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BROCK WINS UFC TITLE!! by Gene Jackson

In what many in the MMA world consider an upset Brock Lesnar defeated UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy Courture by TKO in 3:07 of Round 2 to win the title to resounding "boos" from the UFC fans. Brock seems to have a lot of natural "heel heat" with UFC fans who don't want to see a former "rassler" come in and hang with the MMA fighters who they consider superior to pro wrestlers. It will be interesting to see where Brock goes from here, many people thought he'd be exposed in this fight but he proved his critics wrong by winning rather convincingly over the once dominant champion Randy Courture.

Here is a more detailed result from 411 For the rest of the results from UFC 91 go to

  • Heavyweight Championship Match: Randy Couture © (16-8) vs. Brock Lesnar (2-1):

    ROUND ONE: The official is Mario Yamasaki. IIIIIIIIIT'S TIIIIIIIIME! The place is electric for this. They come out, touch and they clinch. Knees by Lesnar, against the cage they go and more knees by Lesnar. More knees follow by Lesnar, they go along the cage and Couture with an under hook. A right by Lesnar, Couture with a right and they separate. Jabs by Lesnar, he shoots and takes Couture to the cage and he defends. Takedown by Lesnar, half guard now and Couture keeps him close. Lesnar almost had mount, Couture gets to his feet and tries to get on the back of Lesnar, but Lesnar has him back down and into half guard. Body shots by Lesnar as he smothers Couture, Couture tries to work off of the cage but Lesnar traps an arm and lands solid lefts. Couture rolls, north south position now and Couture to his feet. Against the cage they go, knees by Couture and body shots by Lesnar. Couture is working for a takedown, Lesnar gets a warning for grabbing the cage, they separate and the round ends.

    SCORECARD:: Electric atmosphere right now. A close round, but Lesnar got it to the ground and did solid work. Couture was able to avoid a lot of damage, but I have it 10-9 for Lesnar.

    ROUND TWO: Round two begins and a jab by Lesnar, they trade and a good right elbow by Lesnar and Couture is hurt. Lesnar hesitated but gets Couture to the cage and now knees by Lesnar. Couture turns him, knees by Couture but Lesnar rocks him with a knee, answered by Couture with a right. Lesnar is cut under the right eye as they trade. Another good right by Lesnar, he shoots but Couture stuffs it. Couture has it against the cage by Lesnar's corner, shoulder shrug by Lesnar as Couture keeps pressing him against the cage. Clinch and another knee by Lesnar. Lesnar catches him with an overhand right and Couture is down! Lesnar pounces on Couture and is UNLOADING with tons of right! IT IS STOPPED! BROCK WINS!

    Brock and Randy talk and embrace after the bout.


    Joe Rogan is with Brock Lesnar. Lesnar says it sounds great to be the champion. He thanks Dana, the UFC and Randy Couture. He has balls to take a year off and come back to fight him and he completely respects him. Lesnar says he believes in hard work and when you do that it pays off. He may be a cocky SOB, but he is confident. The lord gave him the body and mind to do this and he just used the tools.

    Joe is now with Couture. He says that those were some big ass ham hocks coming at him when he was on the ground. He thanks Vegas and then thanks his team at Xtreme Couture that helped him to train for Brock. He's a big son of a bitch, that's all there is to say. Rogan asks him about his future, and he says he got caught, but is getting better and will go home and think things over. He didn't feel rusty, he got caught by the big guy and lost.

    Give your thoughts on the Brock Lesnar UFC title win on the Kayfabe Board now!

  • RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 11.14.08

    Attendance 73

    Shawn Hoodrich b Kevin Dunn

    Tim Renesto b JD Fluffy

    Psycho Medic (w/Lisa Fayzon) b Richard Lowe

    Shane Eden & Steven Green b Saint & Super Delirious Black Ninja when Eden & Green both pinned Ninja

    Damien Payne b Travis Starr

    USWO Jr. Champion Josh Crowe b Cousin Jason X

    LT Falk b Gravity

    USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett b Michael Jablonski by DQ when Jablonski threw ref Mark Owen over the top rope

    Tony announced that Chuck Taylor would be coming in next Friday to take on LT Falk.

    Credit: Jimmie Daniel

    RassleResults: SAW Millersvile, TN 11.14.08

    1. Hammerjack beat Drew Haskins.
    2. Jon Michael beat Tony Gunn.
    3. Arrick Andrews beat Chris Michaels.
    4. Glen Knight beat Bad Boy Dixon.
    5. Rick Santel beat Gary Valiant

    Watch SAW Online at or log on to for more info.

    Credit: Fullforcepro

    RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.14.08

    J. T. Storm defeated War Machine

    Hillbilly Nate defeated The Outlaw w/ Ravishing Randy with a big splash

    Leroy Hambone w/ Ravishing Randy and Ms. Vicky defeated AC Styles when Ms. Vicky distracted the ref, Randy slipped Leroy the bone, and Leroy blasted AC and made the cover.

    Southside Brawler & "One Man Wrecking Crew" Tank w/ Ms. Vicky vs C-Money & Pokerface ended in a No Contest after a 4-way ensued and the referee could not control the action

    MCW Heavyweight Champion "Mr. Slice & Dice" Frankie Tucker w/ Ms Vicky defeated White Lighting by reverse decision. Tucker went to use a chain on Lightning, but Lightining got the chain away from Tucker and used it on him and made the pin and was awarded the match and the belt, but Tucker slipped the chain in Lightning's tights, the referee found it and reversed the decision. So Frankie Tucker retained the title.

