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Memphis Wrestling TV Ratings and Poll Results Report 11.15.08

Memphis Wrestling 11-15-08

Final Rating: 0.3 ( 4,862 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours:
0.4 ( 6,482 )
-Corey and doctor’s office
-TK2/Koko vs Dundee/Mable/Kevin White
-Lawler interviews kids with Bert
-More at the doctor’s office
1st Quarter

0.0 [-6482 viewers]
-Brian C vs SoulTaker
-Jerry’s Kids with the late Dennis Carluzzo
2cnd Quarter

0.3 ( 4,862 ) [+4,862 viewers]
-“Wrestling Professor”
-Lawler vs Dundee – Loser leave town
-3rd Quarter

0.3 ( 4,862 ) [unchanged]
-Corey and Lawler back at the doctor’s office
4th Quarter

From start to finish: [-1680 viewers]

----They opened the show with over 6,000 viewers and they just turned off the show. Wow!! They still have some people trying to watch the show, but after they see that it is the same crap they turn it off. They came back – some of them – for the last half of the show and ended with a .3 average. Just horrible.

Memphis Wrestling TV Poll

Thumbs Up 55%
Thumbs Down 45%


----Another week of “Thumbs Up”, but with less of a percentage of only +10%. I still think it is a rib!!

Credit: D-Rock @ with help on the quarter hours. If you would like to read his complete Memphis Wrestling TV report, CLICK HERE!!

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 11.21.08

Attendance 95

Richard Lowe b Shawn Hoodrich

Kevin Dunn b Psycho Medic

LT Falk b Chuck Taylor by DQ when Damien Payne ran in and attacked Falk

"Cousin" Jason Xavier & JD Fluffy b USWO Jr. Champion Josh Crowe & K.O. when Xavier pinned KO

Shane Eden & Steven Green b Saint & Tim Renesto by reverse decision after Saint pinned Eden but ref Mark Owen found that Saint had hit Eden with an international object to get that pin

LT Falk & Petey Wright b Chuck Taylor & Damien Payne when Falk pinned Taylor

Michael Jablonski b USWO Champion Jeremiah Plunkett by DQ after Plunkett threw a fireball at Jablonski

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

RassleResults: N.E.W. - West Memphis, AR 11.21.08 - Dustin Starr debuts!!

New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) presented another solid night of action in West Memphis, AR at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling last night. Here are the match-by-match results:

- Dustin "Five" Starr defeated Greg King
- Derrick King defeated Dustin Ring
- Kid Nikels defeated Matt Justyce
- "3G" Eric Wayne defeated "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony

RassleNotes: This was probably the smoothest taping to date, from a technical standpoint for N.E.W. William Gibson served as referee for all four matches. Brian Thompson was solo on commentary this week as John Steele was away on other business. The "experience vs. youth" aspect came into play during the first, second and final matches. The Derrick King-Dustin Ring match was focused on a "student vs. teacher" aspect with King and Ring filling those roles respectively. "Nightmare" Ken Wayne addressed the crowd following the show, thanking them for their support during the first six weeks of N.E.W.

The promotion takes next week off due to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, but returns on Friday, Dec. 5 at 8 p.m. That show will be taped as a pilot broadcast to be sent to Comcast Sports Southeast (CSS) for potential pick-up for 2009. N.E.W. will also make its first advertising splash for the Dec. 5 with more than just the usual internet advertising.

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A Piece Of My Mind Nov 21st 2008 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

As time has proven to us many times over what is old somehow becomes new again. As generations come and go things cycle back and become chic again. In today’s wrestling climate where the next major breakout star has become the equivalent of a hen’s tooth wouldn’t it be time to bring back the wrestling manager. I could be biased since I have for many years been a wrestling manager but I think the facts are simple. It is clear that the era of girls being a part of events is not a ratings bonanza or attracting big crowds at the arena. In reality the creative team at WWE books their girls to fail. If you look at TNA they have done a better job with their woman’s division. Is that because they found that one hen’s tooth out there? They have Awesome Kong who certainly isn’t the “traditional” diva should stood up and made people take notice.

I would say that the answer is clear at this point since you can’t find the person to lead the company then why not make changes and adjustments with the people that you already have. Is it possible that there is a current WWE Superstar that could benefit from a mouthpiece who could really take another piece of talent to the next level? I wonder how many guys aren’t given a chance because someone has deemed them unable to cut a promo. I am sure that it would be much easier to find people to fill the role of heel manager.

You would have to begin the reeducation process of the fans but with the right talent this could work out well. If I was TNA I would quickly grab Armando Alejandro Estrada give him a new name and let him manage someone. If you are WWE you also have an endless list of people to choose from. In their own dressing room they have Downtown “Harvey Whippleman” Bruno. If needed they could work with and groom the managers they have Double A “Arn Anderson” one of the best promo men ever. The possibilities are endless and once the heat was really built up it would be time to bring back “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair to assist the baby faces. I don’t know what Flair would have to do other than a beheading to turn heel these days. It’s a simple concept either get something fresh or reinvent what you have. Sometimes it’s worse to do nothing than to make a bad decision.

I am in Boston tomorrow preparing for the autograph show on Nov 22nd and 23rd. I will be attending the event which will have Bruno Sammartino, Tammy “Sunny’ Sytch and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart will be signing autographs. The show has several other wrestling personalities attending and is headlined by the appearance of Leslie Nielsen of Airplane and Naked Gun fame. There will be other wrestling personalities attending as well Traci Brooks, So Cal Val, Stacey Carter, Lance Storm, Justin Credible and others. I believe that this event could give another gauge of the economy and the fear going through people’s minds.

It is with great pleasure that I tell you all right now that I am going to re release the Bruno Sammartino autobiography. I am doing this in conjunction with Brian Tramel and I had the book edited by Brian Thompson a contributor to the Rasslin Riot site also. The Sammartino story is one that is very compelling and hard to put down. It should be a must read for everyone not just wrestling fans. The hardships that the Sammartino family had to live through just to come to America are very hard for someone like me to even comprehend. This is really not a wrestling book it is a story about the love of a mother for her children and her never ending desire to survive. If you aren’t a wrestling fan the story should still affect you at many levels. If you are a wrestling fan you will enjoy hearing the path that Bruno took in getting to be one of the greatest attractions Madison Square Garden and arena’s all over the world has ever seen. Be looking for the announcement of the books release within the next few weeks. It will be available at

I remember my one and only time working in the old Boston Garden. It was for Jim Crockett Promotions and I owe the opportunity to the “Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff. He is one of those that left the business too early and I believe could still be a force in the business today if he were to come back. It was a big event the local promoter was Gary Juster. The two primary company referees (Tommy Young and Earl Hebner) were there already and I believe long time referee Dick Kroll was there as well. I could tell that Gary had no idea that I was coming. I had never had any issues with Gary and I had worked with him before. He walked over to Dusty and asked who Sal was working for. I heard Dusty indicate that I was working for the office. At that point it was ok since it wasn’t coming out of Gary’s personal pocket. It was a great show the NWA was hot as a firecracker at that time. The crowd in Boston was excited to have the NWA in WWF country.

