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A Piece of my Mind Oct 25th 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I was about to take off on a plane from Los Angeles to Atlanta and I pulled up which is something I do on a regular basis. I was saddened to see the news that Lia Maivia had passed away. I didn’t know Lia very well at all but I had been around her on numerous occasions and had some phone conversations. The reason I was saddened is because of how important she was to people I consider friends and a second family. She was the wife of the late High Chief Peter Maivia who passed away at the age I am right now forty five. I did not get the chance to meet Peter since I met their nephews Afa and Sika after he had already passed away. I have known The Rock since he was just a stone and his mother and father Ata and Rocky since I have been in the business. It makes you sad to know that people you know and care about suffer a loss. The picture for this article will be of Afa and Lia at an event that we attended in Ct many years ago. If I recall correctly Bob Backlund also attended that event.

The upcoming event in Charlotte headlined by Ric Flair at ringside while his sons David and Reid face The Nasty Boys managed by Jimmy Hart and “The Midnight Express” (Lane and Eaton) w/”The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente vs. The Rock and Roll Express will bring out many in Charlotte. The event will also see Goldust and Ricky Steamboat Jr in action. This is in no way your normal event just seeing Lane and Eaton and Morton and Gibson in action again would be enough to make the event special but Flairs presence will not only bring out fans it will be bring out many former workers and enhancement talents. It is a step above the normal Indy event and will get a lot of publicity as well. I know that Tommy Angel and “Carolinas Own” David Isley. This is the type of event you could see the Crocket Family show up at maybe Abe Jacobs, Tommy Young. The point is I don’t expect to just see the same old guys hang around at this one. The event is being put on by a very credible company Highspots. You can get information on the events at www.highspots,com.

As I was traveling this week a TSA agent told me about their recent long trip to Qatar which made me think of when I felt I had really made it. It was the mid eighties and Afa had started his Trans World Wrestling Federation. He had recently made a deal with Andy Andrews who had promoted in Dohah, Qatar and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for the WWF. I wanted to go on the trip very bad but they already had a referee. I was prepared Afa had told me long ago if you want to make it in this business be sure to have a passport you never know when something comes up, Afa invited me up to meet the promoter who was bringing his buddy from Canada as the referee. I went to Afa’s house and some of the guys were working out in the backyard. It came time for the referee to get in the ring and one thing became clear to Afa right away. This guy had never been in the ring before he was just a friend of the promoters. I was told to get in the ring and show what I could do. When I got out of the ring I was told that I was now going on the trip. That is how I got my big break and felt like I had made it.

I was going overseas to referee and actually get paid for it. The trip was being headlined by The Wild Samoans, Rocky Johnson, Bob Backlund, Prof. Toru Tanaka, Jules Strongbow, Charley Fulton, Johnny Rodz , maybe Kurt Von Hess, Tonga Kid #2 (a very young Rikishi), (midget stars) The Haiti Kid, Tiger Jackson, Puncho Boy, Butch Cassidy. In the long run Bob Backlund never made it I believe he had jury duty so he was replaced with recently released star Dr.D David Shultz. It was a good strong lineup but in retrospect we would have taken some guys from Georgia Championship Wrestling. On TV over there was WWF and Georgia Championship Wrestling so Tommy Rich, Buzz Sawyer, The Masked Superstar, Mr Wrestling #2, Austin Idol and luckily The Wild Samoans were gracing the TV screens over there.
I learned a lot over there about travel and the business. I had never even been on a plane before and now I was flying all that way. We were over there for two weeks of work and then Afa and I stayed behind for another week. I can tell you business over there is totally different from business over here. The fans followed us everywhere we stood out like sore thumbs but it was all great. It was what I wanted and I didn’t regret it once I got it.

I always appreciated the opportunity and tell any Indy wrestler out there if you don’t have a passport you aren’t ready to be given a chance in this business.
On a side not we worked a really great show in Hilton Head, SC one time the place was packed. I teamed up with David Isley against Ken Timbs and Pistol Pez Whatley. We had a great match those pro’s made me look fantastic in the ring which was no easy task. I just always laugh when I think of Jimmy Valiant’s long time manager Capt. Lou Albano who would be walking him to the ring that night. He yelled over to Afa who was running the show that night and said Hey Afa, if things get to boring tonight we can spin Valiant around and watch cartoons. He of course was referring to Jimmy’s numerous tattoos. Of course with Lou around boredom was really never an option.
As I am getting to ready to post this article Gorgeous Gary Royal is in Tuckerman Ar getting ready to watch the matches. He passed by on his way to meet some clients and saw the Valiant Arena where ASWF is having their weekly event. I will be looking forward to Gary’s report on the matches and some of the talent. It will be interesting to have someone of Gary’s skill set critique some potential future stars.

This has been a piece of my mind

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 10.24.08

----Last night’s TV tapings showcased two of the front runners for RRO Best Damn Performer of the Year 2008 with “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and Stan Lee [2007 winner] making their NEW debut. Ken Wayne commented on the site earlier this week, “As for ‘Golden Boy,’ and Stan Lee, the pressure is on to see if they have what it takes. I’m personally pulling for them!” Did they live up to their hype??

----Greg King JR beat Dustin Ring in the opener. A real good match with both guys trading hold for hold. These two guys were real stiff and it came off as a legit contest. Ring is an excellent fit for this style and King shined again for the third week in a row. King oozes with charisma and the crowd ate him up. The holds were stiff and quick along with some really stiff forearms from both guys. Crowd popped for dropkicks and just simple counters. Ring was doing some hard knees to the back of King’s head and crowd was saying, “oooooohhhh”. Ring held onto the ropes for a roll up, but King caught him for a pin. [***]

----Matt Justyce beat Stan Lee. Good solid bout, but not what I was expecting. Justyce is much better in the ring with someone that he trains with, which = being green. Justyce/Lee did a series of moves which had Justyce jumping and flipping – keeping from getting kicked by Lee - that looked real good. Some of the moves seemed off and the pace wasn’t as good as I wanted. Lee did some fancy stuff with his wrist holds and even did a reversal holding the ropes. He also was doing some unique stuff with his feet - standing on his hands with ankles wrapped around a standing Justyce. Lee hit a real hard kick to Justyce’s face at one time that I thought knocked him out. [remember the psychology here – he “tried” to kick him earlier] Some good trading of kicks from both. Lee missed a legdrop from the turnbuckle along with hitting a flying press, but could not pin Justyce. Justyce pinned Lee after a missed frog splash. [**1/2]

----The inaugural tag team match of NEW and I was not disappointed. The rules had each team having two chances of breaking up the match. After that they would lose the bout if they interfered. Top rope rules about holding the guys and coming off the turnbuckle – opposition can not be held by one partner with other partner jumping off of them. They must always be able to defend themselves. Derrick King/Eric Wayne beat Greg Anthony/Kid Nikels. Not your typical tag team psychology, but all four guys worked their asses off. TGB fit right in with this style and looked so good. He did some really hard arm slams. TGB did a quick lucha style walk up the turnbuckle armdrag. Wow!! Never seen him do that. Every time Nikels/Wayne were in the ring it meant something, because of already the build of neither being able to pin each other. DK hit a superkick and it was not the finish. TGB/Nikels did a few double team moves. Eric ended up pinning TGB after him and Nikels hit hands with both running the ropes. [I believe they call it tippy toe and it is practiced at the school all the time]. Yes, someone lost a match by just going head to head with his tag partner and their opponent taking advantage. [***1/2]


----Ring in a legit wrestler gimmick – black trucks and boots. Ring is aka “The Baron” Malkevain doing the vampire gimmick around the area, but has legit amateur background. Ring did a great job and hopefully will be positioned good with this group…TLCW’s ref Caleb was officiating for the evening and was not as good as the past two refs – Downtown Bruno and Bill Rush – but did an ok job. He should have did the thing where “you have been told the rules in the back and such”…Lee was doing “No Mercy” video game taunts before the match started – no one noticed!! Wasn’t that the greatest game ever??,,,Lee/Justyce trading some kicks and I think that kind of stuff will get over great with this pseudo shoot style…I hate that damn velvet suit TGB was wearing. TGB needs to tell LAW goodbye and join this show full time…There was some dude in the crowd that came in late and he had been drinking – he almost killed the whole mood that is set up with it being a legit contest. Eric Wayne was also playing right into his hand a few times and if this is going to be this kind of style – then you can not put the crowd over, especially this soon into the product. Later down the line, Eric could say something like, “I am tired of being a nice guy and all you people can go to hell!!” and it would mean something – if he continues to do the same ol’wrestling same ol’ bs with the crowd – it will not work. Drunk dude even had a “Eric sucks” chant and well, that sucked…Good to see RRO reader Wayne there again. Staff meeting with “Rating Man” Ron Guidry, me and Brian Thompson. LOL Ron sent an e-mail earlier this morning saying the following after I ask him if he enjoyed the show, “I really did enjoy the show. I found myself wanting to see about 2 more matches. It felt like I was watching a Japanese wrestling show, no frills wrestling and great competition.”…Some talk among a few of us about the “heat” that this group is getting already from guys in the business mainly because I might write something good about them. I write good things about things I enjoy – that will never change. For those that can’t work the style, then my advice – don’t hate on it. I am still not totally sold on the style even though I have enjoyed it. I think time will only tell – but all the new people that do come thru the door that I talk to – enjoy it tons. Can they keep my interest after say 6 months?? It will be up to the creative team to do that for not only me, but the fans in general…Oh..yea..btw..TGB and Lane fit right in with this group and it is guys like that this group needs. I still want to see Flash Flanagan, Pokerface and Alan Steele work the style...Group returns 11.07.08 for a regular weekly TV tapings.

Photo features: [from left to right] Kid Nikels,Eric Wayne, Greg King JR and Matt Justyce.

Photo by: Derek Taylor

Site News!!

----I have started the official facelift of the site. The front two pages have been updated along with the "Picture of the Week" I really think you guys will enjoy that one.

----There is a special discount on the front of the site for the Dusty Wolfe book. RRO will have the official launch on Tuesday, but use that coupon code and get a discount 3 days before the official launch!!! The coupon will not be good after Tuesday, so order your copy today!!

Memphis Wrestling Ratings and Weekly Poll Results 10.18.08

Memphis Wrestling 10-18-08

Final Rating: 1.0 ( 16,205 viewers ) 2 share

Quarter hours: 0.8 ( 12,964 )

0.9 ( 14,585 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

----I do not have the listing of what was in what quarter because I just couldn’t watch the repeat of the repeat of the repeat of a show. I did a huge rant on the show and they score over 1 point. LOL But, this is still horrible – less than 20,000 people watching the show!! In 2006 in the same time slot, the show was averaging over 70,000 viewers. Constant bad direction, switching of time slots and now switching of channels has just destroyed the ratings for this show.


