Monday, March 23, 2009

Arena Report: DCW Dyersburg, TN 3.21.09

----RRO’s Book Tour 2009 stopped in Dyersburg, TN this past Saturday night to be the guest of Dyersburg Championship Wrestling. The show was about getting over storylines to set up for Spring Breakout 2009 that will be on 4.11.09. The matches were not great, but they were not horrible either. Solid bouts with solid storylines and the crowd of around 80 seem to enjoy themselves.

----Drew Donovan beat Oz. Good solid opener even though it involved Donovan. Oz has always been a solid worker. [I think “solid” is my favorite word today] Oz missed a frog splash. Nice fisherman suplex. Donovan from the top rope with an elbow smash. [*1/2]

----Tatt2/Justin “the Juice” Smart beat J Weezy/Rockin Randy. Good shine here as Tatt2 was on. Guys looked good as a team. A messed up leapfrog from Smart/Randy. Other than that a good match. Heat on Tatt2, then hot tag for double heat then on Smart. Some nice dropkicks from Smart. Weezy/Randy did good to keep up with them. Double baseball slide from Tatt2/Smart after hot tag. 619! Tatt2 ended up getting the pin and win. [**1/2]

----Interview segment where Richard Marx and I were out there to put over Yearbook 2008. I got to bring out and announce “Tag Team of The Year” – “Black Label Society” [Robbie Douglas/AJ Bradley]. They got a good pop and came out to challenge “Naughty by Nature” [Rude/Pokerface] for Spring Breakout 2008 with the storyline being NBN were the MVP Tag Team last year and BLS are the Tag Team this year – so they are deciding who is the best with the match on 4.11.09. Tim Edwards then came out after BLS left and Richard Marx left me alone in the ring with Edwards. Thanks Marx!! Edwards put over the fact he was not rated in the Yearbook, but after he announced who his new partner - he would be the best tag team next year. Announcement coming in the next few weeks. He left without beating me up?? Was this a first in wrestling?? LOL

----DCW Champion: Bishop with Rashard Devon interview. A good mic spill with Bishop out with the belt and dressed like the champion. Rashard kept messing with Marx and ended up spraying his hair with color. The crowd really didn’t know what to think about this segment, but it was a prelude to an angle for later.

----Seth Knight came out. Allen Walker said he had someone for Knight to wrestle tonight – a surprise to eliminate him. Flash Flanagan came out with Walker in this corner. This was the best wrestling bout on the show. Good work from both guys. Knight has lost like 30 lbs, has a tan and is getting a lot of his “demons” settled down. Flash is in fantastic shape also. Good hold for hold. Both guys doing variations of moves include Flash doing a sitdown reverse neckbreaker. That is the only way I can describe it. Knight hit a kickstand blaster. Knight came out of heat ending up closelining Flash as both of them went over the top rope. Flash got back in the ring and won by COR when Walker held Knight’s leg. [**3/4]

----Richard Marx and I went out to present the “Wrestler of the Year” award to Derrick King. Jimmy Tidwell came first to inform me that next year he will be “Manager of the Year” or I am in trouble. Tidwell did a good job being heel and getting over the Yearbook. DK then came out. He was presented with the “Wrestler of the Year” plaque and did a long acceptance speech. Kilo ran out and almost superkicked him. Kilo did a good mic spill after the angle talking about wrestling DK at Spring Breakout 2009.

----Rashard Devon vs Chris Rocker was a 5 minutes match arrange after an angle last week. Devon was hilarious here running around. When Rocker got a hold of him, Bishop came out of the back and jumped Rocker. Bishop worked on Rocker’s arm with some shoulder breakers and a submission hold. Richard Marx then comes in to make the save. Devon knocked him down as Bishop beat up Rocker and kicks to Marx. Rocker made a comeback punching Devon and then Bishop took back over. Devon went to the back and came back with a tazer. It was gimmicked, but looked good. Devon tazed Marx. But, then he just kept doing it to him. Tazing him all over his body. It turned out almost as a joke. Bishop destroyed Rocker and no one made the save.

----Derrick King/Motley Cruz beat “The Baron” Malkavain/Kilo with Angelina. Storyline here is that Baron kidnapped Angelina and she is now with him. Tidwell, Cruz and DK tried to get her to come back to them because “Dustin Starr will be back next week”. This was done really well and Angelina was good as the vampire’s slave girl. Match was good, but it was just designed as a basic match to get over the vampire story and the Kilo/DK feud. Heat was on Kilo. DK superplexed Kilo, which looked awesome. Solid work all around. Everyone went to floor with Cruz grabbing Angelina and Baron making the save to the back. DK hit Kilo with a superkick for the pin and win. After the match DK busted Kilo open [looked like Kilo bladed like 4 times or more] and he just kept beating on him. He left with tons of heat for their big singles match. [**3/4]

----Coco aka Antonio Anderson was introduced to the talent and is working behind the scenes and providing some “backing”…. Why do I not like Donovan?? I really have never seen him in a good match…Weezy has a weird body – he needs a full singlet…Team names for Tatt2/Smart – InkSmart?? Juicy Tu?? TattJuice?? LOL How about borrowing a name from one of my old teams – “Total Kaos”??... NBN vs BLS should be a good match. Cool idea to have the RRO Ratings as part of the storyline…First time I have ever seen Knight wrestle without a shirt. If he can continue improve his look and his problems, Knight would be on the road of making 2009 his year. Knight agreed to leave DCW if Flanagan beats him next week…I have said this before, but Tidwell is tremendous on the mic. Everything he says is believable. And as the old timers say, he looks to be a good “hand”. He is backstage bothering no one – just there to do his job and do what is ask of him. His interview was a total work, but for shoot he should be considered in the “Manger of the Year” category …DK said that he has spoke to both EWE and NBW about them providing some talent for the Spring Breakout 2009 show. He wants everyone to work together, but it looks like it will not happen. Spring Breakout 2009 will be a full day event and RRO will there with Yearbooks!!...Rashard had so much heat some woman went after him and was going to call the cops on him for knocking her husband’s hat off his head…The finish of the main was not what I expected – did not see DK pinning Kilo because they have the big match coming up. This show also looks like it will feature just DCW talent – no big names brought [well one maybe..], but it will be interesting to see if Kilo vs DK can draw a crowd, as Kilo is considered the top baby here…Something I have noticed since DK started booking this building – all the faces are faces and all the heels are heels. It was almost like I had to beg them to cheer for him even though he was “Wrestler of the Year”. Cruz is not cheered in this building for the first time in a long time. ..”Genocide” [Max Corbin/Albino Rhino] were backstage…Some really fun discussions backstage including an atheist-Christian meeting, TIWF – good crowds/bad wrestling and I was ask why I recommend only Kevin White and Ken Wayne wrestling schools??…Thanks to the Walker family and everyone involved with DCW. My family and I had a great time and were treated very well. Thanks!!!

Photos - starting at top - right to left
Malkavain biting Angelina, Derrick King, Seth Knight [new look], Kilo, Rashard Devon/Bishop and "Black Label Society" as AJ Bradley, Brian Tramel and Robbie Douglas.

All photos by Brian Tramel, except - BLS [Kayte Tramel] and Knight [property of Seth Knight]