    Between 70 & 80 in the building...Spyro & Rashard Devon were the referees...JT Storm and War Machine use to work in Malden, MO for Mike Cook.

    Credit: MS Reporter

    RassleResults: MCA Natchez, MS 11.14.08 - Dusty Wolfe On Book Tour!!

    MATCH #1:
    The identical masked tag team known as HiJinx;whom were dressed sort of like "court jesters" and whom were also accompanied to the ring by their very beautiful manager Jenna who was dressed up like the character 'Alice' from the classic storybook fairytale "Alice In Wonderland",
    defeated the team of Oscar Bussby and his big baby brother Nathan Bussby by pinfall as one of the members of the HiJinx tag team finished off Nathan Bussby with an inverted powerslam.

    MATCH #2:
    The masked man known as The Indestructible L.C. defeated Max Mahoney by pinfall with a double underhook DDT.
    Following the match,The Indestructible L.C. was brutally attacked and pummeled by the 6'10" 360 pound behemoth and Pringle Dynasty member "The Mosnter" Clarice until order was restored by "The Gangster Of Destruction" Adrian Whisper as he chased Clarice away with a dog collar chain wrapped around his neck.

    MATCH #3:
    Wrestling journeyman Dusty Wolfe defeated Pringle Dynasty member Kent Truth (with his manager Prince Travion at rignside) by pinfall with a schoolboy roll-up after when Prince Travion got on the ring apron and accidentally slapped Kent Truth hard across his face as he was attempting to slap Dusty Wolfe.

    Prior to the match,Prince Travion and Kent Truth "exposed",berated and chastised Dusty Wolfe for wrestling as Doink The Clown when Wolfe was wrestling in the WWF(E) back in the mid 1990s as was illustrated in Wolfe's autobiography:

    "Journal Of A Journeyman"

    Speaking of which,you can purchase your copy about the trials and tribulations of wrstling journeyman Dusty Wolfe-AND BELIEVE ME,IT IS TRULY A GREAT READ!!!-by CLICKING HERE!!

    Former Ring Of Honor and former TNA Superstar "The Shootist Vordell Walker used some underhanded chicanery as he defeated "The Old School Asssassin" John Saxon (with his very beautiful manager Irresistible Danielle at ringside) by pinfall as Walker rolled up Saxon in a rolling reverse and Walker grabbed the middle ring rope using his right hand unbeknowst to the referee's view to gain the tawdry 1-2-3 victory.

    In a very wild,very brutal and very violent Dog Collar Chain Match,"The Gangster Of Destruction (G.O.D)" Adrian Whisper defeated Pringle Dynasty member "The Monster" Clarice (with his manager Prince Travion at ringside) by pinfall as Whisper wrapped the 12 foot steel chain around the neck of Clarice and came off the top rope finishing off the behemoth with a diving somersault neckbreaker,a.k.a. "Buff Blockbuster" for the 1-2-3.


    Credit: Brian Reese @

    Memphis Weekly Poll Report 11.08.08

    ----Ratings have been delayed this week and we hope to get caught up sometime during the week.


    Thumbs Up - 65%
    Thumbs Down - 35%


    ----Another week of Thumbs Up for the repeat crap. I am glad you guys are enjoy this stuff - I can't stand even fast forwarding thru it.

    Friday, November 14, 2008

    A Piece of my Mind Nov 14th, 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

    The country is in turmoil right now as those that "have" in the world are, in many cases, losing it. It is also a time of great opportunity for a new breed to step up and become the leaders of the pack. The WWE is in need of a face lift, reorganization and a humbling. The time is ripe for TNA to make their move and it can be done. As is the case in most business, the difference between success and failure is minimal. The hardest thing to do is look at yourself in the mirror and clearly identify your challenges.

    The powers that be at TNA need to understand that Spike TV, on its own, is not going to help you draw at house shows. When they go into a town there has to be a more than reasonable advertising budget. You must invest on the front end to get a pay off in the long run. The message has to be clear to everyone at TNA that this is not a sprint it is a marathon. I understand that the faucet cannot be turned on full blast and that responsible decisions need to be made in regards to budget items. At the same time things needs to be done. TNA is full of young talent that should go into towns ahead of time and make as many FREE appearances as possible. These things need to be set up by the office and the local promoter. They cannot sit back and count on Spike TV alone. In the old days, when I was working for Jim Crockett Promotions, they were on TBS. If you are a true wrestling fan you know how powerful wrestling was on WTBS. I can tell you for a fact that Jim Crockett didn’t want to go into any town where they didn’t have local broadcast television. In no way shape or form can Spike TV be compared to the power of TBS. Yet TNA is trying to draw off of just that TV. The time is now for TNA to either gain velocity and momentum or continue to be stagnant. The only other hope for their company is to catch lightning in a bottle and have the next Hulk Hogan, Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin fall into their lap.

    I do have to touch base on one other issue ... the talent in TNA has to be assessed and dealt with. You can’t have all these high powered names taking up valuable TV time and not be on house shows. In the case of the recent house shows in California, it has to be pointed out that Sting resides no more than two hours from any of the three shows the company ran. I have worked and traveled with Sting in the past. This is not a personal issue. I have never had a problem with Sting. This is a direct business opinion. Sting should have, at the very least, made an appearance at each of those events. In reality he should have wrestled on all of them, but at the very least, made an appearance. The TV ratings are what they are hovering right around a 1.0. So clearly Sting, or anyone else, is jump starting the ratings. The guys that are making the big money have to follow the lead of The Dudley’s and Kurt Angle. They need to get out and go to work. At this point if a specific talent is not committed to helping the company grow than they need to leave the company and/or retire. I could be much more understanding if these people were driving high ratings but they aren’t. In the end Dixie Carter is responsible for letting this happen. It needs to stop and stop right now. I mention Sting by name but this isn’t his issue alone check out the house show lineups and check out the TV show.

