Saturday, November 01, 2008

"What Memphis Watches"

Not a very good week for wrestling ratings here in Memphis. TNA’s Impact drawing less than a 1 rating overall was surprising. Their numbers had been a little low the past few weeks, but not that bad. Smackdown has not regained the 5.0ish ratings it used to consistently get when on CW-30 but its Ch.50’s highest rated show so they have to be happy. The 4.5 quarter hour is a sign that people may be finding what channel Smackdown is on. Memphis Wrestling’s rating was atrocious. I saw Corey sitting courtside at last night’s Memphis Grizzlies game, maybe I should have asked him “ What’s up with that shit??? ” Hahahaha!
Finally, RAW’s numbers dropped considerably too. I found out why: Monday Night Football’s game between the Titans and Colts pulled a 15.4, 22 share. I already knew that was going to happen especially since RAW hasn’t exactly been the most compelling television as of late. Nothing on TV the entire day beat MNF. That 15.4 doubled-up a good majority of what was on TV Monday. That 15.4 also doubled-up every World Series game’s numbers locally. That’s impressive!

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of both hours for the final rating.

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TNA Impact ( Thursday ) 10-23-08

Final Rating: 0.9 ( 14,585 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 0.8 ( 12,964 viewers )

1.0 ( 16,205 )

0.8 ( 12,964 )

0.7 ( 11,344 )

2nd hour: 1.1 ( 17,826 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

1.1 ( 17,826 )

0.7 ( 11,344 )

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 10-24-08

Final Rating: 3.0 ( 48,615 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour: 1.9 ( 30,790 viewers )

2.7 ( 43,754 )

2.5 ( 40,513 )

2.8 ( 45,374 )

2nd hour: 2.7 ( 43,754 viewers )

3.2 ( 51,856 )

3.7 ( 59,959 )

4.5 ( 72,923 )

Memphis Wrestling 10-25-08

Final Rating: 0.1 ( 1,621 viewers ) 0 share

Quarter hours: 0.4 ( 6,482 )




TNA Impact Replay @ 8 a.m. 10-25-08

Final Rating: 1.0 ( 16,205 viewers ) 2 share

WWE A.M. 10-26-08

Final Rating: 1.3 ( 21,067 viewers ) 3 share

WWE RAW 10-27-08

Final Rating: 3.8 ( 61,579 viewers ) 5 share

1st hour: 3.6 ( 58,338 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours: 4.1 ( 66,441 viewers )

3.0 ( 48,615 )

3.7 ( 59,959 )

3.4 ( 55,097 )

2nd hour: 3.9 ( 63,200 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours: 3.9 ( 63,200 viewers )

3.5 ( 56,718 )

3.4 ( 55,097 )

4.7 ( 76,164 )

Overrun: 2.7 ( 43,754 viewers )

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” with the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.----

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Tune into this Sunday night at 11pm as host Gene Jackson and co-host Neil 'the Real Deal' Taylor will be joined by Derrick King who will discuss a number of topics including his take on the whole debate that took place on Thursday night's show about "old style rasslin" vs. the N.E.W. style of wrestling. D.K. is the scheduled guest but you never who might call in on Cheap Heat Radio so be sure to listen live or check out the download and if you've got a question, comment, or topic you'd like to discuss. Call in at (347) 838-8101!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Download the record breaking Cheap Heat Radio from 10/30! Ken Wayne vs. Leslie Jones!

WOW! Last night hosts Gene Jackson and Neil Taylor got a surprise call in from "Nightmare" Ken Wayne in what turned out to be a 170 minute show! (the absolute longest show we've ever done) All sorts of topics were covered including but not limited to: Mick Foley "changes wrestling forever", The first N.E.W. tv show, the spoof commercial that aired during N.E.W. and why it won't air on television, the passing of S.D. Jones, Gabe Sapolsky's departure as booker of Ring of Honor and should ROH try to go national?, Hulk Hogan's celebrity wrestling, Scott Hall's suicide attempt, Is Jake Roberts pro wrestling version of Wyle E. Coyote?, Is the Iron Sheik a shoot or work?, XOW's benefit show in Fulton, MS on Nov. 8th, a Michael Richards wrestling analogy, and much more!

Then about 15 minutes before the show was scheduled to end Leslie Jones (former IWF promoter/current Elvis Tribute artise) called in to inform everyone that the show was no longer streaming online. It was assumed the show had stopped recording (not the first time this has happned huh, Brian?) Anyway, thinking the show is over the four continue talking about a few things including the Iron Sheik's IWF booking and his love of KFC and "medicine", the demise of the short lived All Pro Wrestling in Mississippi, and the fun begins. Leslie and Ken have a "friendly" debate about Ken's N.E.W. show and how the "old school style" is more exciting than guys trying to "wrestle". The conversation goes all over the place including Ken playing guitar over the phone to try to get Leslie to sing a few notes (Ken told him he does a great "Fat Elvis", lol) as well as a discussion about a "heel Andy Griffith. An interesting show to say the least, check it out now but pack a lunch cause it's a long one!
(Be warned there is strong language throughout)

Happy Halloween From the RRO Family!!

----This probably will be a slow day for news as everyone is out doing their "thang". To celebrate the holiday, my oldest daughter Kayte [yes the doll is named after her and she takes a lot of photos at the shows for this site] was nice enough to get "in character" for us here at RRO!! I also had to include a photo of Gimmick of the Year 2008 front runner "The Baron" Malkenvain. Be safe for tonight!! If you don't want to give out candy - turn your lights off and pretend you are not at home!!

Show for Saturday night!!! MCW Invades Luxora, AR

----Saturday night in Luxora, AR MCW will be @ the Charles Strong Recreational Center with Lil Devil, Kid J, Big Daddy LaFonce, White Lightin, Frankie Tucker, War Machine, Hillbilly Nate, Shawn Williams, C Money, Mr. Excitement, Tank, Hambones, JT Storm, Stretch, Hamhock, "POB" [Midnight Cowboy/Ron Rage] and more!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

N.E.W. show reaches 1,000 views

Promotion touts milestone number of internet views

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – Wrestling fans throughout the Mid-South have spoken in regard to the region’s newest wrestling operation as, earlier this week, New Experience Wrestling reached a milestone.

The company’s first online television broadcast, available at, officially reached the 1,000 views mark this week.

“I’m overwhelmed by the response,” said “Nightmare” Ken Wayne, owner of N.E.W. “This just goes to show that wrestling fans in the Mid-South are hungry for a new type of wrestling product and we are glad that they have given us an opportunity to showcase what we have to offer. The fact that 1,000 people took the time out of their schedules to view the show is an accomplishment for all of us involved with N.E.W.”

The first show features four matches featuring a mixture of talent from Wayne’s school and the Mid-South. “3G” Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Greg King Jr., Matt Justyce, Matt Riviera, Derrick King, Tatt2 and Jeff Jett were all involved in the first show. N.E.W. has since taped two more events for future release.

In addition to reaching the 1,000 views plateau this week, N.E.W. also announced the full time additions of “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, Stan Lee and Dustin Ring to its roster.