Thumbs Up 58%
Thumbs Down 42%


----The show continues to score a Thumbs Up, but the margin was much lower this week and the participation was back up to normal level. I still have to go with various guys from the Kayfabe Board – I have no idea how this crap is getting a Thumbs Up!!

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 10.24.08


No shows next weekend at the Stadium Inn! After some surveying, the decision was made not to run on Friday on Halloween night. Saturday night is Tennessee State's homecoming at the stadium.

Cousin Jason X b Blue Amigo

Tim Renesto b JD Fluffy

Psycho Medic & Shawn Hoodrich b Richard Lowe & Kevin Dunn when Medic pinned Lowe

Steven Green b Saint

USWO Jr. Champion Josh Crowe b White Tiger

Micheal Jablonski b Assassin

USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett b LT Falk. Post-match, Plunkett and LT did the respect thing until Plunkett piledrived him and tried to attack Falk with a spike but Jablonski made the save.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, October 24, 2008

SEW Press Release - This Saturday!!


This Saturday on SEW TV, we'll catch the fallout from last week's battle royal and Soultaker's attack on Kross. Also, new SEW Heavyweight Champion Danny B. Good will be in action. SEW can be seen every Saturday on Memphis Comcast Channel 17 at 10:00am.

Our next live TV taping will also take place on Saturday at the Red Apple Lounge, located at the Knights Inn at Airways Blvd & Democrat Rd (2949 Airways Blvd).
The action starts at 1:30pm, and will feature SEW Champion Danny B.Good, Soultaker, Casanova Kid, Malik The Great, Kross, Capleville
Maniac, Jason Hall and many more!

Admission is absolutely free to the public!

Credit: SEW Promotions

Internet Special for Show This Saturday!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shows For The Weekend 10.24 to 10.25.08

----This is the 3rd in the series of tapings at the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne Wrestling School in West Memphis, AR. I do know the following will be there: Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Matt Justyce, Greg King Jr, Derrick King and Tatt2. Rumors have been that Bishop, Greg Anthony, Stan Lee and Lil Chris [of the “Posse”] will be making an appearance. I also remember being told that there will be a tag team match this week, so that should be fun. Admission is free and RRO will be there in full force with Columnist Brian Thompson, "Ratings Man" Ron, RRO Friend Wayne and the whole Tramel family!!!

----This is a real good show. It is the yearly benefit show that they do in Henderson, TN. It is usually done with the Cancer Society, but this year to make sure all the money is used locally they are working with the Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center. I worked one of these shows one year and the crowd was loud & rowdy. The payoff was good also – LOL. Good luck guys!!

This Saturday night Memphis Wrestling returns to Henderson Tennessee. Belltime is 7:30 at the new Chester County High School. Jerry "The King" Lawler, The “New Nature Boy” Kevin White w/ Su Yung and Garry White,” Dangerous” Doug Gilbert, “Grand Master Sexay " Brian Christopher , The Moondog Cujo, “The Southern Sensation" Cody Melton, “Mr. Personality " Derrick King, Albino Rhino, “The Agents" [Maxx Corbin and K-Hill], Michael Gilbert, Ty Hamilton and Baron Malkavain., Mynetwork 50's Cory Maclin. This is a benefit show for The Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center. So everyone come on out and help a good cause plus see some great wrestling action.

----Another huge event Saturday – below is the press release along with some videos and the lineup.

Southern States Wrestling returns to the Kingsport,TN National Guard Armory on Saturday October 25, 2008 with a 8:15pm bell time. This is a special event with an All Star card and a ceremony celebrating Beau James' 20 years of career in pro wrestling. Over the last two decades Beau James has served a ring crew member, officiated matches, wrestled, promoter of events, produced TV programs and trainer for wrestling hopefuls.

He is known all over the wrestling world as the "King of Kingsport" but James took his first step toward his childhood dream October 29th 1988 when he was hired as part of The Continental Wrestling ring crew and also sold the event Programs as the matches were going on in Knoxville, Morristown, and the Tri Cities. Just a little over a year later James would step in the ring the first time as a referee at the age of 15.

While most kids his age were playing video games and pick up ball games in the sandlots, Beau was officiating matches with such legends as Jimmy Golden, Jimmy Valiant,The Mongolian Stomper, Ivan Koloff, Wahoo McDaniel, Manny Fernandez, and many more. By his junior year in high school he was being booked by promoters from Knoxville, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

At the age of 17 Beau took his next step and started managing and seconding veteran grappler Rick Connors to the ring around the Knoxville circuit. It did not take long before James was getting under the skin of other wrestlers and the fans as he would get involved in the action if he felt Connors needed help getting the victory. In a short time James found himself back in the ring this time as a wrestler.

At the age of 18 when most people are trying to decide what college to attend or what occupation field to follow. James was wrestling many nights a week all over the southeast, taking on many of his childhoods heroes. It’s did not take long before the magazine editors took notice and Beau James was being featured in Pro Wrestling Illustrated and The Wrestler among other publications.

In 1998 James lost a "Loser Leave Town" match to his most hated rival Ricky Harrsion. Beau packed up and moved to Memphis,TN and started competing full time for Power Pro Wrestling. James has been quoted many times as saying this was the best thing that ever happened to him. During his stay in Memphis Beau was not only wrestling every night but he was also learning more and more about promoting and TV production. PPW did a live TV program every Saturday from WMC TV 5. When James was not in the ring he was watching and studying the production end of the wrestling business.

James returned home to the Kingsport area in Jan 1999 and went back to wrestling for Southern States Wrestling and also found himself in a new role as TV producer. Over the next five years James produced Hundreds of SSW and NCW TV programs that were being seen weekly from North Carolina to Ohio. On a January 1999 episode of SSW TV James proclaimed himself the "King of Kingsport" in an interview. Many did not take it serious or just laughed it off but it was not long until everyone was calling him "The King". Now, no matter where he competes from Kinston ,NC to Seattle,WA his is introduced at every match as "The King of Kingsport"

In 2000 James started training wrestling hopefuls for a career in pro wrestling. Many of the stars that are seen every week on Tri Cities CW 4's Championship Wrestling like Tony Givens, Ray Idol, Wayne Adkins,and Chris Richards took their first steps toward their dream in a wrestling ring behind James home in Fall Branch.

It seems that every major event in James life has taken place inside the wrestling ring, even his wedding. The King of Kingsport married his Queen Misty, Thanksgiving Night 2006 after the matches at the Armory in Kingsport. It was not long until the wrestling bug bit Misty and she began a career of her own. They spent their first anniversary teaming in a match against Jamey Gibson and Rebecca Lynn in the same building.

When asked about his two decades in wrestling James says " in ways it seems like 100 years but in other ways it seems like many things just happened yesterday". I love my profession, it has given me everything I have. I have travel all over the country and seen just about everything. Its like the song I've been every where man, and I thank God for it every day and I thank God for my family who have supported me for all this time. I look at it like this, the good has far out weighed the bad and if I die today I will die a happy man I spend every day living my dream."
The Card

***Main Event***
AWA World Champion Brian Logan
and WCW/NWA Legend & NWA Hall of Famer Beautiful Bobby Eaton
King of Kingsport Beau James
Tony "The Dragon" Givens
James asked for a return match for AWA Title with Brian Logan ,but promoters would not sign the match because of Logan vs. Givens the following week in Kingsport. James is only rival Logan has not beat since his return to the area last year. In June James pinned Logan and left the ring along with everyone in the building thinking he was the new AWA Champion. Logan has not stepped back in the ring with James since.

**SSW Title**
Wayne Adkins defends against KC Thunder

This is Adkins first defense in Kingsport. Thunder is a former SSW Champion and many time SSW Tag champion

**TV Title**
Chase Ownes w/ Ashlee defends against Nick Hammonds

Many think these two had the match of the SSW Title tournament last month. Owens got by with a win with help of valet Ashlee and the ropes.

**Return Grudge Match**
Cody Ices vs. Ryan Dookie

These two also met in the tournament last month and things became very heated and personal after Dookie stooped to using a low blow kick

**Ladies Action**
Misty James vs. A surprise lady grappler

Misty has been on a roll. Can she keep it going? Also she has a special outfit she will be wrestling in for Halloween

**Big Tag Match**
National Champion Robbie Cassidy and Moe Jenkins
420 Hit Squad

A lot of History with All four men. Between the four and other respected partners these men have traded the Southern States and United States Tag Titles many Times

Iron Cross and Ray Idol
Mike Cooper and BoBo Brown
Cooper and Brown made a unit in the Battle royal Last month how will they match up with the Power House team? This is Idol and Cross's first time teaming.

RassleResults: SEW TV Results 10.18.08

SEW TV Results 10/18/08

General Manager GQ Jones opened the show with the announcement that he was stripping The Crime of the SEW Title. Today's show would feature an invitational battle royal for the Heavyweight Championship.

Danny B. Good won the invitational battle royal for the SEW Title, which included Iron Jake Johnson, Capleville Maniac, Samoan Rajah, and Bonecrusher (who eliminated himself to chase off Malik The Great).

Pimpin' Antoin Smooth came out with a wrapped gift, claiming that he wanted to bury the hatchet between Kross and himself with Soultaker. Kross came to the ring with Smooth but would not accept the gift. Soultaker attacked Kross from behind as Smooth opened the gift and revealed it to be a black rose before laying it on Kross' chest.