    I have heard a lot of talk about Mae Young’s last wrestling appearance on RAW. I have seen Mae do some pretty crazy things over the last several years. I can’t imagine how she has pulled it off. At the same time, from about everyone’s perspective, enough is enough. If Mae asked to be allowed to wrestle for some personal goal I'm not sure that she should have been denied. She has given enough to the business and, truthfully, I'd rather watch someone like Mar give everything they got in there then some of the garbage that RAW has turned into. So if Vince was doing Mae a favor then good for him she deserves it. But if he is asking her to work for any other reason it can only confirm how lost he really is. If you want Mae Young on television I am all for it and enjoy it when she makes her appearances. As a competitor, for her own good, draw a line and keep her on the safe side of it

    This picture was taken by Bill Apter the woman in the picture is Mandy Koloff. She was Nikita’s wife; she passed away from cancer close to twenty years ago. When I moved in with Nikita in Concord, NC she was still alive. It was her that drove me to my tryout with Nelson Royal to be his referee. That tryout changed the direction of my life and brought me from NY to the Carolinas for twelve years.

    This has been a piece of my mind

    RassleResults: NBW Dyersburg, TN 11.08.08

    Show opened w/ Seth Knight coming to the ring to call out Tim Edwards. He told Tim he gave him 1 simple thing to do the week before and that was to take care of Chris Rocker but he couldn't even handle that. Tim said he was sick of Knight thinking he is his “lacky” and the only reason Seth wants Tim on his side is because he is afraid that He will take the title. Rocker came out. Rocker said that he wasn't worried about what was going on between these 2 and he is the #1 contender and wants his match. Seth said they have family business and advised Rocker not to get involved, Knight then brought up the point that Rocker put the contender ship on the line last week, and if he was so confident then he would have no problem doing the same tonight. Rocker agreed and it was set. Tim vs. Seth and Rocker vs. ?

    Shawn Reed def. Jeremy Moore in a great opener after Simon grabbed Moore's foot and Shawn hit Moore w/ the clipboard

    Tim Edwards def. Seth Knight in a non-title match after Seth was going to use the belt and Rocker took it from him and pushed him into Tim's Redrum

    Simon Reed came out and accepted Shannon's challenge from the week before. As the bell rang, Jimmy Tidwell ( who was sitting in the crowd ), stood up and delivered another official message from the Boss. The stipulation on the match was if Shannon won then his son would get 5 mins to beat in Simon while he was tied up, but if he lost then Shannon would have to put his son in the ring w/ Simon for 5 mins while his hands were free.

    Shannon Lee def. Simon Reed after Simon had Shannon in a reverse bear hug and Shannon rolled thru for the 3! After the match Simon was tied up and as Shannon's son started beating on him Shawn Reed came out and attacked Shannon and held his son while Simon hit the kid in the stomach w/ his skateboard. Simon then put the kid in a bearhug until some faces made the save. Shannon vowed next week would be a fight

    Mark Justice came out and called Kilo to the ring. Mark said that whether or not he and Kilo team again he wants to apologize for the way he has been acting, he said it was medication that was making him act that way. He offered a hand to Kilo and then dropped him w/ a superkick out of nowhere, he then stated he had lied and it was really his new attitude and he would see Kilo in the ring tonight.

    Void came out and introduced the other half of the Tag Champions.... A.J. Bradley!
    B.L.S. def. Kid & Buckwheat

    Rocker came out to find out his opponent, it was... Phoenix X.
    Rocker def. Phoenix X in an awesome match after a frog splash

    Kilo def. Mark Justice by DQ after Motley Cruz ran in and decided to repay the favor to Mark from the week before...Good show w/ around 100 ppl in the crowd, opening match had really good heat as well as Shannon Lee's segment. Overall the crowd was into the show. This week Danny B. Goode vs. Motley to settle the score and Shannon Lee vs. Simon Reed in a street fight.

    Credit: NBW News Guy

    ----Love the stuff they are doing with “The Posse”/Shannon Lee’s kid…Hate the stuff they are doing with Kilo vs Mark – didn’t they just do this earlier this year??...Tidwell getting messages from “The Boss” – “The Boss” better turn out to be someone big or it will be a disappointment…Moore vs Shawn Reed being the first match was smart. People forget that the first match can set up the tempo for the whole show. Open the card with a match that means something and then the whole show follows.


    BE THERE!!!


    RassleResults: ICW Lexington, TN 11.08.08

    Iron Jake Johnson won by DQ over Samoan Raja.

    Weasel defeated Boogieman

    Jennifer Justice defeated Icee Sunshine (in her debut) w/Brimstone

    Bull retained his Hardcore Title against Slingshot

    Steve Rampage and Steve defeated TN Wrecken Crew and The Homeboys w/Hollywood Little. (Rampage pinned Cody after Will Davis walked out on him and the TN Wrecken Crew had Steve on the floor, Afterwards Rampage attacked Steve also.)