The card was headlined by “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs. Barry Windham in a steel cage. I worked a few undercard matches on the show. In one of them the ring announcer Gary Michael Capetta was getting ready to announce Kevin Sullivan. In those days Kevin announced himself as being from Singapore but on this night he could feel the buzz in the air. I saw him walk towards Gary and say Boston, Ma, Boston Ma, Boston, Ma. So Gary went ahead announced Kevin from his hometown of Boston, MA the crowd erupted and on that night the crowd was really into the undercard match and the heel quickly became a fan favorite.

That night also stays in my mind because I made an interesting mistake. I wasn’t paying much attention and saw someone from behind and I said “Hey Lex” and the guy turned around and said I’m not Lex. It was the man I will be leading to the ring in Charlotte NC with his longtime partner Bobby Eaton when they reunite for the first time in a long time. The events will be on Dec 5th and 6th and information can be found at In those days Sweet Stan Lane and Lex Luger looked somewhat alike from the back. So on that night in nineteen eighty twenty years ago I met a guy that would become a lifetime friend. When you return to places it’s nice to revisit those memories.

I want to send a birthday wish out to my mentor and trainer Afa “The Wild Samoan #1” Anoai. He is also proud to announce that he is now a great grandfather. I couldn’t imagine when I first met him that I would be announcing that one day.
I won’t be posting an article next week as it is Thanksgiving. I wish you all a happy holiday and will be back the following weekend at some point. I might be delayed due to the shows I will be doing with The Midnight Express. I will be sure to let everyone know how it goes.

The picture with this article is of me and Afa at a spot show when he and his brother were tag team champions. Ah the memories of the good old days.

Show This Saturday!!


Sal Sr and Announcement Tonight from "The Big Cheese"!!

----CLICK HERE to check out a really neat story on Sal Corrente Sr. RRO staff member "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente has a very interesting dad and I thought all of you would enjoy reading this piece. Also look for a big announcement in tonight's "A Piece of My Mind"!! Brian Thompson & Sal have been working on a project together [and helped do just a small part] and I think a lot of wrestling people will want to get a hold of it!! It features a real "Legend" of the business.

Coach's Corner "A Rib is A Rib"

----A rib is a rib is a rib; right?? The history of ribs go as far back as the days that wrestling started. I have heard some of funniest stuff like a story Dusty Wolfe [plug inserted] tells in his book about Gypsy Joe to guys crapping in Jerry Lawler’s crown [also in his book] to some local guys pissing in a guy’s Mountain Dew. I guess some would make you mad and some would make you just laugh. I guess it also it depends on whether you are being ribbed or ribbing; right?? Wolfe also talks about the art of ribbing being lost on the new generation and how no one does it. Guess what Dusty?? The rib is alive and well in Memphis Wrestling area. Sometimes they come off as cheap shots or shoots, others are just plain funny and well others just seem like life is pulling a rib. A rib is a rib, a spade is a spade, a loss is just a loss and a transvestite is a girl; right??

----A few weeks back when the booker of a promotion left due to the promotion only booking one show a month and then going biweekly in 2009, the promoter decided that in front of a crowd of 25 people he would do a little shoot on the former booker. After a rant that include someone dressing up to look like a “bright glowing vitality boy” and the promoter blaming the booking on the downfall of his promotion, then the promoter puffed out his chest and walked back to the dressing room. At no time did the promoter think maybe it was because he didn’t advertise - how could that contribute to no crowd?? One worker pointed out that this was a shoot on the former booker. But, what is that old saying about a tree falling in the woods?? It really doesn’t matter what this promoter said or did, because it would come off as just part of the storyline. He could always say, “Oh it was just a rib bro!!” And as the guys in the back collected their $5 payoffs, laughed and patted him on the back for a job well done, they were then laughing at him behind his back and thinking about how big of a goof he really is. And he was laughing and patting himself on the back thinking, “Damn I am good and all these guys work for $5! I am important and I don‘t give a crap what anyone thinks of me!!” Speaking of crap, you know we have slang that we use like, “taking a crap”, “pinching a load”, “dropping off the Cosby kids” or even “number 2”; right? Well, the next time you take one of those long stinky slimey nasty you can’t stand being in the room with it craps, then I give you permission to call it an O’Dell.

----My friend Gary, who many of you know as Izzy Rotten, called the other morning to tell me about a rib that was played on him by “Hollywood” Jimmy Blaylock. Izzy was steaming when this happened to him and I hope am not breaking kayfabe he wanted to strangle Blaylock. As he started to tell the story, I have to admit I guess if I would have been in Izzys’ shoes, then I might have been pissed, but I had to hold back from the laughter. This was a good one. Blaylock told Izzy and his tag partner of “Pain.Inc” Brett Michaels that he would be backstage taking photos at TNA for [another plug] He told them to meet him backstage and he could hang out with them and everyone from TNA. see what is coming right?? When Izzy/Michaels got backstage - there was no Blaylock!! LOL TNA had no idea who these guys were with Izzy standing there with a big smile wearing his “Kayfabe” shirt from [another plug] Security wanted to throw them in jail for trespassing, but ODB came to their rescue remembering Izzy. They got to meet a lot of the guys backstage and everyone was cool with them. Kip James even put over the “Kayfabe” shirt. They were even escorted to their chairs by security before the show started. They also seen Blaylock when they got to their chairs and he was just laughing at them. This is a good case of a rib turning into something good - but what the hell would have happened if they had ended up in jail??

----Real life sometimes throws you ribs that you just don’t expect. You know like that one time that “girl” showed up from the internet dating site. I mean I am thinking - you got to be ribbing me - this is NOT a girl!! Smells like a girl, talks like a girl…well it has to be a girl; right?? off the subject there for a moment..Even though this is related to the site and is wrestling, it makes me wonder if there is just a bunch of you guys punching “Thumbs Up” on the Memphis Wrestling TV Poll?? Please tell me it is a rib!! I will laugh and just get over it. I will keep on truckin’ with the regular features and think, “man, they got me..” You guys are trying to tell me that not even ONE show since the 8.09.08 TV 50 debut show sucked?? I love you guys. Thanks for visiting my site!! I like all e-mails - good or bad. You can bash me on Jimmy’s board. Tell me I am fat. Tell me I am bald. Or make fun of my coke bottle glasses [that is my style dammit!!] But..PLEASE..quit ribbing me and voting “Thumbs Up” for that O’Dell that Corey Maclin and Jerry Lawler are trying to disguise as wrestling!!! No one is watching!! No one cares!! Please stop ribbing me!!

