Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cheap Heat Random Thoughts by Gene Jackson


First off kudos to BT for the excellent story on Steve Doll, I see it's making the rounds on a lot of news sites, message boards, blogs, and so forth which is excellent because it's the most thorough and accurate story I've seen on him since the unfortunate news was released on Sunday.

So now in a little over a week we've had Andrew 'Test' Martin, Steve Doll, and Mexican star Abismo Negro all pass away, wow there really seems to be something to that whole “dying in threes” thing.

Well I can honestly say for the first time in over 10 years I will not be ordering the Wrestlemania pay per view this year. It's been dicey the last three years but the Flair/HBK match cinched it for me last year. This year, nothing really grabs me. I like the whole Jericho angle they've been running and for me if they were just bringing Steamboat back for one more match against Jericho I might be interested but the whole three on one thing, it just seems to gimmicky now. I'll pass till the DVD comes out.

I've been blown away by how helpful folks have been to me with sending me material for the Eddie Gilbert book I'm doing. Most everyone I've asked have been more than happy to share their thoughts/memories on “Hot Stuff”. It's gonna take several months for me to get this together and complete but I really think it's gonna be great when it's done. To anyone reading this who has stories, pictures, programs, or anything related to Eddie Gilbert you'd like to share for the book or know someone who does, please hit me up at I've got a LOT of material already but I want to be as thorough as possible and really make this the definitive book on his career.

So folks who have been reading my ramblings for a while now know that I'm a mark for wrestling video games. So coupling that with my love for “Old School” wrestling, you know I had to buy the new Legends of Wrestlemania for my PS3. There's been mixed reviews for it online and granted it's nothing like the Smackdown vs. Raw series, but that's what I like about it. I really loved the concept of the old 'Legends of Wrestling' from Aklaim a few years ago but but the game engine SUCKED! Of course how can you not love a game that included the Mid South Coliseum as one of it's arenas and the ability to have Lawler vs. Kaufman or Lawler vs. Gilbert on Playstation. But in the end the controls sucked and it was annoying seeing guys like “Superstar” Billy Graham doing the pedigree or Bruno Sammartino doing a sitdown powerbomb. With this new game it's more like an old wrestling arcade game with a more limited moveset than most newer games which in turn means more accurate. The characters are really well done with a lot of little details like Kamala slapping his belly after a big move or Mr Fuji throwing salt in your opponents eyes. In my opinion it's really fun game from a nostalgia standpoint and one you can just pick up and play without needing a three week training course on how to do all the moves. I recommend at least renting it one weekend if your not an avid player.

So Hulk Hogan's CCW guys are seeing some ring time. There's been a lot of talk online about the fact TNA is going to use Danny Bonaduce. I read somewhere that Willis is doing some indy shows now and I see where Butterbean is gonna be working a show with Jack Lord at the BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama this Saturday night. I'll be interested in seeing how well that draws and I know Butterbean was nearly booked on some shows in the RRO readership area but that changed when change what he wanted for his guarantee so ultimately it fell through. I'm really shocked Screech hasn't shown up in TNA since he worked there before. Perhaps he'll show up to jump Bonaduce to play off their angle on CCW. I see winning the show has done wonders for Dennis Rodman as he's one of the only ones NOT to be rumored to working somewhere.

A entertaining appearance on the Howard Stern Show (which I'm an avid listener of) yesterday by Kurt Angle. You can read a recap of it over at the WrestlingNewscenter here:

Speaking of the WrestlingNewscenter, check out there “Funny Picture of the Week”.

Apparently a lot has changed with Neil since our Southern Destruction days......not that there's anything wrong with that , our new President is behind you guys 100%. Change has come indeed. (lol, sorry Neil but that picture couldn't be ignored)

Well from Wrestlemania talk, to videogames, to CCW, to homo erotic pics of my former tag team partner hopefully there was something for everyone in this edition of Cheap Heat, check back soon for another. (perhaps I'll find a picture of Leslie Jones singing Elvis at the Blue Oyster bar or something for next week's funny/blackmail pic)


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