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Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 10.17.08

----You know I sometimes find myself putting down EVERYTHING in this area. When I do take a moment to put some OVER, then I am marking out to most people. Guess what?? I put it over because it makes me feel like that 12 year old mark that loved the business because I got to go every Friday night with my mom to Blytheville, AR. It makes me feel like that guy that got to hang out with all the boys in the 80s – guys like Dutch Mantell, The Undertaker, and Perry “Action” Jackson. I was only over 20 years old, but thought I knew everything. Later I was fortunate to take weekly trips with guys from Philly – guys like Rob Feinstein [no jokes] and my good buddy Tom Robinson. Conventions where you were able to meet all the fan and boys to talk smart with them. That sort of reminds me of the time I had last night at NEW – alongside Wayne, LoadedBoot, JJ and Coolfan. A group of die hard smart fans that just sit there and marked out for not really the people – we marked out for the TALENT!!! I think the main reason most people have wondered “why is Tramel putting over these trainees” is because there is a certain level of a trainee that in this area that we have become accustomed to – green as shit and can’t work. Believe me – for shoot – these “trainees” can out wrestle 80% of the boys in this area.

----This was another 1 hour taping of the NEW TV show. There were only three bouts, but they built around it with replays of stuff of last week and interviews of the guys. The crowd of just over 50 was treated to three very solid bouts.

----Derrick King beat Tatt2. Good solid hold for hold. Tatt2 impresses me for two weeks in a row. He goes toe to toe with DK – hold for hold. They each worked the arm. The style will evolve into this type of match. Build of hold for hold into the finish without being so obvious. DK threw some stiff forearms to the stomach. He worked hard on the arm – adding some kicks to it. Subtle heel. At one point DK had Tatt2 in a short arm scissors.. Crowd was hot for Tatt2. Tatt2 come out of heat with a DDT into a double knockout. Tatt2 missed a move and just in a split second DK hit the superkick for the win. [***]

----Greg King JR [pictured] beat Matt Justyce in the match of the night. Hold for hold – counter for counter. It is hard to describe just how technical and fast paced the match was. I saw a match in the late 70s when I was 12 years old between Lou Thesz vs Terry Sawyer. This was just as technical of a match and was even a faster pace. Both guys were cheered. Justyce was shining here – proving how can he be #4?? Some stiff forearms in the corner from King. King pinned him with a victory roll. [***1/2]

----Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne ended in a 20 minute draw. This was another battle playing off the storyline of the 60 minute match. These guys are so good and know each other so well that neither one can win. [CM Punk/Samoa Joe] Another good match back and forth. Nikels has the best facial expressions. Crowd was really into this match. Eric seemed to be off a little missing a few moves. Wayne did a few flying moves jumping from mat to top rope including a sweet sunset flip. Finish had it look as if Wayne was about to win, but the bell rang. He didn’t want to shake Nikels hand, but finally did – another good match. [***]


----Tatt2 needs work on interviews…50 people in the building – with NO ADVERTISING… They are building around the idea that DK has been everywhere and it is now time for him to prove that he can out wrestle anyone…Note that the finish of these matches build, but there is no “waiting” on the finish – it comes and bam it is over much like a legit fight…They aired the finish of the King vs Justyce match from last week – that was one nasty bump from King. They even showed it in slow mo…Please don’t give me heat for saying that King/Justyce are Thesz – read it – that is not what I said…I am being told there is a tag match schedule for this upcoming week. It will be interesting how they work this style…Some of the guys that have been talked to about coming in for next week: Lil Chris, Bishop, Greg Anthon and Stan Lee…This is not a major knock on John Steele, but Brian Thompson is so much better – this guy could be on WWE right now. Horizon Award vote here for Thompson…The group I was sitting with got a kick out of Steele saying something about King’s “brain stem”. Well guys – it does exist – CLICK HERE…Wayne stated that the King/Justyce bout reminded him of a New Japan JR match…Style should incorporated some more kicks…Thanks to everyone for their kind words about the site – we had about 10 regular visitors of the site in the crowd – good to see all of you!! Tell a friend – bring a friend – pack it to 120 loud people.


----MLW Champion Tasha Simone will be taking on the lady that she beat to win the belt – Su Yung tonight at Legacy II!! This should be a top match and could be one of the better pure wrestling matches of the night. After years of being in the business, Simone is at the top of game. She seems to be having fun again and she will be in the ring with 19 year old Su Yung. Yung has worked hard to take the “gimmick” away from being a lady wrestler and learning how to wrestle. Even though the professed “I am a grandmother dammit” Simone is years ahead of her – she should keep up and have a really good match with Yung.


Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Weekly Poll Results 10.11.08

1st Quarter
-Scotty vs Dinero
0.6 ( 9,723 )

2cnd Quarter
-TK2 vs Shaw/Hughes
-Russell interview [start]
0.3 ( 4,862 ) [-4861]

3rd Quarter
-Russell interview [finish]
-Abyss vs Sabin
0.1 ( 1,621 ) [-3241]

4th Quarter
-Hart vs Jarrett
-Lawler vs Idol
0.1 ( 1,621 ) [no change]

Start to finish: -8102 viewers

----Welcome to the SOS of the week. LOL Well, as you can see by the numbers that is probably what the fans thought. The show started at .6 and dropped over 8,000 of the almost 10,000 viewers before the show ended. How is this show considered Memphis Wrestling?? This company has hit rock bottom – remember what I said many months ago – Memphis Wrestling is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weekly Poll



----The crappy show still does thumbs up. This was one of the lowest turnouts to the poll, but we also did not have it posted on the site. Crazy that maybe 50% of their audience is watching it on our site?? LOL

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Piece of my Mind Oct 17th 2008 by 'The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

It was August, 1980, the place was Shea Stadium. I had been there many times to see the NY Mets and even the NY Jets. On this occasion I was there to see the culmination of the most heated feud in WWE history. It was a packed and loaded card headlined by “The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino facing off against his former protégé Larry Zbyszko. This event is finally being shown on television. It deserves to be seen and should help the fans to see how a guy can just walk to the ring with no fancy robes, no animals just himself and with his performance in the ring while having people screaming his name. The rest of the card consisted of the following matches.
*The Hangman vs. Rene Goulet.
*Ivan Putski vs. Johnny Rodz
*Angel Marvilla vs. Jose Estrada
*Women's Champion The Fabulous Moolah & Beverly Shade vs. Kandi Malloy & Peggy Lee.
*Dominic DeNucci vs. Baron Mikel Sicluna
*Greg Gagne vs. Rick McGraw
*Pat Patterson vs. Tor Kamata
*WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Chavo Guerrero
*WWF World Martial Arts Champion Antonio Inoki vs. Larry Sharpe.
*Andre the Giant vs. Hulk Hogan.
*WWF Intercontinental Champion Ken Patera vs. Tony Atlas.
*WWF Tag Team Champions The Wild Samoans vs. WWF champion Bob Backlund & Pedro Morale - Best of Three Falls.

This was a tremendous card at the time. But the truth is, everyone came there for one reason and that was to see Bruno destroy the arrogant and ungrateful Zbyszko. I remember my desire to go to that show was huge as it was a big deal. The WWWF had only held shows at Shea Stadium twice before to my knowledge. The two other times were headlined by Bruno Sammartino as well. He wrestled against Pedro Morales for the title and against Stan Hansen to gain revenge for his broken neck and to save the WWWE from financial disaster. That pending disaster was brought on by Vince McMahon Sr. getting into bed with Bob Arum in promoting the Antonio Inoki vs. Muhammad Ali fight that was having a lot of trouble selling tickets.