----A rib is a rib. They come in all shapes and sizes. You know a spade is a spade, a sturdy working tool is a sturdy working tool, a dog is a dog, a nightmare is Danny Davis [thought I was going to say Ken Wayne; didn’t you], a star is Dustin, a Dustin is a vampire, a sack is a sack [unless it is dangling from a vampire and it is a big sack!!], a crap is an O’Dell and well, a rib is a rib is to tease or mock good-humouredly; right?? Oh yea..all those transvestite jokes..just jokes..just ribbing bro. My personal life is none of your business!!




RRO's 2007 "Most Underrated" Kilo - Goodbye NBW, Hello TIWF

----George “Kilo” Seaton has been a regular with NBW since November, 2006. There comes a time when a guy just has to make a change and it looks like Kilo is headed down the road to make TIWF his home for now. Last Saturday night Kilo wrestled his long time partner Mark Justice to a NO CONTEST and was scheduled to go back to NBW to do a “double shot”, but did not return to the NBW Arena. There had been rumblings that he was unhappy with the direction of his character and just pretty much “burned out” at Dyersburg. I am being told there is no “heat” between NBW/Kilo, it was just something that Kilo has decided to do.

----Kilo had also been in talks with TLCW about doing some double shots leading to him working a major program on one of their big shows. Nothing was finalized and it looks as if Kilo decided that it might be better to be the big fish in a small pond, instead of TLCW. Kilo will be stepping into TIWF as the top worker of the crew.

----Kilo was a regular for MSWA tagging with Citizen Cane as “Southern Pride” during my stint as “Coach BT” there. Later on when I started CCW, Kilo was a major player in the promotion tagging with Kade as “Full Effect“ [photo below] - members of “Code Red” - a group of guys being managed by Kilo’s wife Auburn Thunder. He would later team with Mark Justice to form “Pretty Sexxy” in both MSWA and CCW - holding both sets of tag team straps.

----His history in NBW started when Kilo won the NBW Title in December, 2006 defeating Tank. Kilo would hold the belt until Febuary, 2007 after turning on Alan Steele and it being finally set up with Jeremy Moore beating him for the belt.

----Kilo was involved in an incident with a fan in March of 2007, when Kilo hit a 13 year old boy, who he thought was much older at the time. Kilo made a statement to the site talking about how he “felt real bad and kinda embarrassed.”

----Kilo was featured in the main event in April, 2007 as the NBW Arena packed 307 people for Rikishi/Jeremy Moore/Big Red beat by DQ over “Cash Flow” [Mark Justice/Kilo/Gaylon Ray] [photo above]. An Arena Report was filed with it being noted, “Kilo was really shining in the ring with Rikishi.”

----Kilo beat Chris Rocker and Pokerface to become the new NBW Champion in June, 2007. Kilo was also holding the tag straps along with Gaylon Ray/Mark Justice as “Cash Flow” at the time. Kilo lost the singles title in July to Tim Edwards at Vendetta.

----In September of 2007, they ran a hot angle with Mark Justice pulling Auburn Thunder out of the audience and him beating on her. It was shut down real quick, when NBW thought it was “too hot” for their TV show and just completely forgotten.

----Later in the year, Kilo had a feud with 187 and everyone was raving about the quality of the matches. Kilo would win RRO’s Most Underrated 2007 award proving that not only to the fans, but to his peers he was a great worker. He also was ranked in the Top Five of workers in Yearbook 2007.

----2008 Kilo continued his tag team specialty by joining up early in the year with Tommy Redneck to form “Southern Pride” again and winning the tag straps. He also formed a new heel team with his former “Pretty Sexxy” partner Mark Justice as “SOBs” and would hold the tag straps with him again. In August they teamed vs. Derrick King/Jeremy Moore at “Summer Jam 2008” with Kilo being the star of the bout and show. Just recently they split the team up again and it seemed a little too forced and it seemed to be something Kilo was not enjoying.

----Kilo, as noted, will be stepping into TIWF as their top worker joining up with some old MSWA guys - Wildside/WayCool/Ravishing Randy - and should fit in good. He will be managed by his wife Auburn Thunder and I look for them to push him quickly into the top spot as TIWF Champion. Kilo is also joined by other CCW/MSWA alumni as “Big” Dave Sims has joined the TIWF crew as one of their announcers. What will this all lead to?? Will Kilo convince others from NBW to join him?? Kilo and Mark Justice have spent many years working for the same promotions; will Mark be not too far behind?? In the running for 2008 “Promotion of the Year” TIWF gets a shot in the arm with new talent and Kilo gets a new “life” for them.

RassleResults: NBW Dyerburg, TN 11.15.08 - New NBW Champion!!

Show opened w/ Seth Knight coming to the ring, followed by Rocker and Tim Edwards. Both Rocker and Edwards wanted 1 thing and that was a title shot. They were all 3 bickering until Allen Walker said he had heard enough and told all 3 to shut up. He said he was tired of hearing Tim and Rocker and tired of Seth getting out of defending the title fairly, so tonight it would be a triple threat!

The Posse came to the ring and it was going to be Lil' Chris vs. Phoenix X but Jimmy Tidwell had another note from the boss which stated this match was now a tag match and if Phoenix had no partner he would have to wrestle alone. NBW owner Jeff McDonald was getting sick of Tidwell and they had words and almost got into a physical confrontation with one another by this point. The bell rang and it was Shawn Reed and Lil' Chris jumping on Phoenix until the lights went out and none other than Baron Malkavain made his return to tag w/ Phoenix. Posse def. Phoenix and Baron after they used the skateboard on Baron.

Dirty Sanchez def. The Kid after a moonsault. After the match The Kid was getting ready to leave the ring when Mark Justice and Mad Money Mike came out. Mike offered Kid money to lay down and be pinned by him, so he could have his first in ring win. Kid refused and mike said he would have to pay. Mark jumped on kid which started an impromptue match. Mark Justice def. The Kid

Chris Rocker def. Tim Edwards and Seth Knight to become NBW Champion for a 2nd time after pinning Tim.

Jeremy Moore came out and put over his NBW High Risk title defense next week against Shawn Reed. The Posse came out and Simon said he has a match so Moore needs to pack it up and go to the back. As Moore was going to the back, Shannon Lee's music hit and he attacked Simon from behind. The 2 brawled all over the place, even to the outside where Simon body-slammed Shannon on the rocks. Simon Reed def. Shannon Lee and then the Posse jumped on Shannon until the faces made the save.

