Monday, February 09, 2009

RassleResults: EWP Bean Station, TN 2.07.09

Ericules Wrestling Promotions
Sat. Feb. 7th, 2009
Bean Station,TN @ Elementary School

*Robbie Cassidy beat Sigmon w. Johnny Williams in an action packed opener

*Ericules came out and thanked every one for supporting EWP and The Bean Station Vol. Fire Dept. He said that they were working together to bring regular events back to Bean Station. Beau James cam e out and ran down Ericules and Bean Station. He told the people not to donate any more money or buy any concessions to help the BSVF. He went on to say best thing that could happen to Bean Station was for a big fire to come threw town it would do millions of dollars of improvements. Ericules told James to leave the ring and to stop talking bad about his home town which lead to James attacking Ericules and lashing him several times with "baby" (his bullwhip) Cody Ices came to the aid of Ericules and told every one that he thought that Bean Station was a great town and that he has family who live in the area and there would be no better place to whip James than right here in Bean Station.

*Edward Idol beat Shawn Street using his feet on the ropes

*Shane Williams beat the 7 ft Mr. Ward good big man vs small man match

* Kole Layton King beat Rock N Roll Express Ricky Morton after Beau James tripped Morton

* The EWP Tag Champions The Party Boys (Wayne Adkins and Keith Knox) beat The Varsity Shooters Society (Chase Owns and Alyx Winter) in the match of the night. These to teams have great matches and this may have been the best one East Tennessee fans have seen from them yet.

* SSW Champion Cody Ices retained his Title by pinning Beau James w/ Johnny Williams and Kole Layton King in a very heated match. James used the wood handle of the whip to open up Ices and he was a bloody mess.

notes: This was the first wrestling event at the School in over 15 years. Bean Station was at one time one of the hottest town in the area with monthly events at the school from late 80's to 93. The stopped having matches in the school when a new gym floor was put in. Last nights event was in the school cafeteria.

This was a fund raiser for the fire dept who promoted the town well. Its also Ericules home town and he owns a business in town. Over $700 was raised. 141 paid near 200 in the building.

Several regular fans from Kingsport area made the hour trip to the event due to SSW and Championship Wrestling plugging the event. EWP plugged this Fridays SSW event in Kingsport several times and Ricky Morton did a promo after his match vowing revenge on King this Friday.