Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alabama wrestling promoter arrested for fondling a minor

BOAZ, AL (WAFF) - A Boaz wrestling promoter is arrested for sexually abusing a minor.

This is the same man WAFF 48 News investigated several years ago on similar allegations.

Mickey Henry has now been indicted by a grand jury.

This indictment follows our stories several years ago.

Boaz police say this time the crime happened at his home instead of a wrestling ring.

In the fall of 2005, WAFF 48 Investigators first talked to Mickey Henry about the allegations of sexual abuse at a wrestling ring.

"What about having sex with young girls? Under the age of 18? I'm not gonna talk about stuff like that," Henry told WAFF 48 Investigators in 2005. "Why do ya'll come up here and start that crap for? let me tell you, I've been here for 25 years, ain't nothing ever happen and that's the end of that."

Fast forward to more than three years later.

Wrestling promoter henry is behind bars for similar allegations.

Boaz police and Marshall County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Henry on a grand jury indictment for sexual abuse.

He's charged with fondling a female minor at his residence in Boaz.

This arrest is good news to Sherry Swindall with the Marshall County Children's Advocacy Center.

Swindall has been following Henry for four years, and hopes justice will be served.

"At that period of time (2005) there were several (children) that had mentioned him, children not related or linked to him in any way besides the wrestling ring," said Swindall. "It was a pleasant surprise that someone that has been having this allegations is in jail and will have to answer to our court system."

Henry is being held at the Marshall county jail on a $5,000 bond.