Monday, February 16, 2009

RassleResults: DCW Dyersburg, TN 2.14.09 - BISHOP NEW DCW CHAMPION!!!

First of the show Derrick King is out telling the fans why he kicked Kilo in the face. He told them that Kilo thinks that he’s better than everyone else and he was proving him wrong. He then stated that he was in a generous mood and was going to give his spot in the DCW title tourney to Tim Edwards.

First match: Dell Tucker vs Shannon Lee was thrown out when DK came out and superkicked both of them. King then stated that Kilo had no chance in hell to beat him cause he just beat 2 guys. That’s when Kilo came out and got a little measure of revenge when he superkicked King and then laid Tucker and Lee over the top of him and counted the 3.

Second match: Chris Rocker beat Tim Edwards with the code breaker after 2 attempts of a “redrum”. This advanced Rocker to the final of the tourney later in the night.

Motley Cruz comes out with “Mad Money” Mike to celebrate “Mad Money”’s birthday. Motley then calls out Bishop, “Rockin” Randy and Edwards to join the party. After a few minutes of party Kilo crashed in, n a big way DDTing Mike’s face into the cake.
Third match: Bishop beat Rockin randy with a sit out power bomb advancing him to the finals of the tourney.

Fourth match: Motley Cruz beat Kilo when it looked like Kilo was going to get the victory when Tim Edwards came out and pushed Kilo off the top rope. Kilo landed on his feet then dropped kicked Edwards off of the ring. Then King superkicked Kilo and placed Motley on top for the pin.

Fifth match: Bishop beat Chris Rocker to become the new DCW champ. Bishop then issued an open challenge to anyone who thinks they are bad enough to get in the ring with him and take his title.

Main event: the “Baron” Malkavain beat Dustin Starr. Dustin hit the Baron with everything he could but nothing could stop him from getting revenge on Dustin. Dustin used Jimmy Tidwell and Angelina but couldn’t get enough of an upper hand on Baron to get the win.

Kilo vs DK is going to be a great feud to watch unfold…. 170 in building great show. Crowd hot all night. They really enjoyed seeing 5 starr get beat….Crowd really hates derrick king now and love Kilo even more.

Credit: Spiritof1990

----The show was up about 8% from last week with the Starr vs Malkavain match advertised. I was surprised to see them do this match so quick and really surprised to see Starr lose it???...Bishop will be an interesting champion. He held the TLCW belt for a while last year. They will need someone that the fans actually believe will beat him. Rocker and him have really good bouts against each other...Flash, Su Yung and Justin Smart on the poster, but not on the show??