Danny B. Goode def. Motley Cruz by DQ when Mark Justice interfered, Danny got the best of both of them and made it out of the ring. He said he was sick of this and next week he would find someone willing to tag with him and that he would bring his son and his son would be handcuffed to Mad Money Mike!!! Motley and Mark are now calling themselves Pain & Justice

Probably 75-80 in the crowd, down from last week. Pop of the night was probably for Baron. Most heat was for Posse

Credit: NBW News Guy

----Malkanvain and Rocker are working both TLCW/NBW, BUT there was already problems with NBW keeping them too long and they were late for TLCW matches... Mark Justice has to be the "king" of tag team wrestling in this area - from "Riot Squad" to "Pretty Sexxy" to "Pain & Justice"...How could you put Rocker over two of your top heels to make him champion?? It hurts the guys he beat.

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"What Memphis Watches"

First off, I want to apologize for not having a report last week. The “ratings girl” that I get the numbers from took vacation and I was only getting a limited set of ratings. With that said, ol’ girl is back from vacation and I have a full set of numbers for a report this week, so here goes!

Starting with TNA’s Impact, they seem to be on pace on what they have been doing for the past couple of months. They’ve been hovering around 2.0. What stuck out to me was the final quarter hour being the lowest rated quarter hour. Fans tuned out during the Main Event Mafia’s angle with Christian Cage. Not good when fans tune out during the most heavily pushed storyline.

WWE Smackdown also stayed on par with what they have been drawing since the move to MyNetwork. SD started out slow but did some really good numbers in the 2nd hour and final quarter hour of 4.3 which was a full point over the final rating. Memphis fans still love “The Master of Pain” a.k.a. Undertaker and showed it in that final quarter hour.

Memphis Wrestling continues to draw embarrassing numbers. It’s sad to see this company fall so low.

WWE RAW actually had a decent week of numbers last Monday.
They had a few weeks of ratings around the 3.5 area but rebounded with a healthy 4.4 overall. This is good news for WWE going into Survivor Series this Sunday.

Note: The ratings for RAW is listed as 2 separate hours. I will round off, to the highest number, the averages of all 2 hours for the final rating.

If you have any questions or comments just email me at:

Thanks and enjoy!!!

TNA Impact ( Thursday ) 11-13-08

Final Rating: 1.7 ( 27,549 viewers ) 2 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour:
1.8 ( 29,169 viewers )

1.6 ( 25,928 )

1.2 ( 19,446 )

2.0 ( 32,410 )

2nd hour:
1.9 ( 30,790 )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

1.8 ( 29,169 )

1.4 ( 22,687 )

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 11-14-08

Final Rating: 3.3 ( 32,410 viewers ) 5 share

Quarter hours:

1st hour:
1.7 ( 27,549 viewers )

3.1 ( 50,236 )

3.0 ( 48,615 )

3.0 ( 48,615 )

2nd hour:
3.7 ( 59,959 viewers )

3.6 ( 58,338 )

3.8 ( 61,579 )

4.3 ( 69,682 )

Memphis Wrestling 11-15-08

Final Rating: 0.3 ( 4,862 viewers ) 1 share

Quarter hours:
0.4 ( 6,482 )


0.3 ( 4,862 )

0.3 ( 4,862 )

TNA Impact Replay @ 8 a.m. 11-15-08

Final Rating: 0.4 ( 6,482 viewers ) 1 share

WWE A.M. 11-16-08

Final Rating: 2.3 ( 37,272 ) 5 share

WWE RAW 11-17-08

Final Rating: 4.4 ( 71,302 viewers ) 6 share

1st hour: 4.1 ( 66,441 viewers ) 6 share

Quarter hours:
3.7 ( 59,959 viewers )

4.4 ( 71,302 )

4.4 ( 71,302 )

4.0 ( 64,820 )

2nd hour: 4.7 ( 76,164 viewers ) 6 share

Quarter hours:
4.9 ( 79,405 viewers )

4.6 ( 74,543 )

4.6 ( 74,543 )

4.6 ( 74,543 )

Overrun: 4.2 ( 68,016 viewers )

"Flashback" Mid Nov 1979 by Mark James

This week the flashback takes us back 29 years to Nov 1979 with the King just having defeated Superstar Billy Graham for the CWA World title.

Nov 12, 1979

Even though the card above has a different match shown, the actual card had Jerry Lawler defending his newly won CWA World Title over the man he won it from, Superstar Billy Graham.
Billy Graham, just 2 years earlier had defeated Bruno Samartino in the WWWF for their world title. When Jerry Jarrett formed the CWA, his goal was to eventually merge it with the AWA, similar to what he did years later with the Memphis and World Class. These plans were put on hold 2 months later when Jerry Lawler suffered a broken leg that kept him out of the ring for almost a year.

The Southern tag champs, Wayne Farris and Larry Latham lost by dq to Hector Guerrero and Steve Regal. Great match and a lot of fun to see in person.

Koko Ware and Steve Kyle went to a No Contest in their match. This was Koko’s first big feud and was the first time a lot of people started to notice him in Memphis.

Other matches included Sonny King and Rick Morton getting the win over Tojo Yamamoto and the Oriental Connection, and Ken Wayne losing to Jerry Bryant.

I remember going to this card and it was a very cold, rainy night. That probably explains the low attendance of 4,500. Also, the local fans really weren’t that into Superstar Billy Graham.

Nov 19, 1979

Billy Graham won by dq over Jerry Lawler, who kept his CWA World title. Pretty sure it was a chain or Jimmy Hart’s interference that caused the dq.

AWA Champ, Nick Bockwinkle successfully defended his AWA World title by defeating Sonny King.

Southern tag champs, Wayne Farris and Larry Latham lost to Hector Guerrero and Steve Regal.

Earlier, Koko Ware got the win over Steve Kyle and Rick Morton defeated Tojo Yamamoto, by dq.

Low attendance once again, only 4,300 showed up. I guess Graham was blamed as this was his last week in Memphis.

----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

Site Notes & Shows for The Weekend 11.21 to 11.22.08


----Just a quick note that I have changed the "Picture of the Week" on the front page of the site. Another OUCH!! photo!!

----For those voting in the "RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame", please be reminded that you have until NEXT Sunday - 11.30.08 to vote!!


----CLICK HERE for the regular scheduled shows. RRO will not be on the road this weekend either. I am looking for a report from NEW's Friday night show!! Below is the only other show that has been passed along. If I forgot anything, then e-mail me and we will add something!!

ICW returns November 22, 2008 to Henry Civic Center (55 Park Dr Henry, TN 38231)
Doors open at 6:30pm Bell Time 7:30pm
Admission: Adults $3 Kids age 6-12 $1

ICW Stars include RL Brimstone, Iron Horse, Neal Dream, Bull, Jennifer Justice, Weasel, plus more. (stars subject to change without notice)

RassleResults: TNA Cornith, MS 11.15.08

In the opener, Petey Williams defeated Sonjay Dutt. Very good match. These two guys definitely know how to work a crowd!

