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Happy New Year From The Family of BT!!!

Shows for the Weekend 1.01 and 1.02.09

----CLICK HERE for regular scheduled events. The first big show of the year is EWE "Aftermath" featuring Christian Jacobs going for the EWE Title vs "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony and Team DK vs Team Lee for the control of EWE. Not sure if I will be attending due to my shoot job, but for those in the area - go out and support your local shows!! Below is a promo for the event featuring TGB - another great promo from him!!

From The Desk of Brian Tramel

----I did get a few e-mails today about ASWF. There were 300 people in the building last Saturday night, not 500, as we reported earlier this week. They also posted a photo of Demon X in the local paper and put "David Walls" under it. Kayfabe!!!

----Please read the ballot - send all votes to, NOT to my regular e-mail address. I would like to thank everyone for their response on the first day - wow!!

RRO AWARDS RACE 2009: Nominees Announced and Notes!!!

----Below are all the nominees for 2009. Thanks to everyone for sending in your nominations and helping out. CLICK HERE for the official ballot. There will be no polls posted - voting sent to the e-mail address as indicated. I will accept only 3 e-mails from each IP address!! I am giving everyone an extra few hours and you can start voting RIGHT NOW in our 10 to Vote. Copy and paste ballot!! E-mail to Please put a 3,2 or 1 along with each name. 1 being your top vote - the winner will be the nominee with the least votes - get it?? If you only vote for one nominee, then that nominee will receive 3 points. For example, I want to vote Dustin as top wrestler - I would put a 1 beside his name along with a 2 beside DK and then a 3 on Mack's name. You have until 1.10.10 at midnight to send in votes!!!

-Derrick King
-Dustin Starr
-Rodney Mack

----Derrick King goes 4 years in a row being nominated for this category. Can he win it this year?? This is Dustin’s second time to be nominated here [2007]…This is one of three first time nominations for Rodney Mack.

-MVP Performer

-Austin Lane
-Stan Lee

----Lane, 2006 winner and nominated 3 out of 4 years in this category, will battle it out with Stan Lee again this year, but they have Pokerface to contend with. This is Poker’s first singles nomination. Lee has won this year the last two years in a row.

Tag Team

-Midnight Gold
-Picture Perfect

----The trio of Chris O’Neal, Jon Michael and Christian Jacobs return as RRO 2006 Tag Team winner – “Picture Perfect”. First time award nominee Bobby Eaton gets two nominees this year along with Greg Anthony. Asylum return with 2cnd nomination in this category.

MVP Team

-East Coast Bad Boys
-Midnight Gold
-Picture Perfect

----This is a first for all three teams being nominated in this category. It is also the first tag team nomination of the team of ECBB. 187 has received two nominations in this category as “Cruzin 4 Pain”.


-Blaine Devine
-Chris Lexxus
-JD Kerry

----If this goes by nominations, this could be a landslide with Kerry.

Moondog Brawler

-Motley Cruz
-Tony Myers

----I was happy to see these three nominated for the new award. This is Myers’ first ever nomination.


-Austin Lane
-Christian Jacobs
-Matt Riveria

----Dustin Starr, who has won this award two times and nominated all three years, does not get a nod this year. As I have said, probably because everyone feels he should have a job already. All three guys get their first nomination in this category. This Jacobs’ first singles nomination.



----TIWF is the only promotion to return for this award. The two other promotions getting their first nods.

-NEW committee
-Rodney Mack
-EWE committee

----NEW and Rodney Mack getting their first nominations in this category. Greg Anthony, last year’s winner has to be considered in the NEW committee with Ken Wayne and Allan Steele. EWE returns in this incarnation after winning the award in 2006 and 2007, but not getting nominated last year.


-John Steele
-Michael Ward
-Terrance Ward

----This is NEW announcing team of Steele and Ward first nominations. Michael Ward returns after a 2 year absence winning the award in 2007.


-Baron Malkavain
-Ike Tucker

----The Baron won the award in a landslide last year and it will probably be no different this year. Ike and Precious get their first nominations.


-Brian Thompson
-Hollywood Jimmy
-Rashard Devon

----Devon and Blaylock have battled it out in this category for 4 years straight. This year they have a new dance partner with his first manager nomination for Brian Thompson.


-Downtown Bruno
-Chuck Poe
-Kellan James

-2008 winner Downtown Bruno returns with two first time nominees with James and Poe.

Most Improved

-Jeremy Moore
-Shawn Reed

----This is Moore’s second nomination in this category placing second in 2007. The other two nominees receive their first nominations.

Most Underrated

-Allan Steele
-Justin Smart
-Shawn Reed

----All three guys get their first nominations in this category.

Arena Match

-Dustin Starr vs Stan Lee
-Austin Lane vs Derrick King
-Austin Lane vs Eric Wayne

----Stan Lee and Derrick King have been nominated all three years in this category. [started in 2007] Wayne was a winner in this category last year and returns. This is Lane’s second and third nominations in this category. This was Starr’s first nomination in this category.

TV Match

-Dustin Starr vs Kevin White
-Tommy Rich/Doug Gilbert vs Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher
-Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King

----This is both Starr vs White and Dotson vs King second nominations in this category.


-The Starr Treatment

----Starr and Blaylock have battle all four years for this award. WNC was the winner last year.


-Dustin Starr
-Eric Wayne
-Greg Anthony

----This is Starr’s second nomination in this category. The two other nominees are their first nominations.


-Su Yung

----2008 winner returns to go against Jazz and Angel-Lena this year. Those ladies have their first nominations.

Other facts

-The roster with the most nominations – NEW – 18 nominations!!

-Starr leads the pack this year with 5 nominations!!

-Lane second with 4 nominations.

-Derrick King is the only guy that could win an award 4 years in a row.

-No wrestler is nominated for both MVP and Wrestler this year with all six guys battling for the #1 wrestler in the TOP 10.

-There are only four teams battling it out for two awards.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 12.26.09

Show Opens With Ricky Rowland Doing National Anthem
First segment Austin lane comes out to confront Demon X saying he got title shot Austin says yes but has to be no holds barred

First match
Cody Murdoch Vs Lee Micheals
As The Porkchop chants start,there is a wonder in everyone mind how is Lee Micheals going to pin this 330 pound man Lee starts out with dropkicks and forearms until Murdoch totally takes his head off with clothesline then spinning suplex with out reason Micheals kicks out after 2, even Athena got to beat on Lee with a body slam on out side when all went to settle Murdoch went outside ring to find weapon and Cody Only comes to say your not doing that as Murdoch gets in ring Lee hit a school boy for the 1.2.3

2nd Match
Vinnie Ramano comes out to tell Christopher Lee he took the X Division belt fair and square. Also telling Christopher Lee if he wants a match with Vinnie Ramano he has to beat this guy. Enforcer comes to the ring jumps Christopher Lee from behind as the beating starts on Christopher Lee as Enforcer uses monkey flips, and Negative tactics Christopher Lee finally pulls through with a Splash, Bulldog, and a roll up pin. After Christopher Lee's victory, Vinnie slides in and beats Christopher Lee down with his Italian Flag.

3rd Match
Hot Rod John Ellison vs. Cody Only
Cody Only starts out with all the momentum showing his dominate strength until he makes one critical mistake and rams his own shoulder into the ring post. Hot Rod seized the opportunity and works on Cody Only's left shoulder. At one point Cody Only does hit the LTO. Unsuccessfully he didn't have the strength to cover Hot Rod. Hot Rod counters and puts Only into a submission to tap out Cody Only

4th Match
Mark Wolf and Idol Bane Vs Seth Sabor And Tommy Wayne

Match started well for Seth and Tommy with double team moves to keep Mark Wolfe down even double ploncha over top rope and had it going until Idol took a cheap shot to Seth Sabor, they both put very powerful moves on Seth but this kid wont quit he heard that crowd and finally made the tag Tommy comes in house of fire and drop kicks idol then Mark came back up Tommy side steps him he hits Idol Tommy rolls up mark for Seth and Tommy to be victories
As Idol throwing fit crowd chants Austin

5th match
the final grudge match between Joshua Cross and Wild Bill
Starts with Wild Bill using Joshua's tactics to pay him back like it should be until Joshua seems a opening and takes bills head off using flying dropkicks moonsaults and chocks to keep bill down thought he had match one went to top rope for leg drop and missed it wild bill followed up with 3 DDTs and pined cross

ASWF Heavyweight Championship
Demon X Vs Austin Lane

What a no holds barred match we had here with Demon X using it all suplex on concrete, slams on guardrails, even a corkscrew cross body off second rope where did demon x get these moves he calls for it to be over and delivers a power bomb to Austin Lane luckily he gets hand on rope before three Demon X comes up looking for Johnny Hawk and he isn't there he turns around into a spear 1.2.3

Credit: ASWF ACE @

----I was told 500 people to this free show. Anybody confirm this??

The Final Cheap Heat of 2009 by Gene Jackson

So....2009 is quickly winding down and 2010 is upon what a year '09 has been.... some good stuff and some down right horridly shitty stuff....

First off I want to apologize to Brian Tramel and the few readers who follow my stuff (and it turns out there are a few of you).... for pretty much just going awol the past few months. A LOT of stuff has been going on with me and I just haven't had the time to get on here and write like I'd like to. However my first resolution for 2010 is to change that..... Now that I'm not married anymore and have an awesome girlfriend who actually likes wrestling and going to shows I plan to make a LOT more shows this year than I have in the past 10 years......and I plan to write about it when I get back home.

Another issue I had was working on the Eddie Gilbert book (constantly) apparently had a small hand in what led to my marriage ending (thank God) so I completely just stopped working on it for the past 5 months or so..... Well, I plan to get back on track working on it once again in January where again my lovely new girlfriend figures in as she will be proofreading it and helping edit it so I hope to have it all finished by June/July at the latest.

I also hope to be able to do the occasional Cheap Heat Radio show and write a column hopefully at the very least every other week.

I didn't help with the yearbook at all this year which really sucks but with work and the craziness in my personal life I just didn't have the time hopefully next year I can have a big hand in it cause I really enjoy them.