N.E.W. will host its next television taping on Friday, Nov. 7 at 8 p.m. at the “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Wrestling,” located at 201 East Jefferson St., Building No. 2 in West Memphis. Tickets for the show are $5 and fans are encouraged to arrive early to be in attendance for pre-show announcements approximately 15 minutes prior to bell time.

For more information on New Experience Wrestling and Wayne’s wrestling school, visit or call 901-831-4198.

Tune in to Cheap Heat Radio tonight at 11pm

Go to tonight at 11pm for an all new live edition of Cheap Heat Radio. Anyone who wants to call in and talk wrestling is welcome to at (347) 838-8101. A variety of subjects will be discussed.

Shows For The Weekend 10.31.08 to 11.01.08

----CLICK HERE for my updated list [yes..finally] of shows. Make note that the NEW is not running Friday night, but will be back in action next Friday. Other big shows featured....


----All Pro Productions presents “Halloween Night Havoc” in Carthage, MS at the Carthage Coliseum. As everyone knows from the “monkey” article yesterday, I am not fond of shows on holidays. But, at least Kenny Valiant seems to know what he is doing here. He is opening the doors at 6:00 PM giving out free candy to the kids and having a costume contest. He is also promoting it as a “Kids Safety Program”. And…look at the poster - Freddy Kruger is in the freakin main event!! Show also features CJ Cash, Chris Kilgore, Little Bit, Brandon Barbwire, Cameron Valentine, Neil Taylor and more.


----November ” Knockout” in Hot Springs, AR at the Hot Springs High School with Ali Stevens, Tim Storm, Skandar Akbar, Matt Riviera, Frankie Valentine, Gary Gram, Rick Sweetan, Boyd Bradford, Mark Johnson and more.

---- Southern Wrestling Superstars in Parsons, TN at the Decatur County Fairgrounds Activity Building Bell Time 7:30 PM featuring Kevin White, Derrick King, Doug Gilbert, Cody Melton, Michael Gilbert, “The Agents” [Corbin & K-Hill], Albino Rhino, Su Yung, Ty Hamilton and more. Hamilton is a Parsons product and played sports at Riverside High School. Ref Kellen James is also from Parsons. Parsons is also the site of a famous match – Coach BT vs Steve Creasy. LOL

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 10.25.08

Dell Tucker over Slim Pickens with help from Dustin Starr

Bishop over Chris Lexx with spear. After the match, “Rockin” Randy comes out to bump Bishop. Randy has been on IR after 5 spears from Bishop and bleeding from mouth.

Chris Rocker over Alan Steele with roll up

Stan Lee comes to say TGB is hurt, but says he does not think it is legit. Rampage/OZ “X-3” comes out reminding him of a tag match with no partner, but Seth Knight walks out to big pop!!

Lee/Knight over “X-3”. Knight took the heat. Lee got hot tag. Lee hit Oz with “tiger bomb” – Rampage cuts Lee off – Rampage went to the top to hit Lee, but Lee was pulled away by Knight – Rampage into RKO from Seth coming off the top turnbuckle. Lee ends up beating him with “Rings of Saturn”.

Dustin Starr vs Christian Jacobs with no finish. Ref bumped and never got up. Match thrown out. Tucker and Starr “injured” CJ.

80 fans…This week Tucker vs O’Neal with CJ and Randy vs Bishop…”Thanksgiving Throwdown” scheduled Thanksgiving weekend with matches to be announced this Saturday!! RRO will be live during the big holiday event.

Credit: TLCW Marvel

----Ok, before anyone gets rumors and bs going – NBW did not have a show this past weekend due to turning the building into a Haunted TLCW gave Rocker/Knight a show to work. This kind of stuff needs to happen more often, instead of the piss & moan stuff about who works where…What the hell does “X-3” mean??

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 10.25.08

Frank martin opened the show with a rundown of last week's action. He then informed the crowd that J.D. Kerry had an injury suffered in last week’s match against Mike Anthony. J.D. will be out for 2 to 4 weeks. At this point Mike Anthony came out and asked Martin if what he heard was correct, that he did not have a fight tonight? Martin responded to Mike telling him J.D. was hurt and would not be able to work for 2 to 4 weeks. Mike then told everyone if he could not have the fight that was set up for him then he would find a fight on his own.

The Playa'z [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] came out at the beginning of the show doing a mic spill to let POB [Ron Rage/Midnight Cowboy] know that they were ready for the no DQ match. They got the crowd ready for the evening and Southside showed his mic skills.

1st match. Rik Burton VS RWA Heavyweight Champion Rodney "Bad Dog" Mack.
Burton challenged Mack before the match started to have a handicap match with him and Classy Melton Massy. Mack accepted. Burton had Massy start the match and every time Massy made the tag Burton would work Mack for just enough time to get the tag back on Massy. Massy took most of the punishment from Mack for his team. Mack hit the spear on Massy and got the 3 count. Burton then grabbed a mic and told Massy he was a loser and he did not want anything to do with him any longer.

2nd match. Lethal VS Kid J.
Very entertaining for the fans who really liked the midget matches. Lethal could not keep Kid J down and Kid J. kept coming after Lethal. At the end of the match Lucky, Lethal's brother, came out and got in the ring to help his brother. Kid J. saw Lucky coming with a chain in his hand and he ducked and Lucky knocked his brother out. Kid J. winner.

3rd match. Lucky VS Little Devil.
Another entertaining match for the fans. Lucky seemed to have a mean streak in this match. Both Lucky and Little Devil hit some big spots and midget Power moves(if there is such a thing). Lucky pulled a chain and Lethal hit the ring to stop him. They started a fight and the ref DQ'ed Lucky. At the end they made up and as Lethal walked away Lucky spun him around and hit him with his T-Bone suplex. Dysfunctional midget brothers a sign of the second coming????

4th match. The Fabulous Luke Graham Jr. VS Pokerface.
Poker came out this week with his own note from his doctor stating he had to wear a protective neck wrap. This made Graham mad and he claimed it was fake but Martin had no choice but to accept it as he did Graham's last week. Good physical match between these two with Poker getting the best of Graham with a pin fall.

5th match.
“Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] VS Chris Steel and Zane Richards. The Asylum came out with Rottn Randy who they seem to trust at this point. They both were really interested in his white shirt. Seems they may think he is their doctor or therapist proving they must be crazy! But I have to give credit to Randy he had the Asylum working well tagging in and out and doing some really good wrestling. Steel took most of the beating from the Asylum as Zane kept avoiding his tag. The Asylum got the 3 count on Steel. After the match Zane and Classy Meltin Massy got in the ring and put the boots to Steel. As Randy and the Asylum were leaving they turned to see Zane and Massy beating Steel. Randy then ordered the Asylum back in the ring and they attacked Zane and Massy. They showed the old crazy Asylum and the crowd loved it. Randy just may have the dominate tag team in the RWA.

