Wednesday, January 14, 2009

RassleResults: TLCW Ripley, TN 1.10.09

“The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony beat Seth Knight. JR Manson [Slim Pickens heel gimmick] came out and distracted Seth. Seth went after Seth and TGB ended up putting Seth in the “Golden Guillotine” for the win. JR hit Seth with the “Manslaughter” and left him lying.

Commissioner Dustin Baker came out to call Stan Lee out to talk to him about his win last week but KC Gold form MAW come to give the commissioner some news. They left the ring wondering what the news was??

JR Manson beat Ike Tucker when he used power.

Jon Michael beat Pheonix X. After the match Jon told the fans that he was waiting on Dustin Starr to kick his ass.

“Picture Perfect” [Christian Jacobs/Chris O’Neal[pictured] beat “The Bad Boys” [Chad and Brad Badd]. Ike and Brian Steele came out to distract the Bad Boys, so PP gets win.

The Commish came out to call Lee back to tell him that he was stripped of the TLCW Title, because the match last week was not sanctioned.

“The Baron” Malkanvian beat Dell Tucker. Baron was getting ready to hit Tucker with a chair, when Cody Melton jumped and grabbed the chair. Tucker turned around into a “Demonwings” to be pinned. Melton told him that next week it was him vs Tucker for payback.

70 to 80 people in the building.

Credit: TLCWhocaresificare

----“The Bad Boys” are Steve Rampage and Weasel doing a twins gimmick. Sounds sort of funny, but I was told it was stupid. Stupid because both guys have been at TLCW for a while and such…I was told Malkavain is done with this group. They really missed the boat on him after putting him over big time beating Bishop in the Casket Match…Why call someone out twice to tell them that they were stripped of the belt??...I have been hearing so much criticism of this group’s booking. I hear “it’s turning into Rector” almost every day. Is that bad thing?? LAW usually had a real good crew and I enjoyed the booking of most of the stuff. I do hate it when a baby wins a belt and the heel takes it back on some kind of technicality. This would be the only gripe I would have, because it was the same with LAW – TGB kept the belt way too long and the fans got to think he was never going to lose it no matter what. I think this was done though because Lee is still hurt…Apparently Jon Michael was one of the guys that got out and hustle business up for last week’s show that drew in the 120 range. They got to keep doing advertising to keep people coming back!!