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Memphis Wrestling TV Report with Brian Thompson 1.03.09

It's a new year and time for a new feature from Yes, yours truly, will begin doing weekly Memphis Wrestling TV reports. We'll see how it goes as this will hopefully become a weekly thing or at least a regular feature. Of course, depending on my schedule I may not be able to recap the show EVERY week, but I'll give my best effort. The structure of this report will consist of a recap of the show with my thoughts at the end. Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you think!!!

Corey Maclin opens this week with a rundown of what to expect from Memphis Wrestling's first episode of 2009. We're going to get old footage from CW 30 studio tapings, legends events and from the Memphis Wrestling vault. Corey also teased an announcement concerning the RETURN of live studio wrestling to Memphis. That news, he said, would come next week which he also touted as the "20th anniversary of Corey Maclin in Memphis Wrestling."

We go to our first clip, featuring Corey interviewing Derrick King from a Memphis Wrestling Prime Time show. I believe this might be from May or June 2007. Derrick talks about how "great" he is. The promo leads to a match with Dustin "Five" Starr.

Match: Dustin "Five Starr" vs. Derrick King
Jerry Calhoun is the referee for this contest which sees Dustin exert his power early with a couple of shoulder tackles. Derrick plays a somewhat whiny heel by complaining of hair pulls, etc. A fist and a few dirty tactics gives Derrick an edge. Dustin hits a sunset flip for a near fall. He gets a second advantage for another near fall with both counts from Calhoun seeming a bit slow. Derrick misses a superkick, but moments later connects with a "foreign object" to beat Starr.

We're back to Corey Maclin who reminds everyone that if "you blink, you will miss something." Do we need to duct tape our eyelids open Corey? (lol)

Maclin then sends us to a series of music videos featuring "legends" of Memphis Wrestling's past. We first get a video on "Superstar" Bill Dundee. Bill travels from Charlotte, NC, to Memphis and its shows him driving, making stops at diners, etc. This is all interspersed with footage of Bill wrestling.

The next video is of Jerry "The King" Lawler singing. This is interspersed with Lawler in action.

The finally video features Jimmy "Mouth of the South" Hart singing "We Hate School."

We come back to Corey Maclin who mentions that Jimmy Hart will be a part of next week's "celebration" of Corey's 20th year in Memphis Wrestling. We then see an old USWA clip of Corey interviewing the late "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert as we head to a break.

Corey then brings us back and pitches to clips from several matches from Memphis Wrestling related events.

Match: Six Man Tag featuring Memphis Legends
I'm not sure on the date of this event. It was a six man tag team bout with "Wildcat" Chris Harris, Tommy Rogers of Fantastics fame and King Cobra, I believe, facing "Wildeyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers, Porkchop Cash and Norvell Austin, I believe. I'm not positive that it was Cobra and Austin in this match. Could someone help? There was no commentary on the bout either to clarify. This was a pretty short, unspectacular yet fun match. Some nice work early between Smothers and Rogers, who can still go today. Harris, Rogers and Cobra? get the win from a Cobra? roll-up on Austin?

Match: Rock N' Roll Express w/"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant vs. Dennis Condrey & "Bobby Eaton's Son" w/Phil Hickerson
This was a match from I believe Southaven, MS when Memphis Wrestling did a "Clash of the Legends" doubleshot with a Jackson, TN event on Friday night and this shot on a Saturday evening. This was the summer of 2006. Back story here is that Bobby was booked in Phoenix, AZ, along with myself, Tim Warcloud and Tony Gunn and could not make both events. There wasn't any heat as the Phoenix shot was a done deal before the Clash shows were finalized. Anyway, the guy working as "Bobby Eaton's Son" was not that for a shoot, for the record. Bobby's son Dylan does wrestle in the Carolinas, by the way. This was a standard old school match. Valiant gets involved early by punching Dennis on the floor. Hickerson interferes late, but is offset by Valiant. Finish sees Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton double team "Eaton" for the win.

Match: Bobby Eaton & Koko B. Ware w/Slick vs. Bill Dundee & Dutch Mantell w/"Handsome" Jimmy Valiant
This match is from the big FedEx Forum event from the spring of 2007 that featured Hulk Hogan vs. "Big Show" Paul White in the main. Valiant wastes no time in getting involved in the match by punching Eaton on the outside. Dutch and Eaton do a little in-ring comedy, getting on all fours and going back and forth. Koko gets tagged in and takes control on Dutch, who ends up taking the heat. Bobby misses an elbow drop, allowing Dutch to hot tag to Dundee. Dundee comes in and takes control on Bobby. He rolls Bobby up, but Koko makes the save. Then, all four end up in the ring. Koko and Dutch go to the floor and end up in a stand off with Koko holding a chair to Dutch's "Shoe Baby" bullwhip. Slick gets on the apron.Valiant pulls him off. Camera work made it hard to decipher the finish. But it looks like Slick tried to give Eaton a weapon, but Dundee ends up with it to clock Bobby for the win. After the match, Bobby and Koko sneak attack only to end up the victims of a Jimmy Valiant, uh "nutcracker."

Maclin is back on the screen, teasing a potential "Clash of the Legends" for 2009. He also again discusses next week's "celebration" of his 20 years in Memphis Wrestling. We go to a break with a clip of Corey announcing from the desk in the USWA.

Corey is back and talks about Memphis always providing "traditional wrestling" footage from the studio. He sends us to a clip from CWA.

Match: Southern Tag Team Champions Fire & Flame vs. Joe Leduc & Phil Hickerson
A little back story here, as told during the opening part of the match by Lance Russell and Dave Brown, is that Fire & Flame did something that caused them to be suspended. However, Eddie Marlin ruled that they could return to TV ONLY if each match is a Southern Tag Team title bout. Fire ends up taking most of the heat. Flame makes the save on a reverse chinlock which allows Fire & Flame to do a double team and get the edge. Flame uses an object. It ends up being dropped with Hickerson getting it. All four men end up in the ring. Hickerson and Leduc go to work on Fire and Flame, trying to rip their masks off while hitting them in the corners. Crowd is popping heavy for the possible mask removal. Fire and Flame both get color, which shows through their exposed, torn masks. One of the Fire and Flame is submitting to an abdominal stretch by Hickerson, but referee Jerry Calhoun is distracted by the other two participants in the match fighting. As Calhoun turns to come to check on the submission, he gets punched. Match is ruled a DQ with Fire and Flame retaining their belts. This match was in the early 1980's I believe. Maybe Mark James could correct me?