The Main Event. POB VS The Playa'z in a no DQ match.
This was a match both of these teams like. As Raven came through the curtain POB came over to that side of the ring waiting for the Playa'z to come out. But the Playa'z came through the front door just like POB did and caught them from behind. It was on from there. They fought all over the arena and it wasn't long before both members of the POB were bleeding. The chair shots were very stiff and the action outside of the ring was as violent as I have seen. Even Raven got shots in on Ron Rage. At the end Cowboy had put Pimp back in the ring and set up two chairs. When he turned around Rodney Mack speared him though the chairs. Mack then picked up Pimp and threw him on top of Cowboy for the 3 count. The actions of Mack stem from the beating that POB put on him when the turned. This only adds fuel to the fire and we are heading for a show down between Mack and the POB.

Even with the Power Jam festival out at ASU and the MMA fights at Jonesboro High, the group still managed to pull 100+ It was a good show.

Credit: RWA Reporter

----So, Lethal and Lucky are going to feud?? I wouldn’t even say anything about this – but I have been around these guys when they do hardcore bouts – it is fun as hell to watch the little fuckers shoot on each other…Did Luke JR actually say the word “fake” in a wrestling ring?? You better be glad David Shultz was no where around….Think about this – four midgets, the Asylum, Cannon wrestling again, Luke Jr and Ron Rage – all that is so scary it should have been the Halloween special card.

"Flashback" Nov 1 by Mark James

This week’s flashback is a little different in that I’m covering the same date on 2 different years. With this Saturday being Nov 1, I’ve got 2 cards from that date, (from 1976 and 1982.)

Nov 1,, 1976
Back in 1976, Nick Gulas was still the owner/promoter of Memphis Wrestling. In a few short months, Jerry Jarrett would quit the promotion and start up his own company that would drive Gulas out of Memphis.

The card’s main event featured the “Soulman” Rocky Johnson defeating Jerry Lawler for the NWA Southern Heavyweight Title (and taking the King’s crown as well.) The Soulman was extremely popular in Memphis. Combine that with the fact Lawler was very hated and you had fans happy to finally see Lawler get what he deserved.

Rocky was very charismatic and it’s very apparent that his son Duane, inherited it from him. Little Duane went on to become one of the WWE’s biggest stars ever, the Rock.

The Southern Tag Champs, Phil Hickerson and Dennis Condrey, had a bad night and lost their titles to the team of Danny Little Bear and Chief Thundercloud. To say this was an upset is a huge understatement. As I’ve stated before, Hickerson and Condrey were probably the best tag team in the country to never hit it big (in the NWA, WWWF or AWA.)

Other matches… Fan favorite, Bill Dundee defeated Gorgeous George jr and continued to move up the local ranks… Former Memphis State University all-american, Mike Stark defeated Buddy Wayne… Lastly, David Schultz and Bill Ash go the win over Don Anderson and Mike Pappas.

Nov 1, 1982
Jumping forward 6 years, this card from 1982 was pretty packed and most of the headliners actually wrestled twice.

The main event featured Jerry Lawler, Bill Dundee, Steve Keirn, Stan Lane and Jackie Fargo going up against Bobby Eaton, Sweet Brown Sugar, Dream Machine, Rick McGraw and Jimmy Hart. The crazy match ended up being declared a no contest.

Earlier in the card, Keirn and Lane teamed up to defeat Eaton and Sugar… Lawler pinned the Dream Machine… Dundee whipped the Angel.Other matches that involved other wrestlers included Jesse Barr winning by dq over Mid-American champ, Dutch Mantell… Finally, the Sheepherders defeated Terry Taylor and Jacque Rougeau.

A Halloween bonus from 25 years ago!
Today, Oct 29, marks the 25th anniversary of Robert Reed and Ken Raper, winning the CWA World Tag Team Titles from the Assassins. What’s important about this is Reed and Raper were jobbers and had never won a match before this one, (or after it.) The match happened in Memphis on the Saturday morning show, on Oct 29, 1983. The Fabulous Ones (Stan Lane and Steve Keirn) were in a feud with the Assassins and interfered in the match, (on behalf of Reed and Raper.) When Jerry Calhoun made the 3 count, Reed and Raper were the new champs!
Two days later, Monday night, Oct 31, 1983, The Assassins destroyed Reed and Raper in their rematch and took the titles back.

Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 10.25.08

Dustin Burcham introduced Tysin Starr the newest member of Revolution.

Chazz w/Dustin Burcham & Tysin Starr defeated Slammer.

The Executioners (Axe & Dagger) defeated "Dangerous" David Cox & "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris.

PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, & Chris Styles) defeated "The Rock Star" Kayden Cross, "The Teenager" Xander Cross, & Cassanova Kid. This was Kayden & Xander Cross' EPW debut, and they were very impressive. I am sure they will be back.

Kross came to the ring and grabbed a mic and started running his mouth about how he & JR Mauler did not really lose the cage match the week before. Brody Hawk came out of the back and confronted Kross, wanting to know why Kross had not returned his phone calls. Brody then said he was not happy with the fact that Kross had burned his brother, Cody, several months ago. Cody came out of the back with a chair and hit Kross from behind. He & Brody gave Kross a beating until EPW Promoter Edith Poole came out and ordered them to leave the building. They ignored her until she said she was calling the law, then they left, but not before vowing to be back the following week. Edith then accompanied Kross to the hospital.

EPW Tag Team Champions, The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) defeated Brian SoFine & "The Future" Chris Styles.

Pain, Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Brett Michaels) w/Nathan Lee vs. Jason "J-Rock" Giovanni & "Rock Star" Kayden Cross w/Syndl was thrown out by referee KC when The Ghost Riders interfered. Jason Giovanni's debut in EPW - very impressive.

Tysin Starr w/Dustin Burcham & Chazz defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes w/Nathan Lee to become the new EPW Champion.

This Saturday night's EPW card will include a biker's chain match between Pain, Inc. & The Ghost Riders "to settle the situation once & for all." Tag Team belts will be on the line.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----They had only about 50 in the crowd after having a "standing room only" from the week before. The fans that were there last week must not have liked what they seen??

Coach's Corner - Extended OT Version - "LAW - Monkey Business"

----I worked in a factory for 10 years on an assembly line. Even though you work with the same people doing the same job, you sometimes have people that start having bad days. They put parts in wrong places, they forget to hook up wires and then they just plain screw up. It starts as a day, and then turns into a week of bad parts and then week after week. I finally got tired of getting bad parts one day and I told my co-worker – can you please start watching what you are doing? [I was not being nice] Her comment and it was her usual comment for anything she did wrong was “If you think you can do a better job, and then come do it!!” And being that I was just in “that mood” I said, “A one arm one eye peg leg monkey could do a better job!!” This all ended with her cussing me and I ended up in the office with my boss saying, “Everyone just don’t get your sense of humor Brian.” So in preparing to choose some wrestling dates for rest of the year with an area promoter, I talked the Memphis Zoo into loaning me a monkey to help me. I stress this was a healthy monkey – I didn’t want him being hindered with having only one arm, one eye or a peg leg. I also made sure I didn’t use Crackjacks from over there at Jimmy’s site either. That monkey is just too damn smart. So, I just had him randomly pick three dates and here is what he came up with..

