picked up the victory.

Bishop showed why he is a powerhouse in this area using his strength advantage to his advantage against the former 2-time LAW champion. When tgb finally got Bishop down, he didn't keep him there long before the tide turned back in Bishop's favor after a spinebuster. A powerslam and a belly to belly gave Bishop two very near falls and allowed him to nail tgb with a spear that sent tgb to the floor. As the ref counted he got to 7 but Bishop went to get tgb back in the ring but tgb was dead weight. Bishop slid back in to break the count but unbeknownst to him CJ was there and nailed Bishop with his own spear. Jeff O'Dell helped tgb back into the ring and tgb picked up the 1..2..3.

Slim who had already wrestled once but was just overmatched in his contest with LAW Champion, Idol Bane. Idol hit The Ghost of Andy Kauffman to secure his win.

Jeff O'Dell came out for the main event which he believed to be a farwell for Derrick King! Jeff O'Dell went on about how Rector blew by not having 200 people in the building. DK said that Jeff keeps saying 200 people but he bet wasn't for 200 people it was for 200 tickets. Just then The Head of Security, Thomas Graham came out with a handful of tickets. Thomas bought the difference and the match is on! Jeff is freaking out. Jeff tried to bargain with DK, saying with 200 tickets sold that was a lot of money and they could go party all night long. Fans started giving DK money to stay and fight Jeff O'Dell. DK nailed Jeff with a right hand and the match was on. This match was all DK. After several minutes of DK demolishing O'Dell, DK went for the piledriver but then tgb and Idol tried to make it to the ring but were cut off by Sherina Fowler and Thomas Graham. Jeff pulled out some powder and went to hit DK but hit the ref right in the eyes. DK then gave Jeff a vicious superkick, and then he picked him up for one more but just then CJ came from the front door with the spear, placed the almost dead Jeff O'Dell on top and poured water in the ref's eyes. 1....2.........3! Jeff O'Dell beats Derrick King! The Untouchables come out to celebrate and hoist Jeff up on their shoulders.

Credit: layingdownthelaw5150

----OMG!! Jeff O’Dell had a “beef” because his picture was not in Yearbook 2007. Guess what?? That photo above WILL BE in Yearbook 2008. LOL…I loved this also – “Jeff O'Dell told the fans that there weren't anywhere close to 200 fans in the building..” No shit. LOL No attendance was given…Does this mean that DK is gone from LAW now??

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 10.03.08

Attendance 84
Travis Starr & Shawn Hoodrich & JD Fluffy b Black Ninja & Convict & Blue Amigo when Hoodrich made Ninja tap out
Michael Jablonski b Kevin Dunn
Cousin Jason X vs Convict was a no contest when Jason unmasked Convict to reveal the suspended Josh Crowe, who then piledrived Jason
Steven Green & Psycho Medic b Saint & Blue Amigo when Green pinned Amigo
USWO Tag Team Champions New York Gangster & Damien Payne b Shane Smalls & Kevin Dunn via stereo backslides after the match had been restarted due to Smalls hitting Gangster with the belt and pinning him
Jeremiah Plunkett pinned LT Falk to win the vacant USWO Championship in a five way matc hthat also included Tim Renesto, TJ Harley, & Jablonski

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 10.04.08

----Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin open the show. They promise Lawler vs Sid Vicious match. Lawler also has a title belt with him and promises to talk about it later. Corey also has a brand new interview with Lance Russell.

----Delta Fair footage: “Los Locos” [Ramon/Raul] vs Derrick King & Johnny Dotson. Heat on Raul. Hot tag to Ramon. DK ends up pinning Ramon using the ropes. Good solid match – nothing special. gets a plug as the show is going to break. Wow!! I guess it is good to be nice to Corey!!! LOL Congrats guys!!

----Corey Maclin with Lance Russell interview. They put each other over a few times. Then, they talk about the Tojo/Lance angle from a few weeks. Corey talks about Tojo wanting to hit him with a kendo stick in the dressing room in Jonesboro, AR. They talk about Lance being in Memphis or something. Corey is just laughing and babbling. He just loves Lance. LOL Lance puts over

----“Wrestling Professor” segment is next. 6.20.87 is the date. Moondog Spot comes out with Downtown Bruno as the Mid-America Title. Spot was in good shape “in the day”. Bruno was soooo good on the mic. Spot vs Bucky Seigler.

----Lawler vs Sid Vicious from 8.25.08 in Danbury, CT airs next. Just a typical Lawler bout, but Lawler always works good for the big guys. Solid psychology with Sid getting heat and Lawler making comeback after pulling down the strap. Lawler even bodyslams Sid!! Sid cuts Lawler off with a phantom foreign object. He blasts him and pins him for the win. Sid looked good.

----Lawler/Corey finished the show putting over Corey even says there are sites out there that just have no credibility. LOL Oh I loved that. Corey loves my site; doesn’t he??


----I have not seen “Los Locos” enough to know for sure, but I am about 90% sure it was NOT Raul in the ring with Ramon. If it was, then he has got new tattoos, cut his hair and was not even wearing the gimmick….Russell interview was not serious enough. Russell has so much he could add to the show…Sid vs Lawler is from the DVD release “New Heatwave”…It is just not believable that in 2008 Sid Vicious would have to beat Lawler [over 60 year old announcer] to get to the WWE. It seems like they run that angle with every Lawler match on the Northeast Wrestling DVDs…For those that don’t read this report on my site, is a “copy & paste” site for all the news outside of the Mid-South area. Writer “Axeman” Randall Lewis [usually in Apter mag form] does a good job giving mainly Mississippi area results. It is owned and operated by area manager “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock and his daughter Tia Blaylock along with a cast of writers…This show should be posted on Tuesday on along with the weekly poll. Watch and vote!!!