Corey Maclin reminds us about next week's "celebration" of his 20 years with Memphis Wrestling. He talks about surprise guests for next week. We go to a break with a clip of Corey "dancing" with "Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher during a "legends" show.

We return from break with Corey again plugging next week's "celebration" show. He jokes that this week went by so fast that maybe we need to go back to the old 90-minute format. He says that was just a joke. He gives a "sneak preview" of next week's broadcast. We see an old USWA clip from I believe the early 1990's with Richard Lee about to attack Dave Brown from behind with a steel chair. Corey grabs the chair to prevent the attack and ends up in a tug-of-war with Lee. This goes on for a few seconds until the late Moondog Spot ambushes Corey from behind. The clip ends there with Corey back on the screen to remind us of next week's festivities and his promise of stories about his career and how he got started in wrestling.

RassleNotes: The show was fine for what it was. I think the most talked about thing from this week will be the potential announcement of live studio wrestling. Will be interesting to see the follow through there....Jerry Lawler and Corey were on commentary during the Starr/King bout. They did a decent job together. I think this could be a GREAT role for Lawler on Memphis Wrestling should they go back to the studio. He could help put over young talent with his comments. Then, a top babyface could get into a situation where he is outnumbered and Lawler makes the save leading to the occasional tag or six man with "The King" and a young talent(s) against a group of heels....Jimmy Hart's music video was fun. I think that song could get over at any given time. "We Hate School." You know kids LOVE that!...New Experience Wrestling's own executive TV producer Richard Bressler could be seen around the ring filming the Rock N' Roll Express vs. Condrey/"Eaton's Son" bout...It'll be interesting to see if we have a "Clash of the Legends" this year. Those always do fairly decent at the box office and are good for a little nostalgia. We also usually have the Derrick Kings, Kevin Whites, Too Cool 2's, etc. on the card...Local announcers should watch the Fire & Flame vs. Hickerson & Leduc match. Russell and Brown are sooooo GOOD. As anyone could see, Hickerson and Leduc as well as Fire and Flame were not body builders. Some might actually say they are out of shape, which I would disagree with. They were in shape for being in the ring. Anyway, Russell early on in the match said, "Hickerson will never be confused with Mr. America. He's just rough and tough. He can really move for a guy of his size." Dave added, "He's very agile although he's not much for training." Russell finishes with, "His training is a little different." That is how, as a play-by-play man, to put over the talent in the ring. Any viewer that might have had out of shape or "fat" thoughts about Hickerson, will certainly change their tune especially since Lance and Dave had such credibility. You don't need muscles in every part of your body to be "tough"....Please let me know your thoughts on Memphis Wrestling. Drop me a line at

RassleResults: TXW Knoxville, TN 12.27.08

With the TXW Offices banishing the Black List from the TXW forever, it looks like another force is here to be reckoned with. They are more experienced, cunning, and ruthless.... but not any less cocky. Team Ruff Cutt, featuring Captain Mike Powers, Jody Rivers and the Super Cruiserweight Billy Marshall made a big splash as they opened the show by insulting the crowd and inviting TXW's top dog, Jerry Lee to join the group. Jerry Lee declined, and it Ruff Cutt was insulted and swore revenge.

1) Shawn Streets made his return to the TXW arena, but the upstart superstar was no match for Ed Idol and his super tight ring attire. Idol scored the pinfall and offended fans with the clinginess of his tights.

2) Bob O Mac upset KAPOW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Dookie, when a cocky Dookie went for a second Brainbuster and the TXW Rookie of the Year rolled him up in a small package for the 1...2...3

TXW Youtube Television Championship
Juggalo Drake (c) vs. Scotty Trojan vs. Billy Marshall vs. Bobby Rayne
3) This interesting match started off as a Tag Match, then a Three Way Dance, and then finally a one on one affair. The final two combatants were the champion Juggalo Drake and Billy Marshall. Demetria surprisingly appeared and smashed Juggalo with a Kendo stick, costing the inaugural champion his title.
Winner and new TXW You Tube Television Champion: Billy Marshall

4) Violet Adams defeated Demetria in a Hair vs. Hair match, but when Violet tried to clip Demetria's golden locks, Demetria ripped her hair off and said in her most manly voice "IT'S A WIG!!!" Revealing the fact that there is more to her... umm... him... than meets the eye! Juggalo Drake reemerged to smack the identity-confused superstar with a Kendo Stick as well.

5) Bobbie Blassie upset Shawn Schultz in a #1 Contender's match for the TXW Heavyweight Title, but that didn't stop Shawn from dancing for 5 minutes after the match to his new theme song written especially for him.

TXW Tag Team Championship
Sgt AWOL (c) Ruff Cutt
6) Anyone smell a rat? The Reaper was mysteriously missing from tonight's card, and we are sure Ruff Cutt had something to do with that. Ruff Cutt took advantage of the handicap fiasco and finally overpowered the lonely Sgt AWOL for the belts.
Winners and new TXW Tag Team Champions: Ruff Cutt

TXW Heavyweight Championship
Jerry Lee (c) vs. Chris Cameron
7) The return of Coast to Coast Chris Cameron saw something that no one has done in a year... defeat Jerry Lee. The new champ had help from Team Ruff Cutt, and after the match, Powers, Rivers, and Marshall held up four fingers to the new champ, who returned the salute but did not walk off with the group. Could Chris be the 4th member of Ruff Cutt? Come out to the next show to find out!
Winner and new TXW Heavyweight Champion: Chris Cameron

Next Show: Jan. 31st!!!

Credit: Vinnie Vineyard

----I love the Youtube TV Title idea. A local group should do that...I hate the idea of them doing the "four fingers" - get your own gimmick!!