Well I don't know how many people know but I was gonna come back and do one final match tagging with Neil Taylor as Southern Destruction against Kenny and Jimmy Valiant in Batesville this Saturday night but I hear it's been rescheduled til May......however I don't know if I can wait that long as I'm really kinda psyched up to get back in the ring again...(even if it's a HORRIBLE idea with my jacked up back).....perhaps I might be able to talk TFW into letting Southern Destruction step in the ring with the Asylum...or something..... who knows?

So you've been warned look for much more of the new and improved unmarried Gene Jackson to bring his unwanted opinion to you in 2010 be it here on RRO, RRO Radio, or at a "rasslin' show" near you. If you'd like to contact me about a booking, appearing on Cheap Heat Radio, or would just like to pass along a comment, complaint, complement, or want my address to make a donation to the "Buy Gene Jackson a big screen television" me at

Also, check out my friend Leslie E. Jones' new myspace that features classic IWF Wrestling......I hope to do an interview with him on CHR one of these days and maybe he can post it there.....the address is

"Dr. Death" Steve Williams passes away

Wrestling legend "Dr. Death" Steve Williams unfortunately lost his battle with cancer last night. Williams was a huge star for Bill Watts' Universal Wrestling Federation and also had tremendous success in Japan. Williams and the late Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy also captured the NWA and WCW World Tag Team Titles in the mid 1990's.

Williams recently published a book touting his battles with cancer and his faith. He also appeared a couple of years ago at Fourth in the Forest in Jonesboro, AR and for the Royal Wrestling Alliance.

The staff of RasslinRiotOnline would like to send our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of "Dr. Death" Steve Williams during this trying time.

Bill Dundee Not Scheduled for The Event!!

----CLICK HERE to read the latest edition of "Axeman Speaks" by Randall Lewis. Apparently there was a promotion billing Dundee to appear and hadn't even contacted him. You can't do that!! If I was Dundee I would look up the promoters and have them pay him some kind of advertising fee.

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From the Desk of Brian Tramel

----RRO offices will be slow this week with columnists having the week off to finish up the year. Next week we will be back with a new schedule of sorts with The Straight Flush with Pokerface on Tuesday, Food for Thought with Jamie Jay on Wednesday and Coach's Corner on Thursday. The following week we will have The Golden Circle by Greg Anthony, Mama Says with Downtown Bruno on Wednesday and Wayne's World on Thursday with Eric Wayne. All columns will be followed every Friday by The Dynamite Blast by Seth Knight and we will continue to be visited once a month by Maxx Corbin. I also expect Brian Thompson [Markives has been a hit!!]and Gene Jackson to drop by at different times also.

----Please send in your nominations today!! Right now!! You have until Wednesday at 12:00 Midnight!! Nominations will be announced on Thursday 12.31.09 with a full analysis and voting starts 1.01.10 for 10 days!!

----I am looking for full time reporters for DCW in Dyersburg, NBW in Newbern and EWE in Ripley. Please contact me - you will be kayfabed if you don't want your name on the site.

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Jason Reed Injury : The Story

This photo was taken after the accident

This photo was taken this weekend - you can see how much the teeth have dropped, but coming in sideways.

----This is a story that I have been working on a few days after the incident happened. I had got a call from a worker that was on the show telling me about the accident that happened and wondering why I had not posted anything yet. And to be honest, I had not heard anything about it at this point and wanted to confirm it with Jason Reed.

----This story is a perfect example of what I have to do with the web site to show proof of a story and also be able to tell it at a viewpoint that is correct. Whether it is a good thing or bad thing, this site has morphed into more of legit news site for this area rather than just rumors. I have made it a habit of fact checking stories two or three times with different sources before putting the story out – even if it takes me almost a month to get the story.

----The site has also brought about kayfabe to a stronger degree than it even was when I started the site. If someone wants something not put on the site, then more than often it is not told to me. It took me months to get the real Flash Flanagan story a few months back, because no one wanted to talk about it.

----As I said, it might seem to hurt the site at times, but I hope when I do get the story – then the story is as legit as it can be with a wrestling dirt sheet. So..that brings us to the Jason Reed story.

----On 11.28.09 – Syn and Reed are having a match. Reed stated he was happy with the match. They were wrestling to get in the tournament for the NBW Title. They had started a tournament that night that ends at a big show in Febuary. The spot was to have Syn hit a running shooting star press. Reed set up for it. But as he was lying there, Syn did to do the spot as soon as Reed expected. The combination of Reed turning his head and Syn hitting the spot at a different time ends with Reed having his teeth shoved into his jaw.

“I was bleeding tons out of my mouth. I thought I had lost my teeth and I was looking around the ring for them. My teeth were shoved into my gums!” said Reed.

----Reed went to the emergency room and later to the dentist. The work that has been done to his mouth is extensive including going to the dentist every 3 days. He is scheduled for a major evaluation of the situation again on January 7, 2010 and he believes they will try to cut his gums to get his teeth out.

----Reed was just about to start a new job on the Monday following this accident. He also was going through a divorce and asked me to hold off on writing the story. I had a few people contact me thinking I was trying to hide something, but I was waiting to get the ok – understanding that a real job and his divorce were more important than putting this story out.

----Reed has come out of this with probably a better attitude than I would have had. He does not feel it was really Syn’s fault and not his fault.

“When I got into wrestling, I knew shit happens. If you don’t sign up to get hurt, then you should not be in it.”

----My take on the whole thing goes in many different directions. Was Syn properly trained?? Would it have made a difference?? Reed is not mad at Syn for his actions and Reed is a professional that trusted working Syn. If he didn’t feel safe, then he wouldn’t/shouldn’t work him.

----Is this any different than the Eric Wayne accident earlier this year when Wayne kicked Greg King Jr?? I think it is in that Wayne was aiming for face and made a mistake. It is probably a worse injury than what King suffered. Wayne is a well trained wrestler and he made mistakes, so the argument of Syn not being trained injuring someone does not fly with me on this one. Do I think Syn needs proper training?? Yes. But, it is not only his fault that he is not fully trained – but that goes back to the promoters and wrestlers that work with him.

----As Reed said, “shit happens” and as I have said before, this is not checkers, it is professional wrestling. If you get two people in the ring that trust one another – an accident can still happen. Whether it is Wayne, who is properly training, kicking someone in the face or Syn, who many say does not need to be in the ring, hitting a shooting star press – shit happens!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

From the Desk of Brian Tramel

----I would like to take this time to say "thanks" to everyone with their calls, texts and e-mails on the holiday weekend. My family and I had a great weekend.

----I interviewed "Superman" Jason Reed on Saturday afternoon for his "injury" story. I will have some really graphic photos and the full story posted tomorrow. There also will be discussion on why it took so long to post the story and such.

----Thanks again!! Not sure why, but we had record number of hits on Tuesday. We were up 36% over normal hits and it was the second best Tuesday in hits since September, 2007. Thanks to all for reading and look for 2010 to be a big year for RRO!!

----Reminder: You have until Wednesday 12.30.09 at Midnight for the Stage 3 nominations. Nominations for the 4th Annual RRO Awards Race will be announced on 12.31.09 with the official voting starting on 1.01.10.

Another Big Crowd at ASWF Last Night!!

----I got a call during the RRO Promotion of the Year 2008 ASWF show in Tuckerman, AR last night and was told there had to be close to 500 fans at the show last night. Last weekend's "Christmas with the King 2" had 597 people attending the show. This show with the gimmick of it being free to the fans as a Christmas present, looks to have had either close to 500 or just over 500 people in the building. ASWF finishes the year with a bang and I look forward to seeing if they can hold on these numbers going into 2010. Results will be posted ASAP.

RassleResults: TFW Tupelo, MS 12.26.09

Blade defeated "Dangerous" David Cox.

Curly Moe/Josh Matthews/Chris Styles w/Dirty & Jay Webster defeated "Big Daddy" Neno/Chazz Stone/Chop when Webster & Dirty interfered.

The Asylum (Psycho & Pappy) defeated "The Answer" Chris Chaos & Officer Hudson.

Jay Webster won a 3-way match over Suicide & Blazing Star when Blazing Star submitted.

TFW Champion Neil Taylor w/Al Hall won a 3-way match over "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore & "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs to retain. Taylor hit Dabbs with a foreign object then won the match by pin fall. Promoter Denise Blaylock ordered a re-match for 1-1-2010.

TFW returns to action on New Years Night, 1-1-2010, at the TFW Arena on Hwy. 178 in Skyline, MS (just outside the Tupelo city limits). Bell time is 8:00 p.m. The card will include the rematch between Neil taylor, Chris Kilgore, & Tony Dabbs for the TFW Championship. Don't miss it!

Credit: "Axeman" Randall Lewis @

TCW Webcast Show 4

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Thompson's Markives 12.24.2009: USWA Wrestling comes to Kennett, MO in February 1993

Welcome to the second edition of Thompson's Markives. For those who missed my first edition of the new column, this is simply a "flashback" look at the various live wrestling events I've attended since 1987. I call it markives, simply combining the term "mark" from wrestling with the meaning of the word "archive."

This edition will look at a United States Wrestling Association (USWA) card from Kennett, Missouri. This particular show took place on Feb. 12, 1993 at the American Legion Building. Let's do a little USWA background refresher before moving forward.

The USWA was the latest incarnation of Memphis Wrestling promotions owned by Jerry Jarrett and Jerry "The King" Lawler. In the late 1990's, Jarrett bought the declining World Class Championship Wrestling from the Von Erichs. He renamed it USWA and actually promoted in both locales. Jarrett's Memphis company, at the time known as CWA for either Championship Wrestling Alliance or Championship Wrestling Association, later took on the USWA name as well.

The Kennett American Legion Building hosted Memphis based cards for years and probably the most notable was a 1992 show featuring a recreation of the Tupelo concession stand brawl, featuring the Moondogs against Lawler and Jeff Jarrett.

Growing up, I really didn't see the Memphis promotions although I "sorta" followed them through the Pro Wrestling Illustrated family of magazines edited by Bill Apter. Many in the business called them the "Apter Mags."