Curry Man defeated Kip James in another good match. After the match Curry Man got a kid out of the crowd and put him in the ring and they danced around the ring for a couple of minutes.

Angelina Love w/Velvet Sky defeated ODB. Very good women's match. After the match Kip James came to the ring and ODB put a claw hold on his - um - jewelry box and he quickly bailed. She then put some hury on Angelina & Velvet and they also bailed. The TNA knockouts are one of the reasons I am a TNA fan. Velvet Sky & Angelina Love are just that - knockouts - they are gorgeous! ODB is - well - she is what she is....

Rhino defeated Sheik Abdul Bashir in a very good match.

TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money, Inc. (Robert Rood & James Storm) defeated Consequences Creed & Eric Young to retain the belts.

The main event was a three way elimination match, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner vs. Abyss vs. "The Phenominal" AJ Styles. Abyss eliminated Steiner by pin fall, leaving Abyss & Styles. They battled for about 10 minutes, until AJ Styles won the match by pin fall. After the match Styles called Abyss back to the ring. He said that like himself, Abyss had been with TNA just about from the beginning, and had given his blood, sweat, & Tears for the success of the company. He then said thank you to Abyss, and the two shook hands.

Abyss & Styles stayed in the ring to pose for pictures with the fans, at $20.00 a pop. The line was very long. I would not be surprised to hear that they were there for an hour or more after the show taking pictures.

TNA also brought all the stars out after the main event for an autograph party with the fans.

Attendance was approx. 1200.

It was a great show. There were no bad matches. The crowd was hot and into the show from beginning to end. I was amazed at just how fan oriented and fan friendly TNA is.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

----I sthis crazy or what?? TNA draws 1200 fans?? All the groups combined in this area have a hard time doing that in one weekend. It is proof that you should not even run house shows in this area unless you have TV!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 11.14.08 - FAN VERSION

Dustin Ring/Stan Lee over Matt Justyce/Greg King JR when Ring hit “Demon Wings” on King JR.

Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels beat Greg Anthony/Derrick King by DQ, when DK went for the third save.

Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels beat Dustin Ring/Stan Lee – Ring went for the “Demon Wings”, but it was messed up twice. They finally went for a third time [5 minutes later] – which got messed up a bit also with Wayne giving him a reverse bulldog – Wayne pins Ring.

25 people there…2cnd match was match of the night…

Credit: NEWailer

----In the finish of the last match, I was told it was messed up. That is why they tried it three times...I noticed that "The other BT" posted these results earlier today, but since I did get something else to add to the show, then I posted this.

Wayne/Nikels One Hour Match Now Online

Graduation bout features two of N.E.W.’s best

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. – One of the most talked about matches of 2008 in the Mid-South is now available for online viewing at

The one-hour graduation match, held Feb. 10 of this year, between “3G” Eric Wayne and Kid Nikels can be seen by clicking a link of the main page of “Nightmare” Ken Wayne’s website. Eric Wayne and Nikels, who began their wrestling training in early 2006, had to successfully battle for 60 straight minutes in order to be classified as graduates of the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling.

“I am so proud of these two,” said Ken Wayne following the match. “I would not have put these two into this situation in front of a viewing audience if I didn’t think they could accomplish this goal.”

The video also includes an impressive pre-match promotional package that features comments from both combatants and other wrestling dignitaries including their trainer Ken Wayne.

The actual match itself has been talked about for the nine months since it was held. Wrestling stars in attendance that night praised the contest and its performers. Brian Tramel, owner of wrestling website, was very impressed with what he witnessed that evening in West Memphis.

“Kid Nikels and Eric Wayne put on a first class match, and, along with Ken Wayne, put together a first class show,” said Tramel just days after the event during his website report on the show. “I drove home that night happy that I was a part of wrestling. I was happy that I was part of the ceremony. The crowd that witnessed this was part of something very special when it comes to this sport – true emotion and just a very appreciative crowd of what Ken Wayne has done with this school.”

Since the one-hour match, Ken and the staff of his school have formed New Experience Wrestling (N.E.W.) in West Memphis. Matches are held every Friday evening, beginning at 8 p.m., at Ken’s school and are taped for future television and DVD distribution.

One of the biggest personalities in the history of Memphis based pro wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment’s own Downtown Bruno (also professionally known as Harvey Wippleman) gave his thoughts on N.E.W. and Ken’s school during a brief interview that is also available at The interview video can be found by clicking on the “N.E.W. logo” on the main page of Ken’s site.

The next N.E.W. show will be held Friday night at Wayne’s school in West Memphis. Eric Wayne, Nikels, Derrick King, “Golden Boy” Greg Anthony and more including wrestling prospect Byron Wilcot and Mark Vaughn will all be a part of the action. Bell time is 8 p.m. and tickets are $5 each.

For more information on N.E.W. or the “Nightmare” Ken Wayne School of Wrestling, please visit or call (901) 831-4198.

(The “Nightmare Ken Wayne School of Wrestling” is located at 201 E. Jefferson, Building No. 2, in West Memphis, just 10 minutes from Downtown Memphis, Tenn. When you arrive in West Memphis, take the Missouri St. Exit. Follow Missouri St. and continue straight as it will become Woods St. once it intersects Broadway. From that point, travel 5-6 blocks and turn left on Jefferson St. Turn right into the first driveway at the end of the tree line and travel through the gate to the first building on the left. Ushers will be out front to direct attendees to the building.)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RassleResults: N.E.W. 11.14.08 West Memphis, AR - Tag Team Night

Just wanted to drop a few lines about last Friday's show. Was hoping one of the fans in attendance would send something in, but since that was not the case I will do.

This show was centered around tag team wrestling.

In the opener, Stan Lee & Dustin Ring defeated Matt Justyce & Greg King Jr.

Eric Wayne & Kid Nikels defeated Derrick King & "Golden Boy" Greg Anthony by disqualification in the second bout.

The main event was a meeting of the winners of the first two bouts. Wayne & Nikels defeated Lee & Ring.

It was another solid night right in line with previous efforts. As a member of N.E.W.'s crew, I'll hold off on any more comments as most would assume, and rightfully so, that I may be a bit biased.

I encourage anyone who attended to discuss the show on the message board.

And remember that N.E.W. returns this Friday, Nov. 21 to the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Wrestling in West Memphis for another night of TV tapings for future distribution.

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 11.15.08 - Greg Anthony Has Heat!!!

At the start, Stan Lee comes out to the ring with the TLCW belt – because “TGB”Greg Anthony dropped it last week. Lee sits in the middle of the ring and cuts a promo about TGB hiding. Lee says he has TGB’s title, so TGB will have to come get it. Ike Tucker comes out and tries to get Lee to leave the ring. Commish Dustin Baker comes out and then a group of legit bikers from “Mid South Riders” [Lee’s grandpa rides with these guys for shoot] surround the ring and ask for TGB. Baker promised that TGB will be here later and Lee has to return the belt to TLCW. Lee says to tell TGB to be ready for a fight tonight.