This episode will be posted online today at

Credit: SEWP

RassleResults: SWA Batesville, AR 10.18.08

The show started at 7:15p.m. and it was a HOT crowd ready for wrestling!
First Match:
Kid Nikels vs. Dave Cox with Hot Rod John Ellison
This match was a good opening match as Kid Nikels was getting the crowd behind him and the crowd stuck with him till the end! The whole match Hot Rod tried to cheat for his tag partner (Dave Cox). Kid Nikels used his size, speed, and technique to dominate the match. Hot Rod was intense though at every turn he would try to cheat and distract the Ref with or without the Ref knowing about it! Hot Rod did not want his Tag Partner Dave Cox to go away with a loss! Kid Nikels took all he had learned in his experiences of wrestling and knew that once he got Dave Cox down he needed to work on a part of his body! After Kid Nickels gave a few hammerlocks he began to work on Dave’s Arm and Shoulder just trying to make Dave give up! After battling back and forth and not able to beat each other Hot Rod got a little irritated when Kid Nikels would not let Dave do anything and Hot Rod jumped in and began to kick and beat on Kid Nikels trying to prove that Kid Nikels and nobody else can mess with Danger Zone (Hot Rod and Dave Cox). The Ref awarded the match to Kid Nickels by DQ. Kid was applauded as he went to the back!
*Good match between Kid and Dave!
*Winner: Kid Nikels by DQ
*Time: 9:45

Second Match:
The Russian Assassin # 1vs. Greg King Jr
Greg King enters through the curtain and the place erupts! The crowd pops for him like no other! Greg in the ring flexing, posing, and trying to look like he is just having a good time! The women are eating him up! The match starts as Greg King pumps the crowd up! Greg King uses his youth and speed to try to humiliate The Russian, yet The Russian uses his experience as Greg King would try everything in his body to try to overcome The Russian but nothing would work! The Russian had Greg King about to give up and Greg fought out and got a little gain on the match until a hard irish whip into the corner and BOOM! The Russian Assassin hits his Russian Sickle! The crowd was furious with The Russian’s win and Greg as well as Kid Nikels was cheered upon leaving the ring.
*Crowd loved Greg King
*The Russian Assassin was hated again!
*Winner: The Russian Assassin # 1 by pinfall

Third Match:
Big Al vs. Hot Rod John Ellison with Dave Cox
Hot Rod and Dave Cox was not welcomed back to the ring. The crowd was excited to see Big Al wrestling tonight! The match started as Hot Rod would be still irritated from the first match and Hot Rod was just solid and would not give Big Al anything! Dave Cox cheated the whole match with stiff forearms and chokes everytime Big Al would hit the mat! Big Al did catch a break and sent Hot Rod to the ground after a few closelines and a massive big boot! Big Al and Hot Rod worked very well with each other and this was a match of quick wits. In the end Hot Rod gets the win with Dave Cox distracted Big Al and Big Al turned around into a Superkick!
*Winner: Hot Rod via pinfall
*Time: 10:50.

Commissioner Johnny Hawk came out and announces that a benefit show was in the making for Tony "The Bull" Ramirez. Tony was Tag Team Champions with Johnny Hawk known as the "Mexican Connection". Tony is Johnny Hawk's brother and more information will be posted about the event at a later date!

Fourth Match: (Semi-Main)
Eric Wayne and ? vs. MacDaddy/Johnny Harper (SWA Tag Team Champion)
MacDaddy and Harper head to the ring and talks to the crowd a bit! The crowd hates MacDaddy and Harper! MacDaddy and Harper began to tell the crowd that they do not have to wrestle tonight since Chris Stryker is not here and Eric Wayne has no partner, as they say "they are not going to wrestle tonight" and are exiting the ring Eric Wayne's music hits and Eric comes out to say he is going to wrestle tonight! Eric knows that he is not stupid enough to wrestle or try to wrestle two men but he is wrestling tonight! Eric explains that Chris Stryker could not make it due to injury but he has a tag partner and at that moment Kid Nickels music hits and the crowd goes crazy! The match starts and this is a classic match between OLD SCHOOL vs. NEW SCHOOL! Harper and MacDaddy kept Eric in the match almost the entire match everytime Kid would get tagged in the Ref would not see the tag and make Kid get back out! Eric received a hard and a cheating beating by Harper and MacDaddy! Crowd throughout whole match chanted "Let's go Eric", the crowd was Hot for Eric! Kid Nikels finally got tagged in and went back and forth with some powerful moves and goes for a pin only to be eye raked by MacDaddy. Kid tags in Eric and Eric comes in strong. In the end Eric goes for a springboard and Harper was hit with an amazing Springboard Eric Wayne then goes to the top rope for a Frog Splash and as Harper laying there in pain he uses his veteran instinct and pulls his knees up and Eric lands very hard onto Harpers knees! As both men lay there in pain MacDaddy and Kid meets halfway in the middle on the outside only for Kid to be thrown into the corner post and knocked to the ground! As the Ref is outside checking on Kid MacDaddy slides in the ring to pull Harper on top of Eric and MacDaddy calls for the Ref and the Ref slides in and pulls the 1,2, and 3.
*Crowd was with this match the whole match!
*This was the Match of the night!
*Winner:Harper and MacDaddy to retain the (SWA Tag Team Championship)
*Time: 28:04

Fifth Match: (Main Event)
Matt Justice (SWA Heavyweight Champion) with Princess Selina vs. Wild Bill
Crowd was very loud for this match as the crowd loves Wild Bill and Hates both Princess Selina and the Champ Matt Justice. The crowd hates Princess Selina and Matt Justice beyond belief! Princess Selina would chant to the crowd why "her man" (Matt Justice) was the champ! As Wild Bill tried to fight off Matt he only got Princess Selina to slap, choke, and low blow him from the outside! Wild Bill was cheated this match and Matt Justice and Princess Selina loved it! Wild Bill after being double teamed all night and the Ref not doing anything about it he still managed to get a few good moves in there! As Wild Bill had the crowd on their feet and Matt Justice begging for Wild Bill to stop, Wild Bill pulled his straps down and went to the top to deliver a huge fist off the second rope. Matt would roll out of the ring after that fist. Wild Bill would go and try to get Matt to put him back in the ring, but it is hard when Princess Selina jumped on Wild Bills back to choke him from behind! Wild Bill fought her off and Matt was already in the ring waiting for Wild Bill. Matt began to stiff Wild Bill with some kicks until Wild Bill found himself in the figure four leglock, and Wild Bill was destined not to give up, after 4 minutes in the Figure Four Wild Bill actually blacked out long enough to be pinned by his shoulders never leaving the ground!
*Winner: Matt Justice by pinfall to retain the (SWA Championship) with Princess Selina
*Time: 14:48
The Second show for SWA made about 130-145 people in attendance!

Every Saturday night at 7:00pm
Old Miller Gym in Batesville, AR
Admission is $5, children under 5 for free
*There is food and drinks sold at the Arena
THIS WEEK (October 22nd)
*Chris Stryker/Eric Wayne vs. MacDaddy/Johnny Harper (SWA Tag Team Champions)
*Wild Bill gets his rematch vs. Matt Justice for the (SWA Heavyweight Championship)
Come see Superstars such as Matt Justice, Eric Wayne, Chris Stryker, Kid Nickels, Greg King, Johnny Harper, MacDaddy, Hot Rod, Big Al, Wild Bill, The Russian Assassin # 1, Princess Selina, Melina, and Many more!
Starting Nov. 1st The Rodeo Clowns will be in Batesville, AR

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 10.18.08

A standing room only crowd was treated to an excellent show Saturday night in Booneville. The crowd was loud and into the show all night long. Lots of new faces in the crowd, and everyone had a good time.

Chaz w/Dustin Burcham over "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris & G-Man in a 3-way match. Before the match, Burcham announced that Chazz's partner, Cyrus, has been permanently committed to the insane asylum. He went on to sway that a new member of Revolution would be announced at the next show.

Next was "The Executioners" (Axe & Dagger) vs. "Pain, Inc." (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) and EPW Tag Team Champions "The Ghost Riders" (Buzz Harley & Blade)in a 3-way tag team match. Shortly after the match started, Buzz & Blade walked over to the table, grabbed their belts (which Pain, Inc. had stolen a couple of weeks ago, and went to the back, leaving Pain, Inc. to battle The Executioners. Winners were The Executioners.

"The Future" Chris Styles & Chris Fontaine w/Justin Rhodes defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs & Cassanova Kid. Before the match Rhodes announced that the newest member of PHAT Foundation is Chris Styles. Styles/Fontaine won the match when Tony Dabbs turned on Cassanova Kid and flattened Kid with a super kick. After the match Dabbs said he had come to EPW for one reason and one reason only, and that was to take Cassanova Kid's Extreme Championship.

EPW Champion "Prime Time" Nick Grimes w/Nathan Lee defeated Tysin Starr to retain. Before the match started, Nathan Lee said it was the last time Grimes would defend the belt against Tysin. Lee interfered throughout the match top enable Grimes to get the win.

The semi-main event was a battle royal to determine the #1 contender for the EPW Extreme Championship. The match was won by "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs.

The main event was the long-awaited cage match between 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) and Bonecrusher/Soul Taker. It was a hardcore match in the cage, last man standing rules were in effect. No referee in the cage, EPW Senior Referee K. C. was stationed outside the cage to make the count. When the cage had been set up, all kinds of "toys" were thrown in, including an oil pan, a baseball bat, a stop sign, a chain, a door, boards, and other stuff too numerous to mention. Once the participants were in the cage, the door was chained shut and the fight was on. These four guys beat the crap out of each other. The match lasted almost 30 minutes and was wild, crazy, and bloody. Eventual winners were Bonecrusher & Soul Taker. When the winners had left the ring, they locked the cage, grabbed the key and threw it away, leaving 24/7 laying in the cage. Excellent hardcore match.

Congrats to EPW owner & promoter Edith Poole and the entire EPW crew on a great show and a standing room only crowd.

Epw will be having a Halloween Party at the EPW Arena on Halloween night, Friday, 10-31-08. The fun will start at 6:00 p.m. There will be all kinds of games, including bobbing for bananas and bobbing for apples, as well as candy & prizes for all the kids. It will be a fun night, so don't miss it,

EPW will be in action again this Saturday night at the EPW Arena on Highway 145 (old Dodds Garage building) in Booneville. I am sure it will be another great show, so don't miss it!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----Wow!!! Good deal to see them almost double their crowd. There was s

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Flashback" Oct 1977 Part 2 by Mark James

This Week’s Flashsback Highlights: Oct 1977 Part 2
Last week we had the King returning from a short retirement and first babyface run under new promotion owner, Jerry Jarrett. This week we continue to look at Oct 1977 and see the first teaming of former enemies Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.

Oct 24, 1977

The big news on this card was the first teaming of Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. The new team defeated the formidable team of Jimmy and Johnny Valiant, who were former W.W.W.F and W.W.A World tag team champions.

On an interesting side note, Dundee and Lawler both lost earlier matches that night. Lawler teamed with Norvell Austin in a losing effort against one of the most under-rated tag teams to ever appear in Memphis, Phil Hickerson and Dennis Condrey. Bill Dundee was also unsuccessful in his teaming with Scott Casey. They lost their Southern tag ttle match with defending champions, the Samoans, (managed by Bruce Swayze.)

Over 9,200 fans came to see the teaming of Lawler and Dundee. The conversion of Jerry Lawler to the area’s top babyface was complete.

Also on the card were Mr. Wrestling, Robert Gibson and David Schultz and a young Terry Gordy.