Let me say this. I didn't follow the USWA because I didn't want to. I simply had no access at the time to get it. I lived in Dexter, MO, which was just miles out of the USWA TV distribution area. While towns less tha 20 miles south of Dexter could get Memphis programming on WMC TV-5, I could not because my cable system carried St. Louis area stations, including a St. Louis Channel 5. However, thanks to my grandfather's super powerful antenna, I was able to see the occasional USWA show. The reception was fuzzy, but hey I could hear the action which was all that I needed to get excited when I heard the mention that the USWA was coming to Kennett in February 1993.

I immediately asked my parents if it was okay to go. They agreed. Then the search for tickets began! Having only attended World Wrestling Federation cards, where early ticket purchases produced the best seats, I was really unaware that you need not buy a USWA ticket in advance to get a "front row" seat at this particular time in history. But, I still asked my dad to go to Kennett and get me a ticket. He did so and we ended up with a front row set of tickets for me, my mom and dad. I was in wrestling heaven!

As you can see from the flyer below, this show was pretty loaded for a local card. And I like this fact - only five matches and nine workers on the card with maybe one or two referees and an announcer. Let's run down the card shall we?

The results were as follows: The Master of Terror def. Scott Campoine; Miss Texas def. Leslie Balenger; "Nightmare" Danny Davis def. The Master of Terror; Brian Christopher def. Jeff Jarrett to retain the USWA Southern Heavyweight Championship; MAIN EVENT: The Honky Tonk Man def. USWA Unified World Champion Jerry "The King" Lawler in a non-title match.

Notes: I remember this being a decent crowd. Being only 12-years-old at the time, I didn't think about houses and gates (LOL). Not sure of an exact count, but pictures I have from this show the seats fairly full ... At the time I had no clue who the "Master of Terror" was. Could it have been my friend and mentor "Nightmare" Ken Wayne? Ken are you out there to help me answer this one? ... I had the chance to get wrestlers' autographs for the first time in my life. I secured the "John Hancocks" of Lawler, Jarrett, Davis, Campoine and Miss Texas ... I also was able to catch the Honky Tony Man's wrist tape. He had taken the tape off and used it to choke Lawler during the main event. He tossed it in my direction and with an assist from my mother, it was mine! Fans after the bout asked if we would show it to the referee to show that Honky was cheating. Heck no! This was a souevenir baby from one of the greatest WWF Intercontinetal Champs ever!!! ... My dad, who watched Memphis wrestling waaaaay back in the day, had no clue of the current product but was semi-familiar with the WWF. He knew the "Dangerous" Danny Davis, who did a heel referee gimmick and turned wrestler under the guidance of Jimmy Hart and the Hart Foundation in the mid to late 1980's. I informed my dad that the "Danny Davis" wrestling that night was NOT the WWF Davis ... This show introduced me to wrestling at a regional/local level. It was the first of several non-WWF/WCW shows I would attend.

Thanks for reading. In the next edition of "Thompson's Markives" I will review a Power Pro Wrestling show from the summer of 1999, held in the same Kennett venue. This show featured such names a pre-WWF Kurt Angle and Fatu in his days just before becoming Rikishi. Names who are very familiar to us locally such as Brandon Baxter, Corey Maclin, Derrick King and Alan Steele also worked this show. Stay tuned. I'll give you the full story soon! Have a Merry Christmas all.

(Brian Thompson may be reached by e-mail at

Happy Christmas to Everyone!! Twas The Night Before Christmas!!

----Just wanted to let everyone know that we will be slow around here today and tomorrow at the RRO Offices. I do not expect to post anything and hope everyone enjoys time with their families. My family and my RRO family wishes all of you a VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!

----Posted below is something that has become a tradition here at RRO. As usual I change a little bit here and there, but some of it remains. Why?? Because it is still funny after all this time. I didn't even have to change the Eric Wayne line this year. Hopefully we will not have to put that in the next one!! LOL


Twas the night before Christmas, low was the house
Dustin Starr was smiling big and it was time for Klaus
In the dressing rooms, the workers were talking about Wrestler of the Year
Hoping they could wrestle and then go get a beer

The fans were marking out of their heads
Waiting to hear what Starr said
Out from the back came Eric Wayne
Who swore “I didn’t mean to kick him the face..DANG!!”

In the parking lot, arose such a mass
It was Derrick King from RRO Awards past
Standing by the window, it was his friend Jamie Jay
King yelled, “You know he is shady, night or day”

As I looked outside again at the new-fallen snow
Jimmy’s message board sucks, you know??
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear
But a black man with blond hair holding a beer
He was so lively and wearing a crown on loan
His chest pushed out and he said, “It is the weekend, you know.”

Now PP !! Now Tatt2!! Now Midnight Gold!! Now Austin Lane !!
On Asylum!! On Seth Knight!! On Downtown Bruno!! On Ken Wayne!!
To the dressing room!! To the ring!! To the mat!!
Now hiptoss!! Now bodyslam!! Now rat!!

As the man made himself the center of the show
The fans were chanting “ Go, Starr , Go!!”
He yelled at the fans and said go home
I would rather be here all alone!!

He was dressed all in wrestling gear, from his head to his foot
And his gear was all tarnished with vodka and soot
His crown almost falling off the top of his head
“I will be the KING!!”, he proclaimed, only when Lawler is dead

His eyes—they were so blurry!! His speech so slurred!
His cheeks were red as cherry!! His vision was blurred!!
His mouth drooled like a sleeping bear
“Do you know who I am?? 3 time Wrestler of the Year!!”

The straw of his drink he held tight in his teeth
And smoke encircled his head like a wreath
Cody Melton was here for the night
He yelled, “Starr better not beat me, that is just not right!!”

He was colored and blond, a right grumpy man
And I laughed when he said he was the best in the land
A wink in his eye, a twist of his head
Wrestling in Mississippi again, oh I dread

He sprang out of the ring, to his crew gave a whistle
And away the workers flew behind him like the down of a thistle
But I heard him exclaim, as Tramel drove him out of site
“Merry Christmas to all, and I am Derrick King….DAMMIT!!

The Golden Circle "Christmas Editon 2009" by Greg Anthony

As they say "Tis the season". Christmas is like Wrestlemania for normal people. I always feel a little retrospective during the Christmas days. I'm reminded on how much things change yet how much they still remain the same. When I was 9 I asked for the WCW Galoob action figures and now I'm 28 and I asked for the WCW Galoob action figures in mint packaging. Christmas also has given wrestling some creative outlets to use in their programs. Here are some of my favorite moments.

It is common knowledge The Fabulous Freebirds revolutionized wrestling. Their look, their sound, their mere presence was historic for our business. As the antagonists to the ever popular Von Erich family they created good business everywhere they went. There are few wrestling moments that my uncles(whom aren't wrestling fans) still mention to this day. One of those moments is when The Freebirds attacked "Santa Claus". A brutal beating of St.Nick left kids crying, parents outraged and The 'Birds still atop the heel mountain in Texas. I don't know if this was the first Santa Smackdown in wrestling but its one I remember and it has been duplicated several times since.

One moment some may or may not be aware of is the existence of The Christmas Creature! Now the Memphis area has always been kind of a Bermuda triangle of wrestling, no wrestlers don't magically disappear(ok, occasionally on Beale Street) but rather just some unexplainable occurrences. Such as a gimmick like The Christmas Creature. Long before WWE Grand Slam Champion Kane was in fact 1/2 of The Brothers of Destruction, he was USWA's Christmas Creature. As good as a writer as I have been accused of being, even I don't have the words to describe this....

In closing, sometimes Christmas isn't about the best time or the worst present. My favorite Christmases aren't the ones were I got the most presents or had the most money spent on me. The Christmas that counts are the ones you remember, where you were or who you were with. For me personally its been a great year. My wife and I gave birth to our 2nd son, Xander. I've gotten to do what only a handful will ever do and that's be a tag team partner of a legend in Bobby Eaton. I've gotten to work with some of my dearest friends in the business and had the opportunity to make new ones. Last but not least I've gotten fill another passion of mine with this article. A creative outlet that I am thankful for, so to all that enjoy my work both inside and outside of the ring I say "Thank you" from the bottom of my heart because your praise is as good as gold.

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RRO AWARDS RACE 2009 Stage 3!!!

----Ok, this is Stage 3 and the final stage of the 4th Annual RRO Awards Race. Below are all rest of the categories and I am going to explain them and give me thoughts on picks. Unfortunately I have been so busy working with Yearbook 2009 [it is close to 400 pages!!!] that I forget to get a Columnist Consensus as of yet. I will post that later this week. Now to Stage 3!! If you are a member of the KAYFABE MESSSAGE BOARD, then you may click over and put all your nominations there. Or you may e-mail your picks, if you do not want to post them “in the open” on the board. Send your nominations in ASAP. PLEASE PICK 3 NOMINEES for each category!!! Send your e-mail to with subject: RRO Nominees. Deadline for these awards is Wednesday 12.30.09. You may also go over to the RRO AWARDS RACE blog by CLICKING HERE and get all the up to the date info on the awards!!! Below my picks and thoughts are the Columnists Consensus results from a poll I conducted via e-mail last week with them.

*Horizon Award: This is the award for the guy/girl/team that you think should have a TNA/WWE contract. This award was won by Eric Wayne last year with Byron Willcott [who has a contract] in close second and Dustin Starr placing in an award that he won in 2006 and 2007. I am going to leave Starr out of it this year as one of my picks, because I think it is just a given that he deserves a contract. The three guys I pick are Christian Jacobs, Matt Riveria and Tatt2. Tatt2 in third place because he has had a lot of opportunities this year that fell thru, but he has shined for the big time. Jacobs is a close second and I would have to give Riveria the nod here, because of all the out of wrestling things you see him do to just get his wrestling personality over. He is tailor-made for the WWE.

*Most Improved – Who got better in 2009? Angel-Lena, Jeremy Moore, Justin Smart and Crazy Train really have to be mentioned here. The guys work really hard and have improved. Angel-lena has gone from being GOD awful to have decent matches as a worker and is more confident around the ring. Christian Jacobs is my third pick here, because he has always HAD IT, but this year IT went just a bit better. Bishop has got tons better and has a great presence in the ring. My top pick would have to be Seth Knight just for his overall look and adding new stuff to his already stacked move set.