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 1.02.09

103 attended

Chris Norte b Traken Mathias and Travis Starr and Steven Green and Convict Clown in a 5-way when Norte pinned Mathias

USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier b Lee Cross

Damien Payne & Josh Crowe b Psycho Medic & Shawn Hoodrich when Payne pinned Hoodrich

Steven Green b Traken Mathias

USWO Tag Team Champions Saint & Tim Renesto b Shane Eden & Derrick Neal when Saint pinned Eden

Mitch Ryder b Michael Jablonski in a 2/3 fall match to win the USWO Championship

LT Falk b Jeremiah Plunkett in a "loser leaves USWO" match

PS: LT also worked twice on the SAW tapings tonight, losing to Derrick King and teaming with Drew Haskins in losing to Chris Michaels & Sean Casey. Michaels was announced as appearing at USWO/ATL Saturday night.

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, January 02, 2009

RassleResults: N.E.W. West Memphis, AR 1.02.09

New Experience Wrestling held its 11th show for future television distribution at the "Nightmare" Ken Wayne School of Professional Wrestling in West Memphis tonight. The results from the show are as follows:

- Greg King def. Justin "The Juice" Smart
- Kid Nikels def. Matt Justyce
- "3G" Eric Wayne def. Shawn Reed

RassleNotes: Around 40 in the crowd this week..."Outlaw" Don Bass, Big Hoss and "Gentleman" Jim Casey were all in attendance...Downtown Bruno was back as referee...Pre-match promos continued to improve with Shawn Reed cutting one of the more solid ones, focused on ending Eric Wayne's undefeated streak in N.E.W...Promotion returns next Friday night in West Memphis at 8 p.m.

Shows for the Weekend 1.02 to 1.03.09

----CLICK HERE for regular schedule shows. Below is the SAW tapings scheduled for tonight with one of the top workers in this area - Flash Flanagan.

SAW TV Taping
The SAWMill
1214 B Louisivlle Highway
Millersville, TN (Just three miles past the Rivergate exit on I-65)

Main Event: SAW International Heavyweight Title:
Kid Kash (Champion) vs Flash Flanagan.

Bootcamp Match: “Boogie Woogie Boy” Gary Valiant vs “ Maniac” Marc Anthony

High Society with The Freak Squad defend the SAW Tag Team Titles

“OMG” Rick Santel (with Paul Adams) vs “Livewire” Nikki Vaughn.

Jesse Emerson vs Sigmon
Plus: Arrick “The Dragon” Andrews, Andy Douglas, Chase Stevens, Jon Michael, Drew Haskins, Chrisjen Hayme, the debut of Vordell Walker, Hammerjack, and more

An Afternoon of Classic Wrestling

ESPN Classic will air a marathon of AWA Championship Wrestling beginning this afternoon at 1 p.m. Central Time and concluding at 6 p.m. Central Time, for a grand total of five straight episodes.

I'm not sure exactly what time frame the episodes will be from, although as of late they have been airing events from 1990 during their weekday showcase each evening at 11 p.m. Central on the station. Those particular shows have featured then-AWA World Champion Larry Zbyszko, Nikita Koloff, The Trooper (later known as "The Patriot"), Yukon John (John Nord who went on to WWE as "The Bezerker"), Mike Enos, Wayne Bloom and more including a young announcer named Eric Bischoff.

The airing of the classic shows have certainly been a throwback. While many will laugh at things such as the "Team Challenge Series," some of the footage from the mid-1980's was quite entertaining as it featured Nick Bockwinkle, Curt Hennig, Shawn Michaels, Marty Jannetty and many others who certainly carried the AWA torch at the time.

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Additional Sammartino/Corrente interview

In my earlier post, I failed to mention the appearance of Bruno Sammartino and Sal Corrente on Evan Ginzburg's "Legends" radio show this past Sunday night. The show is followed online by a solid legion of internet radio fans.

You can find the interview now archived at Find the "Evan Ginzburg's Legends" link on the left side of the main page, click on it and it will take you to the interview. Obviously Bruno and Sal are doing HEAVY promotion for the recently re-released autobiography of Bruno, that was completed in conjunction with RasslinRiot. To order the book, visit the link here at the site.

RRO Related Interviews Now Online

Let me first wish everyone a very "Happy New Year!" I hope everyone was able to ring in 2009 safe and securely!

For those of you who need a wrestling fix today, you can have it through a variety of wrestling interviews with individuals who have ties to RasslinRiotOnline.

W. D. Hatfield, of The Wrestling Hotseat, recently interviewed the "Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino and the "Big Cheese" Sal Corrente in regard to their successful careers and the re-release of Bruno's self-titled autobiography. Those interviews are both available at Hatfield's site

Hatfield also interview yours truly this week to discuss my career and ties to RRO, Bobby Eaton, Ken Wayne and the Mid-South. It was a lot of fun and I hope listeners will enjoy it.

Quick links to the trio of interviews are as follows:

Bruno was also interviewed recently by Mike Johnson of That interview is available for PWInsider's elite subscribers. I have a subscripition to the site and let me just plug them by saying that it is definitely worth the nominal fee. Visit for additional details on how to subscribe to their "pop-up free" service that includes member-only specials such as access to audio content. Those who already have an "elite" subscription will know what to do.

Again, "Happy New Year" to you all!!



I have been around the country with Jimmy Hart I don't think there is a street you can walk down or a place you can go where someone doesn't recognize him. The ultimate test was out in the middle of Arkansas at 2:00am in a convenience store. He still got stopped for autographs. I watched late last night as Dick Clark once again helped us ring in the New Year and Jimmy Hart's birthday celebration. It was Dick Clark who told Jimmy one day when he was with The Gentrys if you dress like the audience soon that's where you will be sitting in the audience. I can tell you Jimmy has never forgotten that and has also never had to sit in the audience.

This past Tuesday morning the movie Jimmy appeared in It's A Bikini World along with his band The Gentrys played on Turner Classic Movies.

Happy Birthday Buddy

"The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Happy New Year!!