Oct 30, 1977

Jerry Jarrett continued to give the fans what they wanted, his new team of Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee. This week’s main event featured a hospital elimination match with Lawler and Dundee going against Phil Hickerson and Dennis Condrey (with manager Al Costello.) It was a crazy match and was eventually ruled a “no contest” by the ref.

Norvell Austin got some revenge against manager Al Costello in a special 5 minute challenge match.

Another big match for the night was the Southern tag team title match. Big Red and Robert Gibson won by DQ over the champs, the Samoans. The belts stayed with the champs, for another week.

Also on the card: Mr Wrestling, David Schultz, Ratamus and Spider-Man.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

"What Memphis Watches"

This past week turned out to be a slow week for wrestling shows looking for viewers. The one exception: Memphis Wrestling! MW landed a 1.0 and gained viewers every quarter hour. It would not surprise me if MW continued rehashing old shows since the numbers were up after showing matches from 2004. WWE Smackdown dropped a half point overall from last week. I guess some fans still haven’t figured out Smackdown switched to Ch.50. RAW dropped a full point overall from last week which is not good considering it’s the last RAW before Cyber Sunday. The national rating for RAW was a 2.9 which is below average. Might as well blame the low numbers on the economy. We’re blaming everything else on it. People could legitimately be dropping cable because they can’t afford it which in turn could cause lower viewership for wrestling shows airing on cable.

I’m on vacation from my real job this week and will be attending Ken Wayne’s NEW show this Friday. Come up and say hi!

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact ( Thursday ) 10-16-08

Final Rating: 1.4 ( 22,687 viewers ) 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour:
0.7 ( 11,344 viewers )

0.9 ( 14,585 )

1.4 ( 22,687 )

1.4 ( 22,687 )

2nd hour:
1.6 ( 25,928 )

1.6 ( 25,928 )

1.9 ( 30,790 )

1.5 ( 24,308 )

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10-17-08

Final Rating: 3.0 ( 48,615 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 2.5 ( 40,513 viewers )

3.1 ( 50,236 )

3.1 ( 50,236 )

3.4 ( 55,097 )

2nd hour: 2.5 ( 40,513 viewers )

3.3 ( 53,477 )

3.4 ( 55,097 )

2.9 ( 46,995 )

Memphis Wrestling 10-18-08

Final Rating: 1.0 ( 16,205 viewers ) 2 share

Quarter hours: 0.8 ( 12,964 )

0.9 ( 14,585 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

TNA Impact Replay @ 8 a.m. 10-18-08

Final Rating: 0.4 ( 6,482 viewers ) 1 share

WWE A.M. 10-19-08

Final Rating: 1.5 ( 24,308 viewers ) 3 share

WWE RAW 10-13-08

Final Rating: 4.9 ( 79,405 viewers ) 7 share

1st hour: 5.1 ( 82,646 viewers ) 7 share

Quarter hours: 4.6 ( 74,543 viewers )

5.3 ( 85,887 )

5.9 ( 95,610 )

4.7 ( 76,164 )

2nd hour: 4.7 ( 76,164 viewers ) 6 share

Quarter hours: 5.6 ( 90,784 viewers )

4.8 ( 77,784 )

3.8 ( 61,579 )

4.6 ( 74,543 )

Overrun: 3.6 ( 58,338 viewers )

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” with the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.----

First N.E.W. TV show now online!!!

Company prepares for third live event this Friday

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – The brief wait for a first look at the Mid-South’s newest wrestling product is finally over as New Experience Wrestling Episode No. 001 is now available online.

The show can be seen at From the home page, click on the N.E.W. logo link and then find the show link on the N.E.W. home page.

“I am so glad that we are finally able to showcase what all the hype has been about,” said “Nightmare” Ken Wayne, owner of N.E.W. Wrestling. “I think the first show is a good initial introduction to what New Experience Wrestling is all about.

The first show features four exciting matches that will include the first two graduates of Wayne’s School – “3G” Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels - as well as two current students Greg King Jr. and Matt Justyce. Long time Memphis fixture Derrick King is also in action as is Tatt2, Matt Riviera and Jeff Jett.

After watching the show online, fans that just can’t get enough of the action won’t have to wait long as N.E.W. Wrestling will return to its home base in West Memphis on Friday night with the third in a series of TV tapings. Eric Wayne, Nikels, Derrick King, Greg King Jr., Matt Justyce and Tatt2 will all be in action again along with Stan Lee and “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony.

“I’ve really been impressed with what I’ve seen from Derrick King and Tatt2,” said Ken. “They have been able to adjust to our more athletic style and I think they’ll be solid contributors to N.E.W. As for ‘Golden Boy,’ and Stan Lee, the pressure is on to see if they have what it takes. I’m personally pulling for them!”

Friday night’s card begins at 8 p.m. at the “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Wrestling,” located at 201 E. Jefferson St., Building No. 2, in West Memphis.
For more information on New Experience Wrestling and Ken’s wrestling school, visit or call 901-831-4198.

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 10.18.08

Show opened with Mike Anthony interrupting owner Frank Martin as he was greeting the crowd. Anthony went on to tell the fans that he had come into the RWA and beat Rodney Mack in several matches. He said that Mack was scared to fight him so he has been sending his "students" to do his dirty work. Students like J.D. Kerry. Anthony went on to say that he has beaten "that punk” Kerry and should be the number one contender for the RWA title. That's when Kerry came out to confront Anthony. Kerry told Anthony that he remembers beating him clean in the middle of the ring 1,2,3. But last week the Playa'z had to hold his legs down in order for Anthony to get the win. (to be honest at this point Anthony looked confused about the Playa'z roll in last week's match) That's when Kerry slapped Anthony and they exchanged extremely stiff slaps. Frank Martin and the ref's for the RWA broke the two up. Martin then told them he was not going to have this continue forever and made it a best of 5 series with the score already 1-1.

Match 1. Mike Anthony VS J.D. Kerry.
These two put on a great match, it was fast and stiff. The Playa'z came out for a second straight week to distract Kerry and Anthony rolled him up, but Kerry rolled through and got the 3 count to take a 2-1 lead.

Match 2. Lucha Libra Star Blazing Starr and Blazing Starr Jr. made their debut against Bitty Little. Great match with Bitty getting the 3 count.

Match 3. Rik Burton came out to the ring dressed to impress. Did a good mic spill that really got to the crowd. He said that he's better than everyone and wants his title back. After he left the ring Steel and Richards and Massy came out for their match against the Asylum. Rottn Randy came out and the Asylum has taken to trusting him. They let him hold the dolls. The finish of the match was when Steel took the golf club and went to hit Arnez and Arnez ducked and he hit Richards. Arnez got the 3 count. Massy and Richards then argued with Steel and seem to have some trouble starting there.

Match 4. Leprechauns VS Little Devil and Kid J.
Great midget match very entertaining for the fans with Little Devil and Kid J getting the win.

Match 5. Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS Pokerface.
Graham presented a note to the Ref who gave it to Martin. Martin read the note and it was from a Dr. It was a prescription for him to wear a thumb brace during his match's. Since Martin could not verify the note that evening he let Graham wrestle with it and yes it came into play and Graham got the 3 count.

Match 6. RWA Champ Rodney Mack and Soul train Jones VS Rik Burton and Classy Meltin Massy.

Good match Rik Burton has been demonstrating some new found wrestling moves. He is becoming a complete wrestler and not just a brawler. Rodney Mack and Burton hooked up in this match and it looks like they are heading for a clash once again. Soul Train saw the opportunity to use the golf club that Massy hit him with earlier and hit Massy with it and got the 3 count.

Match 7. POB [Ron Rage/Midnight Cowboy] VS “The Natural Born Playa'z” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular]. The Playa'z brought out the surprise of the night. Ron Rages wife Raven. This match was brutal with both teams let it all out. There is no love lost between these four. Rage hit Southside with a chain and put it into Southside’s pocket then pulled Southside on top of him and let the Ref count 3. When the Ref raised Southside’s hand he saw the chain and reversed the decision.

After intermission POB came to the ring and cornered Martin and let the fans know that it was Martin’s cell phone that called the police the night POB was arrested. At this point Martin gave Rage some papers that a person gave him to give to Rage. They were in fact real Divorce papers filed by Raven. Cowboy grabbed Martin and Rage pulled a chain. Cowboy let Martin go and got out of the ring and Martin got out of the ring. When Rage turned around Rodney Mack speared him out of his shoes. As Cowboy jumped in the ring Mack and him fought for a minute before Mack hit him with a spear. As POB retreated to hit the ring again Soul train hit the ring to back up Mack. Crowd loved all of this.

Great show with new talent again. 150+ in the crowd.

RassleResults: MAW Horn Lake Fall Festival Horn Lake, MS 10.18.08

Match #1
Danny B. Good defeated M.A.W. Champion Goldenboy Greg Anthony by DQ when Derrick King interfered.

Match #2
Stan Lee defeated Derrick King by DQ when Goldenboy interfered. Danny B made the save then challenged King & Goldenboy to a tag match for the main event of the first show.

Match #3 Xander Gray defeated Cowboy Chris Frazier w/ Juicy Johnny Morton.
Before the match Morton called out the Mayor of Horn Lake, Nat Baker and M.A.W. Commissioner K.C. Gold, only to berate the Mayor and make a challenge that if Gray beat Cowboy in less than 5 minutes Morton would wrestle Gray with the Mayor as Special guest referee. Gray pinned Frazier with a roll up in 3:30.

Match #4
Danny B. Good & Stan Lee defeated Derrick King & Goldenboy Greg Anthony with a double sunset flip and double pin. At one point in the match they brought a couple of the pee wee football players in full gear into the ring and lined them up against DK & TGB who were in helmets. When they yelled "hike" DK & TGB powdered.

3:00 P.M. Show

Match #1
Special Challenge Match with Special guest Referee Horn Lake Mayor Nat Baker

Xander Gray defeated Juicy Johnny Morton.
Due to being a bit under the weather The Mayor asked Commissioner K.C. Gold to substitute the Vice Mayor of Horn Lake as special ref for the match. The Mayor did stay at ringside to thwart any interference from Chris Frazier. Morton then announced that if Gray beat him he would choose a kid from ringside to let them spank him with a belt. After the match Morton picked the kid from ringside and it turned out to be Gray's son. Morton then tried to run from the ring but was pushed back in the ring by Baker and a Horn Lake Officer. After the spanking Morton & Frazier fled but only to make their way back around to the ring & attack Gray. Big Country made the save and the Commissioner made a match for Big Country against Frazier for later.

Match #2 Goldenboy Greg Anthony defeated Stan Lee by hitting him with the title belt while the referee's back was turned.