*Most Underrated – Brian So Fine, Shawn Reed, Ron Rage, Seth Knight, Devon Day and Mark Justice are six names I would start with. If any of those guys got nominated, I would see why. These guys have to be mentioned – they all are good at different levels. My top three picks are Kevin White [as he works lots of big shows and works hard in & out the ring], Maxx Corbin [he has a great wrestling mind, good on the mic and did a great job promoting a few shows] and my top pick would be Cody Melton. Melton has been on a lot of top shows this year and works real hard.

*Arena Report Match of the Year – These are the best matches that I witnessed at live events. This is hard to vote for some people because they do not see as much stuff as I do. But..if you attended one of these matches, then you know the quality of it. I have listed all the matches that scored [***1/2] or higher. Please pick three. I have highlighted my three picks.

-Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels West Memphis, AR [***1/2] 1.23.09
-Kid Nikels vs Greg King Jr West Memphis, AR [***3/4] 3.06.09
-Pokerface vs Blalok The Blazer Jonesboro, AR [*** ½] 3.14.09
- Greg King Jr vs Eric Wayne vs Kid Nikels – 60 Minute Draw [****1/4] 3.15.09
-“East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/C-Money] vs Pokerface/Derrick King with Rashard Devon. Osceola, AR [***3/4] 4.03.09
“Genocide” [Albino Rhino/Maxx Corbin] beat Greg King Jr/Shawn Reed [*** ½] 4.04.09
- Devon Day vs Kilo Trenton, TN 4.25.09 [***1/2]
-Dustin Ring vs Eric Wayne West Memphis, AR 5.08.09 [****]
-Derrick King vs Austin Lane Tuckerman, AR 5.09.09 [****1/4]
-Jon Michael vs Scott Adams Ripley, TN 5.30.09 [***1/2]
-Dustin Starr vs Stan Lee Ripley, TN 5.30.09 [***3/4]
-Tank Benefit: 8-Man Elimination Team: Kilo/J Weezy/Gaylon Ray/Shannon Lee vs C-Money/Rockin Randy/Hardcore Yaw/Jon “Biscuit” Roberts 6.14.09 [***3/4]
-”Missouri Street Fight” - “Missouri Bad Boys” [Renegade/Mark Southern] with Cookie St. James vs “Law and Order” [Tim Davis/Ricky Hayes] [***1/2] 7.25.09
-Jon Michael vs Mark Justice Newbern, TN [***3/4] 7.25.09
-Street Fight: Derrick King vs Bishop Ripley, TN 9.12.09 [***3/4]
-Dustin Starr vs Stan Lee Ripley, TN 9.12.09 [****]
-"Dynasty" [Blalok the Blazer/Mike Anthony] with Reno Diamond beat "Natural Born Playas" [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] Jonesboro, AR 9.19.09 [***1/2]
-Jon Michael vs Christian Jacobs Ripley, TN 9.26.09 [****]
-Eric Wayne vs Austin Lane West Memphis, AR 10.09.09 [****]
-Alan Steele vs Kid Nikels West Memphis, AR 10.09.09 [***1/2]

*TV Match of the Year: These are original matches that aired on TV this year. There has not been a lot, but I posted what I considered the top 6 bouts from TV. I have highlighted by three picks. If you think I missed one, then feel free to nominate it. The date shown is the air dates.

-Dustin Starr vs Kevin White Minglewood Hall 3.07.09

-Brian Christopher vs Doug Gilbert Hardcore Match Minglewood Hall 3.07.09
-Doug Gilbert/Tommy Rich vs Jerry Lawler/Brian Christopher Minglewood Hall 5.02.09
-Tatt2 vs Johnny Dotson Block Party 5.30.09
-Autozone Park Johnny Dotson vs Derrick King 8.08.09
-“Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] vs “Full Scale Assault” [Xander Raines/Jason Steele] vs “SnS” [Syn/DJ Stunner] 9.19.09

*Best Wrestling Web Site –Dustin Starr’s “the Starr Treatment”, WNC, are my top picks. Starr has slowed down a bit at the end of the year, but he was THE site to go to all year long. Wrestling News Center is last year’s winner and good for world news more than local. My favorite promotion site is the EWE one.

*Columnist of the Year – Even though it is his own blog, Dustin Starr has been the guy to read this year. Greg Anthony always has good columns on here. Seth Knight, Jamie Jay [for being shady] and Eric Wayne all need a mention tied in third.

*Female Performer: Angel-Lena is my favorite here because she has been more places and works hard. Athena Eclipse is an ASWF mainstay and is not your typical diva. She breaks the mold and is really good at ringside. Jazz is easily the most over female I have ever seen live. Last year’s winner Su-Yung should get mentioned also, but she was not as much “in your face” as she has been due to no TV exposure.

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My World - MAXXED OUT!! "Year In Review 2009" Video by Maxx Corbin

----There is some funny shit on here. Great job Maxx!!

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 12.18.09

Friday Night was spectacular show! The fans were up and rocking as well as the wrestlers. Opening match was Miss Candy and Homer Lee vs Ms Innocent and Miss Nay Nay accompanied by Rashard. Miss Innocent and Rashard was up to no good pretty much the whole match. At one point Rashard had a hand full of powder and thought he was going to powder Miss Candy, he got kicked in the hand and powdered himself. Then turned around and was going to use the rest of the powder to dust Miss Candy off but she ducked and he powdered Miss Innocent, Miss Candy rolled up Miss Nay Nay for the pin. The crowd loved it!

Jeremy Spiker and J Rage vs Hambones 1&2, the match was up and the crowd just knew that these two young guys would take the older men. Well the young ones do have a little fire in their pants, however, the older the more experienced and the Hambones distracted the ref and nailed them with the bone. When that was successful the Hambones joined together and double suplex J Rage and made the pin. The crowd was shocked.

Third match was Knock Out Kidd vs Ray. After an intense match Ray took the pin.

The All American Frankie Tucker's tag team partner had car trouble and didn't make it to the show in time for the match. The match was booked against War Machine and Officer Hudson who begged Frankie to take a forfeit but everyone knows Frankie that wasn't happening. Frankie has been around along time and he was worked with some of the elite as well as some beginners. Frankie ,in our book, is a very underrated wrestler in this area. The stood behind him Friday night when he refused to take on both War Machine and Officer Hudson without a tag team partner. Go Frankie, let's give him a vote for Wrestler of the Year. The match was furious and full of action. Frankie took the win, Big Daddy hit the ring after Rashard tried to interfere.

The main event was East Coast Bad Boyz vs Pimp and Southside in a title match. The match was furiuous and C-Money as well as Spiro and the ref took a beating and of course they used their cheap shot signs to help him beat the Bad Boyz. They won the match but fans the fight is not over.

There will not be a show this Friday Night due to The Christmas Holidays! Big Daddy and the gang wants to give their fans time to spend with their families. Everyone at MCW wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Credit: Kim Wallace and MCW

Wayne's World: "Appearance Is Everything" by Eric Wayne

"Appearance is Everything"

If you've ever been around Tramel, Brian Thompson, or Derrick King...and several others, you've probably heard one of their favorite lines, "You know what's wrong with the business?"

This time around I figured I'd cover one of those problems. Appearance. Both inside and outside the ring, appearance is everything. When I was much younger, going to towns with my dad, he would always make me dress up. Well I never understood why it mattered so much until later when I started to referee and wrestle. Even when I was a kid, majority of the time I had to wear khaki pants and I collared shirt or something nice, "church clothes" as they've been referred to before.

I noticed that for the most part all the boys didn't look any different than the fans coming through the door. And that's when it hit me! I had to look different because I WAS different. Being part of the show means dressing the part before, during, and afterwards. Not to say I haven't occasionally done it because I have, but consistently showing up in shorts and T-shirt or something similar doesn't set you apart from the kid in the front row. It gives off the vibe that you're no different than the fans, and while that's true in some cases, its not true for a lot of the boys. Its hard to be taken seriously as a champion or even a wrestler if you show up looking like the ring crew.

Like I said, looking the part during the show is just as important. When I was about 6 or 7 I used to carry my "wrestling gear" to every town I went to. It all started when PG-13 had a midget and so did my dad as part of the American Eagles. I came up with the idea that since he was no taller than me that I could fill in if he ever no showed. So I started carrying shorts and a T-shirt as my gear. Sound familiar?

So of course I never wore that gear. But I noticed a lot of other "wrestlers" took my idea! A lot of guys were showing up, not only looking like everyday joes but would change into something similar and go to the ring. The only difference is they might have wrestling boots or would tape their wrists. The matches these guys were in usually meant an early intermission for the crowd. Reason being is that a lot of times the audience didn't seem to care to watch Wal-Mart Willy pretend to be a wrestler. The boys that usually had good matches were the ones with actual wrestling gear, whether it was just trunks or long tights or a singlet...the people sat there because the guy at least LOOKED like a wrestler.

Of course there are exceptions to these rules. But in general, that's really not the case. Dressing up only takes a few more minutes before you leave the house. And it makes you stand out whether you're just going down the road or to a bigger event. And as far as having gear goes, yeah its expensive. But its worth it. If its too much for you to afford, then you're probably in the wrong industry.

There's more where this came from on wnc's new series "Wrestling Unmasked". Be sure to check it out, it'll be interesting to see how much of it clicks with the boys around here.

RRO AWARDS RACE 2009 Stage 2!!! Send in Your Nominations Now!!

----You have until 12:00 Midnight on Wednesday 12.23.09 to have your voice heard in the 4th Annual RRO Awards Race!! CLICK HERE to read the categories and send in the e-mails or put it on the Kayfabe Message Board!!

Announcers Not Even Safe At NBW!!

----Announcer "Big" Dave Sims sent in the following pic. Not sure what happened here, but he got some good color.

RassleResults: USA Wrestling Selmer, TN 12.19.09

Derrick King beat Cody Melton

Chris Williams and Patrick Smith Defeated Bones & Killer

Shane Williams beat Keith ???