At the time I went to this show I didn’t know anyone. I had met a few of the guys through sheer accident. Surprisingly enough, the two people I met first were Bill Apter and Larry Zbyszko. I don’t remember any of the matches that night being bad matches but we were all there for a reason. It was clear that all the other matches were just put on to keep us in our seats waiting for the Italian Superman to get to the ring. The weather was good and everything went on as scheduled. The opening matches were nothing more than TV type matches.

This is the type of cards where favors where done such as Greg Gagne being brought in to wrestle Rick McGraw. It was the good old days when promoters worked hand in hand and helped each other out. This show was very high profile and I am sure when Greg got back to Minnesota they were able to promote how he had just wrestled on the huge Shea Stadium event. It is interesting to note that the Gagne vs. McGraw match is the only match not included in the WWE 24/7 presentation of this event. I find it interesting because the WWE owns the rights to the AWA and giving some high profile exposure to Greg Gagne sure couldn’t hurt anything in the WWE 24/7 world. One would have to believe that the reason this match isn’t included is because of “Quickdraw” Rick McGraw he was one of the first wrestlers found dead under suspicious circumstances or at least the first that I knew. I considered him a friend I was at his wedding he was a good guy. If I am incorrect why in the world leave out this match when you could leave out the Angel Marvilla vs. Jose Estrada, who remembers Angel Marvilla anyway? They brought in Antonio Inoki and Tatsumi Fujinami from Japan. Did any of these guys sell any tickets, of course not? It was ok to have them on the show but many of the fans weren’t really aware of these guys. Please keep in mind these shows were in the infancy of cable and the internet wasn’t even a thought. The general public wasn’t aware of anyone who wasn’t on WWF TV at the time.

In the Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan match Hulk was the bad guy and led to the ring by Classie Freddie Blassie. It was a young and boisterous Hulk Hogan that fought Andre the Giant on the undercard. I remember an Andre victory but after the match Hogan left Andre laying and bleeding with a loaded armpad.

I was sure hoping that “Mr. USA” Tony Atlas could take the title from Ken Patera that night. But it wasn’t meant to be. It might have been better if he had wrestled Pat Patterson that night and let Atlas walk through Tor Kamata.

In the match featuring my future mentors The Wild Samoans, the Bob Backlund and Pedro Morales team was pretty much a considered a "dream team". The current WWF champion and the former WWF champion were to face off against a team that seemed unbeatable. The Wild Samoans, Afa and Sika, seemed impervious to pain and they were lead by a man that was, by far, the most hated manager in the WWF. The manager was Capt. Lou Albano. People despised him as the most hated manager in wrestling history. In fact, during the match on two separate occasions, fans ran from the stands to attack Albano. This was brought on by Lou injecting himself in the match. The Wild Samoans lost the match in two straight falls. The fans were pretty excited about this and surprised at the same time. It was a short time later that, due to Backlund not being able to defend two titles, they gave up the belts and a tournament was held. The Wild Samoans ended up winning the tournament and continuing to wreak havoc on the WWF.

The time finally came for the steel cage match. Fans had been waiting months for Bruno to get a clear cut, decisive victory against Zbyszko. The match went back and forth with Bruno finally getting the advantage and pummeling Zbyszko to a point where he easily walked out of the cage for the victory. After the match, Zbyszko tried to shake Bruno’s hand and raise his hand in victory. It was clear that the teacher was much better than the student in this case. I asked Larry many times over the years why he did that. He finally said "I did it so that all these years later you would be asking me why I did it." It made no sense to me then and it still doesn’t to this day. This was a brutal and vicious feud that started out by Bruno being left in a pool of his own blood during a televised “workout” between Bruno and Larry. This was a great night and one I will never forget. I am blessed to be able to have the chance to discuss this and many other memories with Bruno Sammartino. I am glad that the fans are finally getting a chance to see this great card and see Bruno although in his mind past his prime still “The Man” and the true people’s champion.

It was awhile back where Stan Lane was being falsely advertised for shows by Matt Holder. I joined Brian Tramel on his Internet Radio Show as co-host. I asked Stan Lane to appear with us to set the record straight. At that time he announced that he was never scheduled to appear on those shows and was retired from wrestling. I did say that if there were any situations where Stan Lane decided to wrestle again I would be the one to break the news so everyone knew that it was legitimate. After discussion with Stan this week, he has decided to re-team with Beautiful Bobby Eaton in his hometown of Greensboro, NC and in Charlotte NC. These are special matches and events in that Nature Boy Ric Flair will be appearing at both events. If you are not aware Ric Flair is the man that broke Stan Lane into the wrestling business. On these two nights The Midnight Express will be managed by “The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente. I may have the distinction of being the only man to referee a match between these two teams and now manage one of the teams in a match as well. If you want details of the events you can go to they are on Dec 5th and Dec 6th. The event on the sixth will include my friend Jimmy Hart bringing his Nasty Boys back to Charlotte NC. It should be two great nights promoted by Highspots. I am very glad that Stan agreed to do this and everyone in the Carolinas area should turn out to see these legendary teams face off. I can’t promise how many more times Stan will lace up his boots but he will be there for these shows.

The picture for this article was just taken recently it is of former NWA, WCW and WWF enhancement talents Tommy Angel (left) and “Carolina’s Own” David Isley (right). They were both given a chance in Nelson Royals Atlantic Coast Wrestling. I met them both when I got my chance in late nineteen eighty eight to work full time for Nelson Royal. In later days David Isley took over for Joel Deaton as Thunderfoot #1 and teamed with original Thunderfoot #2 Gene Ligon. At some point David and I formed the Rat Patrol and I became “The Big Cheese” as we worked the Carolina Indy circuit. You can currently see these guys all over WWE 24/7 and several matches posted on You Tube.

This has been a piece of my mind

"What Memphis Watches"

Just a couple of quick thoughts. WWE Smackdown on MyNetwork Ch.50, while not producing the numbers it had back on the CW Network, is gaining viewers each week. I fully expect SD to get back to the consistent 5.0’s they were drawing on CW once everybody finds out where they are. Memphis Wrestling pulled ratings in all 4 quarter hours this week. WOOHOO!!!! Sad part is their final rating is less than 5,000 viewers. Both the replay of Impact and WWE AM outdrew Memphis Wrestling. WWE RAW more than held it’s on this week. Going against Monday Night Football and a Major League Baseball playoff game it still did a very respectable number. Can you believe that awful segment with Johnny Knoxville that was in the 2nd hour was during one of the highest quarter-hours of the show? I must have been the only person in Memphis who changed the channel.