*October 31
*November 28
*December 26

----Stupid monkey!! I think I will get a jackass to pick them next time. I mean – Halloween night, the day after Thanksgiving [biggest shopping day of the year in a bad economy??] and the freakin day after Christmas [ditto economy comment]. What was that stupid monkey thinking???

----LAW is going thru another major change with the exit of their booker Greg Anthony and Stan Lee to NEW. I look for a few more to leave – probably Christian Jacobs. I don’t look for guys like Derrick King and Flash Flanagan to work the show either. So where does the promotion go from here after another major change?

----In May, 2007 Kelly Warner left the promotion after a situation in Keiser, AR which lead to the promotion having to start over from scratch. Insert your own Kelly Warner comment here – and I have few – but Warner was hands down a better promoter than Jeff O’Dell. “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony took over as booker and slowly the talent level went up on this show to the point I considered it a “worker’s haven” for good workers. Anthony as booker would have to be considered a failure if you just go by just the gates. And, in old school, that is all that would matter. I am not sure Bill Watts could book this town though and get a good crowd. It started out as almost a loss-liter. I cannot see how owner Jeff O’Dell has ever made money.

----I have enjoyed almost every show I have seen live there, but also at times were critical of Anthony’s booking. He did seem to help establish a promotion that was about a BELT, which is unusual in this day & age. After he lost the belt though it seem more like it was still about TGB and not the belt. Anthony may have just been grasping and trying to find something that would make it work. Maybe Anthony just wasn’t “into it” as he continued to live, eat and breathe the business – he still could not do anything to bring the gates up with no help with advertising & such. The fans grew tired of Anthony and some feel with Anthony gone it might help this group in the long run. Well, if they had spent some money on advertising – that would have helped a long time ago.

----A great angle that can be remembered in the Anthony reign is how he built a very young “Bulldog” Slim Pickens into a huge babyface leading to a chain match, which was probably the best bout Pickens has ever been in. His booking and huge credit has to be given to the performer here – Idol Bane has turned from a mediocre worker to a REAL GOOD worker. Rumors have it that Bane will take the book from this point on and it will be another role of this crazy business he can try to succeed in. I look for an influence of more ASWF talent to migrate here to work on Fridays, but only time will tell.

----Jeff O’Dell has made the decision to run three more shows this year - October 31, November 28 and December 26, 2008. LAW will then become a bi-weekly promotion in 2009. [Anthony was against this idea and he almost left the promotion a few weeks back.] I think this might be a good idea for a few of the promotions in this area, but when you are drawing 25 – 30 fans weekly it will probably will not matter. If you get 60-75 in the start bi-weekly, then O’Dell’s idea will work. If you continue to get 20 people every other week, then my advice would be to shut the doors.

----Good luck to Idol Bane and the next crew. I really do wish you success. Even you Jeff O’Dell. LOL I shared a moment earlier this year with O’Dell where he made it a point that “Brian Thompson is not even in the wrestling business”, - Thompson’s photo was in Yearbook 2007, but his photo was not in it. Funny how quickly the business changes; huh??

Some LAW history…
----LAW was formed October 2002 with Kelly Warner, Brian Thompson and Jeff O’Dell. O’Dell and Thompson were working as announcers for CCW [my promotion] and as MCW folded in June, 2001 Warner also helped CCW with Rector. The trio promoted their first show in August, 2002 in Paragould, AR. Their “crowning moment” was a huge show in January of 2003 in Popular Bluff, MO and went on to have weekly shows in Dyersburg, TN. Brian Thompson exited the promotion in October, 2003 over “creative differences” and Warner left for a few years [a job with the state], O’Dell was in charge with Derrick King as booker. Thompson also left to work as a booking agent for Bobby Eaton. Ken Wayne, who joined the promotion in July, 2003 to help Derrick King with booking, also exited during that time, noting “creative differences”. Their Dyersburg stint finally ended in 2004 because of the building being sold. The promotion settled in doing 3 or 4 shows a year in Rector, AR until the return of Warner. Warner was very aggressive in trying to get shows in various areas including a rumor of a big show in Jonesboro, AR. A new building was bought in Rector and they began to run weekly shows in early 2007.

Memphis Wrestling 10.25.08 - Ratings Breaking Show!! Watch and Vote!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Golden Boy, Stan Lee join N.E.W. roster

Performances at Oct. 24th event impress company management

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – Two of the area’s most praised talents impressed everyone at last Friday’s New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) television taping in West Memphis. Based on their performances, both “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and Stan Lee have come to terms with N.E.W. to become regular members of the new promotion’s roster.

“I was very impressed with what I saw from Greg and Stan,” said “Nightmare” Ken Wayne, owner of N.E.W. “They came to the arena with a mission and accomplished that mission.”

Anthony and Lee both competed on the third television taping hosted by N.E.W. and held at the “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Wrestling,” in West Memphis. Anthony teamed with Kid Nikels to face “3G” Eric Wayne and Derrick King while Lee went one-on-one with “The Main Attraction” Matt Justyce. Both bouts showcased the competitive nature of the two.

Anthony, who most recently served as head booker for Lethal Attitude Wrestling (L.A.W.) in Rector, Ark., has since given his notice to that promotion. The next N.E.W. event is slated for Friday, Nov. 7 at Wayne’s School, located at 201 E. Jefferson St., Building No. 2 in West Memphis.

Tickets for the event are $5 each.

In addition to Anthony and Lee, fans can expect to see N.E.W. regulars “3G” Eric Wayne, Kid Nikels, Derrick King, Greg King Jr. and Matt Justyce. Newcomer Dustin Ring also impressed N.E.W. management and fans can expect to see him with the company as well.

For more information on New Experience Wrestling and the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Wrestling, visit or call 901-831-4198.

Dusty Wolfe Book is Released!! Order Yours Today!!

----This book has been over a year in the works. I am very happy with the finished product. Dusty Wolfe does a good job telling stories that can only be told by someone that was there!! CLICK HERE to order the book. The discount will be up for a limited time today. Order now!! If you have points or something at, then you can order there by typing in "Journey of Journeyman" in the search. If you are a registered member you can get some sample pages!! Below is a press release that was written about the book and Dusty..

Wolfe recounts trials and tribulations of superstar life

SAN ANTONIO – For the better part of two decades wrestling fans have watched San Antonio’s Dusty Wolfe do battle with some of the biggest stars in pro wrestling. Few of those fans probably realize that at one time, walking was a tough task for the Waco native.
Such trials and tribulations of Wolfe’s life are now available for all to read as part of the wrestler’s new autobiography “Journal of a Journeyman.”

The book, more than a year in the making, is the result of a chance meeting between Wolfe and wrestling journalist Brian Tramel at a show in Arkansas.

“I sit backstage in the dressing room as Dusty waits on his payoff,” said Tramel. “Brandon (Baxter) and he started talking about World Class (Championship Wrestling), Black Bart and just the ‘old days.’ A light bulb went off in my head and I thought – this guy has been EVERYWHERE!! I approached Dusty before I left with a business card with my e-mail on it. I stressed how I thought his story was one of those that would be fun to read.”