    Danny B Goode defeated Neal Dream to become the New Heavyweight Champion

    Crowd was around 40 paid, 60 in attendance.

    Next show is at the Henry Civic Center 55 Park Dr Henry, TN 38231
    Doors open at 6:30pm Bell Time 7:30pm Admission: Adults $3, Kids age 6-12 $1, 6 and under free

    Check out the website for more info

    Credit: ICW Webmaster

    ----This was in the same building that some of the old CCW shows were run in.

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    Shows For The Weekend 11.14 to 11.15.08

    ----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled shows!! RRO will not be on the road this weekend with the Covington, TN show being pushed back and the Austin Lane DVD will not be released until December. I am looking for someone to send in full results from NEW in West Memphis, AR Friday night!!

    ----Southern States is in Kingsport, TN – poster above!!

    ----Millersville, TN with “A Banner Night” – A Night of Women’s Wrestling in Tribute To Penny Banner” featuring Nikki Roxx, Tasha Simone, Sarah Lynn, Mia Martinez, Tracy Taylor, Susan Morton, Su Yung, Scarlett Rose and more!!

    ----TNA is in Corinth, MS @ Crossroads Arena with Kurt Angle, " The Phenomenal" AJ Styles,"The War Machine", Rhino,TNA World Tag Team Champions Beer Money, Inc., The Monster Abyss, TNA X Division Champion Sheik Abdul Bashir, The Beautiful People, Cute Kip, "The Guru" Sonjay Dutt, Roxxi, Consequences Creed, ODB, Prince Justice Brotherhood ( Super Eric & Curry Man), and more!

    ----FTW in Sparta, TN for “Shattered” – poster is below!!

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    "Flashback" Late Nov 1982 by Mark James

    We continue our trip back 26 years ago in this week’s flashback to Nov 1982.

    Nov 22, 1982

    This was a packed card. The original main event had Dream Machine and Bobby Eaton defeating the popular team of the Steve Keirn and Stan Lane, the Fabulous Ones. In late 1982, it would have been hard to find a more popular team, anywhere in the country, other than the Fabs.
    There was a special added match the had the Sheepherders getting the win over Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee.

    The attendance was nearly 5,600 and some of the other big matches of the night had Lawler defeating Jimmy Hart and Sweet Brown Sugar in a handicap match. Also Dutch Mantell regained his Mid-American Title by defeating Jesse Barr. Bill Dundee got the pinfall in his Southern Title match with Sabu, but Sabu was DQ’s after the match was over. Somehow the pinfall was nullified and Sabu kept the belt. Lastly, Terry Taylor won a big 6 man tag elimination match.

    Nov 29, 1982

    The big news of the night was all the local belts changed hands. Terry Taylor defeated Sabu in the Southern Heavyweight title match. Promoter Jerry Jarrett had a reputation of putting the belt on younger talent to see how they would do with the fans. Some of those young guys that Jarrett put the belt on were: Tommy Rich, Terry Taylor Paul Orndorff, Kimala, Paul Ellering, Ric Rude, King Kong Bundy, Bam Bam Bigelow, etc.
    Other title changes had the Fabulous Ones getting the belts back from Dream Machine and Bobby Eaton. Lastly, Apocalypse took the Mid American Title from Dutch Mantell.
    Jerry Lawler and Bill Dundee got some measure of revenge by defeating the Sheepherders in “No DQ” match.
    In a match that you had to see to believe, Jim Cornette and Jesse Barr defeated Jimmy Hart and Sweet Brown Sugar. Also on the card was Adrian Street getting a win over Bobby Fulton and Jacques Rougeau defeating Rick McGraw. Attendance was right at 5,700.

    ----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

    Coach's Corner: "NEW - Facts and Thoughts of the First Four Shows"

    ----What other promotion has this kind of talent?? 7 out of the 8 guys on the last show are above average. King JR is probably ranked 7th among the other guys because he is still a rookie, but could win Rookie of the Year. You got Wayne/Nikels [Possible match of the year award], DK [still will be high in Wrestler of the Year voting], Lee [should be consider in Performer category], Greg Anthony [Performer category], and Ring [who will probably win Gimmick, but should be consider in Performer category also].

    TOP 10 BOUTS

    1: Greg King JR beat Matt Justyce [***1/2]
    2: Eric Wayne beat Dustin Ring [***1/2]
    3: Derrick King/Eric Wayne beat Greg Anthony/Kid Nikels [***1/2]
    4: Stan Lee vs Greg King Jr [***1/4]
    5: Kid Nikels beat Derrick King [***]
    6: Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne – DRAW [***]
    7: Eric Wayne beat Tatt2 [***]
    8: Greg King JR beat Dustin Ring [***]
    9: Derrick King beat Tatt2 [***]
    10: Matt Justyce beat Stan Lee [**1/2]

    Here are some facts [yea Neil Taylor I said facts!!] –

    -Eric Wayne scores four [***]+ matches.
    -DK, King Jr and Nikels all score three [***]+ matches.
    -King JR has the best bout of the 4 shows with Justyce, but this was Justyce’s only [***]+ bout
    -Tatt2 had two [***] bouts, but did not work anymore shows.
    -Nine of fourteen bouts [***] or over!!

    How Did The Other Four Bouts Match Up??

    *Matt Justyce vs Greg King Jr – DRAW [**1/2]
    *The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Matt Justyce [**]
    *Kid Nikels beat John Jett [**]
    *Derrick King vs Matt Riviera [*1/2]


    -It will be a good place to shoot TV.
    -New direction.
    -Brian Thompson/John Steele
    -Look for the DVD release!!