After the match Derrick King made his way out & began berating the fans, Horn Lake, and the entire state of Mississippi. He also put down Dustin Starr who was in attendance promoting & selling items from After calling Starr to the ring DK refused to answer the challenge from Starr for a singles match, so the Commissioner told them both to find a tag partner & that would be the main event for the afternoon.

Match #3
Big Country defeated Cowboy Chris Frazier

Match #4 Main Event
Dustin Star & ??? vs Derrick King & ???.
In what was a shock to the Commissioner, King brought out the commissioner's own hired henchman, Armageddon to be his partner. Star then brought out Danny B. Good as his partner.The match went back and forth till King/Armageddon got an advantage on Star. They used chain Armageddon brought to the ring along with a football helmet they stole from one of the fans at ringside.The helmet would come back to haunt them as Starr hit Armageddon with it from the second rope to gain enough time to get a tag to Good. From there it became a brawl and ended after the ref got knocked down by the brawling, Good hit the Blockbuster on DK, and the commissioner slid in to make the 3 count.

After the match King called the commissioner into the ring and began berating him for getting involved in his match. DK shoved Gold and when Gold stood up to him, DK slapped him. When Gold stood back up he shoved DK backwards causing him to back into Armageddon. When King turned around Armageddon grabbed him and hit him with a huge choke slammed.

A few notes:
Head counts from several people were 325 - 350 for the early show and around 550 for the second show.The crowds were popping during all the matches. ..Even though it was a free show to the public all the guys got paid….At one point in the first show, Danny B & Stan Lee were in the ring with probably 30 to 40 kids….During Stan, Danny B, and Dustin's entrances in the second show it looked like they were swimming thru a sea of fans…I was told by a couple of fans that the carnival people were complaining about the wrestling show drawing the crowd away from the rides.

Credit: MAW Gizzold

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 10.18.08

Josh Sydal defeated Syn.

Chris Chaos defeated Chop.

TFW Tag Team Champions "Sons of the South" (Josh Matthews & Chris Styles) defeated "Moe Foundation" (Curly Moe & G-Moe Money) w/Dirty Rell Moe.

"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore demolished "The Greatness" Jay Webster.

TFW Lightweight Champion Ryan SoFine defeated DC to retain.

LSD defeated TFW Champion Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor by DQ. Taylor retains the belt.

Crowd was approx. 75.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: TXW Lake City, TN 10.18.08

In what many consider to be one of the best TXW shows to date, 100+ wrestling fans from near and far crammed into the Lake City Rec Center to see TXW's "Night of Terror". Fans Spun the Wheel to determine what each match stipulations were, and the crowd was thoroughly entertained by the antics and creativity of the TXW stars.

1) Menace vs. Shane "The Prodigy" Andrews
Throw in the Towel Match
This was of course a quick back and forth match that thrilled the fans from the get go. During of the middle of the match though, Andrews appeared to be losing his patience and started bending the rules a bit. After choking Menace with the towel, Shane ascended to the top rope and jumped off, only to be dropkicked by the Blackanese Assassin. Shane then dropped the towel and the ref determined that was enough to fulfill the match stipulations. After Menace was determined the victor, Andrews was a sore loser and piledrove him into the mat, to the disappointment of the fans.
Winner: Menace

2) J-Mac vs. Bobby Blassie
Taped Fist Match
This was a friendly match between two fan favorites trying to climb the ranks of the TXW. The match was fun, fast paced, and at times high flying, but the former Tag Champ was able to land a big punch on J-Mac and cover him up for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Bobby Blassie

3) Demetria vs. Violet Adams
Coward Waves the Flag
The little kids were once again confused at what the meaning of life is when they witnessed Demetria for the first time coming out to "The Best of Both Worlds" by Hanna Montana, but she/he once again demonstrated that he/she is very unladylike in the wrestling ring. Demetrria poked the ref in the eye with the flag, and then proceeded to beat Violet with the flag pole. Violet regained the momentum, and then proceeded to pummel Demetria with the foreign object. The blind ref turned and saw what appeared to be Violet waving a flag and rang the bell.
Winner: Demetria

4) Ruff Cutt vs. The Black List (O'Day - Sheppard)
Kendo Stick Match
It's not every day when you see two bad guy tag teams take on each other, especially in a Kendo Stick match, but the crowd was thrilled to see both teams hurt each other. This match was back and forth, and the confused referee kept trying to restrict the use of the Kendo Stick for some reason. But when Ruff Cutt finally got their hands on it, they finished off Sheppard and scored the 1...2...3
Winner: Ruff Cutt

5) Bob O Mac vs. Juggalo Drake vs. Funkmaster V
Three Way Dance - 10 Minute Time Limit
TXW Youtube Television Title Match
I Quit Match
Hated rivals Bob O Mac and Funkmaster V started off with some chain wrestling, and Funkmaster V became frustrated when the ref would not count pinfall attempts. Several submission holds were applied in this match, with the match ending with Funkmaster V screaming I Quit into the mic at 10:01... one second after time had expired. Bob O Mac thought he won with his su bmission hold, the CNC, but Commissioner Billy Marshall stated the match had to restart and that there had to be a winner. Funkmaster immediately chop blocked Mac, and applied the figure four, but Juggalo Drake slipped in with a Half-Nelson Choke on Funkmaster V and the Funky One screamed "I Quit" once again.
Winner and new TXW Youtube Television Champion: Juggalo Drake

6) Bobby Rayne & Sgt AWOL © vs. The Reaper and BIG ORANGE
TXW Tag Team Championship
Loser Eats Dog Food Match
The feuding new tag champs had to defend their belts together against AWOL's former partner the Reaper and a strange new masked character named BIG ORANGE. The match was a great one, and AWOL did what he could to defend the belts, even against his friend. Rayne's hatred of AWOL finally overcame him, and he knocked out AWOL with a foreign object, allowing him to get pinned by the challenging tag team.
Winners and new TXW Tag Team Champions: The Reaper and Big Orange

Rayne forced the Dog Food down AWOL's throat and laughed hysterically. Rayne then grabbed the mic and demanded that Billy Marshall come out and grant the Forsaken Angels Guild a legit title shot that they never recieved. Billy said they could have it anytime, and Rayne decided now was the time. Big Orange unmasked himself to be Rayne's partner "Ravishing" Ryan Luther, and he and Rayne took out the Reaper with their double team move "The Dominatrix" and scored the pinfall!
Winners and new TXW Tag Team Champions: The Forsaken Angels Guild

7) Jerry Lee vs. Matt Boyce w/ Chris Love
TXW Heavyweight Championship
Log Chain Match
Matt Boyce's manager Chris Love said that it was in his contract that Matt Boyce would not be brought in to do any type of dangerous match that would involve weapons of any sort. The fans hated this, and even Billy Marshall admitted that Love had him on a technicality. Billy picked another match off of the wheel.... a "Special Referee Match"... and the ref would be Billy Marshall himself! Throughout the bout, Boyce was overpowered in this one, and had to resort to cheating to keep up with Lee. Marshall, tired of the rule bending, warned that the fight would be thrown out if the antics continued. Boyce pushed Marshall, then Marshall pushed Boyce, right into the arms of a Lee School boy. After the quick count, Lee remained the undefeated champion!
Winner and still TXW Heavyweight Champion: Jerry Lee!!!!


Showtime All-Star Wrestling Online For Your Viewing!!!

For immediate release:

New epiodes of Showtime All-Star Wrestling can now be viewed free of charge, on the internet at Currently, Episode 67 is up and running, and we expect to have an archive of past shows up within the next couple of weeks. Additional information regarding SAW can be found at, and an questions or comments about the show can be sent to

Thanks for your time, and we appreciate any coverage you can provide.

Reno Riggins
SAW Wrestling

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rant, Memphis Wrestling TV Report and Watch and Vote 10.18.08!!!

----Ok I started to watch the Memphis show...and I got this far with the report -

Memphis Wrestling TV Report
----Jerry Lawler and Corey Maclin open the show as usual with Corey just laughing at everything Lawler says.

and then thought about taking a look to see if D-Rock had posted it at yet?? And low and behold - it was posted. Guess what?? I am sooooooooooooooo glad I did not take the time to watch this horseshit!! They had aired this earlier this year on CW 30!!! It was from August of 2004!! Why do you continue to produce a show with such crap?? Until they can produce and show some new matches, I am boycotting the show. I am not going to waste a hour of my life every week watching that bumbling idiot goof Corey Maclin laughing and acting as if he wants to make love to Lawler for money. I have been as professional as I can be with Maclin and his efforts to continue to the tradition of Memphis Wrestling, but please just do us all a favor and take that horseshit off TV and go back to selling ads or whatever you do in real life. I think maybe you might be a nice guy - Lance Russell seems to like you - but you are putting a HUGE BLACK EYE on the history of Memphis Wrestling. And guess what?? Lawler is not doing ANYTHING to help either. Hey, D-Rock - shoot me an e-mail and ask Jimmy - I will let you post the damn thing here every week also. I just can't watch unless they TRY to present some original programming.

MEMPHIS WRESTLING TV Report 10.18.08 by D-Rock

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler are back with another big day of wrestling. Jerry talked about the upcoming election and mentioned that the "Powers That Be" at My50 are wanting to take a look back at how good The Jerry & Jimmy Show was because they are wanting to conduct a special poll to possibly replace Corey as host of Memphis Wrestling. Jerry added that at the end of the show they will tell everybody where they can go to vote.

They show the opening of The Jerry & Jimmy Show that originally aired on August 21, 2004, which was simply Memphis Wrestling scribbled out and The Jerry & Jimmy Show placed over it. "The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart introduced Christina(Christi Ricci) because Jerry wanted to add a beautiful woman to the show. Jerry and Jimmy announced that Koko B. Ware was going to be singing his multi-platinum million selling album, "The Bird Bird Bird" later on in the show. Jerry also said that Spider-Man was going to be in action and that they would be hearing from "The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant.

To contact "The King" visit his website,, where you can find old pictures, videos, shirts, and much more.

To advertise with Memphis Wrestling or find out more information about personal appearances, live events, and fund raisers, Call 901-794-7771

Corey and Jerry are back in the studio. Corey said that the ratings peaked, during the commercials, while The Jerry & Jimmy Show was going on. Jerry said, today you are seeing The Jerry & Jimmy Show and the orders from up above may want you to vote Corey off the show like American Idol. You will have the opportunity to vote whether to keep Corey Maclin as host, later, in the show.

More highlights from The Jerry & Jimmy Show with Jerry & Jimmy conducting an interview with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. "Superstar" Bill Dundee walked out and said there isn't going to be any singing. Dundee goes after Hart, but Koko attacked "The Superstar" from behind. Koko had Dundee held down, but Jimmy couldn't lift the ring bell. Jerry helped Jimmy lift the bell, but Kevin White made the save by hitting Koko with a chair.