Michael Gilbert beat Matt Boyce after Garry White interfered.

Kevin White w/ Garry White & Su Yung beat Steve-O in a chain on a pole match

Steve- O won the battle royal.

Notes: On Jan 2rd, they are having their last benefit show for Bert Prentice with Doug Gilbert coming in to team with Steve-O against Kevin White & Michael Gilbert...Bert Prentice received all the proceeds for this event. There was 200 & 250 was in the building, over 1500.00 was raised at the gate for Bert...Kevin White worked really hard putting this show together and running the show.

Credit: swstudd

Garry White sent in the following about the event....

We would like to take this time to thank the owners of the civic center, the wrestlers, referee, and ring crew for donating their time and efforts to make this a successful show. You always hear about the brotherhood that's in wrestling but to witness it first hand was a amazing ordeal. All these people went on and beyond the call of duty to make sure we helped a brother in need.

Bert is still not doing as well as he should and he is in for a long road to recovery but the doctors has told him is cancer free and that's the most important thing right now. Again thanks everyone for being so gracious. Derrick and Cody came down and had to leave and go to Ripley for there show and I know that had to be extremely difficult trying to make it back to Ripley on time. Everyone there deserves a standing ovation for what they did. Thanks everyone and we hope to see everyone on January 2rd.

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 12.19.09 - Christmas With The King 2 Draws Big Numbers!!!

Brian Christopher

Our show was a blast this weekend with a near capacity crowd. According to Mr. Coffee and Betty Butler there were approximately 597 people accounted for. The ASWF would like to extend thanks to Nikki Lane, Betty Butler, and Jimmy Rhodes for their help in making this event possible.

The show would begin with Announcers T-Bone Terrence Ward and Magic Man Jimmy Rhodes along with Commissioner Ricky Rowland welcoming everyone to the show. Rowland would ask everyone to stand for the National Anthem before the show would get underway.

Our first match of the night was Lee Michaels and Chuck Fears taking on Kalaiki and Kevin Charles. Michaels did come to the ring alone but would be joined by Fears after his original partner failed to show. Charles would start off strong in this match with control early on. However, Lee's size would enable him to reverse the match in their favor with his speed and agility. Michaels would get a roll up pin over Charles.

Well just when you thought things were on the right track, Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and his clique would come to the ring at first apologizing to the crowd for his actions the last time he was here. But just like anything good it doesn't last. Blaylock would reveal it was a joke. But soon enough The King himself would take to the ring to shut Blaylock up. But tempers would calm until the Main Event.

The second match of the night was for the ASWF X-Division Title. The Champion Christopher Lee would take on the challenger Vinny Romano. The match would be back and forth, but with a stroke of luck Romano would win the match and the title via pin fall. Commissioner Rowland would take to ringside and state that he was watching the match in the back and noticed Romano cheated. He would order the referee to restart the match and start counting him out. The referee would reach ten and declare Lee the winner and still Champion. Romano didn't see it that way and would run to the dressing room with the title. Commissioner Rowland would put Lee and Romano in a Last Man Standing Match next week for the title.

Our third match was a tag team match with Hot Rod John Ellison and Joshua Cross taking on Superstar Bill Dundee and Wild Bill. Bill would start off in control but control would slip as the ASWF HOF Ellison would start delivering his devastating right hands. Dundee would be tagged in later in the match and would take it to the outside and leave Wild Bill in the ring to deliver a stunner and get the win.

Tonight's fourth match was scheduled for One Fall. Tommy Wayne would take on Chris Styles. This would be an adrenaline fueled match with both wrestlers using their speed to their advantage. Tommy would gain control of the match and win via pin fall.

The fifth match of the night was a Triple Threat Tag Match. CM2 with Athena Eclipse VS Pure Destruction with Hollywood Jimmy VS LSD (Cody Only & Deadly Dale). This match was tough to keep up with. There was so much action in this match the announcers even had trouble calling the match! LSD would start off strong against CM2 and dominate the beginning of the match. But soon Pure Destruction would want in on the action and would leave exactly what their name says...destruction. Soon none of the contenders could take it anymore. Action was in and out of the ring. CM2 would use this opportunity to get the win via pin fall.

Our next match was Casino making his return to take on Kid Nikels in a singles match. Both would take turns controlling the match but Casino would make a huge comeback against the six foot four Kid Nikels. Brian Thompson, who explained earlier that Bobby Eaton was sick and could not make it, was the one who brought Nikels to Tuckerman. Thompson would ask Kid to bring Casino to the ropes and would hit Nikels by mistake, Casino would roll him up and get the pin. After the bell was rung, Nikels would shake Casino's hand and congratulate him on a match well done. They would both then turn their attention to Brian Thompson and begin to beat him to a pulp before he would eventually get away.

The Feature Match of the night was a Ladder Match for the reunification of the ASWF Title. In the previous weeks Idol Bane declared that he was the true Champion and would begin to carry out his own belt. There were so many ladders in this match it was scary. Both men put their bodies and careers on the line for the title. They would soon have set up the ladders in what appeared to be a bridge to the top. Idol would get caught up in the ropes and would look on in horror as Austin would climb to the top and get the belts.

The Semi-Main Event was the European Champion X-Kaliber and Grand Master Sexay Brian Christopher in a non-title match. Brian would perform at his best in this match not losing an inch to X-Kaliber. X-Kaliber would get a chain to try and even the odds, but it would be stolen by Christopher and he would use it on X-Kaliber when the referee distracted. He would pin X-Kaliber and get the win. After the match X-Kaliber would tell the referee that Christopher had a chain. The referee would begin to search Brian and he would toss the chain to X-Kaliber and show the ref. The referee would raise Christopher's hand in victory.

Our Main-Event was a Tag Match with Demon X and Johnny Hawk with Hollywood Jimmy VS Jerry "The King" Lawler and Seth Saber. The King and Saber would start off in control and hold on until Hawk would make his way in to show Saber some old school moves. The tide would soon turn when he would get the tag to The King and The King would start his punishment on Hawk and Demon X. The King would then tag Saber back in and he would get the pin over Demon X in what was the Match of the Night.

Credit: Terrance Ware @

Pic by Lily Willington

----Does Brian C look like Scotty 2 Hotty in that pic or what?? Is it just me??...I heard they did tons of advertising and footwork for this show. Guess what?? It paid off - almost 600 people!!...I was told Idol Bane/Austin Lane was "match of the night" by a lot of people - apparently they put on a great show...Omg!! I would personally like to apologize to Jerry Lawler for having to work both Demon X and Johnny Hawk. Well..I guess it is not my fault, but sorry anyway. Heard it was mostly Sabor taking heat and Lawler getting hot tag...They should have kept Nikels as a heel, if they plan to use him in the future.

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Jason Reed: Picture of the Week

----Jason with Crazy Train this week. Reed has also promised that we will have photos and story of his accident in the ring that we have been working on for the last few weeks.

The Straight Flush "Wrestling Politics & Booking" by Pokerface

What does it really take to make it in wrestling? I would loved to say that it only takes talent, but if that were the case, alot more of the good wrestlers would have jobs in the big leagues. Sad to say as far as the big leagues go, it's all about who likes you and who you know. At the independent level, it also applies, but to a smaller degree. I've seen guys at the indy level try to pay politic and manipulate their way to the "top", so to speak. I've seen guys get preferential treatment or pushed because of who they drank, smoked, or hung out with. I,however, don't play those games. I admit, here and there , I've tried to politic or smooze, but it ain't my thing. At the indy level, what good would it do for you to be the top guy, be the champion, or get the best matches? Only the 100 people that pay to see it would know. It's like being student class president. It means something in high school, but outside those hallowed halls, it doesn't mean crap! I've seen guys who would quit a company or get mad because they couldn't be the champ. C'mon children! Wake up.

At this level, as Sid Vicious once told me, learn EVERYTHING that you can. It doesn't matter if you are the opening match or main event. Kissing the promoters ass, is still gonna get you the same honorable mention in your pay envelope at the end of the night. Now in the big leagues, it's different. I've heard guys complain about being overlooked our under utilized. It's a fact that for the most part you gotta play politics to get certain things done. But as in an article I read by Lance Storm, there are good politics and bad politics. Good politics is when you act as your own agent. You go to the powers that be with ideas and concepts. You "put yourself over" to the boss. You tell the company brass why you would be the best person for a certain match, angle, or title. Bad politics is almost the same, except you do a little mud slinging. You crap and downplay the next guy. Which one you play is solely up to you. You shouldn't be one of the guys who just sit back and just enjoy getting a check every week, or are just happy to have a job. Those are the guys who almost never standout and get released because creative doesn't have anything for them. The game is gonna have to be played. It's up to you how it's gonna be played. But politicking at this level, is like the hamster running on the wheel.

The second topic I wanna touch on, is booking. promoting, etc. In this area, on TV or not TV, the booking and product sucks. I've seen guys being put in positions and matches, because of, here we go again, politics. I've seen the booker put himself in every main angle and in every interview segment. I've seen where the booker is the champion, when he clearly isn't capable of being either. I've seen angles that were on RAW Monday night, wind up on an indy show a month later. Nobody is creative anymore. And week after week, it's the same guys in the main event. The bad part is that on a roster of about 20 or so, you may have 5 guys that are "over".

I recently had the opportunity, to take charge of a show, and "book" for a couple of weeks. In this particular company, I have good amount of input. booking or not. I have never abused that power. My goal was, and is, is to make EVERYBODY on the roster, if possible , a star. I book in very entertaining way. Probably not in the way that old schoolers would like. I believe in letting the people know who the characters are. I may do this in an interview or some other kind of segment. I believe in surprising the people. Giving the people something they don't expect. Making it so that the people are aware that anybody on the roster is capable of beating anybody at anytime. Curtain jerkers have beat main eent guys. Women have beaten seasoned veterans. As a booker or a member of the creative team, I'm willing to sacrifice myself for the good of the show. I'm willing to do damn near whatever to build the crowd. I show no ego. If I'm the champ, I wouldn't necessarily book myself in the main event. If I feel my match wouldn't be strong enough to close the show, I'd gladly step aside and let somebody else do the honors. I never center the show around myself or my boys. As the champ, I do however get more time for certain things than some. That's only because the championship should be the cornerstone of the company, you know, the brass ring. I don't book myself as invincible, but more as a chicken s@#$.