    -They need a crowd – less than 200 people total in four shows.
    -Building hard to find.
    -No advertising yet.
    -Tatt2 does two shows and could have been good with the style.
    -No TV deal yet!!

    RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 11.08.08


    First Round: Way Cool def A.C. Styles w/Lil’ Bit

    Wildside w/Ravishing Randy def

    Royale Executioner Hardknox Hooligan def P.K. Ripper

    Tank Turner def Dre’ Black

    Semi Finals: Waycool def Wildside w/Ravishing Randy Hardknox Hooligan def Tank Turner

    Finals: Hardknox Hooligan def Way Cool with assistance of Ravishing Randy & Wildside to become the SECOND LORD OF THE RING AND THE #1 Contender to “The Latin Assassin” Chico Mendoza’s TIWF regional Heavyweight title.

    This Saturday night TIWF will give way to MSWA as they will have a benefit show for Wesley Jines the son of “Killer” whose house was destroyed by fire. Who know who may show up.

    Come this Saturday night to 405 West 1st Street in Trenton for great wrestling action every Saturday night.


    Credit: Rodney Howard and

    RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 11.08.08

    1st match Lucky VS Lethal. Lethal had the match won when Lucky faked a knee injury and got counted out of the ring. Winner by count out Lethal.

    2nd match. Zane Richards VS Psycho. Zane hit Psycho with a chain to get the 3 count.

    3rd match. Mike Anthony VS The Southside Brawler. Mike hit his finisher and Pimp attacks Mike from behind. Pokerface makes the save. Winner Mike Anthony by DQ.

    4th match. Arnez VS The Midnight Cowboy. Cowboy rolls up Arnez and holds the ropes for the win.

    5th match. Mr. Pimptacular VS Pokerface. Southside hits the ring and attacks Pokerface from behind. Mike Anthony makes the save. Winner Pokerface by DQ.

    Main Event. Angel of Sin VS Rodney Mack. Non Title Match. Rodney Mack throws Angel of Sin over the top rope and the ref DQ's Mack. Winner Angel of Sin by DQ.

    It seems that the Natural Born Playa'z strategy was to get both Pokerface and Mike Anthony in the ring separately and attack them both 2 on 1. Mike Anthony asked to be Pokerface's partner and Pokerface agreed. However Pokerface warned Anthony if he turned on him it would be the last time he turned on anyone. This may turn out to be one of the best tag teams in the area.

    Don't know about the connection between Zane Richards and The Midnight Cowboy. Will have to wait to see where this one goes.

    Rottn Randy came out with The Asylum and did a promo and was over with the crowd. It appears that Randy is now in the trust of the Asylum. If the Asylum really starts to wrestle as a tag team this could be very dangerous for all the tag teams in the area.

    The Angel of Sin came out after intermission and did a promo. He played a game with J.D. Kerry and a friend of Kerry's. He got them both in the ring and asked if they were good friends? If they would do anything for each other?. He then attacked them and handcuffed J.D.'s friend to the ring rope and started to destroy J.D. Each time telling the friend that he could stop it by turning on his friend and bowing to him. It was only when the Angel of Sin had J.D. in a hold that could break his neck that the friend agreed to bow to the Angel of Sin. The Angel of Sin then told him if he ever turned on him he would come back and finish the job on J.D. They left together. After the match with Mack the Angel of Sin told Mack he was here to take his belt, wife and kids and soul. This guy is a big time talent and is impressive in the ring.

    100+ in the crowd as the RWA did another preliminary shoot once again for TV.

    Credit: RWA Reporter

    ----I was told they during their weekly dressing room meeting they talked about the Arena Report filed here. Nothing that was said was anything that the promotion had not stressed to me after my report. This group gave me first class treatment and I thank them for not making a big deal out of the report. If you are new to the site and don't know this by now - I write what the way I see it and don't sugarcoat it...One of the workers on the show agreed with my report and said, "it was one of the worst shows we have done. I hate it that it was the one you had to see."...Brian Thompson was seen backstage...I believe The Angel of Sin is Bryon Willcott that we featured in the "Putting Over" post a few weeks back. If it is him, someone remind him he owes me a Diet Coke and Cheeseburger.

    Lawler Speech at "Lawler 35" and RassleResults: "Lawler 35" Nashville, TN 11.08.08

    Credit: "Hollywood" Jimmy @

    Below are the results from the show posted on Georgia Wrestling History Forum by Rioter Larry Goodman

    Results from the Lawler 35 Tribute show presented by Bert Prentice at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena with a crowd of 657 paying over $8000. Alan Shepard & Ali Stevens beat Travis Sawyer & Justin O'Day, Shane Williams over Lani Kealoha, Steve Boz beat Idol Stevens, The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas) beat Big Bully Douglas & Seven, Matt Boyce beat Shawn Shultz.

    Brian Christopher & Doug Gilbert beat the Moondogs. The brawled all over the building and despite a prematch agreement to the contrary, Gilbert turned on Christopher after the match. That sets up a rematch for the NWA Main Event show at the Fairgrounds on Thanksgiving Night.

    The main event was preceded by a very lengthy intermission for autograph signings by Lawler.

    Jerry Lawler beat Sid Vicioius (with Jimmy Hart). Old time Fairgrounds heat for this one. It built to a spot where Lawler slammed Vicious. Lawler won it after a low blow and a roll up. Country singer, Kevin Sport read a poem to Lawler before the match. Jim White, Lawler's first tag partner, accompanied him to the ring.

