Monday, February 16, 2009

RassleResults: EWE Ripley, TN - Stan Lee wins EWE Title!!

The house was filled to capacity Saturday night for Valentines Vengeance. Early estimations were around 200 fans. There were quite a few matches so here's a rundown of all the action.

Commissioner Baker comes out to make an appearance before the show, but just for a brief moment. He wants to get right into the show tonight and steps out as the first match is introduced.

Jon Michael def. Dustin "Five" Starr by pinfall in a Grudge Match. After the match, Scott Adams comes out and confronts Jon Michael. They have a quick stare off and trade some blows before Scott throws Jon onto the mat, then exits the ring.

Eric Wayne def. Michael Gilbert and Greg King Jr. by pinfall in a Triple Threat Match and earns a title shot against the EWE Heavyweight Champion next week.

Rhythm and Blues def. The Badd Boys by pinfall. Brian Steele takes a shot over the head with his guitar and suffers an apparent head injury.

Picture Perfect def. Genocide by pinfall in a tag-team Street Fight. This match covered almost every inch of the EWE arena, including inside the stands. After being handcuffed to the turnbuckle, Chris O'Neal disassembles the bottom rope of the ring and attacks The Albino Rhino with the steel turnbuckle. Christian Jacobs is removed from the ring with the help of Chris O'Neal with some pretty nasty cuts on his face.

Phoenix X def. J.R. Manson by pinfall.

Idol Bane def. Cody Melton by sending him through a table in a Tables Match. Cody Melton thought he won the match when Idol Bane ran after Cody and threw himself into one of the tables in the ring, but the official waived it off, saying that Cody had to be the one that put him through the table. The match quickly turns in Idol's favor as he picks Cody up and throws him into the table for the win.

The main event was next, with Stan Lee facing off with "The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony for the EWE Heavyweight Championship in an "I Quit" match. Both men had pretty equal time in control in the bout, with Greg Anthony using both a trash can and the belt off of the ref Caleb's pants. The turning point of the match came when "The Golden Boy" went to the back and got a purple bag to bring to the ring. He opened it up and let the contents out. Inside, there were somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 pushpins, and now they were all over the ring. After tussling back and fourth trying to put each other into the bed of pins, Stan finally gained control, lifted Greg over his head and dropped him directly on the bed of pushpins. He was asked if he quit, and said no. So Stan decides to seal the deal with a frog splash off the top rope, but before he could get there, Greg Anthony grabs the mic and says "Hold up, hold up, I QUIT! I QUIT!" and the match is over. Stan, on the other hand, wasn't finished. He gets to the top rope and splashes "The Golden Boy" right on the pushpins. He celebrates with fans as Greg tries to pick himself up off the bed of pins.

A slideshow of all the pictures from Saturday night is available on the official EWE website at

Credit: Dustin Williams

Photo: Jacobs hitting Corbin