Anyway, I book in terms of dollars and cents. I try to get as many asses in the seats, so me and the other guys can sell more merchandise, more concessions can be sold, and hopefully a fatter pay envelope at the end of the night. Booking should be done wisely. Think outside the box. Think big, but realistically. I've been in a company that had the resources, but did nothing with them. They would book "superstars" and still draw 400 fans. If they booked the the regular talent they still drew 400 fans. Smart booking my ass!. In closing the key to booking is not rocket science, but at the same time it's not remedial math either. Give a damn! Make it a personal challenge to see if u can pack the building. See if, even with mostly sub par talent, if you can fill it up to the rafters.

Until next time, keep your pimp hand strong!

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RassleResults: NEW West Memphis, AR 12.18.09

-Kevin Charles beat Kolby Stern with a modified RKO

-Dan Matthews beat Justin Smart with a backslide

-Kid Nikels beat Wild Bill with a chokeslam

-Austin Lane vs Alan Steele ended in a no-contest when Kolby Stern & Kid Nikels interfered

-----Downtown Bruno was the ref for the night. Chuck Poe returns in February to help out...Eric Wayne did an interview explaining why he was on crutches and couldn't wrestle. I believe it is a spider bite...Was this Wild Bill from ASWF?? Omg..I hope Kid squashed him!!

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 12.19.09

26 attended

Crusher Eric Hodge b Tiny Bear

David Matthews b Psycho Medic

Anthony Wayne b Bad Boy Dixon

Saint b Quinton Quarisma

USWO Jr. Champion Cody Weatherby b The Zodiac and Josh Crow in a 3-way when he pinned Zodiac

Damien Payne b Jamie Dundee by DQ when Dundee hit Payne with his hubcap

Deathwish b Saint & Kid Dynamite

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

A Piece of My Mind Dec 20th 2009 by "The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

I wanted to write one final article for 2009 but had been struggling what to write about. I thought about many things Jerry Lawler and the most recent incident involving him and me along with his manager out of NY. I certainly want to mention the next WrestleReunion convention in Los Angeles Jan 29th-31st which presents Rob Van Dam, The Great Muta, Jushin Thunder Liger and Bruno Sammartino along with several other names and two nights of wrestling. You can get all needed information at . There is the death of Eki “Umaga” Fatu who although I wasn’t very close to him I was very close to his brothers and the rest of his family the Anoai’s. Then of course there is the lawsuit that has taken up so much of my life for the last two years and even before that WrestleReunion vs. Clear Channel now operating as Live Nation Television Holdings Inc.

I could have written about any and all of those things and probably should have already but I just wasn’t getting the motivation to write about it. I knew that sooner or later a topic would come to me. I received a phone call from “Carolina’s Own” David Isley that I couldn’t take because I was on the phone with T-Mobile. I then got a call from Rikki Nelson just as I was getting off the phone with T-Mobile and I saw a text from David Isley telling me that our old tag team partner and RAT Patrol member Cary “Colt Steel” Jackson had died from a heart attack. I had spoken about Colt this year with Michael Bochicchio of he told me that Colt trained him to wrestle it was something that I didn’t know. What I did know was that Colt had probably trained him right. He was just the kind of guy that could do it.

It was 1988 when I was working for the Crockett’s part time and was still being used by the New York State Athletic Commission on Indy and WWF events. It was somewhere in late 1988 when “The Russian Nightmare” Nikita Koloff told me that he had arranged a tryout for me with Nelson Royal for his new promotion. It was quite exciting because Nelson already had a deal where the show would air on the NBC affiliate WCNC TV 36 in Charlotte. I was to go down to Charlotte in November and making the booking. I would get to do one match and they would determine if I was any good or not. It was kind of intimidating because I wouldn’t know a lot of the guys but it was my chance at a real break in the business.

I got to Nikita’s house and after a short visit I drove to the building with his wife Mandy. It wasn’t long after I arrived that I found out that no other referee’s had shown up and I would have to do all the matches. It was that night that I first met two guys that I would still have regular interaction with over twenty years later David Isley and Rikki Nelson. In the long run I got the job and moved to Concord NC in February of 1989. It wasn’t long after the territory was in action that a guy came around named Colt Steel. He was a very quiet guy that everyone else knew and I had really never heard of. I came to find out that he had been trained by Nelson Royal along with many of the other younger guys that Nelson was looking to push. He eventually became part of the territory and was a good hand. He was a strong guy that could bump his ass off. He worked as a heel but I found out later although he didn’t like it was much he was a great babyface. He wasn’t a great talker so he would have needed a manager to really get over even in the old days but he could work. I always thought he would have been a great second man in a tag team. If you think about an in shape “Pretty Boy” Doug Somers you would have had Colt Steele. I remember one time Colt was wrestling Sam Houston in some Charlotte suburb he came into the territory once his dad Grizzly Smith took over the book. I don’t know what happened but something went wrong during the match. The next thing I knew Colt was firing up on Sam, Sam look terrified and he should have been Colt had a long fuse but he wasn’t one to fool with. It was clear Sam pissed him off I heard him say something to the effect of “Don’t you ever screw around with me again”. After that Colt settled down and got back to working with Sam. Once the match was over and I got back to the dressing room I told his dad things got rough in there. He said “yeah I could see that. I never knew what caused it but I also never saw it happen again with Colt. He just wasn’t one for many guys to fool with.

I can remember another night when a very young Ken Shamrock was booked against Colt. It was clear to us that the new kid on the block was very tough but very new to the business. I was getting ready for the matches when Colt approached me and was really concerned he had been told go twenty minutes through with Shamrock and couldn’t imagine how he could pull it off. In this match the young Steel was clearly the veteran but not seasoned enough to carry someone who was just starting to a twenty minute Broadway. I told Colt he should figure it out since all the young guys had all the answers lately. He said no I will do whatever you tell me to do if you just help me. So I went to Shamrock and laid the thing out for him. He was very agreeable to everything. Those two guys tore the house down doing almost nothing. This story continued several years later when a much more schooled Ken Shamrock was now booked against Chris “Tatanka” Chavis. I was approached by Shamrock he said “Can you help me out with Chavis liked you helped Colt out with me”. I said sure and those two guys tore the house down.

It was shortly after my trip to Australia for Rob Russen’s IWA where I did double duty as a referee and as Friday the handler of Kamala that Ugandan Giant that “The Big Cheese” was born. I named my group the Rat Patrol so being the leader of the Rat Patrol I thought that “The Big Cheese” was a good name. We got back to Carolina and started working shows for “The Wild Thing” Willie Clay. At the time The Rat Patrol idea was being born we were babyfaces but in time Colt and Isley and I turned heel. We had a lot of fun working for CCW in Concord and the surrounding area. I could tell stories forever about the good times and police escorts to our cars. We had heat and although the crowds were small in those days they were vocal and hated what the big mouth from NYC and his local boys (Colt and David) were doing to their hero Willie Clay. We eventually had enough and turned babyface joining together with Willie it was safer that way. We talk about the fun and the good times we had almost every week. I hadn’t seen Colt Steel in years since I don’t live in North Carolina anymore and an earlier heart attack put him out of the business. I can remember an outdoor show that we did for Willie when some local loud mouth fan who couldn’t stand me hit the ring Colt started putting the boots to the guy. The guy had to be nuts I’m sure he could have taken me but Colt would have killed him.

It is a shame that Colt isn’t remembered more he had worked Kansas City and Florida he even toured Japan once. There are You Tube matches of him out there I am gonna provide a link of one against Tommy Angel where I was actually the referee it is in two parts. The other is a match from his Japan tour. I can honestly say that day’s at Willie’s CCW were just a bunch of guys getting together that loved the business busting their tails to entertain people. It wasn’t very lucrative but I smile when I think about those days. We had so much heat that as soon as your music hit people were booing and throwing stuff.

Boy oh boy, those were the days, the guys that we worked with “Gorgeous” Gary Royal, Rikki Nelson, Rick and Speedy “The Ringlords”, “The Beastmaster” Rick Link, Nick of Time, Mabel and Mo who later went on to WWF, along with top names that came in from time to time. We would have guys like Jim Cornette and Stan Lane, The Freebirds, “The Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez, The Koloffs and the list goes on and on. If I left anyone out I am sorry what I am really focused on now is that three of the guys we worked with not that long ago are already gone they are The Bulldozer, The Buddah, and now my friend Colt Steel RIP in Cary Jackson you won’t ever be forgotten.

The picture on top is Colt Steel on the way to ring probably for Slim Baucom's NWA Charlotte but I can't be sure. The picture on the bottom is of Thunderfoot#1("Carolina's Own" David Isley) vs. Colt Steel. Sometimes we worked against each other sometimes with each other thats just how the Indy's are.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 12.18.09

109 attended

Saint & Psycho Medic b Bad Boy Dixon & Tiny Bear when Saint pinned Tiny Bear

Shane Smalls & Ty Blade b Dyron Flynn & Chic Canyon when Smalls pinned Flynn

Miss Rachel b Tasha Simone

Jeff Daniels (w/Dominique) b LT Falk

Bill & Jamie Dundee b James Duncan & Mitch Ryder when Bill pinned Duncan

Petey Wright b Eric Trent by DQ when Trent hit Wright with a chair

Crusher Eric Hodge & Mr. USA b USWO Tag Tean Champions Josh Crowe & Damien Payne (w/Fetish) by DQ when Payne shoved down special referee Gordon

Nore Havoc b Jerry Lynn and Shawn Shultz (w/Tony Lucassio) to win the USWO Championship when he pinned Shultz

Credit: Jimmie Daniel

Friday, December 18, 2009

Win A Date with Matt Riviera!!


December 14, 2009

CONTACT: Shannon Rose (813) 960-8412; (813) 389-0801;

Reality Star Announces Dating Contest

(Fort Smith, AR) – Reality TV star, actor, and pro wrestling superstar Matt Riviera is giving away a very special evening for one lucky woman.