    Diana DeGarmo of American Idol fame sang the National Anthem. Kenny Chesney was in the first row disguised such that nobody recognized him. Corisca Joe was in the house as well. Former NWA Wildside and WCW referee Jamie Tucker was one of the officials.

    Dan Masters will have interviews with Lawler, Hart and a promo by Brian Christopher up on the site by Monday.

    Tuesday, November 11, 2008

    RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 11.08.08

    At the front, Stan Lee demanded that Greg Anthony come to the show after the angle they ran last week. Commish said he was not there tonight.

    “The Baron” Malkenvain beat Rockin Randy to retain Cruiserweight title. Bishop/Rashard Devon – tied Randy into ropes and beat down Malkenvain. Bishop says he wants a bout at Throwdown!!

    Slim Pickens beat Phoenix X

    Bishop vs Ike Tucker – no contest – Malkenvain came in as Bishop was about to give Ike the spear. Bishop gets a match vs Malkenvain at Thanksgiving Throwdown – A Coffin Match!!

    It was suppose to be Erik Hayes vs Chris Rocker – Alan Steele comes out and says that Rocker has car trouble [he had battery cable in his hand]…Steele beat Hayes in a total squash. Jake Lesner was at ringside with Steele and did a powerbomb dropdown backbreaker.

    Lee came out again and Commish said again Anthony was not here – Cody Melton/Dell Tucker/Dustin Starr came out and talk about putting Lee out, since they put Flash out. Flash Flanagan and Christian Jacobs came out to set up the 6-Man.

    Stan Lee/Flash Flanagan/Christian Jacobs vs Dustin Starr/Dell Tucker/Cody Melton – CJ beat Tucker with the spear . They went into a 6 way with CJ beating Tucker. Cody posted Lee. Heels laying boots to CJ – Lee clears the ring. Tim Cummins comes running to ringside and gets Lee and they jump in Cummins truck leaves. Greg Anthony then comes out to say he fools Lee into thinking that he is down the road, but he is here. Lee returns and runs in the front door –Lee chases TGB around the building and runs out of the front door. Crowd was going crazy!! People were throwing stuff at him.

    100 in the crowd

    Credit: TLCWillublome5229

    ----Please someone give this guy that comes out with Steele a new name!! I also hate the old wrecked car angle. It is so “played out” and really is unbelievable.

    Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, TN 11.07.08

    ----RRO was treated to another really good show presented by NEW at West Memphis, AR. There were just a little over 20 people in attendance and that is only bad thing about the whole show. Ken Wayne is still trying to “iron” out the kinks and when he feels there will be less technical problems, then he will invest in advertising and I look for more people to show up. The only thing that bothers me is some of the regular people that came to the first three shows were missing and it makes you wonder why?? I would like to recommend it to you though – if you are a wrestling fan in this area – invest $5 into a great show this upcoming Friday night.

    ----“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Matt Justyce. This match proved again this week that Justyce is 4th on the totem pole when it comes to the students. Justyce is really good when he is in the ring with someone from the school, but does not shine out of that realm. He is still real green. Justyce worked TGB’s arm for a bit. Cradle to bridge for the pin. [**]

    ----Stan Lee beat Greg King Jr. This was a real good match and King continues to impress me. A lot of hold for hold and some high spot moves worked in from Lee. Lee hit a flying side kick. King did a good job keeping up. Lee did a few monkey flips with King stopping one of them and send Lee into the turnbuckle with a catapult – Lee ended up on the second turnbuckle and jumping off with a flying press. Lee hit his running shooting star and a split leg moonsault within a minute of each other. Where a move like that might finish someone on another show [it should have be criticized if it did not], they were putting over the fact that you have to be BEAT down more to go down. Forearm exchanges with a huge winding one from Lee. King did an Angle slam. King missed a frog splash with Lee putting his knees up into Kings’ ribs. [***1/4]

    ----Eric Wayne beat Dustin Ring with german suplex. Both of these guys really shined here. Hold for hold and as quick as it gets. Ring is MADE for this type of style – very fast and very good with holds. And, it was fun to watch him REAL stiff with Eric. Eric was twisting Ring’s foot at one point and it looked like it was going to come off. Both were both working real stiff. Ring did the Tajari handstand into the ropes flying into Wayne early into the match. They had one flaw with closeline, but Ring did good selling being hit high into the head. This move ended the match when he slipped doing the move and Wayne caught him with the german suplex for the win. Just a bit better than the Lee/King bout. [***1/2]

    ----Kid Nikels beat Derrick King with armbar submission. This was a good match up as Kid is the biggest of the students. Good solid bout with good follow up with move to move. Nikels missed an elbow from the turnbuckle. King hit the superkick at one point into a double knockout and it didn’t seem to hit Nikels hard enough to put him out. Nikels wins with an armbar submission with his legs wrapped around King’s head. King tapped and it came off as an upset. [***]


    ----Robbie Douglas is going to be hard to get the vote for “Rookie of the Year” over a guy like Greg King Jr. Douglas is unfortunately been stuck in the middle of two years, which might hurt him along with being in a tag team. Even though I think BLS will win Tag Team of the Year, King may edge out all competition for “Rookie”…Interviews before matches that were good – TGB, Wayne and Ring. Interview that was bad – Lee…Please someone tell Dustin Ring to buy a new suit – good amateur look – but before the match was over I was tired of looking at his sack. [ok..I said it..kill me..]…Nikels finisher – “Nikels Pickle II”…Good to put over Nikels in the upset. After all of this – it still puts Nikels vs Wayne somewhere down the road with both being undefeated, but could not beat each other…Payoffs were “more than I made at LAW” LOL…From what I could hear, John Steele was “ON” – came across clear and an almost perfect team with Thompson…Justyce came out to the “Rocky” theme…The reason Ring’s foot did not come off during Wayne twisting it is because he has those special vampire powers. LOL…Nikels would have been money in the territories. Good size, good attitude and good worker.