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact ( Thursday ) 10-09-08

Final Rating: 2.0 ( 32,410 viewers ) 3 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.1 ( 34,031 viewers )

2.0 ( 32,410 )

2.0 ( 32,410 )

2.1 ( 34,031 )

2nd hour: 2.2 ( 35,651 )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

2.2 ( 35,651 )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10-10-08

Final Rating: 3.5 ( 56,718 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.7 ( 40,513 viewers )

3.5 ( 56,718 )

3.1 ( 50,236 )

3.1 ( 50,236 )

2nd hour: 3.9 ( 63,200 viewers )

4.1 ( 66,441 )

3.5 ( 56,718 )

4.1 ( 66,441 )

Memphis Wrestling 10-11-08

Final Rating: 0.3 ( 4,862 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours: 0.6 ( 9,723 )

0.3 ( 4,862 )

0.1 ( 1,621 )

0.1 ( 1,621 )

TNA Impact Replay @ 8 a.m. 10-11-08

Final Rating: 0.5 ( 8,103 viewers ) 1 share

WWE A.M. 10-12-08

Final Rating: 1.2 ( 19,446 viewers ) 3 share

WWE RAW 10-13-08

Final Rating: 5.9 ( 95,610 viewers ) 9 share

1st hour: 4.8 ( 77,784 viewers ) 7 share

Quarter hours: 3.9 ( 63,200 viewers )

4.3 ( 69,682 )

5.1 ( 82,646 )

5.8 ( 93,989 )

2nd hour: 7.0 ( 113,435 viewers ) 10 share

Quarter hours: 7.2 ( 116,676 viewers )

7.0 ( 113,435 )

7.1 ( 115,056 )

6.9 ( 111,815 )

Overrun: 6.7 ( 108,574 viewers )

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” with the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.----

Booking Agents for National Talent!!

----I got this off and thought I would pass it along. Not a week goes by that I am not ask how to book someone and I usually have no idea. So, here you go guys - bring in some new faces!!

--Bill Behrens at is handling bookings for Rick Steiner, Alan Funk, Ricky Reyes, Elix Skipper, Kenny Bolin, Amazing Red, Stevie Richards, Blue Meanie, Super Nova, Shannon Moore, Kevin Nash, Dustin Rhodes, Shawn Stasiak, Raven, David Taylor, Orlando Jordan, Larry Zbyszko, Tom Brandi, Chase Stevens, David Young, Cassidy Riley, Luke Hawx, John McChesney, Delirious, Daizee Haze, H.C. Loc, San Rinauro, Slim J and many others.

--Top Notch Wrestling Bookings at is handling bookings for Too Cold Scorpio (now living in Orlando), Al Snow, Andy Douglas, Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, Bill Alfonso, Jimmy Golden, Chase Stevens, Chris Hamrick, Corporal Kirschner, Danny Basham, Damien Demento, Dave Hebner, Barry Darsow, Nick Dinsmore, George Steele, Brian Christopher, Jon Heidenreich, Ivan Koloff, Jason Knight, Jerry Lynn, Jimmy Hart, J.J. Dillon, Jonnny Fairplay, Justin Credible, Koko Ware, Mike Mondo, Mr. Hughes, Tom Brandi, Gary Wolf, Doug Somers, Rellik (Johnny the Bull), The Highlanders, Sabu, Sandman, Sid Vicious, Stro and Tito Santana.

"Countdown to Legacy II" - NBW SATURDAY NIGHT DYERSBURG, TN!!!

----I have only five of the seven or eight matches of the show. Good way to promote a big show; huh?? I have really enjoyed most of the storylines in NBW throughout the year, but right now I am a bit pessimistic on what they will deliver for “Legacy II”. A “big show” is suppose to be the blow off of all the hot angles and start of some new ones; right?? This is not going to be accomplished here, because four of the top five matches are all just the start of the feuds and the main event is a gimmick match to bring in Eugene. Let’s take a look at what I got..

*Chris Rocker vs Phoenix X. This feud just started last week with X spraying the mist in Rockers’ eyes. Rocker may be the perfect opponent for X – in that Rocker will not make him look tiny and X will not make Rocker look small. Rocker will also be able to slow X down and have an actual wrestling match. Could be a real good match. Finish involves some kind of screw job to continue the feud.

*Jeremy Moore/Shannon Lee vs. "The Posse". This version of the “Posse” is Simon and Shawn Reed. I had to edit that from the original report. “Posse” gimmick is so babyface, unless they totally change what they are doing. Moore and Lee would not be my pick as a good babyface team to wrestle again them either. This angle could totally backfire in Moore’s face and more fans could start booing him. I mean really – who would you cheer??? “Posse” over to continue the feud. “Big Boss” might be revealed.

*Fans Bring The Weapons: Motley Cruz vs. Danny B. Goode. NBW has been guilty of just presenting too many gimmick matches at the big shows with wrestlers that can actually wrestle. I would love for Cruz to refuse the match and just have him/Danny wrestle. Cruz needs to go over if it is Hardcore and leave Goode lying to continue the feud. It will be a good match no matter what kind of match it is.

*NBW Tag Title Match: BLS vs. S.O.B. Two of the best tag teams in the area. Kilo was the star of the last NBW big show, it will be interesting to see him in with Robbie/Void. Douglas has continued to improve and it could be just fun in the ring with guys like Mark/Kilo – who are two of the easiest guys to hate in the area. BLS should be totally over as faces and crowd should go crazy for a title change. Not sure if that will happen, but I am looking forward to this match.

*Eugene vs Seth Knight. Knight has proven he can work and has been here now for awhile. He is one of the most underrated in the area and this match could be off the charts. Nick Dinsmore is probably one of the overall better wrestlers to come out of the OVW school – he was actually training guys that were “stepping over” him to get spots in the WWE. Whether we get just comedy with Eugene or Nick actually works will determine if this match is good or not. I would put Knight over as he is the NBW champion and as a rule the one that is “staying” [there every week] should get the win. A Dusty finish with a restart would not even hurt it, if the match is real good.

----As stated rest of the card has not been announced and I hope it is not 2 or 3 gimmick matches. Tim Edwards, who has been featured in the main event the last two weeks, is not even listed here. Neither is Chris O’Neal, but I think O’Neal is gone because of his shoot job or something. All matches listed should be above average with the exception of Moore/Lee vs “Posse”, but it can be good just to hear the fan reaction. Join me live at the NBW Arena Saturday Night in Dyersburg, TN!!!

Shows For The Weekend 10.17 to 10.18.08

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows. Three other shows that are worth checking out.


----NEW tapes their second show. Take a click on the NEW ICON to the right and find out full details!!


----All Pro Productions as featured in the poster below....

----NBW in Dyersburg, TN on Saturday night for "Legacy II". I will be posting a "Countdown to Legacy" later today.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.11.08

1St match
Regulator Vs Kalika
Hard Fought Battle here for Kalika’s tryout match but he came up short as Regulator got the win

2nd match
Cody Murdock Vs Demon X [pictured]
Battle of big men here and it showed it as Murdock took most of the match. As soon as Demon X made his comeback this music hit and Michael Myers came out and distracted Demon X, when he turned around he turned into a Baldo bomb Cody Murdock gets the 123. After match Demon X took chock slam from Michael.

Scott Fury Vs Big Al
Very solid match here as this progressed both men were doing ever thing to try to keep the other down. Again some music hit and Scott went for the chin crusher and got the big boot from Big AL. The pin fall to Big AL.

“LSD” [LSD/Cody Only] VS Dre & Silent Mark
LSD Took it to the young guys to prove they was ready for Tommy and chuck the 25 the only problem was when idol went to piledrive Silent Mark Tommy and chuck got on the apron and idol came towards them chuck sling shot idol when he Fed around Joe boot bye mark. Dre & Silent Mark over tag champs.