“Date Riviera” is a contest that will give women across the country a chance to enjoy a night out—at least—with the multi-talented, electrifying Riviera, who has kept female fans spellbound, whether in the wrestling ring, on television, or on the big screen.

“This is a highbrow, upper class thing,” Riviera says of the Internet-based contest. He adds, “Whoever is selected will be chosen for the right reasons, and you can bet the farm that Matt Riviera will treat the winner the way a woman ought to be treated!”

Riviera says that entrants must be 21 years of age or older and will be asked to submit photos, along with explaining, in their own words, why they want to date him, all via e-mail.

A website,, has been set up to function as the contest’s Internet home. The deadline to enter is January 8, 2010, with the winner to be announced on January 11. The date itself will take place on January 15.

Riviera says the lucky girl will also receive VIP tickets for a female friend and herself to attend the Mid-South Wrestling event to be held in Fort Smith on January 16, 2010, when Riviera will be defending the Mid-South Tag Team Title with Jeff Jett as they take on wrestling legend "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel and "All That" Allan Steele.

Riviera, who appeared on VH1’s “Megan Wants a Millionaire” over the summer as an eligible bachelor, says he got the idea for the contest from his experience on that show.

“My reputation among the females pretty much speaks for itself,” Riviera says about his ability to enrapture women, regardless of the role he’s in at any given moment. “And being on the VH1 show made me think that I ought to give women the same chance with me that I had with Megan.”

Riviera was quick to add that the winner of his “Date Riviera” contest won’t necessarily be a one-time-only person in his life.

“I’m looking for love, just like anyone else,” he says. “If we (the winner and he) hit it off, then it could go further than just the one date.”

For more information about Matt Riviera, visit For more information about “Date Riviera,” visit


For Matt Riviera interview requests, contact Shannon Rose at (813) 389-0801; (813) 960-8412; or

At just 26-years-old, professional wrestler Matt Riviera has lived a lifetime in just a few short years.
Ironically, it wasn't until he exchanged wrestling holds with Megan Hauserman (VH1's "Rock of Love," CW's "Beauty and the Geek") that the world took notice of his unique ability.
With an estimated net value of more than $5.5 million, Matt was one of 17 cast members vying for the affection of Hauserman on the VH1 reality series "Megan Wants a Millionaire." It was during this series that Matt demonstrated his unique ability to play to his audience, inspiring and entertaining the VH1 crowd by playing to the very talents he has cultivated for more than five years in the ring.

Movie roles, including serving as a deputy in the horror film “Blood Forest“ (2009) soon followed.

Eclectic Media Productions was formed in 2007 by Shannon Rose. Our mission is to provide our clients with the best in Public Relations.
Our clients have appeared in Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Daily Variety, Howard Stern Show, CNN, FOX NEWS, TMZ, The Insider, and others.
Our motto is "Your One Stop to Take You to the Top!"

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Jazz at WSU!!

----I seen this posted over at www.wrestlingnewscenter and wanted to share it with everyone. It is a short piece, but very well done just getting Jazz over. They are putting over the fact that this was her first match back, since having her twins. Kayfabe!! Kayfabe!! LOL As everyone knows Jazz works with hubby Rodney Mack for DogCW in Jonesboro, AR. This would probably be considered her first big "high profile" match back though. sent along the following: Former 2-Time WWE Women's Champion Jazz is back wrestling after taking time off due to having twin girls with her husband, former WWE superstar Rodney Mack. Jazz made her debut for WSU Wrestling on Saturday December 12, sharing the card with Awesome Kong, Roxxi, Angelina Love and more. caught up with Jazz after the show, where she talked about motherhood, getting back on the title hunt and more. Here is some video footage.

Credit: Matt Boone @

Doink Is NOT Dusty Wolfe!

----As reported on various sites including and others below, Matt Bourne, who worked as the original Doink, just got out of rehab. I just wanted everyone to know that goes to shows in this area - Dusty Wolfe is the man behind the mask and it is not him that just got out of rehab. I just didn't want any confusion from the fans that visit both sites. Speaking of Dusty, have you read his book that Brian Thompson and I put together with him?? [shameless plug] You may have just a few more days, but I do think could guarantee it before Christmas. CLICK HERE to buy the book!!

Source: The Wrestling Observer

Matt "Doink The Clown" Borne recently completed a stint in rehab which was sponsored by WWE. He is currently in talks with the company about a possible agent position.

Credit: Nick Paglino @

Shows for The Weekend 12.18 to 12.19.09

----CLICK HERE for the regular schedule shows and below are three big shows for this weekend.

Christmas With The King 2

Saturday, December 19
Tuckerman, AR
Belltime: 7:00pm
Tickets: $6.00

Santa Clause will be taking pictures for the kids beginning at 6:30pm.

Wrestlers will include:
WWE Hall of Famer Jerry "The King" Lawler
Former WWE Tag Team Champion Brian Christopher
Former WCW Superstar "Beautiful" Bobby Eaton

Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and his Clique
Pure Destruction
All of your favorite ASWF Wrestlers.
For more information:

Renegade Pro Wrestling 3rd annual toy drive
when- This Saturday!!
where- rpw arena 1409 E 5th St Metropolis, IL
cost- $7 with $1 off if you bring a unwrapped gift for a boy or girl in need
bell time 7pm
doors open 5pm

Santa will be there and giving out a present to each boy and girl there. That night
also WWE Hall of Famer Cowboy Bob Orton Jr will be there to manage Tojo Yamamoto Jr
special raffle RPW will give away 36 inch TV & a 35mm camera that night tickets are only $2.

USA Wrestling
Saturday, December 19, 2009
Selmer, TN
Selmer Community Center
Belltime 8pm

Fundraiser for Colon Cancer Fund for Bert Prentice

Chain on a Pole Match
Steve-O v/s "New Nature Boy" Kevin White w/ Garry White

"Superstar" Bill Dundee v/s The Canadian Assassin

Also appearing:
Matt Boyce
Shane Williams
Travis Sawyer
Su Yung

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yes...There Are A Few More Hours...

----I got a note today that stated "I thought 12 Midnight Wednesday meant...Midnight going into heres the 1st categories." LOL You are correct and what I stated earlier on the site is not true - nominees for the first 6 categories - CLICK HERE - are still being taken until Midnight tonight!! I sometimes get my days mixed up due to the fact I work nights!! Thanks for looking out for me. LOL

Mother of Memphis Legend Recovering After Fall

I am posting this one behalf of my friend Stan Lane and the Lane Family.

On Dec 7th Stan Lane went to his mothers home after calling her for several hours and not getting any answer. He found his mother on the floor after falling with a broken arm and a fractured pelvis. She has been in the hospital since then but is due to be released on Dec 22nd. She is eighty nine years old but extremely vibrant and had been quite active in her community and with her friends. She was front and center on Dec 5th 2008 in Greensboro to see her son team up with his longtime Midnight Express partner Beautiful Bobby Eaton face the Rock and Roll Express. That was one of the reasons Stan came out of retirement for those two matches in Dec 2008 so his mom could see him wrestle one more time and right in his home town.

She will have a long recovery so we wish Jean, Stan and his lovely wife Maria well through the holiday season and the days to come.

"The Big Cheese" Sal Corrente

Coach BT In A Comic Book???

----Below is the panel that features me in Frank Wilson's "Total Chaos" [soon to be a graphic novel!!!]. CLICK HERE to read the first installment. This stuff is good, especially if you are an old school comic book mark!!

RRO AWARDS RACE 2009 Stage 2!!!

----RRO AWARDS RACE 2009 continues. The first 6 categories have been closed for nominations. I have listed the next 6 categories in this year’s race, which many consider the most important ones. If you are a member of the KAYFABE MESSSAGE BOARD, then you may click over and put all your nominations there. Or you may e-mail your picks, if you do not want to post them “in the open” on the board. Send your nominations in ASAP. PLEASE PICK 3 NOMINEES for each category!!! Send your e-mail to with subject: RRO Nominees. Deadline for these 6 awards is Wednesday 12.23.09. You may also go over to the RRO AWARDS RACE blog by CLICKING HERE and get all the up to the date info on the awards!!! Below my picks and thoughts are the Columnists Consensus results from a poll I conducted via e-mail last week with them.

----Wrestler –This award has to do with drawing power, influence, visibility and just overall a good wrestler. You don’t have to be the best worker in the area, but it does help. Wrestler of the Year is considered one of most prestigious of our awards, because along with Tag Team of the Year, you get your photo on the front cover of the Yearbook. Who will be there on the cover of Yearbook 2009?? Three-time Wrestler of the Year Derrick King will be considered, but it might be a hard year for him to win. But, with winning 3 in a row, it is almost a given he will be nominated. My top two picks change almost every week now – Dustin Starr and Rodney Mack. Mack took a promotion from drawing in the 120s to almost double as the top babyface. I think it is a harder job to draw week after week. Mack is easily the #1 babyface draw in this area. Starr has not only pushed himself to be the best at what he does, but he has also helped put this area on the map. His blog, his work with various non-wrestling projects and his overall exposure will make it hard not to nominate him. Other guys deserving the nod might be Brian Christopher [he has had a ton of exposure – not good..], Jerry Lawler [who topped all the biggest shows in the first half of the year] and Kevin White [who also was on a lot of the top shows].

----Tag Team of the Year fits right in there with drawing power, influence, exposure and all that combined into one. My top pick is “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy]. There is no other team that gets more exposure and dates than this team. They will easily do 120+ total dates this year. No other team will do that. “Midnight Gold” [Bobby Eaton/Greg Anthony] and “Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal/Jon Michael] are my other two picks. “Gold” made an impact in this area and it has just been fun for a Midnight Express mark like me to watch them. “Perfect” was “the” team most of the year even with O’Neal’s injury, Jon Michael then stepped in. Others that should be considered - “LSD” [Cody Only/Idol Bane], “Genocide” [Maxx Corbin/Albino Rhino], “Natural Born Playas” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] and “East Coast Bad Boys” [Serpent/C-Money] .