Dell Tucker with Cody Melton beat Weasel – Melton threw Tucker a gimmick to help him win.

“Rockin” Randy beat Cody Melton with Tucker ringside – “Picture Perfect” [Chris O’Neal/Christian Jacobs] came out to help Randy win. Tucker was going to throw a gimmick in to do the same finish before PP came out.

Commish Dustin Baker had an interview with “Slim” Pickens. Baker was making sure Pickens if he was ok to wrestle. Pickens says, yea..but then says “No..he is not wrestling.” Bishop comes out putting over his bout with “The Baron” Malkenvain at Throwdown. Bishop then beats Pickens. After the match they wrapped Pickens in a body bag type of thing and threw dirt on him. Lights went out and Malkenvain came out showing the coffin. Malkenvain then turned into bat and flew away. [really he did..are you guys reading all of this??]

Ike Tucker beat Jake Jackhammer in squash match.

“Picture Perfect” [O’Neal/Jacobs] beat “X-3” [Steven Rampage/Oz] by DQ when Cody Melton/Dell Tucker jumped in.

Flash Flanagan beat Alan Steele with Chris Rocker as special ref. Rocker screwed Steele for Flash to win.

After the main event, Dustin Baker comes back out and TGB runs thru the front door to grab his belt and leave. Baker tells Anthony that the “Riders” were here and Baker announces “Lumberjack Match” for Showdown. Lee’s music hits, but Lee does not come out – Tucker/Melton bring Lee out beating him up. Lee/Melton go backstage with Baker. TGB beats up Lee and Lee makes comeback. At this point, TGB tries to go out the front door and he has to fight himself away. He finally gets thru the fans after nailing a couple of them.

100 in the building

Credit: TLCWillublome5229

----Looks like they are turning Pickens??....The return of RRO Tag Team of the Year 2007 “Picture Perfect”..exciting; huh?? Nah, I was told the PP match was 20 minutes and not good…WHAT THE F**K does “X-3” stand for???... TGB has f’n REAL f’n heat!! When you have people that block the door so you can not leave the building – you got heat!! There was a bunch of other guys including Melton/Tucker who finally left the ring and went to help out.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 11.14.08

LSD defeated David Cox.

Izzy Rotten w/Ollie by Golly defeated Suicide.

Chris Chaos vs. Jay Webster ended in a double disqualification. Ollie by Golly was watching the match, and when the match was over, he said, "Let's talk," and both Webster and Chaos went to the back with Ollie.

Mason defeated "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore. After the match Mason continued to beat on Kilgore for several minutes.

The Ghost Riders (Buzz Harley & Blade) defeated the Moe Foundation (Curly Moe & G-Moe Money) w/Dirty Rell Moe. After the match, Curly announced that it was G-Moe's last show (he is moving out of state).

TFW Champion Neil "The Real Deal" Taylor defeated "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs to retain the belt. Taylor's feet were on the ropes when the referee made the count.

TFW Tag Team Champions Sons of the South (Josh Matthews & "The Future" Chris Styles) defeated Syn & DJ Stunner.

Attendance was approx. 75.

This Friday night TFW will begin a tournament to crown a new Lightweight Champion. Also, Bitty Little returns to TFW this Friday night.

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

RassleResults: FTW "Shattered Psyche" 11.15.08 Sparta, TN

1. Tradition Championship Match: Patrick Colvett (c) vs. Jed Anderson- Anderson is out with manager Ms Precious for his rematch for the title he lost two weeks ago. Colvett takes another beating to his shoulder which was injured winning the title. Anderson uses every hold he can to keep Colvett down, but the new champ keeps coming back with high impact hits. After lots of this, it looks like Anderson becomes so frustrated he throws Colvett over the top rope causing the automatic disqualification due to the Tradition title rules. Colvett retains, but his shoulder looks to be injured again.Winner: Patrick Colvett retains by DQ

2. Xander Blaze vs. “Dirty J” Justin Rich vs. El Gringo- Blaze clearly dominates this match showing his skills and experience. Dirty J still looks to be in over his head, while El Gringo showed his first signs of life. After a while of action Logan Shane appeared out of no where to attack Dirty J for payback for two weeks ago when Dirty ditched Shane in a tag match. Blaze then takes control and makes Gringo tap for the win.Winner: Xander Blaze

3. Mad Dogg & Dillon Divine vs. Dustin Simon & Jason Nesmith- Mad Dogg looks mad, no pun intended, as if he could care less about the match. Nesmith and Simon both are making their debuts tonight. Nesmith makes a good impression but Simon does not seem to be up to speed. Dogg and Divine seem to make a good team and keep Simon down. Nesmith was in the ring very little but looked good when he was. Mad Dogg looked like he was dreaming of milk bones, while Divine put the boots to Simon. In the end, Simon gets pinned, and lucky the Dogg did not take a bite out of him. After the match, Nesmith said his debut in FTW did not go well and he blamed Simon, then proceeded to beat him up. Not a good night for Dustin Simon.Winner: Mad Dogg & Dillon Divine

4. Survivor Elimination Match: Patrick Colvett, AC Frost, Robert Mulligan & Toby Farley vs. Mike Promo, Jed Anderson, Rocky Mac & Daddy Mac- Mike Promo is out and the whole room is on edge. This was a long match with lots of chaos with the ref just being distracted from all sides. After the first elimination though, things went quickly. AC Frost pinned Jed Anderson, then Daddy Mac pinned Frost. Robert Mulligan surprised Daddy Mac, but was then counted out during a brawl outside the ring with Rocky Mac eliminating both men. Promo pins Colvett who was dropped out of the ring and badly injured. Promo then proceeded to drop Farley on his head time and time again, but in a major turn around, Farley gets the surprise pin on Promo to be the last man standing. Mike Promo who is in complete shock, begins to cut a promo ranting and raving on Farley and something about VCR’s and well, I don’t know what the hell he was talking about. Has Promo finally snapped?Winner: Toby Farley sole survivor

*The Standard Protocol* with Duane Sherrill. Who attacked Sabbath? We find out now as Sherrill asks the one to come out. The man called Shattered makes his way to the ring. Sherrill asks if he is the one who attacked. Shattered then informs him that if he remembers, he said the person who attacked would be at the show tonight, and he is, he has already been in the ring. Sherrill looks confused, and suddenly all the power dies out, it is pitch black in the Stronghold. When the lights come back on Shattered is gone and Sherrill is left standing in the ring looking confused.