Morgan Williams Vs Austin Lane
Austin took out his frustrations on Morgan and got the 123.

“Fraternity Row” [Tommy Wayne/Chuck Fears] Vs Ray Ray & X-Kaliber
Soon as this match started Ray was auguring with a fan and fell over top rope so Tommy and Chuck are laughing. Out of no where Chuck gets pulled off apron and Tommy turns around into a Baldo bomb from Cody Murdock. Fraternity Row Over Bye Dq. Tommy And Chuck didn’t want that they would fight 2 on 3 but I think they found someone to finish their side music hits coffin rolls out its casino kid in the coffin

Now Main IS
X- Kailber, RayRay,& Cody Murdock beat Tommy Wayne, Chuck Fears And Casino Kid
Frat Row And Casino Win

180 in building

Credit: ASWF ACE

----There was over 300 people to see wrestling here and at Batesville. A pretty good weekend for wrestling in the area with a good crowd in NBW and WWCW in Kennett.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

RassleResults: SWA Batesville, AR 10.11.08 - Great Debut!!

(Southern Wrestling Alliance)
Batesville, AR
(The Grand Opening/ First Show)
The show started at 7:30p.m. and it was a HOT crowd for the introduction Batesville was ready for some wrestling!

First Match:
Wild Bill vs. MacDaddy with Johnny Harper (SWA Tag Team Champions)
The match was a solid match with Wild Bill and MacDaddy going back and forth! MacDaddy and Harper played the Cheating scene very well behind every turn and every time the Ref was not looking they would choke and eye-rake Wild Bill. Wild Bill went for a Crippler Crossface and was immediately interrupted with Harper stomping his back and head Ending the match and awarding Wild Bill the Win by DQ. Harper and MacDaddy continued to attack Wild Bill until Chris Stryker came for the save and the SWA Champions exited the ring quickly. Harper then got on the microphone to tell Chris Stryker he has no business in the match and since Chris Stryker came out there to interrupt them that Chris Stryker and Wild Bill was going to have a match with Harper and MacDaddy later that night! Chris Stryker and Wild Bill excepted only if the SWA Championship was on the line! Harper and MacDaddy agreed and left for the back and Chris Stryker and Wild Bill made there way to the back!
*Winner: Wild Bill by DQ
*Time: 7:32

Second Match:
Hot Rod John Ellison vs Greg King
This match was a match with technical moves and a speedy pace! Hot Rod took a lot of the match but Greg King fought back with massive elbows and a sky high drop kick. When King went for another drop kick/ Hot Rod held the ropes and King fell to his back and from that point Hot Rod had the upper hand again! It was a hard-fought battle but in the end Hot Rod walked away with the win after hitting his devastating superkick.Greg King hit a great drop kick, the crowd seemed to like him, and he was very eager in the ring!
*Winner: Hot Rod John Ellison by pinfall

Third Match:
The Russian Assassin # 1 with Melina vs Kid Nikels
Kid Nikels started the match with his strong/technical style and worked on The Russian Assassin as much as he could but with Melina slapping, choking, and trying to distract the Ref, Kid Nikels just couldn't battle them in the end! Kid was very driven but in the end when The Russian Assassin used a strong Irish Whip to the Corner Kid stumbled out and The Russian Assassin hit The Russian Sickle for the 1,2,3
*The Russian was not welcomed by the fans at all!
*The fans had a good reaction to Kid Nikels
*Winner: The Russian Assassin by pinfall

Fourth Match: (Semi-Main)
SWA Tag Team Championship Match
Chris Stryker/Wild Bill vs Johnny Harper/MacDaddy
Stryker and MacDaddy started the match and MacDaddy went straight into the cheating with pulling Strykers hair and arguing with the Ref. Stryker and MacDaddy went into a show of Strength and after MacDaddy over powering Stryker with the fans support Stryker was able to fight out and work Macaddys arm. Stryker tagged in Wild Bill after Stryker hitting a closeline and go for the pin. Wild Bill entered and from the first move MacDaddy worked on Wild Bill. MacDaddy and Harper went back and forth tagging in well (Illegally tagging in) and Harper and MacDaddy would double team Wild Bill over and over. Wild Bill already hurting from the Previous match from the night and the attack that Harper and MacDaddy gave him. Wild Bill powered out of a headlock into a suplex to MacDaddy and tagging in Chris Stryker. Stryker came in strong but to only be cut off by Harper with an eye rake and Harper was tagged in. Harper got in and worked Strykers throat with throat punches and Stryker finally after a few punches to the throat came back and gave Harper a closeline into a shoulder tackle and as Stryker hit the Closeline MacDaddy went to the opposing corner and Wild Bill tried to meet him in the middle but the Ref grabbed Wild Bill and put him back in the corner as the Ref distracted with Wild Bill Harper crouching in the corner Stryker went to pick him up only to be hit with a slapstick by MacDaddy. Stryker fell in place to the ground and Harper put his feet on the ropes and Rolled up Chris Stryker!
*The Fans was very HOT the whole match
*Crowd Hated Harper and MacDaddy
*The Match of the Night!
*Winner: Harper and MacDaddy to retain the (SWA Tag Team Championship)

Fifth Match: (Main Event)
Eric Wayne vs. Matt Justice (SWA Champion) with Princess Selina
This match was a great match of a champion vs a challenger. Eric did not let Matt take him over until, Matt got the upper hand when Eric went for a second rope cross body and Eric missed. When Eric missed the cross body, he would end up on the outside as he flew through ropes to the concrete. Eric then began to work off Matt but in the end Matt would get the victory after Eric would attempt a top rope diving headbutt and Matt would move out of the way. As Eric tries to get up, Matt would give Eric an Oklahoma Roll and would get the pin to retain the SWA Championship!
*Eric got good crowd reaction
*Matt Justice and Princess Selina made a great Heel team
*Winner: Matt Justice by pinfall to retain the (SWA Championship) with Princess Selina
*Time: 22:15
The First show for SWA was about 180-200 people in attendance!

Every Saturday night at 7:00pm
Old Miller Gym in Batesville, AR
Admission is $5, children under 5 for free

*There is food and drinks sold at the Arena

Come see Superstars such as Matt Justice, Eric Wayne, Chris Stryker, Kid Nickels, Greg King, Johnny Harper, MacDaddy, Hot Rod, Wild Bill, The Russian Assassin # 1, Princess Selina, Melina, and Many more!

Starting Nov. 1st The Rodeo Clowns will be in Batesville, AR

*The show had a great turn out for the Opening

Credit: SWA Stomper

----Good to see such a good crowd...I was told all the guys got paid good too. It will be interesting to see if they can keep it up...The Russian has a valet?? Where is she from?? LOL

RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.11.08 - Two Top Tag Teams Debut!!!

Show opened w/ Allen Walker hyping the crowd for Legacy 2. The S.O.B.'s interrupted. Mark Justice claimed last week he was sent in for psychological evaluation and wasn't at the show. The S.O.B.'s then brought up the fact that there had been a package delivered last week stating “Black Label Society” [Void/Robbie Douglas [Robbie pictured]] would return this week, they denied that this would even happen at all and stated they were the best team around, cue BLS. BLS came out to a deafening reaction, and stated that yes Kilo and Mark were one of the best, if not the best team around. But it had taken them many years to achieve that. BLS said they were as good if not better than The S.O.B.'s and it didn't take them but 2 years. And BLS said tonight they wanted a title match. S.O.B.'s said next week they get a shot if they beat them 1,2,3, tonight!

