Saturday, January 10, 2009

Memphis Wrestling TV Report 1.10.09

----Ok, so Corey Maclin is celebrating 20 years in the wrestling business. The things that keep going thru my mind. Why!! Why!! Lance Russell!! Why did you get this guy in the business!! I am going to try to be nice and do a quick report here.

----Maclin opens the show talking to Lance Russell on the phone. Lance must be a super nice guy to put up with Maclin after all these years.

----Maclin comes back with one of his sponsors. I wonder if those guys know the REAL numbers on the ratings?? Next shown is Brian Christopher vs TD Steel!! Steel was one of my favorite jobbers. Kevin Lawler was the ref. Brian was a heel and Southern Champion. Maclin interviews Brian. Good interview and I agreed with everything Brian said. Something about people wished they never heard of Maclin. LOL His opponent was going to be Ron Oakes. Oakes comes out and Brian is surprised, because Oates is so big. Mark James or somebody help me with the dates on this stuff??

----Dave Brown sends in a video congratulating Maclin for being a mark for 20 years…I mean being part of the wrestling business. Class act that Dave Brown.

----“Opening the Vault” with Lance on the phone again. Clip of the Funk angle with coffin is shown. That is was Corey’s ONLY good moment. He just never knew when to stop pushing himself.

----King Cobra interview live in the studio with Corey Maclin. This is horrible. Can someone please just shoot me!!! Cobra and Maclin talk about BASKETBALL!!! Good god!! Cobra talks about “Mo Money Cash” – must be his business.

----Maclin brings out somebody that helped him in radio. What does this have to do with wrestling?? Maclin then shows his first match he ever did commentary on that aired on TV. Eddie Gilbert vs Tony Falk with Frank Morrell as referee. WOW!! I always liked all three of these guys. Typical Memphis comedy match to start out, the Gilbert gets the heat. Gilbert finishes him off with a figure four leglock.

----Referee Jerry Calhoun talks about Corey in a video interview.

----Jerry Lawler sends in a video talking about Corey also. Damn, I wished he would have gone into total heel mode. OH god..Lawler wishes him another 20 years..Lawler says if it wasn’t for Maclin, then Memphis Wrestling would not be on TV now. What is the purpose of it now?? Lawler continues and talks about the old time Memphis Wrestling. No one gets it; do they?? Maclin is just collecting a check and killing the TV show. This show was doing an average of 70,000 viewers in 2007 and now they are lucky to get 10,000 viewers. That says it all.

----Lawler vs the Intern. Mike Samples and Bert Prentice do commentary.

----Jimmy Hart sent in a video. It was funny.


----Hopefully my “partner in crime” will be back next week. This is like torture to me. Thompson is young and can take the pressure better than me!! LOL…At this time next week I hope to take a cheese grader and scrape the back of my legs with it. Then, I plan to jump into a bathtub of alcohol. It might be more soothing than watching this HORSESHIT!