----RRO offices will be closed today due to the holiday. I will be stuck in the house for the weekend working on Yearbook 2008!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

First Big Show of The Year!! Crowning of New King Of Memphis!!

----They are doing a big angle here where Derrick King is crowned the new King of Memphis. This would be some good stuff if they had TV.

RassleResults: ICW Henry, TN 12.27.08

There was a storm moving thru the area but it did not keep the fans away. There was a packed house (with even a few standing along the wall) of LOUD ICW fans waiting to see the Night of No DQ.

Brimstone and Neal called out the “Young 1's” who came out to the ring looking like they had already been beat up. Hellfire got on the mic and told the fans that while Slingshot and Phoenix was out shopping for Christmas gifts they were attacked in the Walmart parking lot by Brimstone and Neal Dream, which came to a shock to Brim and Neal. But Hellfire said the Young 1's would be in action tonight. Brimstone begged for Hellfire to drop the no contact clause so he could get his hands on him in the ring, but Hellfire refused.

Ladies Match
Jennifer Justice defeated M.O.M. when she hit the Justice Cutter for the pin. This was the ICW debut of M.O.M. After the match it was announced that next time these two meet there will be a Women's Title on the line.

The Kid came out and stated that he messed up last show he did not call out the oldest person in the dressing room so tonight that's what he wanted. So he called out White Lighting. Lighting got in the ring and within a kick to the stomach and a punch to the face the Kid was left laying in the ring once again.
Erik Ego defeated Knockout Kidd and Brian Michaels in a Triple Threat Match. This one was fast pace and hard-hitting with the use of signs and chairs these three took it to the limits. But in the end it was Ego using the ropes to get the pin on Michaels.

Bull and Iron Horse defeated White Lighting and Marcus Dice (who was taking the place for the missing Bad Boy Phillips) This one saw a lot of hardcore action and ended with Lighting walking out on his partner who felt the pain of the two big men when they delivered a Power Bomb/Neckbreaker to him for the win.

The Kid came out again and this time said he was not going to go for the oldest, he was going to go for a younger guy with less experience so he called out Erik Ego. The Kid slapped Ego he grabbed the kid and picked him up on his shoulders and delivered a devastating moving leaving the Kid having to be carried out of the ring. (the Kid was not seen for the rest of the night)

Heavyweight Title Match.
Weasel defeated Frank the Tank to become the ICW Heavyweight Champion. Ty Blade who was injured the night before was unable to compete. So Frank the Tank was brought it to take on Weasel. At times it seemed like the Tank was going to become the Champion but with the people pulling Weasel up time after time with the chants of USA. USA Weasel was able to grab Frank the Tanks chain and nail him with a punch for the 1.2.3... The place went crazy when Weasel won the belt. Weasel got on the mic and thanked the fans for supporting him. ICW fans have a true champion they can be proud of.

Young 1's (Phoenix and Chic Canyon) w/Hellfire Defeated RL Brimstone and Neal Dream w/Jennifer Justice. This one was wild, crazy and everywhere with the debut of the newest member of the Young 1's Chic Canyon it’s easy to tell there is no end in sight of these two teams. At first it was Brimstone and Neal in total control, but with the light bulb to the head from Slingshot which lead to Brimstone's face being covered in blood, and several times Neal's head was ran into the steel chair it was not long till the Young 1's showed they were to be taking serious. In the end it was Neal Dream being put thru a table that gave Chic Canyon the chance to get the pin.

Credit: Christine

----These results reminded of an old Mike Anthony/Killer show. Is that a bad thing or a good thing?? LOL

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Flashback" Fifty Years Ago by Mark James

With this the final update for 2008, I know it’s pretty far back, but we’re going all the way back to Dec of 1958!

Dec 08 1958
The big match on this card was the original Gorgeous George fighting Billy Wicks. As a history lesson, Billy Wicks, along with his nemesis Sputnik Monroe, were considered Memphis Wrestling’s first 2 legends. It’s said that at the time, Billy was as popular as the young Elvis Presley.

Big Jack Eaton, Billy Wicks & Greg Peterson
Gorgeous George was near the end of not only his wrestling career, but his life. In a few years, he would pass away. George was many years past his prime in 1958 and severely out of shape, but could still get the fans mad enough at him to buy tickets to the matches.

The 2 out of 3 fall match was tied at a fall a piece when both participants were DQ’d for fighting outside the ring in the 3rd fall.

Dec 22, 1958
Back in the day, the Christmas Wrestling show was always a yearly charity event. The main event had Southern Jr heavyweight champ, Yvonne Roberre won by dq over the hated Gorgeous George. Also on the card, were Sputnik Monroe, Lee and Don Fields, Billy Wicks and Tom Drake.
Dec 29, 1958
The final card of 1958 featured the Corsica Brothers defending their world tag titles against Billy Wicks and Chick Garibaldi. Jean and Joe Corsica lost the first fall but came back and took the final 2 falls to win the match. Also on the card, Southern Jr champ, Yvonne Roberre won by DQ over Sputnik Monroe when Sputnik was DQ’d for stomping the referee.
----Mark James is the author of “Memphis Wrestling History – Cards, Matches, Results, Newspaper Clippings” Vol 1 and "Vol 2: The Programs 1972 - 1976" James also is the webmaster to the BEST Memphis Wrestling site in the area – - Click on his site and order his books!!

Watch and Vote!! Memphis Wrestling 12.27.08

RassleResults: TIWF Trenton, TN 12.27.08

Chris Lexxus def. Mr. X
Tank Turner & Outlaw def. Royale Executioner & Bloodbath
Way Cool def. AC Styles to retain the TV Title
Chico Mendoza def. PK Ripper
Oz & Frankie Tucker def. Lawman Williams & Sgt. Swat
Hotrod def. Ravishing Randy with the loser getting strapped by the fans!

Attendance 178
One night Tag Team Tournament next Week

Credit: Steven Hunter

Arena Report: DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08

----I got the pleasure of checking out the new version of DCW that is running shows in the building that NBW recently ran their shows. A few changes to the building including a ramp with lights and a fog machine. [fog machine was not over with me..LOL]The building is fun for wrestling as always and after being ripped off by a $60 nose ring [for my daughter Kayte] in Dyersburg, I was ready for some good wrestling. Well at least I got to see three good matches out of almost a four hour show.

