Monday, March 16, 2009

Arena Report: RWA Jonesboro, AR 3.14.09

----You know sometimes I go to shows and I am ready to go home after the first three bouts. Well, I can’t say that about the RWA promotion in Jonesboro, AR. From the start of the opening bout to the end of the main event, the 220+ crowd was hot!! I remember doing an Arena Report last year when I attended TWIF and stating that they were drawing big crowds because they had the talent OVER. Not only does RWA have everyone over, but they have either good workers to great workers. Even the green guys are working hard and even some of the other talent that I thought could never contribute are having fun entertaining bouts. If this promotion continues to draw these kinds of numbers and can present shows that the fans are so hot [almost hand in hand there], then they will easily get my vote for Promotion of the Year 2009.

----“CCR” [Loose Cannon/Chris Steel/Randy] beat The Allen Brothers [Roger and Joe] in the opening bout. As I am typing this, I can not believe I am saying it – but – Loose Cannon is over big time as a baby. The whole concept of CCR had the fans on their feet as they came out to the “Golden Girls” theme. Heat was on Cannon with hot tag to Steel. Steel with the big boot to everyone and then set up the finish with Cannon holding Roger [I believe] while Steel came off with a closeline off the top rope for the pin. Crowd popped big. [**]

----“Hot & Heavy” [Mike Titan/JD Kerry] beat The “Asylum” [Psycho/Pappy] by DQ when the Allen Brothers jumped in. Good solid bout. Last time I seen the “Aslyum” in this building, the bout was not good. The crowd was so hot for Titan/Kerry and Psycho/Pappy were in overdrive. Heat was on Titan [big guy – needs a singlet as his pants kept coming down]. Titan is green as grass, but took a good beating. “Asylum” did all kinds of double team moves and crowd kept cheering for Titan. Pappy did a running dropkick to Titan’s head [ala Eric Wayne from NEW last week]. Hot tag to Kerry and crowd went crazy. Allen Brothers jumped in for DQ. The only problem with this was that Kerry would never go down until finally Psycho kicked him in the face, even though it was almost 4 on 2. [**1/2]

----“Hotter Than Hell” Blalok The Blazer beat Pokerface by COR in the best bout of the night. Blazer had threw a big fireball on Mike Anthony last week and after Blalok came out – Anthony [with bandage on his face] ran out to chance him around the ring. Crowd was hot for this. Blalok ran around to the entrance of the dressing room and Pokerface came out to jump him. Good brawling at the front that turned into just a good solid great psychology bout. Blalok worked Poker’s leg most of the bout in a slow methodical style. Anthony, who stayed ringside to cheer on Poker, jumped inside the ring a few times, which should have DQ’ed Poker. He did good keeping the crowd into it. Poker hit a “Ghetto Buster” to send Blalok outside the ring. They both went to the outside with Blalok raking Anthony face and cutting Poker off. Ref was counting with Blalok getting in the ring as Poker went to check on his friend instead of getting in the ring. Very smart stuff. [***1/2]

----“ Natural Born Playa'z” [Southside Brawler/Pimptacular] Lucky the Leprechaun when his partner did not show up. This was just a total squash. Everyone looked good, but it was a squash. [*]

----“Irish Dragons” [Scott Fury/Acid/Logan Fury] beat Gary Diamond/Reno Diamond/Austin Lane in a good solid bout with two of the RRO Top 10 2008 in the ring. Lots of shine for the babys. Gary did a dive to the outside on all three Dragons. Reno took the heat. Acid is huge and one the most underrated in this area. Logan needs wrestling gear. After a hot tag they did a Tower of Doom out of the corner – all 6 of them. Ref went to the floor as Lane had Scott tapping out to the crossface. A person dressed in a “Scream” suit came out and jumped Lane. He piledrove Lane on a chair and it was followed by Scott pinning him. They are pushing the “Scream” guy as someone from Lane’s past [I think it is Mike Austin, but I did not see him in the gimmick]. [***]

----Rodney “Bad Dogg” Mack beat Tejano Kid with by DQ to retain the RWA Title. Not a great bout, but it told a story and the finish kept the storylines going. I have seen Kid a few times and am not so impressed with him. Crowd was super hot for Mack and he was “on” and just looked so powerful that you could not believe Kid could beat him. Heat was short with Mack getting a big comeback and then POB – Rage/Buzzkill/Cowboy/Raven jumping in. Rage hit Mack with a “loaded” elbow pad and Mack bled like crazy. The ring was cleared by the babyfaces and POB walked out the front door. Mack was motionless in the ring and they were trying to stop his bleeding. As he started to get up and move around, the crowd started a slow build up. As Mack was getting up, the crowd was getting louding and as he barking, the crowd was barking and cheering very loud. Never seen anything like it. [**]


----They had a monster truck show in town, but the fans still came out…A new guy named Kiko [I think that is what he said??] is doing ring announcing and does a very good job. Probably only about one person will get this reference, but he looks like Wrestling World’s Stately Wayne Manor. Manor also was an announcer for Eastern Championship Wrestling before it was EXTREME…Since the last time I attended a RWA show, the overall show has taken a big turn around. I think I probably was there during the final stages of the Rik Burton booking regime. Even though I thought Burton did a decent job, it seems Mack has taken it to a different stage…JD Kerry is easily the top candidate for RRO Rookie of the Year 2009. He reminds me of a Paul London type …Freezer Thompson, Mike Austin and Precious were backstage…Former Assassin from Rampage Championship Wrestling [called worst promotion EVER by lots of people..LOL], which was based in Jonesboro, AR and run by Phil Hansen was in attendance. Also from that promotion were Lane, Freezer, Austin, Psycho, Gary Diamond and Coach BT [you know – me]. Damn I should have got a pic!!...Mike Anthony is recovery from an injury and recently had cosmetic surgery on his nipples…I was talking with RWA owner Frank Martin after the show and he said something that has to be repeated and I am paraphrasing here – “Rodney Mack is the most over champion in this area.” Got to admit I don’t think I have seen a crowd as crazy over a babyface champion in this area since the start of this site. The [**] given to his bout is nothing to do with his talent and reaction he gets. It was just a basic bout and Tejano is not believable to me. The crowd believes big time in POB and really believe that there is heat between them and Mack…Martin did a great job putting over the site at the start of the show. Thanks!!...Jazz was there with her twins. Rodney and her are two of the nicest people you will ever meet. Why do they not have a job with the WWE?? Brian Thompson will have an announcement within a few weeks about a project we are working on with Rodney/Jazz.

All Photos by Brian Tramel
Far Right - Rodney Mack
Left Top - Pokerface & NBP
2cnd Row left: Dragons/Asylum
Far Right Top Below Rodney - Blalok/Raven & Ron Rage
2cnd Row Right: Reno Diamond/JD Kerry
Far Left Bottom - Jazz