5. Survivor Elimination Match: Lord Frost, Ryan Jeffries, Billy Merciless & Logan Shane vs. Michael Jablonski, New York Gangster, Shane Smalls & Jeremy Travis- “The Ace” Nick White introduces his team, Jablonski is not happy about being in the ring with Lord Frost. Both the COP and Lord Frost are way over, even Logan has the little girls screaming. No one likes Nick White, this is not a surprise to anyone. Jablonski refuses to be in the ring with Frost, instantly tagging out every time Frost comes in. Of course no one really wants to be in the ring with the super heavyweight Fusion Champion. The first elimination comes with the Cult and the Thunderbolts are fighting outside the ring and are counted out. The ref announced all four men are eliminated. Frost destroys NYG and puts Shane on him for the pin. Shane is then pinned by Jablonski. But as Frost get ready to lock up with “The Main Event Player”, Jablonski bails from the ring and says he is injured his leg. Jablonski is eliminated when he heads to the back infuriating the Champ. When will the so called “Main Event” be ready to face the true Main Event of FTW, the Fusion Champion Lord Frost?Winner: Lord Frost sole survivor

6. Winner’s Elimination Match: Lord Frost vs. Toby Farley vs. Xander Blaze vs. Dillon Divine- Winners of all the matches enter the ring one more time. Colvett suffering from earlier injuries opted out and Mad Dogg was busy looking for a hydrant. Blaze makes Divine tap first but is soon pinned by Farley. Lord Frost still steaming begins calling Farley “Jablonski” and beats him senseless. At one point Promo attacks Farley with a trash can, even power bombing him into it on the floor. Once Farley is back in the ring, Frost finishes him off and gets the pin. Winner: Lord Frost

Next show is December 6th at the Stronghold

Credit: FightingArts

RassleResults: TXW Knoxville, TN 11.15.08

Nov 15th Results- Knoxville TN
All Proceeds Went To The Knoxville Stixx Traveling Baseball Team
In front of about 100 folks united for a good cause, the show opened with another TXW Tag Team Title injury bug announcement.

1) TXW Tag Team Championship Forsaken Angels Guild *c* vs. Urban Militia
The champs Bobby Rayne and Ryan Luther addressed the crowd and said that Ryan Luther had an injury, and he must obtain an MRI that week. Therefore, they could not defend the titles that night. The TXW Owner Jerry Tipton quickly stated that the tag titles must be defended against Urban Militia tonight, injury or not. Bobby was going to defend the titles by himself, but was convinced to accept the help of a mystery partner.... "Scotty Trojan". However, Scotty Trojan's help was in vain, as he was taken out by the Reaper's Frog Splash and a Leg Drop from AWOL.
Winners and new TXW Tag Team Champions: Urban MilitiaThe team of Ruff Cutt hit the ring and demanded that they be awarded the #1 contenders spot for that title. The Blassie Twins also came out and demanded the same thing... stating they never "lost" the titles in the first place... setting up a #1 Contenders match for the Main Event.

2) TXW Youtube Television Championship
Juggalo Drake *c* vs. Bob O Mac vs. Funkmaster V
The match started with Funkmaster V claiming he didn't care about the Title anymore... all he wanted was Beth O Mac to admit that they were still in love. Funkmaster handed the very gift his father gave his mother on their third and last anniversary... a Richard Simmons' "Sweatin' to the Oldies" VHS tape, claiming that ever since she was married to Bob O Mac, that her Badonkadonk was getting a little Badonkabigger. The crowd and Beth were appalled. The quick match went back and forth, with Bob O mac landing an over the top cross body, Juggalo Drake landing double enziguris, and Funkmaster landing an array over power moves. Bob O Mac landed the Bob O Matic on Juggalo, but had to break his own pin when he saw Funkmaster pleading with Beth O Mac. After he disposed of Funkmaster, Bob O Mac's finisher was reversed into Juggalo's "Darkness Falls", but Funkmaster hit Juggalo with a chain sitting on both competitors for the 1-2-3! Funkmaster thought he won the title, but the ref claimed Juggalo pinned Bob O Mac for the win, and Funkmaster just sat on top of him. Bob O Mac was frustrated with himself and Beth, but congratulated Juggalo on the win anyways.
Winner and Still TXW Youtube Television Champion: Juggalo Drake3) Powell Baseball

Coaches vs. Mike Powers & Deke Rivers
Mike Powers and Deke Rivers mocked the Powell baseball coaches, Coach Lacy and Coach Reed, but the veteran tag team was surprised to find out that both coaches used to be professional wrestlers! Powers and Rivers took control of the match however, and eventually handcuffed the powerful Coach Lacy (complete with nipple ring) to the ring ropes. However, the upset was complete when Coach Reed landed a top rope splash on a surprised Powers and scored the 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Coach Reed and Coach LacyAfter the match, Powers called for his Ruff Cutt tag team partner Jody Rivers to help and then the three partners in crime began the beatdown of the coaches in front of their own baseball team! Bobby Blassie tried to save the day, but it was basically a 3 on 1 until Billy Blassie arrived cleared the ring with a chair.

4) TXW Heavyweight Championship
Jerry Lee *c* vs. Chris Cameron
The return of "Twisted" Chris Cameron was with little fan fare, as the deafening chants of "JERRY JERRY" made it sound like the Springer show was coming on. Chris Cameron cheated early to begin the all out assault on Jerry, working one body part after another. But Chris found no weakness on the undefeated champion, and as a frustrated Cameron lost patience and started yelling at the fans... he let his concentraton slip and that allowed Jerry enough time to scoop him up for the Powerslam victory.
Winner and Still TXW Heavyweight Champion: Jerry Lee5)

Main Event
Ruff Cutt vs, The Blassie Twins
For the #1 Tag Team Contender Spot
The special ref for the match was Coach Lacy, who was seeking revenge on Ruff Cutt from being handcuffed and beaten earlier. The match was another Ruff Cutt/ Blassie Twin classic, as comedy spots and old school "rasslin" style switched the advantage back and forth. But as things got more serious, Ruff Cutt began to wear down Bobby Blassie, as he kept trying to tag his big brother in. Eventually, Big Billy hit the ring and swung the momentum back in favor of the former TXW Tag Team Champions... that is until Jody Rivers cut off Bobby Blassie and Billy high fived the Ruff Cutt member out of the blue! Billy chokeslamed his brother motioned Ruff Cutt to score the pinfall, earning the Tag Team Tournament finalists the #1 Contenders spot for the Tag Team Championship.
Winners and #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship: Ruff CuttBilly Blassie then clarified the fact that his name is Billy Marshall and not really Billy Blassie, and that when he was in the hospital with vertigo, Bobby Blassie never called or visited him... but Ruff Cutt did. Billy eluded to the fact that Ruff Cutt is not just a tag team anymore... but it may grow into something bigger.

