Friday, February 13, 2009

SAW Sends in TV Show Links!!

----Jon Michael [working as Jon Michael Worrrrthington (w/Rachel Worrrrthington – his “sister”)] has some good stuff on here. Michael should be considered in the top 10 in this area. Great worker. A real good match with Kid Kash vs Flash Flanagan. Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas on these shows feuding. This is as close to the old school Memphis Wrestling you are going to get. There is a cage match and a bootcamp match on these shows. That would have been two matches I wouldn’t have aired on TV. Tease them!! Sell them on DVDs!! Does anyone know how good this show does ratings wise?? Help me out here TVD?!? Check it out!!

For immediate release:

Several new episodes of Showtime All-Star Wrestling (SAW) are available now online, free of charge. They are available at the following links...

Show 75

Show 76

Show 77

or online at