    RassleResults: XOW Fulton, MS 11.08.08

    XOW Benefit Show for Noah Sheffield - RESULTS

    -1st Match -"Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs vs. "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore
    Winner: Ruled No Contest when Sammy Hall and Brian So Fine jumped both Kilgore and Dabbs. Challenge for a tag match later in the show was made,

    -2nd Match-Mo Foundation vs. Pain Inc. (Izzy Rotten & Bret Michaels) w/ Nathan LeeWinner: Mo Foundation-

    3rd Match-6-Man Tag MatchSuicide/Jay Webster/Dirty Sanchez vs. Devon Rayns/Mason/ PappyWinner: Devon Raynes/Mason/Pappy-

    4th Match-Sons of the South vs. SnS (Stunner & Syn)Winner: Sons of the South-

    5th Match-Semi-Main EventChris Kilgore/Tony Dabbs vs. Sammy Hall/Brian SoFineWinner: Chris Kilgore/Tony Dabbs-

    6th Match-MAIN EVENT: Jerry 'The King' Lawler vs. Neil 'Real Deal' Taylor w/ 'Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock Winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler

    Standing Room Only - 276 paid, 300+ in attendance. - $4700 was raised for Noah.- The SOS and SnS Match and the Taylor/Lawler match were both considered match of the night.The Noah Sheffield family wishes to thank everyone for all their time and work in making this amazing event happen!

    Credit: "Hollywood" Jimmy @

    ----That pic [Devon Raynes]...I can just hear Brian Thompson saying, "Let me tell you what is wrong with the business."

    RassleResults: EPW Booneville, MS 11.08.08

    "The Household Name" David Andrews defeated "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris by submission.

    Dorian Rage defeated "Prime Time" Nick Grimes.

    Pure Destruction (Cody & Brody Hawk) came to the ring in street clothes. They said they were there simply to inform everyone that they were not wrestling and were not employed at EPW. EPW Promoter Edith Poole came out of the back and informed them that she had told them the week before that they were going to wrestle, so they had better get ready, because they would wrestle tonight. From behind, 24/7 (Kross & JR Mauler) attacked Cody & Brody, who after a couple of minutes retreated to the outside of the ring. 24/7 issued a challenge for a match then and there, but PD declined. They did accept a match for this Saturday night with 24/7.

    Blade w/Buzz Harley defeated Slammer.

    PHAT Foundation (Justin Rhodes & "Dangerous" David Cox) w/Chris Fontaine cheated their way to victory over The Executioners (Axe & Dagger).

    Next was a title for title match, EPW Champion Tysin Starr vs. EPW Extreme Champion Cassanova Kid. The winner would hold both belts. The match ended in a time limit draw. Neither belt changed hands.

    Chris Fontaine defeated Bitty Little when Justin Rhodes interfered.

    This Saturday night's EPW card will include Pure destruction vs. 24/7. Also on the card is Bone Crusher/Soul Taker vs. The Ghost Riders. Should be a great show.

    Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

    RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 11.07.08

    This was the first show in the New TFW Arena in Skyline, and I must say it is a major improvement! TFW has a larger, much nicer building - definitely a step up!

    Dirty Sanchez defeated Mason.

    Jay Webster defeated G-Moe Money w/Dirty Rell Moe.

    Izzy Rotten w/Ollie By Golly defeated LSD (with a lot of help from Ollie).

    "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs by DQ when Mason interfered.

    Syn defeated Suicide.

    Sons of the South (Chris Styles & Josh Matthews) defeated The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade).

    TFW Champion Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor defeated Chop Top the Clown by DQ. Taylor retains the belt.

    I counted 91 in the crowd.

    Credit" "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

    Monday, November 10, 2008

    Memphis Wrestling 11.08.08 Watch and Vote!!

    ----Here is Memphis from Saturday. We did not have it posted last week. So watch and vote!!

    RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 11.08.08

    39 attended

    Kevin Dunn b Psycho Medic

    Damien Payne b Dustin Simon and Toby Farley in a 3-way when Payne pinned Farley

    Travis Starr b Dominator in a fans bring the weapons match

    Chris Norte b Anthony Wayne when ref Mark Owen stopped the match after deeming Wayne unable to defend himself

    Steven Green b Damien Payne by DQ when Payne kicked Green in the groin

    Psycho Medic won a 12-man battle royal last eliminating Stevie King, which earned Medic a shot at any USWO or ATL title. Medic chose a shot at the USWO Championship

    RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 11.07.08

    AC Styles & C-Money defeated Leroy Hambone & Tank w/ Sexy Sam Dollar after Tank accidentally hit Hambone with the bone instead of C-Money.

    Sexy Sam Dollar along with Southside Brawler, the current MCW Middleweight Champion, called out Pedro Hambone and handed him over the title belt. Pokerface came out and demanded a match for the Middleweight title and the match was on.

