Saturday, January 03, 2009

RassleResults: TXW Knoxville, TN 12.27.08

With the TXW Offices banishing the Black List from the TXW forever, it looks like another force is here to be reckoned with. They are more experienced, cunning, and ruthless.... but not any less cocky. Team Ruff Cutt, featuring Captain Mike Powers, Jody Rivers and the Super Cruiserweight Billy Marshall made a big splash as they opened the show by insulting the crowd and inviting TXW's top dog, Jerry Lee to join the group. Jerry Lee declined, and it Ruff Cutt was insulted and swore revenge.

1) Shawn Streets made his return to the TXW arena, but the upstart superstar was no match for Ed Idol and his super tight ring attire. Idol scored the pinfall and offended fans with the clinginess of his tights.

2) Bob O Mac upset KAPOW Heavyweight Champion Ryan Dookie, when a cocky Dookie went for a second Brainbuster and the TXW Rookie of the Year rolled him up in a small package for the 1...2...3

TXW Youtube Television Championship
Juggalo Drake (c) vs. Scotty Trojan vs. Billy Marshall vs. Bobby Rayne
3) This interesting match started off as a Tag Match, then a Three Way Dance, and then finally a one on one affair. The final two combatants were the champion Juggalo Drake and Billy Marshall. Demetria surprisingly appeared and smashed Juggalo with a Kendo stick, costing the inaugural champion his title.
Winner and new TXW You Tube Television Champion: Billy Marshall

4) Violet Adams defeated Demetria in a Hair vs. Hair match, but when Violet tried to clip Demetria's golden locks, Demetria ripped her hair off and said in her most manly voice "IT'S A WIG!!!" Revealing the fact that there is more to her... umm... him... than meets the eye! Juggalo Drake reemerged to smack the identity-confused superstar with a Kendo Stick as well.

5) Bobbie Blassie upset Shawn Schultz in a #1 Contender's match for the TXW Heavyweight Title, but that didn't stop Shawn from dancing for 5 minutes after the match to his new theme song written especially for him.

TXW Tag Team Championship
Sgt AWOL (c) Ruff Cutt
6) Anyone smell a rat? The Reaper was mysteriously missing from tonight's card, and we are sure Ruff Cutt had something to do with that. Ruff Cutt took advantage of the handicap fiasco and finally overpowered the lonely Sgt AWOL for the belts.
Winners and new TXW Tag Team Champions: Ruff Cutt

TXW Heavyweight Championship
Jerry Lee (c) vs. Chris Cameron
7) The return of Coast to Coast Chris Cameron saw something that no one has done in a year... defeat Jerry Lee. The new champ had help from Team Ruff Cutt, and after the match, Powers, Rivers, and Marshall held up four fingers to the new champ, who returned the salute but did not walk off with the group. Could Chris be the 4th member of Ruff Cutt? Come out to the next show to find out!
Winner and new TXW Heavyweight Champion: Chris Cameron

Next Show: Jan. 31st!!!

Credit: Vinnie Vineyard

----I love the Youtube TV Title idea. A local group should do that...I hate the idea of them doing the "four fingers" - get your own gimmick!!