The Kid def. Jake The Jackhammer in about 3:30

Danny B. Goode came out looking for Motley, who was nowhere to be found. Danny basically said he is out for blood and next week when he gets his hands on Motley its gonna be bad. Danny told the fans to bring any weapon they can because its gonna be a massacre. So Motley vs. Danny fans bring the weapons.

Danny B. Goode def. The Samoan Rajah after he hit the revolution

Jeremy Moore def. Shannon Lee to capture the NBW High Risk Title after the masked man attacked them both and slammed Moore on Shannon and the ref counted 3. After the match Moore said he has no idea who this is or why he did what he did but he didn't wanna win the title that way, he told Shannon he would have a re-match with him, he then turned his attention to the masked man. He called him out and stating that he was a chicken and wouldn't face him or Shannon because he was scared. The masked man entered the ring and Moore and Shannon jumped on him and tried to pull the mask off until another masked man attacked and they left Shannon and Moore lying. They then pulled off the masked off to reveal "The Posse" [Simon Reed/Shawn Reed]!!! The crowd went nuts for this. The Posse stated they were hired by "The Boss" to come in and take care of things, this puzzled Jeff and Allen. They said next week it would be Posse vs. Moore and Shannon

BLS def. The S.O.B.'s by DQ after Mark Justice punched the ref. The S.O.B.'s then stated that BLS wasn't getting a title shot because they didn't pin them. Walker stepped in and said it wasn't going down like that, he said the S.O.B.'s got DQ'ed on purpose and he was overruling it, next week a re-match w/ the belts on the line!!!

Tim Edwards and NBW Champion Seth Knight def. Chris O'Neal and Rocker after Rocker hit Seth w/ a frog splash and Phoenix X came out and looked like he was going to spray mist in Seth's eyes but turned to Rocker and sprayed him and kicked him in the head. Rocker vs. Phoenix X at Legacy

Crowd was around 115-120 or so and was loud. They actually started turning on The Posse the more they talked. Best match was probably BLS vs. SOB

Legacy 2 Card Matches Announced:

NBW Title Match
Seth Knight vs. Eugene

NBW Tag Title Match
BLS vs. S.O.B.

Jeremy Moore/Shannon Lee vs. "The Posse"

Fans Bring The Weapons
Motley Cruz vs. Danny B. Goode

Rocker vs. Phoenix X

there will be 2 or 3 more matches on the show
Credit: NBW News Guy

-----RRO will be live and in living color for Legacy 2. I also plan to post a “Countdown to Legacy” sometime on Friday…Crowd was up 42%!!! Why?? Got to give credit to Chris O’Neal [who was on the weekly poster] and the return of BLS. If you will look around at the crowds when BLS arrives, then you will notice these guys mean money in this area. This could edge them as “Tag Team of The Year”…What the f*#k is the booker/bookers thinking about bringing in “Posse” in as heels?? I could probably write a whole freakin “Coach’s Corner” about what is wrong with this – the angle, Posse being heels and the guys they are feuding with – Lee/Moore??? Why can’t Moore just turn?? He would have been a better heel against the Posse…Thanks to Phoenix X – I love the ninja mist!!!...If it all falls in place Legacy 2 could be a real good show.

"Flashback" Oct 1977 by Mark James

This Week’s Flashsback Highlights: Oct 1977
A few weeks ago I discussed how Handsome Jimmy Valiant arrived in Memphis. Today these cards show the return of Jerry Lawler to Memphis Wrestling (from his short-lived retirement).

Oct 10, 1977

Jerry Lawler returned to challenge the new Southern heavyweight champion, Jimmy Valiant. The previous week Valiant interrupted a Lawler concert by busting a guitar over his head. If you look back a few weeks earlier, Jerry was the most hated wrestler in Memphis. He was a man who had defeated the fan favorite Bill Dundee and not only won the right to shave his head, but Bill’s wife’s head as well. For Lawler to no be considered a fan favorite was a testament to how much hatred Jimmy Valiant had generated in a very short time. A lot of people remember the re-invented, babyface “Boogie-woogie Man”, but the 1970’s heel, “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant was really something to see.

In their first match ever, nearly 6,800 fans saw Jerry Lawler get his title back by defeating Valiant.

The Samoans retained their tag titles by defeating Bill Dundee and Norvell Austin. Some of the other people on the card were: Mr. Wrestling, Phil Hickerson, Dennis Condrey, Plowboy Frazier, Leroy Brown and a young Jimmy Garvin.

Oct 17, 1977

Jimmy Valiant claimed he was wronged the previous week and wanted a special stipulation added to his rematch with Jerry Lawler. The new stipulation was a 2 out of 3 falls match with a New York City referee. When the smoke cleared, even with his handpicked ref, Valiant didn’t do any better and the King got the win.

Jerry Jarrett continued to push Jerry Lawler into the role of his top babyface. In addition to his match with Valiant, the King was having trouble with former friends, Phil Hickerson and Dennis Condrey. In his 2nd match of the night, Lawler formed a team with another fan favorite, Norvell Austin. Nearly a decade earlier, in the middle of the civil rights era, Austin had formed a team in Memphis with Sputnik Monroe Jr. and a lot of the old guard didn’t like a white man tagging up with a black man. At the time, Norvell had been teaming with Bill Dundee and agreed to help Lawler by teaming with him. This week the Lawler-Austin team came up short, but this eventually led to Lawler and Bill Dundee forming a superteam and this would cement Lawler into the top spot.

Also on the card, Bill Dundee and Mr Wrestling got a dq win but not the belts from the Samoans.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

NWA Main Event TV Review

October 4 - Return to the Nashville Fairgrounds

Showtime Allstar Wrestling TV Review

October 4 - Episode 64

N.E.W. news including online TV show update

Production staff working to create complete first show for online fans

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – Wrestling fans in the Mid-South can’t stop talking about the region’s newest wrestling promotion – New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.)

Fans in attendance at last Friday’s first N.E.W. television taping in West Memphis were treated to one hour of hard hitting, non-stop wrestling action.

“We’re very pleased with the first show,” said “Nightmare” Ken Wayne, N.E.W. owner. “I’m proud of the efforts from everyone involved from the wrestlers themselves to our TV production crew to everyone else who made our first event a reality.”

Matt Justice and Greg King Jr., two of the students from Wayne’s Wrestling School based in West Memphis, opened the show with an athletic display that certainly set the tone for what N.E.W. will be. Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch the match, along with the entire first half of the show, was filmed with no audio. Originally planning to release just the footage that included audio, N.E.W.’s management staff has since decided to provide new audio tracks to the show to make sure that fans get the entire hour of action.

“We would rather wait a little longer and give fans a product that is exactly what N.E.W. is all about,” said Wayne. “We’re not about half efforts here. I ask that all of our fans just hang with us a few more days and we will soon have the complete first show posted at”

Other stars featured in the first show included “3G” Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Derrick King and Tatt2.

Wrestling insider Brian Tramel, who operates the wrestling website, was very impressed with what he saw last Friday.