    Pokerface defeated Pedro Hambone w/ Sexy Sam Dollar by DQ after the referee saw Sam interferring in the match.

    White Lightning defeated The Outlaw to recieve a Heavyweight title shot at Frankie Tucker next week.

    MCW Heavyweight Champion "Slice'em & Dice'em" Frankie Tucker & Ray Lee w/ Sexy Sam Dollar defeated HIllbilly Nate & Mr. Excitement.

    East Coast Bad Boys (Serpent & C-Money) defeated MCW Tag-Team Champions The Natural Born Playas' (Southside & Pimp) w/ Sexy Sam Dollar by DQ

    Around 80 in the building

    Credit: MS Reporter

    Sunday, November 09, 2008

    Thompson Perspective by Brian Thompson 11.09.2008

    Good Sunday afternoon everyone. I hope this edition of the “Thompson Perspective” finds everyone doing well as we head into another week and a special one at that, considering the fact that we honor our country’s military heroes Tuesday as part of Veterans Day.

    With this edition of the column, I’ll just touch on a few things and make a brief point here and there.

    First, and this is a non-wrestling item, let me say that you MUST get an HDTV. These things are awesome! There was a super sale on a 46-inch Sanyo 1080p HDTV at Wal-Mart yesterday and I took advantage. Now I just need HD programming to truly enjoy its offerings! Maybe that’ll happen next year.

    In addition to buying a new TV yesterday, I made a brief stop in Jonesboro, AR at the Royal Wrestling Alliance (RWA) arena. I didn’t get to stay for the show as I had later plans with my wife and I was also fighting a cold. But it was nice to see their set-up and to meet some of the guys who work there on a regular basis.
    Of course, there were several familiar faces including Pokerface, James Arnez, Psycho, Zane and, of course, Loose Cannon. However, I will say that Cannon looks COMPLETELY different than he did the last time I saw him in person. Honestly, I did not even recognize him at first until I heard his voice. You clean up nicely sir!
    I also had the chance to visit with Rodney Mack and Jazz, who were very nice and kind during the discussion we had. I also want to thank Frank Martin and his wife Suzanne (hopefully I’m spelling that correctly!) for being very cordial with me as well. It’s always nice to be welcome.

    Friday night was another fun night of New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) in West Memphis, AR. We had four solid singles matches that I think the crowd enjoyed. I urge you to come check it out if you have the opportunity. You will see a nice set-up at the building, which doubles as the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Wrestling.
    There has been a lot of talk about N.E.W. since its inception. We’ve heard the radio shows with Brian Tramel and yours truly, Brian and Ken, Gene Jackson and a slew of guests that included Leslie Jones. A lot of questions surround the company concerning its style and longevity. Folks, let’s not be so impatient. Things are going to take time. Yes, I’m involved heavily with this effort and I believe in it. Do I think it will work? Yes. Do I think it will take an effort to make it work? Yes.

    Nothing successful just happens. Somewhere, at some point in time, somebody worked hard. We’ll all of us who are involved both in management and in the ring are doing our best right now. Is it going to be everyone’s cup of tea? Maybe not. As popular as the original ECW was, it wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Even at its death WCW was drawing nearly 2 million households each week for what most experts called “horrible” editions of Monday Nitro.

    There is certainly enough room in our business for various styles.

    “Handsome” Beau James, who is based in the Kingsport, TN, area, has a great shirt that I think can sum things up as far as N.E.W. may be concerned. It says “Old School. New Class.” You can’t put a label on N.E.W. There are certain elements that make it somewhat “old school.” Yet there are things that make it different like some of the rules and what not. It will evolve over time and I think too many are judging the entire life of the project by the first TV taping on Oct. 17.

    That is not to say that this is the perfect promotion and we are going to suck the crowds out of every town in due time. There is plenty of room for the style presented by RWA in Jonesboro. They have had some respectable crowds since their opening. Same for the ASWF in Tuckerman, AR. And when you look at ASWF, it is a different style than RWA or NEW.

    Let’s all give this thing a chance, just like we’ve given other promotions a chance in the past. The worst case scenario is that the boys will have another place to potentially work. Can’t be a bad thing there!

    Until next time, take care all.

    (Brian Thompson is a columnist for He also serves in a marketing and public relations capacity for the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling and New Experience Wrestling. He is also co-host of NEW Wrestling along with John Steele. Thompson is also involved in several on-going wrestling book projects including the recent publication of Dusty Wolfe’s autobiography.)

    Jerkin' The Curtain presents "A Banner night" preview show Monday Nov. 10th @ 10 PM CST.

    It's ladies night once again on Jerkin' The Curtain! This Monday night, November 10th at 10 central time,Randy Powell, owner of the PGWA will appear, and Tasha Simone is scheduled as well. Expect some more ladies to join the show too. This will be a preview show of sorts for the PGWA's "A Banner night" show, which is a tribute show for the late ladies wrestling star Penny Banner. That show will be held Saturday Nov 15th at the "Sawmill" in Millersville, TN. This Jerkin' The Curtain will talk about the card for "A Banner night, talk about Penny Banner the wrestler, and the person, as well as anything else concerning pro wrestling. Tommy Stewart and I won't be giving full NWA Main Event & SAW TV reviews this show, but we will at least give our ratings for both shows. Cya Monday night! I will also have some announcements for guests slated to appear on Jerkin' The Curtain in the coming weeks. It's going to be interesting, trust me......Trent Van Drisse