----Tim Edwards beat Seth Knight using a chain. From the opening spot to the end, it was like Knight was off about 2 steps. Why try to go at 100 miles an hour when Edwards goes 60?? Edwards was working hard, but nothing seem to click, even though they have worked each other a lot. [*]

----Rockin Randy beat “The Baron” Malkavain with a superkick. This was the worst bout I have seen either of these guys in. No psychology and it took forever to actually get them to work. Malkavain did a 10 punch spot out of nowhere that made no sense. I think I heard ref Allen Walker say, “Go home..”, but it might have been my brain yelling so loud. [DUD]

----Jimmy Tidwell came out talking about the “Rock N Roll Express” and how Robert Gibson was not here and that Ricky Morton needed a partner. Morton made his way down to ringside for almost no pop. Morton was good on the mic here talking about him having to deal with managers like Jim Cornette and Jimmy Hart in his career. “Pain & Justice” [Motley Cruz/Mark Justice] jumped Morton and then Justin “The Juice” Smart made the save to set up the tag later in the night. Fans did pop for Smart save.

----Shannon Lee beat Erik Hayes with swanton. Another throw away match. Lee got a big pop – bigger than Morton. Crowd seems to want to get behind him, but he and Hayes didn’t follow much psychology. They took too long to get going and the fans couldn’t care less until the finish. [*]

----“Five Starr Showcase” – Dustin Starr comes out with Angelina. After the first 2 minutes of this segment, Starr had more heat than the whole roster. Starr was putting over Angelina and the crowd hated her. This was her first appearance here and she was called all kinds of names. Derrick King came out to challenge Starr. They made a match where if DK won he got five minutes with Angelina and if Starr won DK would have to buy Angelina jewelry.

----Chris Rocker beat Bishop with Rashard Devon. This was the first bout that had heat. Perfect psychology with everyone working hard. Devon was all around the ring doing great at ringside. Hope spots in the perfect place with a build for the finish. Rocker kicked out of a powerslam from Bishop that was not believable, but everything else was good about the bout. Bishop went for a frog splash and missed. A ref bump had Devon try to hit Rocker with his briefcase at the same time Bishop went to spear Rocker. Rocker leapfrogged Bishop who went into the suitcase and Devon with a spear. Facebuster from Rocker into the pin for the win. [***]

----Kilo beat Tim Edwards with a superkick. This was a much better bout for Edwards. Psychology was a little screwy at times, but Kilo took a beating, then hit the superkick out of nowhere for the win. They had a sweet exchange running the ropes that Kilo kept at the right pace for Edwards. [**]

----“Pain & Justice” [Motley Cruz/Mark Justice] beat “Rock N Juice Express” [Justin Smart/Ricky Morton] in a good solid match. Smart had some mixed up exchanges, but did good taking an ass whipping with Morton waiting on the outside for the hot tag. Smart took two hard chops from Justice. Smart needs to slow down and be patient – just listen when you are in with guys like Justice/Cruz. He has a good look and has potential to be a big babyface in this town. Hot tag to Morton – boom, boom and boom – Cruz hits Morton with a chain and gets the pin. [***]

----Derrick King beat Dustin Starr. The match started out so slow. Starr would get in the ring and then out of the ring to the mic. Heat was real good as the fans were eating it up. But, I just don’t like the stalling at the start of a bout. Believe me Starr was working hard, but not wrestling. Heat started after an Alabama slam out of the turnbuckle on DK. They brawled all over the place knocking over chairs and such. Good brawl. Finish had DK pinned a superkick, but then he then pulled Starr’s feet from under him and did a front roll putting Starr’s shoulders to the mat. DK then went for Angelina and his 5 minutes with her. I thought she was going to give him a BJ at one point. Starr finally jumped DK after the match. He piledrove DK on a ladder and then a table. They left with tons of heat. DK was motionless in the ring and called for the whole building to clear. Between DK/Kilo in this I thought DK was legit hurt. I guess we all got to be worked at some time or another right?? Assholes!! LOL [***1/2]


----105 in the building, which would be an increase of about 48% from the last few weeks and the biggest crowd so far…Announcers Richard Marx [big] and “Big” Dave Sims [bigger] did a good job…Ricky Morton was super nice to everyone. There is a big possibility that Brian Thompson and I will be working on a project with Morton that should be interesting…Tidwell is sooooo good on the mic. He should have been considered in the Manager of Year award… I thought that was a little quick to add a stip with Angelina, since this was her first time. But, if she works here on a regular basis and they hold off anyone getting to her – when they do – they will be soooo over…Rashard Devon has his own custom made theme music. Cool shit!!...Show was way too long and that has always been the criticism of DK’s booking. ..Rocker would have been the perfect partner for Morton – he looks like Gibson…Am I really too old to wear an “American Eagle” shirt??...DK also said something to me that I have heard others say about Dyersburg and I still do not believe it – “It is a word of mouth town.” Sorry – you need to advertise!! Not sure what NBW spent on those RAW ads, but it might have been worth it for 100 more in the building. That is what they usually get with those ads…Double shot stuff does not seem to be working as DK will start the show late or the matches will not go as they are suppose to and then Ripley has to wait on the guys. I would get rid of guys like Baron, Hayes and Knight – let them work TLCW. Baron is way over there and Knight could be. Hayes was just in for a few shots I think. I say that because those matches meant NOTHING – every match should mean something…Team Shannon Lee with Kilo doing some kind of “Southern Pride” gimmick vs “Justice & Pain” – Lee is not at their level, but he is over. Kilo/Lee would be super over if they beat J&P after Cruz pinned Morton…Put a hood on Rockin Randy as face and put him with Edwards. Edwards spent the last year getting small guys over by beating the hell out of them. Randy could make a killing in gimmicks with the right mask gimmick - not something stupid like “Dirty Sanchez” or anything, but a nice suit & mask. Randy will never be taken serious as a heel without a manager and he wouldn’t even have to talk with a hood…Starr is like a 13 year old kid with ADD and no meds backstage, but when he walks thru the curtain he works and easily the top heel of this group. Keep Angelina with him – she got great heat…They should continue something with Bishop/Rocker. Good matches could make good feuds. Rocker/Bishop could also always be thrown in a mix with DK when Starr cannot make it…Align Smart with DK somehow and that would help get him over. Starr could even help get him over…None of the above “booking” will happen because I posted it here. LOL…It was extremely interesting all the comments I got from all three groups – DCW/NBW/TLCW – when everyone knew I was at DCW. There is real heat with all these groups. Each group wants to do better than the other one and there is some real “hating” going on. There is also some “hating” going on within this group with some believing they should be pushed at a higher level. One worker was very vocal about Starr’s push…BTW, that tattoo shop by “Hastings” is the place that ripped me off!!...KC Gold was backstage and gave some tickets away to a show this coming week in Memphis at the New Daisy...Thanks to the whole cast and crew at DCW. My family and I were treated great!!