Koko B. Ware interfered during the Kevin White/Johnny Dotson match, by striking White with a chair. Dundee made the save. During the match, Lawler referred to the match as a "Who cares match." Lawler kept saying how boring the match was and even stated how they could take the tape of this match and show it for yawn research." That was a good one.

The Sexy Assassins, Tim and Flex, walked out for an interview. Jerry got Christina to sit on his lap. Mac Daddy!

They air a video clip of Brian Christopher's preparation for the stinkface match. This video included Brian eating beans and passing gas. Funny interview.

Followed by a video of "The Boogie Woogie Man" Handsome Jimmy Valiant.

Visit, Your Online Source For Local And National Pro Wrestling News

Back in the studio, Corey said you could find better girls than Christi Ricci at Cafe Toscana. Jerry said that Corey is just bias like the media is against John McCain. Corey asked what about Obama? Jerry said everyone loves Obama and Biden. Corey asked Jerry about Sarah Palin. Jerry answered that he loved her. Corey said, "You better watch it. She'll shoot you." Jerry, jokingly, responded, "I got a lot of mousse in my hair, but I don't look like a moose, do I? They go back to more footage from The Jerry & Jimmy Show.

Spider-Man walked out. Lawler made fun of him and told him that he is going to send him packing. So there was an impromptu match between Spider-Man and Jerry "The King" Lawler. Spider-Man was taking it to "The King" until Lawler attacked Referee Rashard Devon, getting himself disqualified. He later gave Devon a piledriver.

After the match, Jimmy Hart had some words for Corey Maclin. Then, Jerry had something to say about Terry Funk. He said the name of Funk's ranch was Jurassic Park and that his horse was the original horse on Noah's Ark. Lawler added, "Now, Terry Funk, I had tried to do you a favor. When I took that stick and jammed it in your eye. I was doing you a favor! Because you see, Jimmy, I was trying to stop his suffering. I was trying to take his sight away, so that he wouldn't have to go home, everyday, and look at that ugly wife of his! Have you ever seen Terry Funk's wife? She would scare the hump off a camel's back! On that ranch of Terry Funk's, he don't have to use a scarecrow, he just makes his wife go out and stand in the fields! That's how ugly she is!" Classic!

This was followed by a great Terry Funk interview.

Back in the studio, Corey said that the people are changing the channels during The Jerry & Jimmy Show. Lawler said he had The Wrestling Professor on the phone. The Professor asked Corey if he could remember who was Lawler and Jeff Jarrett's partner, back in the day, against The Moondogs, Spot & Rex, and The Big Black Dog. Corey's answer was The Junkyard Dog. Ding! Ding! We have a winner! Corey was right.

They aired footage from this classic six-man war pitting Jerry "The King" Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, and The Junkyard Dog against The Moondogs and The Big Black Dog with Richard Lee in their corner. Corey was announcing this contest. This match included chairs, tables, sticks, wooden shutters, and the ring bell.

As they went to break, Jerry mentioned that coming up in November, it will be the four year anniversary of the passing of Moondog Spot, there in the ring at the Mid-South Coliseum. He also stated that The Junkyard Dog was killed in a car accident. Jerry said that was a great match and he loved looking back and seeing those guys, again.

After the break, they showed more footage from the classic six-man battle featuring Lawler, Jarrett, & JYD against The Moondogs & The Big Black Dog. The referee, eventually, stopped the match when The Big Black Dog was unable to continue after being on the receiving end of several vicious attacks from Lawler and Jarrett wielding sticks and chairs at his leg.

The Wood & Carlton, P.C., Attorneys at Law Slam of the week featured highlights from the classic six-man match.

Back to more of The Jerry & Jimmy Show with an interview with Koko B. Ware and Shock. Koko said he's not singing and he is going to destroy Kevin White. Shock said that Brian Christopher called him, and told him to personally take care of The Sexy Assassins, so Shock called them out. Tim & Flex accepted.

The Sexy Assassins, Tim & Flex, defeated Shock & Koko, by disqualification, after Koko brought out a shock stick and attacked the two. Bill Dundee and Kevin White made the save. Dundee shocked Koko, before they fled the scene.

An interview with Corey Maclin and his doctor followed. Corey tore off his neckbrace and told Jerry to take a look, outside, at the White Cadillac that he had won. Jerry and Jimmy ran outside to check on the car, but Corey almost mowed them down in his Denali. Corey jumped out, armed with two baseball bats. Corey ran in the studio and said, "It's going to be on like a pot of neck bone!"

Back in the studio, Corey said they're about out of time and he's seen enough of The Jerry & Jimmy Show. Jerry said it's time to vote on whether or not to keep Corey as host on Memphis Wrestling. Jerry told everyone to go to to vote, right now. While you're at, not only can you vote, but you can also pick up a great Jerry "The King" Lawler t-shirt, cd, or buy one of his crowns. Corey told everyone to buy some earplugs with that cd. Jerry asked Corey if he was listening to his cd, earlier, because he noticed his ears were bleeding. Jerry said it's been a great show and, next week, we may see Corey and we may not.


RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 10.18.08

Show opened with David Walls looking for Austin Lane - no one could find him. He had a paper to show him.

1st Match
Cody Murdock [pictured] Vs Silent Mark
Murdock was himself this night after a few arm drags by Mark, Murdock said no more and squashed this man. A stiff shot on Mark’s comeback from Cody and a flatBed.(Baldo Bomb) Murdock Wins Via Pin Fall 5:14

2nd Match
Tommy Wayne Vs Kailiaki
Just A Baby Vs Baby Match Kailiaki second try out. Match started out fun and games
with Tommy getting to hula for the crowd. Since Kailiaki Is from Hawaii it was fun for him
to teach Tommy. Match started and some chain wrestling went on until Cody Only come to the ring & BlackHole Slams Both Tommy & Kailiaki. Tommy begs for match later In the night.
No Contest In 4:45

3rd Match
Scott Fury Vs Regulator
Not much here Scott clearly out wrestled Regulator for this win via pin fall after chin crusher in 7:33.

Ricky Roland came to the ring and stated that he had gotten a letter from Terrance Ward and he needed Scott Fury and Cody Murdock to come to the ring. Ricky informed them that they would be competing next week at Fright Night. Scott and Cody were face to face arguing over who would win and then Ricky stated that it was not a one on one. It’s a triple threat Monsters Ball with 6'10 330lbs Oasis. Oasis came to the ring and grabbed Scott by the throat and stared Murdock down. Murdock tucked his tail between his legs and left the ring. Oasis did a twisting downward spiral and left Scott lying.

Ray Ray Vs Acid
Austin Lane come out and told Ray Ray if he wanted a tryout match with a Heavyweight then he got one. Big Acid came out. Classic Little Big Guy Match, Ray Did have a little help from MR Chain wrapped around his fist. To keep Acid off his feet. Acid did lots of big impact moves and some sick bumps including off the side of the ring onto steel steps back first and a front flip leg drop off the top rope to the mat lucky for Ray Ray he moved then hit Acid with the Suicidal DDT Ray Over Via Pin Fall In 15:54

5th Semi Main
Tommy Wayne Vs Cody Only
Tommy come in with vengeance right on Cody, Bumping The Big Man A lot. Soon enough Cody found the eyes of Tommy to take control. A sling shot Over the top rope took Tommy to the ground. Cody Only took advantage with the guard rails to Tommy's head & the steel poles helped too. Cody took it into the ring and punished Tommy. A few comebacks Including 3 dropkicks and a leg lariat but only two count with a dropkick off the top rope. Tommy thought he had it won, but this big man kicked out again. Tommy called for the Swinging TKO and actually got Cody up on his shoulders before Cody went to the eyes then a low blow and a Blackhole Slam!!
Cody Only Wins Via Pin Fall 15:12

6th Main Event
Austin Lane & Casino Kid Vs X-Kaliber & Morgan Williams
“The Night Of American Degenerates Reunion”, but Austin and Casino had other thoughts than games. The crowd was really hot for this match. The match was pretty solid with X and Morgan working as a team and Austin and Casino were also former tag team champions together. Austin had Morgan up for "The Ride of Your Life" when Ray Ray came out to distract Austin. As much as Austin wanted to hit Ray Ray he remembered that if he did he would get stripped of the title. He turned back to Morgan and Morgan raked his eyes and when Austin turned back to Ray Ray he super kicked Austin and Austin fell right into the "Muscle Cutter" from Morgan for the pin. Afterward Ray Ray and AD took the chairs to Austin and Casino. Ray Ray brought a fork to the ring and stabbed Austin in the head until he bled. Ray Ray then told Austin that paper David Walls had, was releasing the “No Touch Policy”.

149 In Building
Next Week’s “Fright Night”
Morgan Willaims Vs Nikki Lane- Desperate House Wife’s Match
Scott Fury Vs Oasis Vs Cody Murdock- Monster’s Ball Match
Casino Kid Vs X-Kailber - Casket Match
“Fraternity Row” (Tommy Wayne & Chuck Fears) Vs “LSD” (Idol Bane & Cody Only) “House Of Horror Match” For Tag Titles
Austin Lane (c) Vs RayRay In Ultimate X Free Fall Match For ASWF Title

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 10.18.08


The show starts off as usual with Hotrod coming to the ring. Hotrod announces special guest host for the night Scotty C. Drew Magruder is still out from last week’s XOW beating. Hotrod begins to go through the night’s lineup and the Presidential theme music starts and Ravishing Randy enters the ring. Randy talks about how he is fed up with the XOW. Randy says that he is upset with the way the XOW took 8 men to beat his tag team last week for the belts. Randy then talks about how the XOW is taking up his valuable presidential campaign time. Randy then says that he wants to form a 5 man team to get rid of the XOW. XOW music cues and the entire XOW group come to the ring including owner Bill Russ. They circle Randy in the ring and taunt him. Finally team TIWF comes to the ring and clears it. Team TIWF appears to be Big Boy Bob, Dazzlin’ Dixie, Lawman Williams, Way Cool and Chico Mendoza.

Randy and Hotrod then get on the mic and issue a challenge for next week 5 on 5. If TIWF wins the XOW leaves and TIWF gets the Heavyweight title and Tag Team Titles back. XOW owner Bill Russ then gets on the mic and says that he agrees if the TIWF puts the company name on the line. And then XOW owner announces that if Bob wants to be part of the TIWF team that he would have to earn his way in a match later on in the night.Hotrod and Randy agree. Bob’s match vs. mystery opponent set for the night and the TIWF vs. XOW match for the company and belts set for next week. Hotrod and Bill Russ set up a match between themselves for next week.

