Thursday, March 19, 2009

Answers to Coach's Corner: "Matching Test"

----Here are the answers to the test that was posted yesterday. Give yourself 5 points for each correct answer. Below is what the results mean.

1: Don Bass
2: Ray Ray
3: Neil Taylor
4: Psycho
5: Tony Myers
6: Greg Anthony
7: Scott Fury
8: Frank Martin
9: Tommy Wayne
10: Dustin Starr
11: Eric Wayne
12: Kevin White
13: Reno Diamond
14: Austin Lane
15: Tim Edwards
16: Ken Wayne
17: Brian Thompson/John Steele
18: Brian Tramel
19: Christian Jacobs
20: Motley Cruz

-You scored between 100-90

Worker: You know way too much. You are a mark for yourself and everyone else. You visit Jimmy’s board every day.

Fan: You are a SUPER FAN!! You might be a rat. Thanks for your support to the site and shows!!

-You scored between 70-90

Worker: You care about yourself and your friends. You read the Kayfabe board. You might need to work more than one promotion.

Fan: Thanks for your support. Please get out and see more shows.

-You scored between 45-70

Worker: You are retired from this area. You following the news only and do not talk to anyone in the business. How hard is it to do that??

Fan: You need to get out and go to more shows!!!

-You scored 45 and below

Worker: You were never a worker and knew someone that said they wrestled.

Fan: Please go to a show this weekend!!