Photo by Kayte Tramel

RassleResults: RWA Jonesboro, AR 12.27.08

Match 1 The Loose Cannon VS PP3 Winner PP3 by DQ
Match 2 John Allen vs Ron Rage Winner Ron Rage by Pin
Match 3 Mike Anthony Poker face VS Memory of Mayhem Winner Poker face Mike Anthony by Pin
Match 4 Silas Vs Gary Diamond Winner Gary Diamond by DQ
Match 5 Roger Allen VS Soul Train Jones Winner Soul Train by Pin
Match 6 J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan VS The Natural Born Playa'z Winner J.D. Kerry and Mike Titan.
Match 7. Main Event: Loser Leaves Arkansas. RWA Title on the line. Angel of Sin Champion VS Rodney "Bad Dawg"Mack. Winner and New RWA Champion Rodney "Bad Dawg" Mack.

Owner Frank Martin opened the show thanking everyone for coming out in the stormy weather and just days after Christmas.

The Loose Cannon came out doing a mic spill and telling everyone that he was done with playing the fool. He was interrupted by Dr. Randy who told him that he thought it was funny that he was pinned by Santa Claus...Cannon attacked Randy and had to be pulled off him. Randy came to ringside with Cannon’s opponent PP3. Cannon laid both to waste and was DQ because he would not stop. Plus as they were helping them out of the ring Cannon came out and attacked them again. Something has changed in Cannon.

Ron Rage came out and brought Silas with him, he told the crowd that Silas was the only person that called to check on him while he was in rehab. He told Martin that because Martin made him go to rehab all it did was piss him off. He introduced then the original members of P.O.B Buzz kill and his wife Raven.

Silas need help with Gary Diamond as Diamond showed everyone that he could go with the biggest man in the RWA. P.O.B Jumped in on his behalf but Rodney Mack and Soul Train Jones made the save.

The Main Event was everything it was built up to be. Before the match started AOS changed the rules and made it a no DQ. This was a very physical match, chair shots were very stiff. Ricky Porter who was the person that saved J.D.Kerry when the Angel first showed up was at ring side as he is always with the Angel. During the match Ricky came in and hit the RKO on the Angel turning the tide and Mack then finished the job. Angel then tried to attack Porter who gave him a back drop and kicked him out of the ring. Mack then told the Angel to go out the front door not out through the talent exit. Angel told him no one was bad enough to make him go out that way. As Mack was taking him out the front door the POB met him and started the attack. Soul Train came out of the back to help but it was 4 on 3. To the surprise of everyone there out of nowhere Austin Lane’s music hit and so did Austin and started to clear the ring. It looks like Austin is a face in the RWA as he helped Mack. Mack welcomed him to the dog pound. The fans were going crazy. Big night for the RWA and it looks like it is going to get bigger. Another surprise will happen this Saturday Night....

Over 100 in the building and the crowd were hot all night.

Credit: RWAreporter

----Who was “Memory of Mayhem”??...Cannon is in the opening bouts – right where he belongs. The crowd hates this guy, so at least he can get the heat up…POB storyline with Rage returning to feud with Mack and Lane. It looks good…Silas should never have to win a match by DQ, especially against a skinny small guy like Diamond. But..that being said, if it is done right, then the small guy can look good – but get destroyed in the end. Rage shouldn’t have to help him…It will interesting to see that when Lane is here for a short period – and everyone in the Tuckerman area know he is here whether it will mean anything at the gate…AOS Bryon Willcott’s last appearance in this area as he will be in Florida the second week of January. Good luck again to Willcott!!

RassleResults: SWS Hernando, MS 12.27.08

Cody Melton over Agent Maxx Corbin

Albino Rhino and Gladiator beat some local guys. These guys weren’t wrestlers and after this match I don't think they will peruse a career. They got roughed up real bad.

Jerry Lawler defeated Dangerous Doug Gilbert w/ Garry White

Brian Christopher beat Kevin White. Garry White wasn't at ringside but when Christopher went for his hiphop drop, Garry came to ringside and shoved Christopher off the top rope. Christopher finally got the win with a Pat O'Connor roll.

Main Event was a battle royal. It came down to Albino Rhino and Brian Christopher. Christopher finally got the big 405lb Albino over the top. While he was celebrating the win, Garry White sent the 2 locals in and they tossed Christopher over the top for the win.

Notes: 300 in the crowd…The programs had Derrick King, Dustin Starr, Humongus and Tatt2. All these guys weren’t there, I suppose they weren’t even contacted but I don't know this for sure…It was a very well ran show, of course with Lawler there it had to be. He gave all the guys props, especially Kevins Whites’ students. Cody, Maxx, and Gladiator all got praise and he was very impressed with Rhino.

Credit: SWSStudd
----I was only told about this show Saturday night and no one really knew whether it was going to happen or not. I was told that the Whites, who provided the ring, were not even contacted until Friday night. They drew 300 with a few radio spots and 15 seconds on Memphis TV. ..I believe this was for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. It proves with the right people behind you and some radio ads, you can get a crowd.

Monday, December 29, 2008

RRO AWARDS RACE: Match of the Year Candidates!!