1st match Suicide vs. Tyrant
This was a rematch from the previous week. Both workers looked much better this week. Suicide is a member of the XOW. Although Suicide is in the XOW this match doesn’t seem to bear in the overall invasion angle. Both workers have good ring skills but Tyrant needs to establish a gimmick of some sort. Fans seem confused as to who the heel and face are in the match. Neither worker worked the crowd. It was mainly just spots in the match. Not match of the night.
Winner: Suicide

2nd Match Big Boy Bob vs. Royale Executioner
Typical Big guy versus big guy match. XOW didn’t interfere in this one. Royale Executioner did a spine buster and body slammed Big Boy Bob much to everyone’s amazement. Bob hit the Hershey Highway for the victory in the end.
Winners: Big Boy Bob

3rd Match TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match Sarge O’Reilly vs. Dazzlin’ Dixie
These two have fought a lot over the years. Crowd was really into this one. Definitely one of the candidates for match of the night. Sarge kept the upper hand with the help of manager Tony Watts and valet Lil’ Bit. End of the match saw the TIWF hit the ring for a change and lay into Sarge a bit before his XOW cohorts could drag him back to the ramp to safety. TIWF was making a statement in this match. Winner: Sarge by DQ retains the title
4th Match: Chico Mendoza vs. Jon “ Biscuit” Roberts
Chico being the much large of the two dominated this match. Lil’ Bit tried to get involved but was subdued by Mamacita. JBR is what the announcers were calling Biscuit. Chico hits the barrio bomb and gets the win.
Winner: Chico Mendoza

5th Match TIWF Tag Team Title Match
S&S ( Syn & Stunner) vs. Jodi Allen & Dre’ Black
This was the first time Allen and Black have teamed together and the crowd enjoyed it. Allen and Black are heels as are the S&S but the crowd was clearly for Allen & Black. End of this one saw S&S retain the titles.
Winners: S&S

At the end of intermission Big Boy Bob was wrangled to the ring all bloody and tied up. XOW put him in the center of the ring and pummeled him. TIWF makes the save. Bob is badly injured. XOW announces that Team TIWF is now down to four.

6th Match AC Styles vs. Way Cool
AC used Lil Bit and Tony Watts to help cheat during this match as usual. Way Cool at times got a hold of both Tony and Lil’ Bit each time to be cut off by Styles. End of the match saw Styles throw Cool into the corner. Cool ducked a shot by Tony Watts on ring apron. Styles rushes in Cool sideswipes him and delivers a Chill Pill followed by the Cool Breeze for the victory. After the match every member of XOW attacks Way Cool. Then music is cued and Wildside appears on the ramp. The crowd goes ballistic. Wildside enters the ring and begins talking to the XOW which number about 8 and to the crowd. Wildside tells the XOW Bravo that they remind him of…him. He goes on talking and the crowd is thinking he’s joining the XOW. Then Wildside says BUT… deep pause… he says he’s “The Franchise” of the TIWF because he’s just that good and he delivers low blows to Neil Taylor, Suicide and a few others. Way Cool comes out of the corner and clotheslines two other members. Way Cool and Wildside clean house for a minute but then get beaten down. TIWF makes the save. Lawman asks Wildside to be the fifth member. Wildside accepts.
Winner: Way Cool

7th Match TIWF TV TITLE Lawman Williams vs. Neil Taylor
Match did not go very long. Old school style match with Lawman winning in the end. XOW hits the ring and TIWF hit the ring and clear it. Standing unified in the ring are Lawman Williams, Chico Mendoza, Dazzlin’ Dixie, Way Cool, Wildside and Randy. Crowd chanting TIWF… TIWF… to close out the night.

--148 in Attendance.
---Team TIWF will be: Wildside/WayCool/Dazzlin’ Dixie/Lawman Williams/Chico Mendoza
--- Erik Hayes in the back talking to the bookers
--- Kilo booked on card for next week.
--- Vic McNasty set to return in November

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each
Every Sat. at noon and Primetime at 6 p.m.
website at

Credit: Steven Hunter

Monday, October 20, 2008

10/11 NWA Main Event TV Review

ION Episode 28

All-Pro Wrestling @ Crazy Mike's Mattress' in Memphis, TN

I got a rare chance to attend this live event as it was about 2 blocks from my house and that it started at noon. It was a pretty good show, in my opinion. I finally got to see some guys that I had heard good things about and even got to see and chat with an old friend (Tasha). Attendance was around 200-250 people and it was funny watching people stopping thier cars in the middle of Summer Ave. to catch a glimspe of the action.

Match #1 - Greg King vs. Eric Wayne

Great match! You can tell these guys have been well-trained. Both guys worked the crowd well. What I liked was the match was just a good wrestling match between two good workers. A great pace with lots of good technics mixed in with a lil high-flying. Greg King gets the DQ win after Kid Nickels interferes on the behalf of Wayne.

Match #2 - Neil Taylor w/Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock vs. Jerry Lawler

Taylor and H-wood Jimmy make thier way to the ring and proceed to rip into Memphis and the fans. H-wood Jimmy was excellent on the mic. They call out Lawler who was standing, in gear, at his gimmick table. Lawler comes to the ring, says a few things and we have a match. Another great match as both Lawler and Taylor did an excellent southern wrestling match. I'm still impressed when Lawler does the dropkick. Lawler gets the win by pinfall.

Match #3 - Kid Nickels vs. Matt Justice

Good match! You can read the comments from match #1 and apply them here. Matt Justice gets the DQ win after Eric Wayne interferes on behlaf of Kid Nickels. Greg King makes the save for Justice. A challenge ensues and sets up a tag team match later in the show. Wayne/Nickles vs. King/Justice

Brian Christopher makes his way to the ring. Does a promo and in the middle of it is jumped from behind by DJ Stunner setting up a match later in the show.

Match #4 - Mr. Showtime w/Hollywood Jimmy vs. "Southern Thunder' Chris Kilgore

Not a very good match. Slow and sloppy. Showtime reacting to Kilgore's snake was hilarious. He was screaming like a lil' bitch. Kilgore had the crowd eating out of his hands, I was impressed. Maybe these guys just don't work well together cause the match was terrible. The extra-curricular activities by both guys made the match bearable.

Match #5 - DJ Stunner vs. Brian Christopher

This was a title match for a belt that BC had that know one knew what title it was. A decent match. BC did all his patented spots. BC gets the win and retains his belt.

Match #6 - Eric Wayne/Kid Nickels vs. Greg King/Matt Justice

Great match. I really can't say anymore that I haven't already said about these 4 guys. I'd pay to see these guys and would get my money's worth. Great work guys!
King/Justice get the win.

Main Event - Tasha Simone w/Hollywwod Jimmy vs. Su Yung

MLW Championship match. A good ladies match of what I saw. I had to leave in the middle of the match to get to work as I was an hour late already. Hehehe. Axeman at reports that Tasha got the win with help from H-wood Jimmy.

All in all a great show on a beautiful afternoon.

There WILL be a Jerkin' The Curtain tonight at 10 CST!!

It's on!! Listen in at 10 tonight central time as Tommy Stewart and I will host another fun filled episode of Jerkin' The Curtain. We will review and recap the October 18th episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV. Also, if anyone wants to call in to discuss any topic, wrestling or non-wrestling related, please feel free to do so. The call in number is 347-945-5503. Cya at 10. Trent Van Drisse

Arena Report: NBW Legacy II Dyersburg, TN 10.18.08


----“Wi-Fi” edition of NBW Legacy II. Nothing major going on backstage. Place is pretty full around ringside. I will have a head count by the end of the show.


----Richard Marx and Allen Walker in the ring going over the show. The first match is a battle royal. Why does everyone have to have music?? Last two in the match will wrestle later on for a title match. Pimpwheat, Sicilian Kid, Juicy J, Big Red, Dirty Sanchez [Tim Alfonzo for tonight], Shannon Lee and Chris Rocker. Buckwheat went first, Kid, J,– Rocker, Lee and Red left. - Rocker vs Red later tonight. Match was just about 4 minutes. I love battle royals like this!! [*] – just because it was quick.

----Tasha Simone vs Su Yung is next. Tasha comes out with the snake. Sanctioned by the PGWA. Both girls were getting a good response with each going to the corners. They shook hands before the tie up. Arm lock – counter to counter. Su on Tasha’s arm – they are working good and stiff. Tasha has sort arm scissors on Su. Su comes out of it with an eye poke and then goes right to the armbar. Tasha counters with head scissors – Su rolls out of it. Tasha throws Yung to outside of ring. Tasha uses restraining ropes. Tasha puts the bow & arrow on her. Nice head scissors off the turnbuckle. Good build for the finish with near falls. Split legged face buster from Tasha on Yung. Tasha piledrives her for the win. Yung carried out on a stretcher.[ **3/4]

----Maverick vs Tim Edwards is next. Maverick got a hell of a reaction!! Good shine from Maverick and the crowd was loud. Edwards started heat with a rake of the eyes. Then a big stiff chop!! Crowd was real hot for this match. Cut off for hope spot over the top rope looked sloppy. Edwards continue the beating outside on the floor. Maverick trying for comeback – slams Edwards into the ringpost. Flying closeline out of nowhere. Maverick is green. Edwards with chain. Edwards hit him with chain for the win. Ref Murphy finds the chain – but how?? He should never have seen it under his shirt? Re-start of match – big boot – Maverick pins Edwards – big pop. [**]

----Chris Rocker vs Big Red. Rocker got a good reaction. Red starts heat. Rocker get a couple of hope spots which includes a dive out the ring on Red. Red cuts him back off with a big boot. Big Red jumped off of second rope and Rocker hit him with a dropkick in the middle. Double knockout. Match ends with Red running into the turnbuckle and Rocker rolling him up. [**1/2]

----“The Posse” [Lil Chris/Shawn Reed/Simon Reed] come out. I have to admit that Shawn will be able to turn these guys heels with just his mic work. Jeremy Moore got a big time babyface pop. Very surprising. Jimmy Tidwell walks out as a surprise walking around the ring. [Says something about having a “big” surprise, so everyone is guessing he is “Mr. Big”] Lee did a double flying closeline on Chris/Shawn – not believable, but crowd popped. Lee worked hard here and did a good job. “Posse sucks” chants – can not believe that. Heat on Lee. Shawn says, “Most devasting move in wrestling” and then he runs the ropes about 6 times and then goes for a chinlock. Funny. Hot tag to Moore. Hot tag was real flat. No reaction. No one feeding him. Simon has ref with skateboard, then Chris hits Lee with board. Total Fustercluck here. Simon sprays Lee with a P and drapes a bandana on him. [**}Simon says on the mic they GOT PAID.