Tramel really wanted to do the book, but was uncertain whether or not Wolfe would contact him to make it a reality.

“I wanted it to be MY project, but really felt he would probably contact someone else to do the book,” said Tramel. “To my surprise, Dusty contacted me a few weeks later and promised he would start sending material.”

While working with Tramel led to the book, the idea wasn’t an original thought as Wolfe had received previous similar offers.

“I’ve been asked to write a book for years,” said Wolfe. “I never really gave it much thought until just recently.”

Wolfe, who is still involved in wrestling, goes into detail about his life both in and out of the ring. He takes fans on a journey through the good and bad in his life, from his early years battling a disorder that threatened his mobility to his time working for the biggest promoters in wrestling history including the infamous Vince McMahon.

He credits his family for much of his success and discusses many of the wrestlers who guided him along his personal journey.

“In 25 years, I’ve met a whole lot of people in a whole lot of places,” Wolfe said. “Some changed me forever. A few aren’t with us anymore. I just hope guys like Ken Timbs, Dick Murdoch and Rufus R. Jones knew what they meant to me while they were here.”

Tramel’s friend Brian Thompson helped with the editing portion of the book and the journalist was proud to be involved with the project.

“I am so honored to have worked with Dusty and Brian on this book,” said Tramel. “Dusty certainly has a unique life that I think wrestling fans and even non-wrestling fans will enjoy reading about.”

“Dusty has had a wonderful career and life,” Tramel said. “You can’t read this book without feeling like you know Dusty personally.”

“Journal of a Journeyman” by Dusty Wolfe with Brian Thompson and Brian Tramel is available online at and

RassleResults: SWS Henderson, TN 10.25.08

Neo Mfg, the company that helped put this together gave The Carl Perkins Center a check for $5200.00 Saturday night, so it was another successful show.

The Albino Rhino beat Agent K-Hill w/ Agent Corbin in his corner.

Ty Hamilton defeated Baron Malkavain. This match got rave revues from the vets.

Doug & Michael Gilbert beat Derrick King & Cody Melton [pictured with woman giving them a finger..LOL] w/ Garry White. DK got some heat by telling the crowd to chant "Obama" on the count of three. Then Corey Maclin had everyone yell "McCain".

Brian Christopher beat Kevin White w/ Garry White & Su Yung. Brian had a bunch of kids in the ring at the beginning and one kid even jumped back in the ring to do the worm.

Jerry Lawler defeated Moondog Cujo by DQ after Moondog Mange came in, Brian Christopher made the save. Lots of weapons used in this match. Lawler opened the bout by breaking a mop handle over Moondog’s back.

Everyone was pleased with the show. A lot of advance tickets holders didn't show. With the ticket sales, there should have been over 500 people in the building but they had around 350. In this type of benefit, that happens a lot. I guess the bottom line is The Carl Perkins Center got a nice check and a lot of local kids will have a happier holiday….Cory Maclin done the announcing.

Credit: SWS Shooter and SWS Studd

----Great job guys!!...Ok, I am going to leave the joke to all the visitors about Maclin voting for McCain…Still hate people doing the Moondog gimmick!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

RassleResults: SEW TV Results 10.25.08

SEW TV Taping 10/25/08 Results

The show started with an interview in which Malik The Great disrespected the fans, Bonecrusher, and The Casanova Kid. Bonecrusher chased Malik off with a crutch until General Manager GQ Jones came out to calm him down and escort him to the back.

Danny B. Good def. Iron Jake Johnson to retain the SEW Heavyweight Championship.

Soultaker & Rajah w/Pimpin' Antoin Smooth def Kross & Bonecusher by disqualification. Rajah pulled a page from the late great Eddie Guerrero's playbook and tossed a pair of brass knuckles into Kross' hands before falling to the mat. The referee turned to see Kross holding the weapon and called for the DQ.

This show can be viewed on our website at wrestling

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 10.25.08

31 attended
Travis Starr b Dominator
Stevie King & Davey Wright (w/Ronnie Vegas) b Psycho Medic & Shawn Hoodrich by DQ when King tossed Medic his hard hat and fell down as ref Boogie turned around
Steven Green b Masked Superstar #69 and Cousin Jason X in a 3-way when Green pinned Superstar
Chris Norte b Anthony Wayne
Justin Spade vs Rob C went to a time limit draw. It was announced that both are leaving USWO to join the Marines.
LT Falk & Tony Falk b Richard Lowe & Kevin Dunn (w/Lekisha) when LT pinned Dunn

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Breaking News!!!!! Memphis Wrestling ratings

Just thought you guys might wanna see these numbers early.

Memphis Wrestling 10-25-08

Final rating: 0.1 ( 1,621 viewers ) 0 share

Quarter hours:

0.4 ( 6,482 viewers )




If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

----Ron Guidry works for a Memphis TV station and provides the rating analysis every week. He was formerly known as “The Penguin” with the old Kick Ass Wrestling promotion.----

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 10.25.08 - Final Resolution - XOW vs TIWF!!!


The show starts off as usual with Scotty C.coming to the ring. Scotty informs the crowd that he is acting legal counsel for the contract signing tonight. National Anthem is played. Scotty begins to go through the legals of the match and XOW’s music is cued. XOW owner Bill Russ comes to the ring taunting the fans. He says that when XOW wins they will turn the arena into a flea market. Scotty C. brings out Hotrod. Scotty C. then goes through the stipulations of the main event tonight. It will be a 5 on 5 tag team elimination match. You win by Pinfall, submission or DQ by interference. Scotty C. then asks them to introduce their teams.

XOW owner Bill Russ Brings out Manager Tony Watts with valet Little Bit. This is followed by Sarge, Syn, Stunner, AC Styles and Neil Taylor. TIWF Commissioner Hotrod Brings out Lawman, Chico, Dixie, Way Cool. He then announces Wildside but Wildside never comes out. Sarge gets on the mic talking about how they got Wildside’s number off a porn site they own and they contacted him. Sarge said that Wildside was XOW all of the way. You could hear a pin drop in the arena, literally. Then Wildside’s music is cued and he and Ravishing Randy come through the front door to a thunderous reception by the crowd. Scotty C. goes over the rules and regulations one more time with all participants in the ring. Bill Russ and Sarge sidebar, then Sarge makes an announcement that he is too good to have to wrestle in the 5 man. He wants Chico in a one on one match. Chico agrees. Realignment of teams: Ravishing Randy says that he’s ready to fight and pulls out a pair of thongs and announces that he has his wrestling tights. Bill Russ then nominates a reluctant Tony Watts to fill Sarge’s place in the main event.

Teams are reset as follows: XOW: Neil Taylor, AC Styles, Syn, Stunner & Tony Watts w/ Lil’Bit and Bill Russ in corner. TIWF: Lawman Williams, Wildside, Way Cool, Dazzlin’ Dixie and Ravishing Randy with Mamacita & Big Boy Bob in the corner.Scotty gets Hotrod and Bill Russ to sign the contracts. TIWF chants begin from the crowd.