----This is the final two categories!! You have until Saturday January 3rd to dominate. SUPER SUNDAY - January 4th - the nominees will be posted and you can start voting. Voting will end 10 Days later on 1.14.09. Winners will be announced on SUPER SUNDAY II - January 18, 2009. Yearbook 2008 should be available around the first week of February.

----Please pick three bouts from each category. Memphis Wrestling did not give us a lot of picks, but I have listed all of them. Best Arena bouts are any bout that I attended that scored a [***] or better. I have put BOLD in my picks for top three!!

----There has also not been a lot of people that help nominate in the last categories we listed last week. I feel a lot of people do feel these awards are as important as Wrestler and such, but please send in your nominees for ALL CATEGORIES!! You got until this Saturday!!

-Slim Pickens vs Flash Flanagan [***] LAW 2.08.08
-Slim Pickens vs Dell Tucker [***] TLCW Ripley, TN 2.09.08
-Alex Krisis vs Flash Flanagan [***] TLCW Ripley, TN 2.09.08
-Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne [****1/4] West Memphis, AR 2.10.08
-Mark Justice vs Crazy Train [***1/2] Dyersburg, TN 2.16.08
-Jerry Lawler/Eric Wayne with Ken Wayne vs “Bodies of Steel” [Max/John] with Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock [***] Bruce, MS 3.08.08
-TLCW Tag Team Title Match: “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas] with Jimmy Tidwell vs “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee] with Randy Hales. [****] Ripley, TN 4.06.08
- Chuck Fears retained the ASWF Title by beating Blalok The Blazor, Reno Diamond and Casino Kid in a Fatal Four Way. [***] Tuckerman, AR 4.19.08
-Devon Day beat Steven Rampage [***] Trenton, TN 5.10.08
-“Sons of the South” [Josh Matthews/Chris Styles] beat Sarge O’Reilly/Lil Bit with Tony Watts for the NBW Tag Team Titles. Dyersburg, TN [***] 5.17.08.
-NBW vs XOW For Ownership of The Company: Jeremy Moore/Kilo/Big Red beat Chris Masters/Motley Cruz/Mark Justice. Dyerburg, TN [***1/2] 5.17.08
- Gauntlet Match for Cruiserweight Title: Winner Rockin Randy [***] Ripley, TN 5.24.08
-Barbwire Match: “Hot Topic” [Derrick King/Stan Lee]/Dustin Starr beat “Black Label Society” [AJ Bradley/Robbie Douglas]/Tatt2 [***3/4] Ripley, TN 5.24.08
-SOBs” [Justice/Kilo] with Jimmy Tidwell vs Jeremy Moore/Derrick King [***1/2]Dyersburg, TN 8.10.08.
-James Arnez vs Justin Smart [***] Kennett, MO 8.24.08
-Eric Wayne vs Tatt2 [***] West Memphis, AR 10.10.08
- Motley Cruz vs Psycho for the WWCW Title. [***] Kennett, MO 10.11.08
- Motley Cruz/Justin Smart/Indian Quixote vs “Asylum” [Psycho/Arnez] & Rob Justice. [***] WWCW Kennett, MO 10.11.08
-Derrick King vs Tatt2 [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.17.08
-Greg King Jr vs Matt Justyce [***1/2] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.17.08
-Kid Nikels vs Eric Wayne [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.17.08
- Fans Bring Weapons: Motley Cruz vs Danny B Goode [**1/2] NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.18.08
- NBW Tag Team Titles: SOBs [Mark Justice/Kilo] vs BLS [Void/Robbie Douglas] [***] NBW Dyersburg, TN 10.18.08
-Greg King Jr vs Dustin Ring [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.24.08
-Derrick King/Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels/Greg Anthony [***1/2] NEW West Memphis, AR 10.24.08
-Stan Lee vs Greg King JR [***1/4] NEW West Memphis, AR 11.07.08
-Eric Wayne vs Dustin Ring [***1/2] NEW West Memphis, AR 11.07.08
-Kid Nikels vs Derrick King [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 11.07.08
-Kid Nikels vs Byron Willcott [***] NEW West Memphis, AR 12.19.08
-Chris Rocker vs Bishop [***] DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08
-Ricky Morton/Justin Smart vs “Pain & Justice” [Motley Cruz/Mark Justice] [***] DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08
-Derrick King vs Dustin Starr [***1/2] DCW Dyersburg, TN 12.27.08

Memphis Wrestling Original Matches
7.26.08 Autozone Park, Memphis, TN
-Joey Mercury vs Barbarian
-Kid Kash/Kevin White vs Pat Tanaka/Koko Ware
-Jerry Lawler vs Test
-Derrick KIng/Johnny Dotson vs "Too Kool 2" [Tim Grind/Flex]

8.30.08 @ Delta Fair
-Mucho Dinero vs Pokerface w/ Rashard Devon

-Too Cool II vs"Total Protection" Mr. Hughes and Sam Shaw

-Derrick King and Johnny Dotson w/ Rashard Devon vs, “Los Loco” Ramon/Rudy Switchblade

-Koko B. Ware and Eugene vs Kid Kash and "New Nature Boy" Kevin White w/ Mr. White and Su Yung

-"Grandmaster Sexay" Brian Christopher vs "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters via dq

-Jerry "The King" Lawler vs Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell

11.08.08 Nashville, TN [this was Bert Prentice show, but the matches did happen this year and featured Memphis guys]
-Moondogs vs Doug Gilbert/Brian Christopher
-Sid Vicious vs Jerry Lawler

RassleResults: SWF Tullahoma, TN 12.26.08 - On Tour With Ricky Morton!!

* Yukon Jack beat Kaos
* Gypsy Joe w/ George Gulas beat Beau James by countout
* Sex Kitten Kathy beat Misty James and Kayla ina 3 way
* Scott Burnton beat RIcky Morton
* Mikey Dunn and Yukon Jack beat The Kid and Steve O

full house 200+ ...They run every Friday Night in Tullahoma

Next week Beau James vs. Gypsy Joe Lumberjack match

----We will have the full Arena Report sometime early with Ricky Morton's stop at DCW in Dyersburg, TN.