----Fans Bring Weapons: Motley Cruz vs Danny B Goode. Ok they start this out wrestling. They are pushing it as a KAW bout. Goode whips Cruz and Money with a leg cast. Cruz is juicing. Street signs are in the ring. Fans were into it. Cruz sends Goode into a ladder set up in the corner – good bump from Goode. Danny juices. Another real hard bump into the ladder. Cruz has a barbwire baseball bat. Goode bleeding good. Cruz breaks a board over Goode’s back. Goode starts comeback. Big dropkick and double knockout. Goode takes him thru the crowd to the back. Back to the ring. Double knockout again. Goode to the top – Mike comes into the ring for no reason. Time to go home. Goode hits him with a board real hard twice. Goode goes to the top again. Mike in the ring again – this looked bad. Goode hits the Revolution on Mike. Cruz hits “Motley” driver for win. Motley leaves Goode lying with a piledriver and he is carried to the back. [***1/2]

----NBW Tag Team Titles: SOBs [Mark Justice/Kilo] vs BLS [Void/Robbie Douglas]– SOB family still chearing for them and getting SOB chant. Void says on the mic “We might suck, but not as good as you,” BLS get out of ring to give autographs. Robbie does a survey. [even put over the fact that everyone steals] They survey whether the fans came to see SOB [got a good pop] or BLS [better pop] Void says something to the effect that the ones that cheer SOBs are their family members. LOL [for shoot] Void with mat work for submission. Douglas in with sweet left hands to a big right punch. Low blow to start heat on Douglas. Douglas gets tag as a hope spot. Void in – cut off by monster closeline from Kilo. Heat with Void. Pretty dropkick from Justice. “Poetry in Motion” from SOB. Kilo put Void to the top turnbuckle – suplex from Kilo – double knockout. Robbie tried to bump my laptop, but it would not sell for him. Pretty elbow from top rope from Justice. Kilo jumps from top rope – Void blocks it with an overhead suplex. Double knockout. Hot tag to Robbie. Kilo ends up pinning Void using the ropes after Robbie tagged him in. [which he shouldn’t have done] [***]

----Seth Knight vs Eugene. Nick is in complete gimmick. Eugene checks Miles the ref [you know the guy that doesn’t like my site]– going to the front of him and then check his ass.. Eugene has a stinky thumb now. Eugene ends up grabbing Miles butt again. Eugene does running ropes bit and then puts thumb in the Seth’s ass. Eugene ends up putting thump in Seth’s mouth. He plays patty cake and then bites Seth’s ass. Eugene’s character has turned into a perverted ass man. This really reminds me of an old Jimmy Valiant match when I would wonder – why don’t they just wrestle and not play?? And this was before the “smart” days. Knight starts heat. Knight puts him in sleeper to put him away. Side suplex from Eugene – double knockout. Eugene comes out of heat with Hogan comeback. Big boot and leg drop. Cena finish, but Seth slides behind him while he is trying FU – RKO – ref bump. Eugene hits FU. Shawn Reed tries to help – rock bottom – Seth with powder. No ref. New ref – false finish. Seth punches him. Seth gets belt and tried to hit him. Tim Edwards tries to interfere, but Eugene does Andre slam. Seth DDTs him on title belt for pin and win. [**3/4]


-----There was probably close to 200 in the crowd…Two gentlemen backstage helped Su Yung hide from the rest of dressing room by holding up a curtain for her…Ref Miles Murphy was backstage putting over how much he liked RRO. Or was he?? Did he say the “shit” or it was “shits”? Some people are just so rude…TLCW’s Tim Cummins and Derrick King were backstage for a bit…Yung was working even the staff about her neck until she got backstage and then she jumped off the stretcher…They were messing with Maverick and he said people have told him he looks like “Randy Orton, Dustin Runnells and John Cena had a child”…New team of the “Oddities” is here - Shannon Lee – Dirty Sanchez –Chad Heart [security guard trainee]– Sicilian Kid – Pimpwheat – Money Mike – A LOT of ugly in that group LOL…All kidding aside, Heart, if he turns into a good wrestler - has good size and an unique look …Shawn Reed is so good on the mic. He still owes me money. LOL No kidding – for shoot…Not a big fan of Money Mike. He is “money”, but was wearing Rustler jeans…A motley crew of folks from the wrestling community in the crowd – “Big” Dave, “Inhumane Society” members Krusher and Rod Dent II, Anita Paige and Auburn Thunder…I took a huge bump in the parking lot – cut both hands and both knees – Lil Chris was the only one that seen it and put it over big time. LOL…Ok Robbie Douglas has the looks, the talent and can even talk on the mic – give this kid a contract!!! After seeing Void backstage and after the show – I really know I would not want to spend a day in the head of that man. It would be like a fast moving train – but hell I would jump off!! BLS = gates = Tag Team of The Year…NBW has a good crew of workers – Rocker, Red, Cruz, Goode, BLS, SOB and Knight – are some of the best in this area.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 10.18.08

-TGB Greg Anthony beat “The Baron” Malkavain - They did angle as if TGB was “shoot” hurt but had to complete the match.

-Bishop beat Justin “The Juice” Smart

-Christian Jacobs/Precious vs Cody Melton/Dell Tucker – non title Finish had them in a 4 way, 10 punches – CJ got shittcanned – Precious lowblow – Precious was wearing a cup – pulled the cup and put it in Cody’s face – Tucker gave him a lowblow – Precious took pin.

-Intergender – Idol Bane/Envy vs Slim Pickens/Angelina [pictured]– Angelina pinned Envy – During the finish of the match Idol posted Slim on outside and did the “Ghost of Andy Kauffman” on her – Envy was celebrating with Idol – he gives GOAK on Envy. Angelina got up [stupid] and just walked to the back afterwards.

-Dustin Starr vs Flash Flanagan [good match] – Finish had Flash hit springboard legdrop
– Cody/Tucker jump in and beat up Flash – Flash reinjured – CJ makes save – Dustin beats him up – Baron/Stan/Slim/Precious finally help him. Starr vs CJ next week

-Stan Lee vs Idol Bane –Bane took TGB’s spot, since TGB was injured hurt – Lee beat Idol with frogplash.

-100 in building

Credit: TLCW Marvel

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling TV Review

Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn 30 Minute Ironman Match

The Thompson Perspective - 10.19.2008 By Brian Thompson

It seems like I always end up beginning every column in the same manner – “it’s been awhile.”

Well déjà vu as it has been quite some time since the last edition of the “Thompson Perspective” here at For this edition, I am going to touch on a few things that have crossed my mind in recent weeks.

Love them or hate them, you must admit that the wrestling message boards for our area are at least entertaining. You have some posters who just love to stay 100 percent negative with nothing nice to say. Didn’t your momma teach you the old “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything” bit? Anyway, then you have the soap opera “he said, she said” stuff. I’m personally not a big fan of that, but it gives some folks a kick.

Recently, I noticed a discussion in regard to where a former wrestler worked and it reminded me of comments I have seen by some who seem to take delight in the fact that certain wrestlers have had setbacks in their lives. Is there some sort of justification to this?

I’ve seen posts talking about how former ECW World Champion Shane Douglas worked at Target, although I have since read that he is once again a school teacher. Another former champion from the “land of extreme” Justin Credible is apparently a recent culinary school grad.

Why would someone feel the need to look down on them? Are they now second-rate because instead of headlining the Hammerstein Ballroom they are working elsewhere? Come on.

If a man feeds his family, that’s all that matters. How he does, minus doing it illegally, shouldn’t have any bearing on the situation.

I think some people out there need to grow up and realize that there can be more to life that what you do for a career.

Guys like Shane Douglas and Justin Credible had nice runs in wrestling.

Unfortunately, today’s wrestling environment is not really conducive to careers for guys who fall out of favor with Vince McMahon or Jeff Jarrett. Even the independent scene dries up after a while. Also, once you reach a certain age it gets harder and harder to make the big payoffs in our fine industry.

So if Douglas or Credible aren’t in the wrestling business, there is no reason for anyone to take pleasure in the fact that they may be doing something else to feed their families, even though they would possibly love to still be in their glory days in Philly.

Did you watch? You know what I’m writing about. Did you take 60 minutes out of your life Saturday night to catch Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling?

Well, I did and I’m curious to see how many others watched.

I’m not necessarily a fan of what I saw, but I’m also interested to see how this whole thing turns out. There have been some rumblings that Hogan’s CCW on CMT could lead to another wrestling-related project from the Eric Bischoff-Jason Hervey camp. After reading my last statement about the condition of the wrestling industry today, you have to know that I would love to see a new national wrestling promotion to join the WWE and TNA. Good, bad or indifferent, the more options the boys have the better in my opinion. And, there is a little history when it comes to a wrestling organization involving Bischoff and Hogan. I’m not saying were about to see the re-birth of a WCW like company, but those two guys have connections that could pay dividends if they were to take a shot. CMT sounds like an odd home for a pro wrestling show, but so was TNN-The Nashville Network. Of course we know the story there of how TNN aired ECW for about a year and then signed a deal with WWE. And now TNN is SpikeTV, home of both TNA and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Stranger things have happened!

Finally, I usually agree with Brian Tramel most of the time. But this one time I’m going to have to have a difference of opinion with the owner and operator of this website.

In his “Arena Report” from this past Friday’s N.E.W. show in West Memphis he said something about me being a lot better than my broadcast partner John Steele. I don’t agree. John and I are a team. I don’t like to really get into this, but for some reason a lot of people think I’m a good announcer. Well, I’m really very humble when it comes to that. I just give 100 percent each time out and I hope the people I have worked for are pleased with my work.

Anyway, I do feel that John and I are a solid combination. I also think we each bring different styles to the table. John won several broadcasting awards during his time in the radio business in the state of Missouri. He’s a class guy and he’s good at what he does.

I know Brian wasn’t trying to take anything away from him in making his comments. I just think that John deserves some credit. I like to think he brings out the best in me and vice versa. I don’t really consider either one of us any better than the other.

John is probably calmer than I am. I tend to get very excited. Here’s where his talent comes into play. Whereas either by myself or with someone less talented, I might get a little too carried away with the excitement, John has a way of keeping me balanced. And likewise, maybe I have a way of keeping him from becoming totally serious.

Regardless, for this one time BT I’ll have to disagree but thank you for the kind words!

(Brian Thompson is the public relations director and announcer for New Experience Wrestling and the Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling. He may be reached by e-mail at