Monday, February 16, 2009

RassleResults: NBW Newbern, TN 2.14.09

New Blood Wrestling Entertainment Center.
Newbern, Tennessee.

NBW Heavyweight Champion Crazy Train defeated J.R. Manson with the "Trail of Tears" to retain the title.

Phoenix X defeated Kid Psycho.

Tommy Redneck defeated Chad Hart with an Enziguri to the face.

"One Man Wrecking Crew" TANK defeated Norrin Radd in a "Triple 5 Challenge" in under 3 minutes with a Black Hole Slam.

After the match Tank got the mic and told the fans about the NBW executives suspending him for 2 weeks for putting his hands on a fan, that’s the reason for him not being there. Tank said that all he did was defend himself because the fan touched him first and tried to cross the line and that is something that you just don’t do. The same fan was a ringside again, and Tank went to taunt him again. The fan got in Tank’s face. Jeff McDonald tried to get Tank to go to the locker room but another fan got in between the 2 of them, but Tank shoved him out of the way and slapped the other one in the face. Tank was made to go to the locker room and both fans were escorted outside. As the 2 fans were being escorted outside, Tank told Jeff McDonald that if either one of the fans had any balls to let him sign a waiver next week and let him take him on in a Triple 5 Challenge.

J. Weezy defeated "Enforcer" Mark Justice by DQ when after going for the "Hard Justice", the referee found a chain hanging out of Marks tights that Weezy has slipped in there while he was being picked up.

"Dynamite" Seth Knight defeated Tim Alfonzo after a "Sethanfetamine".

NBW High Risk Champion Brandon Barbwire defeated "Upset Kid" Jeremy Moore after a Stunner.

There was about 45-50 people in the building last night, but they were loud…There was an intermission right after the ordeal with Tank and about half of the crowd went outside to see what was going on with the fans that got escorted out of the arena, but came back in for the remainder of the show…Members of XOW wasn’t there because they had a show in Mississippi last night, but they return next week…Gaylon Ray is no longer working for NBW. He moved away for a better shoot job.

Credit: NBWnewsguy

----Who is Norrin Radd??...Do not know whether this is a work or shoot on the Tank angle. I am not a fan of these kinds of angles, because it encourages the crowd to go after the wrestlers. The only way it would be good is if Tank just beat the hell out of the guy in the crowd in a match.