RassleResults: SSW Kingsport, TN 12.25.08 - Record Christmas Crowd!!

Southern States Wrestling
Christmas Night Star Wars
Thurs Dec. 25
Kingsport TN @ National Guard Armory

* Ray Idol and Cody Ices beat Scotty Roberts and Sgt Long. Idol got the pin following a power slam on Long

* Moe Jenkins beat Bobo Brown by DQ in a amateur match when special Ref Mike Cooper caught Brown throwing a punch. After the match Brown used a chain on Cooper and left him laying

*Ricky Morton beat Beau James by reverse decision. James got the 3 count after using the handle on his whip. Wayne Adkins cam in and let the ref know. James let it be know that in the 6 man Lights out match he was going to hurt Wayne for putting is nose in his matches

* Iron Cross beat AWA Champion Brian Logan BUT DID NOT Win the Title. It has been reported a few places Cross is champion. Cross challenged Logan to put the belt up since he had gotten a count out win on Thanksgiving. Logan said he would but for only 10 minutes. The 10 minutes ran out Cross asked or 5 more minutes. He got the pin with a minute left. He was handed the belt but it was taken away after the match because the belt was only up for the first 10 minutes. Match makers Clarence Clippenback and Al Bass came out after the match and took the belt away.

* TV Champion Nick Hammonds pinned Chase Owens after a diamond cutter. This was their first meeting since Hammonds won the TV Title from Owens in Oct. After the match Owens gave Hammonds a nasty pile driver. Hammonds was down for a while and carried out of the ring.

* Misty James and Rebecca Lynn w/ Jimmy Valiant beat Kole Layton King and Jamey Gibson w/ Scotty Roberts. The girls controlled the first half by using speed arm dragging and getting away from the men. Rebecca Lynn lit into Gibson with some hard chops. Gibson punched Lynn and then the men took over. After she got the tag to Misty the men ran into each other chasing her around the ring. Scotty Roberts tried to get in the ring but Handsome Jimmy did a number on him. Gibson went after Valiant and was met with a punch followed by a school boy from Lynn for the pin.

* In a Wild, Crazy and Bloody Lights Out Texas Death Match the fan favorites beat the rule breakers.
Before the match started Beau James brought out Tony Givens first partner Wade Adams. This was Wade's first time in Kingsport in almost 5 years. James trained Adams and Givens in 2001 they were known as the 1-2-3 Express. James said that since Givens turned his back on Adams and took Robbie Cassidy as his partner that Wade had been heart broken and just wondering the streets and he career ended when Tony's took off. Adams said he just wanted on chance to punch Givens in the face.

The match started as The Family Beau James, Brian Logan, and Chase Owens vs. G1 Tony Givens, Wayne Adkins, and Moe Jenkins. G1 hit the ring on fire and it was not long before James and Logan were bleeding. The Family took control after Ownes caught Adkins in a back breaker. The Family did a number on Adkins for a several minutes before he was able to make a tag to Givens. Givens came in and clean house followed by Jenkins. Adkins got back up and G1 were in control. They did a number on The Family.

All three were down and the ref Mike DiMuzio started a count when he reached 7 Wade Adams, Scott Roberts, Kole Layton King, Bobo Brown hit the ring and it was 7 on 3. Nick Hammonds came out with a towel and ice pack around his neck and he was stopped by the Family. Most of the wrestlers were on the floor and Tony Givens dove over the top rope into a gang of wrestlers and refs.

Every one was down but Logan,James and Adkins. James took the handle to his whip and used it on Adkins opening him up. Adkins was down and bleeding bad when Ricky Morton hit the ring and went after James. Logan got Morton from behind. They went to use the whip but Givens was back in the ring to stop it. The Family and friends left ring side.

Ricky Morton got on the mic and said the people came to see a fight and they got that ,but they also came to see a winner and a loser. He challenged the Family and friends to come back. They did and the fight was on again. The Family never got in the ring G1 was all over them. Morton caught King coming in. Morton, Adkins, and Givens gave King a spike pile driver and he was out fro the 10 count.

Notes. 240 plus in the building just shy of 200 paid....Biggest house on Christmas Night beat the 2004 recoard by 11 tickets.....Ryan Dookie missed due to a death in the family....KC Thunder missed due to injury he will be back very soon..

Championship Wrestling runs the Kingsport Civic Aud. this Sat. Jan 3 for a national TV Taping

SSW returns Fri. Jan 9th Kingsport National Guard Armory

Ricky Morton and Wayne Adkins vs. Brian Logan and Beau James
Tony Givens vs. Beau James' surprise
Mike Cooper vs. Bobo Brown

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 12.27.08

24 attended

Derrick Neal vs Saint went to a double countout due to brawling outside the ring

Travis Starr b Convict Clown

Otis Bass b Kevin Dunn (w/Ronnie Vegas) by DQ when Dunn used Vegas' cane on Bass

ATL Tag Team Champions Derrick Neal & Psycho Medic b Damien Payne & Chris Norte when Medic pinned Norte

Damien Payne b Derrick Neal and Anthony Wayne and Saint in an elimination match to become "King of the Stadium Inn" and get a crown

*Krull and Trent Van Drisse appeared at the Inn for the second half of the show!

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

----No truth to the rumor that Drisse was trying to get fans to dominate his site for RRO Site of the Year.

RassleResults: USWO Nashville, TN 12.26.08

Attendance 83

Shawn Hoodrich b Convict Clown

Lee Cross b Psycho Medic

USWO Jr. Champion Jason Xavier b Petey Wright and Chris Norte when Xavier pinned Norte

Super Delirious Black Ninja b Jeremiah Plunkett

Post-match Ninja unmasked to reveal LT Falk and by Ninja winning LT gets his dream match next week, a "loser leaves USWO" bout with Plunkett

Saint & Tim Renesto b Shane Eden & Derrick Neal and Damien Payne & Josh Crowe to win the vacant USWO Tag Team Championship when Saint pinned Eden

USWO Champion Michael Jablonski b Mitch Ryder

Credit: Jimmie Daniel