Sunday, January 04, 2009

RassleResults: EWP Louiisville, TN 1.01.09

Green Acres Flea Market, Aloca High Way ,Louisville (Knoxville) TN

New Years Knock Out

Attendance of 100+ for NYK

The 7 ft. Mr. Ward remains undefeated as he was victorious against newcomer Nick Paradise. Paradise did manage to get the upper hand on Ward on a few occasions but couldn't waer him down enough to finish him. Paradise went up top to try something and as he came off Mr. Ward caught him by the throat and then followed with the chokeslam for the pin.

Johnny Williams (more hungover than usual) and newcomer Troy Buchanan challenged the Pushkins Express for the EWP Tag Team Championhsip next. The challengers had a hard time in this match with a lack of normal teaming unlike the champions and just were outwrestled early on. Wayne Adkins did get caught however and the challengers did their best to keep him from tagging and keeping him on their side of the ring but the resilient Wayne tagged in Keith Knox as he cleared house and the champs gave Buchanan the Pushkins Driver (spinebuster/neckbreaker combination) for the pinfall.

The 2008 EWP Rookie of the Year, Shawn Streets battled against "The Real Deal" Chase Owens stemming from Owens' being jealous of not being voted EWP RotY. Really nice back-and-forth match with each man giving it their all with Streets' cathing a nearfall off a snap powerslam and Owens catching Shawn in a Gibson Driver for a another nearfall. Shawn was setting up for the 3-point stance to put Owens away but "Filthy" Rich Kavana came out and garbbed his leg which drew the disqualification. Kavana and Owens double-teamed Streets afterwards but he caught both of them with a double tackle that sent them outside.

The King of Kingsport "Handsome" Beau James returned to EWP. Beau said he was only there because he lost a bet on the playoffs and was apalled that he was facing the legendary Gypsy Joe stating that Gypsy was too crazy. Gypsy Joe came out with some metal gutters as a response to Beau's whip. The match started after several minutes of having both men putting away their weapons. Gypsy had his way with Beau outsmarting him and pleasing the crowd by poking Beau in the eyes. Beau had too mucha nd went outside the ring where Gypsy followed and smashed his head into the apron but Beau rammed Gypsy's head into the corner post outside and got back in the ring right before the referee's 10-count earning the victory.

Sigmon got his rematch next against Jason Maxx for the EWP Heavyweight Championship. Sigmon got on the mic proclaiming that he was gonna start 2009 the way it should with him having the belt and that he had invested some money in additional help to take care of problems like earlier and a braggart of being voted 2008 EWP Wrestler of the Year. Maxx had Sigmon reeling early but Sigmon resorted to cheaper tactics grabbing Maxx's hair and goatee to keep him from getting momentum. Rich Kavana made his way out shortly followed by Chase Owens who slid the championship to Sigmon when Kavana had the official distracted and blasted Maxx with it...for 2. As they were all in disbelief and trying the same setup again Devin Driscoll came towards ringsidse distracting them. As Sigmon tried to nail Maxx with the belt again Jason ducked and Sigmon turned around into the yakuza kick for the victory.