1st match Suicide vs. Tyrant
Another rematch from the previous week, Tyrant came out to a good crowd reaction this week. Suicide still representing XOW. Although Suicide is in the XOW this feud hasn’t factored into the overall angles of the companies. Lots of high flying moves. Missed spot in the match but both covered it up nicely. Both need to focus on working the crowd, overall good match
Winner: Tyrant

TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title Match
2nd Match Sarge O’Reilly vs. Chico Mendoza
Crowd really into this one. Sarge cheating a lot in the beginning. Chico with a huge comeback for the win. Kept this description brief because of the long main event. Chico wins the title.
Winner: Chico Mendoza

Grudge Match
3rd Match TIWF Hotrod vs. XOW Bill Russ
In ring debut of Hotrod. Locked up in the ring. Both actually looked good and worked the crowd. Bill constantly complaining that Hotrod was cheating. Bill actually cheating entire match. Basic moves in this one but very entertaining. The ending saw Bill try to get his briefcase to hit Hotrod. Hotrod picks up the briefcase and is on one side of the ring Bill is far away in the opposite corner. Hotrod bangs the case on the mat. Bill falls down and feigns that he has been hit. Referee turns around and looks and DQ’s Hotrod.
Winner: Bill Russ by DQ

4th Match: Outlaw vs. Royale Executioner
Outlaw seemed to have the crowd behind him in this one. They cheered him most of the way. Kept this description brief due to the lengthy main.
Winner: Outlaw

5th Match Company vs. Company Elimination Match
Entertaining match that kept the fans chanting the entire time from start to finish. Order of elimination.
Lawman Williams did a stunner on DJ Stunner. DJ Stunner eliminated. Ravishing Randy eliminated by Tony Watts after outside interference. Way Cool eliminated Tony Watts. Dazzlin’ Dixie eliminated by interference when he got caught breaking a pinfall by AC Styles on Wildside. Way Cool eliminated by Neil Taylor after a rollup pin in the corner. Mamacita and Lil’ Bit sent to the back by the referee. Wildside eliminated by Neil Taylor after missing a top rope flying body splash. Lawman eliminates AC Styles by submission. Syn tries to break the submission. Syn gets eliminated. Lawman executes stunner on Neil Taylor. The end of the match saw XOW Bill Russ and Neil Taylor rolled up in the XOW banners and stomped by the TIWF team. Crowd was chanting TIWF for quite a while after this one. Hotrod did live interviews with the Team and it was a Superbowl type atmosphere.
Winners: Team TIWF

---286 in Attendance.
--- TIWF Wins the invasion.
---PK Ripper returns next week.
--- Vic McNasty set to return in November
Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.
Tennessee Independent Wrestling Federation TV can be seen on E+TV6 each
Every Sat. at noon and Primetime at 6 p.m.
website at

Credit: Steven Hunter

Photo credit:

----A few things I just have to comment on this. #1 – No one does the Invasion angle right!!! You got to put over the XOW to make it mean something. Maybe they have other shows booked, but if this group drew 286 [and I was told by a few people already – there was no way they had that many people in the building], then the angle was working and they killed it too soon. You get that many in the building for the angle, you don’t do a blow off yet – XOW wins and maybe you get even more for the real blow off…I am also being really picky here, since I cannot judge the Russ/Hotrod bout, because I have not seen it – but I hate it when indy groups try to pull off stuff like this – Vince McMahon pulled it off because he could work. And this is coming from experience on my part – I did a feud with “Real” Kayte. It ended up in a barbwire match with Rod Dent III vs Coach BT vs Kayte. Guess what?? It sucked!! It was the drizzlin shits and probably turned off some fans. You can say what you want about my wrestling, manager, booking or promoting skills – if it sucked – I knew it sucked and didn’t do it again. I wrestled for 18 months and knew that I could NOT pull it off no matter what I tried – so instead of still working and making a fool out of wrestling and myself – I did not do it anymore…What do I freakin know anyway?? LOL Hell, this group has the best chance to win Promotion of the Year with the move to Trenton, TN being so positive. No one will ever remember they cut the XOW feud off earlier after a couple of weeks.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 10.24.08

TFW Results from Friday Night in Tupelo
Sons of the South (Josh Matthews & Chris Styles) defeated Moe Foundation (Curly Moe & G-Moe Money w/Dirty Rell Moe).

DC defeated Ryan SoFine & Tony Dabbs in a handicap match.

"Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore defeated Chris Chaos. After the match Mason came to the ring and tried to burn Kilgore, but was not successful. They began to brawl, Mason beat Kilgore down and kicked him in the ribs repeatedly. Sons of the South in to make the save. Kilgore helped to the back. Kilgore was later taken to the hospital because he was vomiting blood. I was told he has several broken ribs.

DJ Stunner defeated Jay Webster.

LSD defeated Mason via count out. Mason had beaten the crap out of LSD, but suddenly walked to the back and did not return and was counted out.

Syn defeated Suicide.

Chop Top the Clown over Neil Taylor by DQ. This was a brawl. It got completely out of hand. Taylor brought 2 chairs into the ring and destroyed Chop's knee. He would not stop and was eventually suspended. I am told that Chop will be out for several weeks. Neil suspended indefinitely.

Attendance approx 50.

This Friday night, 10-31-08, TFW will be having Halloween costume contests for fans and wrestlers. Lots of candy and some surprises as well, so don't miss out on all the fun!

----Why has this group dropped in attendance?? It is pretty much the same crew - every week. Just for the hell of it, I clicked on a show in January of this year - CLICK HERE - almost the same roster. You guys got to mix it up with some new guys!!

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 10.25.08

Corey Maclin and Jerry "The King" Lawler opened the show in the studio. Jerry told Corey that he made it another week, but since The Jerry & Jimmy Show was such a big hit, last week, and has been in the past, the "Powers That Be" were thinking about having a new host to take Corey's place. Jerry notified Corey that the voting that's been going on at, all week long, is not looking good for him. Jerry went on to inform him, "It's almost a landslide." Maclin told Lawler, "Well, that's not what I've heard." Maclin went on to tell Lawler that he's also talked with the "Powers That Be" and they saw a tape with Corey and another host, so now, they are thinking about replacing "The King". They roll the tape of who could, possibly, replace Jerry "The King" Lawler.

The video featured Corey Maclin joined by Lance Russell at the announcer's table. This show, originally, aired on March 13, 2004.

"Superstar" Bill Dundee stormed out, asking where the tape was of Jerry Lawler costing him to lose the belt to King Mable. Dundee was in a bad mood and called out "Soulman" Rocky Johnson, who was the Commissioner, at the time. Rocky Johnson walked out and said he was going to tell Dundee something. Bill was quick to point out to Rocky that, "You are going to suggest a few things. You ain't going to tell me nothing!" I liked that comment by the "Superstar". Rocky said if Bill was able to show him any proof on that tape where Lawler interfered, he would make Dundee the champion. So, they rolled back the tape and it showed Referee Bill Rush taking a bump and King Mable trying to revive him. Instead of showing, the interference from Lawler on Dundee, it kept going to different shots of the crowd. This angered Dundee even more. He claimed that Rocky Johnson did something to that tape and challenged Kevin White to a match because he said he was mad and wanted to take it out on Kevin.