----MVP Performer of 2009, which is the best overall worker. This award is not based on drawing power, just wrestling. Some of the names from last year have to be considered as Austin Lane, Stan Lee and Greg Anthony are always good workers. My first pick this year will have to be Austin Lane. I have just seen him in more great matches than anyone this year. #2 pick is Pokerface. I have seen him in two over [***] matches in a single and in a tag. He is always been considered one of the top in the area, but mostly as a tag team wrestler – winning MVP Tag Team 2007. He worked his ass off during the Sid/Hall angles and made everyone look good. #3 pick is Jon Michael. He was also the winner of a tag team award in 2006, but he is shining as a single wrestler and had excellent performances at two of the NBW big shows. Stan Lee, Greg Anthony, Christian Jacobs or Eric Wayne - it would not hurt my feelings to see either of them nominated.

----MVP Tag Team of Year 2009. This is a hard category also. What teams are flawless and work the hardest?? The three teams that come to mind the most for me are “East Coast Bad Boys”, Derrick King/Pokerface and “Picture Perfect”. If King/Poker teamed other places, I would have to pick them easily. ECBB are limited also, but I think my #1 pick would be a toss up between them and PP.

----Rookie of The Year –This award goes to someone that worked at least 26 dates in their first year of wrestling. The guys that are eligible are JD Kerry, Michael Gilbert, Chris Lexxus, The Regulator, Ty Hamiliton and there are others out there. I would have to pick JD Kerry hands down in this category. Guys like Kevin Charles and Dan Matthews fall “in between” and will get a nod next year.

----NEW AWARD: Spot Moondog Brawler of the Year Award. This will be our first year to present this award and it is our only new award added. This award has been given a stamp of approval by the family of Spot Moondog and we are excited about presenting it. This award goes to a guy that is hardcore or just a damn good brawler. My number one pick here would be Psycho. Psycho can take more punishment than anyone I have seen in this area. His matches for S&V and the IWA stuff put him ahead of others. He does these shows and continues to do regular bouts each and every week without taking off time. Tony Myers does his own stuff and is a strong candidate here. Motley Cruz is and has always been good at the brawling style. Pappy did most of the stuff Psycho did and should be consider. Southside Brawler also did a few really wild brawls this year and Ron Rage ended up bloody a lot too.

Columnist Consensus

-Wrestler: Dustin Starr, Greg Anthony, Rodney Mack

-Tag Team: Midnight Gold, Picture Perfect, The Asylum

-MVP Performer: Austin Lane, Stan Lee, Greg Anthony

-MVP Tag Team: Picture Perfect, Midnight Gold, Eric Wayne/Kid Nikels

-Rookie: JD Kerry, Blaine Devine, Chris Lexxus

-Moondog Award: Psycho, Pappy, Motley Cruz

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

TCW Video Webcast Show 3

(WGN) Dec 15: Bret Hart references from Raw, former WWE wrestler on wacky reality show, ROH PPV, Jim Ross on Michael Cole and more!!


Tuesday December 15, 2009


Wrestling Globe Newsletter by Mike Aldren - All the latest professional wrestling news, gossip and occasional opinion direct to you. WGN is read by industry power players, many top wrestlers and thousands of fans from all around the world.


12/14 Raw TV results from Corpus Christi, TX: Christian, Kane & Great Khali over William Regal, Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson; Kofi Kingston over Cody Rhodes via DQ; Legacy over Kingston & Evan Bourne; John Cena over CM Punk; Randy Orton over Undertaker via CO; Jerishow over DX via DQ so DX retain the tag titles; John Morrison, Yoshi Tatsu & Mark Henry over The Miz, Drew McIntyre & Zack Ryder, Babyface Divas over Heel Divas; and John Cena over Randy Orton to become Superstar of the Year.

Slammy results are on for those who care.

The Smackdown/ECW crew are taping television today in Laredo. ECW tonight on SyFy includes a Kane appearance, and The Hurricane vs. The Ripper (Paul Burchill) for an ECW contract.


The Bret Hart reference last night during Raw is likely the start of a long term storyline that could lead to Bret vs. Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 26, but not necessarily in a wrestling match. Bret has stated in several recent interviews that he is open to the idea of appearing again on WWE television in a non-wrestling role. As far as doing the guest host deal we don't know he has agreed to anything in that regard, but a Bret Hart appearance on January 4, his first Raw appearance in 12 years, against Impact would surely be a blow to TNA's chances of making a dint in WWE ratings... We also know now that there is a Hart Foundation DVD in the works. Jim Neidhart was telling people about the project during an autograph signing this past weekend in Long Island.

The other major news out of Raw was Shawn Michaels challenging Undertaker to a rematch at Wrestlemania 26.

Raw did a 3.3 rating off hours 2.95, 3.48 and 3.44.

Irv Muchnick at reveals that the WWE did have access to medical research on Chris Benoit's brain despite their recent claims to the contrary. Dr. Bennet Omalu of the Brain Injury Research Institute at West Virginia University, who supervised the research on Benoit's brain, told Muchnick that Dr. Joseph Maroon, who launched the WWE concussion testing program in 2008, visited the Institute and had access to the facility's research on Benoit. The WWE gave a statement to ESPN just last week claiming that they have been denied access to the Benoit research despite numerous requests.

President Obama will deliver a special holiday message during WWE's Tribute to the Troops. The show airs this coming Saturday at 9pm ET on NBC. General David H. Petraeus, Commander, U.S. Central Command, will also deliver his holiday wishes.

Bill Apter has an interview with Gerald Brisco at which is Brisco's first recorded comments since suffering a series of mini-strokes earlier this year. He said his strength is returning but he is having some problems with his speech.

The Irish Voice has an article on Sheamus winning the WWE title at

Johnny Damon of the New York Yankees is hosting Raw next Monday from Tampa. Damon, who is a huge wrestling fan, also had a TNA cameo in 2007 when he became involved in storylines with Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski.

Little People's Court is coming next Monday. Jim Cornette talks about the origin of this skit at along with other Podcasts from Lanny Poffo, Bill Behrens, Jody Hamilton, and Kenny Bolin.

CableFax magazine has named Vince McMahon as one of it's Top 100 People in the cable industry. Vince was No. 40. They put over WWE ratings and that they grossed over $50 million for Wrestlemania 25.

We incorrectly noted yesterday that UFC had just moved it's 111 PPV in Newark to March 27, the night before Wrestlemania 26. The March 27 date was actually booked back in August. Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao tentatively scheduled for Match 13 is apparently just a coincidence, unless UFC knew something nobody else did.

There is a trailer up for the movie Wapakman which stars Manny Pacquiao and Batista at Wapakman is scheduled to play at the Metro Manila Film Festival, which opens on December 25.

Dr. Mike Lano has a look at Rey Mysterio's book at

For those who missed it, Batista interrupting Maria's Diva of the Year acceptance speech was supposed to be a parody of Kanye West's interruption of Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Awards earlier this year. A lot of gags went over people's head last night... Jim Ross at addressed Michael Cole's comments from his acceptance speech, saying: "[Cole's] speech was written for him and his actions were designed and produced to make him look foolish."


Daniels is a guest on the Lewis & Floorwax show, which airs on KRFX-FM, Denver, on Wednesday at 7am Mountain Time. Early birds can listen in live at

Everything you probably never knew about Awesome Kong is posted at


Ring of Honor will debut their first Internet streamed PPV this weekend at Final Battle 2009 on Saturday night is streamed live from the Manhattan Center in New York City. Complete lineup is Austin Aries vs. Tyler Black for the ROH title; The American Wolves vs. Jay & Mark Briscoe for the tag titles; Jack Evans & Rocky Romero vs. Teddy Hart & Alex Koslov; Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Young Bucks; Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Hero; Roderick Strong vs. Kenny King; Necro Butcher & Delirious vs. Bison Smith & Erick Stevens; and Kenny Omega vs. Rhett Titus vs. Colt Cabana vs. Claudio Castagnoli in a four-way. Limited tickets are still available at,, or by calling (215) 781-2500. For just $14.95 in terms of pure wrestling this show will likely be the best action you will find anywhere.

Verizon FIOS just added HDNet to their lineup which includes Ring of Honor programming.

Former WWE wrestler Ken Doane (Kenny Dykstra), 23, is part of an upcoming reality show called Seducing Cindy. I knew this show was in the works a few months ago as a friend of a friend was part of the production crew. The premise is Cindy Margolis as "America’s sexiest cougar" looking for love with 25 guys from all walks of life competing for her affection. Margolis, 44, is a former Playboy cover model who gained fame in the late 90s for being the most downloaded woman on the Internet, and later she became an actress. The show premieres on the Fox Reality Channel on January 30. They taped eight one-hour episodes over the summer. In one of the episodes the producers fake a car wreck and worked the suitors that Margolis was on deaths door and needed one of them to donate a kidney. "Fox Reality Channel is pleased to present the network’s first original dating show, that will take viewers on the exciting, emotional and potentially intimidating journey of finding love over 40," said Noel Siegel, VP Development and Production for Fox Reality Channel. "Millions of men have downloaded Cindy Margolis photos, but only one can win her heart." Ken Doane is probably best remembered as part of the Spirit Squad that had a brief run in the WWE. He was also at one-time engaged to Mickie James.

Bobbi Billard, a glamour model who the WWE signed to developmental a few years ago, plays the role of Anna Nicole Smith for a TV show that will be airing next year on VH1. It's a CSI style program which looks at different celebrity deaths. Billard quit the WWE in 2004 after she was injured in training and didn't like the treatment she received from then-trainers Jackie Moore and Lisa "Ivory" Moretti.

Denise Riffle, who was Chastity, a valet in ECW and WCW, reportedly has a cameo in a new porn spoof called Tiger's Wood. The film is being produced by Adam & Eve Pictures, and stars Tyler Knight as Tiger Woods and Kayden Kross as his wife Elin Nordegren.

Switching gears, we just want to send our best wishes to Stan Lane and his mother, who is in her 90s, and recently fell and broke her hip.

Former Ontario area independent wrestler Damian "Truth" Evans passed away on Friday at age 29 from a heart attack. Greg Oliver has the story at

Wrestle Talk Radio at

Today's Diva of the Day is Sable at