Next SHOW Dec 27th!!! Christmas Chaos 2
1st Annual Celebration of TXW!!!
South Knoxville Community Center
522 Old Maryville Pike
Knoxville, Tn 37920

Credit: Vinnie Vineyard

----Even though I hate promotions with tons of belts, I love the idea of a youtube TV champion. At least it makes sense, instead of just saying TV Title and no TV show.

Monday, November 17, 2008

RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame Voting!!

----If you are a registered member of the Kayfabe Message Board as of 11.13.08, please post your nominees for the RRO Memphis Wrestling Hall of Fame!! Or you may e-mail them directly to me!! CLICK HERE to read the post!! I have already had a really good response from the people I e-mailed them to last week. I need these sent in by 11.30.08!!!


----MLW is offering the new Fall Brawl DVD that was filmed in Tupelo, MS for only $29.00 + shipping!! There are 7 big matches - 12 female wrestlers featured - roughly 2 hours of wrestling!! This also includes the crowning of the first ever MLW champion. This video was produced by RRO along with help from [who provided the photos for the cover] and CLICK HERE to order the DVD.

RassleResults: PGWA "A Banner Night" Millersville, TN 11.15.08

1. Sassy Stephie b XTC
2. Sarah Lynn b Scarlett Rose
3. Tasha Simone b La-La
4. Scarlett Rose & Sassy Stephie & Mia Martinez b Sarah Lynn & Josianne & Angel Dust
5. Gary Valiant (w/Miss Boogie) & Arrick Andrews b Hammerjack & Kid Kash when Valiant hit the Boogie Blaster on Hammerjack
6. Mia Martinez b Angeldust
7. Su Yung b Josianne
8. Jamie D b Molotov
9. PGWA TITLE: Tracy Taylor b Nikki Roxx in a 2/3 falls match to win the PGWA Championship

Credit: Fullforcepro

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 11.15.08

Mark Justice vs. Kilo Double Countout

AC Havoc & “ One Man Wrecking Crew” Tank def. Hambone#1 & The Outlaw

Dre’ Black def. Redman

PK Ripper def. Way Cool

Wesley Jines def. Wildside

Chris Lexus def. Bloodbath

AC Styles def. Suicidal Youth

Big Nasty def. Royale Executioner & The Convict

Hardknocks Hooligan def. Chico Mendoza to win the TIWF Regional Heavyweight Title

Catch us live every Saturday night at the Showplex Arena in Trenton, Tn.

Credit:Steven Hunter

----Was that Chris Lexx or a new guy by the name of Chris Lexus??...Was NBW guys Mark Justice/Kilo doing double duty or just working here now?? I guess we will see when we get NBW results in - at least they did kayfabe and keep their feud going...Tank and Hambones look to be added to the roster. Tank will be a good addition...No attendance was given?? Hmmm??

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 11.14.08

*TV Champion Nick Hammonds beat Ryan Dookie w/ Kole Layton King with a diamond cutter at 14:59. Dookie had control of almost the entire match Hammonds pulled it out with 1 second left. The ring announcer said time ran out but ref Brandon Cox said no he had gotten the three before the bell

*Moe Jenkins beat Kole Layton King with a reverse DDT..Before the match Bobo Brown came to the ring and told Moe he wanted to end the family feud that has been going on for years.

Brown said that Moe was jealous of him because their grandma loved him more, he was a better wrestler and boxer than Moe, His dad stayed with the family unlike Moe's, and that he had finished school and went on to college.

Moe said he was not jealous of him and that if Jenkins ever got in the ring with him again it would be time for a Motown Throw down. After the match Brown attacked Jenkins and told him that a Jenkins is always better than a Brown

*Cody Ices beat Nick Paradise a lot of action from the two big guys. Ices got the pin with a swinging neck breaker

* Misty James [pictured] pinned Kassie Rains w/ Kole Layton King following a knee lift into a bulldog. After the pin fall King jumped in and to his surprise was slammed and pounded on by Misty.

Ryan Dookie then came in and they had Misty trapped in the corner. Beau James made his way to the ring and told the two men to STOP. He then said if anyone was going to take care of his wife it would be him. He then began to yell at Misty for what she did to King and told her to apologize. Misty said no way and that she would like to wrestle King because this is the 3rd time he has got involved in her match. All three of the guys laughed and told her that there was no way she or any other woman could beat a man in anything.

Misty then said she could beat any of the three men standing in front of her which lead to a challenge for Thanksgiving night. Dookie and King vs. Misty and a partner of her choice. Misty said she had the perfect partner in mind and come Thanksgiving that Dookie and King will be eating their words instead of turkey.

* Bobo Brown vs. Matt Stevens was next . Brown came to the ring then Matt;s music played no Matt. They played it again and Moe Jenkins came out and the fight was on. Brown and Jenkins KOed the ref and fought all around ring side until the wrestlers from the earlier matches came out and pulled them apart.

*SSW Champion Wayne Adkins beat Beau James by count out. This was a wrestling match no punches or kicks were thrown until James sucker punched Adkins 20 minutes in.

James then began to just pound away on Adkins with fore arms and chops until Adkins fought back and both men spilled out on the floor. They were on the apron and James knocked Wayne back in at 9 and the ref reached 10 before James could get in. James stayed on the attack and went to use "baby" (his bullwhip) on Adkins until Misty James jumped between them and started yelling no.

Beau grabbed her and throw her down and went to whip her but Adkins grabbed the whip the two were in a tug of war over the whip. While that was going on Beau and Misty's nephew Zach pulled Misty out ,and Tony Givens came in the ring behind James. James kicked Adkins low and turned around to find Givens and James made a fast exit.

*AWA World Champion Tony Givens beat Chase Owens w/ Ashlee after the ref Matt Rhodes stopped the match. Great wrestling match with a lot of false finishes. Ashlee at one point tried to get involved and Givens put her out with a sleeper.

Givens kept trying to get the sleeper locked on Owens but never could get it on until Ownes went to suplex Givens and he slid out and applied the sleeper on Ownes and took him down and started elbowing him in the face repeated and the ref stepped in and stopped it.

After the bell Beau James ran in and attacked Givens and whipped him with "baby" several times until the other members of G1 made the save.

SSW returns to Kingsport TN National GUard ARmory for 17th annual Thanksgiving Night Extravaganza

The card

Main Event - THis Match Demanded by the official and the Fans asked for it
Tony Givens vs. Beau James

SSW Title
Wayne Adkins vs. KC Thunder

National Title
Robbie Cassiy vs. Brian Logan

Special Event
Kole Layton King and Ryan Dookie vs. Misty James and Her choice

Taped FIst Boxing - 5 , 3 Minute Rounds
Bobo Brown vs. Moe Jenkins

TV Title
Nick Hammonds vs. The returning John Noble

Cody Ices vs. Chase Owens

plus The Iron Cross in action