Back in the studio, Jerry said if they brought back Lance Russell and put him with Corey, it would be a snooze fest. "You could show this show to insomniacs as a cure. It would put people right to sleep!" Lawler added.

Corey said coming up, The Wrestling Professor would have a double whammy, this week, and mentioned that Brian Teigland would be a part of The Corey & Lance Show they're replaying this week.

They advertised a live event going on in Henderson, Tennessee, later on that night, at the Chester Co. High School with Jerry "The King" Lawler, Kevin White, "Grandmaster Sexay", The Moondog, T.V. Host Corey Maclin and Many More.

To advertise with Memphis Wrestling or find out more information about personal appearances, live events, and fund raisers, Call 901-794-7771

Corey told everyone to stay tuned because he would give us a toll-free telephone number to call and vote on the fate of Jerry Lawler, later in the show.

Corey & Lance footage continued with Brian Teigland conducting an interview with "The Birdman" Koko B. Ware. Koko talked about Derrick King, stating how Derrick came out of his wrestling camp and he kicked him out because he wouldn't do exactly what he told him to do. He said he was going to embarrass him.

"The Birdman" Koko B. Ware defeated Derrick King after popping him with a big chain that he wrapped around his fist.

Johnny Dotson interview. He told Corey he's been wrestling for seven years and he even wrestled in WCW, but never had the opportunity to wrestle for Memphis Wrestling but a couple of times. He added that he had a lot of problems, but now he's ready to show everybody what he can do, here, in Memphis.

Johnny Dotson picked up the win, by disqualification, when "Tiny Kamala" Koonta got himself DQed for not breaking a chokehold before the five count. Fun, fast-paced match before the DQ.

To contact "The King" visit his website,, where you can find old pictures, videos, shirts, and much more.

Back in the studio, Jerry had dozed off. Lawler said that watching Corey & Lance makes him feel like Rip Van Winkle on Sominex. Jerry called The Wrestling Professor, whom he said was at the library, studying wrestling history. He had two questions for Corey, this week. The first one was, who was Jerry Lawler and Jeff Jarrett's partner against The Moondogs and The Big Black Dog, following their match, with The Junkyard Dog as their partner? Corey was right on the money, again. His answer was "The Universal Heartthrob" Austin Idol. The Wrestling Professor said he had some more footage to share, this week, along with the six-man war. The second question for Corey was, "Someone that made a huge debut in 1998, who went on to become a huge star in the WWE and TNA, but they had their very first match on Memphis tv?" Corey's answer was The Rock. That was The Wrong answer. It was none other than The Olympic Gold Medal Winner, Kurt Angle. Jerry said that was actually Kurt Angle's first professional match. They went to the footage of these two historical moments in wrestling history.

The six-man tag, in which, Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, and Austin Idol battled The Moondogs and The Big Black Dog with Richard Lee in their corner was yet another wild and hellacious brawl that featured every weapon under the sun. The finish came as The Big Black Dog smashed Lawler with a trash can from the second rope to get the win for himself and The Moondogs. The chaos continued, after the bell, as The Moondogs laid out two referees.

Power Pro footage of Kurt Angle's debut. Before his match, Kurt cut a promo. He said in his very first interview, "In 1996, I won the Olympic gold medal, and I represented my country, The United States of America and I proved to the world that I was the best. The very best. Well, now it's 1999, and here I am in the pro ranks and once, again, I'm gonna prove that I am the best, here, in the pros. And, you know, I got down here on Friday. I came down here on Friday and many of the wrestlers have been speaking their minds, stating that I should stick with the amateur ranks and stay out of the big time. I don't think so. I have a little message for these wrestlers. Nobody tells Kurt Angle what to do. That's right. And nobody and I mean nobody gets over on Kurt Angle. So, when I get in this ring, I'm gonna prove to these guys, I'm gonna end this match, as quickly as possible, because one, I am the very best. That's right! That's right! I am the best! Let's hear it! And like I said before, I don't like to waste any time and these guys, they're not worth the time." AWESOME! That's my hero. He was destined for greatness, from the moment he was born.

Kurt Angle made quick work of The Yellow Jacket, by defeating him, in a flash, with a belly to belly suplex.

More footage from The Corey & Lance Show. Reggie B. Fine walked out, pimpin' and had a few words to say when Corey informed him that he would be facing Tracy Smothers. Reggie response was, "Tracy Smothers? Man, how come everytime I come in the tv station, y'all put me in the ring with a low budget!" Tracy Smothers ain't won a match since The Jackson 5 broke up!"

Reggie B. Fine defeated "The Wild-Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers when Reggie held on to the ropes for a litte extra leverage, following a Tracy Smothers sunset flip attempt. Following the match, a pissed off Tracy Smothers told Reggie that he had all the respect in the world for him for the fact that he managed one of the most successful tag teams, around here, Brickhouse Brown and Iceman Parsons, who had monumental battles with The Rock & Roll Express, but he wanted Reggie to find a partner for a special tag match, next week.

Lance Russell interviewed Jerry "The King" Lawler about his many battles with "Superstar" Bill Dundee, which was followed by a classic music video of a memorable Lawler/Dundee epic bout. Dundee won the match, at the end, when he was attempting to hit Lawler with a chain, but Lawler stopped him in his tracks, taking it from him. However, before Lawler could use it on Dundee, Referee Jerry Calhoun noticed the chain and confronted Lawler, wrestling with him to forfeit the object. As this was taking place, Dundee reloaded with another chain, he had stored in his tights, striking Lawler to get the win.

Following this classic footage, "Superstar" Bill Dundee was successful, in another match, as he defeated Kevin White in the same fashion, after hitting him with a chain. I thought this was a cool little coincidence because Dundee won the match in the exact manner that he had defeated Lawler back in the good ole' days. Dundee attempted to hit Kevin with a chain, but Referee Jerry Calhoun stopped him and was wrestling with Kevin for the chain, as Dundee grabbed another chain and leveled White to get the pin. Following the bell, Garry White, Kevin White's dad, came out to explain to Calhoun what had happened, but was decked by Dundee. Then, Koko B. Ware came out to help beat up on Kevin while Dundee whipped Garry White with a belt, until Rocky Johnson made the save and cleared the ring.

As Corey and Jerry wrapped up this week's show, Corey gave us the phone number to call and vote on whether to keep Jerry Lawler as the host of the show or replace him with Lance Russell. The toll-free number is (901)794-7771. Corey said all you have to do is when you get the voicemail, say Jerry or Lance. They are going to keep tally and bring the results to the show, next week. Jerry asked Corey, why does it not say on the screen, when they flashed the number. "We did that last week." Corey answered. Jerry added, that if you go to, you can not only vote, but you can also get all of "The King's" great merchandise, see all his artwork, and more. Jerry pleaded with everyone to vote for him.

Wood & Carlton, P.C. Slam of the Week was Kurt Angle suplexing The Yellow Jacket.