“Eight guys put on a one hour show that was easily better than anything that has aired on Memphis Wrestling in over two years,” said Tramel in his online report of the event.

Long time wrestling veteran Luke Graham Jr. was also amazed with the talent involved with the new promotion.

“Ken (Wayne) put together an absolutely great night in a small venue with a comfortable studio feel,” said Graham. “These boys from Ken’s school are some of the best technical wrestlers that I have seen in this area in a long time.”

With the first show still fresh in the minds of fans, N.E.W. will not waste in time in bringing more action to the Mid-South. The second N.E.W. television taping is slated for Friday, Oct. 17 at 8 p.m. at the “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling,” 201 E. Jefferson St. Building No. 2, in West Memphis.

Initially planning to charge a fee for the second and third events, Wayne and his staff has decided to do the next two events at no charge.

“We certainly feel bad about the technical error that will cause fans to have to wait a little longer to see the online version of our first show and this is a way we can give back and show them that we truly appreciate their support,” he said.

The second show will again feature “3G” Eric Wayne, Derrick King, Tatt2 and Kid Nikels in addition to a rematch between Greg King Jr. and Matt Justice.

“Greg and Matt had such a fantastic bout,” said Wayne. “I know they are prepared to face off again in what should be a remarkable contest.”

For more information on New Experience Wrestling and the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Wrestling, visit or call 901-831-4198.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 10.11.08

Kross & "Dangerous" David Cox defeated Chazz & Jonathan Cross w/Jessie.

"Monkey Boy" Danny Morris & Dirty Sanchez defeated Bonecrusher & Soultaker.

DC & Chris Styles defeated Cassanova Kid & Damion Rage.

Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) w/nathan Lee vs. The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) ended in a no contest when things got completely out of hand.

EPW Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes defeated Tysin Starr to retain. Good match.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & Chris Fontaine) defeated "The Outlaw" Don Bass & Hoss Williams w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock [pictured] when Kross interfered. This was not a match at all, it was a brawl, wild & bloody. Bass, Williams, & Hollywood asked for five more minutes, and the crowd also asked for five more minutes. EPW Promoter Edith Poole came out and gave them their wish, 5 more minutes. PHAT Foundation ran out the front doors and were counted out. Great match.

I counted 62 in the building.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: Outlaw Championship Wrestling 10.11.08 - Good Crowd for Benefit!!

The Executioner defeated Young Alzado after a pedigree

Rick Ruby defeated "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank after a big boot in the corner and Ruby put his feet on the ropes

Ron Horn defeated Johnny Morton - Johnny originally won, but cheated, so Ron asked for 5 more minutes. Horn beat Morton after a sunset flip

The Medic & Titanic vs The Hambone Express ended in a double DQ after The Medic hit Hambone #1 with a bone, and Hambone #2 hit Titanic with a bone at the same time

Hillbilly Snuffy defeated Cruiser #2 after Snuffy's valet Cherry smashed a guitar over Cruiser's head

Bryan Knight defeated Hamhock to retain the Heavyweight title

Tag-Champs Chief Hill & Chris Day defeated The P.O.B. (Midnight Cowboy & Ron Rage) in a Falls Count Anywhere match, after Hill had one of the Nursing Home Residents hold Cowboy and Hill blasted him with a chair. After the match, the P.O.B. beat on Hill & Day until the dressing room emptied, but the P.O.B. left everyone laying. Tank was the last one out and was busted open by Ron Rage. Finally, a Manila Police Officer got the mic and told the P.O.B. that the wrestling match officially ended 10 minutes ago and if they did not stop what they were doing he would escort them to the county jail, again. They were playing off the angle they did in Jonesboro the week before

There were around 170 paying people in attendance…Show was put on my Cowboy…Ruby’s first match – he is a Rage/Mack student…This was a benefit for the Manila Nursing Home.

Monday, October 13, 2008

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 10.11.08 - New Tag Team Champions!!!


The night started off with TIWF Announcer Drew Magruder going to the ring to start the show. The crowd was chanting Drew sucks through most of his monologue. Drew talked about how great the XOW was and the TIWF theme music started playing and all of the TIWF wrestlers came to the ring with Hotrod leading the way. Then Lawman Williams music hit and he came to the ring and confronted Drew. Hotrod and Lawman announce that the match tonight between Lawman and Sarge O’Reilly [pictured] would be a bullrope match. The XOW comes out on the ramp area and Sarge introduces Little Bit as his female valet and also introduces the latest member to the XOW group “ Suicide”. Sarge accepts the challenge and also reminds Big Nasty that the tag titles are on the line against Syn and Stunner and anything goes.

1st match
Way Cool vs. AC Styles
AC Styles was accompanied to the ring by Little Bit. Way Cool was outsized in the contest but not outmatched as most of the match saw Way Cool getting the upper hand only to be foiled by interference by Little Bit. Way Cool hit a beautiful hook flipping DDT is all I can call it…. Which was a very unique move to say the least. The end of the match saw Way Cool put the Breeze on AC Styles and go for the pin. AC’s foot was on the rope and the ref broke the count. Way Cool thought he won then AC rolled him up for a quick 1..2..3 while holding the tights.
Winner: AC Styles

2nd match
Suicide vs. Tyrant
This was the TIWF debut for both contenders. Tyrant was clearly the crowd favorite over XOW’s Suicide. However you still could hear the XOW chants in the background as well. Both workers need to focus on keeping the crowd into their match which wasn’t done throughout. Lots of brawling outside the ring by Tyrant. Suicide was more of the high flyer of the two, but Tyrant gets the 1..2..3.
Winner: Tyrant

3rd match
Jodi Allen/Dre’ Black vs. Royal Executioner/ Big Boy Leroy vs. Gaylon Ray/ Biscuit
This match featured three teams that usually do not tag together. Biscuit was representing the XOW in this match. The timing was off during the whole match, but the crowd was into most of the match. The focus of the match seemed to be everyone wanting to beat down Gaylon Ray who seemed to be the only good guy in the bunch. His partner Biscuit wasn’t much help. Lots of brawling in this one that saw Jodi Allen and Dre’ Black come out the victors.
Winners: Jodi Allen and Dre’ Black.

4th Match: Chico Mendoza vs. Neil Taylor
This match was a return match from the previous week. Neil dominated early with armbars and basic wrestling with a little cheating thrown in for good measure. Little Bit accompanied Taylor to the ring and Mamacita had accompanied Chico to the ring for this match. Everytime Chico made a comeback, Little Bit interfered. At one point, she was jumping and stomping on Chico outside of the ring. The end of the match saw Mamacita sling Little Bit across the ring and Chico finished off Neil Taylor… 1..2..3
Winner: Chico Mendoza

5th Match: TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
Sarge © vs. Lawman Williams - Texas Bullrope Match
Outstanding match between these two as both got hammered by the cowbell on each end of the rope. The object was for one man to touch all four corners, then he would be the winner. Sarge never got close to touching all four but Lawman actually did and thought he was the winner. The 16 time TIWF Heavyweight Champion, but Drew Magruder came to the ring with cellphone in hand and announced that the match was never properly sanctioned therefore the ruling was a no contest. The crowd was livid chanting Drew Sucks. Lawman leaves the ring and Drew presents the Title back to Sarge who then alongside his XOW cohorts savagely attacks Drew! Hotrod calls for the TIWF gang to help, but they all stood on the stage for a minute until Hotrod pleaded with them to help Drew. TIWF gang clears the ring.
Winner: match ruled a no contest by XOW owner Bill Russ via Telephone.

6th Match TIWF Tag Team Title Match
Big and Nasty© vs. S&S Hardcore Match
This was a good hardcore match to watch. Dixie and Bob did not hold back in this one. Road signs, computers, tv’s, cheese graters and 3000 thumbtacks was just the beginning to this one.
At one point both Dixie and Bob shoved Syn and Stunners heads into metal trash cans and beat the cans with baseball bats. The hits were not light either. At one point Dixie grabbed a mustard container from the concession stand and made a huge mess of the ring and contenders. This one was a brawl for all. The end saw all of XOW come out and beat down Bob and Dixie and then all jumped on top of Bob for the win…. While shouting anything goes match!!
Winners: S&S Syn and Stunner new tag team champs

--181 in Attendance.
--- XOW come close to causing a riot at least three times during the night.
--- TIWF had 8 security guys working this night along with 3 volunteers and the local police.
---Kilo contacts TIWF bookers
--- Criss Braggs still out
---- Simon Reed unable to make the show.
----Where will this feud between XOW and TIWF end???.
---- AIWF home office issues statement saying if TIWF needs reinforcements…they will send.

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.
website at

Credit: Steven Hunter

Photo credit:

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 10.11.08

38 attended

Cousin Jason X & Psycho Medic & Michael Jablonski b Josh Crowe & Davey Wright & Crazy 8's (w/Ronnie Vegas) when Medic pinned 8's

Richard Lowe (w/Lekisha) b Shawn Hoodrich

LT Falk b Kevin Dunn (w/Lekisha) by DQ when Lowe ran in and attacked Falk, who was saved by Tony Falk

Chris Norte & Dominator b Travis Starr & Steven Green when Norte pinned Starr

Kid Dynamite (w/Ronnie Vegas) b Anthony Wayne

Michael Jablonski b Tim Renesto by DQ after Renesto hit ref Boogie

Derrick Neal & White Tiger b Richard Lowe & Kevin Dunn (w/Lekisha) to win the ATL Tag Team Championship when Tiger pinned Lowe

Tony announced that Farron Foxx would be here next Friday and Saturday

credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 10.11.08 - New TFW Tag Team Champions!!

At the beginning of the show the TFW General Manager called out "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs, along with Ryan SoFine. He stated that since Parental Advisory had not defended the TFW Tag Team Championship in more than 30 days, and since Tony's partner, Scott Porteau, will be out of action for at least six more weeks with an injury, he was stripping Parental Advisory of the tag team belts. He also announced that a tournament would be held that night to crown new tag team champions. Lastly, he offered the last spot in the tournament to Tony & Ryan. Tony was all for it, but Ryan SoFine was a little reluctant, saying that he has his own championship to worry about (TFW Light Heavyweight Title). In the end, they agreed to team up in the Tag Team tournament.

"Dangerous" David Cox defeated LSD.

In the first tournament match, Sons of the South (Chris Styles [pictured] & Josh Matthews) defeated Moe Foundation (Curly Moe & G-Moe Money) w/Dirty Rell Moe.

In the second tournament match, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & Ryan SoFine defeated (cheated their way to victory) DC & "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore.

Chop Top the Clown defeated Jay Webster by count out. Webster had used a fork from the beginning of the match. Chop went to the back and brought out a double blade axe. Webster decided to sit in the crowd while the referee counted him out. Chop then chased him out of the arena.

In the final match of the tag team tournament, Sons of the South ("The Future" Chris Styles & Josh Matthews) defeated Tony Dabbs & Ryan SoFine to win the TFW Tag Team Championship. (Very good match).

Ron Horn, returning to TFW after a long absence, defeated TFW Champion Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor. Neil was distracted by Chop Top the Clown, who came to the ring with a running chain saw. Horn rolled Neil up for the count. This was a non-title match, so Neil Taylor is still champion.

Attendance was approx 60.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis &

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Update on N.E.W.'s first TV show online

Yesterday, I posted that the first edition of the New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) TV show, taped Friday night in West Memphis, was available at After reading the message board, trying the show myself (initially believing it was my home computer that was the issue) and talking to Ken, I've discovered that there was a technical problem with getting the show to the web.

However, rest assured that the issue should be resolved one way or another within the next 24 hours. Either it will be available at Ken's site or on YouTube.

All of us associated with N.E.W. apologize for the delay and thank everyone for the AWESOME support we have received already and in the future.

Mike Porter on Jerkin' The Curtain Monday Oct. 13th @ 10 PM CST.

Jerkin' The Curtain returns this Monday night October 13th with a special show. It will be an interview with the sometimes controversial promoter of NWA Main Event, Mike Porter. Porter contaced me saying he would be willing to come on the show, the only rule he has is no callers allowed. So, that will be the case per his request, no callers will be taken this show. Tommy Stewart, Larry Goodman, and myself will conduct the interview. We won't have time for NWA Main Event & SAW recaps this show, but Tommy and I will at least give the ratings, thumbs up, down, or in the middle, for the episodes that air Oct. 11th. Cya Monday night, it should be an interesting show to hear what Mike Porter has to say. Trent Van Drisse

PUTTING OVER: "International Icon" Byron Willcott!!

----You know it is not easy for me to just put a promo video and put somebody over that I have not seen work live. Well, unless they promise me a Diet Coke and Cheeseburger. Byron sent this video in to RRO along with a small amount of information and I wanted to pass it along. Take a look at the video - this is actually the first time that I have ever seen a worker make video where he shows everyone he can work. Most of the times, it is just high spot after high spot. Wilcott has good size and is seen in the video just doing the basics. Info on how to book him in this area is below as he is planning to hit some towns again around here. Video footage is from TIWF in Trenton TN, TFW in Tupelo MS, MCW in Osceola AR, and OWE in New Orleans La.

Keep you eyes open, 'International Icon' Byron Wilcott is making a name for himself in the Mid-South Area. Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, where he was trained by WWE Superstars Rodney Mack and Jazz, he now claims the world as his hometown. After filming the wrestling reality show The Bussey Bunch, which aired on The Learning Channel (TLC), he toured England, Germany and France. You can see the British wrestling influence in his unique wrestling style.

Byron has worked at Ohio Valley Wrestling and Derby City Wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky. He recently had a WWE try out at Florida Championship Wrestling in Tampa Florida. His home promotions in our area are RWA in Jonesboro, AR and TIWF in Trenton, TN. You can contact him at

Wayne Talks NEW!!!

----I sent RRO visitor and friend Wayne a note to ask him about NEW the other night. He sent along the following to me on and I ask for permission to reprint it. Brian Thompson and I might get a bit of criticism for putting over NEW, because we are so close to group. Here is a point of view from the crowd.

I'm listening to you and Brian on the show right now.

I loved the show, absolutely loved it. The finish of Greg King/Matt Justice was great. To sell the sportsmanship/competition edge, that was the way to go. And to do it with the first match really set the tone.

The point I heard you make on the radio show about the slow build leading to a pop for a dropkick should play well over the long term. The first time someone doesn't shake hands, or the first time someone throws a punch- damn, it's going to mean something. Hopefully that's months away.