Jerry said that Corey will have all his kids and even his illegitimate ones that he had on the show, previously, voting. Corey remembered the Jerry's Kids moment while Jerry kept mentioning all of Corey's illegitimate kids and the time he hired a private investigator to follow Corey around. They both said they were going to bring this footage, next week.

Credit: D-Rock @

----I could not force myself to watch the this week. I didn't want to give a rant and then see them score that big 1.0 rating!! I may have to go back and watch that footage of the Kurt Angle debut along with the Angle vs Yellow Jacket - Kevin Lawler in the gimmick. He actually had a foam rubber "muscle suit" to to make him look bigger.

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 10.25.08 - Beau James Turns!!

* Iron Cross and Ray Idol beat The German Assassins

Mike Cooper, BoBo Brown and Kole Layton King come out saying that they are being held back and that they all have asked for Title matches but have been told no because G1 is in all the title matches. Cooper went on to say he was Beau James' first student and James has pushed him to the side for his pals G1. This brought out Members of G1 Robbie Cassidy, Nick Hammonds and Moe Jenkins

* G1 beat Cooper, Brown, and King in a solid 6 man with a lot of action. Cassidy got the pin fall on Brown with flying cross body

* Misty James beat Kassie Rains w/ Kole Layton King following a bulldog. Misty was in her wonder woman outfit for Halloween.

*Cody Ices beat Ryan Dookie w/ Kole Layton King after King's interference backfired

Clarence Clippenback hosted a ceremony honoring Beau James for 20 years in wrestling. Robbie Cassidy, Wayne Adkins, Moe Jenkins, Tony Givens, Misty James, Al Bass and Beau's dad all spoke about Beau. All the wrestlers put James over for helping them break into wrestling and had stories about traveling with Beau.

Beau came out and was given two awards one from Al Bass and the wrestlers and one from his family and friends present by two of his nephews.

Beau started off by thanking all the fans that had sent emails about his Grandmother passing. Said that very few people really know him because he only lets you see Beau James the wrestler and not Beau James the person and that meant a lot to him for all the well wishes.

Beau talked about all his friends that have passed on in the 20 years, how he has went from hey kid to sir in the dressing room, what the fans have meant to him, how he has never had another job. He has made a living at wrestling since he was 14 years old.

He had a special message for all his students in the ring and brought out ref Rob Knight and Ray Idol and had them join the others. He then sent a special message to Bryan Wayne, Chris Richards, and Wade Adams (his cousin) and talked about them not being there but were he "kids' also. He said his proudest days in wrestling are seeing his students do well. He had a message for each one. He talked about how Moe Jenkins and Misty had lit a fire under him in the past year and gave him the wrestling fever again. He talked about Tony Givens knee injury and how bad he felt for Tony being out for months.

He said it was a great night only thing he wished was that he was wrestling Brian Logan for AWA title Tonight. But the match makers would not sign because of Tony's shot next week.

*SSW champion Wayne Adkins beat KC Thunder on reverse decision. Beau James came out and told the ref that Thunder had used an object. The ref found the object. Thunder threw a fit and said he made James what he is and he should have gotten awards too. And that he was ashamed to be James cousin.

* Nick Hammonds beat Chase Owens with Ashlee to win the TV Title.

The Main Event Beau James and Tony Givens vs. Brian Logan and KC Thunder was stopped
Logan came out and said he was alone because Bobby Eaton had not shown up. KC Thunders music hit and he came out and said he wants to get even with his cuz.

Logan and Thunder stopped Givens about 6 minutes in and worked on his knee. They kept James out and double teamed Givens.

James finally came in about 12 minutes in and the fight was on. Givens got rid of Thunder and James got Logan in his cobra hold. Givens unlaced Logan's notorious loaded boot while James had him in the hold.

James asked for the boot. Thunder came back in and Givens went after him. Givens was on top of Thunder when Beau James laid him out with the boot! The trio of James,Logan and Thunder did a number on Givens leg for almost 5 minutes. They also left the refs and ring announcer lying.

Givens was carried out after the heels left ringside.

Notes : There was 79 tickets sold last night…The event went long last night did not end till after 11. Most SSW cards are over within 2 hours. Some people left early. Next SSW event is Friday Nov 14......they sold programs of Beau James with pictures and letters that Jimmy Valiant, Dr Tom Prichard, and others had wrote about knowing Beau. Many people had ripped theirs up and threw on the floor after the turn....This will be Beau's first time as a heel in Kingsport in years.... Several women and kids were crying for Tony. Givens took one of the worst beatings seen in this area in a while.

Credit: CW Crippler

----This was fun angle to see James turn. I really didn't expect this, because it was his event. The ironic thing is that comments on one of the videos that we posted last week had it posted that James was turning...It makes me wonder whether the turn will = money and if they will start drawing more.

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 10.24.08

MCW Tag-Team Title
Hillbilly Nate came out and got on the mic telling everyone how much luck he has been having with partners the last few weeks, and even though AC Styles was supposed to be his partner this week, he just didn’t trust him. So he called someone who has wrestled here before and he knows that he can count on. Out comes Tank to a huge pop.

“Natural Born Playaz” (Southside & Pimp) (champions) w/ Sexy Sam Dollar wrestled Hillbilly Nate and TANK to a no contest after Tank turned on Nate and the 3 beat on him after the bell. C-Money made the save.

Sexy Sam told Nate that he just doesn’t realize how much power his right hand holds and that Tank contacted him and told him of the plan that Nate had to take the belts off of the Playaz, and the plan came together beautifully.

Pokerface defeated Ray Lee

C-Money & White Lightning wrestled The Hambones w/ Sexy Sam Dollar to a No Contest after Natural Born Playaz interfered and beat down C-Money.Spyro made the save and then got on the mic telling everyone that blood was thicker than water and he knows he is not supposed to wrestle anymore, but if his brother needed a partner against the Playaz, then he would be his partner next week. The crowd erupted.

MCW Heavyweight Title
Frankie Tucker (champion) w/ Sexy Sam Dollar defeated AC Styles & Suicidal Youth in a Handicapped Match to retain the title.

Main Event - Big Daddy Lafonce & Kid J defeated J.T. Storm & Little Devil w. Sexy Sam

Crowd was around 50 with it being Osceola’s Homecoming game and they were playing Gosnell, so it wasn’t a bad night. The crowd was really lively and loud and easy to pop.Rashard Devon was the referee.

Credit: MS Reporter

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jerkin' The Curtain NWA Main Event & SAW recaps + Yak it up Monday Oct. 27th @ 10 PM CST.

Listen in Monday night October 27th at 10 central time as Tommy Stewart and I will recap and review the October 25th episodes of NWA Main Event & SAW TV shows. We'll give our unbiased opinions of both shows, and declare a "winner" for the week. Also, if anyone want to call in to discuss any subject, wrestling or non-wrestling related, please feel free, the number is 347-945-5503. To be honest, I have kinda lost track of the standings between SAW & NWAME, but I know this, SAW has a huge lead. It's like around 15-4-4 in favor of SAW. Cya Monday night! Trent Van Drisse