I love Bruno, but I'd like to see a referee change. With the totally straight style that they're selling us, to have Bruno doing the fast count/slow count and stuff like that, it stood out like a sore thumb. From listening to your show, I think we'll disagree on that point. From listening further, if I'm hearing Thompson right, they may have sold that on commentary in a way to prove me wrong. I'm cool with that.

I want to see a NEW show that's in front of a group that isn't friends, family, and smarts. It was wonderfully subtle, but Eric was playing the heel. The promo was about hurting people. He referred back to that during the mic delay. Would he have gotten cheered in front of a mark crowd? We'll see.

I agree with you on Kid being the star. He's got it. I don't think we'll see Jeff Jett anymore, but Kid still made it work. The pop he got for his submission brought a smile to my face.

Loaded Boot said it best, it was freakin' hot and full of mosquitoes in there, and we would have stayed all night long. Hell, I'm ready to go out and hang up posters for them.

Is it too early to refer to NEW as "ROH South"?


Arena Report: WWCW Kennett, MO 10.11.08


----We are live here in Kennett, MO doing the Arena Report in “Wi-Fi” format. There is only about 10 minutes before the show starts and there are just a little over 50 people in the building. Su Yung has already had problems with the Missouri commish - even though her paperwork is legit, he is not accepting it. Missouri really needs to do something about these assholes they send out to the matches. The best I can tell there are only 7 workers legally registered for the show. We had four at the last show and now seven?? Why did they not learn from their past mistakes?? And it doesn’t make it easy when the commish here in Missouri are totally douche bags who have tried to eliminated the small time promoters.


-----Indian Quixote vs Rob Justice with Sergeant Savage. Justice got a decent pop, even though Savage came off as a heel. Justice started his shine and it ended with Indian hitting the floor. Rob chases Indian around the ring and when Rob got in the ring, the Indian cut him off to start the heat. Indian put an armbar on Rob on the WRONG arm. Savage was just standing outside the ring – not even trying to get the crowd involved. Rob took too much heat with no hope spots. Rob comes out of heat after a couple of chops with a DDT – double knockout. Both guys get up – Indian runs for Rob and Rob out of the way as Indian smashes into the turnbuckle Rob rolls him up for the win. [*1/2]

----Justin “The Juice” Smart comes out and calls out Tasha Simone. He said that she claimed she was so good and puts over the fact that she won a Ladies Title last week. Simone comes out with Su Yung – she got a big pop. Tasha is wearing the MLW belt. Simone does a mic spill on Smart. Simone actually says while pointing out it was a man vs woman, “I am not promising that I can beat you.” [very smart] Simone is in tremendous shape.

----Justin Smart vs Tasha Simone. They went to all four corners seeing who the crowd was cheering. Tasha was over here. Su has the crowd going. They are wrestling hold for hold. Tasha did a rolling body scissors spot. Smart is doing a good job staying with her. Crowd was hot – Yung is a hell of a worker outside the ring. Smart starts the heat. He gives her a face wash. Tasha hope spot hits him with a facebuster. Justin goes right back on her. Another hope spot and Justin cuts her off. Tasha making comeback with chops – cuts her off again. Smart ran into the turnbuckle – Tasha moved and rolled up Smart from behind. Two matches with the same finish. A couple of messed up spots, but a good solid match. Loss did not hurt Smart’s heat at all. He was over more after losing. [**1/2]

----“Big” Indian Quixote/Justin Smart vs Rob Justice with Sergeant Savage/Arnez with Karly. Smart made comment about Tasha not beating him. Smart is more over now by losing to Simone. [did I already say that??] Justice has lots of charisma. Arnez comes out to a good reaction. Justice got huge pop getting up on the ropes. Some comedy at the first with Arnez chasing around Justice. They started tagging each other and with Justice finally starting with Indian. Heat on Justice. Double knockout after double closeline. Crowd was loud – hot tag to Arnez. Arnez big boot to Smart – shitcanned. Arnez hits the “slap shot” on Indian for the win. Crowd popped big!! A little sloppy in spots, but a good match. [**1/2]

----“Madman from The Motor City” Motley Cruz vs Psycho for the WWCW Title. Psycho comes out with Su Yung and in a straight jacket. Psycho gives the Kayte doll to..well..Kayte. LOL Could two people not look more unalike – Yung and Psycho?? Rick Marx puts over this is monster vs monster match. Both guys trading big move for big move in the start along with some stiff chops. Crowd is hot!! They did a few spots where Cruz hit the ref Biscuit in the back blaming Psycho. Crowd got into it – I could care less. LOL Cruz started choking Psycho with a rope to start the heat. Yung has the crowd chanting loud. Psycho hit a superkick for a hope spot. [STIFF] Cruz cuts him off. Crowd loud. Cruz sits down in a half camel clutch. Crowd is crazy!!! Biscuit got heat for being so stupid in this match. Cruz hits a sweet neckbreaker. Another one. Cruz throws him to the floor and goes for a chair. Cruz hits Psycho with a chair in the back a couple of times. Psycho gets back in the ring and Cruz throws him back in. Yung gets the chanting going again. Another neckbreaker. Huge haymaker from Psycho with Psycho bumping to the mat with it. Psycho goes for “Dreamcatcher” – Cruz blocks hit and cuts him off. Psycho hits it on the second try for the pin and win. Smart/Indian jump Psycho – Arnez/Justice make save with Simone. Arnez gives Psycho Kayte. Crowd goes crazy. Tasha does a mic spill to set up the main event 6 man tag. [***]

----Cruz/Smart/Indian vs “Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] & Rob Justice. Asylum come to ring almost running clearing the ring of the babys. Yung got the chant “You got beat by a girl” going at Smart. Double arm to the mat from Asylum to smart. Crowd chanting “Psycho”. Flying elbow from Psycho. Psycho at double speed here. Smart rakes the eyes and they start heat on Arnez. Arnez bumped his ass of here. Tasha and Yung were working their asses off at ringside – Savage was just standing there. Crowd loud with Arnez chant. Cruz puts Arnez in camel clutch, Smart follows with the same. Arnez was pretty much dead here – they should have gave him a few hope spots. He gets a few punches in and then Cruz cuts him with a DDT and puts him to the mat again. Arnez tries a comeback – he is blown up. Arnez misses a big boot and then bumps sloppy. They go for the hot tag to Psycho. Boom boom boom – Cruz hits finisher followed by Smart with a frogsplash on Justice for the win. Good match with good psychology. Hot tag was a little flat, but it was fun watching Arnez take the heat. Finish looked real good. [***]


----There were over 140 in the building…Justice returned to action after the MRSA scare…Yung is a very pretty lady…Worst BELL ringing EVER!!!...Yung is a really good manager…Marx has done a good job two shows in a row…I was told of a possible team of Psycho/Cruz vs Arnez/Pappy coming to All Pro?? That would be fun…Yung needs to be considered in the Horizon Award voting this year. Did I put Yung over enough here?? LOL…This was one of the better reacting crowds of the year…Good overall show. Thanks to WWCW – cast and crew. Fun time was had by all...Southside Brawler and Pimptacular were backstage.

----Karly and Psycho below, because...well it was Karly's birthday. LOL

Photos by Kayte Tramel